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myfantasy…57we must have fallen asleep on the blanketbecuz it is dark in the deserted park & as i struggle 2 wake myself up i can feel fantastic wet heat on my cock & i wanna see what is causing such a sweet sensation… we must have slept 4 a few hours becuz all the sunlight is gone replaced by a glow of moonlight… when i finally pry my eyes open i find myself staring directly in2 your eyes as u slowly lick the length of my aching cock & drip saliva all over my shaft & balls… i decide 2 cumpletely concentrate on u& your expert cock-sucking technique as i slowly ease myself over even closer 2 u so my pulsating cock never leaves the wonderful wetness of your sucking mouth… with your lips still around my throbbing shaft i twist my entire body around & slide my head down closer 2 your body as my mouth seeks that fat piece of sweet meat that tasted so fucking good earlier… i gently twist myself on2 my side & push u over on2 your side 2 so we are in a nice sexy sixty-nine position… as u continue 2 lick & suck my cock i grasp the shaft of your fat tool & just admire the massive thickness 4 a second then i open my mouth as wide as i can & take the fat head of your thick cock between my wide-stretched lips which makes u groan around my dick… i grab your hips & pull my mouth on2 your delicious fuck-stick & take the full length of your wide-girthed erection in2 my mouth & throat… i can feel the taut cock-skin slither over my lips & tongue as u start 2 gently rock your strong hips back & 4th & slowly fuck my hungry oral opening… my hips are moving 2 as i match your rhythm & slide my hard cock all the way in2 your throat then back out until just the saliva-soaked head remains inside the hot confines of your talented mouth… we both move in perfect unison as we pull back at the same time then slide our cocks in2 each other’s throats & we move so slowly as we try 2 make the sweet pleasure last as long as possible… i loved the way u swirl your tongue around the head of my cock each time i pull back & it makes me groan around your huge thickness as i slide the tip of my tongue deep in2 your cum-hole & make u groan in return… the feeling of your delicious super-thick dick as it stretches my mouth & throat is so intense & my taut-stretched cock-skin sliding back & 4th over your wet lips & tongue is driving me crazy 2… i wish we could stay in this position & feel all this intense pleasure 4 4ever…as we continue 2 face-fuck each other i see a movement out of the corner of my eye & then 2 guys cum in2 view behind u… when they see usthey both start 2 grin wickedlyas they start 2 pull off their clothes…the black guy slides 2 the ground & i can see his face between your legs as he slowly slides his bahis siteleri tongue between your ass-cheeks & makes u thrust your thick erection 4ward all the way in2 my hungry throat in surprise… as u relax & pull back he spears his bright pink tongue in2 your puckered hole & makes u groan loudly… i reach up & grab your leg & pull it up 2ward your chest & open your ass wide as he slides his mouth down tighter & buries his long tongue inside your tight hole… he holds u by the hips so u cannot move your ass so i start 2 slide my wet sucking mouth back & 4th on your thick cock & take your sweet stick as far in2 my throat as i can as i bury my nose in your spit-slippery balls every time i cumpletely swallow your throbbing tool…just as i think it can’t get much better than this i suddenly feel a tongue slide between the sweaty cheeks of my ass 2… i groan around your throbbing shaftas i realize the asian guy is doing the same thing 2 me that the black guy is doing 2 u… i want 2 open my ass 4 him 2 so i pull my leg up 2wards my chest then slide it behind your leg so our knees hook around each other’s & hold our wet asses wide open…. the asian guy grips my ass so u start 2 slide your hot sucking mouth up & down my cock 2 & take my rock-hard pulsating cock all the way in2 your cock-hungry throat with each stroke… the intensity is so amazing as i feel your throat on my cock & your cock in my own throat & the asian’s tongue stabs deep in2 my tight white asshole… just as we both get in2 another cock-sucking rhythm 2gether i feel his mouth leave my aching ass & a few seconds later i see the black guy move away from your ass 2… while we continue 2 face-fuck each other’s cocks both of them twist their bodies around & lie on their sides behind both of us & as i watch almost a foot of long black cock cums in2 view & presses up against your asshole as i feel a slippery cock-head at my own fuck-hole & a huge asian cock presses hard against me as it tries 2 gain entrance 2 my hot tight ass… i groan around your fat cock as i feel the throbbing head of his girthy cock slip past my resisting sphincter & in2 the tightness of my ass… u begin 2 moan 2 as i watch that long black snake start 2 slither in2 your tight brown hole… both of us just hold still & savor the flavor of each other’s cock-skin as they both work their long cocks in2 our asses & go deeper & deeper in & out so slowly until i can feel his hips press against my ass & i can see the entire length of that gigantic black cock finally slide all the way in2 your tightly gripping ass… when they are both fully deep inside our asses they start 2 stroke their long cocks in & out & make our mouths slide further on2 each other’s cocks canlı bahis so we don’t have 2 move much at all as we just hang on 4 the ride… every time the asian plunges that obscenely