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MY PANTYHOSE FETISH CONTINUES TO GROW PART 5My pantyhose fetish grows as does my hot play with Nick… PART 5Once we arrived home to my house, I slipped my jeans back on before I exited the car. Inside the house I was quick to strip out of them again. My parents would not be home until sometime tomorrow afternoon which left Nick and I plenty of time for more pantyhose adventures. I told Nick I would call my parents at my grandmother’s house later to find out when they would be leaving and I could expect them home. In the meantime, Nick and I had at least until late morning tomorrow to play. Nick and I both headed upstairs with our bags. Nick went to the guestroom and I to my room. Nick must have simply dropped his bag because he was in the doorway to my room within minutes. I began pulling clothes from my bag and opening drawers to put them into. Funny thing was I ended up not wearing most of what I had taken.I ended up still having 15 pair of pantyhose in the bag. I pulled them out and sat them on the bed as I stuffed undershirts and pajamas into drawers. Nick walked in and sat on the extra bed as he watched me. “Huh, you packed so many and we only used one pair. I think its time I get a little rougher with your pantyhose. What do you think about that?” he asked. I told him I guessed it was okay as long as he wasn’t being mean to me. “Awe, of course not Buddy. Just taking our play up a notch” he said. Nick kicked his shoes off then began to peal his socks off. He stood, unfastened his jeans, and stepped out of them. Reaching toward the pile of pantyhose he asked me to hand him a pair but had a pair in his left hand before I could hand him a pair. He pulled his briefs off then unfurled the folded pantyhose. Holding them in front of him, he half asked, “I guess it doesn’t matter what the front is does it?” He began to gather up some of the length of leg and pulled it over his left foot. Nick asked “Well, am I doing it right?” I told him he was as he began to gather the other leg. “I’ve seen you do it enough, I should be able to put them on.” When he had the pantyhose over his knees Nick stood and began to inch them up his legs. He was pulling more firmly than one should and I told him “Don’t pull so hard.” As he stretched the pantyhose over the tops of his thighs the nylon was stretched taut. He was unable to get the crotch area to fit snug. It rode about two or three inches below his nuts. “Well that’s it. They aren’t going up any further. See, my thighs are too big for pantyhose.” I looked Nick up and down, nearly salivating. He looked so sexy in the black sheer to waist pantyhose. His cock was flat against his abdomen but semi-hard. “Okay, let’s go downstairs and watch some television. Before long it will be time for some dinner” he said.We proceeded down to the recreation room where I turned on the television. Nick lay across the sofa, propping himself up with its pillows and I joined him at the other end. “What are you doing down there? You’re all mine until tomorrow. Get up here.” I gingerly crawled over Nick and lay in front of him as we spooned on the sofa. The feel of pantyhose against pantyhose was amazing and we both commented about it nearly at the same time. From time to time Nick would slide his right hand up and down my right leg or place his hand on my crotch and gingerly tease me through the sheer nylon of my hose.After having watched television for some time we agreed we were both hungry and thirsty. We went upstairs to see what we wanted to eat. Nick looked so sexy standing at the kitchen counter wearing only his flannel shirt and pantyhose. I poured us both something to drink as he finished preparing our plates. I sat at the table and watched Nick as he walked across the kitchen. I noticed he had quickly developed runs in his pantyhose. He had a thin run under his right foot which had traveled several inches up the back of his calf as well as a run on the top of his right foot. As he approached the table I noted that it looked as if his big toe may eventually burst through the seam of the pantyhose as that is where the small hole was. I said nothing about it to Nick but found it amusing that he had done little in the way of physical activity and yet he had already run his hose.After we ate we cleaned up and then I ran upstairs for a moment. Nick soon appeared and said “Awe, isn’t that sweet. Are you brushing your teeth for me?” I nodded yes as I continued to brush. Nick was soon beside me