My Vacation – Part 1 – Life Boat Drill 0 BBBBTS

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My Vacation – Part 1 – Life Boat Drill 0 BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….True StoryI needed a vacation. Little time to get away from work. I went on a cruise last year around Hawaii. It was very cool and fun to get away. They spoil you on a cruise. This time, however I went alone. Kinda of a Christmas/New Years Eve gift from Santa. I traveled two weeks from Miami to Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and went through the Panama Canal. I had been to Panama a few years back and always wanted to take a cruise through the canal zone.I took a flight from Baltimore to Miami. It was Thursday, December 23, 2010. First thing I did after checking into the hotel, was to put my feet in the sand. Got a few drinks and had a nice dinner in South Beach. It was warm but not cold, compared to Baltimore, it was great. The next day I drove around Miami and went out to Key West for the day. It was fun to eat and drink with the sun out.I went to bed early. I packed everything in two piece’s of luggage. Couple of nice suits in a suit bag. All the rest of my clothes in another piece of luggage. I had a friend who set me up with checking into the ship the day before. Cost me a little extra but well worth it. I wanted to beat the mass boarding of people on the ship. Can take some time to go through security and check points. I got on with no trouble and headed to my cabin. It was on Deck 14 near the top. Once again my friend hooked me up. Nice big queen bed. Big marble bathroom, with jacuzzi tub. Big sofa sitting area. Desk and chair to far side. Also a big balcony with a spectacular view of the ocean. I was blown away.I put all my clothes away. Hung everything up. Reapplied some cologne. Check myself in the mirror. I had on some tight white Calvin Klein under wear. Also some tan cargo shorts on. A nice white button down dress shirt. Some black sandals on my feet. I picked up my key and some cash off my dresser. I took one look around. I almost pinched myself. The suite/cabin was too cool.Even know the ship was not leaving until tomorrow. Everyone on board was suppose to attend a life boat drill. It was mandatory. I smiled as I saw a few of the passengers heading down the hall to the life boat area. I had to go down 4 floors to mine. If I arrived tomorrow. It would have been on the same floor. I just followed some simple instructions to get there. I was the first one to arrive for the drill. I waited a few minutes as some of the crew and passengers arrived.They handed me a life jacket. I tied the bottom and top and looked around. It was about ten minutes later that I heard some girls giggling and laughing behind me. I am very much single. I worked all week to leave early on Thursday. I worked almost day and night. I don’t usually go out of way to meet women. I don’t have pick up lines or get out of control in public. You might say I am not Jersey Shore like. I unusually wait for a woman to ask me something. I’ve slayed a few girls with my smile and charm. It had been a couple of weeks since I hooked up. Preferring women with curves, can be hard to find. I did however get two numbers on the plane flight. One from the stewardess, who moved to me first class. The other from a girl sitting across the aisle in first class. I just smiled when they slipped me there notes.I had to see who was canlı bahis giggling behind me. I moved forward and around two people, to get a look. There were four college girls talking to each other. Two brunettes, a blonds and one girl with jet black hair. All of them were cute. None of them was very voluptuous, but they did had curves. All of them were wearing small white shorts. Each had on a different baggy sweat shirt on from there college. They all went to USC. Ladies of Troy as I would find out later. I just smiled and listen to the crew as they gave instructions. I watched each girl put on her life jacket. The blonde struggled the most with putting hers on. What ever she was hiding under her sweat shirt, was causing her to stretch out the life jacket. All I could do was stare and smile. She smiled when she saw me checking her out. It was close to thirty minutes before they dismissed us.I took off my life jacket. I was one of the last people to leave the area. I looked up to see if the girls were still there. They had all gone. I was going to try to find a bar or place to to get a bite. Then I had an urge to go use the bathroom. I decided to head back to my cabin. I headed down the hall to use the elevator.I pushed the button. A second the later the door opened. Another few seconds the doors were about to close. I saw a hand come into the elevator. The door went back opened. Two of the college girls walked in. The blonde and the girl with jet black hair. They both smiled when they saw me. I heard them giggle again. “Hi! What floor girls?” I said. They just smiled. I hit the button to my floor. They talked again to each other. The girl with the jet black hair was about 5ft 8. Her friend was about 5ft. They both had nice tans. They both smelled great. Each girl had matching wooden clogs on. Only about a inch in the heel. I smiled as the blonde toenails were dark red to match her finger nails. She had on some soft red lipstick. Both girls had little make up on. The jet black hair girl had black nails polish on her finger nails and nothing on her toe nails. She was wearing black lipstick.It took a few seconds to get to my floor. They both smiled as I got off the elevator first. I had a feeling they might follow me. I started down the hall. I could hear them walking behind me. I wanted to say something to them. But! Over the years, I know when to keep my mouth shut. I found girls to be more aggressive than in the past. I’ve hooked up with out saying a word. I have hooked up by just a glance or smile. I knew something was going to happen. I just did not know what was going to happen. I passed a connecting hall way. I opened the door to go through. I closed it behind me.I turned slightly to see the blonde open the door. Her friend waited on the other side. She was looking through the glass part of the door. The blonde kept walking behind me. A few more seconds I got to my door.I put the key in the door. “Hi!” said the blonde. She was now standing a few inches from my left side. “Hey!” I said. “My friend bet me I would not come up and say hi to you.” she said. “Oh.. That’s cool. How are you?” I said. “Is this your cabin? Were all the way near the bottom of the ship.” she said. “Yeah! This is it. It’s has a great view.” I said. She was leaning up against the wall bahis siteleri now. She was twirling her long