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I was simply burned out and needed a break from everything. I had graduated from college two years ago and hadn’t taken a vacation since I started working. The summer was a slow time of the year for my company and my boss also knew I’d been working like a dog. I was granted an entire month of vacation for, as my boss put it, my “mental well-being.” I wasn’t sure what I’d do for a month. Since I already lived in a warm climate all year around I didn’t really want to go to the Caribbean or Hawaii. I started to think Alaska might be good spot to go, but I wanted to do something really exciting. I finally decided that I would go visit the family for a week and then set off on a road trip. I thought about going with some old high school buddies but none of them could get off work for long enough. Instead I decided I would drive from my hometown on the east coast all the way to California…alone. I didn’t want to carefully map out my route. I just wanted to go West and worry about making turns when I was faced with turns.

I did decide I would stop and see friends along the way if I felt inclined to take the route to wherever they were scattered throughout the country. Instead I would just clear my head, stay in motels along the way and see parts of the country I wouldn’t normally see. This was going to be fun I thought. I wanted to meet new people, come home with stories for my friends and be involved in memorable adventures…whatever they could be.

After spending a week with family and friends in my hometown, I got in my car with a suitcase, loaded up some CD’s in my six-disk changer and set out for the West Coast. I was planning on getting out there in 10 days or so, spending about 3 or 4 days there and spend no more than a week driving back to where I lived. My cross-country trip was something I had always dreamed about doing. I did always want it to be with my friends but I didn’t know when the opportunity would come along again so I just went for it! I had it in my mind when I got back to start having a “mind for marriage” as my father called it. I wanted to go out, meet women while always asking the question in my head, could she be the one? Maybe it was a good strategy, maybe it wasn’t…but I wanted to settle down with a family in the next 5 years. Maybe I would sow some wild oats on this trip!

I got on the interstate heading west and just drove for a few hours until I crossed the state line. Then on a whim I just decided to take a right turn and head north for an hour and then got back on track heading west on a small highway.

Who knew where I was going and who cared? It was so relaxing to me being in my car alone with music playing…just thinking. I thought about life, what I had done and what I had wanted to accomplish. I thought about my career but I mostly thought about getting the opportunity to meet my one and only. I thought about the kind of person I wanted. I wanted someone like me: smart, sexual, innocent on the outside and dirty in the bedroom. I always had dirty, evil, sexual thoughts running through my head. I thought to myself I should try to fuck a person every stop I made. I thought it would be exciting to experience people from all over to see how different they were. I guess that was going to be my plan…experience and fuck the country.

I ended up stopping in some pretty far out, unusual places on my trip. I also ended up meeting some pretty interesting women. I had experiences unlike I ever had before. I’ll just share a couple of those before I get to the big one.

Morgantown was the first major city I stopped in. One of my teachers in college had spent a year there and told me to check out all the college bars near the University. I checked into a hotel on top of this cliff and took a cab downtown. The driver had a huge hick accent and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying so I just said “take me to where there’s a lot of pussy.”

The driver dropped me outside of a place that looked like a warehouse called the “Periodic Table.” I walked inside the door and up a ramp to get to the main part of the club. School was out of session for the summer so I didn’t know who I could expect to see there. I walked in to booming music and a cloud full of a smoke clubs shoot out onto the dance floor. No joke, I walked out onto the dance floor and girls were grabbing me. I was amazed. These girls looked great…many of them were blondes or many of them had great bodies. For being in a club that you couldn’t see very well in, knowing there were good looking chicks was enough for me.

I walked over to the bar, which was off to the side a bit and downed a few shots within 10 minutes while having a beer to wash everything down with. I wanted to get drunk and get drunk fast so I could feel uninhibited out on the dance floor. About a half hour later I was feeling it so I made my way toward the abyss, aka, the dance floor. I walked into the huge plume of smoke and had quite an trabzon escort adventure.

I again felt hands grabbing at me. The second time I felt hands I stopped and turned to face what I made out to be a tall, really skinny blond girl with a silver outfit on. She was almost camouflaged into the cloud of smoke. She immediately groped me and came near my ear and said “I’m Megan.” No more than five seconds after I heard those words we were making out. We were both touching each other all over.

