Mystical Night

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Mystical NightHe was walking through the forest, deep within his thoughts. Returning from the last peacemaking mission took allot out of him. He was tiered, and these sleepless nights were really already taking a tool on him. He looked at the moon, hidden behind the clouds, and he just sighed, hoping that nightmares will end soon. He didn’t want to go to any psychologist, as he felt that if he has to get through it all on his own, knowing that it will make him stronger. Then he heard a scream, he turned towards it and automatically ran in the direction of the sound. Approaching him was a figure, and as it came closer, he saw, that it was a girl, running from something or someone. He stopped behind the big oak tree, and grabbed her as she came in line with him, pulled her in his arms, put his hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear.“Psst, stay quiet, I am not going to hurt you.”He held her firm, because she was still struggling, but she was tinny little thing, and in his strong arms, she couldn’t do anything. He heard a growl running in their direction, and he pushed her behind him, pulled out his knife, that he never left home with, if he went to the forest for a walk. Taking by surprise, who or what ever was chasing this girl. His blade found it’s mark, burying it self deep in it’s k**ney area, blood oozing from it’s wound. He fell on top of the werewolf. Feeling it’s stinky breath, as it struggled under his weight. Pushing him off, and jumping on it’s feet towering above him, the girl was just kneeling at the tree, terrified, trying to make her self tiny. The creature howled in to the moon, pulled the knife out of it’s side, looked at the wound and his new pray. He was absolutely shocked by what he saw, and he has seen things that already were keeping him awake at night, and now this. At the same time his hand was trying to find something on the ground, anything, to be able to help him fight this thing. He grabbed a rock, and looked at the girl, she was holding her face in her hands, crying in silence, just waiting for the end to come. But what he noticed in that short moment, were not her tears, but how absolutely cute her face was, lit by the silver light of the moon. He then jumped up, with a force of a man that has nothing to loose, he faced death many times, and in essence, this time it was no different then any other time, except that the creature he was taking on, had more hair then insurgent in Afghanistan, and less clothes. He was aiming to hit the creature with the rock he found in the side of the head, as hard as he could. Trying to stun it. In which he succeeded. They fell to the ground again, and he saw a knife next to them, grabbing it, and pushing it deep in the creatures throat. blood was spurting out of its cut vein, he took a chance, and got of it, taking the girl in his arms. In the distance they could hear more howls, and he ran away from its direction. They reached his car, he put her on the right seat, jumped in to the car, and drove off like a crazy rally driver. He was covered in blood, that he didn’t even notice, he came to the main road, turned towards her, she was just sitting there next to him as if in a trance. She was wearing a dark green dress, that was torn, and he could see scratches all over her hands and legs. Her dark red hair was shining under the moonlight, and was covering part of her cute face. What he saw, was stunning beauty, jet so fragile, and innocent. He nudged her a bit with his right hand, to get her out of her trance.“Hey, I’m Dave, what’s your name?”She looked at him, suddenly realizing, that she is in a car, that was moving fast on the road, saying with a trembling voice. “Minea, I’m Minea”She whispered in the sweetest voice he ever heard, it was as if an angel spoke to him with an Irish accent.“Nice to meet you Minea, you have a lovely name. What just happened back there?”She looked at him with those big beautiful, emerald eyes.“Werewolf, I was chased by a werewolf.”He was struck by them, he smiled at her, saying with a calming reassuring voice.“You are safe now, and I am not going to let anyone or anything hurt you, ok. I will take you to my home now, where you can rest, and you mustn’t worry, I will take care of you.”She gently nodded with out words, relaxed a bit, staring in to the night.Soon they reached his house, he got out of the car, came around it and opened her doors, motioning to her“Come”He held out his hand, and she took hold of it, letting him lead her in to the house. She was limping slightly, and he saw, that her left foot was hurt, so he supported her. He saw him self in a hallway mirror all covered in blood, and he looked like hell. They went to the living room, where he helped her on the couch, and her eyes wondered around it.“I am just going to quickly wash my self, you make your self at home and I’ll be right back.”She nodded, and as he left the room, she took more details in, noticing some pictures above the fireplace. There was one picture of him, he was standing in the middle, and in the background there was smoke rising from some sort of a tank, and next to him were two more soldiers, all filthy from dirt, and he also had bandaged head. He returned shortly.“Are you ok now, feeling any better?”