My Therapist’s Hands Pt. 03

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Part III —

“Let’s talk about our last session, June.”

I was back in my therapist’s office a week after he allowed me to grind my panties on his cock, and stroke his stiff cock. It had been a week since he fingered my ass hole, and since I begged him to spank my round ass. Compared to last week, when he immediately told me he had a trust building exercise prepared for me, which basically amounted to me pleasuring him, I could sense a shift in his demeanor. He sat across from me without any obvious signs of lust or hunger in his eyes. He looked like the therapist who I had seen for the past year and a half–who would let me flirt with him but who never laid his hands on me. This shift displeased me greatly, and I wondered what had changed.

“I enjoyed it, James. I’ve been thinking about it non-stop.”

James looked at me calmly, nodding. “Tell me what you’ve been thinking about. I know our sessions have become physical in nature recently, and I’d like to know what that physical contact was like for you. I want to make sure you understand why that was necessary to help you have a healthier relationship with older men.”

I thought back to him instructing me to give him a lap dance. Us kissing for the first time and him moaning out when I straddled his lap in my thong. I thought about him calling me a good girl as my wavy brown hair tickled his chest, and how he looked down at me as I begged to please him orally. How I literally sucked his tented pants fabric so I could get as close as possible to his dick.

“I felt…,” I trailed off. I could feel myself getting annoyed. He was denying that our last session was intimate or mutually pleasurable, but I remembered how he responded to my 23-year-old body. I knew how hard his cock was, and the savage look in his eyes when he fingered my ass. But still, I was hesitant to be cross; I never raised my voice with James and was also greatly seeking a reward from him this session.

“Go ahead. It’s important that you’re open with me. Whatever you’re feeling is okay.”

“You did everything you could to turn me on, James. You did things to me that I’ve told you in prior sessions make me wet, and you used those things to make me dripping wet in your office. And then you wouldn’t let me come. You sent me out of here begging for your touch and now you’re acting like I misunderstood something? That I need to work on boundaries?”

“It sounds like you’re frustrated with me.”

“You teased my body and told me I was good, but then left me on the brink of an orgasm. Of course I was frustrated. So you know what I did when I left your office last week?”

I saw his eyes glisten a bit in anticipation, and I heard my voice get quieter and rougher. I thought about the feeling of desperation I felt when he sent me dripping and needy out at the end of the hour last week, and stared into his eyes deeply. I wanted him to feel the same thing for me. I wondered how he had handled his hard cock when I left.

“Tell me, June. What did you do?”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you,” I smirked. “I don’t want to interfere with my treatment. I don’t want to cross any lines with you, James.” I looked up at him innocently and saw the intensity grow in his eyes.

“Tell me what you did when you left last week, June.”

“Well, what do you do when you’re denied an orgasm? What would you do if someone finger fucked your ass, let you touch yourself, and then stopped you the moment before you came? Remember that, James? Remember how I begged you to pleasure me but you punished me instead?”

“I spanked you because you told me it would be good for you. You asked me to, and I trust you know what is best for yourself. Now tell me what you did when you left.” He looked at me sternly and I felt my heart rate quicken.

“I’ll tell you if you admit you liked what we did last week. That you liked when I whimpered like an animal for you and begged to suck your cock. You like feeling that power over me, don’t you?”

He paused and his gaze changed. “I liked watching you feel comfortable enough around me to be your expressive, sensual self, June. I like seeing the progress you’re making.”

This response softened my annoyance at him and made me crave his touch in a different way.

“Then please, let’s keep going. It’s good for me. I need you. I need you, James.”

“Why don’t you first start by telling me how our last session was for you, and how you bursa escort processed our session on your own after you left my office.” He wanted to hear this story, and I wanted to tell it.

“I walked to my car, sat in your parking lot, stripped my clothes off, and toyed with my pussy while thinking about seeing your cock in your office for the first time. I licked my finger and circled my nipples, and then I finger fucked myself. I thought about how you let me kiss your lips while you teased my asshole. I stroked myself faster and faster and thought about how you’re almost my dad’s age. I thought about if my dad could see me dance on you, and whether he’d like to jerk off to that. I thought about how you are playing on my daddy issues and how that makes our sessions even hotter for me. How it’s helping me heal. I put my legs on either side of the steering wheel and pretended my fingers were your cock. I fucked myself hard and played with my clit. I even teased my sore asshole a bit. And then I screamed your name when I came.”

“You did this all in the parking lot?”

“I did that all in the parking lot.”

I could see my recital had an impact. James scanned my young body and shifted in his seat a bit.

“You are a very good girl, June. I hope you know that.”

I took in his praise and felt warm all over.

“Tell me what you’d like to do today.”

After a whole week of fantasizing about his touch, I surprised myself by not having an immediate response. In truth, I wanted him to be tender with me, to caress my body and tell me every silly thing about myself was beautiful. I wanted to feel true intimacy with him. I wanted the man who knew all my secrets, both sexual and nonsexual, to show love to me. And this felt harder to share than a desperate request to suck him off.