A few minutes later I put my mouth next to her ear and said “where are you from cutie.”

“Indiana…A small town 45 minutes from here. You’re not from around here are you.” She didn’t even let me answer as she began sucking my lips again. This time however she got a little more bold and started rubbing the bulge in my pants. I returned the favor and felt underneath her dress. She was fairly moist until I pushed her panties aside and rubbed my finger on her clit. She went wild.

The great thing about this was nobody could see what was going on unless you bumped into someone and were really concentrating on what they were doing. As I was fingering Megan I felt the zipper on my jeans ripped down. Megan felt inside and took my raging cock out with her hand still wrapped around it. She started jerking it off and then got down on her knees.

I could sense people walked right by me. I even felt a few brush up against me as Megan took me into her mouth. She had one hand around my cock and the her mouth over the other half. This skinny beauty was engorging my fat dick. Megan gave me great head. It was only a matter of moments before I could feel my balls tighten and huge load ready to shoot out. Megan started sucking and jerking harder. I was getting off as much on what she was doing to me as I was knowing people were seeing what was going on. Out of the corner of my eye I could see another couple standing right behind Megan. They looked blurry but I could tell they were staring and while making out with one another at the same time.

All of a sudden my cock started spasming and I shot thick ropes of my sticky white juice out of my wand into Megan’s waiting mouth. I held on to her head as the cum continued spurting out of me. I felt so relieved but I wondered if Megan would swallow this generous helping I gave her or spit it out. Well it was answer B for Megan. I could feel the cum come out of her mouth back onto my cock and dripping down onto the dance floor. It was kind of gross but kind of hot in a way knowing people would walk through my cum.

After I was done and she was done spitting most of it out she ran off I’m assuming to the bathroom. That was the last I saw of Megan for the rest of the night. I zipped up and went to the bar to do a few more shots. I figured I wasn’t going to get it up for the rest of the time I was there anyway so a little more alcohol wouldn’t do any damage. Little did I know I would be wrong.

I made my second trip out onto the dance floor. It took a little longer this time but another hand reached out and grabbed me. This time it was on my butt and she wouldn’t let go. I could feel my muscular ass tighten as this hot looking, tan brunette grabbed it and pulled. I was immediately face to face with her. I told her my name into her ear and she leaned up to mine and responded, “I’m Jasmine.”

“Hi hun…where are you from” I asked her. She told me the same place Megan had told me. Were these girls just let out of prison…had they been locked up for a prolonged period making them horny? I didn’t ask and I didn’t really care. Jasmine leaned into me again and started making out with me. Her tongue wildly perused the inner depths of my mouth and we were locked for a good 15 minutes.

Then, almost as if she was taking a cue from someone, Jasmine reached down and started fondling my dick. I didn’t get hard immediately because I had already cum 20 minutes before and had alcohol in me. Luckily I didn’t break the seal yet so peeing every 10 minutes wouldn’t interrupt me. I was able to get hard again as she continued rubbing furiously.

When Jasmine got it all hard she undid the zipper like her fellow townswoman and started jerking. I was wondering if I’d be getting head again when I reached inside her tight jeans and forced my hand down between her legs. It was like a pool down there. If I was dehydrated all I would have to do was stick my face between her legs and I’d be cured. She was damp like your shirt would be if you stood outside in a thunderstorm.

Jasmine then did something unexpected. She leaned up into my ear and said “I need you to fuck me…follow me.” I kept wondering if she really said that or I misinterpreted her through all the loud music. But she ended up putting my cock back in my pants, zipping up (which is an adventure with a hard cock) and leading me away from the dance floor.

We ended up in the back of the bar in a dark secluded trabzon escort bayan staircase. It is hard to describe but it was almost a combination of a ladder and staircase off to the side that lead to an attic. It was far enough down the hallway that someone would have to walk over to see. Anyway, Jasmine and I went to this staircase/ladder and started going at it hard. I sucked her neck, pulled her jeans down and immediately shoved two fingers up her wet cunt. She moaned out in pleasure as she undid my jeans for the second time in 20 minutes. I was semi-hard from having to zip up again but got hard in no time. She was again stroking my cock while I was sucking as much of her body as I could.

