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myfantasy…55we meet out in the park & in the darknext 2 a long & low concrete benchthat actually looks like a coffee table& as the late-night traffic cruises byi slide both of my hands 2 your hipsas i slowly kneel down in front of u…i stare directly upward in2 your eyesas i hook my fingers in2 your pockets& u unbuckle your belt so very slowlythen unbutton & slide the zipper down…u pull off your t-shirt & toss it asideas i slide your jeans down your thighs& free your deliciously hardening cock…then i stare down at your growing dickas i curl my hands around your shaft& start 2 stroke u slowly & steadilywith your glans up close 2 my mouth…u look down in2 my eyes & whisper” suck it !! suck it !! suck on my cock !!i wanna see your mouth on my cock !! “but i make u wait just a little bit longeruntil your entire tip is cumpletely wet& oozing with delicious gooey pre-cum…then i swirl it over your fat cock-headwith the teasing tip of my hot tonguebe4 taking u inside my hungry mouth…as i longingly look up in2 your eyesi slide one hand 2 the base of your tool& lift your shaft up 2 meet my wet lipsas my tongue slides out 2 lick your tipthen i open my mouth wide & engulf u…i can feel your shaft thicken on my lipsas i slide them further & further on2 uuntil i move my hand out of the way& my lips press tight against your rootas your oozing glans enters my throat…then i pull my wet mouth away from u& just stare at your glistening weaponas u roughly pull my shirt over my head& throw it on2 the ground next 2 yours…as your hands grip the sides of my headi lick my lips lewdly & look back up at u then i open my mouth as wide as i canas u slide your cock in between my lips…the sweaty taste of your hot cock-flesh& the feeling of your elongating girth stretching my wet mouth wider & wideris so addictive that i never wanna 2 stop…as your salty/sweet pre-cum emissioncoats the entire surface of my tongue& drenches it with delicious slicknessi let your fat cock slide in & out slowly…as u start 2 gyrate your hips fasteri feel your hands grip on2 my head& i start 2 suck on u as hard as i canso that my cheeks vacuum fully inwardas i feel u press your glans even deeperuntil your girthy glans is wedged tightly in2 the taut opening of my wet throat…u stare down in2 my eyes & then moan” suck me hard so i can fuck your ass !! “as soon as your thick cock is fully erect& cumpletely dripping with my salivau suddenly pull me up from my knees& push me on2 the bench on my back…as i lift my entire ass up as far as i canu grab my shorts & slide them off me& i feel the cool night air on my crotchas my ass drops back down 2 the bench& then i feel your mouth engulf my cock…i press my hips upward & groan loudly” suck me !! oh god !! suck my cock !! “my glans rubs the roof of your mouthas u move your hot mouth up & downuntil my erection is absolutely aching…then u release your lip-lock on my cock& i feel your tongue slither wetly loweras it slithers across my shaved balls& down in2 my tightly puckered hole…as your hands slide down 2 grip my legs& u dig your thumbs in behind my kneesu press my thighs up against my chest& open my ass wide 2 your oral assault…i gasp as your wet tongue spears in2 me& i twist my ass bahis siteleri around on your mouthas i throw my head back & moan loudly” eat me !! eat my ass !! make me wet !!i wanna be wet & juicy 4 your cock !!! “as soon as my horny hole is drenched& cumpletely dripping with your hot spitu rise slowly up above my sweaty bodywith your legs straddling the bench seat…your feet are planted on the ground below& my knees are still crushed against meas i feel the tip of your oozing cock-headpress insistently against my slippery hole…my hands grip the edges of the seat tightas i take a deep breath & press out-ward& try 2 relax & open my resisting puckeras i feel u press against me very firmly…my head hangs off the end of the benchas i groan deep in my chest & whimper” fuck me !! oh fuck !