My First Time at Boarding School

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My First Time at Boarding SchoolMy name is Harry and I’m about to complete my final year at an all boys boarding school. The boarding opportunity gives me an extra 3 hours in my day that commuting back and forth between home and school took away from me. I have more time to research, study and excercize. The school’s gym costs nothing for me to use, so I workout after the day’s classes for about an hour or so. It helps to clear my head and stay focused. It also helps me to maintain my fitness level. All the boys here have great looking muscular bodies including my room mate. His name is Beau. He and I have been the best of friends ever since we started school.Last year Beau contracted one of those unpronounceable illnesses. He had been away from school for about three months and when he returned to school found it a struggle to keep up with his studies. Being his friend and room mate it was easy for me to give him extra coaching lessons after school hours in the subjects that he found the most difficult. He appreciated my help.Every day Beau and I go to the gym for a workout. Afterwards we hit the showers and then get back to our studies before dinner. Our room is a twin share setup and the communal bathroom is next door which is very handy when one forgets to bring his clean clothes to change into.Today, Beau seems to be on edge. He showered quickly and returned to our room a few minutes ahead of me and, with out saying a word. When I entered he was at his desk in just his under shorts. I unwrapped the towel from around my waist and started drying my hair.”Harry, can you spare a moment?” his voice was shaky, “I want to ask you a very personal question.” “Sure mate, what’s up?”He turned in his chair to face me. “Have you ever been curious to know what it would be like to fuck another guy?”Completely naked I wandered over, stood in front of him and looked him in the eye. “Yes, I have been curious. Why do you ask?” “Harry. I don’t want to scare you and please don’t hate me but for a very long time now I’ve had crush on you. Every time I see your naked body, the sight of your hot muscular body, ripped abs and tight ass just turns me on so much. I have had a recurring dream every night… I really want to fuck you. It’s taken a long time for me to get enough courage to tell you” he said quietly. “but I want to fuck you… please.” he pleaded türkçe bahis in an almost inaudible whisper. I held my arms out and wrapped them around him as he stood in front of me. He put his arms around my waist pulled me in close and we hugged each other. “O Beau, I have a confession to make to you. I feel the same way about you too. I love your sexy little ass, your beautiful face with perfect full lips and cheeky smile. I want to fuck you too but I could never hate you.”He gripped me tight. I noticed he had a bulge growing in his shorts as he pressed against me. It was a fantastic feeling. I let my hands wander over his smooth body. It felt sensational and turned me on, my dick starting to get excited too. “Oh Thank you, Harry” he sighed, kissing me on the mouth and squeezing my body.I slid my hands down his sides and inside his shorts and pulled them off. His dick was hard and erect.”Wow Beau, I didn’t know I had this much effect on you.” I knelt down and put his throbbing dick in my mouth. My tongue curled around the head and I started moving my lips up and down his shaft. His body shuddered.”O Harry, Harreeeee!” Beau’s breathing was galloping.”Are you enjoying this?””O god, Yesss!” he moaned. I sensed Beau was so turned on that he was close to blowing his load. I continued and quickened the pace. His body suddenly tensed up and he gulped in a deep breath of air. “Harreee! I’m cumming! he said urgently. He started pumping out his creamy white cum into my mouth. I took in as much of it as I could but couldn’t swallow it all.As I stood up Beau moved closer towards me, hooked a hand around my neck and pulled me closer. He kissed me on the mouth slipping his tongue inside and tasting his cum. “Delightful” he saidI felt his tongue circling around my mouth and across my lips. It was a really nice feeling. Beau put his other hand around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his waist and we embraced for a long time. His tongue worked its way inside my mouth and entwined with mine. For a first time pash it turned me on so much. It was wonderful!”Mmmm you taste divine!” I whispered”Thank you, I ordered a special serve of “divine” just for you” he said cheekily and then slipped his tongue back into my mouth.I let my hands glide around Beau’s back. My fingers taking in every contour of his body. The touch of his soft, smooth skin youwin giriş against mine sent an electric sensation right through me. He pressed his body hard against mine and started gyrating his hard cock against me. Beau’s hands slipped off my shoulders, across and down my back. He danced his fingers all the way down, tickling me as he made his way to my butt. At the same time Beau disentangled himself from my mouth and started kissing my ear then my neck and continued down towards my nipples. O what a sensation that was, kissing and sucking each nipple in turn. Wow oh wow. While he moved his magical lips downward and across my stomach one of his hands found my dick and gently caressed it. