My Fantasy First Time

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My Fantasy First TimeIt was hard to believe that it was finally going to happen, a homosexual experience. And, what made it even more amazing was that Alan was a virgin too. Neither one of us had ever been with a man before, yet we both had the same erotic sexual desires, … What does it feel like to have a hard penis touch your lips? What is it like as I open my mouth, and let it slide in? How much will I be able to take? What does it feel like when Alan ejaculates in my mouth? What will it taste like. Will I be able to swallow? And, what about anal sex? Will I be able to stretch Alan, and give him the erotic pleasures he said he fantazies about? Will I be able to take Alan? All of these thoughts, and more, raced through my head as I waited for Alan.Alan’s wife was visiting school friends, so we would have the whole weekend, if we wanted to take it. But, coming out to the world wasn’t in either of our plans. We had to be descret and keep our homosexuality a secret. So we were meeting at a hotel about 100 miles from Alan’s home.I shifted in the chair. Was anyone looking at me? Could they see my erection? Was I blushing?I looked around the lobby. There weren’t too many people there. No one seemed to be interested in me. The receptionist smiled ar me when we made eye contact. Then she went back to work, checking this and counting that.I looked at the wall clock, it wass a few minutes after six. Alan should be here any moment. Again I thought about what we might do. I’m sure I blushed, and my heart was racing in anticipation of the weekend’s activities! I was excited and scared at the same time, Waiting for Alan was driving me crazy! Damn, almost ten after. What if Alan changed his mind? I went to the business office, and logged on a computer. … No message from Alan. That would be the worst, never meeting and never finding out what happened. I went to the reception desk to see if Alan left a message.”No, nothing for you Mr. Ed,” the cute receptionist said.I went back to the large, over stuffed chair to wait some more. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen. I felt let down. I’d continue to be curious, wondering, and fantasizing about meeting someone like Alan. I looked at the clock, … quarter after. Alan changed his mind. I was pretty sure that’s what happened. I understood. Having sex with another man is a significant thing. It’s something that once done, can never be un-done. It’s breaking the social norms. Maybe that was too much for Alan.I felt a hand tap my shoulder from behind. “Are you Ed?,” a plesant voice asked.”Yes.””I’m Alan. Sorry I’m late. There was an accident just outside of Stockton. I wanted to be here a little early, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Thanks for waiting. You want to get something to eat or drink?””No. I’m OK now. I’ve got some things to drink in the room. But, if you’re hungry, I’ll sit with you.””I should eat, but I’m too excited right now. We can go to the room I guess.”I had to smile. It just hit me a little funny, Alan’s words, “I guess.” We weren’t guessing any more. I stood holding my orange coat in front of me to hide my errection. Alan’s touch brought all the feelings back “OK. I got us a room on the third floor. Follow me,” I said.I was actually shaking, I was that nervous. Alan didn’t say anything as we walked to the elevator. The silence was difficult. What do you say in a public place, where anyone could hear. We stood there silently waiting. It was the elevator bell that broke the tense quiet. We got in the elevator, and Alan pressed 3.As soon as the doors closed, I had to say something! “I’m glad you made it. I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.””I don’t think I could have not come. This has been burning in me for too long.””For me too!”The doors opened, and we walked to our room, 310. I swiped the door card, and opened the door to the room where we would live our fantasies and change our lives. I entered the room, and Alan followed. When the door clicked shut, I knew I had left my “straight” but curious life behind. I was about to become “gay.”I walked to the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of wine. “How are you doing?,” I asked as I opened the bottle.”Nervous. Excited. Anxious.””Me too,” I answered as I poured our wine. I handed a glass to Alan and raised the glass. “To us. May our friendship grow stronger with everything we do.” We sipped