Nature Lover

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“Now, aren’t you glad we came?” Keats handed Hannah a canteen of water; he smiled at her, that lopsided smile that made mirrors in his eyes of his feelings. It was the first thing she had noticed about him, the first thing she missed when she was away.

She smiled at him, taking the canteen and leaning back against the tree. The sun on her outstretched legs and feet freshly bare from her hiking boots easing her mind. Keats took one foot into his lap massaging the toes and kissing the fat pad below them. “If I had known Mother Nature was going to treat me like this, I’d have looked her up a long time ago,” she smiled.

Keats laughed, massaging the other foot, pulling it up to his lips and kissing her ankle. “Well she’s always been real good to me.”

He was in his element. She watched him straighten himself to his full 5’10 height, stretch his arms over his head and turn towards the water of the stream. Hannah had not been camping since she was 18, that was seven years ago. Her life was spent busy in a suit at the office. Her new wilderness came with pantyhose, heels, and a cell phone.

Keats….he had been a pleasant surprise. He was an EMT who spent the majority of his time outside. Hiking, biking, and especially rowing. Anything that would get him outside and using his hands. You could tell by the way his bronzed skin glowed and the ropy form of his muscles shaped by his passions.

Following him along the mountain stream all day had been a task for Hannah. She was not the outdoors type. When he proposed the trip she had had to hit the army surplus for camping supplies and spend a month walking around her backyard in the bulky boots to break them in. She hadn’t wanted to go. Her idea of a weekend away involved satin sheets and room service. However, watching Keats stripping off his shirt standing thigh high in the stream made her forget room service. He was wringing water out of his shirt over his head making streams trickle off his back. The criss-crossing of muscles deflected the water to different places. You couldn’t do that at the Hilton, she mused. The sun was warm, the view was great, and Hannah fell asleep.

She smelled smoke. When her eyes flew open, the sky was a pink haze of afternoon. Keats had a fire going near her napping roost at the tree. He had made camp as she dozed. She watched him shifting coals to make room for a mess kit pot. He was wearing his wrung out flannel shirt open showing the faint dust of gold chest hair. He was crouched on his heels watching the sun go down.

Hannah sat up, “you’ve been busy.” She smiled at him and stretched her stiff muscles.

Keats smiled at her; “I wanted everything to be perfect.”

Hannah blushed. They had been together for six months. Almost inseparable, however they had never been intamate. Keats wanted to go slow and believed in taking time in this area. Hanna had been embarrassed when he expressed his desire to wait to her months ago. She had never been a fast girl, but her attraction to him had been so strong she’d have slept with him on the first date. The wait had been torture for her. She kadıköy escort felt herself tingling just thinking about it.

Keats’ smile turned into a thoughtful stare. “You are beautiful when you sleep. I’ve been watching you.” His eyes were growing dark in the flames.

Hannah smiled at him she moved to his side her long legs making her only a little shorter than him. “You should have woke me up, not let me be so lazy.”

Keats reached out a hand to her cheek, stroking the lose strand of brown hair then placing it behind her ear. It was long hair when down, but she kept it up most of the time. He couldn’t wait to pull it down and hold his hands in the long waves.

He had been waiting a long time. His thumb rubbed across her full lips, so soft and he looked down at the long lashes covering her blue eyes. He knew he couldn’t wait much longer. “Like I said,” his voice shook a little, he found himself nervous, “I wanted things perfect. You needed your rest.”

She opened her mouth in a small sigh; he couldn’t take it anymore. He slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her face to his. He kissed her slow and long putting all the emotions he had held so careful in check into the seduction of her lips. His tongue lapping at her lips and coaxing her mouth open and her tongue into his own mouth to play.

Hannah slipped her hands around his neck. She held him to her pressing her body into his open shirt. She was so hungry for him. She had waited for him to be ready; pretending that it didn’t bother her that she was ready for this when her boyfriend was not. What is it when a woman is lustier than the man? Or perhaps, by the way his hands were pulling at her hair and moving down her back, perhaps he was just more patient.

His hands slipped down to her hips, pulling her shirt out of her shorts, his thumbs stroking the skin at her sides below her ribs. He moaned in her mouth when the back of his hand touched her breasts kissing her harder. He placed his hands on her ass and pressed her hard against his hips. She could feel his arousal throbbing between them, she almost came undone at the first pulse beat on her thigh.

“Hann…,” he managed to growl out, his hands holding her to him as he moved his hips against her. He kissed her jaw then her neck moving to her ear never letting go of her ass his fingers digging into the rounded flesh. “Hann, I can’t wait. If I don’t have you now I won’t be so gentle.”

Hannah felt drugged by his hands and his mouth; she held onto him her mind hazy. She put her hands inside of his shirt and felt the warm skin. She grazed his nipples with her nails, leaning in to nip at the skin around his collarbone breathing in the scent of him.

She felt his hands freeze, holding her still. “Hann please,” he grabbed her hands, he was breathing heavily, the muscle in his jaw twitching his eyes dark. “Don’t love I want to be perfect, gentle, and just for you.”

