Neighbor’s Daughter

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Neighbor’s DaughterHenry had a lot of spare time on his hands. His wife of 30 years had passed away a couple of years ago. The insurance settlement had left him well off, but lonely. He was in his early fifties and balding, but he had maintained a reasonably fit body with just a bit of a belly bulge. His dogs had become his family. He favorite pastimes were watching TV and the girls across the street. The oldest, Candy, was a cheerleader and practiced her tumbling and cheer routines on a trampoline in their front yard. Her younger sister, Cynthia, played on the trampoline when Candy was not using it. Henry had been friends with Janie and her girls for years. He considered them practically members of his family. Janie, and her daughters Candy, and Cynthia, were frequent visitors to Henry’s home.Henry was in lust for Janie, the mother. Janie was in her mid thirties and was a lustful old man’s dream. He frequently found himself enjoying the view whenever she washed her car in a bikini. Janie stood 5’6″ and weighed 120 to 140 pounds. He was lousy at guessing weight. She had a set of breasts that made Henry’s mouth water. Over the past couple of years, Janie had put on about twenty or thirty pounds. Much of it seemed to have gone to her boobs making them even larger. They were at least Ds and possibly DD, and she didn’t mind showing them. Long wavy golden blond hair topped her softly rounded body.Janie was single at that time. She had been married to each of her daughters’ fathers, but was currently dating several different boyfriends. Janie and her daughters, fifteen-year-old Candy, and thirteen-year-old Cynthia, frequently spent time at Henry’s home. Sometimes together, and sometimes singly, they would come to chat and/or groom and play with Henry’s dogs. Cynthia fed and played with his dogs more than Henry did.Janie’s eldest daughter, Candy, except for her smaller breasts, was a knock off of her mother. Candy stood about 5’4″ with the same golden blond shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She weighed about 95 pounds. Even though Candy was only fifteen-years-old, Henry had often enjoyed watching her practice her cheerleading routines on their trampoline. Her bouncing boobs and cute round ass had provided hours of entertainment for him.It was a warm spring Saturday, and Henry was enjoying a quiet and relaxing afternoon. He was sipping tea and watching his favorite old war movie on TV. John Wayne was about to lead his platoon up Mt. Suribachi when an unexpected knock on his door took him away from the action. Henry glanced out his living-room window and saw Candy, his pretty teenaged neighbor, standing on his porch. He yelled, “Come on in, Candy.”Candy stepped into Henry’s living room. She usually went to his fridge and helped herself to a soda, but this time, she stood near the door and stammered as she tried to speak. She was shaking noticeably.Henry noticed her distress, and asked, “Candy, are you alright? What’s wrong, Honey?”Candy stuttered and delayed. She finally blurted out what she had been trying to say. “Henry, will you make love to me?” Her face instantly turned red and she looked down at her shuffling feet.“What? Are you crazy? Do you know what you just asked me?” Henry was in shock. Though he had admired Candy’s firm young body for a long time, he had no interest in going to jail for statutory ****.Candy repeated her request. “Please, teach me how to make love.”Trying to scare her off, Henry asked, “Candy, let me get this straight. You want me to fuck you?”“Yes!” She firmly stated. Candy was not shaking quite as much as she had been.“What would your mother say if she found out what you just asked me to do?” Henry was still in shock.Candy straightened herself, looked Henry in the eyes, and said, “Mom and I have talked about it. She sent me over here to talk to you.”Feeling even more shocked, Henry told her, “Candy, honey, I like you, but you are so young, and I am feeling really old right now. I’ll tell you what. You and your mother come over for dinner this evening, and we’ll talk about this little request of yours.”“OK!” With a bit of a smile, Candy turned and ran home.Henry was unable to return to John Wayne. His mind was racing a mile a minute. What would he do? Should he run from this hormone filled teenager. Or, should he give in to her request and his own selfish lusts. This was different than whacking off as he watched Candy do her trampoline workouts. Hell, she wanted him to fuck her.Later that evening, Janie and Candy came over for dinner. Cynthia had been sent to her grand parents for the evening. Henry had grilled steaks and made a salad for his guests. Both Janie and Candy were very nervous, so to help calm them he gave them each a glass of wine. He had purposely kept the conversation light during diner.After dinner, Henry escorted his guests to his living room, sat them on his couch, and gave them another glass of wine. “Now, we need to discuss this service I’ve been asked to preform. If you don’t mind, I will be recording this conversation on video.” Henry then quickly set up his video camera on its tripod and started it recording.With his camera rolling, Henry looked at Candy and said, “Now Candy, would you please tell me again what it is you want me to do for you.”The wine had done its job. Candy was much more relaxed and calmly stated, “I want you to make love to me. Teach me what I need to know about sex.”