Muslim Widowed Aunt Seduces Me

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Muslim Widowed Aunt Seduces MeHi, it’s Ali here! This is another true event that occurred when I was in junior college. As my father was the second oldest amongst 7 brothers I lived in a huge joint family. There were around 30 of us living comfortably in 3 huge houses which were joined together. I was the third c***d and had a twin sister and an older sister. Although I had 15 cousins I was still the favorite k** in the house.Let me first describe my Aunt. My eldest Aunt, Sheen, was quite dusky and short, around 5 ft 6 inches. She had big round boobs and a firm butt that stood out whenever she wore high heels. Sheen Aunty was around 45 years old. Her eldest son was 7 years older than me while her daughter, Dee, was around 2 years older.You should know at this point that my older cousin Dee had lost her virginity only last year after she seduced me. She, along with my youngest Aunt Fida, my twin sister Amina and older sister Jasmin were the four members of my family that I had already slept with.Sheen lived on the two floors of the right wing of my huge house. She had a duplex-designed house where the second floor was accessed through a short flight of stairs that led up from the kitchen and then continued on to the terrace.Now that you know a little background, let’s begin the story.This was in February of 2006 and I was busy studying for my 12th practical exams. It was during this that my eldest uncle took ill and was admitted to the hospital. After an unsuccessful surgery his condition deteriorated. When the doctor said that he needed blood I volunteered and donated as much as possible. Despite the best efforts my eldest uncle passed away.It was a huge blow to everyone in the family as he was the patriarchal leader of our huge family and after the final rites were performed there was a gloomy atmosphere is the whole house. Although Dee seemed to have taken the loss too deeply her mother, Sheen seemed to have come to terms with the loss.Within a week my exams were over and I began spending more time at home. As Dee was feeling too depressed, her mother suggested that she spend some time with her brother in Mumbai. Since Dee was leaving for at least a fortnight Sheen Aunty was going to be all alone at her home. When my mother suggested that maybe I should sleep over at her house she would feel more comfortable. I was surprised when Sheen Aunty readily agreed and told my mom that she was about to suggest the same thing.I had no problems sleeping over at her place as there was a PC in Dee’s room with an internet connection. As Dee was gone, I was going to sleep in her room, which was on the second floor while Sheen Aunty’s bedroom was on the first floor. It was the first night so Aunty Sheen invited me for dinner as well. Even though it was quite chilly I changed into my shorts and sleeveless Tee at half past 9, went up to her door and rang the doorbell at the iron-grille door.”Just a minute, Sweety” I heard Aunt Sheen say from within, and after a couple of minutes saw my aunt bustling towards me from inside. I was pleased to see that she was dressed in a tight, white-colored nightgown. She was not wearing her usual scarf for hijab on her head and her hair was let loose. Seeing me she smiled wide and apologized, telling me that she was just about to finish cooking dinner. “Don’t forget to lock that door, please.” she said to me.I stepped in the door and she turned to leave. I was locking the door behind me and happened to look at her. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at her swinging butt. She had firm and large butt cheeks that seemed to jiggle with every step she took. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and quickly turned around to make sure the door was locked.I went in and sat on the couch in her living room. I switched on the TV and began surfing channels till I reached HBO and began watching a movie. Aunt Sheen was making small talk from the kitchen which was right next to the living room.After a few moments she called to ask if I was hungry now and I said yes. I asked if we could eat dinner while watching the movie and she agreed readily.”Do you need any help, Aunty?” I asked.”No its fine, sweetheart. I’ll get it.” said Aunt Sheen.I sat on the couch facing the TV as Aunt Sheen began setting the dinner on the coffee table. I couldn’t but help notice that her nightgown had a huge collar and as she bent down to put the plates on the low coffee table her big round boobs almost popped out of the black lacy bra she wore. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her boobs right then.Suddenly she looked up at me and caught me staring at her boobs. Before I could react she simply smiled and said, “I hope you like them?””Huh?..” I managed to stutter confusedly before she pointed down to my plate at the coleslaw sandwiches she had made.”Wow! These are my favorite Aunty!” I managed to say with real sincerity, relieved that Aunt Sheen seemed to be cool about catching me staring at her boobs.It was then that it dawned on me that Aunt Sheen was very liberal and modern I had always seen her wearing a hijab or at least covering her head with a scarf when she was out or at home. This was the first time that I saw her dressed like this.We began to watch the movie but I was now realizing the small changes I saw in her. Apart from the quite tight nightgown she was wearing, Aunt Sheen had also applied a light beige lip-gloss, which went quite well with her dark complexion. Her nightgown had no sleeves and I noticed that her arms seemed to have been recently waxed. Her hands were so smooth that they almost reflected the light coming from the TV screen.After finishing Aunt Sheen asked me how the dinner was.”Aah.. I’m so full, Aunty.. I think I ate five sandwiches!””I’m so glad to hear you liked them, Sweetheart. I hope you still have some space in your tummy, coz I’ve made dessert too.” She said and smiled sweetly at me.Aunt Sheen picked up the plates and went to the kitchen. She returned with a huge slice of chocolate cake.I grinned wide when I saw the chocolate cake. Aunt Sheen’s chocolate cakes had been my favorite ever since I was little. I remember she had made the same cake for my 5th birthday and I still loved it whenever she baked chocolate cakes and cookies.After finishing the slice of cake Aunt Sheen and I began talking about the family.”I want to thank you for donating your blood, sweetheart. You need to know that it meant a lot to me and to Dee. She was so grateful that she was crying when she told me how you were the first to volunteer to donate the blood at the hospital.””Come on, Aunty.. You don’t need to thank me. That’s what family is for, right?” I said simply and smiled.”Aaw.. Look how you’ve grown, sweety! Talking like a man now. He he!” she giggled and managed to say through misty eyes.It was around 11 now and Aunt Sheen told me that I could sleep in Dee’s room on the second floor. She told me there’s water in the refrigerator and the rest of the chocolate cake also, knowing my cravings for midnight snacks.”Thank you, Aunty. Good night.” I said.”Good night, sweetheart!” said Aunt Sheen smiling, watching me climb the stairs to the second floor.I unlocked the door and stepped in Dee’s room. Suddenly my mind began remembering all the times that Dee and I had fucked in this room. I looked around and saw the single bed near the low window, the huge beanbag, the bookshelf and her posters and finally her PC table which was right at the side of the door. I was feeling quite contented after the dinner and the chocolate cake combined with Dee’s smell still lingering in her room began to arouse me.I made sure to latch the door from within before I switched on Dee’s PC and put on some music first. I let the music play on a low volume and switched off the lights. I soon began to surf porn sites and looked for videos to download. I knew Dee had a whole folder of porn but it was quite old and I had seen them all many times with Dee when we fucked.I began downloading a couple of videos with ebony girls with white guys as Dee was a bit dusky, much like an African-American girl with a bubble-butt. I took some lotion from Dee’s small dressing table and picked up the box of tissues. I sat on the comfortable chair in front of the PC and put on the first video. The video began with a curvy ebony girl seducing a younger white boy.I finished watching the first video and felt my cock was semi-erect. I began to feel thirsty and cursed myself for not bringing a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I minimized the window and opened the latch of the door before silently stepping out on the landing. I began to slowly walk down the stairs into the kitchen, hoping not to wake my aunt how I knew would be asleep by now. Aunt Sheen’s bedroom was right between the kitchen and the bathroom. I opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of water and climbed the stairs up swiftly but silently to Dee’s room.I went inside in a hurry and sat down on the chair again. After having a drink of water I opened the website window and saw that all the videos were downloaded now. I was ready for jerking off and watch the 8 videos I had downloaded.I quickly slid down my shorts, sat on the chair comfortably and put on the second porn video. This one showed a black mature woman who seduces her young white stepson. The porn-star looked very lusty with her petite and curvy body, round and large boobs and a big bubble-butt.I started to gently rub my semi-erect cock with my fingertips, feeling it grow bigger and thicker within 10 seconds. I watched the screen as the woman began to flirt with her stepson. I reached out for the lotion and without taking my eyes off the computer screen I put a dab of it on the head of my dick.I felt the contrast between my warm cock and the cool lotion and moaned, “Ahh.. mmm.”I watched as the woman finally got her stepson alone at home when her husband is at work and she confesses her lustful feeling to the young stepson. I slowly began to spread the lotion with the fingers over my thick cock. I felt my cock becoming harder and almost reach its full length.I slowly began to rub my fingertips from the base of my cock to its head, gently repeating the motion, as the woman on-screen slowly stripped off her clothes to reveal her curvy and sexy body. She bent over and let her stepson feel her huge, soft breasts as she began to strip off his shorts.I suddenly had an image in my mind where instead of Dee, it was her mother, Aunt Sheen, who was bent over me and letting me fondle her lovely, large boobs. At this thought, my cock began to throb and become completely erect. I felt ashamed to have such thoughts about my recently-widowed aunt but then remembered the sudden change in her demeanor during dinner and instantly my lusty mind began to fantasize about her.I sank lower in my chair, prepared to take my time to cum as I wanted to enjoy the over 15 minutes-long video till the end before having an orgasm. I had kept the volume quite low but the high-quality speakers enabled me to clearly hear the moaning sounds of the young guy as his stepmother grunted loudly with the effort to put his huge cock deep in her throat.By the time the woman in the video had gotten the young guy’s cock sloppy and wet with her sucking and mounted him as he lay on his bed. She moaned out very loudly as the huge, slippery cock went half-way in her clean-shaven pussy.I was too engrossed in the video by now and began stroking my large, hard cock, watching the woman struggle to put the young guy’s huge cock completely into her pussy. I saw the woman clench her teeth and flinch as the guy gave a short push and buried his cock a couple of inches deeper into her pussy.By now, I was completely concentrated on watching the video and trying to imagine Aunt Sheen riding my throbbing cock the same way.Suddenly, I thought I heard a rustling sound from the doorway and even before I could reach out to pause the video a hand grabbed my wrist and I looked up to see Aunt Sheen standing in the open door.I froze in shock with my mind already having the worse thoughts. I felt like a moron on being caught jerking off and was about to open my mouth and apologize when Aunt Sheen simply put a finger on my lips to shush me.She pushed my arm down gently till I was sitting back in the chair. I was even more shocked when Aunt Sheen knelt in front of me and slowly ran her fingers over my still erect cock. I sat completely still and very confused about what to do next as my widowed Aunt began to inspect my cock as if it was a piece of fragile pottery. Without saying another word she put her right palm around the base of my huge cock and slid her hand all the way up till she reached the head of my cock.My lust must have overcome my senses by now because I found it