“I want…”

“You can say whatever you want to me. I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

He made me feel so warm and safe. I felt a shiver of pleasure run up my spine and I tried to share what I was feeling.

“I guess I want to feel close to you today, James. I want you to touch me, and touch me everywhere. And I want you to stop holding yourself back from where our sessions keep leading.”

“You’re emphasizing the physical element of our relationship, June. Tell me how you want to feel emotionally today.”

“Cared for,” I blurted out.

He nodded.

“You always do that, James.”

He smiled at that. Instead of commanding me to strip and walk towards him, this time James approached the couch I was sitting on. He sat beside me and ran his fingers up and down my arm, and looked into my eyes.

“You don’t need a punishment today, baby girl. You are the sweetest thing I’ve seen in days.”

I sat there quietly, and completely blissed out. I had been working for the past year to prove my worth to this man, to get affection and touch from him, and now he was rewarding me for my efforts.

I murmured his name and he kissed my lips softly, for the first time all day. My therapist’s lips lingered on mine softly; he kissed me tenderly and let his fingertips run through my hair and massage my scalp.

“Just relax, baby girl. Let me take care of you.”

Baby girl. He’d said it twice now. I leaned forward to kiss him harder, hungry for more. I was enjoying the softness, his tender touch, but wanted more of it faster. And feeling his lips on mine, his stubble on my neck, and hearing him call me that name lit my pussy up.

He kissed me back but withdrew his head after just a moment.

“Let me control the pace, little one. I promise I’ll take care of you.”

He looked into my eyes until I nodded in assent. He continued to stroke my hair and then moved his hands down to stroke the length of my thighs. His hands slowly crept inward.

“Why does it turn me on so much when you call me that?” I whispered.

“Because you need someone to care for you. And I’m here to do that.”

James kissed my neck and lightly grazed the front of my thin leggings with his middle finger. I felt his hand slide over the sheer fabric covering my clit and I moaned out for him. The two sensations together, his lips on my neck and his fingers making first contact with my clit, made me gasp and sink deeper into his arms.

“Oh, wow.”

He applied slightly more pressure and I could actually feel his hand making little circles on my clitoris. He was finally touching bursa escort bayan my most sensitive bit, and even over the fabric, I thought this alone might make me come. I closed my eyes in bliss and leaned my head back. His fingers felt so good, and I could see the outline of his hard cock under his pants. I leaned my head into his shoulder and inhaled deeply. He smelled so familiar, and I felt so safe.

“Does that feel good, June?”

“Yes, thank you, daddy.”

I couldn’t believe I said it. I’d been toying with the idea all week in my fantasies, thinking about it for most of the session, but I couldn’t believe I let myself call my therapist that. I opened my eyes to gauge his reaction, to see if I went too far. I’d alluded to thinking of him as a father figure many times before, but never made it so explicit, and certainly not while he touched my clit. Not when I thought his fingers might finally grant me an orgasm. But he softly smiled and grazed my lips again.

“Good girl, June. You may take off your clothes, now.”

Like he was waiting for that. I slipped off my top, my bra, and my leggings. I was just in my white panties now and looked at him for guidance. “All of them?,” I asked.

“Yes, all of them, June.”

I hurriedly slipped off my underwear and stood in front of him completely naked. I could see the moisture clinging to the trimmed hair on my mound and could see how swollen my pussy lips were from his touch. He was eye level with my breasts and suckled each of my nipples, while running his fingers over my naked bottom. I couldn’t believe he was freely giving me such pleasure. I looked down at his head sucking on my tits and felt my pussy leak down my leg. His tongue made circles on my nipples and they instantly hardened in response. My knees shook from this new sensation. He used his free hand to lightly stroke my newly exposed pussy lips and I ran my fingers through his thick dark hair. I was in heaven.

“Sit back down, June. I want to keep making you feel good, any way you want.”

“Please keep going, daddy. I want you to keep touching me.”

I reached out to touch his cock, and felt that he was rock hard still. This comforted me. Whatever role play we had entered into here didn’t scare him off, and he seemed comfortable exploring this side of our relationship. He was here to take care of me today.

“Then lie back down in daddy’s arms.”

I groaned when I heard this and reflexively sunk to my knees. I groped for his belt buckle and started to undo James’s pants. The peaceful trance I had enjoyed since he had walked over to me, since he sweetly started touching me, shifted into a new feeling of desperation. I was bound to please this man, and needed to make him feel good first. He was making me feel so fucking good and I needed to show I deserved him. I felt hunger for his cock, and felt like a selfish, slutty brat that I hadn’t been attending to him. James let me unzip his pants and rub his cock over his boxer briefs for a moment and he groaned deeply in pleasure. His head rolled back on the couch and I slid my hands under the fabric to feel his thick erection. I ran my fingers over my dripping pussy and used my juices to moisten his cock.

Fuck. I forgot how thick it was. And how much I wanted to suck him.