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and started to slide up and down. A moment later his magical lips joined in the fun. I was in heaven, or something close to it. I ran my fingers through his hair and held them on the back of his head forcing him down on my dick.”Swallow all of my dick.” I ordered. “O Beau, that’s…that’s… O Keep going” He kept on going then started to increase his speed. My heart was pounding inside my chest, my breathing coming quick and short. Suddenly he stopped, reached up and kissed each of my nipples in turn for a few moments before continuing sucking my dick, this time much faster than before.”O god! you”ve got magic lips” I gasped and a moment later filled Beau’s waiting mouth with my creamy load. He stood, wrapped his arms around me and embraced me, holding me tight. I kissed him and inserted my tongue into his mouth and enjoyed the taste of my cum. After a few minutes I said. “Lie on the bed. It’s time for you to realise your dream Beau, fuck me,” Once on the bed I lay on top of him in a 69 position. I started massaging and sucking Beau’s dick to get it hard again, which didn’t take long. He started sucking my dick and licking my balls. “Mmmmm” I moaned.As he sucked me off I continued sucking and licking him. He started licking around my asshole and moved closer and closer to my hole. He slipped his tongue inside a little, darting in and out. Then he went in deeper and deeper. “Ahh Beau keep drilling.” I moaned again. He fingered the rim of my asshole then inserted a finger slowly massaging in and out. A few minutes later, while still licking my asshole he inserted a two fingers and moved them in and youwin güvenilir mi out as he had done before. The feeling was fantastic. What would it be like when it was his dick moving in and out?”Beau I think its time” I said excitedly. Beau went to his draw and took out a tube of lubricant. “Are you ready for this dick?””O yes, I am!” Having swapped positions I was now on the bottom. I lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders giving him better access to my asshole. He moved in closer, applied lubricant to my asshole and his rigid dick. Carefully poistioning his dick against my anal ring he applied firm pressure. It was tight to start with but he slowly inserted the head of his dick inside. I felt my anal muscle pulsing as it got used to the size of his dick.”Wow! Beau” I panted, “Take it slow, please.”He moved forward slowly and deeper into my ass. The feeling of his huge dick in my ass was an amazing feeling. After a few minutes slowly thrusting in and out of my asshole, I started to rub my dick up and down. “How are you going? Are you OK for me to speed up a little?” he asked”O fuck yeah, fuck me hard and fast”He increased his pace, fucking me harder and faster. My heart rate jumped. He lent forward lying on top of me in a missionary position. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me harder. I put my arms around his neck and embraced him, kissing him on the mouth and then putting my head on his shoulder. I was getting close to climax again.He withdrew his dick from my ass. “Turn around face down” he said. I obeyed. Beau placed his hands on both my hips and lifted me onto my knees. With his hands still on my hips he inserted his dick inside me again. He continued fucking my ass pulling me towards his dick with every forward thrust.”Faster Beau faster” He sped up faster and faster my heart pumping furiously. I sensed he was close to orgasm. A few moments later…”I’m going to cum” He gasped breathlessly, and then shudderd. I felt him fill my ass with his hot cum. What a sensational feeling!He kissed the back of my neck and continued kissing and licking down my back, tickling all the way down. He flipped me onto my back. He wrapped his magic tongue and mouth around my dick and together with his clever hands sliding up and down soon had me filling his mouth again.”That was absolutely awesome.” he whispered into my ear. Totally exhausted and panting heavily, Beau collapsed on top of me. I put my arms around him and hugged him. “Yes it was. You can fuck me anytime.” I said breathlessly “But it’s my turn to fuck you next. Deal?””Deal! O Harry, I love you so much.”

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