“Say it like I said it earlier, Candy.” Henry instructed.With a quick side glance at her mother, Candy plainly stated, “I want you to fuck me.”Henry turned to Candy’s mother. “Janie, what do you have to say about that. Your teenaged daughter just asked me, a much older man, to fuck her virgin pussy.”“Henry, we’ve talked about sex for months. I wanted her to make better choices than I did when I was her age. I got pregnant with Candy when I was just the age she is now. At one time, during a rather heated discussion about her future sex life, Candy blurted out that she wanted you to teach her about sex. I questioned her at first, but she persisted. I finally realized she was serious.”Janie continued, “Henry, you’ve been so nice to my girls and me. I would much rather you teach her about sex than have some punk of an octopus do her in the back seat of his car. We all know the boys will want sex from her. They’ll want to take her in the back seat of some damned car. I know you’ll be as gentle with her as possible. I want you to show her how to make love, not just get fucked and knocked up.”Janie finally asked what Henry thought was a very important question. “Will you use condoms or some other form of contraceptive?“”That won’t be necessary. I’m healthy and I was fixed years ago. Now, how do I know you both want me to do this?”Candy perked up and said, “Well, I’m here now aren’t I. I’ll be here whenever you want me, and stay for as long as you like.”Janie added, “And I’ll come over now and then if you’d like to see me. I’ve been a bad example for my k**s already, so I might as well make you happy if it’ll convince you we’re serious. We’ll both be here for you whenever you want, if you want.”Henry told Janie, “Candy is only fifteen. Sixteen is the age-of-consent in this state. So, I will be happy to do as you asked when she turns sixteen. OK?”Candy smiled and said, “My sixteenth birthday is next Friday. Can’t we do it now?”Henry looked her in the eye, smiled, and said, “Humm, let me think about it for a minute…. NO! You need that week to think about what you asked me to do.” He then went into the kitchen for more wine. Actually, he wanted to give Candy and her mother a chance to be alone to talk about what had been said.When Henry returned he said, “No, I will not do you before you’re sixteen. However, we can do some things to convince me you’re serious. Are you both ready?”Janie and Candy both nodded affirmatively.“Good. Candy, strip!” Henry ordered.Candy slowly stood, then asked, “With Mom here?”“Yes! Are you embarrassed?” Henry asked.“A little, yes.” Candy’s voice was trembling again.“OK, both of you strip!” Henry ordered.“Me too?” Janie looked startled but not nervous.“Yes, you too. Candy is far too nervous to start alone. So, if you both strip, you can comfort and guide her as you go. Besides, I’ve been staring that body of yours from across the street long enough.”As Henry worked the camera, Janie and Candy slowlyremoved their clothes. Soon, both Janie and Candy stood naked before him. Janie had her arm over Candy’s shoulders. They were both smiling for the camera. “You two are a beautiful pair ladies. You both have wonderful pairs of tits.”Candy blushed with her set of B tits standing out proud and firm. Janie was just as proud of her D Ds and seemed to be thrusting them out as an offering to Henry.Looking at Janie, Henry exclaimed, “Wow! Now, that’s one hell of a set of tits, Janie.”“Candy, honey, you look delicious, too. You’re so young, tender, and sweet. You look good enough to eat.” Henry said as he approached Candy. He tenderly cupped her chin and cheeks in his hands and softly kissed her lips.Candy returned his kiss, and Henry could feel her nervously shaking.Henry took his hands from her face and slid them down her neck, over her shoulders, and down her arms to the elbows. Candy pulled back slightly when he lightly covered both boobs with his hands and kneaded them.Henry patted Candy’s butt, and told her, “It’s OK, Honey. There’s no hurry.”Henry then stepped in front of Janie and took both large tits in his hands. Janie smiled broadly as he firmly squeezed. He then bent forward to kiss, lick, and suck each nipple until they were standing erect.“Hummmm,” Janie moaned.“You like that?” Henry asked.“Oh yes! That’s nice.” Janie cooed.“Candy, have you ever seen a man before?” Henry asked.Quietly shaking her head, she answered, “No.”Henry dropped his pants and his semi-erect cock hung between his legs. “Would you like to touch it?”Shakily, Candy reached out and touched it with her finger tips. She immediately jerked her hand back.Stepping back to Jamie, Henry asked. “How about you, Mom? Would you want to show Candy how to handle a cock?”Without a word, Janie reached out, wrapped her hand around Henry’s cock and stroked it. His cock quickly grew to its full seven and a half inches. It was much too thick for Janie to close her hand around. Smiling, Janie said, “Nice! Candy, you will like this.”Candy stared wide eyed. She didn’t move or say a word. When Henry gently push down on her shoulder, Janie sunk to the knees. She kissed and licked the entire shaft before taking it into her mouth. She sucked Henry’s cock firmly and slathered her tongue over it. She seemed to really enjoy giving head.Candy still had not moved. Her mouth was hanging open, and she occasionally licked her lips. She was transfixed as she stared at her mother giving Henry a blow-job.Janie moaned and sucked harder kaçak iddaa as Henry grabbed her hair, pulled her face to his crotch, and pumped his load of cum into her mouth. She then stood, showed her mouth full of cum to Candy, and swallowed. Smiling broadly, she cooed, “Mummmmm. That was fun.”Henry then asked, “Candy, do you want to try?”Candy shyly answered, “I don’t know.”