“I just want to give it a little kiss,” I said to him. “Just for a minute. Let me earn it.”

“You don’t need to earn it today, baby. I…”

He trailed off as I played with the underside of his cock head, lightly rubbing my wet finger there. I ran my fingers around the head and used my lightest touch on his member. I gave him one firm caress and then went back to my light touch. I saw his resistance weaken and his eyes close as I stroked him. His cock swelled in my hand and the tip glistened with his precum.

“This makes me feel so good, daddy,” I whispered. “I love seeing your cock hard for me.”

He looked at me almost helplessly. His thighs spread open as I caressed him. His lips were slightly parted as I ran my fingers over him.

I pulled off his pants and briefs, leaving him completely exposed. I sat there, looking up at him, and kissed inside of his thighs, working my way inward. I saw his cock jerk and occasionally rewarded him with a slow stroke while I nibbled and licked his thighs. I loved how his hair thickened as I got closer to his manhood, and loved controlling the pace. Daddy escort bursa deserved anything I could give him, but I wanted him begging for it. I teased him, getting closer to his cock and balls but only gave it the occasional light stroke with my hand. I stayed just like this for at least five minutes, nibbling on his thighs, occasionally giving him a steady jerk, listening to him moan in response.

“Put your mouth on it, baby. Please.”

“Yes, daddy.”

I did as he said. I wasn’t very good at teasing him when everything in me craved him in my mouth. I slowly licked him from the base up the length of his cock, letting my tongue play with his frenulum. He moaned loudly and I moaned in response. I lightly sucked the head of his cock and used my tongue to swirl around the head. I looked up at him sitting on the couch and, just like I’d been dreaming of since I first saw this man, locked eyes with him when I finally took his length in my mouth. I took him as far down my throat as I could and he gasped in pleasure.

“You are a good little slut,” he said. “You’re daddy’s little slut, aren’t you, June?”

I moaned on his dick and rubbed my hand over my soaked pussy lips. I increased my rhythm on his cock and bobbed up and down. I removed my hand from my pussy and cupped his balls, and continued to devour his cock. I could feel his thighs start to shake and felt daddy press my head down further with every thrust. I saw him lean back and close his eyes, and his body stiffen as I sucked him as deep as I could.

“Keep going, baby. Please.”

I let my middle finger touch between his balls and traced the space between his balls and his asshole. I applied some pressure as I sucked his cock and tried to gauge his reaction. I figured I could remove my finger from the area if he didn’t respond to my finger lightly pressing towards his back door, but some men…

“Oh, god. June, you’ll make me come that way.”

Daddy liked his ass teased. He pushed my head deeper on his cock and I let my middle finger lightly play on his ass hole. He let out a deep moan and his thighs jerked more at every bob of my head. He opened his eyes and grabbed my hair firmly. I let my hand take over his now sloppy cock and lowered my mouth to lick his asshole. His thighs jerked as my tongue darted around his hole and he let out a gasp. I inhaled deeply and cherished his response; I would live down here if it meant he would vocalize his pleasure like this.

“I’m gonna come, baby.”

I sucked him hard until I felt James’s cock shoot into the back of my throat. His body convulsed as he came, and he let out a powerful groan. I gurgled on his cum and sucked his dick dry for every drop. He watched me swallow his load and nodded approvingly. His body relaxed and I stared up at him as he sunk into the couch. He stroked my hair as he came back down to Earth. So that was that.

“Oh, you good little slut. You are just the perfect little cocksucker, aren’t you, June?”

Despite myself, despite the fact that we had just been engaged in taboo name calling that outdid any of his dirty talk, his new nicknames caught me by surprise. I was only a slut to please him. I wanted him to know I was sucking daddy’s cock in his office, that’s who I was on my knees for.

But I saw the contentment and the release in his eyes, and I was proud I made him feel good.

“Yes, daddy,” I replied softly. He smoothed my hair as I gave his thigh little kisses. I felt totally subservient to this man and the power he had over me. How long had I been down here for?

I looked at the clock and realized we were five minutes over our allotted time.

“Fuck, James, look what time it is.”

He jerked up, still flushed with pleasure, and looked himself.

“You need to go, June. Thank you. We’ll talk about this next week.”

I hurried to put on my clothes and he stood up from the couch. As I scrambled to dress, James looked into my eyes with authority, and maybe a hint of self-satisfaction. He slipped his hand under my panties to greet my still sopping, unsatisfied pussy. His middle finger sunk into my depths and he pulsed in and out of me. I threw my hands over his shoulders to stay standing and he smiled at the strength of my response. His fingers moved hard and fast within me and he drew his face close to mine as I moaned in desperation. My knees buckled and he licked my ear.

“You made daddy very happy today,” he murmured.

A chill ran up my body, and he gave my clit one last pet before withdrawing his hand. Once again, I left James’s office horny, dripping, and feeling like a wanton slut. I worried I had scratched his itch and that James would now snap back to his senses. He had me right where he wanted me.

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