Then I grabbed her small body with her jeans around her ankles, leaned back against this staircase with my feet on the bottom step and lifted Jasmine onto my cock. Looking back I was stupid for not using protection…but as you’ll later find out protection is worse than no protection on my trip. Jasmine rode my cock with her legs hanging down on mine. She was tighter than usual because her jeans were still around her ankles and she couldn’t spread her legs that wide open. I loved the feel of how tight she was though. She rode me and was moaning gently like she hadn’t done this in years. The way the girls from this town were acting tonight, she hadn’t.

I grabbed her hips harder and shoved her down harder onto my hard cock. Jasmine flipped her head back and started moaning louder, “OH GOD FUCK ME…FUCK MY CUNT YOU STUD…MMMMMMM.” I fucked her alright. I fucked her harder every time words would come out of her mouth.

She rode me for a good 10 minutes when I lifted her off me and stepped down. I turned around and turned Jasmine around and took her from behind. Both her hands were gripping the stairs as I fucked this little slut really hard from behind. Her skin was so nice and tan and she had blue eye shadow on. If you looked at her you too would think she was out to get fucked that night. I grabbed hold of her hair, yanked it back and thrust my hips into her getting deep penetration. Five more minutes like this and I felt my cock start to jerk. I quickly pulled out of Jasmine and busted all over her back and ass. A stream of cum got on the back of her blouse but I kept most of it on her ass. The stream on her blouse was a little going home present for her.

Jasmine had cum running down her ass and a line of it on the back of her shirt. As we were getting ourselves back together the bouncer caught us. Apparently someone had seen us and told him. He came up to us and said “get the fuck out of here before I call the police.” I didn’t even say goodbye to her as I sprinted out of the club, jumped in a cab and got back to the hotel. I got head and got fucked by two different girls. I’d say that was well worth the five-dollar cover charge. I slept well that night and I was on my way early the next morning.

I somehow ended up in the god-awful city of Peoria later the next afternoon. I had heard about this place in school because someone actually got a job there. That person said she didn’t recommend anyone going there. I randomly stumbled upon this run down town and pulled into a motel. I checked in for $34.99 a night. It looked like the nicest motel in town. I asked the hotel manager if there were any bars I could hit up. He recommended I go to one “downtown.” Well coming from a big city in the East I couldn’t imagine what downtown in this place looked like. But I went.

I walked into this bar apparently named after some famous person who had lived there once upon a time. I felt like I went in a time machine when I walked into this bar. Hairdo’s from the 80’s, country music playing. This was a far cry from where I was the night before. But I made the most of it. I went and took a seat on the bar stool and ordered a beer. I looked around and there was nobody good looking in the entire place. I figured I was going to have a few beers and then get out of there and call it a night.

I did end up leaving and went back to my shitty motel. There was a semi-decent looking woman working the desk. She was a little pudgy but had a pretty face with straight brown hair. A typical desk clerk at a hotel if you can picture that. I guess she was working the overnight shift. I asked if I could get some extra towels before I went to my room (You know how small towels are in hotels sometimes…you need a few to wrap you up). The woman said “no problem sir, how has your stay been?”

“Please don’t call me sir…It’s Joe. I don’t think I deserved to be called sir…I’m too young and it makes me feel snotty” I answered.

“Very well then Joe. Let me call and get you some towels.” Missy called and arranged for the towels to be delivered to the front desk while I waited there.

“Thank you Missy” I said reading her name tag. “How long have you been working here?”

“Just a couple of months. My husband escort trabzon and I are saving up for a house. We just got married 4 months ago.”

“Well Congrats. Here’s a little more for the fund.” I said with a smile on my face pulling out a 20 dollar bill and sliding it across the front desk.

“Oh I can’t accept this” Missy said as she pushed the money back toward me.

“Come on, consider it my investment toward your future.” Missy started laughing and took the money back.