harder and harder to apologize as Aunt Sheen tightened her grip on my cock and began to jerk me.I was amazed at the skill with which Aunt Sheen was jerking me off. She was rubbing the shaft of my cock with her right hand and was gently massaging my heavy balls with the fingers of the other hand. I immediately relaxed with only the thought of having an orgasm coursing through my lust-filled mind and was not at all worried right then with what was happening.I spread my legs wider and sank lower in the chair, letting Aunt Sheen come closer between my thighs. As my cock was slippery wet with the lotion Aunt Sheen began to gently kiss and lick my naked thighs. She bit down gently whenever she felt my muscles contract with her sweet kiss.The amazing feeling of having my cock being jerked perfectly and my balls being cradled in her palm made me realize again why I preferred mature woman. Their experience combined with the growing lust with age tends to make mature women do things you can only imagine.As I slowly felt my orgasm build up my cock began to pulsate constantly. Aunt Sheen must have felt it too because I felt her wipe off the lotion from my cock head in a hurry and felt her warml lovely mouth engulf it completely.This was all that I could bear and with a really loud grunt I began to spew out hot, thick streams of cum right in my aunt’s willing mouth.I could feel my body spasm with every spurt of cum and remember feeling Aunt Sheen sucking the head of my cock harder and harder with each throb of my cock.”Aaahh… Oh shit! Aaahh… Aaahh..!” I moaned out carelessly as Aunt Sheen seemed determined to suck out every last drop of cum from my dick.It took more than a couple of minutes before my cock stopped spurting cum but I lay back on the chair, breathing heavily and still moaning frequently.It took me over 5 minutes before I could manage to get out of the throes of the amazing orgasm and was shocked to see that Aunt Sheen was not there anymore.Had I simply imagined all of this? I began to wonder when I saw the door wide open. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door again once I returned with the bottle of water.Now that my mind was a bit clear now the implications of what had happened suddenly dawned on me. I began to get worried now and decided to find out what the hell was going on.I pulled up my shorts and walked down the stairs slowly. I heard a noise in the bathroom on the first floor so I stopped half-way down and stood there. I could clearly see the door to the bathroom and Aunt Sheen’s bedroom from where I was standing and within a few moments I saw Aunt Sheen emerge from the bathroom, looking as if she had just washed her face.She was wiping her wet lips with a small towel as she walked slowly to her bedroom. It was then that she looked up and saw me standing on the stairs but she didn’t say anything, except to smile at me and beckoning me with a crooked finger, went inside her bedroom, leaving the door wide open.A dim, red-colored light was glowing within her bedroom as I walked slowly towards the door. I stepped in the door and immediately saw Aunt Sheen lying down on her bed, with her legs spread apart. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that she had lifted her nightgown to her waist and was wearing a white colored panty inside.Seeing me, she smiled and patted the bed at her side. Without a word I walked to the side of her bed and she reached out and began stroking my right thigh, slowly moving her hand underneath. I didn’t dare move as I felt her hand slowly wrap around my balls and only climbed on to her bed when she gently but firmly pulled me by my balls.As I climbed over and sat beside her, she let go of my balls and took my right hand in hers and lay it over her boobs. I felt the warmth of her body from over the sheer white fabric of her nightgown and knew that she was not wearing a bra underneath.I settled myself on my knees beside her and put my hand over her cleavage. I touched her soft, thick thighs with the other hand and began to knead them slowly. Aunt Sheen closed her eyes now and lay carelessly on the bed, with her legs spread even wider now.She only moved her hand to press my hand harder over her boobs so I slid my hand underneath her nightgown and felt her huge, soft boobs. I searched around till I found her nipple and was not surprised to feel it had become hard, like a small stone.”Ooohh…” moaned Aunt Sheen as soon as she felt me roll her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.”Aaii.. Ssshhh!” she whimpered as I started squeezing her nipples gradually harder. I shifted my hand to her other boobs and immediately pinched her other nipple quite hard.”Aaaahh! Yes.. like that.” said Aunt Sheen with her eyes closed.While I slowly pinched her nipples with my right hand, my left hand had already reached her panty after having caressed and squeezed her dark, thick thighs. Although it must have been only a couple of minutes that I played with Aunt Sheen’s huge boobs when my fingers reached her panties I felt it was very wet with her juices.Aunt Sheen lifted up her large butt and allowed me to strip her panties a little before she reached down and took off her panties fast. She again lay back on the bed and closed her eye, spreading her legs as wide as she could and keeping her knees bent.Although it was quite dark in her bedroom I knew she had recently shaved her pussy, as it was completely bald. I played with her boobs by kneading them hard, seeing that she liked it.With the other hand, I slowly began to tease her by caressing all around her pussy with my fingertips. I could tell that she was desperate for her pussy to be fingered but I enjoyed seeing her becoming frustrated.After having taken my time, I slowly slid my middle finger over her pussy lips and was surprised to see her pussy was even more wet than I had expected. I wet my middle finger with her pussy juice before I began to push apart her thick pussy lips.I felt her raise her ass again to let me access her pussy even better.”Aaargh!.. Uuufff…!” cried out Aunt Sheen as I pushed my middle finger instantly all the way in her sloppy, wet pussy.I let go of her boob and quickly settled in between her legs which were spread apart widely. I kept my middle finger inside Aunt Sheen’s hot, juicy pussy as I slowly separated her pussy lips with my left thumb and forefinger. She had very thick pussy lips but her clit was also quite big, just like her daughter Dee had.As I began to rub and push on her swollen clit I bent my finger within her pussy and moved it around till I found her G-spot.”Shhhiitt.. Ooohhh god!” moaned Aunt Sheen as her eyes flew open when my finger came in contact with her G-spot. I knew from past experience that she would only think about having an orgasm now.I began to rub my middle finger over her G-spot faster as my thumb began to push and rub her thick clit from outside.The sloppy sound of my fingers ramming in and out of her juicy wet pussy seemed to fill the otherwise silent bedroom.”Mmmm… aaahhh… oooohhh…I’m coommm..” was all Aunt Sheen could manage to say before her whole body began to jerk hard and she clamped her legs together tightly. My finger was still inside, rubbing her G-spot vigorously, while my thumb pressed her clit harder as she thrashed on her bed.I had never imagined any woman could come so much as much as Aunt Sheen did that night. Now, she lay on the bed, breathing very heavily and occasionally grunting as a spasm frequently shot through her body in the after-glow of multiple orgasms.Aunt Sheen was so spent after such an intense string of orgasms that she seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep within a couple of minutes.I suddenly realized that my right hand was completely wet with Aunt Sheen’s pussy juices which had gushed out and even stained her bed sheet in a large circle around her ass. I could see her white juices drip slowly out of her pussy as Aunt Sheen slept soundly with her legs spread apart.I slowly got off the bed, taking care not to wake her up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I returned after a couple of minutes I noticed that although the door to her bedroom was still open, Aunt Sheen had switched off her night lamp and her room was now in complete darkness.I decided against entering again and went back up the stairs to Dee’s room where as soon as I lay down on the comfortable bed I fell into a deep sleep.I got up with a weird feeling around my groin. Having slept pretty late I was still groggy and did not even open my eyes immediately. I simply put out my arm and felt something soft and firm and my eyes flew open.I could see that it was around 7 in the morning and Aunt Sheen was between my legs, sucking on my semi-erect cock. Seeing her, the memories from last night came rushing back to me.In the light of the day, the events of last night immediately roused feelings of guilt in me and I gently tried pushing Aunt Sheen away.” Aunty, please stop! This isn’t right… I’m really sorry for what happened last night. I… I…” I started to stammer, trying to put my conflicting feelings in order.”Shh.. Look Ali, I know this might seem wrong to you but when you think about it I’m now a widowed woman and you are a young, single guy. Besides, we aren’t related by blood, right?” My aunt countered, stroking my thickening dick as she talked.”Yeah… but…” I admitted reluctantly but Aunt Sheen cut me off with.”Look, I’ll be frank with you. My husband was a very dominating man, we all know that, and I’ve had to be obedient all my life, you know. But my husband hadn’t touched me since Dee was born and I’ve been neglected as a woman. My libido has only increased with time. It was only after I saw you jerking off that beautiful and huge cock last night that all the pent-up sexual frustration within me simply boiled over. I know I can trust you to keep this a secret. I hope you understand, son.” She finished, caressing my thick, hard cock absentmindedly and making it twitch with increasing excitement.I stopped and thought about it for a couple of moments and realized that she was right. Aunt Sheen had always been nice to me ever since I was little so if she needed me now I was more than happy to repay her.I smiled at her and put my hand on her head. She smiled I firmly pushed her mouth towards my clean-shaven young crotch. I watched her open her hungry mouth wide to swallow my large, white dick. “Aaahh..” I moaned softly with pleasure when Aunty Sheen started to lick my thick dick head. I felt her soft, wet tongue playing on the ultra-sensitive knob of my circumcised dick. I closed my eyes and lay back, letting my horny aunt lick my thick dick head. “Mm… Hmm… Mmhmmm…” Aunty Sheen too moaned through a mouthful of cock.She pushed her head lower and took half the length of my huge cock in her warm, wet mouth. It’s wide girth stretched her thin lips to the extreme. She caught the thick base of my large cock with one hand and cupped my smooth-shaved ball-sack in the other. I sighed and moaned with increasing pleasure as Aunty caressed my balls, stroked my dick which sucking the top half. Her spit dribbled down my thick shaft and soon my huge, white cock glistened in the morning sunlight streaking in through the bedroom’s window. “Mm.. Mm… Mmhh… Mhhmm…” My horny aunt’s hungry moans from sucking my young cock made me extremely excited.I could feel her head bob up and down faster as she stroked my thick, wet dick harder. My eyes were closed and I let my aunty suck and stroke my throbbing cock as she pleased. Despite being a seemingly pious, conservative mature Muslim widow, my aunt surprised me with her blowjob skills. Especially, after knowing that she hadn’t had sex for the past 16 years. “Yes… Yess… Ohh.. Yeah..” I moaned encouragingly at my aunty and she quickened her strokes.Her head bobbed up and down faster and her grip on my thick, slick dick tightened. She maintained a steady but fast rhythm which bought me close to climax in 10 minutes.I felt my balls tighten and my huge, stiff dick throbbed hard in her warm, wet mouth. My body stiffened and my hips raised off of the bed. “Yeah… Oh, yeah… I’m gonna cum, aunty!” I managed to blurt out between hard gasps just before the first spurt of semen streaked out of my throbbing, thick dick and landed deep in my mature, horny aunt’s throat.