“Are you embarrassed with your mother here” He asked. “A little.”OK, Honey. You’ll be fine.” Henry hugged Candy’s nude body, patted her cute little ass, and whispered, “Get dressed.”While Candy dressed, Henry hugged Janie and whispered in her ear. “Take Candy home, use the next week to make sure she wants to do this. Have her come back next week after her sixteenth birthday party. You can come back tonight after she’s gone to bed, if you’d like.”Janie said nothing. She quietly stood and dressed to leave. With a wink and a broad smile, Janie took Candy home.Janie returned to Henry’s house about midnight. She was wearing a shear baby-doll nightie under a light robe. As she stepped in the door, she said, “Candy really does want you to be her first. She’s just very nervous. We both know it’s going to hurt her, just please go slow and be gentle with her. She’s afraid you think she’s a baby now.”“Of course, I’ll be slow and gentle with her. It may take a day or two to get her to the point where she will freely give up her cherry. I have nothing but time for her.”Dropping her robe and revealing her luscious body in her deep blue baby-doll, Janie asked, “Now, just why did you want me to come back tonight?”Henry reached out and squeezed both tits firmly. “Silly girl, I want a lot more than a blow-job from you.” Using her tits as handles, Henry pulled Janie to his chest. Putting his arms around her waist, he grabbed both ass cheeks and squeezed firmly. “Ummmmmm. I like that idea, too. I liked sucking you off, but I’ve got more places that need filled with that beautiful cock of yours.”Smiling at Janie, Henry told her, “I’ll do my best to fill ’em.”Janie stayed with Henry until nearly dawn.The Monday morning following his discussion with Janie and Candy, Henry went to see his doctor. He explained to the doctor that he had found a much younger girlfriend and wasn’t sure he could properly satisfy her. Henry then asked his doctor for something to help him in the bedroom. The doctor, after checking Henry’s heart, blood pressure, and respiration prescribed the popular little blue pills. Henry pick up a generous supply of the pills before heading home.Janie returned Tuesday saying, “I need to be sure you can do justice to my Candy.” Thursday evening, Janie again came over and spent the evening with Henry. She put Henry’s little blue pills to the test. They passed. Henry laughed and said, “I’ll do my best to thoroughly fill all of her places, too.”Giggling, Janie said, “I’m sure you will.”Candy’s sixteenth birthday party was the following Saturday evening. She was the first of her group of friends to turn sixteen. Many of her cheerleader friends attended the party, including Candy’s best friend, Tasha.Henry had a great time watching all the young girls running, giggling, and bouncing on the trampoline. He was hard nearly all evening just from watching all the bouncing boobs. Most of the girls, including Candy wore t-shirts and cut-offs which offered a delightful view.Candy’s party broke up about ten PM. When she didn’t come over right away, Henry was thinking Candy had changed her mind. He was catching the eleven o’clock news in his underwear and robe when he heard a soft knock at his door.Opening his door, Henry saw Candy standing there in a light blue party dress. It was sleeveless with a low neck line that gave a glimpse of her firm tits. The dress buttoned from the neck line to hem which was just above her knee. It promised easy access to Candy’s young body. White socks and black flat shoes finished her attire. Candy grinned at Henry and said, “I’m sixteen now.”“So you are.” Henry held out his hands to Candy. She took them. Her hands were shaking. He gently pulled her inside and hugged her to his chest. She returned the hug.Over Candy’s shoulder, Henry saw Janie step back into her home and slowly close her door.Henry kissed Candy and told her, “You look and smell delicious.” She had freshly showered, her hair smelled like flowers, and she must have borrowed her mother’s Obsession.Henry led Candy to his couch. As she sat, he told her, “I’ll be right back.” When he returned, he offered her a glass of wine.With a nervous smile, Candy reached out for the wine, and asked, “Are you going to get me drunk and screw me?”“No, baby. I just want you to relax.” He then sat next to Candy and put his arm around her shoulder and hugged her close to him. With his free hand, he used the remote to shut the TV off and turn on some romantic music.Candy smiled and, with shaky hands, started unbuttoning her dress. She had nervously fumbled the first two buttons open when Henry took her hands and stopped her. She looked confused. “Don’t you want me, now? Aren’t we going to have sex?”