My heavenly experience…

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My heavenly experience…It all started off as a normal day, me and my friend who is the same age as me, 20. We were both hanging around but his aunty called him down to her house. It was nearby so he invited me around to see her. Such a beautiful Asian aunty this was. I wish my aunty was like his. She was the definition of beautiful. She had that proper Asian look to her but out of respect, I tried not to think about her in that way.There was a new game coming out, so we wanted to go to town to get it, but since something had came up and my friend had to meet someone on the way there, he told me to hang back at his auntie’s while he did what he had to do. So I guess it was just me and his aunty. While he was gone, there was nothing else to do except for talking to his aunty. We both were talking. She was staring right into my eyes in such an unusual way. I could not maintain eye contact and kept looking down while replying to her. Her voice was so smooth, it was making the hairs on the back of my neck stick up.Time had passed, but her heavenly gaze was not fading. She was looking right at ME! There came this awkward silence. No words were traded but smiles we plentiful. I don’t know why, but I could not help but look at her lips. SO PERFECT!She slowly put her hand on my leg, with her fingers stretching way into my inner-leg. This felt weird and hardening me up…the last thing I wanted at this point. She kept doing it and her fingers felt SO GOOD!My dick was coming to life. I could just feel the blood flow to it, it was slowly rising and I had to act fast! I leant forward so at this point I am essentially sitting up. She giggled again…and I had this feeling that she knew why I sat up. She told me to relax and not be tense. Looking at her beautiful lips were seriously not helping! I had a raging-hard on and I was desperately trying to hide it.In our Asian culture, we do as elders tell us to do. She was still having a laugh with me, but she had some authority in her voice when she told me to sit back and relax. She was physically guiding me so I had no choice! I was expecting a bad reaction from her. God only knows what she would’ve thought, said or done. She just stared at it. There was no expression on her face at first. She was just…staring at it.”Wow”, is all I heard. “Now I know why you weren’t so talkative”, she said to me. She started giggling and gave me hug, but not just a normal hug, a full-on, tit against my arm hug with her chest pressed outwards. She was STILL trying it on with me. The silhouette of my cock was just there. With the trousers I was wearing, no chance I could’ve hid this bad boy. After laughing it off, she started asking how big my cock was. Next thing you know, she started asking if she could see it :OI couldn’t casino oyna actually say nothing. I was giggling but in a crippling way, like full of nervousness. She said she only wants to see it and before I could say anything, she was unzipping anyway. It was a little difficult to get my cock through the zipper as it was fully erect, so she proceeded to unbutton and take my trousers off. this woman was leading the way! I still remember how it felt when her fingers first came into contact with my cock…Fucking fingers were soft! She was proper quiet and was analysing it proper…Bitch was focused…She was telling me that I had a nice cock, that it was bigger than her husbands who she divorced and that she wished she could experience it for a while. I was definitely petrified at this point, since I was a virgin at the time. She firmly gripped the shaft, and started wanking it up and down! From the moment she started wanking it off, all chatter just ceased…No more small talk with this woman. I just knew she had not had one for a while and she wanted it!She spent a good few minutes wanking it. Loved the way her fingers felt. She definitely maintained her skin. I had this relaxing feeling come over me and before I knew it, I was sitting back and letting her get to it.I just let mu head hang back and just let the feeling come over me. It was an amazing feeling and I wanted to make the most out it. Before I knew it, this warm and wet feeling come out of nowhere. I just looked down and her mouth engulfed my cock! She obviously could not resist. I don’t even know how many years this woman had missed out, but she made it clear that she wanted to make up for lost time. My say-so at this point meant nothing. If you knew what Asian aunties are like, you would know to keep quiet when they want shit their way!I was overcome by the moment. I just went with it. I didn’t think a blowjob felt this good! Words can not describe how good it felt every time she slipped her tongue into the hole. I felt like cumming when she kept doing it! I didn’t think I could hold on, but somehow I did.She was going for it. Her head was bobbing up and down at a good speed. Those sporadic tongue-slips were amazing! I looked forward to each and everyone of them and even tried to guess when she would do it next… Her husband was a serious dumbass for leaving this. Just…how could he? What did he find that could beat this?She suddenly stopped. I kind of thought she had enough, but I had noy cummed yet so was confused. She took off her Asian bottoms but conveniently left on her underpants. She mounted me. I was at a new level of petrification! She was calling the shots…without saying a word!When she kissed me while she was mounting me, it was a kiss of passion. It was canlı casino siteleri flowing through her. This was not no horny-kiss. She