My First Time In school(Based On A True Story)

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My First Time In school(Based On A True Story)I’m not a great story teller but I’ll try.So it was my senior year in High school. Me and my friends just got done taking our senior exams. Being seniors after the exams we got to go home early. But I decided to stay a little and say my goodbye’s to all the underclassman etc. I pretty much knew everyone in school. I was also cool with everybody….Except this one bitch, which we’ll call Jezebel. I knew her and nearly all my classmates since elementary school. I had beef with many close friends growing up, but we all eventually became cool overtime. But no, not this bitch. We’ve literally never gotten along since Kindergarten. I remember in 3rd grade she threw my whole box of crayons on the ground in art class, and scribbled all over my masterpiece. I pulled her by her hair and I got got in trouble of course. What made me mad was I’m a horrible drawer. While she was on her Da Vinci shit in 3rd grade. She’s even greater now. We would argue over the years literally about to fight in middle school. Of course being a black male the teacher sent me to the office. She was just a Jezebel to me(Which is why I call her that in the story. It’s not her real name). But one thing she was, was fine as hell. She’s always been beautiful, I’ll give her that. She’s Black(Brown skinned; She had that good skin. It was shiny and her melanin was always poppin) about 5’5-5’6 titties in the DD’s ass is about 25-28 inches. A little tummy with abs slightly forming, juicy thick thighs, nice legs, chiseled jaw line. Light brown eye’s and she stayed with natural hair, never had on makeup, smelled good 5.0 GPA and everything she was just perfect. She was a strong black woman but was never with that, “I don’t need a man type shit”. She never wore revealing clothes, the closest thing to revealing she wore were Yoga tights. Even teachers would get caught looking. But I’ve always liked her and secretly loved her a little. But she also hung around allot of dudes…and ho’s. Rumor was it she was fucked plenty of times. She was even one of the girls at our school that got gangbanged after prom. I was mad because she was fucking other niggas like that. My mind was like be a fucking lady I like you although you don’t like me. But how can I get mad when I ran trains on girls with my cousin and other shit. But I don’t mean to drag you all on this boring part. I just had to get some things stated before I go in. Did I forget to say we worked in the office together our senior year also? Lol…Goodbye’s & Pep rallySo after I finished my goodbye’s. I stopped by one of my favorite teachers. He was a white dude mid 30’s. He was raised in the hood by our school and everyone fucked with him. I was just telling him peace out see you at graduation etc. Then he said, you ain’t going to tell “Her” goodbye, while he was laughing. I looked at him and said, you got jokes huh? He was like nah man, I’m just saying y’all edremit escort remind me of Mr & Mrs Smith. I was like whatever man, lol. So I was going to the office where I worked at for 2 class periods a day. The students were heading to the last Pep Rally of the year. I was heading to the office to chill out for another hour or 2 before going home. The AP’s(Assistant Principals) were leaving and everyone in the office was also. They basically told me to watch the office which had like 8 rooms in it. They locked the door and everything. As they begin to walk out Jezebel comes in. My smile flipped upside down and she was saying her goodbyes as well. I went to the principals room in the office and got on his computer. Next thing you know doors were slamming and eventually everyone was out of the office except me and her. I looked out and there was a sign on the door saying, “CLOSED IN THE SCHOOL GYM” And she’s on the computer in the front. It was so silent. But I could hear the slight moves of her moving around.She saw me and rolled her eye’s. I said so I guess, I don’t get any goodbye? She flipped me off, lmao. I was like ok whatever. I went back to the principals room. I Was on Youtube and Wshh just chilling. Then I hear her walking back this way. She passed by the door way, threw a pencil at me. Came back again threw another one. I eventually got up smirking and was like you’re beautiful, always have been. But you’re not going to keep trying me. She came back we were now facing each other. I was looking down, because she’s so damn short and she was looking up. She hugged me I was like umm df(Da Fuck) than she slowly pushed me back to the principals desk. She got on her tippy toes and was about to kiss me then said SIKE!If you would have seen the look on my face…man I was hurt af(As Fuck). So she turned and began to walk away then lifted up her light blue and white pleated plaid skirt(We didn’t where uniforms in High School. She was just a fashion guru. The skirt was long though far pass her knees. Idk, if it is even really considered a skirt though. She also had long white socks and had one of those white female business shirts that was tucked in). She had on no fucking panties! I was like OMFG! She then said SIKE. At this time I was about to literally cry. She walked out I’m still sitting here looking stupid af looking in the air shaking my fucking head. So here she comes again with her purse. I said you play to fucking much. You been playing since ELEM…The next thing I know is she comes in the door with that purse. Pops the buttons on her shirt throws that shit down. Big ass chocolate titties hanging out that fucking bra. She grabs the belt from my khaki cargo shorts, rips it off and pulls down my pants grabbed my meat. She started stroking it, she was reaching in her purse at the same time. She pulled out her panties that weren’t on then she pulled out a condom. Opened it up and put it on. She escort edremit was sucking my shit so good, I was moaning like a