Hannah met his eyes, she watched him for the longest moment, a breath hanging between the two. He wanted to be tender with her, but she had waited too üsküdar escort long for tender. Taking a chance, she leaned in and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, biting on the lush lip. She freed a hand and placed it against his arousal. She stroked him through his pants, “Who says perfect has to be gentle.”

In the next blink, Hannah’s feet were off the ground. He carried her to the blanket under the tree. Fresh air hit her chest the same time her rear settled on the ground. Before her mind became oriented again, she was under him naked. His hands stroked everywhere, her sides her breasts, her thighs. He knelt between her open legs, bare-chested, exploring her. She reached up to undo his fly. She could read in his face his will power trying to slow himself down.

Hannah sat up, undoing his pants and sliding her hands inside, “Keats, we have lots of time,” she whispered, her hand cupping his balls so full in her palm, the other stroking him getting an idea of his size. He was so wonderfully hard and longer than she had imagined. “Don’t hold back, I want you too much.”

He leaned up, pushing his pants out of the way of her hands. His hands gripping her breasts firmly, their large size spilling around his fingers. They kissed, speaking with tongues and lips dancing together.

One hand slid between her legs, he pressed two fingers against her shaved slit, wet juices meeting them immediately. She was wet and warm, maddening to his senses. He kissed her and pressed himself on top of her again. Holding his hand against the lips of her pussy, the other raising one of her legs high on his hips.

Hannah stretched under him. His fingers were gliding over her slick clit making hot surges heat her stomach. It had been a long time since another had touched her there; the sensation was driving her wild. When his fingers slid into her waiting inside she almost cried with the sensation.

Keats heard her and his excitement could no longer be held back. “Oh Hann,” he growled before he pulled her legs up high and slid himself in.

There’s something about that first time when two becomes one. Hannah stopped breathing; the tingling was so intense and strong. She could feel every inch of him from her inside, every vein, every twitch the feeling so strong and good she choked on her own cry of passion. Her breath let go when she felt him thrust hard, all of him firmly in her waiting body.

He held her there, his arms curling under her, holding her shoulders, his face pressed to the side of hers. He was waiting for her. She breathed against his ear, a low whimper blowing against his lobe as she used her muscles to grip him inside.

Then he began. Long and slow strokes. Holding her shoulders to keep her firmly planted as he sped up their lovemaking. Each thrust driving her nearer to her edge. Making love with him made her understand the meaning of bittersweet. His size filling her to stretching. She felt like a virgin again, but virgins did not have the same desires as a woman who knows where the pleasure and pain can meet. She wrapped her tuzla escort legs high around his hips and rode him from underneath.

Working together, their rhythm picked up to a hurried speed. Keats’ chest grazing her nipples into hard peeks, Hannah sucking on his chin to keep from screaming, her hands holding his back, stroking him there.

He leaned in, taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking hard, his hand playing with the other. Her hands were in his hair holding him there, her body keeping up with the rhythm of their hips. His mouth traded places with his hand, his fingers sliding over her face. She took them in her mouth and simulated on them the feelings his cock was making in her inside.

He leaned back as if a shock at went through him. His eyes cloudy and intense on her face. Hannah held his fingers in her mouth, lapping and sucking on the two; she could taste herself on their tips.

He took her hands in his, jerking them over her head and holding them there with one hand. The feeling of being pinned and under his strength excited her more, as he began thrusting harder and faster. His face buried in her neck, biting at her shoulder, and her neck. She never dreamed he could be so hard and forceful. It aroused her completely. He bit her ear, his tongue inside the center swirl. “I want to cum inside you, Han,” he whispered hoarsely.

The request, surprised her and excited her, she bucked her hips under him, wrapping her ankles together high above his back, “yes,” she said barely audible in her moaned breath. The intensity suddenly catching her. At the exact moment, the white heat in her belly exploded, the first coil taking her high, she jerked under him. “Yes!” she screamed, her head tilting back to the pleasure, “now, Keats, oh Keats!”

He bit at her ear, holding the lobe and fucking her savagely. Her orgasm sending him over. When he felt her juices sliding out onto his balls, he burst inside. Thrusting into her so hard, her ass bounced off her thighs, he pounded her over and over until the last of him jerked inside of her.

He collapsed beside her, drawing her immediately to his chest and clutching her there. He couldn’t catch his breath, she couldn’t stop shaking. The moment had been so intense and so much wilder than he had imagined for their first time. No words could be found to express the amazement of it all.

They were alone in nature, and finally at one with each other. Keats kept thinking of her promise that they had all the time. He would go slow next time. He would make sure she was pleasured in every way. He hoped he had not hurt her.

He looked over to her face. She was stroking his jaw and his temple with a shaky hand. Her eyes were deep with pleasure, her lips swollen from his kisses.

In wonder and delight he realized, his gentle lover, didn’t seem to mind the not so gentle after all. She leaned in and bit his chin, then kissed the bite. He pulled her on top of him, her legs straddling his hips; he could feel himself become aroused again. How nice to know the woman he loved, loved for him to not hold anything in.

The night was just beginning. Hannah moved down, taking his nipple in her hot mouth. They had a lot of time to catch up she mused as she felt him growing against her thigh. She slid back to let her wet slit grease him. A lot of time indeed.

She could get used to this wild outdoors.

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