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my kink.”What was his name Daddy?” I asked as I sat next to him on the couch; rubbing his thick, uncut cock through his jeans.”It was Mike, baby girl.””Did you finger Mike’s ass while he sucked your cock, like you do me?””I did.””Put them in my mouth, Daddy.”He presented me his middle finger and I put it in my mouth, sucking on it gently.”His ass was so tight I could just get the one in.”My heart began to race as I sucked on Daddy’s finger, knowing that not less than two hours ago it had been deep inside a twenty-year old sissy boy that Daddy had picked up in a bar.”Can you taste it, baby girl?”I moaned in the affirmative.”You like thinking about it, don’t you? Just like you like the taste of him on my finger.””Yes Daddy…” I answered as he pulled his finger from my mouth. “Did you fuck his ass too, Daddy?”Daddy slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his seven inch, very fat cock.”I did baby girl. After he sucked my dick in the bathroom at the bar, I took him outside to my car and fucked his tight little asshole in the back seat.””Let me suck it Daddy, put your cock in my mouth.” I begged him softly.”I know you want it. But the only place you’ll taste him is on my balls and my pubes. I wore a condom.” He told me as I inched my mouth toward the beautiful cock laying hard on his belly.My mouth had started to water and my little sissy cock was oozing precum.”Don’t worry, baby girl, I came in the rubber and wore it all the way home for you. My dried up cum is all over my dick, just for you.” He had barely finished that sentence before I hungrily deepthroated him. The glorious taste of his salty seed kaçak bahis flooded my mouth.”Clean it off bitch… stick it down your fucking throat and get all of Daddy’s cum off.” He grabbed a handful of my hair and started fucking my mouth and I passively took every thrust. I moaned as spit washed out of the corners of my mouth and down over his balls.”I’m going back out tonight. And I’m going to find me another little cum dump, sissy boy; and I’m going to fuck him… I’m going to do everything to him that you want me to do to you.” Daddy still had me by the hair as he pulled me off of his cock, my mouth still hung open in hopes of him pushing me back down on his throbbing member. But instead he let go of my hair and pointed to the floor. I followed his gesture and positioned myself in front of him, my knees on the floor, mouth still open.”Close that dick sucker, bitch. You think you deserve this?” He said as he started to stroke his cock. I closed my mouth just as he told me and sat there, staring into his eyes.”You don’t… You only get it because that’s the only thing your half way good at. But, as good as you are at sucking my cock, Mike was so much better.” I moaned just a little and looked to Daddy’s dick. I bit my lower lip when i noticed just a bit of pre-cum ooze out of the head. “Mike’s mouth was just right for Daddy… he took every inch in his mouth. The back of his throat and his tongue were so hot and wet. I had to fight the urge to shoot my load in that hungry little mouth. But, you know what I did to stop myself from cumming? Do you know, baby girl?” I looked back into Daddy’s eyes güvenilir bahis as he said with an intense and serious gaze…”I thought about you. I thought about that tired little mouth of yours and how pathetic you are at controlling yourself. I thought about all the times you’ve begged for my cum in your mouth and how hard you have to work at getting my load out.” I sat there, in silence. My little sissy prick was as hard as it could get… I wanted Daddy in my mouth again. I wanted to taste the pre-cum that was now lubricating the shaft of his thick cock, making it glisten in the lamp light.”See, you want to beg for it now, don’t you?”I nodded.”Yeah, I know you want it… I know you do.” He grinned as he watched me start to squirm. “Hand me the remote.” I quickly got up, got the remote off of the side table and handed it to him.”Get the fuck back down in the floor.” He instructed in a harsh tone. I did as I was told, apologizing with my eyes.Daddy turned on the television and the DVD player. I immediately heard the loud moaning of a feminine male voice accompanied by the slap of skin hitting skin. I turned my head just a little and saw Daddy pounding one of his one night stands on the wide screen television. Daddy had the young sissy in the doggy position and was fucking him fast, thrusting hard and powerfully. The sissy boy was in a state of total bliss, eyes rolled into the back of his head as he moaned and pushed his skinny ass back on Daddy’s thick cock.Daddy got up from the couch and stood over me.”Open your mouth, bitch…” he said, stroking himself as his eyes moved from me to himself bahis siteleri on the screen. “Open up wide.”I tilted my head back and opened my mouth as wide as i could.”You love my cum, don’t you?””Yes daddy… Yes, I love your cum. Give it to me… Give it to me, I need it. Shoot your load in my mouth, on my face, get it all over me, Daddy.” I begged in a pathetic whisper.Daddy’s eyes never left the television and my eyes never left him. I reached my left hand behind me and put two fingers in my asshole, burying them to the knuckle.Daddy watched himself fucking a total stranger that he had brought home one night.”Do you know where you were that night?” he asked me.”Where was I Daddy? Where was I?” I whispered.”I told you to stay home that night. You called begging me to come over.” I stuck out my tongue, knowing that he was about to give me what i wanted, what i had been craving.”You called while he I was in his mouth. I told you to stay at home while I was fucking his pretty little face… Do you like the thought of that?””Oh GOD, yes daddy… yes.” “Yeah you do… you pathetic little cum slut. One day I’m going to make you watch me fuck. I’m going to make you watch and then I’m going to cum all over you when I’m done fucking whoever it is…” The first string of Daddy’s yummy cum shot out of him and onto my waiting tongue. It was followed by a second blast that hit my cheek and forehead. The third hit the back of my throat because Daddy had shoved his pulsing, throbbing member into my hungry mouth. The rest of his seed pumped into my little cum hole, the contents of his balls emptying inside my grateful orifice.I sucked and swallowed every precious drop, pulling my fingers out of my ass so that I could use my hand to milk him dry. Daddy never took his eyes off of himself and the sissy boy on the television.More later…..

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