Niagara (continued – Chapters 23-37

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Niagara (continued – Chapters 23-37Chapter 23.I nearly tripped backing away from the doorway. I quickly retreated as far as I dared, “my” bedroom that limit. I ripped the towel from my waist and wiped the pre cum from the head of my throbbing erection, tossed the towel onto the perfectly made bed. ‘Barnaby!’ I counted aloud back from 30. “29, 28, 27, 19, 18,…” I made it as far as 9 then stormed thru my alter ego who’d blocked “my” bedroom doorway. I went thru him like Gene Hickerson on a sweep right for the Cleveland Browns.Henri had taken Katie’s ankles from his shoulders but was still moving inside her ever so tenderly, whispering ever so softly, her face buried in his chest. I’d come to a screeching halt in the doorway.”Enter, my son.” He beckoned me with his voice, a voice as kind and loving as any I’d heard. She clutched him tighter, buried her face deeper.”She is so beautiful, Cully. You are so fortunate. I am so happy for my c***dren. For their love. My little c***dren.” His eyes glistened in the late morning light. Katie was softly cooing-a feminine humming-of a kind.. I knelt on the floor close to them and laid my head upon the warm sheets. I closed my eyes, my heart hammering frighteningly. I felt the tears rise and threaten and then I felt her presence, her warmth. She lain her head next to mine. I opened my eyes to find hers open as well. So close that the strain had blurred our focus.”Cully-Boy, my little boy. My sweetheart. My love.” A voice that only He could create, that He could command, that He could instill.”Ah, my c***dren, they find one another in Canada, in the shadow of their sovereign. This is how it should be. There is no other way.” Henri ever so slowly withdrew, a measure at a time, and each time he’d expose what he’d protected he applied a kiss there to sustain the protection.. And each time he kissed her I kissed Girl as well. Her lips and nose, her eyelids and teeth and her ears. Henri silently rose and went to the windows, our beloved and shared treasure abundant and coveted. He’d turned and now stood sentinel to God’s creation before him and His creation behind him.I silently rose, Girl leading me hand-in-hand until I’d assumed Henri’s position at the edge of the bed. “Please, Cully, don’t make me wait. I’ve wanted you so much. Please, Cully, please, Cully, please, Cully, come to Katie-Girl.” She parted her thighs and brought them to an even plain. “I love you, Cully.” I easily resisted the urge to look there for proof of their coupling.I easily resisted the urge to imitate our papa and bring her ankles to my shoulders.”I love you, Cully.” Her eyes. My God, her eyes.”I don’t know if I can last ver…””Sssssshhhhhh, my darling. Girl doesn’t care. She just loves her Cully. She’ll love him until there are no more tomorrows. Come in Katie-Girl, Cully, come in your Katie-Girl.”I’d like to tell you I was a mirror image of my papa in his acumen, his endurance, his power, his grace, his method, but, I will not lie. No. I followed our papa’s insemination of my wife with my own after a half dozen strokes. No more. Her softly whispered epitaphs into my ear at the moment of my crisis I shall take to my grave.I carefully lifted and rolled to her right side, her half closed eyes tracking my every movement.”Ah, my c***dren, they sleep now. It is nap time.” Henri took from under his bed a quilt, opened it and carefully covered us with it. “Papa will be here when you awaken. I will not leave. Je promets, mes petits enfants.””Qui, papa.” Her. The sandman fast approaching.”I love you, papa.” Me.Once again Girl and I were side-by-side, both of us topless, exhausted from fun and frolic and fast asleep. And once more we were under the protection of our family.Chapter 24.I awoke first. Katie still sound asleep next to me. We’d barely budged. Henri has moved a chair close to the window and was enjoying pure majesty.”Papa.” I whispered to him as to not disturb Girl.”Uh, my son. He is awake. That is excellent, qui? Waken your Katie-Girl, Cully, we must start our evening, our night. At once.” His instant energy empowering me. “Katie, baby, wake up, sweetheart.”Her eyes opened. Though she ready. “Where’s papa?” She queried me directly. A tiny, though noticeable furrow to her adorable brow.I couldn’t help but laugh, a light chuckle. “Je suis là, mon petit doe. Venir à, papa, bébé fille.”She immediately obeyed her papa and hopped into his open arms.”Oh, papa, I thought it all just a dream. You’re here, papa, and so is Cully. I love you, papa. I love you, Cully. I love you.”I had a feeling this was going to all go down a familiar path and I believe Katie would have liked nothing better, but, Henri was about his business.”We must make ourselves ready for an evening of dinner and adventure.” He set Katie onto the floor from where she immediately grasped onto him. He took her in closer then motioned for me to voluntarily give up the quilt. I obeyed. And he modestly covered her.”Papa, I haven’t a thing to wear. All of our stuff is still at the motel.””This is not so, Katie, my son. Papa has taken the liberty, no the pleasure of having your belongings brought over. I’ve taken care of the bill as well. Everything has been put away in your rooms, closets and drawers. Cully’s in his room. Yours here, mon cherie.”‘Barnaby!’ I started protest, but, Henri put up the international stop sign.”Please, Cully, it is what I want. And what I deserve. You know this, do you not my son? Let us not waste our tomorrows on mistakes. Qui, Cully?””Qui. A wiser man does not exist than my papa.””Our car, papa?” Her.”Taken care of. I had it brought over and it will be serviced at my garage, fresh keys made and it will be delivered here when there are no more tomorrows.””Merci, papa.” Henri was right. Wasted words wasted tomorrows. And our supply was not limitless.”A request of my little ones.” His voice full of life and mischief once again.”Anything, papa.” Katie clutched his neck.”We each wear what we wore last night. Everything has been cleaned, pressed and set aside, as you’ll see in your closets. For, papa, qui my c***dren?””That, mais papa peut-il être une autre et interminable nuit comme hier soir, veuillez, papa, pour Katie-Girl?” Once more Girl clasped her hands together in prayer fashion.”Oui, absolument, ma belle peu doe. Une interminable nuit nous attend.” Henri’s voice certain, a vow put to life.”Yippee!” Her.”We meet in front of the elevator in 60 minutes, no more. Qui, my little ones.””Qui, papa.” Me.”An hour! I have to boogie, papa, look out.” Her. She moved away from him and the shield of the quilt and nude dashed into the bathroom. Her pink and round bottom the last thing we saw.We shared a smile as I rose to leave, the sound of the shower activating taking me back to the prior evening.”Cully, my son, one second, please.” His tone that of a father.”Now we fight together?””Yes, papa.””Qui, I agree, it is perfect………off with you, my son, our endless night awaits and a surprise for my only son waits as well.””Merci, papa.”Chapter 25.An hour later Henri and I stood across from the opened door elevator and watched evening fall upon the cataracts. We each looked resplendent even though it was a return engagement for our garb. I’d found everything as Henri had promised. Even my valuables: Timex, wallet, loose change, whatnot was placed in orderly fashion on the nightstand in my bedroom. My clothes had been dry cleaned and were immaculate right down to my laundered t-shirt and underwear. Even my shoes were shined to a brilliant luster. I found myself peeking at my reflection a little in the window, giving the Falls short shrift. “Cully, where is this little doe of ours?””I can’t imagine, pap…””Good evening, gentlemen.” We turned as one from the cataracts.I’d not seen Girl more beautiful. The increase in black highlighted her eyes to the point of perfection. My knees buckled as my mouth hung open. Henri, bless his heart once again stepped into the breach.”How beautiful we all look this evening. Come, c***dren, we begin our adventure.” He handed me his key ring. “If you will be so kind this evening, my son, you would do your papa a great service.””Qui, papa.” Girl blew me a kiss then briefly clutched my hand in hers. Katie-Girl so magnificent my heart soared. It then dawned on me as to whether Girl had on panties.Katie laced her arm thru Henri’s as we loaded the elevator car. Girl’s default escort for the evening, and beyond.”Cully, please.” Henri nodded toward the compartment. I came forward, opened the door and lodged the key. The door closed. Our descent commenced.”Papa, can I be with you when we’re about in the hotel and in the area? I don’t want to cause you concern now or later.””Without a doubt, my c***d. There are not enough tomorrows to waste a single one on idle gossip. Correct, my son?” His eyes met mine. I actually loved this man.”Qui, papa. Absolutely correct.””Merci, papa, je ne vais pas en profiter, je vous le promets.””Votre fréquence cardiaque trop purs pour rien de moins, mon enfant.””Merci, papa, I love you so.” She rested her head on Henri’s left shoulder. “And you too, Cully, I love you as well.” Girl’s giggle a wonderment upon the earth.Chapter 26.We were seated at the same private table. Once again Henri ordered for us and champagne poured forth. “This is a different vintage so please tell your papa what you think about it.” The waiter finished serving the champagne and was busy tidying up. Henri warded us off from taking possession of our goblet until the waiter cleared the area.”Cully, you will be our driver for the night. Please do your papa this service. It will make his night so much more enjoyable. Qui. Cully?””Qui, papa.” The M1. ‘Oh–my–God.’ I caught Katie’s smile and winked at her.”Merci, Cully. As the driver you will be permitted just one glass of the vintage. Our night must never be interrupted by reckless foolishness, qui, my little ones?””Absolutely, papa.” Me. I’d give up drinking forever for an evening behind the wheel of that M1. ‘Oh–my–God!'”Qui, papa, Cully is so happy, papa. He wanted to drive your car.” Her laughter a beautiful tease. I was totally convinced Girl was sans panties.”Thank you, papa. It is a grand surprise.” I reached across and covered his hand with mine. Girl then laid her hand upon the two of ours.”All for one.” Henri.”One for all.” Katie and I.”But, I must confess, Cully, that is not the only surprise you’ll receive this endless night. Est-ce que c’est, mon darling girl?””No, papa, it is not. Your other surprise is so cool, Cully. You’ll love it. I mentioned it to papa in fact. Didn’t I, Henri?””Qui, my son. Your Katie-Girl is complicit.””C’mon, guys, tell me.” I could hardly wait I was so jazzed up.”No, papa, make him wait.” She giggled once more, thrilling of us both by the look on Henri’s face.”To my dear c***dren, to Cully’s next surprise, and to my beautiful flower’s endless night. To us.””This champagne, believe it or not, papa, is better than last night.” And it was. Even Girl agreed. “Oui, papa, il est magnifique.””Oh, I am so happy this evening. My c***dren, they are so smart and so honest.” His laughter rich and robust. Girl scooted her chair closer to Henri’s setting. “Papa, I love you so.” Her whisper tender, but, strong enough for each of us to hold in our hearts.Our supper arrived and once again we separated into factions. Papa and Girl in deep conversation in the French language and the remaining faction, me. I did not mind, not in the least. I enjoyed their easy, yet thorough conversational process as we consumed our meal. They were true kindred spirits. Henri was not patronizing, not one bit. No. He never snuck in a conspiratorial smile to me. Never, not once. He listened to Katie, truly listened to her and he always looked eye. She was in her glory, a contentment had come to Katie-Girl and the source was obvious.The waiter returned at one point to refill our goblets. When he got to mine, I placed the flat of my hand over it. A near imperceptible nod from Henri caused my heart to clutch. To please this man my fondest wish.And I was satisfied to eat in a sort of solitude. No, I was not ignored, not in the least. It was just our family’s way. We’d quickly found a common ground of comfort and happiness and we wanted to sustain there on that ground as long as possible.I ordered the crème brûlée again and it was just