My Wife’s Eldest Sister

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I want to make it clear that this story Is pure fantasy. I primarily like to write true stories about the incredible relationship that I have with my wife. Many folks that have read the true stories have been very upset and disappointed with this story thinking that it might be true. They see it as being very inconsistent with the true stories I’ve written. My goal here is to share my true stories of incredible passion. I want people to know that long-term lustful relationships are possible and that the fire doesn’t have to dwindle after marriage. Occasionally I may write fantasies similar to this one. My wife is fully aware of my rich fantasy life and knows that she benefits from my passion and lust. She knows the sexual power she has over me and has no fear of me losing passion for her.

My wife is a very beautiful woman. She is the loveliest of 4 lovely sisters. Two older and one younger. Their family is Latina/Filipina so they all have beautiful skin and silky brown to black hair. My wife and I were married very young and have always had a passionate and strong relationship. This story is about a chance experience with her eldest sister Irene.

Irene is a very attractive woman. She was married a few years prior to us to a arrogant jerk that nobody in the family could stand. Irene is a very conservative, very religious person that worked very hard to help her husband build a very successful Chiropractic office. We always worried about Irene, because she gave so much support to an unappreciative husband. She always supported him, even to her own detriment. The entire family wondered when would things finally crack.

Then one day it happened, My wife got an emotional call from her sister saying that her husband had been having an affair with one of his patients. I guess her husband and his girl friend would get a hotel room once a week, order a playpen for her toddler and fuck all afternoon. The worst of it all was that my brother-in-law and his girlfriend were plotting how to hide assets in-order to cheat my sister-in-law out of her hard-earned share of the business. My wife told her to immediately grab what she could and to come stay with us as long as she needed to.

My Sister-in-law took my wife up on her invitation and showed up the next day in her big Mercedes. We sent the kids off to other family members for a few days, so that Irene would have some privacy and so that my wife and her could talk openly and freely.

My wife and her sister talked and cried all day and into the night. At one point, I was walking through the dinning room where they were sitting. Irene stopped me and wanted to ask me a question. She said that when she told her husband that she was leaving, he begged her not to go and wanted her to go to bed with him right then and there. She was just flabbergasted that he wanted to screw her at a time like that. Irene wanted me to explain it to her. I felt kinda trapped and just shrugged and gave her an “I don’t know.”

That night when they finally decided to go to bed my wife told me the whole story and was quite emotional. I held her beautiful naked body and stroked her long beautiful hair as she talked. When she finally calmed down. I tried to lighten up the mood and suggested that we borrow her sister’s Mercedes and fuck like teenagers in the back seat. She smiled a naughty smile. I could tell that she liked that idea, and gave me a maybe. We then had passionate noisy sex til’ the wee hours of the morning. She made a few futile attempts to quiet things down since her sister was in the next room, but with all the emotion in trabzon escort the house there was no stopping us. I fucked her and fucked her. She finally fell asleep with her head on my shoulder, her breasts pressed against the side of my chest and her leg draped over my legs. Her well-fucked pussy pressed on my thigh.

The next morning, My wife was up showered and off to work before I woke up. I got up and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and headed off to the kitchen. As I walked down the hallway, I passed My daughters bedroom where Irene was staying. The door was slightly open and I could hear her sobbing. I felt so sorry for her. I continued on to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal. As I ate my breakfast, I could hear the sobbing continue on and on. I felt so powerless and decided I should try to talk to her. I went to the room and gently pushed the door open. I asked her if she was ok and sat down on the edge of the bed. She sat up next to me and buried her head into my shoulder and started crying uncontrollably. I put my arm around her and held her. I don’t know how long she cried, but it seemed like forever.

My mind wandered off to places it probably shouldn’t have. I couldn’t help finding this situation extremely erotic. Here I was sitting on a bed with a beautiful woman wearing only a thin nightgown. Her emotions pouring out of her and onto my shoulder. I was embarrassingly aware of my raging hardon that My sweatpants did very little to hide. As she was sobbing into my shoulder I couldn’t very well leave. I just hoped that she didn’t notice.

She eventually started to get a grip on herself and pulled away to reach for some Kleenex. As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she looked down to my lap and saw my dick straining against the inside of my pants. She just stared for a few moments without saying anything. I looked down and saw that you could almost make out every detail of my swollen cock.

‘Gawd!’ I thought, ‘What am I going to say or do?’

She then looked me straight in the eye and asked. “Do you find me attractive?”

I answered, “Of course I do, You’re a very beautiful woman.”

She then looked back down at my throbbing cock and placed her hand gently on it. I thought I would cum right there. She stroked it back and forth a couple of times and then stood up, walked over to the close and lock the door. She came back to the side of the bed, reached down to the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it off over her head exposing her very thin frame and her small breasts. She then pulled off her panties and dropped them on the floor.

She now stood before me totally naked. I was in shock. Her skin was beautiful like all of her sisters and her bush reminded me very much of my wife’s beautiful pussy that I’ve had so much fun with. She crawled on to the bed and proceeded to lie down in the center. She said, “come on.” I reached out and touched her thigh briefly, but she took hold of my hand. She said, “I want you to do it to me.”

Every emotion raced rapidly through my body. Of course I wanted to fuck her. But there was her emotional state not to mention my wife. Do you tell a broken hearted rejected woman that you don’t want her? I suppose she could have handled another disappointment, but to tell you the truth, I wanted this with every ounce of desire in me. So, I briefly hesitated and then stood up and said to her, “are you sure you want to do this?”

With tears in her eyes she looked up at me and said, “Don’t you want me?”