“She nodded.”He brought a first aide kit, some warm water in a dark blue bowl, and tuzla eve gelen escort one of his big T shirts, that would be more then enough to cover her stunning, feminine curves. He sat next to her, deciding to take care of those small scratches on her arms first. He gently took her hand in his, and started cleaning them with care. She didn’t move away from him, somehow she felt a strange connection with this man, she felt safe in his home. Safer then she ever felt in a very, very long time. If he would only know, that she is a forest Nymph, and that she does not need all this first aide, as she would heal by the morning, but she liked the attention, she never was touched in this way by any man, especially not a mere mortal. She was this close only with her sisters, it was pleasant in all the aspects, when she was playing with them. This was completely different, much more sensual, and intimate, yet somehow she didn’t mind, and she found her self wondering how he would react, if he’d know the truth. She found him attractive, with his short dark hair, goatee, and those dark brown eyes, almost black. After he has finished with her arms, he sat on the floor in front of her, and he first took the left foot, taking off her green shoe, then he took of the other one. He pulled the bowl closer, dipping a soft cloth in the warm water, he put her hurt foot in his lap, and gently started cleaning it. Moonlight was shining through the window, and if someone would be watching them from outside, that person would see silver glow emanating from them, as if he would be watching a dream. She didn’t move her eyes off him, as he was gently cleaning the wound. His touches were sending gentle shivers up her spine, the kind she never felt before. After he cleaned it, he then bandaged her foot, leaving her cute toes in the clear. Everything about her was very feminine, and very cute. From the toes on her feet, to her finger tips, to his imagination, she looked as one of those Irish fairies. As he finished, he sat next to her, taking her hands in his, looked her in the eyes, and asked her.“Tell me now, what happened, why were werewolf’s hunting you? Who are you?”Tears came swelling in to her eyes, and he just puled her closer to him, letting her head rest on his chest, gently caressing her beautiful soft dark red hair. “Hey, hey, don’t cry, I am here, you are safe.”She crawled at his words in to his lap, deeper in to his arms, and he was just holding her, with out asking any questions. He figured, she will tell him, after she completely calms down. His hands were gently caressing her back, and her breathing became calmer, as his hands were touching her. She slowly looked up, and their eyes met, in that brief moment it struck them like a lightening, and then he slowly leaned closer to her lips, gently kissing them. That first, shy kiss of his was returned by her equally shy kiss, and after the brief shy moment has passed, the kisses became more fiery, as his hands were caressing her back. They knew, their hearts have spoken in that moment in time, when their eyes met, and that nothing will be the same for either of them. He continued kissing her sensually down her neck, as his hands were caressing her soft skin. She was responding with her moans of pleasure, that only encouraged him. He took off her dress, and only now he saw, that there was nothing beneath it. He was savoring the beauty in his arms, and his fingertips were trawling from her neck, over her amazing middle sized, full breasts. Stopping on her nipples, circling around them, making her breathing heavier, and heavier. Her eyes were closed, soft full lips slightly open, as electrifying shivers were going down her spine, all the way to her temple of pleasure, where she felt a strong tingly sensation, nothing unlike she felt, when she was playing with her sisters. He leaned closer to one of her nipples, taking it in his mouth, sucking it as his tongue was striking out, brushing over the nipple, making her gasp each time he’d do it, her other breast was not forgotten either, as he repeated the same with it as well. She felt his hardness waking up in his shorts, and her hand slipped down, to rub him through his pants. That only spurred him to suck her nipples even harder, and making his hand slip between her legs, which she spread, letting him know, she wants him as much as he wants her. He didn’t rush though, so he only caressed her inner thighs, and he pushed her on her back, so she lay on the couch, he towered above her, with one leg kneeling on the couch, and with the other one standing on the floor. He took off his T shirt, then he stood up, taking off his pants. She was just looking at him in anticipation, she saw his body had scars, and she moved closer, knelled putting her hands around him, kissing him, and gently caressing his scars with her fingertips.His hands were caressing her back, squeezing her sexy tushy, as their tongues were dancing with each other. She loved his touches, his kisses, and was loosing her self in him. She knew, that if a Nymph makes love to a mortal man, the chosen one will be hers for all time. Few ever did that though, but she felt within her soul, that this is the man she chose, right here, and now. He felt her surrender, as she was just melting under his touches, tuzla otele gelen escort he took her in his arms, and carried her to his bedroom. Putting her on his soft