as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri delicious as the night before. Papa ordered dessert for himself and Girl, some kind of French tart. They swore up and down on it’s scrumptiousness. Over our second cup of coffee, Girl excused herself to use the restroom before we departed for the night. As she rose to leave, Henri who’d also risen (I followed suit) took Girl gallantly into his arms and touched her lips with his, then whispered something to her. She blushed ferociously before continuing on her way.”Cully, your wife, she is so stunning tonight. I cannot resist her. Please forgive your papa?””Qui, papa, you are forgiven.” Our laughter rich and hearty.”Cully, my son, one must risk disappointment for the chance at perhaps something even better. If one does not risk then one shall never realize what they have missed. Do you understand, my son?” His eyes so kind and full of love, bearing into my soul. Steering me to the truth, my truth.The crème brûlée. Henri was correct.”Qui, papa. Your son hears his papa. And he understands him, completely. Merci, papa. merci.”Chapter 27.”Does anyone need to go back up before we depart for the night, my c***dren?” I braced myself for Girl to want to go back up for some ridiculous reason. “No, papa, let’s go.” I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to get to that M1. We’d just passed the bank of elevators after leaving the restaurant. Henri and Girl hand-in-hand, me ahead of them leading the way. I remembered Henri directing his man Barnaby to have the M1 out front no later than 8PM.The doorman opened the door for us and viola, the M1 was there present and accounted for. “Papa, the keys, papa, merci.””But, Cully, I gave them to you already.” His and her laughter ringing thru the humid August air.I felt my pants pocket. ‘Thank you, God!'”Who’s going to sit in the back, papa?” The uniformed valet had stepped forward and opened the passenger car door.”No one, my son. The fight for love is fought in small skirmishes and large battles. And it is fought every day, Cully.” He leaned in and drew the front passenger seat back quite a ways. “Viens ma belle enfant s’asseoir avec vous papa, repas, mademoiselle?””Qui, papa.” Henri seated himself then helped Girl take a position on his lap. Her mini dress never displayed a sliver of exposure as she gracefully executed the maneuver. They looked like models for a car advertisement. I stood there with my mouth open, their grins abundant.”Sir?” Yet another uniformed valet was holding the driver door open for the driver. That was me of course.”Cully, come, our endless night awaits.” His nod to the valet prompting the valet to close the passenger door. Katie had no mercy as she animatedly waved me over.”Sir, have a most pleasant evening.” The valet.”Good night.” I’d regained some footing before dropping into my seat–my ears filled at once with laughter as the door was securely shut.”Oh, Cully, my son. You are such a fine sport. A man among men. Yes, Cully.” He pinched my right cheek. Hard. His laughter genuine and kind.Girl had placed her left cheek on Henri’s heaving chest, her open smile full of love, enough for both of us.Chapter 28.”Oh, it is so wonderful to once again be alone with my family.” He held Girl much closer, her black dress riding up a measure on her upper thighs. She purred in response and covered his strong hands with her own. “And the night ahead of us. It is good, my son, qui?” Henri had ended the jocularities and moved into the next moment of life so easily and casually.”Qui, Henri. Where to, papa?””Just drive into the night, no destination. Just remain in Canada, my son, they will bend here to Henri, just in case.” His chuckle light and airy. “How does that sound, my beautiful little doe?” I’d gotten the M1 started and pulled out from in front of the hotel. ‘Oh-my-God.’ “That sounds great to me. This drives like a dream, papa. I knew it would. I had absolutely no doubt.” I’d jumped ahead of Girl. ‘Oops.'”Wherever you take us tonight, papa, is where we should be. Take us as far as you want. No, as far as we dare.” Her giggle silenced—his lips upon hers.I had no idea an automobile could conduct itself like this one did. And I had a feeling I wasn’t even scratching the surface of it’s performance limits. Bless his heart, Henri let me be. It stalled a couple times at first, but, he never took notice. He let me figure it out alone. I knew he was giving his attention to Girl, exchanging whispered secrets in French with her, their kisses becoming more passionate as we moved into the night, the dress riding ever higher, the tops of her black nylons edging onto pale white thighs every now and again as street lights would reveal, but, he was also allowing me to enjoy myself. I could tell.We were cruising along at a fine clip, a might over the speed limit, and had just passed the turnoff for the Niagara Falls Rapids area when Girl squealed.”Sssshhhh, little one, you’ll distract our driver, qui, c***d?” It was the first English I’d heard from that side of the M1 in quite a while, not that I was taking notes. Oh, no, not at all.”Please, papa, Cully won’t mind.” It was a whisper, but, I caught it. “Ask him, papa, I dare you.” Girl’s tenor, a mild tease to it. She was up to something. “Please, papa, for me, for you little girl? I am your little girl aren’t I, papa? The tease deeper now. I depressed the accelerator a measure. The response immediate and precise. ‘I God’s.’The street lights had become fewer, the shadows in the M1 longer, and much deeper.”Oui, un enfant, je vous demande de votre mari.””Merci, papa.” Her giggle given free reign. “Husband, may I grant unto your wife, my dearest c***d exquisite pleasure in your presence, your company?” Henri’s formality a genuine moment of high comedy. Our laughter anew and genuine.”Qui, papa. I will prepare my ear drums.” Me.”Merci, my dearest son.” Him.”Merci, monsieur Cully, I shall make it up to you later, my dearest husband, much later, far into the endless night. Je promets ” Her.”Kiss me, papa, Cully veut que vous. Kiss me toute la nuit, papa.””Repas, mon enfant. Votre papa va embrasser sa belle petite fleur toute la nuit.”Chapter 29.The tops of Girl’s nylons attached to the garters