My sister’s Best Friend

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My sister’s Best FriendMy older sister Alison and I shared a flat while we were both still at university. It worked okay; we had a big room each so we could keep out of each other’s way. She already had a fiancé and I supposed they had sex together, because she stayed the night at his flat two or three times a week.It was one of those nights. I was alone and the frozen meal which I’d nuked for dinner was so ordinary it made me feel depressed. I was trying to psych myself into getting on with an assignment which was due in a couple of days when the bell from the downstairs security system rang.It was Julie, one of my sister’s best friends, with some notes she’d promised to return. I pressed the button to let her in, and while she was on her way up I cleared the dining table and even had time to brush my teeth, more to get the dismal taste out of my mouth rather than any concerns about my visitor.I liked Julie, though I didn’t know her very well. She was very intelligent and always good for a conversation, but I never thought of her as sexy in any way. She wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t really pretty. Her hair never seemed right, she had a pudgy sort of nose and her mouth was too big for the rest of her face.She was always a bit overweight, not exactly fat but with a hint of double chin and in the summer, when she wore shorts, well, her legs just didn’t look good in shorts.She had big breasts, which went with her thick waist and well padded bottom, but those breasts were never sexy for me.Anyway, I let her in, and she looked as plain and dumpy as always. She was disappointed when I told her that Alison was out, and made to leave as soon as she put the stuff down on the table.I felt like company, and I did like talking with her, so I said she could stay for a while. So we sat down side by side on the couch and we chatted about this and that, nothing exciting, when suddenly she became silent and I saw a big tear come out of each eye.I wasn’t used to being alone with a crying girl and didn’t know what to say. What surprised me was that what I wanted to cuddle her, and to my even greater surprise my cock became hard.But all I did was give her a box of tissues and ask her what the matter was.”I’m so sorry,” she sniffed. “It’s just that, well, Alison is so lucky, being engaged and all that, and she’s always had boyfriends, but me -“She gave a big sigh and then her words rushed out. “I’ve never had a real boy friend. I’m 24 years old and I’m still a virgin.”She looked at me and I don’t know if it was her confession or the tear-filled eyes but somehow she was suddenly very feminine – and very sexy. I knew that if I stood up my bulge would be very obvious so I stayed sitting down, still not sure what I should do.Then before I could stop myself I reached for her, pulled her to me and kissed her lips.At first she stayed very still, not responding, and I thought “Uh oh, you idiot, now she’ll be really pissed off at me.” But after a moment she started kissing me back, sucking my lips, and I realised that her own lips were NOT too big, but just right for kissing.I put my arms around her and held her close, our mouths canlı bahis still together. My tongue pushed in between her lips and found hers, and she shuddered, gave a moan and broke away, looking away from me. She was breathing heavily.”I’d better go,” she said at last. “I didn’t mean to do anything like that. I’m sorry.””Don’t be silly,” I said, “It’s me who did all the doing. It’s me that has to apologise.”She stood up, wiped her face with another tissue, and started for the door.Despite her words, she was radiating sexual desire, and my penis was threatening to rip through my shorts. I wanted to say: “Don’t go. Stay and we’ll have a good fuck”, but I was not going to force myself on her, and I didn’t want to do anything to spoil her friendship with my sister.I wished she would hurry up and go, so that I could clear my mind by watching some porn and having a good wank.I stood up to walk with her to the door. She stopped, turned around and looked at me.“Alex,” she began, very hesitantly. “I wonder – I don’t know how to say this – but – can I ask a favour?”She looked down at the bulge in my jeans, took a deep breath, and said, “I’ve never really seen a man –“Her face went red, her lips trembled, and I thought she was going to start crying again. “Please…” Her voice was very soft. “Please – can I see it?”My cock became even harder at the prospect of being shown off to a girl, but I still hesitated. Then I thought, what the hell, give the girl a look then she can go home and do whatever girls do with a vibrator while I relieved myself with my hand.So, I unzipped my jeans, disentangled my cock from my shorts and brought it out, stiff and proud. I don’t have a huge penis, maybe 6 ½ inches, cut so that the head stood out large and neat, the stalk slim but very, very hard.“Ohhhh”, she said, her eyes wide. “Ohhhh, it’s – beautiful.”I never thought of my cock, or anybody else’s, as beautiful, but I suppose that was from a woman’s point of view.She came closer, her eyes fixed on my erection.“Ohhhh,” she said again. “May I – touch it?”Usually it took all my powers of persuasion to get a girl to feel my cock, yet here was Julie, almost begging for a feel. sister’s friend or not, I thought, why deny her that simple pleasure?“OK,” I said, ‘but stop if I tell you to, you might get a surprise.”She blushed again, then reached down and took my cock by the shaft, with thumb and forefinger. She stroked it with light fingers and then held it more firmly.“It’s so beautiful,” she murmured. “Smooth, so smooth outside, so hard inside.”“Is it always hard like that?” she asked.“No,” I said, “most of the time it’s soft. When its hard like that it means it;s ready for a- ready fir sex.”She wrapped her whole hand around my cock and stepped closer.