My life changed forever – part 1.

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My life changed forever – part 1.We had been chatting online for at least 18 months, and during that time I had changed and become more and more passive, submissive. I am normally a very confident, strong character, outgoing, fun and enjoy a good time, but since talking to him I was still all this things but he had kindled a surprising fire within me. I wanted to serve him, to be his and I wanted to do anything to please him.It started when he said he wanted a white infidel boy to serve him, so I asked him what he wanted to do. He started to tell me everything over the next few months, and I became intoxicated and addicted to what he was saying, until eventually I agreed to fly to meet him for some fun. I wasn’t willing to be his slave for real, but for a few days it would be fun. He agreed and said it would be fun too, but I would have to be willing to do everything he said, no matter what. I agreed.The flight was booked and I found myself sitting on the plane, ready to fly, when I started to question what I was doing? I don’t know this guy, I have never been to this country, we’ve seen each online, but seriously what the fuck am I doing? But by then we were already in the air, Turkey here I come, no more being me, I realised that for the next few days I was putting my well being, my life completely in someone else’s hands. I was not only surprised that I was doing this for real, but that I was also turned on by the thought, I was rock hard, in my shorts and t-shirts with two Turkish guys sitting next to me, I nodded off dreaming, hoping they wouldn’t notice the bulge in my shorts.Before I knew it we landed and I was walking through into arrivals, deep breath, stay calm, everything bursa escort will be ok. I hope. Fuck it, what’s the worse that can happen? I looked around and there he was, tall, dark, nice beard, strong muscled body, I felt weak at the knees, I was nervous, scared, excited all the at the same time. He wrapped his arms around me and said ‘welcome slave, get on your knees and kiss my feet’. I looked at him, looked around the busy airport, took a deep breath, he pushed me onto my knees and I kissed his feet. I stayed on my knees looking up at him, looking at his beauty and manliness, I was inferior to him, I really was. He motioned for me to stand, ‘thank you master, it’s nice to see you’.‘It’s nice to meet you too, you ready for the next few days? You are now officially my property until you leave.’‘Yes master I am. I am yours to do as you wish with me.’‘Come with me boy.’He led me to the toilets, and started undoing my shorts in the hand washing section, I looked in shock and confusion, he pulled my shorts and boxers down and laughed at me ‘your cock is pathetic slave, it should be in a cage, where is your cage?’ “It’s in my bag master”, people were looking at me, it felt that every Turkish guy was laughing at me, my cock isn’t big but it’s pretty average really, not too bad!!! ‘Get it out of your bag, and your butt plug – now, do it now!’.I pulled them both out of the bag, and quickly put my cock in it’s cage, he took the key and added it to his car keys.‘Turn around, this will hurt a little’. He lubed the plug up, but didn’t warm my ass up, he just forced the plug in, with one hard push, then slapped my ass hard. Some guys said something, my master replied and they nodded and bursa escort bayan laughed! What was going on! I pulled my shorts up, and we walked to his car. ‘You ok slave? You’re very quiet.’‘I’m ok master, I wasn’t expecting it to start from the first few minutes like that, I was hoping to start it in private, that’s all!’‘You’re my slave, I wanted you to realise this immediately, you are my property from now on, you are not a person, but a dog, you are my obedient and loyal dog. Agreed?’‘Yes master, I am your loyal dog.’‘Good slave, now remove your T-shirt, shorts and boxers, completely, and show me how much you love and worship me.’I couldn’t argue, I had just told him I was his loyal dog, fuck, what have I done? I looked at him with innocent eyes, like I was begging him, I didn’t say anything, but he raised his eyebrows and clenched his fist tight on the wheel, so I just did it, I was naked in his car, with a plug in my ass, and a cage on my cock. Then I remembered he wanted to be worshipped. I lent over and began massaging his already big bulge in his shorts, I kissed the bulge.“Take it out, suck it slave.”It was big, really big, 9 plus inches of thick meat, I licked the head of his big, thick cock, I had never taken such a big cock before, it was more the thickness that worried me, this was going to hurt. I started taking him in my mouth, licking his meaty cock, using my hands to massage the base, twisting my head as I go down on him deeper and deeper. The smell of his cock and crotch was intoxicating, so masculine, was it true that Muslim men are really stronger and better? I was already addicted, but was struggling to go deeper down my throat. I didn’t realise but we escort bursa had stopped, we were in traffic, he pushed my head down with so much force and strength and at the same time thrust upwards hard, there was a pop and his cock was going down the back of my throat.I was trying to relax, but those first moments always give me panic, calm, stay calm, control your breathing, finally as he thrust deeper and deeper, I calmed down and trusted him. Fuck I was in heaven, I gave up, and let him use my throat, I was dizzy, lost, dazed, completely obedient, passive and felt like I was having an out of body experience, I was realised I was lacking oxygen. His big, thick cock was so deep inside me! He thrust harder, deeper, it felt like hours but was probably 5 to 10 minutes of being used like this, before I had my first taste of his cum. He shot his load in my mouth, and it was huge, he shot load after loud into my mouth. As he was cumming, he was making the most amazing of noises, a grunt, snort, shout, and it was mesmerising. My throat was sore, I was naked, my mouth was full of his cum and we were in his car on a busy public road stuck in traffic!!!!‘Do not swallow yet slave, look at me’. I looked up at him, my mouth was full of cum, my face was bright red with the exertion, I was in love, I was his and at this moment, I truly realised that this was my fate. ‘You are mine now, in the apartment, you will be naked all the time, you will wear a cock cage and plug in your ass, you will wear what I tell you and do exactly what I say? Nod that you accept this’ I nodded. ‘ Good, now swallow my strong and powerful semen.’I swallowed every last drop, I was his and we hadn’t even left the car and got to the apartment yet! What is going to happen next? I honestly don’t care, I have given up my rights, I will do everything he tells me to do. My master is my god and I worship him. These next few days will be fun.

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