the wine.Alan toasted, “to the future. May this be the first of many days we share thodether.”We sipped a little more.”Alan, if something isn’t ‘right,’ tell me. We can stop any time. OK?””OK.””How do you want to start?,” I asked.”I don’t know for sure. Lets just take it as it comes. Like we said, we can stop at any time. … Let me take a shower first. I know that’s important to you. You can join me if you want. But you don’t have to. I just feel a bit sweaty after the drive.””I showered about an hour ago. So, I might pass.”Alan stood up and went to the bathroom, and closed the door. I could hear Alan undressing. Especially, when his belt hit the tile floor. Again I thought, “it’s really happening!”Should I join Alan like in my A Meeting “Nifty” fantasy? No, It seemed Alan wasn’t looking for our first act to be in the shower.I heard the water start and Alan pulling the shower curtain shut. I was tempted to join Alan. But, it wasn’t long, and the shower stopped. Would Alan come out naked? Or, would he put on one of the hotel bath robes?, I wondered. A few seconds later, I found out; he had a robe on.”Feel a little better?””Ya. At least I stopped shaking.””You too!? I was shaking from the time we left the lobby, until just a few minutes ago.””Funny. We even have the same reactions. … This is a big event. Isn’t it?””Sure is!”The robe moved a little as Alan’s erection grew. I stepped closer to Alan. And he moved closer to me. We looked in to each other’s eyes. There was trust. I held out my hand, and Alan held out his. We, touched, and then drew each other into a hug.It was wildly different hugging a man than any woman I had erver held. No breasts, a firm solid body, and I could feel Alan’s erection pressed against my own! Alan rubbed my back, and I tried to mirror his movements. It felt strange and at the same time very good. Alan moved his hands lower, and firmly held my buttocks as he pressed our lower bodies together, grinding our cocks agaist each other. It exciting me with every move. Our first ever “gay loving” had begun!”Ed, Thanks for meeting. I like being able to finally touch you like this.””You’re welcome…. I like what you’re doing too. It feels good.””I want to ‘feel’ you Ed. May I?”I whispered back, “Yes!, that’s why we’re here…. ‘Touch’ me!!”With that consent, Alan bahis siteleri started to unbutton my shirt. In only seconds, my shirt was completely open, and my chest was exposed and caressed by Alan’s hands. Alan toyed with my nipples for a while. It felt strange and exciting. Moments later, I felt Alan lower my zipper, loosen my belt, and open the button on my pants. As I shifted my weight, gravity took over, and my pants dropped and rested around my ankles. Alan slid his hands along my sides, and then under my briefs and once again caressed my buttocks. This time with his bare hands against my skin. It felt good.Seconds later, Alan hooked his thumbd around the elastic, pulled it over my errection, and lowered my briefs to the floor. As soon as they were around my ankles, I stepped out of my shoes, pants, and briefs. I only had my socks and open shirt on. My shirt was loosely hanging on my shoulders. Alan opened his robe, and we held each other again. Only now, it was skin-to-skin!I looked down at Alan’s penis for the first time. It looked very much like my own; cut, seven inches, and very hard. I ran my hands over Alan’s chest, and then very smoothly moved lower until I touched his penis. The instant I wrapped my fingers around it, I felt a strong, wonderful, exciting, sexual wave pass through me. Touching Alan was more exciting than I ever expected. I moved a little to the left ant our cocks rubbed together, I wrapped my hand around both of our cocks, and stroked them. Amazing sensations shot through me. My first erotic fantasy was fulfilled, rubbing my cock against Alan’s. I loved the feel of Alan’s erection rubbing against my own. Incredible, strong, erotic, gay, sexual energy was passing between us. That was evident by the steady flow of pre-cum we were both oozing. Very quickly, the slick clear fluid was spread over our cocks until they both glistened.Alan brushed the shirt off my shoulsers, and I did the same with his robe. We were now totally naked, eager to discover more.Alan stepped back a bit, and gently applied pressure on my shoulders urging me down on his body. My knees bent slightly, and I kissed Alan’s left nipple. It must have felt good, because as it hardened between my lips, Alan sighed in