My Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 02

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I rolled over the next morning to find her gone, but heard the shower running but it cut off shortly thereafter. She came out, wet hair flung across her bare shoulders and her slim torso wrapped in a towel. She smiled when she saw me awake and dropped onto the bed.

“You’re always so pretty right out of the shower.” I said. She leaned over and kissed me.

“You’re such a ham.” She said back.

“What’s our plan for today?” I asked. She laughed. “What?”

“There are no plans, my parents are leaving for their little vacation and its just us here now.”

“So, what are we doing?” I asked.

“Mostly this.” She said gesturing to the bed. “Laying around.”

“Sounds great.” I said smiling.

“It also means the game is about to hit hard mode.” She said, her turn to smile.

“Hard mode?” I asked.

“Maggie, you, and I, all alone for a whole day and a half?” She smiled harder, “Anything could happen.”

“That’s different than what’s been happening so far?”

“Yep, because this afternoon, I have to run an errand.” I stared at her.

“Ok, I have no problems with an errand.” I said.

She leaned over and put her nose to mine. “You can’t come.” She smirked. “Here, all alone, with just Maggie.” She looked down at me, copper hair draping around her face. “Think you can hold on?”

“You, my love, are certifiably insane.” I said.

She gave a wicked laugh and kissed me. “You love it.” She said.

“I love you.” I replied.

Her face fell into a serious expression, “I know it’s not your thing, but you are having fun, right?”

“Truthfully, letting myself be tempted by my girlfriend’s sister has been a challenge. But you did pick some very tempting bait.” I said.

She smiled, “I’m so glad you agree.”

I reached up and pulled on her towel, but she held it in place. “Why not?”

“Because my folks are gone dummy. Why do it up here when we can do it somewhere exciting? Like on the couch, where we could be seen.”

“You are so right.” I said sitting up. She raised up and climbed off the bed.

“How risky do you think?” She asked.

“Depends, do you want Maggie to crash the party?” I asked.

“Good point, I’ll dress for furtive mischief.” She said pulling out a knee length skirt and dropping the towel.

When her naked, lean body came visible, I climbed out of bed and hurried over to her, running hands over her ribs and stomach. She laughed and leaned back. “I can’t get dressed if you’re touching me.”

“You know I can’t help it.” I said.

“You don’t have to, you just have to wait.” She said through another laugh.

I slid a hand between her legs and felt her bare pussy which was already slick. She panted and whimpered when she felt my fingers. I stroked her folds and teased her sliding my finger in and out. She moaned quietly and leaned back against me holding my neck. I fingered her gently, feeling her breast with the other hand.

“Downstairs… we were…” She panted breathlessly, as her hips moved.

I shushed her and said, “Think of this as thanks for yesterday.” She looked up at me when I said it and recognizing what I meant, panted and kissed me. Her body squirmed and rocked, and she moaned into our kiss. My finger slid in and out of her wet pussy, dragging across her clit.

She broke the kiss and gasped, “I’m gonna cum…” She started to jerk and shook, moaning through an open mouth, holding on to me as her knees buckled and her pussy leaked down my fingers.

She panted against me regaining her composure. I slid my finger out of her and she sucked all the fluid off it.

“Now you can get dressed.” I said, slapping her ass. She gave me a look and grabbed her skirt from the ground.

“What should I wear?” I asked looking through my bag.

“Nothing with a zipper.” She said.

I grabbed a t-shirt and workout shorts and put them on. I didn’t bother with boxers. Liv had put on a shirt, sans bra, and just as soon as it was on grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

We made it downstairs and she shoved me onto the couch climbing into my lap and kissing me hard. On top of me, she reached under her skirt to pull my shorts away from my cock. I lifted up and lowered them to help. She licked her hand and stroked my cock with the wet palm for a moment before angling it under her and pushing down.

She moaned, burying her face in my shoulder, “Oh, fuck,” She panted as my cock dug into her inch by inch. She kissed me, crying into the kiss as she bounced up and down starting to fuck me. She bounced faster, jamming my cock into her, barely keeping her moans muffled. She buried her face in my shoulder and groaned forcefully as her butt rocked and bounced.

I heard something and tapped her shoulder. She looked at me and I whispered, “I think someone is coming.” She collected her hair and face, reclining on me, my cock buried to the hilt in her. She leaned in and kissed me.

Her mom walked around the corner in a hurry, carrying a bag. “We’re going!” She said entering the manisa escort room. She stopped. “What’s going on in here?”