doing the same. When we finished we headed back to the recreation room and lay on the sofa while watching a movie. Nick’s hand slid up and down my legs from time to time and I could feel the semi-hardness of his cock as it was pressed firmly against my hosed ass. Occasionally I too would run my hand over his leg as he buried his face in my hair and sniffed it.Having slept on the floor the night before, I did not get a great night’s sleep and was afraid I would be tired and ready for bed before Nick was ready to play around so I began to get frisky with Nick in hopes of getting him aroused. I got up from the sofa and headed into the bathroom. I didn’t need to use it though. It was just an excuse to get up. When I exited and walked across the recreation room I stood watching the television for a moment then looked down at my legs and began to run my hands over them to smooth out my pantyhose. I lifted my right foot in front of me and pointed my toes while I looked over my stocking clad leg, then did the same thing with my right leg. Nick said “Looking good Bud, come on over here.” I turned and smiled then said “Why don’t you catch me first” as I ran up the stairs to the first floor then ran up the second flight of stairs to my room. I heard Nick chuckle then say “Oh! So that’s how it is going to be” as he chased after me. Nick purposely let me get to my room minutes before him. Once he entered he found me lying across my bed waiting for him.He approached the side of the bed and began to sit down. His pantyhose were stretched to their limit across his thighs and ass. Once he was seated a few spaghetti thin runs developed in the center seam and ran down the inside of his thighs. Nick said “See, I told you. My legs are just too big for them.” It was at this point that he noticed the run on the top of his right foot. “What the hell, when did I do that?” he asked. Leaning forward, Nick began kissing me. I began running my fingers through his hair, then over his shoulders as the intensity of our kissing increased. Nick stood for a moment then climbed onto the bed. He looked down at me and smiled as I smiled back in anticipation of his next move. He spread his legs, pinning mine between them as he began to lower himself on top of me. His sarıyer escort pantyhose had had enough of his torment. We both heard the unmistakable sound of nylon ripping as I witnessed the crotch area of Nick’s pantyhose burst open. He didn’t stop to look, but lay on top of me.“Well that’s definitely the end of these pantyhose. I feel runs going up my ass and down the inside of my right leg” he said. Fortunately, his cock was still confined within the pantyhose and he slowly bucked his hips to rub his cock against mine. The feel of our nylon cocks rubbing against one another was arousing to say the least. Nick began to kiss and lick my neck and ears which caused me to giggle and squeal with delight and only encouraged him to continue doing so. I wanted badly to wrap my legs around his waist but he had me trapped under him. I knew I’d have to wait a while for that to happen. Nick wanted to dominate me for a while and “play” with me as his toy and naturally I was a willing playmate.I loved how I felt “trapped” beneath Nick’s body. He was muscular, strong and masculine. He was everything I wasn’t and I loved how he held it over me. He didn’t do so in a mocking manner, it was just the way it was and he was pleased that I adored him that way. Nick continued to slowly grind his rigid, yet confined cock against my abdomen as he kissed and nuzzled on my neck. By now his five o’clock shadow was beginning to fill in nicely so he was careful not to rub it too harshly against me. He began to gently suck on my neck but said he had second thoughts about continuing as he didn’t want to leave any suck marks on me. Our lips again found one another and we resumed kissing, sometimes tenderly and other times quite passionately. I really got into it and ran my hands all over his back and shoulders and through his hair.Nick sat up and pulled my legs out from under him. He held them both up and kissed the soles of my feet, then my toes. Nick began sucking the toes of both my hosed feet simultaneously. I loved watching my toes disappear inside his mouth to then feel the warmth of his hot tongue roll over them and his teeth gently bite down in an effort to elicit a response from me. He removed my toes from his mouth for a moment and when he did, I placed their soles atop his shoulders. With them pressed firmly