“Aack!” Aunty Sheen gagged initially but shoved my huge, wet cock deeper into her tight mouth. “Mmm…” She moaned next as she succeeded in swallowing my sticky, hot cum with her mouth filled with my large, shuddering dick. “Aaah… Aaahh… Aahh…!” I growled loudly with every spurt of semen shooting out my thick cock. I climaxed for what seemed like a whole minute before my body suddenly went lax and I managed to open my eyes eventually. Aunty Sheen looked at me with the engorged head of my softening dick still in her mouth. She winked at me and sucked hard as she continued to squeeze every last drop burdur escort of cum out of me with her hand. Finally, aunty let go of my dick with an audible pop. She smiled and licked a few specks of my sticky, white semen off of her thin, dark lips as she sat up straighter.I grinned lazily, feeling immensely relaxed after the intense climax. I watched in wonder as my recently-widowed Muslim aunt slowly got off her bed. Her bare, big breasts swayed enticingly. I stared openly at her naked, dark buttocks as they jiggled wildly with her steps. I finally got up from the bed once Aunty Sheen disappeared into the bathroom. I used the other bathroom and washed myself clean. I wore my clothes from last night and waited for Aunty Sheen in her living room. My head was spinning at how much had changed overnight. My seemingly strict, conservative widow of an aunt had transformed into a shameless, sex-hungry slut. I thought about what she had told me about being deprived of sex from so many years. I could definitely empathize with her. Soon, my thoughts turned to the other women in my family who had started similar sexual relationships with me. “Going so soon, son?” Aunty Sheen’s voice broke my reverie.I looked around to see my dark, plump aunt dressed in a white, satin bathrobe. She had left it open and her large, round boobs hung free. She posed with a hand on the door before she walked towards me.“Yeah, aunty. “ I replied, quickly averting my eyes because I was still feeling a little awkward, as I stood up.“Aw… Don’t feel shy, Ali.” Aunty Sheen comforted me, pressing her soft, round boobs to my side and patting my arm. “You’ll get used to it, son.” She said before she stood on tiptoe and kissed my lips. “Mpph! Mmm…” Aunty moaned with the passionate, wet kiss before releasing my lips with an audible “Mmuaahh!”“I’ve got a special gift for your birthday. See you soon, sweetheart!” Aunty Sheen said and leered as she patted my young, firm butt.I smiled and nodded before I stepped out of her apartment and went home downstairs. I acted completely normal so my parents and sisters wouldn’t get suspicious. My birthday was the following week so I was obviously curious to know about the special gift Aunt Sheen had promised me. Finally, my birthday arrived. It was around 3 in the afternoon when aunty called me. I went upstairs to her place. She wore house clothes, a loose, dark-patterned nightie with short sleeves and a black scarf loosely wrapped around her head.”Hello, sweety! I was wondering when you’d show up.. Come on in!” Aunt Sheen said as she smiled wide ushered me in. I hid a smile when I saw her plump, shapely body in her house clothes. She wore a loose, dark-patterned nighty with short sleeves and a black scarf covered her head. Her sheer dress showed that my aunt was not wearing anything underneath. I could clearly see her black, thick nipples poking through the thin fabric. I entered the hallway and followed her inside.I ogled her behind as Aunty Sheen swung the soft, plump mounds of her buttocks and walked towards the kitchen. She knew I was watching her and Aunt Sheen made sure I had a good look at the shape of her large ass through her see-through outfit. I followed her to the kitchen and noticed she was in the midst of preparing lunch so I took a seat on a tall stool and started watching her cook.We talked casually about my plans for the day for a few minutes before she said in a teasing tone, “Ali, aren’t you curious to know what I’ve got you for your birthday?””Yes.” I admitted with a smile, “I was actually thinking about it.””Well… I could give you a hint. It’s something you have always wanted.” Aunt Sheen said with an arched eyebrow.I was wondering what it could be, as there were quite a few things I had wanted for a long time.”Mm… I can’t even guess, aunt. Please tell me.” I shrugged and said, unable to come up with any guesses.“It’s a bike.” Aunty Sheen said, watching my smile widen, “It’s a Bullet.” She said and grinned.I was stunned. At first I figured Aunt Sheen must be joking because my folks were against me getting a motorcycle at this age. And almost everyone knew how crazy I was about the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. It was one of the classic designs and the strongest bike at the time. I started grinned when I realized my aunt was serious about it. I was incredibly excited now.”The thing is I don’t know anything about motorcycles so I haven’t bought it yet. I want you to come with me to the showroom and choose one for yourself. How’s that, sweetheart?” said Aunt.”Wow!” I exclaimed, barely holding back myself from crying out loud in intense excitement.I immediately jumped with excitement from the stool and hugged Aunt Sheen tight.”Thank you, Aunty! Thank you so much! You have no idea how awesome this is. Wow!” I began to blabber with excitement as I clutched, a now bemused, Aunt Sheen tightly.”I know you’ve always wanted a bike but your folks don’t want you to have one. I knew I could convince them otherwise. I told your Mom how sweet you’ve always been to me and to everyone else, especially after your uncle passed away. I told them that you’re like my own son and I wanted to gift you a bike. You know no one argues with me, right?” Aunty Sheen explained.I kept a tight hold around her. I was still grinning widely when she leaned in suddenly and put her lips on mine. I felt her tongue slip out between her thin lips and begin to slowly lick my lower lip. I responded by opening my lips wider and taking in her tongue in my mouth.”Mmmhhmmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned as she felt my lips clamp over her tongue and I began to suck it gently.I put my arms around her lower back and held her closer to me, sucking gradually harder on her tongue which was now almost to my throat.”Ouch!” I exclaimed, breaking the messy kiss, as I suddenly felt Aunt Sheen grab my semi-erect cock over my cargo shorts and squeeze it hard.”I want this beautiful young cock so bad, Son!” Aunt Sheen whispered in a voice filled with lust and pushed me towards the stool.I let go of her reluctantly as Aunt Sheen pushed me down till I was sitting on the tall stool beside the kitchen counter once again.Aunt Sheen stood up and took a couple of steps back. She then lifted up her nighty over her head. I smiled wide watching her huge, heavy boobs swing around freely with her slightest movements as Aunt Sheen pulled the nighty over her head. She now stood completely nude in front of me. I looked at her naughty smile as she put her right hand over her hip and posed for me. The curtains on the kitchen window were drawn shut so it was semi-dark in the kitchen.I could feel my cock rousing swiftly as I ogled Aunt Sheen’s huge, sexy boobs, her wide, curvy hips and her chunky, dark chocolate legs. I opened my legs wider to allow Aunty Sheen to step between them. Her enormous, round mature boobs dangled temptingly a few inches from my face. Aunty Sheen placed her soft hands on my shoulders and stood, waiting for my next move.I reached out hesitatingly and put my hands on the dark, soft skin of her chunky thighs. I looked straight in her eyes and watched her reaction when I ran my fingertips gently up till I reached her small, round paunch. Aunty Sheen half-closed her eyes and pushed her large tits right in my face. I decided to ditch the teasing and immediately seized her large, dark boobs in my hands.I cupped her boobs from underneath and lifted them up till I could kiss them with my lips. I put my lips over her large, black nipple and started to roll my tongue around her areola.“Mmmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned long and low.I watched her throw her head back and crush my face against her voluptuous chest. I could tell she was intensely turned on by the way her large chest heaved with heavy breaths. A little while later, I grabbed her large, taut nipple between my teeth and gradually bit harder and harder. In the meanwhile, my hands were busy squeezing her enormous, round boobs harder and harder.”Aaahh.. Ufff!” Aunt Sheen gasped before she cried out hard caught my shoulders tightly. After a few moments of squeezing her busty boobs, Aunt Sheen suddenly pulled away. I watched her as she went on her knees between my legs and began to unhook the belt of my jeans. I was now immensely aroused too. The extent of my excitement could be seen by the way my thick cock made a noticeable tent in my crotch. I helped Aunt Sheen undo the buckle on the belt and lifted my ass for a second as she quickly pulled down my jeans and underwear hurriedly. She kneeled with her knees over my shorts, thus restraining my legs around her.Aunt Sheen started to caress my muscular thighs with her fingertips, gazing with lust at my thick and fully-erect cock. Aunt Sheen then began to kiss my thighs, alternating between left and right. She slowly started making her way up to my crotch. As she kissed, Aunt Sheen reached around me and grabbed my bare ass. She squeezed them very hard. I immediately felt my cock throb as she played with my firm, round butt.As Aunt Sheen’s lips reached my crotch she lowered her head and gave a peck on my balls. She watched my cock jerk hard once and begin throbbing visibly. Her warm breath on my crotch and her soft lips on my balls began to get me immensely excited. Aunt Sheen released my ass after a while and caressed my sides as she brought her hands around to my front. She then gently cupped my balls in her left palm.I felt intense throbbing in my cock once again as Aunt Sheen began to slowly fondle my balls and started to give gentle kisses along the shaft of my cock. She then wrapped her right palm gently around my cock and started to rub my thick, hard cock over her face.”Oh God!.. I love this beautiful cock!” said Aunt Sheen moaned with lust, her eyes closed in pleasure.She then brought both her hands and caught my cock firmly at the base of the shaft. As she began to apply pressure on the shaft at the bottom I could feel the blood collecting in my cock. I could see my thick, circumcised dick head become engorged with the blood. Aunt Sheen brought her face close to my cock and sniffed it deeply.”Aaahh.. I’m crazy for your young, manly smell, baby!” Aunt Sheen sighed and whispered fiercely.Sheen aunty kept her eyes closed as she slowly bent lower and touched her lips to the head of my huge cock.Aunt Sheen pushed out her tongue and began to slowly roll it around the head of my cock, making it wet in a few moments with her spit. She then began to push her lips lower and lower till my thick, large dick sunk a couple of inches in her mouth.The stool I sat on was quite tall and my naked aunt was kneeling upright between my legs and yet she struggled to push my huge dick further in her tight, stretched mouth. Aunt Sheen felt around with her left hand till she found my right hand gripping the sides of the stool. She caught it and placed it on her head.I knew what she wanted me to do next so I slowly began to push her head lower. I had barely gotten 3 inches of my huge cock in her mouth before I felt her teeth clamp around the shaft.”Ouch! Mind your teeth, please Aunt!” I exclaimed as she immediately sat up, breathing heavily, “Sorry, sweetheart.. huh.. It’s too thick for me to take it all the way in on my own.” Aunt Sheen said between gasps as she started to stroke my throbbing, wet cock slowly with one hand now.”But I’m so desperate for your lovely cock, Son. Please! Help me take it all the way in.” Aunt Sheen said with complete lust written over her face.”Are you sure you can take it all in, Aunt?” I asked as I had doubts whether my mature Aunt would be able to take all of my 3 inch-thick cock more than a couple of inches in her mouth.”Yes, Son. I know I can do it. All I want is a little push. Will you help Aunty suck your lovely, hard cock, sweetheart?” Aunt Sheena asked me.”Sure.. I’ve got an idea.” I said as I slipped my shorts off from my ankles and stood up. I guided Aunt Sheen’s and made her sit on the stool. I stood in front of her and my cock was now at perfect level with her face.”And yeah.. remember.. don’t stop even if I seem like I’m about to choke, ok? I know I’m not letting you fuck my pussy yet, so I want you to fuck my mouth. I am desperate to get that delicious, young cock and taste the lovely cum, son.” Aunt Sheen said and winked.I grinned once again, hearing my Aunt talk dirty to me. It was hard to imagine that this was the same woman who was respected and looked-upon by many a relatives as being the matriarch of the family now. Here she was, completely nude, sitting and waiting desperately for her nephew’s cock.The taboo thought began to increase my excitement even more. Aunt Sheen opened her mouth wide as she saw me leaning in. I had one had on the kitchen counter while my other hand was at the top of Aunt Sheen’s head. I felt Aunt Sheen greedily reach out with her tongue and get as much of my cock wet as she could. Soon, I