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !! fuck my ass-hole full of hot fucking cock !!! “& i feel your girthy glans finally enter meas it stretches & expands my taut sphincter then drills deeper & deeper in2 my chasmuntil i feel your balls on my up-turned ass…u stop 4 a second & look down & groan” how can your ass still be so damn tight ?? “as i look up at u & shrug & smile wickedlyu start 2 undulate your hips at a slow pace& i feel the full length of your shaft slide outuntil just your fat cock-head remains in me& i gasp as u drive your full length back in…as u start 2 slowly piston your turgid toolall the way in & out of my clutching chasmi slide my hands up 2 the backs of my legs& hold my thighs up tight against my chest…when it lifts my ass even higher up 2ward ui feel your hand encircle my aching erection& u grasp my cock like a handle 4 leverageas your other hand grips on2 the seat edge& u raise your body even higher over mineas u drive your pulsing cock in even deeperuntil u are balls-deep in my upturned ass…i throw my head backward & loudly moan” fuck my ass !! oh god !! fuck my ass !!fuck my ass full of cock !!! FUCK ME !!! “after what seems like an eternity of lusti finally feel u start 2 slow down the pace& then cum 2 an agonizingly lengthy haltas u lower your ass down on2 the bench with half your cock still buried in my ass…as u sit so still & try 2 catch your breathi slide my hands from behind my thighs& move them down 2 grip the seat edgesas i lower my legs down from my chestso my knees are out-side of your hips& slip my feet down 2 the seat behind uas u look at me & smile & then whisper” move that tight ass !! fuck my cock !! “& u lean back with your hands behind uas i start 2 rock my hips back & 4ward& undulate my ass lazily from side 2 sideso your cock stirs deep in2 my hot hole…as i rock my body on your appendagei can feel my own erection throb & pulsewith pure lust & orgasmic anticipation…i look down at u & grin wickedly & moan” i wanna feel your cum deep inside me !!i wanna feel your cock making me cum !! “i continue 2 engulf u 4 as long as i canbut my arms & legs finally get fatigued& i lower my ass back down 2 the benchas i feel u slowly withdraw from my assthen suddenly i feel your mouth on me…i jerk my head upward & my eyes openso i am staring directly in2 your eyesas your lips slide further on2 my cockuntil i feel my glans slip in2 your throat& your wet lips encircle my aching root…u continue canlı bahis 2 lather my pulsating shaft until i am just on the verge of cumming& then u suddenly release me & groan” not yet !! i wanna feel u cum with me !!i wanna feel u cumming on my cock !!! “as u move your body closer 2 mine againi wrap my legs loosely around your hips& i can feel the slippery head of your cockas it searches 4 my cum-craving cavern…i reach down & pull my ass-cheeks wideas your glans centers itself on my pucker& i groan loudly & press my ass 2ward uas u slowly spear your cock back in2 me…your cock slides deep in2 my horny holeas i rock my hips slowly from side 2 side& i lift my entire ass up from the bench2 give u a straighter passage in2 my assas u continue 2 drive in deeper & deeper…when u are cumpletely buried inside mei lower myself back down on2 the bench& pull my legs out as high & wide as i canas u follow me 4ward & stay deep inside…i look up in2 your eyes & then whimper” i wanna feel u fuck me hard & deep !!i wanna feel u fuck my ass full of cock !!! “as i lick my lips in wanton expectationu pull my entire body up on top of yoursso u are lying on your back on the bench& i am now above u & straddling your hipswith my feet both planted on the ground& your throbbing cock still buried inside…as your hands grasp my hips 4 supporti start 2 slide my ass slowly up & down& i can feel your cock burrowing deeperevery time i lower my quivering thighs…as soon as i get my up & down rhythm i start 2 twist my hips in slight circles& i can feel your cock twist inside meas my own cock oozes pre-cum on2 u…i continue 2 ride u 4 as long as i canas your cock stretches me deliciously& when my legs finally start 2 quiveri lower my ass all the way down on2 uas i continue 2 swivel my ass around…as i rest my ass on top of your crotchu start 2 jerk your hips up forcefully& stab your cock in2 me hard & fastwith short & sweet & stabbing strokes& your cock-head slams my prostatewhich propels me closer 2 cumming…i grind my ass down tighter & groan” your cock is gonna make me cum !!i wanna cum on your fucking cock !! “as soon as i can move my body againi reach down & grab the seat tightlythen i start 2 lift my ass up & downas i fuck the full length of your cock…i lift my ass all the way up above uuntil just the tip of your cock touchesthen i slam my ass all the way down& take your