thick tool in2 the depths of my cock-craving ass he shoves my pulsating cock all the way in2 your thirsty throat then pulls me back as he pulls almost all the way out of my tightly clutching ass… the black guy’s deep thrusts drive your thick stick deep in2 my throat 2 then he slides his fat black cock back out until just his massive head remains in your wide-stretched ass & your fat cock-head is just inside my hungry sucking lips… this is the most awesome fuck-fest i have ever experienced & my entire body quivers with lust as he fills my tight ass with sexy brown cock & makes me take your gigantically thick cock so deep in2 my cum-thirsty throat with every hot stroke… we all moan & groan& we are covered with sweat as we all ache 2 cum yet try 2 make this manly moment last as long as we can… they are both deep-stroking our tightly grasping asses but they are still moving sexily slowly 2 make the deep-delving long-stroking pleasure extremely intense… as the long-cocked studs keep sawing in & out of our asses i know that u are getting close 2 losing control becuz your smooth balls pull up tight 2 your sweaty body & u suck on my pleasurably throbbing cock even harder than be4 & make me want 2 lose control myself 2… as the asian starts 2 pump his glorious fuck-toolin & out of my slippery asshole faster & harder & deeperi grind my ass back against him as far as i can as i suck harder on your fat pole & pull u even deeper in2 my greedy throat… the black guy hammers his anaconda in2 your tight ass hard & deep faster & faster & faster & it slams your fat cock deep in2 my hungry throat with every jack-hammering stroke… just as he slams his fat fuck-weapon deep in2 your grinding ass i feel your extremely swollen & sensitive cock start 2 pulsate & i pull my head & mouth quickly back & keep just the huge slippery head of your fat cock clamped between my tightly clasped lips just as your twitching glans splatters the back of my tongue with the first steamy string of your salty-sweet seed… i press my hands hard against your belly so u can’t get your cock any further in2 my cum-starved mouth because i want 2 taste each & every drop of your spicy load… as u fire spurt after spurt after spurt in2 my wide-stretched mouth & splatter my tongue & teeth & the roof of my mouth with your delicious seed i gulp & swallow as fast as i can over & over & over as i feel your sticky sweetness slide all the way down in2 my hungry cum-gulping throat & deep in2 my full & satisfied belly…u are still sucking hard güvenilir bahis on my pulsating cock as u groan with your own release & the black guy hammers his gigantic tool in2 u even harder & faster as he gets ready 2 shoot his own massive load of spunk… as he rams in2 your ass u pull away from me & press your wide-stretched anus back further on2 that humongous black cock & take it as deep as u possibly can…at the same time the asian plows his wonderfully curved piston hard & deep in2 my wide-stretched hole as he gets ready 2 erupt inside my ass 2… just as your softening cock slides away from my cum-drenched lips the asian’s thick curved cock pounds my swollen prostate & it is all 2 much 4 me & i explode in2 your throat as my ass pounds back & 4th & my pulsating cock sprays long stringy ropes of hot cum deep in2 your tight throat as i empty my balls & quiver with each violently explosive spurt… when my cock erupts it makes my cock-stuffed ass clutch on2 the stiff prong that is invading my anal cavern & i feel him drive his fantastic length deep in2 me as he grips my hips tightly & his sexy cock deposits it’s steaming load deep inside my aching bowels as he fills my body with such intense heat… he splatters my inner walls with wet spurts of seed over & over & over as u suck hard & fast on my throbbing cock & cumpletely drain every drop out of me as u swallow it down in2 the depths of your belly…just as i open my mouth 2 groan loudly the black guy drags his cock from your tightly gripping ass & as i open my mouth as wide as i can he crams his glans between my lips & starts 2 cum as he pumps his fat swollen cock with both hands & fires long ropy gouts of slimy cum all the way in2 the back of my wide-open throat & all over my out-stretched tongue… spurt after spurt flies from his huge twitching cock & in2 my open waiting mouth as he fills my throat 2 over-flowing with his creamy & copious cum… i gulp & gulp as fast as i can as he presses his hips 4ward & stuffs the slimy head of his gargantuan cock in2 my wide-stretched tightly-gripping throat…. i suck as hard & fast as i can & take the last spatters & sprays in2 my cum-guzzling throat & let them slither down in2 my belly… as my orgasm finally subsides u release my softening cock & let it flop down wetly on2 my leg… when that huge hose finally stops drowning me with oceans of delicious cum he pulls his spectacular cock away from my sperm-splattered mouth & stuffs it quickly back in2 your gaping ass be4 he starts 2 soften… the fat cock in my ass starts 2 lose some firmness 2 but when he tries 2 pull away from me i reach back & grab his muscular ass & pull him back up against me… i want 2 feel his ass-stretching cock inside me 4 as long as possible… we are all drenched with sweat & cum & cumpletely exhausted… the asian curls himself up tight against my back & i drift back off 2 sleep againwith his amazing ass-fucking cock still buried deep in my tight man-hole…( do u wanna ??? )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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