Liv, who was beat red from fucking, made an embarrassed face. “Just a little making out mom,” She said bashfully, as her pussy leaked down my thigh. “We thought you were gone.” Her mom rolled her eyes. “Keep it PG you two. Alright we’ll be back Tuesday!” She said giving me a look and exiting out the front door.

As soon as it closed behind her mom, Liv resumed grinding her slick pussy on my cock groaning through her gritted teeth. I lifted the front of her shirt and palmed her breasts as she bounced.

“Fuck,” I panted, “You’re so tight…”

She smiled in satisfaction, “Cum in me baby,” she whispered, keeping her grinding steady.

I shook my head, trying to keep control against the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. “It’s too soon.” I said, hands around her tapered waist. She giggled through a rough, pant for breath.

“I don’t have time for you to make me cum until you’re satisfied, just let me feel your cock burst.” She said breathlessly. She leaned in and bit my ear and whispered, “Think of it as ‘thank you’ for yesterday.”

“You-” I started to ask, but she interrupted with a long kiss as her hips stroked my cock with slow, tight strokes. I could feel the heat start to build and I couldn’t control my breath. She knew it too.

She giggled between whimpers, “I can make you cum whenever I want.” She said panting as she fucked.

“L-Liv…” I stammered. She nodded, half smiling as I suddenly shuddered and groaned, my cock shooting cum out forcefully in long bursts quickly flooding her pussy which was so tight, my cock was fried, spurting until it was empty. Liv slid off and sat in my lap giving me a soft kiss.

“I have to get ready for my errand now.” She said.

I panted and wiped a sheen of sweat from my brow. “Where are you going?”

“I have to meet with an advisor at the Community College for summer.” She said.

“And I can’t go?” I said regaining my composure. She shook her head with a devious look.

“I’ll be gone a few hours.” She said and kissed me again before climbing off the couch. I pulled my shorts up when she did.

“What am I supposed to do?”

She shrugged. “Whatever you want.” She turned and left, walking different trying to keep cum from leaking out.

I stayed on the couch until she came back down, wearing the same skirt but I more appropriate blouse. I walked her to the door and we kissed as she left.

“Be good.” She said blushing and left. I laid on the couch for nearly twenty minutes to try and figure out what to do. Part of me wanted to leave so Maggie couldn’t pull anything, but part of me thought that was a little ‘extra’. It was after all, Liv’s game.

I settled on a shower, and nothing. I expected my shower to be interrupted but it wasn’t. After the shower, I put my boxers on and laid in bed. I was browsing Reddit when there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” I said. The door opened, and Maggie came in. She was wearing a shirt about a hundred sizes too big that fell to over her knees.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing, I wanted to show you something.” She said. I looked up. “Relax, not that.”

I sat up and swung off the bed. She left, and I followed. We went to one of the bedroom, which immediately made me suspicious. She sat down against her bed, knees folded under her and motioned for me to sit next to her. I did.

She pulled a paper off her bed and handed it to me. It was a picture of the two of them dressed up like Indians, with pigtails and leather outfits that showed plenty of midriff. “What’s this?”

“Well, it’s really offensive.” She said, referencing the outfits. “But it’s my senior year. I had gotten dumped and she brought her boyfriend home. I was super annoyed at first but then it got kind of weird. She insisted we play spin the bottle. Me, him and her. I did and I don’t know why. But she made sure that me and him landed on each other way more than she and him did. The joke was on me though, because I’m pretty sure he got the best lay of his life afterward.”

I looked at the photo and then at her. “That’s how the game started.”

“It’s like gasoline on a fire. It makes her crazy, and that’s when she learned that.” Maggie said.

“Why is she so into it?” I asked.

Maggie shrugged. “Don’t know. I think some of it is insecurity. It tells her she’s with someone desirable. I think some of it is just kink. But she gets out of control. One time I commented on a trip that the guy she went on a date with was cute; she masturbated, like, the whole trip.”

“That’s pretty out of control.” I replied.

Maggie nodded with widened eyes. “She held onto me in the car, so she didn’t make noise once.”

“Wow.” I said surprised.

“Yep.” Maggie continued. “She’s as obvious as I am, all that squirming and noise. She came so hard thinking about me commenting about her date.”

“What’s the escort manisa most you’ve ever done with one of her boyfriends?” I asked.