bitch. She sucked it so good that the condom popped. She ripped it off and continued to go in raw. Shit feeling even better. I’m shaking tears coming from my eyes. Then we started making eye contact and I told her to suck that shit. She lifted up the dress again ass phat af. She had a nice bubble butt(It looks like a slightly smaller version of Katt Leya’s Ass). I eventually nutted in her mouth she swallowed it. I picked her ass up layed her on the edge of the principals desk. Ass hanging off the edge and everything. Her pussy had no spot nor blemish. That shit was pretty AS FUCK!! No hair or anything! Phattest pussy I’ve seen in person. Just beautiful..So i go down to eat it and I look..I said wtf, in my head. Those rumors were just rumors, because guess what? Her hymen(Cherry) was still attached she was so tight I shit you not. I couldn’t even put my pinky finger in her pussy. So I go down and start eating that thing up. I’m tearing her clit up. She’s shaking, the desk is shaking. She moaning grabbing my head and all. Rubbing her fingers through my hair. At this time it’s been about 10-15min since she gave me a blowjob. I told her this might hurt, relax a little. She shook her head in agreement. I took my thumb and popped her cherry. She moaned ouch! I said you okay, got a tissue off the principals desk wiped it up, put the tissue in my pocket(Can’t leave evidence). Pulled her closer put my dick in started working it in slowly as time passed. She still has on everything but her shirt and panties. I’m stroking it nice she’s quivering a little, I asked her did she want more of this dick? She said just a little daddy, I gave her another inch. She began to moan louder and I began stroking it slightly faster. She’s grabbing my shirt tears rushing down her eye’s. I pushed her bra up and let those titties fall out. They were plump and juicy didn’t even really sag. Areolas were a dark brown and were the size of damn moon pies, they were just beautiful. I bent over on top of her started sucking those titties, and biting on that damn neck. She started screaming and I slowed down and was like, you like that dick? She said she loved it. I picked her up we sat in the principals recliner office chair and I let her ride me. She was hugging onto me, her arms around my neck. We’re kissing the fuck out each other. She then puts my dick in and starting slowly riding it. She’d need some work in that department, don’t get me wrong it was still good though. She was slow riding for a couple of minutes then she sped it up, slightly. All I hear is pussy farts and the sound of mac n cheese. She had my neck gripped tight saying it hurts but it feels so good. I smacked the shit out that phat ass and was like that pussy feels so GOOD!I suddenly thought I heard something . But I was like fuck it. I began edremit escort bayan to rub on her soft as skin, she was telling me she always loved me. I was like I’ve always loved you to. Then all of a sudden me and her feel somebody’s presence. We both looked up and saw her friend Alicia(Story name not giving you her real name). Who also worked in the office, She was also Jezebel’s bestfriend. She’s looking dead at us smiling with her hands over her mouth. Alicia was a thick ass redbone, she had a body like the pornstar “Bootylicious”. Except her ass wasn’t that big and her tits were like a size E or F. She was like OMFG! Jezebel was like OMG, I’m like OMG!. Jezebel was like how did you get in here? Alicia said the principal gave me the key, he said y’all were in here. Y’all some freaks! I said you’re one to talk. Can you keep this between just us please? She said I don’t gossip, which I knew she doesn’t. She was like girl Jezebel you have to tell me the story though after ok. Jezebel was smiling and said ok, I’ll think about it. But since you got in here can you watch at the door and make sure nobody comes. I said yea in agreement. Alicia sexy BBW ass took a chair from in the room. Sat it at the entrance of the principal’s room and was looking down the hall. Which you could see the entrance into the office. Alicia started taking her clothes off bruh lmao. I was like yo this bitch is thick af. Jezebel was like omg and started laughing and said are you serious? Alicia said don’t mind me continue. I was like whatever. So I stood Jezebel up bent her ass over. At the same time Alicia was in the chair looking back and forth at us and down the hallway. She was butt ass naked leg’s up in the air masturbating off of me and Jezebel. I was tearing Jezebel ass up from the back, restraining myself because it is her first time. I hand to be a little gentle. All you hear is a clapping sound and the wet suction of Alicia fingering herself. Then Jezebel told me to face her towards Alicia.Then Jezebel yells out I think I’l going to cum, Alicia looking good to. Her thick ass starts moaning she’s looking good with those huge ass titties. Her Areolas the size of a damn basketballs.Then Jezebel screams out I THINK I’M CUMMING! At the same time Alicia let’s out a huge ass squirt. That shit hit me and Jezebel from 5 feet away. That shit turned me the fuck on and I had the biggest orgasm ever. I creampied Jezebel while Alicia fell back in the chair. Pussy juices still dripping out of her pussy. With her legs up and she was grabbing her massive ass titties, quivering like a fish out of water. We put our clothes back on, and cleaned everything. But there was a soaking wet floor. Thanks to Alicia and there might have been a little blood on the principals papers. But I just ripped that part off, lmao. Eventually we’d go on to graduate High School and me and Jezebel have been together ever since than. I was 19 when this happened, she was 18. I’m now 23 and she’s 22. I may write about more of our sex stories later on. Some may include Alicia you never know. I hope you enjoyed it.CHARACTERS*ME*Jezebel(Current Girlfriend; Future Fiance)*Alicia(Jezebel’s BFF & My Friend)

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