“Eventually, but not right now. You’re much too nervous. I want you to enjoy your first experience as much as you can. It may take a day or two before you’re ready for that. In the mean time, there’s lots we can do. Relax and let me guide you. I don’t want to push you too fast.”Candy gave a big sigh, smiled, and kissed Henry. She then laid her head on his shoulder and whispered. “Thank you.”Henry stroked her ears, cheeks, and silky hair. He kissed and licked all over her face, neck and ears. Candy’s breathing became rhythmic and deep. She was relaxing nicely.Henry turned Candy, laid her in his lap and arm, and kissed her long and passionately. When she slightly parted her lips, he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues fought a friendly duel. In the mean time, Henry’s free hand slipped from her cheek to the top of her chest. Very gently, he rubbed Candy’s upper chest and let his hand slide inside her dress to cup a bra covered breast.Candy was breathing easily. Her eyes were closed, and a smile was on her lips. She sighed contentedly when Henry reached into her dress and firmly squeezed her a tit.“Ummmmmmm.” Candy arched her back and offered more of her chest to Henry.He unhooked two more buttons and continued massaging Candy’s firm tits. Her nipples were hard little pebbles trying to push through her thin bra. Gently pinching an erect nipple brought a soft groan from Candy.After firmly squeezing both tits, Henry unbuttoned Candy’s dress to her waist. Rubbing her belly and tits, he leaned over and passionately kissed her lips. He then sat Candy up and pushed her dress off her shoulders. Henry unhooked her bra and laid her back on his lap. He removed Candy’s bra and returned to fondling her tits and teasing her nipples.When Candy’s breathing became more rapid and a bit labored, Henry pulled her up to his chest and kissed her deeply. He sat her up, stood, took her by the hands, and helped her stand up. Her dress fell to the floor, and Candy slipped off her shoes as she stepped out of the dress.Clad only in white panties, and socks, Candy moved into Henry’s outstretched and inviting arms. They hugged tenderly. “Come, Baby.” Taking her hand, Henry led her to his bedroom.Once in the bedroom, Candy grinned bravely and stepped into Henry’s outstretched arms again. They held each other, and Henry could feel her shaking again. She may have been there willingly, but she was still scared of the change in her life that was about to occur.Softly she asked, “Will it hurt?”“Yes, Baby, it will hurt. But the pain will quickly go away. It will soon turn to pleasure. But, not tonight. You can relax tonight. Just stand and let me take a good look at you.” Henry dropped his robe and sat on the edge of his bed.With her standing next to his king sized bed, Henry had Candy slowly turn. When she had completed her turn, Henry took her hands and told her, “You are such a beautiful young lady. I can’t believe you’re here to give your special gift to me. Come here, Baby.”Candy took Henry’s hand and he gently pulled her to his bed. She removed her socks and cuddled into his left arm. Pulling her close, he kissed her lips as his right hand returned to fondling her tits. As Candy relaxed, he let his hand slide down her smooth body to her panty covered pussy. Candy gasped as Henry’s hand petted her pubic mound. No one, other than herself, had ever touched her there. She held her legs snugly together. Henry stroked her bush through her panties as though it were a favored pet. He whispered in her ear. “It’ll be OK, Honey.”Candy slowly relaxed. She let her legs part oh so slightly. There was only about an inch between her knees. While sucking on her left tit, Henry continued petting pubic mound. Candy spread her legs a little more, and Henry used a single finger to stroke her slit.Her legs parted a bit more. Her silky panties were beginning to dampen from her lubricating juices. They were soon soaked, and Candy was breathing heavily. She widened her legs a bit more.Pushing her panties aside, Henry stroked her wet slit. Occasionally, he dipped his finger between Candy’s snugly closed pussy lips and gently spread them.She gasped again then moaned as the first hand,other than her own, touched her sex. She gasped loudly, when Henry lightly brushed her clit. She slowly spread her legs wide to give Henry access to her most private parts.As Henry continued to gently tease her lips and clit, Candy tilted her hips and offered more of herself to him. Feelings and sensations strange to Candy were running from her core through her entire body. She wasn’t sure what they were, but she liked them.Candy lifted her butt and let Henry push her panties over her hips, down her legs, and off her feet. While Henry fondled her right tit and teased her pussy and clit, Candy was squeezing and pinching the tit and nipple he had been ignoring. She was cooing and moaning from the new erotic feelings her body was experiencing.Henry rolled onto Candy and sucked hard on one tit while squeezing the other. He kissed his way down her body toward her bush. When he laid between her legs, she spread them wide enough that his shoulders fit between her thighs.“What are you going to do it to me now?” She asked with a trace of fear in her voice.“Shusssh! Relax, Baby. I think you’ll like this.” Henry then planted a kiss firmly on the center of her snugly closed pussy’s lips.Candy gasped again.He gave her a long slow pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit. Henry inhaled deeply of her scent. “Aaah, there’s nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh, young, virgin pussy.” Repeating the lick several times caused Candy to spread her legs as wide as she could. He firmly sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it.