were now in plain view. Henri had not touched her there. Of that I was certain. If he had I’d of heard about it. Her squeals were frequent now and with a breath of desperation attached to them. Katie-Girl was terribly turned on. Henri was taking his time though, there was no rush. The night stretched out before us.It was then that I spotted a park off to right thru the darkness. The parking area was deserted. “Papa, the park? Qui, papa? I stated in a clear voice. He did not break contact with Katie’s lips, just fist pumped with his left arm. I was tempted to ask if that meant yes, but, I didn’t want to interrupt the mood with abject levity. I pulled in, quickly located the best spot, backed in and cut the engine. The quiet was eerie. Only the sounds of papa’s and Girl’s kisses and whispers exchanged could be heard.”Prends-moi, papa, rendre Katie-Girl cum. Veuillez, papa, je veux à cum maintenant.”I’d chosen wisely the parking space. One of the few light poles in the lot operating was a few spaces off from us. It cast a haunting illumination into the cockpit area of the M1.”Êtes-vous mon petit Katie-Girl ?” Henri implored Girl. His tone something new. An intenseness I’d neither heard nor felt to this instant. I pressed back cattycorner away from the wheel.”Oui, papa, je suis votre Katie-Girl . Et je serai toujours votre’s, papa. Veuillez, papa, rendre votre Katie-Girl scream avec ravissement. Je vous en prie, papa!””Aimez-vous, papa, Katie-Girl ?” Just the sound of their breathing could be heard. It came in panicked gasps.”Qui, Henri, I have fallen deeply in love with my papa. Qui.” ‘English!’ It was my second time to hear Girl’s confession of falling in love with Henri. It was her first confession to me.He was feeding in the area of her neck and ears. Her eyes were tightly closed. She was hiding again.”Maintenant, papa? Maintenant, vous allez faire votre Katie-Girl scream? Veuillez, papa!”Henri lifted from her exposed neck, his face moist from the feeding.”Oui, maintenant, mon petit. Votre papa va faire sa Katie-Girl cum, rendre ses cris.””Ohhhhh, papa.” He tenderly folded the front of her dress the rest of the way. I’d been right all along, Katie-Girl was sans panties.”Please, papa, so slow. So easy, papa.” She was stretched out atop Henri, covering his front with her back. The sight under the muted yellow illumination was incredible. She’d turned her face to the passenger side window and brought her knees up just a small measure, her high heels dangling from her feet by the thin black leather straps that held them.Henri moistened the fingers of his left hand then lightly cast the very tips across Katie’s exposed left thigh just above the garters, then elegantly danced across her closely cropped pubic patch and scored her right thigh in the exact same area and manner.In response Girl lifted her bottom the smallest bit.”So easyyyyyyyyy, papa.” Her voice lost in the night.Like I was not even in that M1. Like they were alone.”I love you, Cully. I love you so deeply, my darling boy.” Telekinetic was with us this night on the Canadian/U.S. border. Girl extended her left hand back in search of mine. She found it. Our grip tender though firm.”Qui, soooooooo easy, Cully.” Her voice lost in the night.When she turned her face back, our eyes locked. Girl had once again gone into a trance-like state. I’m not even certain she saw me, or, at least recognized me. Her lips parted baring gleaming white teeth in a shaft of light down thru the M1’s windshield. Her teeth separated then as Henri covered her open mouth with his own. The edges of his perfectly manicured nails gingerly scratched her patch. Katie offered forth her patented giggle but it was at once extinguished by Henri’s mouth. She settled instead on raising her bottom another portion. This one more generous than the charter lift. Her knees again parted so slightly. A force now enveloped the interior of the M1. A hint of trembling took root. It was unmistakable. All papa had to do was touch Girl and the trembling would turn into something altogether different and some thing we’d never forget.But, papa was not ready. No, he was not. Chapter 30.Henri released her mouth from his and eased back toward me. I, in turn eased back against the car door.He exerted upward force upon his knee caps and Girl’s center jutted up and into a fresh illumination. Naturally, her thighs split a healthy measure, her ankles having no other option, followed suit. Katie-Girl was gloriously splayed. The back of her head cascaded along Henri’s left rib cage and came to rest at his hip there. Only the whites of her eyes were discernable. Either she’d died, or, her eyes had rolled back in her head. Her deep, steady breathing confirming the latter.”Papa, please, end me. End your Katie-Girl.” It came out garbled, a mix twixt the French and English and I have voluntarily translated.Papa marinated his finger again, as the phenomenon of trembling increased it’s force. I gripped the brake handle in vain attempt to still the M1. No. The margin of force divided and a shuddering took place. By instinct I depressed the brake peddle. Again, there was no relief.Henri took from his mouth his digit and in a straight line directed it’s path to Girl’s belly button. We’d both been blessed with “inney’s.” He hovered over the orifice for several moments before taking the plunge.Girl immediately convulsed. I flattened against that M1 car door as if I’d been shot.An unworldly sound was emitted-followed by two more smaller convulsions-then a low sustained humming came forth. The M1’s interior cage was racked by shudders.As if on auto pilot, my left arm extended, of it’s own volition and I gripped papa’s left shoulder blade and squeezed. Hard. The man never turned his head. A near imperceptible nod took place as he lifted from Girl’s button, traveled the short distance and rested in place above Katie Girl’s quiver.”Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” A cruel, grueling sound of such human need and a****l desire that I audibly gasped. I’d not turned loose of Henri’s shoulder blade. I’d güvenilir bahis şirketleri only released the initial pressure. I reapplied same with a bolster.That finger, papa’s index finger, in association with the next two in the line straightened and then fell from the sky.”Katie……girrrrrrllllll.” Henri exerting strong emphasis upon the “girl.” Girl tried to kick out, but, papa was ready, snarled her legs in his and locked them. I was afraid she’d have kicked out the windshield if he hadn’t had such keen awareness and perfect timing. She tried to break her left hand free from my right one, but, I too was ready and held fast in the ranks. Only Girl’s right arm was free, clear and available to do damage. And would have in fact done so if Henri had not intercepted it en root to his nose with the last free hand among the inhabitants of the M1.After that Katie-Girl had no other choice but to turn loose on the Canadian side of the U.S. border monumental screams which are upon reflection and consideration still impossible to qualify.Very slowly, the number and force of Katie’s screams decreased until just a slight moaning escaped thru her parted lips. Thankfully the shuddering inside the automobile had ceased as well. Whatever that had been had fled into the black of night leaving our small family intact. Henri unlocked and unsnarled their legs as I released to touch Katie’s hand. It just fell to the seat. In a startlingly display of heavenly grace and brute strength Henri turned Girl about in his arms and brought her to his chest, like a father would turn and lift his infant c***d. I could not believe my eyes. I thought the tears would come then, but, not so. Katie-Girl held fire as Henri sang to her softly in French, her face buried in his chest.”Dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant sera bien dormir bientôt, dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant dormira bientôt” It sounded like a lullaby. I wanted to ask to confirm it, but, instead I commenced a gentle massage on each of papa’s shoulder blades. The man never turned his head. He nodded vigorously his voice with a gentleness that astounded me as he held his most precious c***d.”Dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant sera bien dormir bientôt, dodo, l’enfant do, l’enfant dormira bientôt” Again, and again, and again.Chapter 31.Gradually Katie-Girl came back to us. Henri assisted Girl in collecting herself. I just kept silent and minded my own beeswax (committed to memory the M1’s instrument panel) as together they attended their housekeeping personal and otherwise, his now soft voice caressing her in French.”There. All done. Once again my beautiful c***dren are in apple pie order. Qui?” Papa always knew exactly what to say to bring us back to our center.”Let us stretch our legs and enjoy the night. What say, c***dren?” He had hold of Girl tightly around the middle and gave her a tickle for effect. Her giggle was still at hand.We piled out and began our stroll along the park pathway. I’d made sure to lock the M1 without prompt and Henri never looked back. They walked ahead of me, arm-in-arm, their conversation quickly activated, softly so and as usual in the French. I didn’t mind in the least. I’d decided to mark this moment, this evening, this night. Commit it to memory and never, ever forget it. The big things and the most minute. This I vowed as I followed along behind my, well my mentor and my greatest gift, my wife.”Cully, our little doe needs to use the restroom. Would you please accompany her to guarantee her safety while I remain here on watch?””Absolutely, papa. C’mon, baby, I will take you.” We grasped hands.”Thank you, Cully. I’ll be right back, papa. Don’t move now, papa, I don’t want you to get lost or anything. Okay? I’ll be right back.””I shall not move, c***dren. Take your time. Papa will be here.””Hurry, Cully, I don’t want to be gone long.” She whispered.Unfortunately there were no doors on the toilet stalls. “Fine, you turn around and face the other way. And no peeking, Cully, or, I will tell papa.” And God love her Girl was not joking. Not even close. She’d become lost in our odyssey.I did an abrupt about face and stood stock still.”Cully?””Yes, darling?””Thank you, for everything. You’ve been so sweet since we arrived. I just can’t thank you enough for your generosity and patience. I love you, Cully.””You’re most welcome, sweetheart.””All done.” There was just cold water, no hand soap, nor paper towels, but, Katie made the best of it. As we turned to leave she made me stop and hugged my neck. I held her firmly about the waist and lifted her for just a second above the earth. Her giggle my sweetest reward.Girl scurried ahead of me from the restroom. “Papa, I missed you so much.” Henri took her into his arms and pressed her tightly against his chest. “You should have just come in with us. Cully had to turn around because there were no doors on the toilets, papa. But, he never peeked.” She’d obviously recovered completely from her intense release.”Cully, you are a true gentleman. A fine son indeed.”We trekked back to the M1 in the same marching order. Girl and Henri conversing in French of course.I held their door open and helped modestly situate Katie upon Henri’s lap. “Thank you, Cully, you’re so sweet and attentive.”I securely closed their door then scooted around to the driver side and eased on back in. I fit like glove. The M1purred upon ignition. Just pure perfection. ‘Oh-my-God!'”Cully, just return the way we came and I shall prompt you with directions as necessary.” Katie giggled–for no apparent reason.”Katie-Girl , contrôler vous-même, enfant.” Something had happened.”Qui, papa.” Girl contrite. Something was afoot.I slowed our gait down considerably on the drive back into town. I wanted to make the return trip last as long as possible.”Papa, please sing to me as we go along. Qui, papa?””Il sera mon plaisir, mon petit doe.””Merci, papa.”Girl laid her head upon Henri’s chest facing me. She caught my eye and smiled lovingly. I winked back and gently nodded.Henri proved to have a fine voice. He sang softly, to her, in French, one song after another. They were each beautiful and beautifully sung. When a direction change was called for he’d simply guide me along with a wave or other hand signal. It was stunning to hear the quality of Henri’s tenor. Girl’s eyes had misted over as she listened. I clutched her