against him I slid them down his chest and belly. “Hum, that nylon feels so good!” he sighed. I drew my feet back to Nick’s shoulders then quickly clapped the soles of them against his face. Nick clasped my ankles then rubbed the bottoms of my feet against his face. I loved the sensation of his now slightly scratchy beard against my feet.Still holding my legs, Nick lowered them to his crotch and began to firmly rub them against his hard cock. The nylon on nylon was slick and felt sexy. With his left hand Nick took hold of the center seam and gave it a hard tug. It easily broke, freeing his hard cock. It bounced forth and slapped the bottom of my feet. It was such a naughty sight! Slowly, Nick began to fuck the bottoms of my stocking feet. As he progressed, he pushed their soles firmly against his hard member and pumped his aching cock furiously while moaning and grunting. “Damn! I love fucking your stinky pantyhose feet!” he grunted then winked.Suddenly a thought raced through my mind. I’d never done it before and it always had been such a fleeting thought that it had not previously fully registered? In any case, it did register now. I had an overwhelming desire and curiosity to experience being fucked. Not just anyone would do though. It had to be Nick. I trusted him and felt sure he was the right one to attempt this with. I let the idea or fantasy of it play out in my mind a little longer. Could I handle Nick? I wondered. I wasn’t worried about him taking advantage of the situation. My reservation was the thickness of his cock and him pushing that thing into my tight virgin ass. I suddenly became aware of Nick saying “Earth to Michael, you okay? Where did you go?” I laughed and replied that I was okay. He said “Dude you were staring right at me but no one was home for a minute or two. You kind of freaked me out!” Again, I assured Nick that I was okay. I began to scrunch my toes against Nick’s horny cock as he fucked my hosed feet. “Oh hell yeah Baby! I love that! I love watching your toes wiggle under the nylon. That’s so hot.”Suddenly, I blurted “Why don’t you just FUCK me in my pantyhose!” Nick’s face turned red as he tried not to laugh. I’d completely caught him off guard. “What the hell? What did you just say to me?” I didn’t answer but decided to play dumb for fear I had angered Nick. “Michael, what did you say? Did you just ask me to fuck you? You’re not ready yet. I ought to fuck you up is what I ought to do. Put you over my knee and tear your ass up with my hand.” “Why do you got to be so mean?” I shouted back at him. “Why are you making fun of me?” “Fuck! I’m not being mean or making fun of you. You just aren’t ready. You may think you are but I know you aren’t. I don’t want to hurt you Bud.” I took a breath then said “Well it’s my ass and I want to at least try.” Nick snorted with laughter as he shook his head from side to side. “You little Shit! It’s my fucking cock!” By now I was slowly moving toward Nick. I began to run my hands over his shoulders and through his chest hair as I gently pleaded “Please Nick, please can we try, please, please.” I pressed my forehead against his and glared into his eyes. “Please, please? If it hurts we’ll stop” I said. “Oh it’s going to fucking hurt! It’s going to hurt like nothing you’ve ever felt before. You won’t enjoy it. You’ll scream, cry and could be hurt bad” Nick grunted in a defiant tone. There it was, Nick had made his declaration and I had no choice but to accept it.I was disappointed but also knew not to act like a brat about it. I knew it wasn’t personal and that “someday” it would happen. If I behaved like a jerk I risked pissing Nick off and him ending our play. “Hey you! I’ve got an idea. I’ll be back in a minute!” Nick jumped up from the bed and ducked into the bathroom. As he walked back into the bedroom I looked him over. His pantyhose were destroyed. The nylon on his right ass check was a huge run, there were several runs down the back of his right thigh and the inside of the thigh was also a huge run down to his knee. The left front of the panty contained a run up to the waistband from when he had ripped the seam. “I know, I know, I fucked up your pantyhose. It’s not like you’ll miss a pair or a hundred for that matter.”Nick took his place on the bed again and motioned for me to lie on my side. He lay beside me and we began to spoon. I looked over esenyurt escort my left shoulder and saw that he had brought the Vaseline with him. He placed it between us and began to nuzzle my neck while he