“I didn’t think – I didn’t know how it would feel,” she said, her voice a bit stronger. “It feels good just holding it.”It felt more than good to me. The whole scene was so erotic that “it” was close to the point of no return, and I needed to regain my self-control before “it” spurted my juice all over her clothes. If I am going to come, I said to myself, I may as well do it properly.I bahis siteleri stepped back and gently uncurled her hand.She kept looking at my penis. “When we kissed,” she said, slowly and carefully, “I wanted – something, I didn’t know what. Now I know what I wanted.” She pointed to my erection. I was going through my mental yoga exercises, pushing my mind away from the need to ejaculate, either by her hand or my own hand or, best of all, in her vagina, which I was sure would be wet and warm and giving off the pheromones’ which were making me so horny.“Alex,” she said, her voice soft again. “I trust you; you are my best friend’s brother.”Here it comes, I thought. Time to say good-night but no thanks.But it wasn’t. “I want you to – be my first lover.” She looked at my face boldly as she said it, then suddenly she was on me, her arms tight around me, kissing me hungrily, her breasts against my chest, her tummy so hard on my cock that I feared for its safety.This is not good, I thought. It will be all over in a moment. She won’t get any satisfaction out of it and she’ll go away feeling ashamed and hating me.I managed to break away from her frantic kisses to speak. “Julie, Julie,” I said. “Yes, yes, it will be wonderful but we have to slow down.”There was no slowing down for Julie. “I can’t wait.” It was almost a growl. She grabbed at my belt, trying to undo it, but not making a good job of it. “I want you. Now… I want you to fuck me.”This was a new Julie, not the pudgy, sexless person who had walked in but a woman, almost like an a****l in heat, her own desire making her all the more desirable.‘Okay, okay,” I said, giving in. “But – if you do trust me, then let me show you the way.”I took her firmly by the hand and led her into my bedroom. Her breathing was loud and rasping.“Oh God, Alex,” she mumbled. “Don’t make me wait.”In the bedroom I drew her to me and this time, while we kissed, my hand went under her skirt and on to her thigh. She was wearing panties, so I put my hand further up, found the waist-band and started pulling them down far enough for me to touch her cunt. As I’d imagined, her pussy lips were thick but firm, and inside she was wet and warm.My touch made her jump. She cried out: “Oh, oh! I need it Alex, I need it!”By now, I was needing it too. She was grabbing at my cock, which was still sticking out of my fly, trying to pull it between her legs but I was too tall for that and my jeans were restricting me.I kicked off my shoes and, with the hand which wasn’t in her cunt I undid the belt and the top of my jeans and managed to get them and my shorts down past my knees, giving her hand free rein to roam all over my cock and balls.Then my finger found her clitoris, which was easy to do because it was hard and swollen. I started rubbing it, gently at first, not knowing how sensitive it would be. She moaned and shuddered, one arm tight around me, her other hand still stroking, caressing, grabbing frantically at my manhood. She fell back o0nto the bed, dragging me on top of her. It caught me by surprise but I managed to land with my elbows on either side of her.By now my jeans and her güvenilir bahis panties were completely off and without waiting for me, she parted her legs and tried to get her pussy in position under my cock. She was frantic. I thought I should get a condom and I tried to reach for the bedside table where I kept a supply for just this situation.She would not let me go. I knew I was safe; I hadn’t had a woman since the last time I had a health check, and if she really was a virgin… Like every other woman on the campus, she was probably taking the pill, so I thought, just this once, a condom wasn’t necessary.I put one hand back between her legs, to make sure she was really ready for my invasion. I touched her clit again and this time she went really crazy, wrapping her legs around me, rubbing her belly against my cock, pushing against my finger, moaning, breathing noisily, her whole body shaking – and I knew she was close to a climax.I kissed her lips and worked harder with my finger on her clit. She was moving too fast to let me get my cock from where it was being squashed between our bellies and down to her cunt and I felt myself getting drawn into her climax.I tried to hold myself back. I wanted to fuck here properly, cock into cunt, to give her a really good first experience, but the power of her passion was overwhelming me and all I could do was go with her, rubbing my body on hers, feeling the pleasure radiating from my cock and the mounting urgency in my balls. Now she was making a****l noises in her throat, her mouth trying to eat mine, her tongue lashing at mine. Her body tensed around mine, then relaxed, tensed again, relaxed, and when she made one last spasmodic grip with her legs she triggered my own orgasmand I felt my juice surge through my cock until, spurt after spurt, it spilled on to her writhing flesh.Suddenly she was very still beneath me, motionless except for the heaving of her chest. My hand in her cunt felt very wet, though as far as I could tell my fingers had stayed around her clit and not really entered her vagina. I could feel the sticky mess of my semen between us.I cursed myself for letting things get out of control, but at the same time felt relieved that in the end the condom was absolutely unnecessary. She’d had an orgasm, no doubt about that, but my male pride felt a little dented because I hadn’t given her a real fuck. I’d had my own orgasm and my balls were drained, but coming uncontrolled like that never satisfied me emotionally.I wondered how she felt. She must have expected more. The whole episode probably lasted only five minutes, from the first frantic groping in the living room till the final rushed climax on the bed. Would she be disappointed? Disgusted at the messy end result?Then she stirred, kissed me gently and said “Thank you.”I rolled off her to lie on my side next to her, one arm around her shoulders. She looked down at herself, naked from the waist down, legs still slightly apart, her shirt rumpled up over her chest, my cum glistening on her bare belly.“Gosh,” she said. Then she gave a little laugh. “Alex,” she said, “I’ve only – you know – done it to myself before. I never had an – orgasm – like that.” She reached for my softening penis, held it gently, giggled again and said: “And – I’m still a virgin.”Later I was able to fix that for her, too, but that’s another story.

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