hand and she squeezed back in response.”Cully, you’ll need to make a left here.” Henri did not resume singing.Katie squeezed my hand tighter yet.I glimpsed the distinctive Niagara Falls Museum roof top sign in the near distance. We’d definitely make time to stop there before leaving. I’d worshiped the place dearly since I was just a little boy. In fact the families had brought us, Girl and I for a weekend excursion and we’d toured the Museum for the first time. I couldn’t have been more than 9, and Girl 7. “Now right, Cully, then straight for a ways. We’ll come in along the Falls route. It will afford a bit of a view, qui, beautiful girl?””Right, papa.” Katie almost suppressed a giggle. Henri sighed deeply. “There we go, now, a sharp left at the next stop light.” We approached the traffic signal and it was red. I came to a halt. Niagara Falls Museum was the lone reason to turn left here.And then it dawned on me. Girl had informed Henri about my intense love for this place. At once I felt terrible though.”Henri, oh, papa, it has been closed for hours.” I decried. The light changed and I made my left into the vacant Museum parking lot.. Their surprise ruined. I brought the M1 to a stop. I felt so badly for Henri and for Katie as well. I could not bear to face them.”You will reopen it, Cully. You possess the key, my son. I gave it to you earlier, did I not? Yes, I am sure I did. Qui, it is hanging there on our key ring.”I turned. Their smiles brilliant and loving. “Surprise, Cully!!!” Girl, all lit up.”My Cully.” Papa, as lit up as his little doe.I fought the tears. And won. “Henri, I am so thankful, papa. I wish I had the words.””No, words are not necessary, your heart speaks for you, Cully.” He brought my face to his and kissed my cheek. “My turn, papa.” Girl planted a kiss as well, on each of us.”Park, Cully, and let us continue this adventure. Our endless night goes on!”Chapter 32.”Papa, are you sure this is all right? The police will wonder.” Girl and Henri were trailing me for once. I’d sprang from the M1, then caught myself and motored down but I was still ahead of them.”It is all taken care of, little one. It is all arranged. Only the ghosts of the Museum remain.””Papaaaaaa, you’ll scare me.” Girl was at her most adorable. I’d missed this part of Katie, and wondered if it were indeed just the presence and influence of Henri, or, the deference of her husband. I put that epiphany away for another day. Yes, I’d settle with Katie-Girl’s husband. For sure. “Papa, the key went right in. Should I turn it?””Qui, Cully, and then disarm the alarm system, please. The code is 4693/pound sign.”I accomplished the entry and deactivation without trouble and took a few steps forward.”My son, you’ll need to lock us in so the ghosts cannot escape.” His laughter filled the quiet vestibule as he held the protesting Girl.”Oh, mon petit doe, comment je t’aime.” He spoke as he brought her eyes to his, her protestations coming to an immediate halt.”Papa.” Girl’s voice one again etched with need.They’d already begun to circle one another. The mating ritual had initiated. As long as they mated here in the Museum I could live with it. I chuckled to myself. She’d fallen in love with Henri. We both had. The specter of no more tomorrows flashed briefly there in the gift shop ante-room—then disappeared—like a ghost.”Cully, our most beautiful little doe tells me you know this magnificent Museum like the back of your hand. My precious c***d and I will follow as her exact twin leads us thru the bazaars and sights of these hallowed halls. Qui, Cully?””Yes, papa.”And that is how we conducted our after midnight tour of Niagara Falls Museum. They remained a decided distance behind me as I scaled the floors one-by-one. They were calm and respectful. Their tone muted, still in the French and mostly continuous, but, they never intruded. When I stopped, they halted, sometimes they just conversed and other times they were affectionate, but, never outlandishly so, nor vulgar. Not once. I enjoyed their presence there at a distance, their embodiment of love, the security of our family. I moved at a steady pace. There was much to see, and so many memories to account for. Presently I came across one of my all-time favorites: the exhibit of small a****l skeletal remains. 3-4-5 headed a****ls. I’d gotten such a kick as a c***d from this exhibit. I’d stand in silence and marvel at the sight. My father was convinced it was a set up, but, I was not near convinced then, or, on this night. I felt his presence before I noticed his reflection in the tall glass casing. I located Girl in my left peripheral. She’d held at their self-prescribed distance.”Qui, one of my favorites as well, Cully. I see the boy has surfaced. It is good, my son. One must never permit the boy to languish. The man cannot grow and flourish then. He’ll wither in bitterness. Life can be too cruel, too human for the man to exist exclusive. The man must command the boy. Yes, treasure him and sustain him. The boy must not command the man. Then calamity threatens. Do you understand, Cully?” Henri rested his right hand upon my right shoulder blade.I understood all too well. “Qui, papa. Completely.”Chapter 33.We finished up in the barrel exhibit, another personal favorite then took the elevator back up to the snack bar area.”We will enjoy a cup of hot coffee and see what pastry is left after the tourists…” Henri lowered his voice to a whisper. …and ghosts have had their fill.” Our laughter filled the elevator shaft. I peeled off once we exited the elevator car. “Excuse me all, I’m going to use the facilities.” I grabbed a piece of the “Niagara Gazette” from a bench and had just settled down on a seat after executing the standard courtesy flush when I heard the familiar cadence of Girl’s chattering heels upon the tile. ‘She must have to go again.’ To the contrary, she pushed open the door to the men’s room, tapped her way to my stall and rapped on the door.”Cully, it’s me, honey, it’s Girl. What are doing canlı bahis şirketleri in there?” Her voice light and lyrical.”I had to go number 2.” I whispered back thru the steel door.”Oh, I thought you might be you know, masturbating.” She half giggled then.”Katie, you shouldn’t be in here, it’s the men’s room?””Oh, fiddle sticks. There’s nobody here but papa and us. Anyhow, I need a big favor, Cully. Well, a number of small favors lumped in together will make a large favor.””Uh, oh.””Now, I haven’t got long because papa is waiting for me right now. We’re going to make the coffee together, so I have to ask this real quick. All right? Are you ready, hon?””Fire away.”I could hear her breath in real deep then she let it out real slow. “Now, don’t say anything until I’m all finished with all the questions. Understand?””Sure, go ahead, Katie.””Promise me, Cully, promise you’ll wait until I’m finished before you give your answer.”I bit my lower lip. “I promise, Girl.” I concentrated on not being glib, nor rude.”Okay, here goes:1. Would it be okay if papa did it in my butt?2. Would it be okay if papa and I did that tonight when we get back?And the last question:3. Would you ask him for me? I’d be much too embarrassed to ask him such a question.”I was surprised, but, not shocked. There wasn’t much left after French kissing and the oral sex commission. I could have resisted on the grounds that I’d been rejected chronologically trying to commit the same act with her. But, she was in a rush and I was feeling benevolent after spending 48 hours with Henri, so I capitulated to each and every term in like 6 seconds, maybe 9. Absolutely no more than that.”Oh, thank goodness, Cully.” She tapped on the door in celebration. “You’re just the best husband there ever was.” I suppressed a chuckle.”You are welcome, Katie-Girl. Whatever you think is best I’m 100% behind you.” I had to laugh to myself at the bitter irony of that statement.”Now, here’s the plan, Stan:” ‘Uh, oh, there was more.'”We’ll have our coffee and treat, say nothing until I get up toward the end and excuse myself to use the restroom before we leave. That will be your signal to ask papa the question. Don’t go too quick, wait until I am completely gone then do not shilly shally, Cully, get on with it. I won’t be gone long. I won’t even sit down. I’ll just go into the Ladies Room, check my hair and makeup and rush right back out. I just don’t want to miss being with papa any longer than absolutely necessary. Well, that’s about it in a nutshell. Is everything hunky dory, Cully?” I couldn’t help but laugh.”Girl?” I cleared my throat and spoke with clarity.”What?” She whispered back.”You are a true corker and I love you dearly, Katie.””Oh, Cully, I love you too, sweetheart. We’re having such a fabulous time, aren’t we? You just loved your surprise, huh?””For sure, baby, and thank you for helping make it happen. I shall remember this night forever.””Me too, honey bunch. Now, I’m going to scoot. Don’t forget anything I told you and don’t dawdle in here now. The coffee will be ready in about 5-10 minutes. We’ll wait for you……Hurry!” Katie implored him at the end.Girl then turned on her heels-walked a few steps-stopped-pulled a urinal lever-giggled and left.Chapter 34.I finished my business and the attendant paper work, washed up and made my appearance. They were having a grand time in the kitchen preparing the coffee. Henri had indeed waited her return before starting. I just hoped they’d found some nice cake in there. I was hungry. The initial emotional toil of our adventure that had suppressed my hunger was now giving way to a hearty appetite once more. I stayed out in the table area. I wanted to give them as much time together as possible. I felt like a third wheel at times like this. And I noticed it made me feel uncomfortable. I dismissed the feeling though.”Cully, we’re almost ready.” Girl had stuck her head thru the serving portal. Her wide smile absolutely captivating. “Don’t forget to ask papa after I leave.” She deftly half-whispered–half-pantomimed at me. “I won’t.” I heavily dramatized a pantomime in return. If Henri agreed to her request, which I didn’t for a moment doubt that he would it was going to be some endless night. Maybe even I’d finally get a crack at it. I silently laughed–then silently admonished myself for being crass, vulgar and glib. Though quite clever. It suddenly had gotten quiet in there. Thru the portal that Katie had just stuck her noggin thru I saw them kissing tenderly toward the back of the kitchen. In between the tender kisses were whispers. I so enjoyed watching them together, especially when they weren’t aware of my access. Though I was relieved when Girl did not drop from view. I needed cake.And cake I got. A nice large piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing. “It was the last piece, Cully. Papa and I are having the last of the cherry pie.” Katie’s need to announce each action had become an adorable trait since our arrival. She was on the edge, too much activity and not enough rest and sleep. I rose and assisted her with the trays and plates. Henri brought forth the pot of coffee and the cups.The cake turned out to be a might past it’s prime, but, it still hit the old spot. The coffee was hot, black and strong. It brought me at once back to the fore.Per the usual Henri and Girl fell into conversation, in French, leaving me to enjoy my cake and a second cup of coffee in peace. I loved watching them converse. They were so patient with one another. They listened, really listened, then spoke. Then the other person would listen. Watching them I felt a little embarrassed when I took stock of how I communicated with Katie back home. It was not like this, no, not by a jug full it wasn’t. I rarely listened to her and when I did I’d interrupt more than occasionally. Girl was a good person, a strong woman and in many ways I had taken her for granted and thus had failed her. I could see it clearly now thru the behavior of Henri and his relationship with her. Not just in the bedroom, but, comprehensively. “Right, Cully? Cully? Sweetheart?””Huh? Wha, what? Oh, I’m sorry, honey, I was daydreaming, thinking about the old Barrel Exhibit.” I lied.Chapter 35.”Well, guys, I am going to use the Ladies Room before we depart.” Girl. But, she did not budge from Henri’s lap to where she’d scampered after finishing her cherry pie and coffee. “C’est tellement délicieux, repas, papa?” She’d joyously prompted him after her very first bite. Now