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New TechA knock at the door woke me up with a jolt as I stared at the clock, damn! it was 7:20am and I was not in a good mood. I quickly got up, threw on a robe and stomped downstairs to see who it was through the peephole, then quickly brightened up when it revealed the postman holding a package.I opened the door and signed for my parcel before running into the living room to open my new toy, a wireless video door chime and security camera for the house. New tech was always excited me and I eagerly installed the new chime on the door and camera in the living room, then installing the app on my phone to test it all out.Many fun hours later my wife came home from work and flopped onto the sofa, she was glad it was the weekend and looked tired and in need of some pampering, so I ordered in an indian, put on some light music and tidied things away for a quiet night in with the missus, maybe I could show off my new toy tomorrow.Some time later another knock and I rushed to the door with food in mind, only to be greeted by my friend Simon who I had invited over a few days back and totally forgot. “Hi mate, how’s things?” he asked, “Good” I replied, “Night in with the wife and food on the way”, and at that moment the delivery guy appeared and stood behind him with the food, I quickly paid then Simon and I went inside.Liz looked pissed as we walked in chatting, but quickly smiled at Simon and welcomed him, dare say she was really looking forward to a quiet evening but I had inadvertently ruined any chance of that. We all sat down as I dished the food out 3 ways and popped a bottle of wine, then chatted while enjoying the nosh as the conversation became more animated and the wine was flowing freely. Well, it was the weekend after all.Next thing I knew it was 1am and the wife and I were getting amorous, so we set up the sofa bed for Simon and left him to it while we departed upstairs to the bedroom for some play time. We both kissed and started undressing each another, clothes trailing around the room exposing her gorgeous tits, small but firm; her ass, nicely rounded and smooth and before bakırköy escort long she was laying naked on the bed ready for fun. I quickly dropped by the bathroom to freshen up and get the taste of masala out of my mouth before returning to my gorgeous wife.She was snoring gently while my excitement dropped, I couldn’t blame her thought after having a long day at work and coming home to a party instead of a quiet night. I lifted the duvet over her and curled up beside her in bed to sleep, which thankfully came quick due to the alcohol. Blissful dreams of a sexual nature filled my head of a what could have been that night :)I woke up to a creaking noise, then heard it again downstairs and turned around to a non-existent Liz, “what the ?” I thought, she wasn’t there. I started to worry before remembering that I had my camera so quickly fiddled with my phone and brought up the image in the living room to make sure, only to spot my mate sleeping in the sofa bed and my wife standing over him wearing her fluffy robe. It was quite puzzling, maybe she heard a sound and went down to make sure Simon was ok.After clearing my eyes I looked again and right enough she stood over him while he slept. Her arm reached out ever so slowly only to touch the blankets between his legs, gentle movements rubbing where his cock would have been beneath the covers. He opened his eyes and looked up startled, seeing her concentrating with each small movement. He smiled as Liz noticed him awake as she shushed him with her free hand. He didn’t seem to disturbed by this at all.Now some guys would have leaped out of bed and rushed downstairs to see what the fuck was happening before it got out of hand, but my wife and I talked many times about her being with another guy and to be honest it seemed quite exciting to me. I can only imagine she must still be horny from before and since I was sleeping wanted to express it with my mate instead. Go figure.She straightened up and smiled at Simon, only for him to pull back the covers and reveal his birthday suit and beşiktaş escort a rather large appendage. Her eyes seemed to dart straight down between his legs while he grinned in anticipation. Mouth agape she undid her robe and let it slide to the floor, showing off her tight little body for our guest as she climbed up and lay on top of him. They started kissing while his hands held her close.On seeing this my joggers instantly filled up as my own cock grew large with all the excitement. My hot asian wife laying naked with another man in my own home, and my friend no less, wowser! They were kissing slowly and passionately, nothing rushed as her hips rocked back and forth on top of his cock, grinding against it as I noticed his cock glistening with her wetness. Wow, was she horny and in full HD.His arms slid down her back, trailing fingers along her spine and held onto her cheeks, grasping them tight while they kissed more and more, her own arms tucked underneath and resting on his chest, it was then I remembered that the camera had sound and slid a few controls around to enable this. I heard kissing, soft wet noises and gentle moans as they writhed around together. The sound was amazingly clear which just added to my own excitement.Liz spread her legs slowly while she sat up and straddled him, still grinding her mound against his cock. His hands reached for her pert little breasts and caressed them gently, holding them fully in his hands with all the warmth and softness they bring. She loved it when I played with her breasts, it’s one of her most sensitive areas.She reached behind and stroked his cock, then holding it firmly positioned the head between her lips and slid it inside, while I listened to her moan softly until it’s length was deep inside. His face lit up as she rode him with gentle strokes, a soft wet noise being heard as both were taking delight in this slow lovemaking before she leaned forward and kissed him more passionately.With lips locked the intensity was rising considerably as I watched them passionately fucking beylikdüzü escort one another, all the while playing with my own cock in hand. My head was reeling with emotions, excitement, jealousy, guilt, I didn’t know how to feel. This went on for some time as I had already came and cleaned up while they were still enjoying themselves downstairs.I couldn’t stop watching now, and with mobile in hand I settled back for some more as I peered at the sensual couple still at it, moaning from Liz, groans from Simon and wet skin on skin sounds playing inbetween. It was then that she rocked her hips forward and came hard, gasping so loudly that I could hear her without the camera, her breathing hard while he pushed upwards and buried his cock deep inside her and grunting loudly while his own orgasm hit.It looked so raw as he blew his load deep inside her while she shuddered erratically, she leaned forwards pressing her breasts against his chest while they kissed once again. Both stayed locked together for some time after with lingering kisses as they caught there breaths. Liz slowy dismounted as I watched his cock slide out followed by a stream of white cum. It seemed as if he was in need of release for quite some time.She smiled, then he smiled as she crept slowly off of the sofa bed and pulled the blankets over his naked body, then wrapped up in her robe before heading back upstairs. I panicked and quickly blanked my phone before placing it on the bedside and huddled back into bed. She came into the room and slid under the covers, no cleanup, the smell of him still on her, and his cum more than likely dripping from her wet pussy. Somehow that didn’t bother me, I was still excited, so I rolled over slowly and reached around to hold her close, spooning her with an erect cock.We were both naked as she pushed her arse against me, so close that I felt the warmth and wetness between her legs slide against the head of my cock, and an alibi in the making as we curled up and drifted off to sleep. So many thoughts racing through my mind as my cock twitched beneath the covers, wondering what tomorrow will bring.Simon must have been sleeping sound tonight I imagined, and I wondered if Liz realised that he was gay? He had secretly mentioned to me that he wanted to fuck a woman, just to see what it felt like, and of all things had his big debut with such a small beauty, my wife Liz. I smiled to myself and slept.

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