blonde hair, with her two fingers. It had some light brown high lites and was very curly on the bottom. I did not even have to ask. I just opened the door. She walked right in.”Damn! Wow! That is a great view. Your own balcony?” she said. She walked into the bathroom and giggled loud. I waited for her to come back. “This cabin is the bomb. You got hooked up.” she said. I smiled. She was twirling her hair some more as I excused myself to use the bathroom. A few minutes later I came back in the suite. She was standing outside on the balcony. Leaning on the rail. She looked around. Then came back in the room.I was standing in the middle of the suite. She just smiled as she put her hands on the bottom of her grey sweatshirt. She pulled the bottom over her head. She tossed it on the floor. She then pulled her white shirt over her head. She dropped her shirt on the floor. She had two large breast that were super sized in her tight white bra. The bra had two big cups and the top was about ready to exploded from her flesh. She was definitely hiding a nice big pair. She had some nice love handles, hanging over her white shorts. She unzipped her small white shorts. She let them fall around her ankles. She had no hair on her pussy mound. She was not wearing any under wear. I just shook my head. Had this just happen???She grabbed my shirt. She unbutton it and tossed it on my bed. She unbuckled my belt. She ripped it off my shorts. She pulled them down. I was standing just in my white boxer briefs. She smiled. She ran her finger nails on the outside of my cock. There was a small drop of pre-cum on the tip. She saw my white cotton briefs get dark on the tip. She licked her lips.Next she was on her knees. She pulled down my under wear. My cock sprang out. “Mmmmmm” she gulped. She opened her big red lips around the tip of my cock. She fed some more in her hot mouth. She licked the pre-cum off the tip. She then started to lick down the side of my cock. She put her hand on the base of my cock with her small fingers. She kept pulling the length of my cock until all 9 3/4 inches were hard in her hand. She then started to play with my big naked balls in her right hand.I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I then put the tip on her forehead as she sucked on my balls. She got her tongue all the way to bottom of my ass. She put her hands back on my cock. Pumping it some more. I flexed my knees and moved my feet as she tried to get more of cock on her hot mouth. She gagged at first. Then got about half inside her mouth. She put her two small hands on my muscular ass. She gripped my ass very hard. She left two hand white hand prints on either one of my tan ass cheeks. I could feel her two big breast brush my legs.After a few minutes. I bent over to pick her up. She put her hands around my neck. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy was just above my cock. Her breast rubbed against my chest. I looked down to see her big nipples get red from my skin. She smiled. “Put me on the couch. Do you have protection?” she whispered in my ear. I smiled as I put her on the couch. I walked over to my black bag on my suite case. I pulled out the silver pack. She smiled and gave me a finger güvenilir bahis motion to come to her.She took the condom out of my right hand. She pulled on my cock a few times. She then rolled out the condom on my cock. She then looked up. I smiled. She turned around on the couch. Her small round ass was bouncing in my direction. I bent my knees. She held onto the top of the couch. I put the tip on her pussy lips. She gasped as I eased in a inch, then two. Her pussy was very tight, but very wet. I got half inside her before her pussy muscles tried to push me out. I eased back in. Then pulled out. I put it back in. More each time. She was tossing her blonde hair back and forth on her back.After a few minutes. We got a very good rhythm going. I started to slap her round bubble butt. She screamed. I eased all my cock inside her. About an inch was sticking out at the base. Her two small pussy lips were stroking my cock as I fucked her harder. I then grabbed her hair. I pulled her head back making her moan. She started to slam her pussy back on my cock. I stopped fucking her. She was now fucking me with her pussy. I slapped her ass when she slowed down. She sped up. I started to pick her up off her knees with each pounding of her pussy.I then pulled out completely. She looked over her shoulder. “Are you ready baby?” she said. I flipped her on to her back. I eased her legs next to my head. She kicked off her heels. Almost broke the glass coffee table behind us. I then eased my cock back in her pussy. She was watching her pussy get filled by my cock. I leaned down to suck on her big breast. Rubbing her two big nipples in my mouth. I bite down on each one. She finally started to scream. She erupted on my cock. I could feel the heat of her juices on my cock.I pulled out quickly. I put two fingers inside her. I started to finger her very hard. Making her orgasm again before I jammed my cock back in her. She grunted as she reached up to grope my ass again. She tried to push more of my cock inside her. I was dripping sweat on her skin. She reached up to twist my left nipple. I reached up to twist her nipple, this made her scream. I pulled out and then sat next to her.I was close to cumming now. She hoped off the couch. She got between my legs. She pulled off the condom on my cock. She tossed it toward her wooden clogs. She then pulled her breast up to my cock. She wrapped them around my cock. She then spit a big stream of saliva on my cock. She bounced her tits on my cock. I was fucking them hard as she licked the tip of my cock. I grunted. She moaned. Then I erupted all over her face. First big spurt hit her forehead. Next shot hit her left eye brow. The third hit her big red lips. She gasped, moaned and aimed the rest of my load into her mouth. She was dripping on her breast as she let my cock go. She had sucked me dry.She got up and walked into the bathroom. I could hear the water in the sink. A few minutes later she walked out. She was wearing one of the big white furry bath robes from Royal Caribbean Cruise line. She leaned down to pick up all her clothes. She slipped on her wooden clogs. “Maybe we can be life jacket buddies next time there a drill. Thanks cutie. I’ll drop this off later. I better get back to my friends. I don’t want then to think, I’m that type of girl. He! He! They already know.” she said as she closed the door to my suite.I found out her name was Sissy laterall her friends new my name… the end of the cruise….This was just day 1.Its good 2 B Me….Love,Buckxoox

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