New Arrangements

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Group Sex

“I need to warn you.”

“Warn me about what?” he leaned in and I could smell his aftershave and the clean man scent of him. I tried my best but lost the battle, I inhaled deeply like he was my drug.

“Well, see the thing is…” I coughed. I cleared my throat. I tried not to stare at his stubble or the cut of his jaw or the deep rose colour of his lips. I failed again and wiggled hopelessly in the fake leather seat. God, I was throbbing under my panties. When he smiled, my stomach twisted with excitement and want.

I was holding my breath. I shifted some more and it only made the wetness and the heat between my legs that much worse. My pussy was wet and I was flustered. What a mess.

“Claire, what exactly is happening here?,” he whispered. Then great gusts of laughed came roaring out of him. I dropped my gaze and tried to focus on anything but how the sound of his amusement had pebbled my nipples. How my stomach buzzed with invisible butterflies. He was my boss. Nothing more. Nothing less. It should stay that way, regardless of recent bizarre attractions. “My, my, my. What do you want, Claire?” His big brown eyes raked over me and it was like having his hands on me, rough and demanding.


“What do you want, Claire?” He said again. He riffled through the pages on my desk and examined the index as I floundered for words.

“The position. I want that new position,” I stammered.

“Do you want the office with a view, too?” He waggled his eyebrows and grinned at me. I felt like my face would burst into flames.

“No,” I breathed. I realised the copper buttons of his button fly were right in front of my face. I further realised that his cock was hard. My breath seemed to solidify in my lungs.

His look turned serious.

Oh shit. He was reading my mind. He was throwing my dirty fantasies right back at me. And part of me knew right then that this had been some kind of confession, my staying late and inviting him to review my work.

“You’re a woman who knows what she wants. I like that” he said in a low growl.

His fingers running over me made me moan softly and when his lips touched mine, I opened my mouth for him wantonly. I sucked his tongue and he stepped in closer, crowding me in the chair with his bulk. The chair rocked slowly with the movement.

He broke the kiss and I felt thrilled and guilty esenyurt escort and dirty all at once. It only made it worse. My want of him. My need of him. I wanted him inside of me and so in my mind, I willed him further.

He pulled at his button fly. Yanked until the buttons popped one by one, his big hand reaching behind the curtain of denim and finding his hard cock. He pulled himself free, guiding his hard length to my lips. I opened my mouth for him, sucked him deep. He tasted so warm and so sweet.

When he looked at me, he looked dazed. Slightly drunk with excitement and arousal.

“I’ll show you how badly I want this, if you like” I said, forcing my voice to be braver than I felt.

He removed himself from my mouth. Long and hard, his cock swayed in front of me with a flush of crimson at the head.

“Put it back to my lips,” I said. More bravery.

He made a low sound. The kind of sound that raised goose bumps on my shoulders. And then he pushed the velvety soft skin of his cock to my lips. I licked him slowly, eyes on his eyes. I would pretend to be brazen. Inside I was shaking and shivering and revelling at my request. He tasted like hot skin and soap and man. I ran my flattened tongue along the rigid length of him, sucked him deeper, finding my hands clutching at his ass of their own accord.

He fucked my mouth, one hand in my hair, one holding the back of my chair. “Stop, Claire. Wait.” His voice was torn. I could tell he wanted to keep going but he needed to do something else.

He cleared his throat and I had to smile. He was usually so mature and dominant, yet so cute when he was flustered.

I opened my thighs for him. Wider when he told me to. I watched the top of his dark head as he lowered his face between my legs, licked along the ridge of me. Sucking my clit into his mouth, letting me go for just a moment. Then wild circles that had me clutching at the arms of my chair and dancing under him. A wild marionette on the verge of orgasm. He licked me until I sobbed and came against his darkly stubble face.

Clutching his hair. Saying his name.

My head was fuzzy and spinny and I sort of felt like I was trapped in a dream, but I let my legs fall wider for him. I watched him latch onto me with his mouth. His lush, dark red mouth. His stubble bit my inner thighs and his fingers avrupa yakası escort smoothed it better with soft strokes. He licked the flat of his tongue over me and swirled wet, eager circles over my clit. My hips bumped up on their own, my hands delved into his hair, clutching and pulling so much I feared I would hurt him. But he growled deeply in his throat and ate me harder, softer, deeper, and fingered my ass.