placed the swollen head of my cock inside her willing mouth and felt it easily go in a little more than a couple of inches. I slowly twisted my hips to touch her cheeks from inside with the head of my cock.”Mmmmhmm..” Aunt Sheen seemed to encourage me with her mouth over my cock shaft. I slowly pushed my hard cock a little deeper into her mouth and felt her mouth tighten over it. I pulled out an inch and pushed a little harder this time. Now half my cock was in her mouth but it seemed to be stretched to its limits as her thin lips formed a perfect circle around the thick shaft of my 8-inch cock. In a few moments though I could see Aunt Sheen’s eyes getting wide as she struggled to breath with my cock deep in her mouth.I immediately withdrew my cock from her mouth, scared that she might pass out.”Aack.. ghagh.. aahh” gasped Aunt Sheen and gripped my thighs with her hands for support.”This time you’re going to put your cock all the way in, son, understood?” said Aunt Sheen as soon as she had caught her breath.”But I’m scared you might pass out, Aunt.” I said, voicing my concern.”No, I won’t. All you have to do is be more forceful, all right?” she replied.I nodded my head and again took position in front of her. Aunt Sheen opened her mouth wide and engulfed 3 inches of my cock and waited. This time I caught her face in my hands, with my palms covering her ears. I began to stroke my throbbing cock in and out of her wet mouth. Aunt Sheen co-operated by stretching her tongue all the way out. I could feel her outstretched tongue getting the shaft of my cock wet lower than her lips had reached.I then pushed my cock as deep as I could.”Aacckk!.. Aarkk!.. aaaa.” gagged Aunt Sheen but I pushed in ever deeper. This time I felt the huge head of my cock reach all the way to her throat. Aunt Sheen was now gagging hard now but this made her throat contract even tighter around the head of my cock.I pulled out the length of my cock from her mouth, letting the head remain in. I could see Aunt Sheen’s eyes were closed but a steady stream of tears was flowing from the sides. I also saw a strand of spittle steadily drip down to her huge boobs which were now crushed with my thighs.I let her catch her breath for a few moments before I felt her hands reach around and grab my butt cheeks. Aunt Sheen pulled my crotch closer to her, gulping in over half of my cock this time without much effort.It had been over 10 minutes since Aunt Sheen had started to tease my cock and now I could feel my orgasm getting closer.I grabbed a fistful of hair from the back and pushed in my cock deeper and deeper inside her wet, warm mouth. I began to stroke my cock a couple of inches out before pushing it harder and deeper while stroking in.As my orgasm built to its climax I could feel the head of cock become even larger and my balls became warmer with excitement.I could hardly control myself as I pushed my cock in for the final stroke and rammed it a little too hard. As soon as I felt my throbbing, huge cock go to Aunt Sheen’s throat I felt myself climaxing.”Aaarrrggh… Aaahh.. aaahhh…!” I growled and moaned deeply as spurts after spurts of hot, sticky cum was released down Aunt Sheen’s gagging throat. Aunt Sheen couldn’t take anymore and was struggling to get the thick, throbbing, cumming cock out of her mouth but I didn’t seem to realize how hard my grip on her hair was, preventing her from moving her face more than an inch to each side.After around 10 seconds of cumming hard in her mouth I finally let go of Aunt Sheen’s hair and staggered a couple of steps back, still unable to open my eyes in the euphoria of after-orgasm.”Aaaack.. huh huh huh!” I heard Aunt Sheen gag and sputter as she struggled to catch her breath and decide whether to swallow or spit the thick cum which seemed to have filled her throat and mouth and streaked down from her lips to the ground.Eventually I opened my eyes enough to see Aunt Sheen on her fours, taking in deep breaths while my cum which had spilled out from her mouth was forming a pool between her hands.Aunt Sheen sat back up on the stool within a few moments and gestured me, “Come back, baby. I’m not finished yet.”I took a few steps towards her before Aunt Sheen reached out to catch my taut butt with her left hand and pulled me closer. Aunt Sheen caught my still-heaving balls in her right hand and with an outstretched tongue began to lick the steady drops of cum which were now steadily dripping from my cock.Aunt Sheen squeezed my balls gently as she put her lips around the sloppy, wet head of my cock and I had to close my eyes again when I felt her lips squeeze my cock shaft, trying to get every last drop of semen out of me.After a couple of minutes when my balls seemed to have become entirely empty Aunt Sheen finally let go of my cock with an audible ‘pop’ from her mouth.”Mmmm… That was one of the best experiences of my life, baby!” exclaimed Aunt Sheen with a wide grin on her face.I only managed to smile as I was still recovering from the incredible experience to having my cock deep-throated for the first time.”Now let’s have lunch. Then I’ll get ready. Remember, you have to choose your bike, son.” Aunt Sheen smiled and said as she stood, with her hands still fondling my soft cock.I put on my shorts as Aunt Sheen sat nude on the kitchen with two plates. Aunt Sheen pulled a chair close to hers on the dinner table and switched on the TV. I stared at her huge ass which was spilling out of the sides of her small chair.It was half an hour later than Aunt Sheen stood ready to go out with me. She was wearing a sari underneath her new blue-colored Niqab. This Niqab was completely dark and made of shiny, soft satin and clung to every curve and contour of her short, voluptuous body.We took a cab to the showroom which was over 5 km away and as it was already evening it was quite dark outside. I felt Aunt Sheen grab my thigh and begin to slowly stroke it as soon as the cab left from our house. I was scared to have a hard-on when we reached the motorcycle showroom but I couldn’t seem to be able to say no.We reached the bike showroom within a half hour and I felt a different kind of excitement take over now. I had been crazy about motorcycles since I was small and now that I knew which bike I wanted I immediately went straight to its displayed model and stood there, grinning widely and staring at the beautiful Royal Enfield Bullet. The dark black body was in perfect contrast to the lustrous chrome of the engine, giving it an overall powerful and magnetic look. I had already gone for a test-ride in the same showroom over 6 months ago and had fallen in love with it.After paying for the bike in cash it was delivered almost immediately. It was on the ride back home that Aunt Sheen gave me even better news.”Ali, this is only half the gift, son. Remember I told you I would make our first fuck special. Well, I’ve booked a suite at the resort you mentioned going with your friends.””Wow! That’s awesome. Today seems to be a real special day. I got my dream bike and the day seemed to become better, and better, Aunty!” I said excitedly as Aunt Sheen sat close to me behind.”I don’t care what you tell your folks but you need to be ready to leave for the resort at 10 in the morning tomorrow, ok?” she said.I simply nodded and grinned, feeling my excitement growing even more. The next day, I told my folks that I was going out for the next two days. I told them that my friends were planning a birthday bash for me at a friend’s farmhouse about 80 km away and I would be gone for the weekend. My folks did not have any problems now with me staying out for a couple of days at a friend’s place or anywhere else. The night before I had already packed a few shorts, undies and other stuff which I thought I would need for a couple of days into a small overnight bag.It was 9 AM when I rode my bike to the mall a couple of kilometers away from home and waited, just as Aunt Sheen had instructed me. The mall was almost deserted of customers so early in the morning. Soon, I saw Aunt Sheen step out of a cab in front of the mall and signaled me. I rode my bike across the street to where she stood. Aunty Sheen was dressed in an Niqab as usual, with the fitting Niqab showing her plump curves clearly. I noticed her large, round boobs outlined by her fitting Niqab. Her wide, curvy hips were also clear to see. I noticed that Aunt Sheen was only carrying her purse and saw no bags with her, which was strange because we were going away for two days. She asked me to park the bike in the underground parking lot and wait for her there. I waited for almost half hour, silently trying to figure out what would happen and how it would go down. It was the first time I was taking a mature woman, that too my older Aunt, to a resort for the whole weekend. My creative mind was forming increasingly taboo situations in my mind as I waited my Aunt Sheen to come.”Let’s go, son.” Aunt Sheen’s voice broke my train of thoughts and I was startled as soon as I turned around and saw Aunt Sheen.Wow! I thought. I was shocked and did not recognize Aunt Sheen for a few moments. Aunt Sheen was always dressed in conservative, loose clothes, such as a sari or a salwar kameez and wore a loose Abaya with a scarf covering her heard at all times. She barely wore makeup normally so it was fitting that I didn’t fail to recognize the hit, thick MILF who now stood in front of me.Aunt Sheen was in a tight pair of jeans under a fitting, blue-colored button-down shirt. The jeans she wore seemed to stick to her contours like a second skin, showing off her slim waist which flared to her wide hips. Aunt Sheen’s large round ass cheeks were even more prominent now as the jeans gave them a perfect bubble-shape. I looked at her huge boobs that seemed to be straining to come out of her tight-fitted shirt. She had deliberately left the top two buttons undone, giving a clear view of her ample cleavage.Aunt Sheen had on a bright red lipstick, clearly outlining her thin lips and wore a pair of large, dark sunglasses. She looked ready for a bike ride.My mouth hung open and I was speechless so she turned me around and took the backpack off of my shoulders. I watched my hot, mature aunt as she arranged the Niqab she had removed and the clothes from several shopping bags into my backpack. Then she slung it on her shoulder and close behind me on the seat. Aunty Sheen leaned on to me and I felt her enormous, soft boobs pressing against my back. She hung on to my shoulders when I started the bike. I had not been able to think of a single word to say to her till now and soon we slowly rode out of the underground parking lot of the mall. I rode quickly through the morning traffic and joined the north-west bound highway.It was around 9:30 AM, and it was summer, so the traffic was light on the road. It took me only 15 minutes to reach the highway which led to the lake resort. It was considerably cooler in the morning as I sped along the highway. I enjoyed the way the cool wind played with my long hair and the sound of the powerful engine beating in rhythm under my butt.Aunt Sheen shifted closer to me and put her arms around my waist. I was wearing a light jacket over the T-shirt and it flapped around with the speed of the bike. As soon as we left the city behind I felt Aunt Sheen press closer to me, crushing her huge, soft boobs harder against my back. I settled back, resting my weight on her soft, plump body.The highway was not often used so there was barely any traffic on the road. Aunt Sheen seemed to notice this as I felt her right hand slowly slip under my T-shirt from the front. She held one side of my open jacket and pulled it over so it was covering my front half. Before I could react Aunt Sheen had already slipped her hand under my belt and I could see her struggle as she tried to move her hand lower into my jeans.I swiftly slipped my belt loose a couple of notches.”Mmm.. Thanks, sweety.” I heard Aunt Sheen say as I felt her hand finally slip in all the way in my jeans and found my cock.I moaned as Aunt Sheen softly scratched my slowly arousing cock over the fabric of my undies with her fingernails. She played with me like this for a few minutes before I felt her hand slowly lift the band of my undies and slip inside. I moved back further to allow her easier access.”Aaahh…” I sighed as Aunt Sheen gripped my semi-erect cock completely in her palm and gave it a hard squeeze and moaned in my ears, “Ooohh.. so beautiful.””Remember I told you I want to make our first time really special, Ali? Well, I’ve planned it all. Firstly, I love being dominated in bed so you are going to learn to be more assertive and dominant, son. Ok?”I smiled and nodded as continued gently squeezing my cock and started to explain, “I know I might have seemed to prim and proper at burdur escort bayan home but I have become really horny ever since I turned 40. You know I have been reading too many erotic stories and fingering myself to orgasm but it just doesn’t satisfy me completely. I knew what I really want is a thick, big, young cock and I always fantasized about a young, hot guy fucking the daylights out of me. God knows how happy and horny I was that night when I caught you jerking off to porn in my daughter’s room.”Saying this Aunt Sheen began to stroke my semi-erect cock slowly now. It was one of the most amazing feelings: to be on your dream motorcycle tearing down the highway and getting a handjob at the same time!”Here’s how it’s going to be, Ali. We’re booked as mother and son at the resort but I want you to treat me like a whore. Do you know how a whore is treated? You think of her as only a piece of meat and treat her to satisfy your lust whenever and wherever you wish. I want you to follow your sexual desires and instincts and show me how a strong, hot guy like you really fucks.””Aahh.. yes.” I managed to reply to Aunt Sheen, trying hard to concentrate on the road and hold back my orgasm.”Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you exactly what to do if you can’t figure something out, son.” Aunt Sheen said before giving my cock a hard squeeze and suddenly pulled out her hand from inside my shorts.”Ooohhh..” I moaned in disappointment as I felt her hand leave my throbbing cock and slip out of my jeans.”What’s the hurry, sweetheart? We have 2 full days to do whatever we want.” Aunt Sheen said in a teasing tone and pushed her boobs harder into my back as she held me tighter around the waist from behind.Another half hour later we reached the resort and checked-in. The guy at the reception was clearly ogling Aunt Sheen’s cleavage as he pretended to guide her when she filled out the register. I stood a little back, watching Aunt Sheen’s huge, round ass captured in those tight jeans. She began to shift from one leg to the other, clearly teasing me with her soft, jiggling butt cheeks.I was happy to be back in the same suite. The resort was right at the side of a large lake, with the access road leading up to the resort. You had to park you vehicle at the resort parking and simply walk through the gate at the side and on to a small path. This path led up a little incline to the side of the large, beautiful lake. A raised path along to the left allowed visitors to walk along one side of the lake but it ended at the entrance to the woods which surrounded the other three sides of the water.The resort had 6 small villas, each with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom-cum-toilet which itself was large as a regular room. The villas were spaced quite far from the main reception area and had at least 100 meter distance between them. This was meant to give the guests complete privacy as they enjoyed the natural beauty which surrounded it from all sides. Each villa had a separate small lawn on three sides. The last villa, where we were booked, had a small slope which also led to the raised path along the lake, but closer to the wooded area.Aunt Sheen went straight to the bedroom with her backpack and began unpacking. I changed into a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top as Aunt Sheen walked out from the bedroom into the hall. I saw Aunt Sheen hadn’t changed her clothes and still wore the shirt and jeans, but her shirt was not tucked in her pants. The loose tail of her blue shirt now rested on my Aunt’s huge bubble-butt.”You don’t mind if I smoke, do you?” Aunt Sheen said with a wicked grin on her face as she showed the packet of cigarettes and a lighter in her hand. “Hey! I didn’t know you smoked, Aunty?” I said, genuinely shocked.”Well, I don’t and never had. I actually found these in my son’s bag when he had come for the funeral. I know he’s a grownup but that doesn’t mean he protested when I decided to ‘seize’ these. Ha ha ha!” Aunt Sheen said and laughed.”Ok.. If you’ve never smoked then why start now?” I asked.”Well, it’s just that I’ve been living an uptight life from so many years. A woman needs to do it her way sometimes too, you know. I figured now that I am a widow and your uncle actually left me quite a lot of money why shouldn’t I enjoy living my own life, the way I want to, huh?””Point.” I said, nodding my head and smiling.”Come on then.” Aunt Sheen said as she stepped out of the hall and into the raised deck which surrounded the villa on all sides.We sat on the low, wide chairs around the coffee table at the back of the villa. Even though it was just before 10 now the glare of the sun seemed sharp, promising a hot day.I watched as Aunt Sheen took out one of the cigarette, put it to her lips and light it. I was amazed to see her take a deep breath and blow out smoke perfectly on the first try.”What?” Aunt Sheen asked, seeing the look of amazement on my face. “I’ve seen people smoke so I guess I didn’t choke on my first drag.” She explained.I decided now would be a good time for another first so I also took out a cigarette and put it to my lips. I had been with friends who were smokers since school and saw them smoking every day. I lit the lighter and took a deep drag; watching the tip catch fire and the tobacco inside begin to burn bright red. I closed my eyes as I felt the soft smoke flow into my lungs for the first time. Almost immediately I felt incredibly lighter, as if I had lost half my body weight. I gently breathed out through my nose, feeling the hot smoke flow smoothly out through my nostrils.It was when I opened my eyes that I saw Aunt Sheen looking at me with a weird look in her eyes. She sat with her legs crossed at the knees on the low chair and I could see her thick thighs clearly, thanks to the tight pair of jeans which clung to her.I recalled feeling their softness when I had fingered her orgasm earlier in the week. I smiled through half-closed eyes, still enjoying the calming feeling of my first smoke. Aunt Sheen slowly got up from her chair.I watched as she took a couple of steps towards me and stood between my legs, her cigarette dangling from the side of her mouth now. I spread my legs wider and allowed her to take the last step to me. She stood right in front of me now and bent down slowly, swaying her chest gently to the sides as her huge, soft boobs now dangled down. She put her hands on the armrest of my chair and stood there and winked naughtily at me.I stretched out my left hand and placed it over her right tit. I could feel their weight as I gently lifted her dangling boobs and squeezed my fingers together.”Mmm..” moaned Aunt Sheen and pushed out her chest even more. I put the cigarette in my lips now and put my other hand on her left tit. I began to slowly lift her large, round boobs and squeeze them together. I could hear Aunt Sheen begin to breath heavily now, seeming to be turned on but she still kept the cigarette clamped in her lips.Aunt Sheen suddenly knelt down and grabbed at my belt. She hurriedly began to unbuckle my belt, and unzipped my shorts before I could do anything. I sat, taking a deep drag of my cigarette as Aunt Sheen crushed hers out in the ashtray at the side.It was amazing to feel the warm breeze blowing on my cock as Aunt Sheen popped my soft, thick cock out of my cargo shorts.Without a word Aunt Sheen put her lips to the head of my cock and slowly sucked till almost all of my flaccid cock was in her mouth. Aunt Sheen began to vigorously rub her tongue all over the head and shaft of my cock. Within only a few seconds I felt my dick respond to her gentle, warm sucking mouth and began to grow hard.Aunt Sheen had to raise her head gradually as my cock rose to its full 8-inch length. Aunt Sheen had not let go of my cock and had her lips clamped tight around its 3-inch girth. I remembered her instructions and reached out to put a hand over her head.I took a deep drag with the cigarette in my right hand as my left hand slowly pushed Aunt Sheen’s head lower on to my hard cock. Aunt Sheen managed to turn up her face just enough to look me straight in my eyes and moved her arms behind.Aunt Sheen was now kneeling in front of me with her hands behind her back. I sat on the low reclining chair in the rear deck of the villa, with the sun getting brighter on the other side which lit up the beautiful hillocks and woods surrounding us.A strange sense of clarity got hold of me right then. I put my left hand at the back of her head and gripped her hair, which was tied in a tight bun. This gave me a perfect holding position as I repeatedly bobbed her head up and down over the top couple of inches of my hard and erect cock.Without a warning I pushed her head hard and buried another couple of inched of my shaft in her stretched mouth. I could feel her warm breath getting heavier as my huge cock filled almost filled her mouth. Seeing that Aunt Sheen had chosen the submissive position herself I began to push her head deeper on my cock. Now Aunt Sheen had half of my huge cock in her mouth and I was amazed at her resoluteness to want even more.I didn’t disappoint her and pushed her head harder down on my cock. This time however Aunt Sheen seemed to push back against my hand, seemingly wanting to raise her head and get my cock out of her mouth. I remembered what she had said so I quickly clamped my cigarette in my lips and put my right hand on her head too. I applied pressure and forced my wet, slippery cock till I felt her throat clamp tightly around the head of my cock, squeezing it hard.”Mmmm..” I moaned through pursed lips and took a deep, last drag of the cigarette. Aunt Sheen had changed her position and was now pushing at my thighs with her hands. I relented a little and allowed her to raise her head till at least half of my huge cock was still remaining in her mouth.After only a couple of seconds Aunt Sheen had barely been able to catch her breath that I plunged her head down again and buried my thick, sloppy cock all the way to her throat.I held her head heard on my cock, with almost the whole shaft now buried with the head of the cock rammed up against her clamped throat. I could feel her teeth digging in now, as she struggled bravely to take my entire dick in her mouth.It was only a few seconds that I felt my orgasm building up, “Aarrrggg..” I growled deep as I spewed hot, thick cum deep in Aunt Sheen’s throat. With the climax hitting me hard I let go of her hair and leaned back in the reclining chair. Aunt Sheen, despite struggling to breath, was commendable as she did not take my cock out all the way. Aunt Sheen tightly clamped her lips around the throbbing head of my sloppy, wet cock and began sucking very hard.My balls and dick were throbbing with spasms as each spurt of cum squirted out of my cock and Aunt Sheen did not let even a single drop of cum to escape her mouth and stain my cargo shorts.After a couple of minutes of sucking my cock it had gotten flaccid again and Aunt Sheen finally let go of it, seemingly reluctant.”Mmm.. Wow!” Aunt Sheen managed to say between taking deep breaths and licking the few speckles of my semen which were formed on her lower lip. “That was even better than I imagined, baby! I loved it when you tool control the way you did, son!” exclaimed Aunty with a huge grin. She stood up slowly and sat back again on her chair.”I’m hungry for food now that I’ve tasted your cum so much. Let’s order in, shall we?” suggested Aunt Sheen and stepped in the hall to call the reception to order lunch.As we sat having lunch in the living room of the suite watching TV Aunt Sheen began to talk about a lot of things. She briefly discussed her sex life with her deceased husband and I got the impression that as she grew older her horniness also increased in proportion. This was another thing I realized and learned about women.”I’ve been so desperate for a good fuck for so long, baby. And I’m glad I caught you that night. I realize how lucky I am because most of my friends have only their fingers and toys to try and get satisfied sexually. So I’m going to make the most of it. I have been fantasizing so much about you these past days that I don’t know where to start. It’s really sweet of you to be so co-operative too, Ali.” Aunt Sheen said and smiled at me.It was around 2 and I was feeling drowsy, what with the intense deep throated fuck I had experienced for the first time and the lunch was simply delicious.I suggested we take a nap and figure out what we wanted to do later. Aunt Sheen agreed and asked me to take a nap. I lay down on the soft, huge king-sized bed and was almost immediately asleep.I was woken when I felt something warm and soft at my side and opened an eye groggily. I smiled sleepily at seeing Aunt Sheen in a pair of white satin undies. The bra was a size smaller I guess because Aunt Sheen’s huge boobs were almost popping out from the cups. Aunt Sheen lay at my side, slid under the blanket and was fast asleep in a few moments.I woke up fresh and saw that it was almost 5. This meant that there was