“OH, Oh, ooooooh. canlı bahis Oh yes!.” Candy was breathless. She roughly grabbed and squeezed her own tits and firmly pulled on her nipples. She thrust her hips up to meet Henry’s tongue. Her hands left her tits and grabbed Henry’s head. She pulled his face tightly to her over-heating pussy. Even while exploring her own body, the teen had never felt such strong urges. Candy was constantly moaning and rolling her head from side to side, as Henry drove his tongue as deep as he could into her opening. “Oh my God! What’s happening? What are you doing to me?” She cried.“I’m eating you, Baby. I love eating fresh pussy.” He again sucked her clit into his mouth, flicked at it with his tongue, and firmly pinched her nipples.Candy fell over the edge. With her hips bucking wildly, she pulled Henry’s head tightly to her hungry hole. She thrust her hips up high and yelled at the top of her lungs. “Oh God, yes! Oh, please don’t stop. YES! EAT MY PUSSY! EAT MEEEeeee!” Henry was more than happy to oblige. He had always loved eating pussy and had no intention of stopping. When Candy’s orgasm subsided and she lowered her butt back to the bed, he just kept licking and sucking He cupped her small tight ass cheeks and squeezed firmly.Candy had returned to squeezing and pinching her own tits while her hips resumed slowly rocking. In a very short time, she again began thrusting her hips up to Henry’s probing tongue. Breathlessly, she cried, “Oh God, it’s happening again!”Henry rapidly and repeatedly drove his tongue into her tight hole. He sucked her clit very hard and she fell over the edge again.Pinching her nipples hard and pulling them out from her chest she yelled. “OH YES! Right there!”Henry was relentless. He continued to lick and suck Candy’s most sensitive flesh. As soon as she calmed, he worked her up to a third orgasm. Though her third orgasm wasn’t quite as earth shaking for her as her first two had been, she still cried out in ecstasy.With her hips bucking hard, she cried. “Oh! It’s happening again. “My God, what are you doing to me? I love it! Oh God! Ooooooh!”That time, as Candy calmed, Henry crawled up her body and covered her. His face was completely covered with her pussy’s juices. He gently kissed her lips while putting a finger in entrance of her sexed up hole. With slow and shallow strokes, he gently pushed his finger into Candy’s tight hole. Candy jumped, gasped, and tensed with this new sensation. It didn’t hurt, but she was unaccustomed to having anything put inside her body. Henry pulled his finger out of Candy’s pussy and petted her furry mound. He kissed her and said, “It’s OK, Baby. We can get your cherry another time.”She laid her head on his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck. “My God, that was awesome!” She whispered. Candy soon fell fast asleep with a slight smile on her lips. She slept soundly until the next morning.Candy was the first to wake Sunday morning. She couldn’t help being fascinated by Henry’s morning hard-on. She tentatively reached down and touched it. Wrapping her hand around his hard member, she found she was unable to close her hand completely. She was amazed at how hard its core was. Yet, at the same time, it was soft and smooth on the outside. She slowly began to stroke it. A drop of moisture formed at its little hole.“Uummmmmm! Henry woke with a smile.“I’m sorry.” Candy jerked her hand away and looked up at him.Henry kissed her and said, “It’s OK, Baby. Please, don’t stop.”Candy replaced her hand and slowly stroked Henry’s cock. She laid her head on his chest and watched as more drops of moisture leaked from the little hole in its head.Henry was patting and squeezing her butt and lower back with one hand. With the other, he stroked the hair on Candy’s head. When he slid his hand between her legs, she lifted her upper leg and offered easier access to her again wet pussy. Candy was stroking Henry’s cock rapidly. At the same time, she twisted her ass so she gave him full access to her soaking hole.Henry lifted Candy’s hips up and brought them over his face. He lowered her pelvis to his lips. With Candy straddling his face, he again attacked her pussy with his tongue. “Baby, kiss my cock’s head and taste the drops there.” He instructed Candy.Candy lowered her head and kissed Henry’s cock. She licked off all the precum that had collected on its head. Then, without being asked, she took Henry’s cock into her mouth. She swabbed her tongue all over his head until he raised his hips toward her face. Slowly, she took more and more cock into her mouth.“Suck it like a straw in a thick malt, Baby.”She did as instructed and fondled his balls as well. Her tongue was constantly busy swabbing the pole in her mouth. Putting his arms around her butt, Henry tightly pulled Candy’s virgin hole to his mouth. He drove his tongue into her as deeply as he could and lapped up her pussy’s juices. Withdrawing his tongue, he licked and sucked her clit.Candy shoved her pussy down hard on Henry’s mouth and shuddered to an orgasm. As she shook to climax, Candy sucked even harder on Henry’s swelling cock. He thrust up and his first spurt of cum shot down her throat. She coughed a little and pulled the cock out of her throat, but she didn’t take it out of her mouth. She sealed her lips around the cock’s head still in her mouth. She kept sucking hard while stroking with her hand. She swallowed as fast as she could and ate every drop of Henry’s cum.Candy rolled off Henry, turned, and lay beside him. Smiling broadly, she asked, “Did I do that right? I tried to do like Mom did.”