entire length deep in2 me…your hands slide up 2 my ass-cheeks& u pull them as wide apart as u canas i continue 2 pound my ass on2 u…with each stroke down on2 your cocki can feel your glans stretch me open& when u are all the way up inside mei feel your cock-head hit my prostateas my aching erection oozes pre-cum…i keep going until my legs are shakingthen i lower my ass back down on2 uas u hammer your erection up in2 me& we continue trading it back & 4thuntil u look in2 my eyes & then moan” i wanna watch my cock fucking u !! i wanna see my cock stretch u open !! “i smile wickedly & then nod my headbecause i know exactly what u want…i raise my entire body slowly upwarduntil i feel your girthy glans slip out& then u slide yourself out from underas i lean 4ward & grip the bench tight& i pull my knees up on2 the seat 2…as i look back over güvenilir bahis my shoulder at ui wiggle my ass around suggestively& present my opening like an a****l…i push my body back as far as i canuntil my chest is pressed 2 my knees& my thighs are pressed 2 my heelsso my ass is spread out high & wide…as u straddle the bench behind meyour hands grip my ass-cheeks tight& u pull them apart as far as u canas your juicy cock-head touches me…i look back at u again & then whimper” yes !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!fuck my ass full of cock !! FUCK ME !! “as soon as your glans spears in2 me& stretches my futilely resisting holeu groan & shove your entire length in& i gasp loudly as u pierce in2 my assas i wrap my arms around the bench…i cannot move in this secure positionso i am cumpletely submissive 2 uas u dig your fingertips in2 my hips& pound your turgid tool deep in2 me…i gasp as each stroke goes deep inside& your cock-head grinds that hot spotas my cock oozes & drips hot pre-cum& drenches the seat of the bench below…i look back at u again as u smile & moan” i love watching my cock in your ass !! “& i twist my ass in tiny circles & whisper” i love FEELING your cock in there 2 !!! ” as u continue 2 piston your cock in2 mei can feel my balls pull up high & tight& my cock absolutely aches 4 release…i groan deep in my chest & then moan” i’m gonna cum !! oh god !! ooohh !!my cock feels like it’s gonna explode !!i’m gonna cum !! i’m gonna cum !!! “but be4 i reach my point of releaseu suddenly pull your cock out of me& quickly pull me up from the benchas u stare in2 my eyes & then groan” get back on top of me !! fuck me !!i wanna see it when i make u cum !!i wanna watch u cum on my cock !! “as u lay back on the bench seat againwith your feet planted on the groundi straddle your hips & lower my bodyuntil i feel your cock-head against me…i keep my body up-right above yours& i press a hand against your chest so i can keep my balance up above uas i reach back with my other hand& guide your glans in2 my entrance…i groan as i slide my body down-ward& i feel your thickness stretching meas my orifice engulfs inch after inch…when i am finally all the way on2 u& i can feel my ass rest on your hipsi start 2 gyrate my hips very slowly& as i move 4ward & then backwardyour cock-head caresses my prostate& i press my hands against your chestas your hands slide up 2 grip my hips…your glans grates back & 4th inside mei can feel my balls pull up high & tightuntil my stomach muscles clench hard& i throw my head back & then scream” i’m cumming !! fuck !! i’m cumming !!oh god !! i’m cumming on your cock !! “as my erection pulsates & throbs wildly& the intense feeling is indescribableas white-hot liquid erupts like a volcano…i grind my ass down against u & whimper” i love cumming on your fucking cock !! “as my abused fuck-hole clenches u tightu dig your fingers deeper in2 my hips& slam your cock up in2 me savagelywith short & sharp & stabbing strokesas u stare up in2 my eyes & then groan” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming with u !! & i rock my hips even harder & fasteras i grind myself down on2 u & moan” yes !! deep in me !! cum deep in me !! shoot my fucking ass-hole full of cum !! “my hard cock is still oozing & dripping& covering your chest & belly with cumas i feel your hot spurts deep inside mesplattering all over my taut inner walls…i finally collapse 4ward on2 your chest& smear our naked bodies with my seed…( do u wanna ??? )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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