probed the center seam of my hose with his left hand. Slowly, Nick became more determined to probe my ass crack through the nylon. I was enjoying the feel of his two fingers tracing up and down the length of the seam. Finally, Nick pushed his fingers firmly between my cheeks. He hooked his fingers in the nylon and tugged it firmly. His fingertips tore through the nylon. Nick removed his fingers but only for a moment. He retrieved the Vaseline and dipped his ring and index fingers into the jar. He then returned his fingers to the hole in my pantyhose. He began to push them through the hole but it was a bit of a tight fit around his knuckles so he hooked his thumb inside the hole and pulled hard on the nylon until he had exposed my ass.He began pushing his fingers through the crack in my ass until he was at my hot little hole. He ever so slightly raked the tip of his index finger across my sphincter and it drove me insane with lust and a desire for me. He rubbed with a little more pressure and I let out a soft sigh. “Oh! Oh what is this? I think he likes it!” Immediately, I blushed. “Don’t be bashful now Baby. This is what you wanted” he whispered into my left ear. Nick continued teasing my little asshole until the Vaseline began to melt. Now, his fingers were very slick as they raked my ass crack and sphincter. “You ready to try one Buddy?” he asked. “Uh yeah” was all I could muster between my soft little sighs and pants. I think I was somewhat embarrassed that I had overwhelmingly become completely submissive to Nick. At that moment, the sun rose and set on him and I never wanted the moment to come to and end.Slowly and deliberately, Nick began to push his index finger against my virgin hole. I took in a deep breath and unknowingly held it. “No, no Bud. Let it out and just breathe normally” he coached me. An overwhelming sense of sexual gratification immediately took hold of my body once Nick’s finger had penetrated to his first knuckle. Just the sensation that his finger was inside me, invading me, was beyond my wildest dreams. “You okay? You want more?” Nick asked. “Yes, push it in, push it in. Slowly, Nick continued pushing his finger into my hungry hole. A few seconds later I said “More, push more in.” Nick chuckled and said “It’s already in all the way. Just relax a second.” We lay together, spooning with Nick’s hard cock resting against the back of my legs while his left finger penetrated my hole. Once Nick felt I had become accustomed to his fleshy probe he began to slide it in and out which instantly caused the moaning and panting to return. Nick could not help but laugh. I gently pushed my ass toward Nick. “Oh! He likes it! Hey Mikey! You want more?” he asked. “Mmm, yes!” I panted. Nick began finger fucking my little hole slowly. He was sure to prime it well as he pulled his finger all the way out then slowly reinserted it. It drove me crazy and I loved every bit of it! Nick pulled his index finger out then began to insert his middle finger. I was surprised that I could ascertain it was thicker though it couldn’t have been much more so. Nick buried his finger in my ass then slowly rotated it. “OH!” I shrieked. “What the fuck!? Did I hurt you?” he asked. Between pants I told Nick that he had not hurt me but that when he twisted his finger it felt fantastic. Nick smiled and kissed me on the mouth then asked if I was ready for two fingers at once.Nick’s fingers met my glossy hole at the same time. “Here goes” he whispered as he began to slowly push them in. I was able to receive them together without difficulty. Once Nick had reached his second knuckle I couldn’t mistake that my ass had been filled. His fingers felt thick and invading. They didn’t hurt; it just felt like I had something large inside me. Nick gave me a few seconds to become used to two fingers before proceeding any further. He asked “You like that? Does my Boy like being finger fucked in his pantyhose?” Nick pushed the remaining length of his fingers into my ass as he ground his hard cock against my hosed legs. Before Nick could ask me, he slowly began turning his fingers clockwise and then counter clockwise. “Oh damn! My body is betraying me in front of him. I can’t control my body.” I felt as if I was electrified from head to toe. Kissing on me and still grinding his cock against my legs Nick said “Oh, you little stinky footed pantyhose boy! You are so hot for Nick aren’t you?” I reached up and ran my hand through Nick’s hair as I shook my head yes. Nick began to slowly pull his fingers