My New Castle Ch. 2

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After that night, David and I were together all the time. He helped me close on my house and gathered friends to help with the move. He was very sweet about all the indecision I had when finally faced with my own house. One thing I knew I wanted was to make love in every room, and we did. We couldn’t stop touching and loving each other, and it was fine with me. He was charming, intelligent and funny. We had so much fun, whatever we did.

The house shaped up nicely, and quickly became HOME to us. Sometimes, I would stop and consider my life and wonder how anyone could be as lucky as me. I had a wonderful job, good friends, my new house and now, the perfect man. We seemed perfectly matched in so many ways, including our sex life. One day, I was thinking about David and had to giggle…I had found Mr. Wright! He made me so happy.

We slept every night together, wrapped around each other, skin touching skin. We made love daily, sometimes even meeting at lunch time for a quickie, because the day seemed too long. I was deliriously happy and content.

One night, we curled up together and watched a movie, laughing and kissing, enjoying the sensation of being together and knowing we had found the one person that destiny had planned for us. I knew we were really meant to be here, to be a couple, and that knowledge made me hurt with love for David. I found myself blurting it out, being the first to say it! It was followed by the longest 30 seconds of my life, then he thanked me and kissed my nose. We did not make love that night. We held each other and kissed and touched and admired, but never went beyond that.

We fell fethiye escort asleep holding each other, my head in the perfect little niche in his shoulder, made just for me. I know I went to sleep with an idiotic smile on my face, I was so incredibly happy. My dreams were all about David. I dreamed we danced, so gracefully and beautifully. We were dressed in fancy clothes, my evening dress long and soft and sparkly. He was wearing a tux, with tails. Everyone stopped to watch us, twirling and gliding around the dance floor. I was small in his arms, my dress whirling out from me and then wrapping around our legs. He was so tall and elegant looking, leading me gently and expertly around the floor.

Then, I saw us walking in the park outside his office building, holding hands and playing like kids. We climbed on the slide and came down together, his legs around me. I sat on the swing and he pushed me up to the heavens, catching me when I became earthbound. We even rode the merry-go-round, with David running alongside and making it go so fast and then jumping onboard.

Suddenly, as dreams do, the scene shifted. I was naked and i couldn’t see David anywhere. It was so dark, yet I wasn’t afraid. I felt very safe. And sexy. In my dream, I was being massaged by a dozen hands, touched by a dozen tongues. My nipples were hard knots, aching and throbbing. A mouth covered one, slowly licking it and then pulling gently on it, just rough enough to make me moan and arch my back. This mouth moved back and forth, from one peak to the other, pulling my sweet, brown nipples between the warmest lips I had ever felt.

The dream melted into reality, escort fethiye and I began to waken. Lying beside me was my sweet David, his face near me, his mouth hungrily sucking on my right breast. His hands were moving slowly over my body, touching me lightly and lovingly. I decided to pretend to sleep, to enjoy this surprise adventure. I turned to my side and David fitted himself against me, his face level with my breasts, his mouth happily suckling me. I could hear his moans of satisfaction as he sucked deeply on my hard, bumply nipple. Occasionally, he would rub his scratchy beard on the sensitive skin, an incredibly sensuous feeling. His hand rested lightly on my hip, which had begun moving, thrusting, seeking on its own volition. I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of his wet, needy mouth attached to my breast. Being in total darkness made the entire experience even more erotic. With his hand on my hip, the only other point of contact was his mouth. I felt charged with electricity, the strands of desire running through my body. I could feel myself swelling open, I could feel the moisture gathering and spilling from my pinkness. I longed for him to touch me there, yet almost hoped he wouldn’t.

The sensation of David nursing on my engorged nipples was incredible. I heard the sounds of a ravaging mouth, the wetness and suction, the sighs from him as he pulled my dark brown nipple deep into his mouth. His tongue circled and laved, sliding over my puffy areola, making me ache with desire. I heard my nipple pop from his mouth, then felt him attach to the other nipple, sucking it with such need. I tried to stay fethiye escort bayan still, to just appreciate his touch, but I found myself arching my back to him, pressing myself against his face. I could feel the heat gathering in my deepest self, felt the sensations focusing there. My legs were alive with the gathering desires. I had the fleeting thought that this was how an orgasm started, but could not believe it was happening like this.

My toes tingled, my legs were locking, the heat was gathering. I felt my pussy tighten, the pre-orgasm pulsing begin. His mouth was working hungrily, sucking me and even nipping occasionally. I heard myself begin to moan, to sigh. His mouth was so warm and wet, so inviting. He sucked with abandon now, no longer fearing awakening me. The constant suction was making my body throb. Fleetingly, I thought he should touch me NOW, touch me THERE, but he didn’t. He just continued his hungry nursing, his face buried in my soft breasts.

I knew what was happening, but could not believe it. I had never had an orgasm that did not involve my clit, my pussy. Yet, here I was, racing toward a fantastic one. I was holding my breath, waiting for the wave to overtake me, to overwhelm me. He stopped long enough to tell me to let go, take it and enjoy it. Then his mouth returned to my throbbing, hard nipple, once again pulling it deeply into his warmth. I felt it then, the wave that washed over me, making me throb and tearing a growl from my throat.

He continued sucking, holding on to my breast through the entire deep spasm. I clutched his head to me and let myself go, feeling the pulsations fill my body and control me. As the orgasm lessened, I was able to loosen my hold on David, and relax against the pillow once again. He brought his face to mine for a deep kiss and whispered, “I love you, Rebecca.”

To Be Continued…

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