satisfaction. But, Alan continued to urge me lower. I knew what he wanted, and a shiver raced through me; I was nervous and anxious, but most of all, I wanted to do it. I kissed my way down, letting Alan know I was OK with his guidance on how to move forward. Before I knew it, I was kneeling on my clothes and the robe, looking straight ahead at Alan’s erection. Another chill hit me. I was in that erotic homosexual position I had thought about for years, ready to take another man’s penis in my mouth! I felt weak, excited, scared, and unsure of exactly what to do. (But, then again, I knew exactly what to do!) I trembled with excitement, and I felt my own penis ooze a clear drop of liquid excitement!”I know you want to taste it, Ed. It’s your greatest fantasy. Think about it, a real, naked, hard penis in your mouth! … And, then … my cum!!! … I know you want that too. There it is, …” Alan whispered, “take it in your mouth. You can do it! I know you can. I know you want to … Do it! It’s only an inch or two away.”There I was, naked on my knees with my own massive hard-on, staring at Alan’s manhood. Lusting for his cock. I was sexually excited not by the sight or touch of a woman. Or, the feel of her soft breasts, or the desire to slide my penis into her slick, moist, and ready pussy. I was excited like never before, by the sight of a man, and the need to taste his cum! I was more interested in having Alan’s cock in my mouth than in my own orgasm. It seemed that my erotic pleasure was coming from Alan’s hard penis, and my desire to have him cum in my mouth! I felt like I might cum just by having Alan ease his penis in my mouth! I was trembling with excitement thinking about having Alan’s erection penetrate my very soul. The image of every vein, the large, smooth, bulbous head, Alan’s balls, his naked body were being burned into my memory. I looked at the head of his penis for a while and was amazed to watch a dollop of pre-cum emerge from the piss slit while I was watching. Alan’s hard penis looked so good, so perfect. He twitched and an erotic chill passed through me as I moved a little closer. I wanted so desperately to do it. I had to do it. Had to feel it in my mouth, taste my first penis, and then his warm slick emissions!Alan whispered even softer, “That’s it Ed. You’re just about there, sucking your first cock. … Just kiss it. Kiss it anywhere. Let it happen. I’m here for you. Here to give you your fantasy. It’s what you’ve dreamt about for so long. Now you’ll have it. You’ll finally know what it’s like. My gift to you. … Do it!”I seemed to be in a trance, hyptomized by Alan’s words. I moved as close as I could without touching. I puckered my lips, and kissed the base of Alan’s penis. Instantly a shock wave of sexual energy ran through me. My face flushed red, and my heart skipped a beat. I felt myself changing, becoming truly gay, and it felt like nothing I ever experienced before. My own cock got a little harder and dripped as I kissed my first cock. The weight of not knowing was being lifted from my shoulders. It felt amazing! It felt good!! I wanted more!!! Shivers of excitement reverberated through me. The incredible forbidden pleasures of homosexuality were beig revealed!Alan gasped with pleasure too. I heard him the instant my lips touched his shaft. “Kiss it again Ed, or maybe lick it. I need to feel your warm mouth surround my cock, and I know you want to do it. … Ed, you’re so close.”I kissed the shaft again, a little higher. This time my kiss lingered. I extended my tongue and licked the shaft. Again and again I kissed and tasted the private flesh of Alan’s hard penis. Every kiss sent an erotic chill through me. And with each kiss, I moved just a little higher on Alan’s penis. I was going to do “it!””Oh ya Ed. That’s good! You’re almost there, almost at the head. Another kiss or two and you’ll be able to let it in your mouth. Then all you have to do is part your lips and let it in!”Chills and erotic jubilation were surging through me. I was about to suck a cock, Alan’s cock! I wanted to do it! I had to do it!! On the next kiss, I felt the prominate ridge of the head of Alan’s penis against the corner of my mouth. I licked more of the side, savoring the feel of the ridge, and part of the head gliding across my tongue. With that kiss came my first tast of some of Alan’s pre-cum that was flowing so nicely! It was amazing!”Mmmmmmmm! You’re so good canlı bahis Ed! Just open your mouth now, and let it in. Let it in! This is it