sheets, and simply taking her beauty all in. She took his arm, and pulled him on her. Their hands exploring each other, lips kissing, tongues dancing, passion overcoming them. He then turned her on her tummy, and continued kissing her neck, following with his fingertips the path of his lips. She was shivering from pleasure, moaning from excitement, and she felt her temple of pleasure dripping uncontrollably her sweet juices of delight. His lips were kissing her bum, massaging it, gently biting it, then one of his hands started caressing her inner thigh, and lips followed. He wanted to taste, and kiss each and every part of her sensual body. He was going down her left leg with his lips, and fingertips following them, and up again on her right leg. She spread them wide, so he could admire her sweet pussy in the moonlight, shining bright through the big window of his bedroom. He came back to her tushy, kissing as fingers were sliding over her bum caressing her pulsing pussy lips, drenched in her sweet nectar. He felt her inviting scent, holding him self back, even thou he was rock hard, and he moved up again, kissing her neck, gently biting her shoulder. She felt his weight on her, and his hardness pressed against her bum, rubbing against her pussy, she wanted to feel him deep inside of her so much, as she never felt such a desire for any of her sisters as she felt for him. Her breathing was heavy, her heart was pounding, and she thought she will feel him any second now, but she was wrong. He went down with his lips and finger tips, all the way to her bum, kissing, spreading her legs, taking a pillow, and putting it under her tummy, so her bum would be a bit higher. He embraced her pussy with his lips, and invited a loud sigh of pleasure from her mouth, his tongue striking over her clit, as he savored each, and every drop of her nectar. He loved the taste of her, the scent that was emanating from her temple of pleasure was overwhelmingly addictive. He was enjoying her moans, that were leading his tongue, his lips, and his fingers as they were squeezing her bum, and rubbing her ring, then he gently pushed one finger in her tushy, and she gasped, letting out a long moan. He was holding his finger there, just at the edge of her bum, as he was licking her, sucking her clit, as his tongue was dancing in her pussy. She also was sometimes playing with her sister these games, there at the waterfall, where the fountain of eternal youth was. But this was more passionate, more primeval, and never any of her sisters played with her bum just quite like this. She pushed on his finger with her tight tushy hole, accepting his middle finger ever so deeper in her. “AAAAAAAAAAA YES, YES”Was all she could say, and he pushed his finger a bit further inside her, she felt she was close to eruption, as her pussy was tightening together with her bum. She exploded in to his mouth, so hard like she has never done before, no matter how good her sisters were, when they were enjoying her sweet, little tight pussy. This was beyond her, she was shaking as her body was slowly calming down. He turned her around, embraced her, and started kissing her passionately, and squeezing her perky tight breasts. She tasted her pussy, and it was sweet, she liked kissing her sisters, after they played with each other, but to taste her juices, on her man’s lips, that was somewhat much more erotic, and stimulating.She pushed him on his back, and continued kissing him, going down his neck, over his chest. Kissing his battle scars, each, and every one of them, with so much care, and tenderness, he never felt in his life before. Her hand took hold of his hardness, squeezed it, and started rubbing him. She never done this, she was just going with the flow, and she saw that he is loving it. Then she gently kissed his throbbing head, making him gasp, it was nice, pinky, and soft skinned bare head of his hardness, then she embraced it with her sensual full lips. Making him grab the edges of his sheets, he so much wanted her to take it all in her mouth, but he didn’t want to rush her. One more thing she was doing for the very first time, but she was loving it, her hand going up and down his hardness, as she was taking as much of his 6.7 inches in her lustful mouth, as she could. His breathing was getting faster, and faster, his hips started to move ever so slightly up, and down, and he didn’t want to come to soon, so he pulled her up on him, put his arms around her, and passionately kissed her. His hands were sliding over her back, massaging her bum, caressing her hair. Then he embraced her beautiful face, looked in to her eyes, and she felt him deep within her soul. Small tears came running down her cheeks, she didn’t know why, all she knew was that he is overwhelming her heart completely. He gently caressed her cheek, moved away a small lock of her dark red, soft hair that was covering her cheek, and part of her lip, then he kissed each and every tear that came running down from those stunning big emerald eyes. She felt him pressing against her wetness, and she slowly slid on him, as she did so, his lips connected tuzla sınırsız escort with hers. He felt the softness of her skin, her body giving in to him completely, as she took him deep inside of her. He started slowly moving his hips, with out stopping kissing her. She was lost to the world, and to the