“Oh yeah, Baby. You were great for your first blow job. What did you think of it?” He asked.“It was a little salty, but not too bad. I think I’d like to try that again sometime.” She grinned.“It won’t take you long before you’re really great at giving a blow-job. Soon you’ll take it down your throat and keep it there while a guy cums.”Henry patted Candy’s ass and rolled out of bed. Together, they headed for the shower. They enjoyed lathering up then using their bodies rub each other clean.After breakfast, Candy went home to change clothes.She came back beaming.“What’s got you so happy, Candy?” Henry asked.“Mom and I talked. She said it took her months to give her first blow-job. She turned all shades of red when I told her how many times I’ve cum so far. She also said you are treating me real special buy not taking me last night.”“Baby, you are special. I want you to really be ready when we pop your cherry.” They hugged, and kissed while Henry stroked all over Candy’s body. They then went out for a late breakfast.After breakfast, they spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon shopping. Henry bought Candy a white baby-doll nightie that included a pair of crotch less panties, a second pair of crotch less panties, and a matching robe at Fredrick’s. He bought Candy her own bottle of Obsession from a small mall boutique. They then had a late lunch at a nice restaurant before heading home.When they got back from their shopping trip, Candy went home to take a nap, shower, and get ready for dinner with Henry.Henry took a nap too. He figured he’d need the rest before the night was over.Henry took Candy to a nice, but reasonably priced restaurant for dinner. They then went to a movie (romantic of course). He was a perfect gentleman. Well, that is unless you count the occasional pat he gave her ass. On the ride home, Henry caressed Candy’s leg above her knee. Slowly, he slid his hand under her short skirt and up her leg until he was petting her panty clad pussy. She was wearing her new crotch less panties. Candy spread her legs to give him easy access to her soaked and horny pussy. Her teen hormones were running rampant.Once they got to Henry’s home, Candy said she needed a quick shower to “freshen up.” In the mean time, Henry undressed and put on his robe. He then poured two glasses of wine and popped one of the little blue pills. Candy seemed to take forever in the bathroom. When she finally returned, Henry’s mouth fell open. He stared at the most beautiful young girl he had ever seen standing before him. He found himself speechless. Candy was absolutely stunning. She was wearing her new baby-doll nightie and robe, her golden hair framed her face with soft curls, and she smelled of Obsession. She was smiling broadly. She slowly turned so Henry could get a good look at her young nubile body. “What do you think?” She sheepishly asked.Henry snapped out of his trance, and said, “Baby, you are a beautiful young lady. You look and smell good enough to eat.”Candy giggled. “Promise?” Henry took her in his arms, passionately kissed her, and squeezed her butt. As beautiful and grown up as Candy looked, he could feel her nervously shaking again. He handed her the glass of wine. “Here, Honey. Have a little wine.”Candy took the wine and asked, “Are you gonna get me drunk and screw me tonight?”He told her, “No Baby. I’ve never liked screwing a drunken girl. The wine will help you relax again. Then, just like last night, we’ll see what happens.”Candy took a sip, smiled, and offered her hand to Henry.He took her hand and led her to the couch, sat, and gently pulled her down beside him. He kissed all over Candy’s face, ears, neck, and down to her tits.Candy had finished her glass of wine by then. So, Henry went to get her a refill. When he returned, she stood and let her robe fall off her shoulders.As he handed her the refilled glass, he told her, “Candy, you look so tasty, sweet, tender, and good enough to eat.”Smiling broadly, she replied. “God, I loved it when you ate me last night. Will you do that again?”“If that’s what you want, Baby.”She took a big drink of her wine as Henry took his seat next to her on the couch. With his left arm over her shoulder, his right hand tended to her tits. Her nipples were quickly standing hard and proud. Pushing the nighty strap off her right shoulder, he exposed her tit. He bent over and sucked its hard nipple into his mouth and trailed his hand down her belly.Candy spread her legs as Henry’s hand approached and caressed her bush. She moaned as he began petting her wet pussy. The crotch less panties were soaked with her juices. He spread the split in the panties and gently fingered Candy’s tight little hole.Candy’s head was laid back on the couch and her eyes closed. She moaned as Henry gently bit her nipple. When he fingered her clit, she spread her legs wider and whimpered. “Oh yes. Mummmmm, that’s nice.”When Candy had finished her wine, Henry stood and pulled her up into his arms. “Come on beautiful. You look too delicious to just sit here. Let’s go to bed.”Candy giggled and laid her head on his shoulder. “Good idea.” She cooed and hugged his neck.Henry admired Candy’s ass as she walked ahead of him toward the bedroom. She had a tight little butt, and the baby doll bahis siteleri panties accentuated her wiggling cheeks. The little blue pill Henry took was working. He couldn’t remember ever being quite so hard, so long, or so thick.As Candy reached the bedroom, she shed her nighty and panties, and laid on the bed with her legs slightly spread. She smiled at Henry and held her hands out to him.