I responded, ” Of course I do, but”

She interrupted me and said ” I trabzon escort bayan want this, it will be ok”

I made the decision and pulled off my sweatpants. I crawled on to the bed between her legs. She didn’t look at me, but now had her head turned and her eyes closed. I was very horny, but felt a little weird that she just laid there waiting to be sacrificed. It was obvious to me that she didn’t want any foreplay or didn’t want to turn this into something romantic.

I said, “Irene, You are so very beautiful. I don’t wan to do anything to hurt you”

She replied “no one will be hurt. I need you to do this for me. Please”

The Please made me feel like a heal.

I placed the head of my dick on her pretty pussy. She opened her legs wider, but gave me no other assistance. I clumsily made several attempts to enter her. I thought my heart would soon pound itself out of my chest. She reached down and touched my dick sending shivers through my body. She guided my hard dick to her entranced. I started to press. She still gave me little assistance. I started pushing my extremely hard dick against her until I finally felt the throbbing purple head slip gently into her. I continued to press deeper. She wasn’t very wet and winced once when I pressed too hard, but she didn’t stop me. I gently pressed the head of my dick in and out until I finally felt some wetness. I pressed harder and was thrilled to feel my self enter her. I took 4 or 5 strokes until I was buried in her all the way. She didn’t turn her head or open her eyes. I would asked her if she was ok, and she would just gave a little nod yes.

So, there I was lying on top of my sister-in-law and buried in her pussy. I stayed still for a few moments. I could now see tears once again pouring from Her closed eyes. I felt awful and started to pull out, but she quickly said, “no, I want you to do It.” in an almost demanding tone.

This was weird, but I now needed some relief. I started to fuck her slowly. She was really tight at first, but she soon started to get wetter and wetter. My pace quickened and I made deeper, firmer strokes. She didn’t give me much response, but by this time I didn’t care much. I continued my long deep strokes. The bed creaked and her breasts moved in the opposite direction of the rest of her body. Her pussy was feeling really good and I decided to just enjoy myself. I must have fucked like that for a good 15 minutes until I felt the urge to cum. I told her, “I’m going to cum in you!” She just shook her head yes.

At that I started fucking her with all I had. Her pussy was soaking now and she was breathing heavy through her mouth. The crying had long stopped. I plunged deep into her again and again. Every time I buried myself in her I felt my balls pressed up against her ass. I braced myself with my right arm and then reached down with my left and grabbed her firm little ass cheek pulling her hips up to me. She adjusted her legs to assist me. Arching her back and pushing her hips up to meet me. I was now giving her my full shaft on every stroke. Her pussy was now so hot and wet. I couldn’t delay my orgasm any longer. I pulled almost all the way out and plunged one more time and shot a huge load of cum into her. I couldn’t help but collapse on top of her. As I did, she put her arms around me and held me close. We both lay there panting.

A moment later I started to pull my shrinking dick out of her, but she stopped me and said, “Don’t leave yet!”

I said, “ok,” and tried to stay in her.

She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me passionately. escort trabzon While I had been fucking her, she had tried to remain distant. But now it was like a switch had been flipped. She looked me right in the eye and continued to kiss my lips and face. Her hands started to explore my back and whatever parts of my body that she could reach. Her body was coming to life as I felt her squirm under me. She put her two hands on my chest and pushed me up to where once again my weight was supported by my arms. She looked up at me with a serious lustful, almost angry stare. Her hands now explored my chest, my arms and my neck. She reached down to where my dick was still in her pussy. With both hands she spread her pussy lips then released them. She reached down and gently touched the base off my dick.

The thought that she was touching herself and me at the same time was so exciting. My dick started to rise in her. I could tell that she could feel it. Her excitement was growing. I started to slowly move in her.

She bent her knees and lifted her legs off of the bed.

I was fully erect again and started fucking her again with powerful thrusts.

I was taken by surprise when after a short time, she threw her head back , arched her back and grunted loudly as I felt her pussy spasm and grip me hard. I could see in her face that she had just had a powerful orgasm.

I stopped fucking her for a moment. I pushed one of her legs down straight and rolled over so that she was now on top of me. She was surprised, but wasted no time in getting to a comfortable angle.

She started to ride me.

Unlike the first time I fucked her, this time she was putting her body and soul into it. She was horny and selfish. She rode me hard. Only stopping for another two of her orgasms.

She would quickly recover and start fucking me again. It was wild. What a view I had. I watched her use my body for her pleasure. Sometimes she would sit straight up and fuck me. Giving me a glorious view of my dick pistoning in and out of her. Other times she would support her self with her arms on my chest or on either side of my shoulders. She grunted and moaned and breathed heavily. I felt like I could have done this all day, but after her third orgasm she started to slow and looked as if she was tiring. I again rolled her over on to her back and started plunging into her with all that I had. She bent her knees and raised her legs up off the bed as I once again grabbed her ass and raised it off the bed. I plunged deeply into her pussy time and time again. We were both out of control. For the second time I pulled almost all the way out and then dove right back in, filling her beautiful pussy with a second load of my cum. I stayed fully buried in her as the spasms of her final orgasm clutched around my dick. I eventually pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

After we caught our breath, we held each other until she fell fast asleep. I stayed there for along time holding her, but eventually got up, pulled the blanket up over her naked body and left her there sleeping. I showered and went about doing my chores for the rest of the day.

She slept for hours.

Not long before my wife was to come home, she got up and took a long bath. I was able to talk to her only briefly before my wife arrived.

I asked her if she was ok.

She smiled sweetly at me and said she was fine. We talked about nothing else.

My wife finally arrived and they immediately started talking. The crying seemed to be over, for now at least.

Later that evening, her husband called and they had a long chat. She then packed up her things and went back to him.

After many years they are still together. No mention is ever made about her husband’s affair, and nothing has ever been said about that beautiful day I spent with my sister-in-law.

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