still around 30 minutes to sundown. I woke up Aunt Sheen and told her I wanted to see the sunset over the lake.We set out walking for the lake after Aunt Sheen had changed back into the pair of jeans and shirt. I watched her round bubble butt swinging with every step, giving me a fresh hard-on by the time we reached the path along the lake. Fortunately, the families that usually came to enjoy the day on the lake left before sundown as the surrounding woods were not considered safe after dark.There were only a couple walking back towards the path leading to the parking lot as we climbed the small incline to the lake. The view was simply stunning.The large, round lake reflected the bright red and gold clouds in the sky. The setting sun seemed to have set the clouds on fire and the whole vista gave an immensely awesome feeling.We walked at a leisurely pace along the path towards the wood. As soon as we reached the entrance to the wooded area I stopped and sat on a large boulder which was cut out to resemble a bench. Aunt Sheen came and sat right at the side and we watched the sun swiftly disappear beyond the horizon, leaving a faint twilight behind.Aunt Sheen took out her packet of cigarettes and lit one silently, watching the lake and lost in thoughts.”Here, you finish the rest.” Aunt Sheen said, offering me the remaining half of her cigarette. “Thanks, Aunty.” I replied, taking the cigarette and breathing in a deep drag, suddenly feeling immensely peaceful with the overall ambience.I had barely finished smoking the cigarette that I felt Aunt Sheen’s hand on my thighs. I turned around to look at her and she had a wicked look on her face. I realized that she must be desperate by now, having already sucked my cock but she never had an orgasm.”Lie down here.” I said, gesturing to the bench as I stood up. Aunt Sheen immediately complied without a word and lay on the warm stone bench. I looked all around and could see that the creeping darkness had hidden us from around and I only see the twinkling lights coming on at the resort over 200 meters away.I crouched low by the bench and touched Aunt Sheen’s boobs over her shirt. Unsatisfied, I quickly undid the top 3 buttons of her shirt and pulled out her huge, heavy boobs.”Mmm..” moaned Aunt Sheen as I began to fondle her breasts and squeeze her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She seemed to enjoy her tits being treated roughly as she hissed and moaned louder when I squeezed her tits too hard.”Aahh.. harder, baby!” Aunt Sheen pleaded with me and so I began to put more pressure and squeezed her soft large boobs even harder.After about a couple of minutes I could barely only see the tree line of the woods a few meters away and knew it would be dark within another 10 to 15 minutes. I stretched out my hand and began to unbuckle her belt. Aunt Sheen was quicker than I as she hurriedly undid her belt, pulled down the zipper and waited.I stood and moved to her legs. I grabbed the waistband of her jeans and pulled. It was quite a struggle to slip her tight jeans over the wide, curvy hips and large round ass. Finally, after a lot of wriggling on her part I was able to slip her jeans till her knees. I lifted up her legs and straddled the bench at one end.”Hold them this way.” I told her and Aunt Sheen pulled her knees to her chest before wrapping her arms around her legs. Now Aunt Sheen was lying on the cool stone bench with her huge D-cup boobs spilling out on each side of her chest and her legs, with the jeans around her knees, raised to the heavens.I slowly grazed the back of her thick and soft thighs with my fingertips. Aunt Sheen desperately moaned, “Ooohh.. don’t tease me like that, please! It’s been too long since I came, Ali.”I relented, seeing her desperation and gently touched her dark, thick pussy lips with the tip of the forefinger on my right hand while my left hand firmly held her thighs up. As I ran my fingertip along the length of her pussy lips I realized Aunt Sheen had become quite wet. It was when I pushed the tip of my finger in that the musky smell of her pussy juices hit me and I slipped in the entire finger into her wet pussy.”Aaahh… mmm.” Aunt Sheen moaned out loud, feeling my long finger enter her soft, warm and wet pussy.I pushed my finger all the way in her pussy and began to stroke it in and out slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace as I felt Aunt Sheen’s breathing becoming increasingly labored with each passing second.Aunt Sheen began to shake now as I now began to flick at her clit with my thumb when I pushed my finger deep into her increasingly wet cunt.”Huh.. huh.. huh.. Yesss.. oh yes!” Aunt Sheen began to grunt and moan as I increased the pace of fingering her warm pussy. Aunt Sheen was also moving her large buttocks with each stroke of my finger and I could feel her pussy lips begin to spasm.”Ohhhh!” was all Aunt Sheen could manage to moan before her orgasm finally hit. Aunt Sheen began to thrash about, with her legs flailing up in the air as I was now thrusting my finger faster and harder into her pussy.The wet, sloppy sounds of Aunt Sheen’s dripping pussy being fingered soon overtook the surrounding buzz of the nature around us.I held Aunt Sheen’s legs high up in the air even when she climaxed and in the throes of orgasm her legs lowered with her whole body shaking. “Aarrgh.. aaahh.. aahhh.. Oh my God!” Aunt Sheen kept moaning even after I had slipped my finger our of her pussy, which was now overflowing with her juices. Aunt Sheen seemed to be coming so hard that her pussy-juices were now dripping down the crack of her huge ass and formed a dark stain on the cold stone bench.Aunt Sheen finally turned to her side as she lay on the bench and rested her legs, with her jeans still lowered to her knees. Aunt Sheen was breathing hard now, still in the after-throes of orgasm when I reached out to touch her large, dangling boobs. Aunt Sheen immediately caught my hand and raised it to her lips.Aunt Sheen began to lick my finger clean of her pussy juices and moaned with lust with every lick of her soft tongue. I realized then that Aunt Sheen was really desperate for sex and I couldn’t wait to fuck her the first time.After licking my finger clean Aunt Sheen sat up on the bench and began to button her shirt without a word.”How was it, Aunty?” I eventually asked her, curious to know.”Mmhhmm.. I have no words, sweety! That was by far the best orgasm I have had in more than 10 years, you know. Thank you so much, son!” beamed Aunt Sheen in the darkness. Aunt Sheen stood and suddenly kissed me hard on my lips, taking me by surprise.I lowered my arms around her back and grabbed on to her soft ass mounds for the first time. Obviously, I could not grab even half of her large bubble butt in my hands so I began to caress them and before I could control myself I felt my hand rise high and come down hard on her tempting butt cheek.”Ouch! Shhh..!” Aunt Sheen cried out and hissed at the stinging pain as she finally broke the rough kiss.”Sorry, Aunty! I just couldn’t control myself. I…” I began to apologize immediately before she cut me off.”Did you like it?” She asked, now smiling.”Mmm.. yeah.. You know how much I love your ass, Aunty.” I said with a goofy smile.I started caressing the contours of her huge ass cheeks, running my fingertips lightly over her large, soft but perfectly round buttocks. “Come let’s head back to the room. I can’t wait to get that beautiful big cock in my pussy, son.” Aunt Sheen whispered in my ear and began to walk in front, with her jeans around her knees.Aunt Sheen had finally become a slut, with her nude, huge ass swinging as she walked the darkened path to the resort and teasing me to no end. I followed her and my eyes were glued to her big, bare behind swinging remarkably from side to side till we reached the steps leading down to the parking lot of the resort. Thankfully, it was now dark and no one was out down in the resort. After walking for a few meters Aunt Sheen stopped.”I can barely see where I’m walking, Ali. Please hold my hand?” Aunt Sheen requested me. I stretched out my hand and caught her arm above the elbow. I pushed her gently, guiding her down the path which led back to the resort’s parking lot. I had been to the lake with friends earlier a couple of times so I knew the area quite well. Plus, I could see the lights of the resort in the distance, a little below us, set back to one side of the lake.As I guided Aunt Sheen slowly, I reached out and put my other hand over her left ass cheek. It felt so warm and soft to the touch that I felt my cock stir in my pants. As Aunt Sheen walked, her huge butt was swinging from side-to-side, jerking my hand along with it. The incredible feeling of touching Aunt Sheen’s lovely, large ass began to arouse me now. I gently let my hand caress her huge, swinging ass-cheeks with her every step. I then grabbed a handful of her huge butt and guided her with it along the path. I felt Aunt Sheen’s hand on my crotch, gently squeezing my cock over it and eliciting a moan from me.”I want this cock so badly, baby!” Aunt Sheen said out loud, in a growling, lusty voice.We kept walking like this till we reached the gate. Aunt Sheen stopped and began to pull her jeans all the way to her waist. I reluctantly let go of her enormous buttock and adjusted my cock, which was now making a small, but noticeable bulge, in the front of my cargo shorts.After we reached the villa, Aunt Sheen suggested I change into something more comfortable while she orders dinner from the resort reception number. I took a change of clothes from my small bag and stepped in for a quick shower. After having cleaned myself up, I admired my flaccid, yet thick cock, which was clean-shaven completely, as usual. Being circumcised had the advantage of making my thick cock head very sensitive.I stepped out of the bathroom in a pair of black soccer shorts and a black tee into the main hall of the huge 2-bedroom villa. Aunt Sheen was sitting on the bed, going through her backpack.”Oh, wow! I forgot how cute you look with your long hair wet, sweety!” Aunt Sheen said with a smile and winked at me, upon seeing me come out of the bathroom.”Why don’t you relax now while Aunty goes in and gets ready, hmm?” Aunt Sheen suggested very sweetly. “Sure, Aunty..””No. Call me ‘Momma”, sweetheart.” Aunt Sheen cut me off.”Wha.. Momma..? Mmm.. ok.” I said, slightly confused.”I know it sounds weird to you but I’ve been desperate to be free for so long now, Ali. All my life I have had to follow orders, first from my father then from my husband. I realized that despite being so highly educated I have never been able to be free, you know? Live life like I want. I’ve finally decided that now I’m a free, independent woman. I want to do everything I want, I want to fulfill all my wishes and I want to live out my wildest and weirdest fantasies!” Aunt Sheen explained with some emotion.”Oh.. Yeah, I understand what you’re trying to say, Aunn.. Momma.” I said, and smiled wide when she looked up at me with a teary-eyed smile on her face.”You are so sweet, Ali. You’ve always been sweet to everyone. God bless you..” Aunt Sheen said, getting up from the side of the bed. Aunt Sheen gave me a peck on my cheek, pressing her soft, large boobs in her shirt on my chest..”I’ve got everything planned.” Aunt Sheen said next, with a noticeable excitement in her voice now. Go in to the bedroom and read the instructions I’ve written on the sheet of paper on the bed, ok?”I nodded. “Don’t ask any questions. Just do the best you can to follow the instruction, all right, son?” Aunt Sheen asked me.”Sure Momma, whatever you want.” I said, smiling at her.Aunt Sheen smiled back before turning to pick her backpack from the bed and walking in the bathroom which had a connecting door to the second bedroom and the living room too.I went in to the bedroom and was again amazed at the perfect way it was designed. The main bedroom had a king-sized bed in the middle with a thick, soft mattress and pillows. There were large windows to both sides of the bed, which gave a beautiful view of the lake to one side and the other side opened up to the vast, green vista of the woods that surrounded the resort on three sides. There was a small closet and the door to the bathroom at the side of the bedroom door.I stepped in the bedroom and saw a couple of sheets of paper kept in plain view over the bed. I also saw a small, black-colored pouch kept neatly on the night-stand also. Although I was curious about the black pouch I picked up the sheets of paper and began to read.The instructions were given in quite a bit of detail so much so that I had a very good idea escort burdur of what Aunt Sheen was expecting of me. Although, as I read on, I was getting increasingly shocked, I also felt an inexplicable arousal, feeling a stirring in my thick cock. I read through both the sheets of instructions again