Ed. Suck it. Taste it. You ca do it! I need it! And so do you!!”I kissed the very tip of Alan’s penis, feeling more of Alan’s pre-cum ooze on to my lips. Then I gave Alan’s penis a long lick across the entire head. I tasted a lot of Alan’s pre-cum that time, it was warm and slick. Again I kissed the tip, and drew in more pre-cum. Then I parted my lips and extended my tongue to guide it in my mouth. I slowly drew the head in my mouth! I wanted to finally do “it” so badly! I felt the ridge graze my upper lip as I cradled the head on my tongue. At that moment, I closed my lips around the shaft. Alan’s manhood was sealed in my mouth. I had a cock in my mouth, Alan’s cock, for the very first time. More erotic chills surged through me! It was increible!!”Ohhhhhhhh, Ed!! You did it. You’re sucking my cock! … Ohhhhhhhh, Ed that feels so good.”Alan put his hand on the back of my head, and urged me to take more. I yielded, and slowly took in as much as I could! It felt firm, but soft; warm, and increibly exciting to have Alan’s shaft pass between my lips, glide along my tongue, and fill my mouth. I liked the way it felt!”Ohhhhhhhh, Ed; that’s so GOOD! So warm. So wet. SO NICE!! … Don’t stop!!”I didn’t want to stop. Now I moved with the desire to stimulare Alan as much as I could. I’d take it as deep as possible, and other times, cradle just the head with my lips, and move my tonge across the piss slit collecting the endless drool of Alan’s pre-cum. A moment later, Alan’s penis was rhythmically moving in and out of my mouth! I sucked Alan’s cock for a few minutes, until Alan spoke.”Ed, now you have to stop, or I’ll cum! And, I don’t want to cum yet! Please STOP!!”I stopped. I slowly let Alan’s penis slip out of my mouth. Sucking Alan’s cock was exciting like nothing I had ever done before. However, I told myself that next time, I won’t stop! I need to feel Alan’s cum, his sperm, explode into my mouth.Alan stepped back and moved to the bed, where he layed down. He looked so good on his back offering his body to me. I walked a little closer, and just looked at Alan. I couldn’t help but notice the latest drops of pre-cum dribbling from his piss-slit.”You’re oozing.”Alan nodded as he caught his breath, and then opened his legs for a better view. I walked to the side of of the bed.”Alan, you don’t know how much I enjoyed having you in my mouth, and how much I need to do ‘it’ again!””I know. And, I need it too! This desire is so strong,” Alan commented back. “But, it was going too fast.”I wondered why we waited so long to get together.I put my right hand on Alan’s knee, and my left on his stomach as I stood next to Alan. He seemed to shiver as I moved my hands closer to his penis. I moved my right hand along his leg, and my left downward over his stomach. Alan closed his eyes and took a deep breath as I gently caressed his balls with my right hand, and lightly caressed his shaft with my left.”Mmmmmmmm. You’re oozing some more,” I commented as I continued to massage his cock.”It feels so good, Ed. Men, or maybe you, really do know what feels better,” Alan commented back.”I think we want the same things, loving gay sex with someone who is interested in his partner’s plesaure as much as his own. Or, maybe it’s because we want the same things. We’re both ‘cock-suckers.’ We crave the feel of a hard cock in our mouth or ass, and the fresh, warm, moist cum that it gives us! And that forbidden ‘gay’ experience!”I continued to stroke Alan’s cock. On the next up-stroke, Alan oozed an incredible amount of clear pre-cum. So much, that the head of his cock was completely covered. I ran my right index finger through the slick fluid, and Alan gasped. Then I leaned over, kissed the head, and then licked up all of Alan’s emissions. I wanted to taste and feel Alan’s cock in my mouth again. I pointed his manhood at the ceiling, opened my mouth, and decend on his penis, warming and stimulating the head with my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, collecting all of the clear slick pre-cum. My own cock seemed to get harder the instant Alan’s penis entered my mouth. When I pulled off of Alan’s erection, I swallowed. More of Alan’s sexual essence was part of me now.”You taste so good,” I said with a smile.”Thanks. It feels so good. And there’s something really amazing about being with you!”I liked hearing that.”I think it is amazing too!”I slowly licked Alan’s shaft from the base to the tip. It felt so erotic and stimulating. I surrounded the head of