“Well,” She said, “We’ve never done this much before. But before you, it was that night. I made out with her date and he felt up my leg, under my outfit while I stroked him through his pants. If we’d had more time he’d have busted for me first.”

“Did he get to feel you?” I asked.

“No, he was too chicken.” She said rolling her eyes. “If he had I’d have fucked him right there probably.”

“And what do you get out of it?” I asked, trying to hide how aroused the chat was making me.

“I love wearing them down and feeling them fight themselves.” She shifted to a sitting position with her legs up. “I love knowing how bad they want it but won’t let it happen.”

“Then you must be loving this.” I said pointing between us.

She laughed and smiled. “As though you’re not.”

“What does that mean?”

“Like you’re not turned on talking about how frantically horny your girlfriend gets thinking about you and me together.” She looked at me with a smirk. “You don’t get rock hard knowing that every time you look at my ass or notice my neck,” She flipped her hair back to expose it, “She gets all wet and excited?” Her eye caught mine.

“See that?” She said pointing, “You, trying not to look at my neck and down my shirt. That’s what drives her crazy and what I live for.” She leaned forward so her shirt gaped showing off her cleavage. “She’d be dripping wet right now watching me do this to you. She’d be dying for you to finally sneak a glance. But what’s so fun is watching you try so hard not to.”

“Does it turn you on as bad as Liz?” I asked.

She smiled, and rose on her knees and leaned over me, “Find out for yourself.” She said softly before leaning for a gentle kiss. I kissed her back and her tongue played with mine. I felt her hand move up my leg to my stiff shaft and stroked it. She felt it flex against her touch through my shorts and smiled into the kiss.

I reached up and slid my fingertips along her thigh and under the shirt hesitating briefly. She smiled again and whispered, “Don’t chicken out on me.” I let my finger slide against her panties which soaked through at my touch. She whimpered softly into the kiss as I stroked her wet folds. As I touched her she pulled out of the kiss and took the shirt off, her bare breasts sliding out from under it.

I leaned her forward and sucked one of her pink nipples which brought a moan from her throat. I leaned her on her back, laying her out on the floor and slid my hand into her panties feeling her wet pussy and starting to finger her.

“Fuck, you’re so good at this.” She said whimpering and squirming on the floor. Her pussy was so tight around my finger as I watched her flat stomach clench in pleasure. She reached up and palmed my shaft through my pants, rubbing.

She sat up and yanked down the waistband of my shorts and wrapped her lips around my cock and began to bob up and down. She moaned around my shaft as she sucked sloppily. Her pussy made wet sounds competing with her lips as I stroked my fingers into her quickly.

I eased her away from me and laid her on her back again. She slid her underwear off and tossed it aside. I pulled her legs open looking at her cute, bare pussy. It was messy and pink. I moved between her legs and started to lap at it. She cooed loudly, moving her hips as I licked her clit and folds.

The tan girl rocked her hips and torso moaning as I tickled her cunt, she grabbed her breast the other hand gripping the carpet. “Fuck,” She groaned. I ran my tongue across her wet pussy teasing her clit and folds trying to lick it clean. “Fuck!” She said louder, “I’m gonna cum…” I kept eating her relishing the feel of her body tensing around me until she moaned louder, and her hips bucked against my face. She covered her mouth as she came, screaming into her palm, her little body twisting and seizing on the floor.

She panted for breath and I leaned up on to my knees. After several moments she sat up and leaned into me giving me a hot kiss. She pushed my shorts down stroking my cock. I worked in spite of her kiss and stroking hand to pull my shorts down to my calves. I wanted to pull them all the way off, but she wouldn’t relent her kiss. I put my hands on her waist and slid one around to feel her ass.

Finally, she broke the kiss and said breathily, “Does Liv call you daddy?”

I shook my head no. “Can I?” She panted.

“Yeah,” I said back softly. She made an approving noise and moved away. She turned around and flared her hips, so her ass stuck out. She turned around looking at me over her shoulder and held up her hand wagging a finger to ‘come here’. I did, shedding my shorts and boxers (finally)

She pushed her ass around my cock and stroked me with her hips leaning back to kiss me while I felt her full breasts and ran hands across her stomach. She broke the kiss and said quietly, “Fuck me, daddy. manisa escort bayan Please. I won’t tell, I promise.”

I didn’t respond, pushing her down onto all fours where she eagerly stuck her ass in the air with her legs apart. I moved in and felt her slick cunt sliding along my shaft. She panted softly at the feel of me. I slapped her ass and she cried, her elbows bending. I slapped again, and she whimpered enthusiastically. I adjusted the angle of my cock and put it against her folds and slowly pushed in.

