My experience as a White Bull with a cuckold India

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My experience as a White Bull with a cuckold IndiaSo I’m an average white guy who’s in good shape with a pretty decent toned body. My Indian friend Anil is skinnier and shorter than me and has a more fattier body. I’ve known him since school and he had been with his girlfriend for a about 5 years when this happened, who is also Indian. We live pretty nearby to each other so were always going round to each others houses. His girlfriend would always compliment me when I saw her and would always insist on hugging me, she always wanted to take photos with me too. I was in a relationship at the time so I thought nothing of it but the more I look back, the more I realise what was going on. After a few beers my friend once jokingly said to me that we should swap partners when we got back. We laughed at the time as my ex actually hated him at the time and would never fuck him in a million years but now I know he was being deadly serious.This all happened one when we were all down the pub one night. They kept consoling me about me and my ex splitting up, it had been a few months since this had happened and they’re quite lightweights with alcohol so I wasn’t taking them too seriously but when Anil went to the bathroom things got strange. Whilst he was gone his girlfriend told me that she found me incredibly attractive and that she wanted to have a threesome with me and Anil. I started laughing and told her she had enough drink for one night but she suddenly became very serious and said that it had been their fantasy for a very long time. Anil then came back to the table and to his embarrassment confirmed that what she was saying was true. I wasn’t too sure with this to begin with, I wasn’t really that attracted to his girlfriend in all honesty bursa escort at the time but it’s not everyday you get offered this and it was pretty hot that they both wanted it to happen so I agreed to do it the next weekend. I checked with Anil throughout the week to make sure he was ok with this and he kept assuring me that he was. To be honest having known him for so long it was pretty clear to me that he was being serious but it was nice to keep making him admit it to me. It was a strange feeling arriving at their house on the night, I didn’t really know what to expect. We chilled to begin with and watched some tv. I sat with his girlfriend on the sofa and we cuddled a bit whilst Anil was sat on a chair away from us. I started playing with her hair, whilst she kept running her hands across my arms. I was really starting to get into this and just went for it and kissed her. It was an amazing snog and she didn’t seem to want it to end. We then made our way upstairs and Anil followed.She got ready in the bedroom whilst me and Anil freshened up in the bathroom. He still seemed ok with everything but at this stage I didn’t particularly care, we both knew it was going to happen now. We both took our clothes off, freshened up then went into the bedroom. She looked stunning when we we got in there and I instantly got rock hard for her, She launched herself straight at me and we resumed our kiss. She then looked down at my rock hard penis and her eyes lit up, “Wow, I’ve never seen one that big before”. I’m only 6.5 inches but with Anil standing right next to me I must’ve looked massive. She started to give me a blowjob whilst using her other hand to pleasure Anil but her focus was completely on me. She then compared both our cocks and started laughing. bursa escort bayan Anil must’ve been about 4 inches at the most and his dick was pretty thin. She got quite aggressive to him saying “she doesn’t want to see his ugly paki cock” and slapped it. She then nudged him away from us . It must’ve been so humiliating for him but I was loving the attention on me and the best part was it was all genuine. She proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. She couldn’t stop grinning and laughing, I could see how genuinely happy she was to pleasure me. She kept saying that she loves worshipping white cock throughout. I then started kissing her again, went down on her and started fucking her missionairy. Her moans were so loud, it was like she was in her own little world, we both were. I forgot to even put a condom on. Her pussy felt really tight, she had clearly never had a dick of my size in her before and it felt so good. I was enjoying this so much and I really didn’t want to cum. I kept looking up at Anil, I could see how much he was enjoying watching. Looking at his weak body and him wanking his small penis off to me fucking his girlfriend looked pretty tragic and he had already cum at least once. It was an interesting experience for me. I decided to pick his girlfriend up and fuck her in a standing position, as it’s pretty obvious that Anil isn’t strong enough to have tried that position. His girlfriend was loving it and kept screaming louder and louder until she completely creamed. There was an element of surprise on her face, I don’t think she had ever done that just from sex before. I then came all over her face and tits. She was laying there with the biggest grin on her face. Anil then came over and started escort bursa licking all my cum off her. She kept calling him a good boy as if he was a dog. Anil was licking it all off her good and was about to go and lick her creamy pussy but I knew she would rather if I did that so I went for it and started eating her out. This completely turned me on again and I was hard so I pushed Anil away and started fucking her again. There were tears of joy coming from her face with every thrust. I went in for one more kiss then busted another creamy load all over her. Anil yet again came over and licked it all off. I then went away and started to freshen myself up. When I looked back over next and Anil was fucking her, he didn’t get one single peep out of her and came within about 30 seconds. When he did come she put her hands over her face so none would get on there. In fairness not much came out at this stage, his balls had been pretty drained by now. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Having known him for so long it was so funny watching him trying to have sex and failing miserably at it. We let Anil clean things upstairs whilst me and his girlfriend chilled downstairs afterwards. She told me how amazing the experience was for her and how it was the best fuck of her life. We agreed that we were defiantly going to do it again at some point. I was expecting Anil to have hated the whole experience but surprisingly he actually loved it. He loved seeing how happy it made his girlfriend. I don’t think he gets to have much penetration with her these days as I know she does it with other white guys now too, I guess I got her addicted. He genuinely does seem happy with the way things are though and all 3 of us still remain really good friends. They told me that lots of Indian couples have fantasy’s like this but many never manage to get the courage to approach people to do it so I really do recommend that more White men pay attention to the signs and go for it!

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