his penis with my lips again! Then I slowly took as much as I could as I decended on Alan’s cock as far as I could. I caressed his shaft with my lips and flicked my tongue on the head. At the same time I caressed his balls, hips, and ass with my hands and finges. Again, I took as much as I could, and then didn’t move for a while. I was savoring the moment, the experience; locking details away in my memory. In the days and weeks ahead, I would remember as much as possible and masturbate to the erotic spell of my first time with a man.”Ed, that feels SO GOOD! If you keep that up, I’ll cum very soon.”I slowly let Alan’s penis slip from my mouth and continued to caress his penis with my hand, as I told him, “I want you to cum! I want you to cum in my mouth Alan. Just let it happen. Cum for me. Don’t hold back. Try to cum if you can. Enjoy and savor what I’m doing! I want it! I need it!!” I slipped his penis back in my mouth. I needed to feel Alan cum in my mouth!I felt my own penis uncontrolably twitch, and I’m sure drip some of my own pre-cum, as I slipped Alan’s penis back in my mouth! I was going to be “spermed!!”Alan didn’t ask me to stop this time. As I continued to suck his cock, Alan seemed to moan and move with renewed passion and urgency. I was going to give him an orgasm with my mouth.”Oh ya Ed,” he sighed. “That’s it! Oh, OHHHHHH! … Here it cums, … Oh, … ED! AAAAAAHHHH I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!” Alan uncontrolably moved his hips, and thrust his penis a little deeperin my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the shaft not wanting to loose any of his cum! As Alan moaned in extacy, I felt his shaft throb and expand against my lips just a little. A fraction of a second later, my mouth felt VERY wet as it became saturated and filled with a warm slick fluid, Alan’s cum and sperm! It surged across my tongue, some hitting the back of my mouth. My heart stopped, and then beat rapidly. My head was spinning, and flashes seemed to be going off in my eyes. My mouth was warm and wet, and the slick cum seemed to tingle in my mouth!! güvenilir bahis I’d finally done it. All of the years fantasizing about doing it could not compare to this moment of actually having Alan cum in my mouth!! “OH MY GOD!, I’VE REALLY SUCKED A COCK TO COMPLETION!!!,” I thought. Now I had that memory of sucking a cock and having it ejaculate in my mouth. I now knew the erotic satisfaction of a cock erupting in my mouth! It was incredible!! I swallowed the first load. Alan’s sperm was in me. I felt it go down my throat! Again and again Alan ejaculated his war fertile sperm into my mouth. I took it all! Alan oozed a final time, and I held his penis in my mouth until the dribbles stopped and he began to soften. Then, ever so slowly, I pulled away still holding some of Alan’s warm cum in my mouth. Alan smiled at me, but I couldn’t smile back without loosing some of his sperm. I only looked at Alan and moved closer. Our eyes were locked on each other. A bond was being made, as I moved closer and closer to Alan. When he was less than an inch away, we starred into each other’s eyes. Alan didn’t move. A second later, my lips touched Alan’s, and I was eroticaly kissing a man for the first time. His lips were different than any woman’s. I pressed a little harder, and our mouths were joined in a kiss, and our lips made a seal. Alan shivered a bit when I parted my lips and touched my tongue to his mouth. Alan parted his lips, and we kissed as lovers. I felt Alan’s surprise when I eased some of his fresh sperm into his mouth. I remembered how erotic it was when my wife did it to me years ago. I wanted Alan to feel the same intense reaction. Alan didn’t pull away. Our kiss lingering, and we exchanged Alan’s cum many times as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. But, after a minute or two, the kiss ended, and we both swallowed the erotic elixir of our first gay act!I rolled to my right and laid next to Alan. I looked into his eyes and wondered what we would do next?I smiled and asked, “You OK?””Yes. But, I’m not sure what to do …””Just relax. Enjoy the release of a good orgasm.” “It’s just that after I cum, my desire is gone.””I know. It happens to me too. It will come back. … Was it a good cum?””Oh ya! I think it was the most intense experience since the first time I had sex. What about you?””It was incredible! I think my heart stopped twice, first when your penis touched my lips, and I kew I was going to do it. Then