Henri held her loosely in his arms while engaging me in rapt conversation about the Museum and it’s rich history. Papa’s stories of the old days were well recounted and a treasure to my psyche. I’d wondered about those days and now I knew a breadth of truth of them. Katie was quiet, but not still, pleased just to listen to a pair of strong male voices. I could tell she was ready for our plan and our endless night to advance, but, she did not want to break the spell-the here and now that she, well, all of us were in. She played with Henri’s hands as he talked with me. Handled his fingers and clasped his hands, one at-a-time in hers. Then would release that hand and switch to the other. It was charming to watch as he paid no particular attention to her “game.” He the loving and doting papa, Girl the innocent precocious c***d. Her mini-dress had ridden up, the hem edging at times above garters and exposing just fleeting glimpses of pale white thighs above sheer black nylons But, it wasn’t done on purpose and it wasn’t about that. No. And her “game” was not to separate papa’s attention from me and back to her. To the contrary. It was honest and pure, and quite beautiful. Katie-Girl had found an island of contentment in her life, where discontentment had reigned? I could only surmise. I waited for her to disappear around the corner then quickly sprang into action.”Papa?” I interrupted him. “Excuse me, papa, but, Katie requested of me that I ask a favor of you on her behalf. It’s a little off the beaten path, but, please bear with me.””Ah, Cully, a most dedicated husband. Anything my son and it shall be granted……Within reason.” His addendum, followed by patented and glorious robust laughter. “Please, Cully, continue.” He sobered and shifted forward as if we were going to share a secret. I guess we were.I sobered and shifted forward in mirror image. “Papa, Girl would like to experience anal intercourse with you tonight. And she was just too scared and apprehensive to ask you herse….””Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”Katie-Girl’s screams-one after another pierced Niagara Falls Museum’s ground floor.”What the fuc…..” It was not Girl’s boiler plate scream of rapture. “Papa, oh, my, God!!! Hurry, papa!” I’d launched out of my seat, reversed direction and came around our table fleeing toward the restrooms area. I heard the steel legged chair tumble and clang in my wake.”Mon enfant, mon Katie-Girl papa s’en vient! Cully!!!” Henri’s anguished cries at my heels.As we turned the corner and fought to catch our footing on brilliantly waxed lime colored tile, the Ladies Room door opened and Katie-Girl strolled out. I froze in my footsteps, papa crashing into me and driving me forward a full yard, yes more. Miraculously I did not fall, but, nearly carried papa at piggyback before he too regained his footing.”I heard it too. Must be the ghosts.” Girl stepped around us and the corner.Chapter 36.I volunteered, at the insistence of our papa to be busboy and dishwasher.”Cully, you’ll do us this service? Your naughty wife needs to be admonished by her papa. A well placed spanking is called for as well? Qui, Cully?””Qui, papa, on all counts.”Girl could not stop laughing as she played cat and mouse with papa around our table and over turned chairs. “I warned you, papa. I told you. How do you guys like it?” Her laughter filled the vacant Museum. I smiled at them as he chased her about then quickly permitted her own capture. Both of them seemingly out of breath as he lifted her in his arms above the floor, our laughter quieting gradually until there was just silence and me their sentinel.The kitchen and dining area once again in apple pie order, all lights extinguished, I activated the alarm system, we breached the entry and I secured Niagara Falls Museum. As Girl and papa hand-in-hand walked ahead, I silently fell to a military press position and kissed the cool cement.Chapter 37.”Papa, est-ce que ça fait mal? Je n’en veux pas à nuire, papa, veuillez dire cela ne fera pas de tort.” Girl.”No, Katie-Girl, papa promises his c***d it will not hurt.” Papa.We were slowly making our way back. Katie had calmed and was now reflecting on her granted request and the night ahead. Her voice that of a c***d, afraid of the unknown, afraid of the dark. She’d grasped my hand in hers as she exchanged whispered queries with our papa.”Et je vais dormir avec vous ce soir après … , papa, droit? Vous savez cuddle avec vous, comme nous l’avons fait hier soir, papa?””Repas, bébé, votre papa vous tiendra tout au long de la nuit dans ses bras. Je promets.””And Cully, you’ll be there too. You won’t leave, right Cully? I want you to stay, just in case. Okay, Cully? Okay? I love you, Cully. You’re my little Cully-Boy. I’ve known you since you were just a little boy. Remember, Cully? You were such a nice little boy.”We swung onto the hotel property, the front entrance a few hundred feet ahead. As the M1 was easily identified there was a sudden swirl of activity.”Yes, baby, I’ll stay right there. I promise, sweetheart.” Girl was starting to get off kilter and emotional, approaching the edge. I was firmly convinced it was the lack of proper rest and sleep-now exacerbated by this fresh scenario on the imminent horizon. I silently said a prayer that everything would go swimmingly as endless night would turn to morning light. Henri was indeed a man of the world. I was confident he was versed in the ins and outs of anal copulation. I did not chuckle at this repartee. No, not this time. “Ah, home at last, c***dren. It is good to go, but, it is good to return. Qui, my c***dren?””Absolutely, papa.” Me.Girl was silent.I brought the M1 to a stop in front of the hotel as the uniformed valets approached us. Henri raised his hand and they each came to a halt.”Katie-Girl, I expect you to conduct yourself as a young lady with your usual decorum and poise. Qui, my precious c***d?” His voice that of a father laced generously with the tenderness of her papa.”Qui, papa.” Her voice that of a well mannered, respectful c***d. We simultaneously released our hands and Girl came to herself. Henri dropped his hand-the valets came forward.

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