universe, more, and more with each his thrust. He was holding her bum, squeezing it, and thrusting harder and harder. His ears were enjoying lovely sound of her lustful moans, and her face was pure joy to look at, as all over it he saw her desire for him, and the pleasure he was giving her. His finger was rubbing her ring, and slowly finding his way in to her tushy. She loved it, as she caught the rhythm with him, she herself pushed the finger deeper in her bum, by thrusting back on his hardness. He felt she was close, but he didn’t want to finish just now, he put his arms around her, lifted her stunning body, and turned her under him, lay beside her, then he took a pillow, and rolled her on it with her tummy on the pillow. She spread her legs, as he was kissing her neck, biting her shoulders, and slowly submerged in to her. She felt him even deeper inside her, then when she was on top of him. He was slowly thrusting, and reached with his hand under the tummy, searching her clit. He pressed against it, but not to much, so he wouldn’t hurt her. After just few thrust she exploded, and he was holding him self back as much as he could, so he pulled out, all wet from her pussy, and gently pressed against her ring, as it gave way for his head. He stopped. She gasped from slight pain, and pleasure mixed all in one. As her tushy got used to it, she started to push against him, taking it very slowly, inch by inch in to her bum. Their fingers were interlocked, his lips were kissing her, as she was enjoying every second of this amazing feeling, that she was having for the first time. She could not believe, that this can be even better, then what she felt, when he was deep inside her pussy, and his finger was playing with her bum. When he was all in, they were both still, she felt him pulsing inside, her bum completely relaxed, and he felt it, so he started slowly to move in and out, and with each thrust, his rhythm became slightly faster. She was grabbing the edge of the bed, screaming in to the pillow, begging him not to stop. So his hand slipped under her tummy, searched for her pussy, started pressing against her, rubbing her clit, and it only took few more thrusts to give her another mind blowing finish. He kissed her, and gently turned her around, pressing his lips on hers, caressing her breasts, and her hand went down, touching his half hardness. She smiled at him, and pulled him on top of her, kissed his lips, his nose, grabbed his bum, and pulled him inside her. She put her legs around him, feeling him even deeper, and as they were kissing, he was slowly thrusting, taking his time, driving her crazy. They eyes met, and were locked on each other, with each thrust, she moaned louder, and in between them she managed to whisper“I want you, I want you, please give all of you, I want you hard”He didn’t need to be told twice, they were in sync, as they were bringing each other to the climax of this night, when they became one within their hearts, and souls, and no words were needed, as they were still in each others arms, caressing each others faces, looking in to each others eyes and kissing softly, to know that this is just the beginning of a new wonderful life for both of them. He then got up, and took her by her hand, leading her in to the shower, he opened the water, and as he was doing that she spoke softly.“Dave, I need to tell you something, and please don’t freak out ok”He turned to her, saw worry in her stunning eyes, and calmingly said, while caressing her arms. “I will not, you can tell me anything, after tonight, nothing can really shock me”“Then I better show you.”She started glowing, and he let go of her, took a step back, and in a puff of rainbow dust, she was standing there, with wings. He was just staring at her wide eyed, his lover lip falling to the floor.“I am a Nymph a forest Nymph, that is why that werwolf was hunting me, our flesh gives them overwhelming power, and we come from different plains, yet somehow, they managed to enter ours through a portal that was suppose to be locked, so me and my sisters s**ttered, he chose me, so I escaped to your plain, where I ran in to you.” He could not believe, what he was hearing at first.“Say something, please!”“Fuck me!”Tears started to roll down her eyes, and she buried her face in the palms of her hands, crying, and sobbing.“You don’t want me now, after I told you all this, I know so, you think I am some-kind of a freak.”“Hey, hey, don’t cry, I am just a bit surprised, this isn’t exactly what I was expecting, yaaa know, but hey after tonight, anything is possible, and the last thing I’d think of you is something like you just said. Come here.”He pulled her in to his arms, and kissed her on her soft, full lips, kissing her tears away, then cradled her cute face in his hardened palms.“Tonight I found out, that I don’t know anything about the world, but one thing I do know, is that you are now in my arms, and I am not letting you go. What was born between us tonight, is something I know is everlasting.”She just kissed him passionately, and he gently pulled her under the shower after him.“Oh what about your wings?”“Don’t worry abut them, I’ll hide them”She glowed again, and they vanished in a puff of rainbow smoke. He coughed, she giggled, and put her arms around him kissing him as water caressed them.The End

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