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New ControlI’m no stranger to the concept of chastity and orgasm denial / control; but recent events have really opened my eyes to it and I now feel I can speak about my experiences with it now having been subjected to it for an extended time. Unlike my previous experiences with being controlled through chastity, this time I feel well and truly broken -in a totally submissive way. I had believed that my time with it before was all there was to it as previous lovers and Owners had locked me up from time to time in an effort to establish more control over me. Now my current situation has me at a whole new level in the understanding of how this has been used to keep me in a completely new mental and emotional state that perviously I’d never experienced before.Perhaps I should give a bit of backstory…I’ve been living with my boyfriend now for over 2 months. When I first came to live with him I knew my place in the living arrangement was to be a total bottom / submissive plaything which honestly is where I belong in any relationship. I’m naturally submissive, always deferring to someone else, happy when I’m pleasing someone and hate making difficult decisions; having someone else in control and making those decisions for me is much preferable. So when it came time to move in with my boyfriend it was decided that total control had to be established from the get-go. I’ve be in other relationships and living arrangements before and always in the bottom role, I hadn’t been with someone so utterly in charge of me in years. My boyfriend dictates nearly everything in my life now, from how and what I eat, how I dress (in public and private), and now he has total control over my sex.It was noted early on in the relationship that I was a bit to horny and eager to pleasure myself. I’m always ready to please my lover(s) but it was pointed out that my desire for personal pleasure at times might of out-weighed my need to make my boyfriend happy. Really for the first time I’ve been allowed to really explore my submission as well as more of my gender confusion -being a “kept girl” has a way of really bringing out a form of hyper-sexuality in me güvenilir bahis that I’d never experienced before. When my boyfriend would stop home on his lunch break he noted that I seemed to be “spent” and not as interested in pleasing him on his hour break as I was in playing with myself. All it took was for him to arrive home after work one day to find I hadn’t done my chores and wasn’t there waiting at the door for him, instead he found me suited up in fetish gear on the internet playing on my webcam and watching porn.The changes came fast after that night.. much of my computer privileges were taken away, my webcam disabled, protocols were put in place for me to follow during the day when home alone and then within a couple of days a package arrived which included in it a CB-6000 male chastity device. When I was first shown the CB-6000 I simply figured I would be put in it for a night or two and during the day but little did I know the extent at which I was going to be chaste. I’m not fond of my “boy parts” but have just come to deal with them, my first reaction to being made to wear a device that would bring total attention to those parts was rather negative and I was punished for protesting being locked up. I like wearing tight clothing and gear that hugs my curves but having a chastity device on makes that difficult and the initial humiliation of having no way of hiding my boy parts was overwhelming. That of course brought with it new humiliations in the form of sissy fashions and dress that I was to begin wearing around the home. When it was first locked on me I figured that there would eventually come a time when I’d be released but my boyfriend never gave an exact date or time, simply telling me that it was “for my own good” and only when he felt I had earned the privilege would I be released.The first few days felt like an eternity filled with non-stop frustration. I’ve been conditioned to the point where it doesn’t take much to make me horny and even the act of putting on my locking collar and wrist/ankle restraints or just slipping into a sexy outfit makes me super horny and excited. The chastity device türkçe bahis quickly put a halt to that behavior and it also curbed my flirtatious attitude with others online. Early on in this new situation I felt I was going crazy from what felt like non-stop torture and I can remember calling my boyfriend at work begging him to release me at lunch time (which he didn’t) and trying to find ways to get-off while locked up. The only stimulation I’m allowed when like this is of course anal and oral, at home during the day I’m allowed to play with plugs and vibrators which at first I was eager to do but when the result simply made me more horny and painful getting hard in the device I quickly stopped trying to pleasure myself and just concentrate on making my man happy. In the end this is ultimately what my boyfriend wants – to mold me into a totally dependant bitch/toy.Adding to my humiliation in the course of all this I discovered that I was to remain chaste even when I bathed. Realizing how silly it was for me to think that he’d allow me to be free and unsupervised in the bathroom; when I shower and bath I’m kept locked up, when it came time to shave parts of my body down there my boyfriend handled that and kept my hands either tied above my head in the shower or cuffed behind my back so I wouldn’t be able to even touch myself. When he touched me I got excited and he responded by putting an ice pack on my crotch and making me go limp each time. The first time I was so horny I got hard 4 times while he was shaving my crotch area, each time I was subjected to the icepack and made to “cool off” before he’d start shaving me again. Odd its the first time someone else has ever done that for me as I’ve always kept my body hair free since I was a teen. I have to say its pretty humiliating being handled and shaved/bathed like that even if it is by a lover.By the 5th day I felt I’d come to terms with my chastity and started to find it easier to just forget about it. There were times I’d get really excited about something but I felt a conditioning starting to take effect and the excited feeling seemed to shift from a physical excitement güvenilir bahis siteleri to a more mental or emotional stimulation. That took a while to get over that adjustment. Also on the fifth day my computer privileges were renewed so I was able to return to looking at things that would excite me online. Yet again another wave of frustration as I’d return to sites like this one and almost felt disconnected not being able to “get into it” all like I was before. Knowing others watching the same fetish vids or watching the same live webcams were free and able to play while I was chaste and only able to watch and crave pleasure myself. By now I started understanding the total control my boyfriend has in the relationship now. After the first full week in chastity a new transformation started to occur internally which eventually started showing itself outwardly, ultimately that was my boyfriend’s goal. He’d been pleased to find that while my sex was controlled and my behavior corrected I wanted only to please him -he knew it and I know it.One week quickly became two before I knew it and in the end I spent a total of 23 days without any release between my legs. It had been the longest I had been chaste ever; the previous record was 2 days. Finally my boyfriend unlocked for an entire day and permitted me to play both online and in our playroom as well as suit up in fetish gear that had previously been taken away from me. My first orgasm after 23 days was so intense I felt like melting into a puddle afterwards and was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, locked down and milked to completion then made to shoot dry several times capped it off and really made the reality of my boyfriend’s control really sink in. After being allowed such freedom for a day I was really upset when that night I was again locked up and the new terms of the relationship were explained to me. Since then I’ve spent the majority of my days locked in chastity and only given release when I’ve “earned it” and I’m grateful whenever I’m unlocked now for a milking. One thing is for sure, it has really adjusted my attitude and made me realize that as submissive as I thought I was before that now I feel as if I’ve hit another plateau in my submission. I hope one day to be put on proper hormones and my boyfriend has now made it known that I have to earn them by striving to be a better girlfriend and toy.

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