out then slowly push them back in. Nick was breaking down my barriers. I couldn’t help myself but shriek “OH SHIT!” Nick laughed “Fuck, your ass is mine now.” He leaned against my ear and growled “Wolf man owns stinky footed pantyhose boy now. You are mine!” With my fingers still in Nick’s long black curls he continued to finger fuck me. Nothing brutal or too rapid, simple, nice and quick “strokes” in and out. Definitely finger fucking by anyone’s definition.Nick brought his right hand around to my crotch and began to diddle then stroke my nylon clad cock as he fucked me. I could take it no more; he had worked me to a level where I felt as if I would explode. Suddenly, I began to buck, moan and pant wildly. “Oh yeah Baby! Cum in those fucking pantyhose for me Michael. Come on Michael, DO IT!” Nick ordered. I let out a long guttural gasp as the final tremor shook through my body. A small amount of cum had erupted from my cock. I was embarrassed that it wasn’t more but Nick assured me I shouldn’t be embarrassed and that it was normal. He said “A dry cum can still be hot as fuck. Dude you felt it all through your body!” He was correct. I felt as if I had left my body and was floating on air.Nick sat up then knelt at the foot of the bed. He raised me up on all fours and said “Throw that pantyhose wearing ass at me!” He came up behind me and began thrusting his raging cock against my Vaseline slickened ass crack. “Fuck me! That ass feels so damned good with the Vaseline Baby!” Holding my hips firmly, Nick slid his hard cock back and forth frantically. His breathing was rapid and I sensed he was moments from cumming. “Awe FUCK, here it comes Buddy! Catch your man’s cum! Grr! Grr!” Nick growled as I felt his hot seed escape his piss slit and splash against my newly invaded hole. “Oh yeah! Fuck that little pantyhose ass!” he grunted. I sensed Nick’s thick, hot man juice hitting against my hole and landing on my lower back. Every twitch of his avrupa yakası escort sexy man meat was felt by me from my head to my toes. As the last of Nick’s sweet man juice was exiting his cock he grabbed me around the waist and held me tight. “Ugh! Ugh!” he grunted as he tried to squeeze his cock and balls dry by squeezing me tight against them. Finally, we fell together on the bed with Nick lying on top of me. We lay like that for a few moments as Nick kissed the nape of my neck. I could feel his perspiration on me everywhere his skin touched mine and it was glorious. We dozed off for what seemed like a long time but when we were jostled Nick said we hadn’t been asleep more than 10 minutes.“Okay, let’s clean up” Nick ordered. He rose from the bed and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. “I wrecked these didn’t I” he said perusing his damaged pantyhose. With a simple tug, Nick broke the waistband then grabbed handfuls of nylon and tore the pantyhose free from his body. It was quite an erotic site. I stood and before I could slip my pantyhose off Nick had me spin around in front of him. “Only two runs down the backs of your legs but Boy, do you have cum all over your ass!” he said laughing. Come here, those are mine, let me slip them off. Nick slipped my pantyhose off then led me to the bathroom. We enjoyed an extended hot shower and soaped each other repeatedly while kissing and playing with one another. Once we finished, Nick helped me dry off. Back in the bedroom, I picked up Nick’s worn t-shirt and pulled it on. It was too big for me but I didn’t care because it had his sexy scent all over it. The shirt fell at the top of my thighs and was perfect for wearing with pantyhose. He had me put a pair of off-black pantyhose on as he dried off. “Mmm, that’s sexy. I like seeing you wear my shirt while you have your pantyhose on.” I asked “Nick, I want a pair of pantyhose that you have worn too.” Nick smiled and said “I’m really rough on them. How about I put a pair on when we go to bed and in the morning I’ll give them too you?” “Okay, that would be awesome!” I answered back.We went downstairs and while Nick got drinks and snacks together I telephoned my parents. Mom answered and asked how things were. I told here that the move had gone off without any problems and that Nick and I were fine. She said the funeral was nice and that she was looking forward to seeing me. I asked what time they would be home and she said “Well, we are going to leave early because it’s a Sunday and your Dad said traffic will be heavy all day. We hope to be home by two. We chatted a few minutes