to make sure I had gotten everything clearly. I had a naughty grin on my face as I realized that this was the time I could finally let go of my inner a****l.I picked up the pouch and left the bedroom. I put the pouch the pouch on the low, wide glass table which was surrounded by comfortable, black leather couch set. I decided to light up a cigarette and sat on the lawn chairs on the rear deck of the villa. As it was a cool March evening with a crescent of a moon visible clearly in a star-spangled night sky I did not switch on the porch light and sat there in the dark, enjoying my smoke.I had finished my first smoke and was lost in thought, imagining the different ways I could go about it. I tried to frame a plan of action if I was to ensure that Aunt Sheen and I had a great first fuck. It took me barely 10 minutes to come up with a plan that actually had me excited now. I was feeling the slight chill in the evening air as I sat alone in the dark, surrounded by the lovely, dark and deep woods to each side which were filled with the spring buzz of insects and night birds. It was a good night to be out and I was really glad to be in my place right then.I lit another smoke I noticed that the cigarettes were giving me a distinct buzz which sharpened my senses immensely.It was another 10 minutes before I thought I heard the bathroom door open and close again inside the villa. I heard a soft knock on the door, as I sat on the chair with my back to the door, “Come in.” I said.As the door was opened slowly from inside, a soft light from the hall began to cast a glow on to the porch in front of me. I saw a silhouette slowly emerge within the rectangle of light on the floor of the porch. I heard the soft click of heels on the wooden floor as Aunt Sheen slowly took each step out of the door, revealing more and more of her curvy, luscious body.I watched with a growing hard-on as Aunt Sheen walked up to the edge of the porch, and that’s when I was able to first lay my eyes on her. Aunt Sheen stood with one hand on her wide hip and let me get a good look at her.Aunt Sheen had chosen to wear a sheer, lacy doll-dress that was clinging to her every curve and crevice. The mild light from inside the hall illuminated her enough for me to see that Aunt Sheen was completely nude inside. Aunt Sheen’s hair were did in a high-bun on the back of her head, and had thick make-up on, making her look more like a slutty whore in those high black heels she wore. No one would have guessed that this woman was a well-educated, sophisticated and recently-widowed Muslim lady.”Come here.” I said, gesturing with a finger and Aunt Sheen had a naughty smile on her face as she began taking slow steps, swinging her huge hips in exaggerated motion. I was amazed to see that with the heels on, Aunt Sheen’s huge booty now stood out even more prominently, giving it an almost fake look. I watched as Aunt Sheen’s huge ass cheeks jiggled hard with every step she took.Aunt Sheen was soon standing right in front of me. I could smell a heady perfume that she wore, giving me an arousal. I reached out and put left hand on her bare, soft thigh. Aunt Sheen seemed to push back against my hand, making me realize that she liked my touch. I moved my hand slowly to the back of her soft thigh and pushed her, making her take small step to turn around. By the time she was standing with her back to me, her large globes of ass were still jiggling with the motion. I was not going to hold back now.SMACK! I spanked hard on Aunt Sheen’s soft, jiggly butt cheek with my right hand without warning.”Ouch! Ooohh!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed with the sudden stinging sensation on her almost bare booty. I stood up from the lawn chair and positioned myself behind Aunt Sheen, a little to her left. This way, my right hand was able to trace the curves of her thick, soft ass while with my left hand I began to slowly massage her slight tummy. I could feel the warmth emanating from Aunt Sheen’s soft mature body through the almost-transparent lacy tight short dress that she wore.My left hand slowly went up to her busty boob and I put my palm beneath it. I lifted the heavy, huge boobs and began to knead them with some force.”Hmm.. more, please..” I heard Aunt Sheen whisper to me through heavy breathing. I caught her nipple between my forefinger and thumb well and slowly lifted Aunt Sheen’s enormous boob, making her flinch back a bit.”Aah!” exclaimed Aunt Sheen before recovering fast and standing straight again.SMACK!! I gave another, harder spank on her wobbly ass without warning. “Uufff.. oooh!” Aunt Sheen grunted through gritted teeth. I was quite amazed, seeing her resoluteness and being able to bear what I imagined to be quite a painful spank on her soft, mature butt.”Slut.” I whispered in her ears, get bolder, seeing the way she looked at me, with complete lust in her eyes. I turned her around to face me and put my palms flush against her rock-hard nipples, over the thin lacy fabric of her slutty dress. I pushed my palms hard against her boobs, squishing them right up against her chest. I felt Aunt Sheen push back too, wanting me to squeeze her large round melons even harder.As I squeezed Aunt Sheen’s huge boob I felt her hand creep up my thigh and cup my balls over the thin fabric of my soccer shorts. I wasn’t wearing undies underneath the shorts and as Aunty came closer to me and her belly touched my crotch, I realized I had a raging hard-on. I was so engrossed in feeling my aunt’s soft, large ass cheeks and fondling her enormous tits that I didn’t realize my cock was now completely erect.”Kneel down like this, you whore..” I growled as I sat down on the lawn chair and pointed to the space between my legs which were stretched out to the side. Without a word Aunt Sheen knelt down, inching closer to the wide-seated lawn chair.As Aunt Sheen began to gently caress my thighs, starting from my knees, slowly moving up, till she reached my shorts and then back again to my knees. I looked around and noticed that there were guests at only one other villa besides us, and it was all the way near the main reception hall, which seemed farther than the 100 yards or so which it actually was.After being satisfied that there was no one around I suddenly reached out and caught Aunt Sheen’s bun of hair and pulled her face up. Aunt Sheen had closed her eyes so I pushed my mouth over her soft, thin lips and kissed her hard on her mouth. As my lips smashed against hers, I pushed my tongue out and parted her willing lips apart. As Aunt Sheen opened her mouth wider with hunger I pushed my tongue in deeper and deeper into her mouth.It was one of the most amazing feelings to have an experienced and mature woman suck on my tongue so gently and try to gulp it deeper to her throat.”Mmm… Hmm… mmhmmm.” Aunt Sheen moaned loudly with her mouth sucking on my tongue hungrily. I slowly began to roll my tongue back and Aunt Sheen reluctantly let go of it.Still catching her hair-bun I leaned back till I rested against the wide back of the lawn chair. As if reading my mind, Aunt Sheen caught the waistband of my shorts and began to pull them lower. My huge, thick cock sprang out and hit her hard on the face. “Ooohh.. so lovely!” whispered Aunt Sheen, gently running her fingers over the large head of my hard cock, slowly making her way lower till she cupped my engorged balls in her warm palm.”Suck it, slut!” I said out loudly this time, as I pushed Aunt Sheen’s head right on top of my thick cock. Aunt Sheen also took in around 3 inches of my thick cock eagerly in her mouth. I felt her push out her tongue and begin to lick the vein-filled shaft of my dick, making my cock even wetter.”Put your hand behind your back.” I ordered in a low voice and Aunt Sheen complied instantly.I began to push her head harder down, slowly but firmly lowering it till I felt my cock reach the back of her warm, wet mouth. I could hear Aunt Sheen’s breathing become slower and longer at this, as she learnt the trick to breathe through her nose when her mouth is filled completely.”Acckk! Ack.. mm.hmm…” gagged Aunt Sheen as I pushed my cock this time, deeper into her mouth till it felt reaching her tight throat. As soon as I felt the thick head of my cock at the back of her throat I raised her head, but just enough so she still had way more than a couple of inches of my thick, sloppy wet cock in her mouth.”Mmmhmm..” Aunt Sheen said through a mouthful of cock and dipped her head down herself. I caught a firm grip over her hair and raised my ass from the chair, slowly pushing my cock up, and deeper into Aunt Sheen’s dripping mouth. I could feel her spittle slowly slide down the thick, throbbing shaft of my cock and felt the chilly air as it soaked my balls wet.I felt like I was in a trance as I felt my cock bury deep in my aunt’s tight mouth and then come back out a little, as I kept thrusting my cock faster and deeper in her mouth.Aunt Sheen was now making gagging and hacking noises but I noticed she still hadn’t tried to pull her hands from her back and try to push me, or even slow me down.Without warning I pushed my cock as deep as I could into her mouth and held it there for a couple of seconds, till I felt her tight throat pulsate harder against the thick head of my penis.I rested my ass back on the chair and raised Aunt Sheen’s mouth from my crotch, still keeping a tight grip on her hair bun. In the faint glow from the light indoors I could now see that Aunt Sheen’s mascara was running down in thick, black streams down the side of her cheeks. Her vivid red lipstick was smeared all around her thin, wet lips.I let go of her hair and ordered her to stand up. Stumbling and slowly Aunt Sheen managed to get up, gripping the armrest on the chair to the side for support. I pulled up my shorts and stood up as well.I didn’t say anything to her but simply turned around and walked into the room. I heard the outer door close as I walked and sat on the couch in front of the TV, inside the main room of the villa. “Go mend your makeup, slut.” I said, without looking at Aunt Sheen as she stood waiting at my side.As Aunt Sheen turned around and began taking slow steps in her high heels towards the bathroom, I turned my head completely and took in the view. Aunt Sheen’s lovely, large mounds of ass shook and jiggled with each step she took. Making my throbbing, wet cock inside feel like it’ll burst out of my short.I picked up the phone to the side and called the reception hall of the resort. I placed an order for dinner and was told it would take 30 minutes for the dinner to be brought to our suite. I switched on the TV and began flicking through the channels. I settled down to watch a sci-fi flick and within 10 minutes Aunt Sheen opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hall.”I’ve ordered food. It’ll be here in another 10 minutes so why don’t you wear the bathrobe and sit here.” I said to Aunt Sheen and she walked to the couch, picking up the pink-colored, satin bathrobe which lay neatly folded over a white, thick cotton men’s bathrobe. I watched her curvy body and her every move as Aunt Sheen walked to the couch and began putting on the soft, clingy bathrobe over her lacy black dress.I looked on as Aunt Sheen came and sat on the other side of the couch. She crossed her legs at the knees and I realized that she had recently waxed her body. The smooth, dark skin of her arms and bare legs were shining under the bright lights of the hall. I felt my cock give a jerk as Aunt Sheen bent low to reach the packet of cigarette that lay on the coffee table in front. I had a clear glimpse of the long cleavage her large, round boobs made from the open collar of her robe.An idea stuck me suddenly and I reached out and picked up the black pouch which lay on the coffee table now. I unzipped it and began emptying the pouch. First came out a small, thin silver-colored vibrator. Next was a long, black-colored dildo which was around 9 inches long at least. Aunt Sheen smiled wickedly at my raised eyebrows as I held the large black dildo and looked at her with a grin on my face. I saw an assortment of different types of condoms and lubricants inside the pouch, along with a few spare batteries for the vibrator.We were sitting on the couch in the main hall of the villa. The room was quite spacious, with two large windows on one side and another window right behind the TV which was kept on a small table near the main door. The windows were wide open and there was a cool breeze blowing in.I smiled wickedly as I got up from the couch, catching the big black dildo in my hand. Although the dildo was over 9 inches long, it was thinner than my cock, which had a girth of over 3 inches easily. I went and switched off the big lights and left only two small, colored bulbs on, right at the two ends of the large room. The red light from the tiny bulbs gave only enough illumination to make out