everything into this kiss. She took her time with this one. While she was kissing me with her left hand on my face, she used her right hand to guide my cock into her tight-as-hell pussy. Using my cock, she guided it through moving the underpants out of the way and there it was…that mysterious hole. That little tunnel to heaven-on-earth. I was finally going to experience it…although not on my terms and with no time to waste first :PWords cannot describe how it felt. That feeling when your cover is entering that pussy. As the walls of the vagina just wrap around your cock. Her pussy muscles just squeezing my cock! The feeling was overwhelming. All the while, she was kissing me with that passion, fierier than ever! I will never forget that slow movement of her hips, grinding backwards and forwards on my cock. We stopped kissing and looked each other in the eye, it was so amazing. It was like time went so slow for a while. We were maintaining eye contact. It felt like she was looking right into my soul. All the while, she was slowly grinding on my cock.She proceeded to hug me. Full body contact at this point. Her mouth was next to my ear and I could hear every gasp. She had her hair tied back so I had easy access to her neck. I made my move and kissed it! Mixing kisses with licks I soon made her gasp more intensely. It felt that just by hearing a woman’s gasp, it pumps up your adrenaline even more and just gives you that boost you need. With me being a bigger lad an all, I picked her up. Her legs still wrapped around my waist…I couldn’t resist just getting a few taps in while we were standing so I did. She loved it. It was amazing to make her bounce on my cock while I was literally picking her up in mid-air. I soon lay her down the sofa, on her back. It was game-time at this point. No more work for her to do, it’s all me from this point. I got on top of her, he legs around my waist, me shadowing her with both my fists above each of her shoulders on either side. I was looking right down on this woman. You could see that submissiveness come right out of her…she was ready.I started slow, but each thrust had a serious drive to it. I went balls deep with each thrust. I felt at one point it was too much for her because she gasped as if it hurt, but with the way she looked me right in the eye…she did not want to stop. I proceeded and was getting faster and faster each time. This time, I kissed her…on my terms.She loved it. She really liked how I was taking charge. I was getting so hyped up I could not control myself. I don’t know what came over me, but I when I saw her nipple super-hard…I casino şirketleri just bit it and started sucking on it.The moan that followed was loud! I thought I over-stepped my authority at this point, but she grabbed me towards her. We were now grappling and her sexy nails were digging into my back. You could say it hurt! But with all that adrenaline flowing through me, it felt amazing. The harder she dug those nails into my back, the harder I fucked…and it escalated for a while!She got up after a little bit and turned around getting into doggy style position. This woman was a pro, she got into that position like she knew what she was doing. With that curve in her back, arse sticking out exposed to me…she wanted it!I stuck it in! I had a bit of height on me and this milf was pretty short, so my cock was going into that pussy at a downward-angle. She loved this! Her moans came out of nowhere. She was not afraid to put her voice to use. My hands were on her hips, gripping with such force, I was literally pulling her into me while thrusting my hips into her. The coordination was beautiful for a good few minutes. The sound of my balls slapping off her pussy was music to both our ears, with her moans adding in that extra atmospheric feeling.Unfortunately, because we had been fucking for a good 15 minutes, probably 20, my cum was about to explode. I did not see it coming whatsoever. As I was tapping that beautiful, well-maintained arse of hers, I just popped! There was some serious force on that cumshot, she felt it but was not bothered…She loved the feeling of that hot cum inside her body after that long hard pounding. Her pussy needs some maintenance after what I had just done to it. She lay down on her belly shortly after I exploded, I leant over her and tended to that beautiful neck of hers while telling her how amazing this was for me.I told her that this was the best first time I could have ever had, no matter which way my life would have went and she looked at me with shock! She never knew that she had just taken a young lad’s virginity. It took a minute or two to sink in…She laughed it off and just said “I wouldn’t have guessed” and walked off, looking back with a cheeky wink as she went off to the toilet to do what it is women do after getting filled up.I really could not believe what had happened. What was even more shocking was how she was ok with fucking a lad less than half her age. It didn’t bother her one bit.She loved how this evening turned out even more than I did. She knew from the look in my eyes, that I wanted more. Shortly after, she bought in some food. Nice Asian food, we both ate but not much was said surprisingly.After she ate, she asked me if I wanted to do this again sometime because “she liked the company”. I knew this was betrayal of my friend but I could not say no. So I agreed without saying anything. Just gave her that look, direct eye contact and she knew I was hungry…and it wasn’t food I wanted.Is this wrong? Should I continue? What about my friend?

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