longer then said our goodbyes. When I hung up the telephone I told Nick that my parents would be home between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. We stared at each other for a moment then Nick said “To be safe, I think we should cool it tomorrow. Nick was right but I wished he wasn’t.After a little television and our snacks, Nick and I headed upstairs. We brushed our teeth then Nick led me to the guestroom. He picked me up and tossed me into the bed as I squealed with delight. Just as he was about to climb into the bed Nick said “Oh, I nearly forgot.” He exited the room and went into my room. He returned holding a pair of black pantyhose. He sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled the pantyhose on. He took my left hand and placed it on his right thigh. “Feel that. Feel how tight that is. This is a disaster waiting to happen” he quipped. Nick carefully climbed into the bed, pulled the covers up then pulled me toward him. We kissed and said goodnight then drifted off to sleep.I awoke at 8:30 a.m. well rested and feeling as if I could climb or jump a mountain. I slipped out of bed and left Nick sleeping. Half an hour later, I heard Nick calling for me. I went up to the room and he instructed me to peel his pantyhose off if I wanted them before they got ruined. I peeled his hose off and ran down to the kitchen with them. I dug out a plastic sandwich bag and dropped the hose inside then ran back up the stairs to my room. Nick finally caught me and asked “What’s going on?” I showed him that I had bagged the pantyhose he had worn and he smiled and said he did the same with my worn hose. Nick quickly dressed and together we went to the kitchen to get breakfast.I was still wearing Nick’s v-neck undershirt and my pantyhose. I did not want to remove his shirt and tried to tuck it into my jeans but there was just too much fabric so I reluctantly removed it, folded it and placed it at the foot of my bed. I pulled on a sweater and slipped a pair of jeans on over my hose then went down to the kitchen. After breakfast, Nick suggested we take a walk through the woods and along the river bank.An hour later, we went in and plopped down on the sofa in the recreation room. Nick kicked off his shoes, stretched out on the floor and began to channel surf. I followed his lead and kicked off my shoes then slipped off my jeans. Nick pulled pillows from the sofa and propped his head while he lay on his back. I got down on the floor then climbed on top of him. Nick spread his legs slightly and I lay between them with my head on his chest as we watched television. From time to time we both ran our hands through each other’s hair. From time to time Nick would rake his hand down my back stopping at my sheer clad ass. He’d let his hand rest on my cheeks before squeezing and saying “Your little ass in pantyhose in so sweet and now it belongs to me!”Soon it was 1:15 p.m. and my parent’s had not arrived home yet but Nick was concerned about me being hose legged so he asked me to put my jeans on. I slipped them on but resumed lying on top of him. Finally, at 1:40 we heard the front door open. Nick said “Quick, kiss me.” Our lips locked in a quick but passionate kiss then I stood up and he followed. We started upstairs to greet my parents.They were both relieved to be home and thanked Nick for helping out. They said they were somewhat hungry and were thinking about going out for dinner shortly and invited Nick to go with us. I was thrilled when he accepted and an hour or so later we went out for Chinese. After dinner, Nick drove off for home.That night, as I was readying for bed, I discovered that I still had Nick’s worn t-shirt. It still retained a strong aroma of him so I emptied a dresser drawer and tucked it inside until I could find a large plastic bag to place it in. I vowed to myself that the next time Nick and I were together I would obtain a just worn pair of his underwear. If it meant I would have to beg him for them, so be it. I imagined it would probably turn him on hearing my pleas for his briefs. Mom said she was too tired to bother with doing laundry and that she would do it Monday. Once my parents were asleep I crept into the guestroom and slipped into bed. I lay my head on Nick’s pillow and deeply inhaled his scent. I ended up not sleeping well that night. I woke up often and upon doing so I inhaled Nick’s pillow. All night I dreamt about what my next “play date” with Nick would be like.

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