“So where does a stranger like you who is so generous come from?” I told Missy where I was from and what I was doing. Just then the phone rang and Missy picked it up. Another person was asking for towels and the housekeeper still hadn’t come to the front to deliver mine yet. “Listen Joe, why don’t you go up to your room, I’ll get your towels and deliver them to you personally.”

“Sounds good to me…I’m in room 173…see you in a bit.” Missy just smiled as I walked away. I couldn’t help but notice she looked at me the way some girls do when they are attracted to me but thought nothing of it as she had just recently been married.

About 15 minutes after I got to my room I was already stripped down into my sleeping attire…boxers and a t-shirt. A knock came at my door. Missy stood in the doorway as the door flung open. She was holding towels in her hand…a stack of towels in fact. “When I said I needed towels, I meant just a couple Missy” I said smiling sarcastically.

“Yes I know but the other guy who called didn’t answer my knock so here ya go! Shall I put them in your bathroom.”

“Yes” I said grabbing half of the towels off the top of Missy’s stack which went up to her chin. I brushed across her firm breasts while doing so and she stared at me for a brief second. I walked across the room in front of Missy as we made our way toward the bathroom. I set the towels in my hand down on the shelf as she scooted around me and did the same. I walked out bathroom and turned around quickly to turn the light switch above the sink on (the sink was ouside the bathroom like in many motels). As I turned back to do so Missy came out of the bathroom pretty quickly and we bumped into one another.

“OH I’M SO SORRY!” Missy said as we stood very close. Now I was on a road trip, I would never see her again. If I made a move and she rejected me I would just get up and leave and find a hotel somewhere else. So I decided to be bold.

“Why are you sorry, you feel good.” I said leaning in to kiss her. I didn’t know whether to expect an embrace or a slap in the face back but luckily she leaned right back and started kissing me. I took her hands and felt her wedding ring. I grabbed hold of the ring and jerked it off in one motion. Missy kissed me even harder as I set the ring down next to the sink. Missy and I made our way over to the king sized bed and I laid her down. I quickly pulled her stockings down that she had to wear as part of the “uniform.” I could smell a musky scent coming from her pussy as I dove between her legs, underneath her skirt and start licking her thighs.

“I shouldn’t be doing this.” Missy said as my tongue hit the inside of her pussy. “OHHH FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD…HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW…AHHHHHHHHH” her words were interrupted by the feeling between her legs.

I pulled my head out about 10 minutes later and wasted no time shoving my thick cock inside her married pussy. “MMMMMMMM IT’S SO BIG…I’VE NEVER SEEN ONE THIS BIG…I’VE ONLY HAD SEX WITH MY, MY….OHHHHHHHH GOD” Missy screamed as she felt my entire cock thrust in her. “PLEASE DON’T STOP…FUCK ME…YESSSS…FUCK MY PUSSY…HOLY FUCK!!”

Missy wasn’t that hot but she sure knew how to put on a good show and be appreciative of what I was doing. She would remember me for the rest of her life and probably have dreams about me when her nice Midwest husband fucked her for a few minutes a few times a week. I fucked her long and hard for about a half hour until I pulled out shot my load all over her tits. She sat up and started making out with me again and asked if she could give me a personal wake up call when she got off at 8 that morning. I said “I’ll look forward to it before I leave.”

If you think those adventures were enough for one road trip there was still one more big story to come which you might not believe. Heck, looking back on it I can’t even believe a place like this existed with people like this. Just goes to show you there are all sorts of people out there. The last story was the one that stood out in my mind and I think about every day now.

It started when my car died about a 10-minute walk outside a small town in Utah near the Wyoming and Colorodo border. I was actually scared to death…I had always feared my car would break down and I would be stuck somewhere. I even got a tune up before I left and this still happened. I remember seeing a movie where a couple from the Northeast was driving in the desert in some remote place in Arizona. While they pulled into a gas station someone cut something under the car. A group of people followed the couple until their Jeep broke down and then tried to kill them. Realistically I didn’t think anything like this would happen to me but I still had my fears.

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