“Candy, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” He said as he crawled from the end of the bed to her crotch. She widely spread her legs and raised her knees in anticipation of Henry’s oral treatment. She would not have to wait long.Henry dove right in and began seriously eating Candy’s inviting virgin hole. Within a few minutes, Candy was writhing on the bed and screaming through her first orgasm of the night. Henry’s quickly helped her to a second orgasm with his talented mouth and tongue.He then kissed his way up her inviting body. As Henry kissed her lips, his fully inflated cock probed Candy’s outer pussy lips. With a few gentle pushes, her snug lips parted and allowed his cock shallow entrance. Candy gasped and tensed. She asked, “This is going to hurt, isn’t it?”“Yes, Baby. But you can get through it. It will soon become very pleasurable.” Henry was honest with her. He didn’t want to surprise her with pain when he took her cherry. Candy spread her legs as wide as she could, hugged Henry, and said, “OK! Go ahead.”Henry gently and slowly stroked his cock into Candy’s virgin hole. She gasped again when his cock bumped into her resisting barrier. Henry kissed Candy passionately and pulled his cock back an inch or so. Hugging her tightly, he drove his ridged cock through her hymen and into her depths.Candy’s legs instantly shot straight out on the bed. Her eyes snapped wide open. Candy screamed at the sudden pain and She cried out. “Oh shit! That hurts. Take it out! It hurts!” With his cock fully embedded in Candy’s tight and pained depths, Henry stayed motionless for several minutes. He held her tightly and remained buried in her core. He gently kissed her lips and the tears on her cheeks. “Shuuuussssh, Baby. You’ll be OK? The worst is over now. It’ll be OK soon, Honey. I promise. Try to relax.” Henry could feel Candy’s pussy trying to loosen and adjust to the new invader buried inside her.Candy seemed to relax a little. Her legs laid easier on the bed again and she had stopped crying. She returned Henry’s kisses and said. “I’m sorry for crying so loud.”Still snugly buried in Candy’s violated pussy, Henry stoked her hair and said, “Honey, it’s OK. You had a right to scream and yell. I told you it was going to hurt. Are you feeling a little better now?”Candy hugged him and said, “Maybe a little.”Henry very slowly withdrew his cock about half way out and slid it fully back in. He could feel the head of his cock bumping into her cervix. Candy was being fully stretched open. After several short strokes, he pulled nearly out of her pussy. Before pushing fully in again, he again asked, “Are you OK, Candy?”She replied, “I think so. Please, go slow.”“OK, Baby.” Henry started giving Candy full but slow strokes into her core. When she began rocking her pelvis to match his thrusts, Henry picked up the pace a little.“Ummph! Ummph!” Candy grunted each time Henry bottomed in her hole and bumped her cervix. Just as he was about to climax, Candy lifted her knees. Mindful of her still tender pussy, Henry slid fully into Candy’s pussy and held tight to her cervix. He began pumping his load of cum.Candy became alert. “Oh! I feel something warm inside. Are you squirting in me?”“Yes, Baby. I’m cuming. Do you like it?”She answered, “Uh huh. It’s warm. It feels nice. It’s sure a lot nicer than the pain.”Henry, deep in Candy’s pussy, held still until his entire load of cum had been discharged into her depths. He then resumed the slow strokes. The little blue pills must have been working. He wasn’t getting soft as usual. He took a few short but harder thrusts deep in her snug hole.Candy was steadily rocking her pelvis in time with Henry’s thrusts. She wrapped her legs around Henry’s legs and returned each of his thrusts. She helped push his cock deeply into her awakening pussy. “Ummph, ummph, ummph.” She grunted with each deep thrust. She then raised her legs and wrapped them around Henry’s waist. She said, “Give me all you’ve got. I want to feel you really fuck me.”“What about your sore pussy, Candy?” Henry asked. He didn’t want to hurt her more than absolutely necessary.“Fuck it! I am sore, but I came her for you to fuck me. Please, I want you to fuck me like you really want to.” Candy was insistent.“OK, Baby. If it’s a hard fucking you want, it’s a hard fucking you’ll get.” Henry picked up the pace and power of his thrusts. He hammered Candy’s freshly opened pussy. As Henry’s second eruption neared, Candy raise her knees even higher. She used her hands to pull her knees up to her chest. She was getting fucked as hard and deep as Henry could manage. As her climax approached, she cried out. “OH YES! DO IT! DO IT HARDER!” As Henry rammed her as hard as he could, and her climax washed over her. “OH GOD, YES! OH SHIT! OH GOD, HENRY, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK MEEeeeeeee!”Candy was going to be a very loud cummer. She was a screamer.As Candy’s orgasm hit, so did Henry’s. As he pounded his lover’s hungry cunt, he pumped his second load to her still very tight depths and bathed her cervix with cum. There’s only so much a man in his fifties can do, even with little blue pills. Henry was finished for the night. He and Candy cuddle until they fell into deep sleep. They didn’t awaken until six thirty in the morning. Janie woke them with