the furniture within it.I took a few steps and knelt in front of my aunt, as she sat in the silky bathrobe with the sexy lacy black dress underneath it. Her thick, dark and shiny legs were crossed at the knees so I gently separated them. Understanding without me having to tell her, Aunt Sheen sat lower on the couch, with her bulging large buttocks now hanging down, and spread her legs wide apart. I got a whiff of baby powder and figured aunty must have had her juices flowing with the mouth-fuck she had earlier.I reached out with my left hand and placed it gently on her left thigh. I loved the way her warm, soft thick thigh felt to the touch.”Mmm.” Aunt Sheen moaned as she felt my cool fingers gently massaging her thigh, moving closer to her crotch.I knelt closer to the couch now, and gently touched Aunt Sheen’s mature pussy with the tip of my forefinger. I was not surprised to feel that Aunt Sheen’s pussy lips were moist, despite her attempts to stem her juices with the baby powder. I traced the thick, puffy outer lips of her vagina gently with my fingertip.”Ooohh…” moaned Aunt Sheen and seemed to shiver for a moment.Seeing her reaction I didn’t waste time and spread her large pussy lips apart with my forefinger and the middle finger. Even though I could not see her pussy too clearly the musky scent it gave out now was unmistakable.As I spread her moist pussy lips apart I touched Aunt Sheen’s swollen clit with my thumb. “Aaahhh.. Ohhh..” Aunt Sheen moaned louder this time when I began to press my thumb harder over her thick clit. I rubbed my thumb for a while over her clit, feeling her pussy becoming increasingly wet within a few seconds.I could hear Aunt Sheen’s breathing getting louder, I guessed she was nearing an orgasm, so I suddenly stopped fingering her clit and kept her pussy spread apart. I could feel her pussy lips pulsate, trying to pull free from my fingers which held them spread apart.I reached out with my right hand and put the tip of the cold dildo between her wet, thick pussy lips and Aunt Sheen seemed to become even more desperate, as she raised her thick ass from the couch.”Aaaiiiii!! Ummpphh!” screamed Aunt Sheen loudly as I suddenly plunged half of the 9-inch long black dildo inside her wet cunt. I was scared for a moment and stood still, trying to hear any movement outside, wondering if anyone had heard her painful cry outside. After a few moments when all I could hear was Aunt Sheen’s whimpering in the dim light I figured that no one was around.I stood up, keeping my grip on the dildo which was buried half in Aunt Sheen’s pussy and sat on her side on the couch. Sitting sideways on the couch, I put a leg over Aunt Sheen’s thigh so she couldn’t bring her legs any closer. I had to give it to her, despite having half the dildo buried painfully in her pussy Aunt Sheen had not raised her hands from her sides but instead clutched the couch cover tightly. I could now see Aunt Sheen’s eyes were clenched closed.Without waiting another moment, I began to thrust the dildo deeper before taking it out almost to the tip then I would again bury it deep within Aunt Sheen’s wet cunt.”Aahh.. Oohhh.. Aaahhnnhh..” Aunt Sheen moaned and grunted as the dildo went in deepest into her pussy. I was now pushing the dildo in so deep in aunt’s cunt that my hand was smacking against her increasingly wet pussy lips.Having a good clue about how she would react, I raised myself on one knee on the couch and clamped a hand over Aunt Sheen’s open mouth, which frequently gave out grunts and moans.As soon as I had my palm clamped over her mouth completely, I suddenly increased the speed of my thrusts and loud sloppy wet sounds echoed over the sounds from the TV in the dark room. I leaned over Aunt Sheen more, forcing her to rest her back against the back of the couch as I began to get gradually rough with the way I thrust the long wet dildo in her mature pussy.I felt Aunt Sheen’s hand suddenly cup my balls from over my shorts, as my chest crushed her huge boobs. As Aunt Sheen’s body began tremble slightly I knew she was finally going to come.Aunt Sheen’s body thrashed underneath mine as she shook and trembled hard from the first wave of orgasm. After a few thrusts in her pulsating wet pussy I left the slippery, long dildo buried half in her pussy and began to rub her swollen clit vigorously. This time, Aunt Sheen did catch my hand, attempting to stop me but I roughly pushed it away before resuming rubbing her clit hard with my fingers.I felt Aunt Sheens’ grip on my hand tighten as she finally let go and was soon in the throes of a tremendous string of multiple orgasms. I could feel that my hand was now completely wet as Aunt Sheen’s pussy seemed to squirt out streams of her juices continuously. I was amazed at the amount of cum a pussy could squirt as it seemed like Aunt Sheen had pis**ed on my hands.After a couple of minutes of rubbing her clit hard, I put my palm over the dildo and pushed it in. “Aaaahhhhhhh!” groaned Aunt Sheen aloud as the dildo was buried deeper into her dripping, wet pussy.Suddenly I pulled out the dildo and it came out with an audible slurping sound from inside Aunt Sheen’s soaking wet cunt. I let go of her mouth and stood up, watching Aunt Sheen turn on her side and assume a fetal position. With the soft moans and sighs coming from her, I figured Aunt Sheen was in the after-throes of her intense stream of orgasms.I put the dildo on the table again, with all her other toys and watched Aunt Sheen finally recover enough to sit and lean back on the couch with a contented sigh.”That.. was wonderful, son!” Aunt Sheen said between long, sighing breaths, as she lay with her head back on the couch rest.Suddenly, the doorbell rang and I knew dinner had arrived. Aunt Sheen immediately got up and began to take a step towards the bathroom.”Wait, where are you going?” I asked, keeping a hand on her arm. “I thought you would want me to clean up before dinner, sweety.” Aunt Sheen replied.”You’re a slut. Sluts should be dirty.” I said simply before walking to the main door. I opened the door and found the waiter holding a large tray with our dinner. I thanked the waiter and took the tray from him before watching him walk back all the way towards the reception hall, which was now lit brightly. There was complete darkness for nearly 50 yards all around our villa as there was only the first villa which was occupied by guests.I took a step back and shut the door with my leg before walking to the coffee table and putting the tray on it. Aunt Sheen immediately got up and offered to serve dinner. I smiled and sat on the couch, watching Aunt Sheen as she went to the other side of the coffee table and picked up a plate. Aunt Sheen was bending low to fill the plates and I could see her huge, soft boobs hanging and swinging with her every movement.I already had a hard-on, from having toyed Aunt Sheen to multiple orgasms not 5 minutes ago. Aunt Sheen smiled when she saw me ogling her huge tits and offered me a plate. As the smell of biryani hit me I felt my stomach growl in anticipation, and finally realized for the first time that I was starving. I sat on the couch and ate my food and was surprised to see that Aunt Sheen finished hers in only 5 minutes.”Aren’t you hungry, Aunty?” I asked. “I am.. but for more than food, son.” Aunt Sheen replied in a sultry way. I watched curiously as she leaned over and kept her empty plate on the table. Aunt Sheen then opened up the dessert dish and smiled when she was four slices of chocolate cake.I grinned widely when Aunt Sheen slipped off the couch from my side and knelt between my legs which were stretched out. Aunt Sheen grinned at me as she reached out to catch the waist band of my shorts and began to pull it. I smiled wider as I raised my ass off of the couch and allowed Aunt Sheen to strip off my shorts completely. I was now sitting in my tee, with the plate resting on my tummy.I felt Aunt Sheen clamp her cool hands gently around my semi-erect cock and squeeze it once. Immediately, my cock reacted by noticeably growing stiffer in her hand. Without a word Aunt Sheen leaned forward and put her lips to the head of my cock. I looked on in amazement and felt her wet, soft tongue reach out and lick the head, making it completely wet within a few seconds.Aunt Sheen them positioned herself so her head was directly over my almost hard cock and lowered it gently, taking a couple of inches of my dick in her warm and wet mouth.”Mmmghhmmm..” I moaned in appreciation as Aunt Sheen began to gulp in more of my hardened cock in her mouth.I felt aunty cup my balls in her hand and begin to massage them. I kept my plate to the side and put my hands on Aunt Sheen’s bare, smooth shoulders. Noticing my moans of pleasure at having my cock sucked Aunt Sheen seemed to get encouraged and suddenly thrust her head lower, taking it over half of my thick, hard cock in her wet mouth.As Aunt Sheen began to bounce her head slightly over my cock I felt her throat tightening over the swollen head of my throbbing hard cock. I decided I wouldn’t hold back this time and told Aunt Sheen I would come soon.Aunt Sheen began to thrust her head harder over my cock, making it sloppy wet now, with her spit dribbling down to my balls.As soon as Aunt Sheen felt my cock become extremely tight she pulled her head up immediately and pinched the large head of my cock tightly between her thumb and forefinger. I snapped my eyes open to see Aunt Sheen looking at me.Although I was frustrated tremendously at having my orgasm ruined I was also curious to see what Aunt Sheen was doing.After almost a couple of minutes I felt my built-up orgasm gradually recede and my cock was throbbing less frequently.Before I could say a word Aunt Sheen said simply, “Fuck me now.”I immediately caught her hand and pulled her to the couch at my side. I stood up and leaned down to push Aunt Sheen back so that she now rested against the back-rest of the couch. I roughly parted her legs wide and stretched them out as much as I could.”Hold them like this.” I said in an ordering manner to Aunt Sheen who complied immediately, with a wide grin on her face in anticipation of the long-awaited fuck she was finally going to get.I caught my thick wet cock in my right hand and put the large head against Aunt Sheen’s pussy lips which were still wet noticeably.”Aaaahhh.. God!” screamed out Aunt Sheen as I thrust half my cock without warning into her warm, wet pussy.”Oh my.. oh God! Fuck me!” Aunt Sheen squealed with desperation now, holding her legs apart for me.Aunt Sheen now looked like a complete slut, instead of the mature Muslim lady she pretended to be at home.I slowly pulled out my cock till only the tip rested on her pussy lips and again thrust it in without warning, deeper this time and Aunt Sheen moaned out loud.I could not control my lust any longer and began to make hard, long thrusts in Aunt Sheen’s wet, hot pussy. I felt my thick cock being gripped hard by her pussy and felt my orgasm was not far away.After around 2 minutes of fucking this way I immediately pulled out my glistening wet cock and pushed Aunt Sheen around till she was on her fours in front of the couch now.I stood behind her admired the large, round mounds of Aunt Sheen’s ass for a few moments, jerking my cock slowly before I knelt down on a knee.I pushed down at Aunt Sheen’s lower back and pulled back firmly at her shoulder, making her thrust out her sexy, huge ass even more. Without wasting another second I caught my cock in my hand and carefully placed it over aunty’s wet pussy lips.I felt Aunt Sheen push back a couple of inches with her round and brown butt cheeks so I rammed my wet cock deep into her pussy all of a sudden.”Aaaaiiii.. Oh God! Oh God!” Aunt Sheen screamed low again, before squealing with the hard, deep thrusts I began.I watched with excitement as the soft, large ass cheeks of my aunty rippled with every thrust of my cock, making me crazy with lust.SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I spanked Aunt Sheen’s huge, wobbly ass cheeks and began to fuck her as hard as I could. Aunt Sheen was not crushed between my thrusts and the couch where her head lay.I kept fucking Aunt Sheen in doggystyle for over 5 minutes before the sight of her lovely large ass jiggling with my thrusts became too sexy to bear.”I’m coming..!” I growled low as I made one final, hard thrust deepest into her pussy and gripped the sides of her curvy hips tightly with my fingers.I was trembling with every spasm as my cock spewed hot streams of cum deep within my widowed aunt’s mature pussy.The taboo situation made this sexual encounter even more exciting and I watched as Aunt Sheen moaned softly, feeling my hot sticky cum collect deep within her cunt.AND, that was the start of an illicit but regular sexual relationship between my slutty, mature Muslim widowed aunt and me.

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