I groaned feeling how tight she was, she moaned as I slid in. I started pulling in and out and she moaned loudly grabbing the carpet. My shaft buried in her wet cunt, I started to pound her. I fucked her hard, all the lust driving each thrust as I watched her tight ass bounce off my stomach and her torso flex and strain to keep her breath. I grabbed my hair in her fist and yanked back. She yelped and her pussy clenched. Holding her hair tight, I spanked her again and she cried in pain and satisfaction.

“Fuck, daddy, don’t stop…” She moaned. I leaned forward reaching around her hips and felt the hood of her clit, rubbing it gently. She cried louder and protested. “No, it’s too much… I’m gonna…” She screamed, covering her mouth, her body seizing again, her pussy clamping down on my cock. She pulled forward, my cock prying free of her insides as she shook. Fluid dripped slowly off her pussy as she regained composure and she turned around.

“Lay down,” She said with a low voice. I did and she climbed on top of me. I was looking up at her petite shoulders and breasts that shook as she swung her leg over. She leaned down and kissed me, teasing my cock with her pussy as she did. I felt one breast then the other, enjoying the sounds she made when I played with her nipples. She parted the kiss and said.

“You’re so much fun I may not give you back.” She said rubbing her pussy folds on my tip.

“I don’t think that’s how this works.” I said and she smirked.

“You’re not saying no now.” She said and leaned back lowering herself onto my cock with a satisfied moan. I watched her teen body tense and start to rock, fucking me. Her breasts shook, and I held her ass and hips as she moved, grinding on my cock. Her cute face turned pink and she covered her mouth as she moaned.

I grabbed her sides and groaned, feeling heat start to build in my abdomen. “Fuck yes,” she said aggressively, pushing down on my hips with hers, “please, cum in me, please.”

I put a hand on her stomach, “S-slow down.” She didn’t listen, fucking and grinding aggressively. It didn’t take long before I lost control and my cock erupted in her, dumping cum into her tight pussy. She moaned and kept rocking on me forcing each spurt out with force as I groaned and jerked under her. When I was too sensitive to continue and my cock was empty she pulled herself off me and laid on the ground.

She rolled over and gave me a soft kiss. “Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“I finally fucked my girlfriend’s sister.” I said, she laughed.

“Mmm, fucked her good too.” She said with satisfaction. “So much cum…” She slid a finger into herself and pulled it out, covered in white creamy fluid and sucked it off.

“Now what?” I said.

“I don’t care,” Maggie said brushing hair out of her face. “You can fuck me whenever you want.”

“Isn’t the game over?” I asked.

“It should be,” She said dismissively, “But I don’t want to be done with your cock.” She spread her legs and rested on her knees looking over her shoulder. Cum had begun to drip out of her. “The question is, are you done with my ass?”

Truthfully, I didn’t want to be, but I didn’t want to be spent when Liv got home. So that’s what I told her. She made a disappointed face. “Too bad,” She said with a shrug and picked up her panties. “If you change your mind, I can keep a secret.” She smiled devilishly, covered herself with her shirt and left.

“Isn’t this your room?” I asked after her.

“It’s Liv’s old room.” She said back with a chirp. I fell back, great I thought. I slowly collected myself and returned to the guest room, unsure of what to think about finally banging Maggie in Liv’s childhood bedroom.

I laid in bed, having resigned myself to whatever was coming, back on reddit. Eventually the door opened and closed downstairs. Liv was home. She came upstairs and into the guest room casually.

“Hey, I’m back.” She said.

“Welcome home.” I said sitting up.

“Mm-hmm” She said casually dropping her purse and climbing up on to the bed. “And how was your day?”

“I spent it waiting for you.” I said.

Her eyes sparkled with intrigue. “Do anything while you waited?”

“I manage to stay entertained.” I said. She giggled.

“Oh yeah?” She asked with a smirk. “Entertained by who?”

“I didn’t say I was entertained by someone.” I said back

“Entertained with someone.” She said climbing close to me.

“I didn’t say that either.” I said.

“You’re being evasive.” She said her face close to mine.

“You’re being weird.”

“You’re acting guilty.” She said turning pink.

“No, I’m not.”

“You did it” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I said defeatedly. I expected her expression to change but it didn’t, her devious smirk only deepened.

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