a phone call. She wanted to know if Candy was going to school that day. Henry swatted Candy’s butt, and sent her home. “Be sure to do your homework before you come back tonight, Baby.” They kissed and Candy left.Over the next several days, Candy came over every night. She was eaten and fucked each night and soon came to look forward to sex with Henry. Then, after dinner Thursday evening, Candy asked, “Is there anything else you can teach me? I mean, I’ve heard some people do it…ah…humm, oh hell, in the ass. Have you ever done a woman in her ass?”Henry was shocked, but he answered. “Yes, Candy. I’ve done a woman in the ass.”Excitedly, Candy asked, “Did she like it. Did you like it? Did it hurt. Will you do me in the ass? You did say you’d teach me all about sex.” The three glasses of wine must have been working on her.“I did tell you that, didn’t I? To answer your question; yes, I’ve screwed a woman’s ass. It hurt her the first time or two, just like the first time in your pussy. After a while, she really got into it. Sometimes, she preferred it in her ass over getting it in her pussy. Do you want me to fuck your ass, Candy?”“It’ll hurt?” She asked again.“It’ll hurt, just like your pussy hurt the first time!” Henry advised her.Candy thought about it a few seconds then said, “Oh well, do my butt anyway. My pussy’s OK now. My butt will be OK, too.” “OK, Baby. If you want it in your ass, in your ass is where you’ll get it.” Henry hugged and kissed his young lover and took her to bed. As they walked to his bedroom, he thought to himself, ‘Where was this little nymphet when I was 20-years-old?’Candy was a bit drunk and giggled as she walked down the hallway. Henry laid her on his bed and ate her pussy to orgasm. When Candy pulled her legs up to her chest, Henry reached into his night stand drawer and took out a tube of personal lubricant. As he continued eating Candy’s pussy, he greased her tight asshole. When Candy had her second orgasm, Henry used his finger to pushed a gob of lube into her little puckered brown hole. “Ooooow.” Candy cooed. She seemed to like a finger in her ass. Henry probed her ass with his finger, and Candy pulled her legs even higher.“You like that, Baby?” Henry asked.“Uh huh. It’s weird but nice.” Candy dreamily replied.Candy was dreamy eyed and giggling when Henry rolled her over onto her belly. He lifted her hips off the bed and widely spread her knees. Candy was bent in the middle with her head and chest flat on the bed. She giggled and wiggled her ass at Henry. Henry took the tube of gel and placed a large dollop directly on her virgin asshole. Another gob was smeared over his hard cock. Henry inserted a finger, then two fingers, into Candy’s asshole. He wanted to stretch it for his cock. She was soon humping back at his fingers.Henry removed his fingers and she whimpered. She cooed as he placed his cock’s head at her virgin ass’ puckered brown hole. Patting her butt, he grabbed a hip in each hand and pushed. His cock’s head popped past Candy’s sphincter and into her virgin backside.Candy stopped moving. “OH!”Henry pulled out then pushed back in while patting her butt. He did that several times to loosen her sphincter until Candy pushed back again. He pushed a few inches of cock into ass.Then, grabbing her hips again, Henry pulled back until only his cock’s head was in Candy’s ass. With one hard shove, he fed his cock balls deep into Candy virgin asshole.Candy howled and her head popped up off the bed.Henry held still deep in Candy’s ass patting her butt for several minutes.As Candy relaxed, her sphincter loosened a bit. She again wiggled her butt at Henry even though he was balls deep in that butt.Henry started thrusting.Candy quickly started returning his thrusts. Candy grunted with each inward thrust. “Ummph, ummph, ummph!”‘Damn, this girl just loves to fuck.’ Henry thought to himself. As Henry firmly rammed her ass, Candy reached under her belly and teased her clit. She groaned loudly as Henry slammed deep into her ass and dumped a load of cum. He didn’t soften, but started building to another climax right away. “Ya gotta love those little blue pills.”Candy dreamily said, “Uh huh.” She had never stopped humping.Henry was soon slamming hard into Candy’s ass with every thrust. Ramming as hard as he could, he added the second load of cum to the first deep into her bowels. Only after his second climax did Henry start to soften. Patting her horny ass, Henry pulled out of Candy and rolled her over, and they cuddled a while. He asked, “You OK, Baby?”“Uh huh. I’m fine. It really hurt at first, but I’m OK now.” Candy stated.“But you got into it didn’t you?” He asked.“Uh huh. I don’t know why, but I got real horny doing it that way.” She admitted.“Honey, I think you’re going to be one horny little sex pot as you get older.”Candy giggled and the cuddled until they both dozed off contentedly. Friday morning, Candy went home to stay. As she waved to him on her way to school, Henry thought, ‘I’m sure going to miss that girl.’About ten o’clock that evening, Henry heard another soft knock on his door. Candy was there, with a friend.“Hi, Henry! Can we come in?” Candy asked.“Sure you can. Come on in.” He held the door for them. As she entered Henry’s home, she handed him a bottle of wine.“Henry, this is my best friend, Tasha.” Candy said. “We just came from her sixteenth birthday party. Tasha would like to ask you something.”

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