The orgasm wound up inside of me, pulsing through my pussy, echoing in my womb. Wave after wave as I yanked his hair, laughing and crying as I came. “Jesus Christ. Goddammit,” I laughed. I wiggled but he pinned me with his bulky forearm, licking slowly along the over sensitive skin until a smaller orgasm followed the first.

“Give it all to me, Claire. Come on. Don’t be stingy with me. We’ll share this dirty little secret.”

He pushed his fingers into my cunt, thrusting and arching until a longer, deeper orgasm began to flood me. It touched my limbs and my toes and my fingers. More languid and lazy, it rolled through me like a wonderful heat.

He grinned at me and wiped his face, still wet with my juices. “Oh, come on. You really though you’d give me the chance and I wouldn’t take it?” He kissed the inside of my thighs and I purred.

He pulled me to the floor with him, covering my body with his. Kissing and biting along my neck until I thought I might scream. Or die. His cock pushed against me, parting my slit and hovering right there. Right on the verge of where I wanted him. I arched up, pushing against him to force him in but he laughed softly. Told me to behave. His hands hooked under my knees and he pushed just enough that the head of him slipped into my pussy. Then he studied me with his big dark eyes as he thrust in high and fast. I cried out. Opening for him, gripping him, begging him to fuck me faster.

“So, let’s see. I think you like this?” He grinned an evil grin when he said it and pulled my knees up with his big palms. The head of his cock pressed to me and I felt my pussy flutter and jump. Eager and ready. How many times had I fantasised about this very moment? Too many.

“We’re just colleagues,” I reminded him stupidly.

He inched out.

“Yeah. But I don’t want to fuck all my colleagues. I don’t get turned on by all my staff. anadolu yakası escort I don’t notice their nipples and their ass. How they smell. How they wear their hair. What their skin feels like when I touch them. We’re more than colleagues.” His look was caught somewhere between amused and annoyed with me.

He arched forward, watching his cock slip into me just a bit. His lips a tight seam of control. “Really?” I asked.

“Claire, the only reason you’re my colleague is because you insist you are. Otherwise, you’d be so much more. Now be quiet. I’m going to fuck you. Just like I have in your naughty little mind, many times most likely.”

“Okay.” And I shut up as he slid into me. My pussy gripped him and I bucked my hips, so happy to be full of him.

He gripped my knees, ramming into me so that I laughed, sliding across the carpet floor. “Fuck me. Harder. Please…”

He was glowering at me. “You’re trying to make me come, aren’t you?” He lowered his head, shaved and mature, and bit my nipple. I yelped, jittering under him, but the same time forcing my breast against his mouth and teeth. When he bit me, my cunt clutched up around him and I liked it.

“No. Not at all. God, bite me again,” I begged.

He did and my pussy went tight again. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. You know how bad you want to.”

His little confession had given me power and what I really wanted was to get him off. He bit my neck and I hissed. His fingers pinched at my nipples, his teeth nipped at my throat. The pain shot through me and in its wake rolled red, hot pleasure.

He thrust into me faster, hands dropping to slide under my ass and lever me up. Angled me so that his cock could drive as deep as possible. I looped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard. Put my mouth to his ear and said, “Fuck me until I scream. Fuck me so I say your name.”

He growled and I felt his finger slide into my bottom so he could feel his dick through my inner walls. He dipped deeply into me, with finger and cock, again and again.

I started to moan and his cock rammed home into my pussy and he bit me just right and I came, yanking his head down onto me and yelling his name like I had promised.

I felt him spill his seed deep, deep within me.

We lay painting on the carpet.

“Are you sorry you stayed late?”

“Nah,” I laughed. “I think secretly you knew what I wanted.”

“Yeah. I think so. That was fucking…”


“Awesome,” he agreed.

“Fucking awesome.”

“And now…,” he pulled me to my feet, both of us giggling, naked and sweaty.


“I think we need to chat about your new prospects. And our new working arrangement.”

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