when you came! I sware, I felt it reverberate through me. And, your penis felt very natural and good in my mouth! I think you’ll enjoy it too. … Feeling any better?””A little. Talking is helping. What was it like when I came in your mouth?””It isn’t like anything else I’ve ever felt. It was my goal to give you that ultimate pleasure, and to tast, feel, and experience male sex. I don’t think the majority of men or women want their lover’s cum in their mouth. But, I needed to feel it, taste it, and discover that part of me, and I guess I’m different because I wanted to swallow. It was my fantasy to do that.””Yes, but what did it feel like? What was running through your mind?””I kept on thinking, ‘this is it!’ I’m finally having sex with a man, with Alan! It feels so good. I concentrated on the feel of the head and the ridge against my tongue, and the shaft sliding between my lips. I wanted it to feel good for you and it was awakening my homosexual desires. I knew you were just about there because you were letting me know what was happening to you. I liked hearing your comments. I wasn’t surprised when you were about to cum. When you did cum, I felt your penis throb one moment, then the next my mouth became VERY wet with your warm slick sperm. A sexual surge passed through me the instant you came …, VERY EROTIC! Like I said, I thought my heart stopped at that moment. I had to make that moment, our first act a part of me, so I swallowed! Part of you was in me now!!”I reached over to Alan and stroked his penis, and it seemed to swell just a bit. Alan reached out and wrapped his fingers around my penis.”That feels good,” I said. “Feeling better?””Yes.”I rolled on my back and said, “do what you’d like. This is our day to discover.”Alan rolled to his left and caressed my body. It felt so good. Alan adjusted himself on the bed and brought his head closer to my penis.””You want to tast too?,” I asked.After a short pause, Alan said, “I want to, but I am so nervous. And, I’ not sure exactly what to do.””Just do what you are ready to do. … I was so nervous, and wasn’t totally sure what to do either! But … Alan, … It was so incredible having you in my mouth. Your warm, firm erection felt so natural and good. … And, when you came!!! … AMAZING!!!!””Ed, I’m gonna try. It’s so different being here, than when it was just an e-mail or looking at porn.””I know. … I also know that I’d regret not doing it tomorrow or the next day. It’s what we’ve been thinking and dreaming about for years!”Alan moved closer, and my heart skipped another beat. I needed to cum, and the thought of Alan trying it, and the possibility of cumming in his mouth was exciting. Not only for my own sexual pleasure, but because Alan had said it was one of his fantasies too. If he’ do it, I thought that the chance of doing it again would be good. We would both be crossing those forbidden lines, doing what could never be undone. Alan had satisfied my greatest homosexual curosity by meeting today, and then when he; with caring passion, allowed me to suck his cock to completion. We were both “gay virgins” when we met. I easily imagined Alan backing out. His nervous anxiety was testamony to that. But now, wanting to “try” and experience it too, was exciting for me. I needed to cum, and I could return the incredible erotic satisfaction of homosexual discovery to Alan. Our “love” would only grow by sharing, learning, and experiencing the intense sexual pleasures we have fantasized about for so many years!Alan kissed the head of my penis. I lost my breath, and my heart skipped another beat. I was sure Alan was getting the same flashes or erotic bliss I got when his penis touched my lips.Again Alan kissed the tip, and then licked the head. I had to tell him, “that feels good.”I heard Alan with a soft satisfying moan, “mmmmmmmmm.”A moment later, I watched the head of my penis disappear in Alan’s mouth! ALAN HAD DONE IT! And, oh did it feel GOOD!I didn’t want to break the mood, so I just laid back and enjoyed the glorious sensations of the first gay oral love I ever received. Alan was moving slowly. He’d just hold my penis in his mouth sometimes. I loved the warm wet feeling that surrounded my cock. A few times, Alan rubbed his cheeks, chin, nose, or lips against the shaft or the head, as I oozed in satisfying response. Alan also liked to caress my balls, and that sensitive area between the balls and my ass. It all felt so FANTASTIC!!

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