Niagara (continued)

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Niagara (continued)Chapter 9.A few minutes later Girl stuck her head out the bathroom door.”Psst, Cully, may I see you in here a moment?” We turned in unison. She crooked her finger at me. “And grab my purse there.” She pointed at the bed. Henri must have retrieved it from the elevator car floor where she’d dropped it. “Pardonnez-nous, mon amour.” She smiled warmly at Henri.”Prochainement, belle fille? Henri est desesperee pour vous, bebe. Depechez-vous mon amour.”Thru the steam escaping from the small doorway opening my wife eased the door a few inches more and leaned forward a white towel covering her pubic mound barely and her breasts not at all. ‘Katie!’ I silently admonished her. “Tout au long de la nuit, ma darling Henri.” Then eased back in the few inches.”Jusqu’a ce que le soleil se leve, belle enfant.” He sent this salutation with a thrown kiss that I could have easily intercepted, but, I let it go thru to the intended target. I was already in enough trouble, though I hadn’t done a thing. I just felt impending doom.”Qui, my love.” She actually caught the damn thing and made me regret the lost opportunity for an interception. Katie held the captured kiss close to her naked left breast then pushed the door to.”Excuse us, Henri. please.””It is my most regrettable pleasure, mes enfants.”I stepped into a virtual sauna bath. She was facing mirrors over twins sinks, the white towel had been discarded and rested on the vanity counter. Katie-Girl was butt naked. I set her purse next to her then tried to meet Katie’s eyes in the heavily fogged mirrors. She refused. ‘Brat.'”Katie, what does [mes enfants] mean?””[My c***dren] why?””Just Henri. I think he’s adopted us.””He’s so adorable.” Katie was abrupt now, her tone static now. She brushed out her hair.”Cully?” Her tone changed, just like that. “Uh, oh.” She wiped a path thru the fogged mirror and cast her best Katie-Girl smile into that path of clearance.”I want you to do me a big favor. Now, don’t say ‘no.'”……… heart stopped, I swear it. The mirror fogged the path over again. “Please remain in here while I go to Henri. Please, monsieur, for the mademoiselle?” My stomach’s knot returned and with a vengeance. “Mademoiselle my ass. No way, Jose’.” ‘Spanish 101, daddy-O.’She turned and faced me, like I said, butt naked. “Please, for me, Cully-Boy.” There is a picture of us, it’s a b&w snapshot my father had taken. We’re side-by-side and fast asleep, exhausted from fun and frolic and like this night she is topless, we both are. We’re in dreamless slumber on her mother’s quilt under the shade of an oak tree. And under the protection of both our families. The families had picnicked at Euclid Beach Park on a warm Sunday afternoon. I am 6. Girl is 4.”Katie….” I grimaced heavily, but, caved.”You can have anything you want. Name it.” I perked up immediately. By God, I had her! “The Magnum Pass canlı bahis at Gizmo’s!” Gizmo’s was an arcade in the Old Market area of Omaha. I was a living legend there ruling the metro area in Space Invaders and the Atlantis pinball machine. She’d consistently refused to let me purchase The Magnum Pass. “It’s too expensive, Cully. Absolutely not. You spend too much time down there as it is. No.” If I heard that once I’d heard it a 1000 times.”Deal.” The knot in my stomach tightened. I’d been had.”Katie, but, not the entire time, just for a little while, okay? I want to observatrice, remember?””A half-hour and you can still listen, qui, mon amour?” She faced the mirrors, the steam gone now. Our reflection sharp and clean.I moved in behind her, slid my hands around her waist and laced them there just above her closely cropped nest. I knew better than to ask for a quickie. It was not my night. It was her’s and our benefactors. I’d signed over to them both now. First Henri, now my wife.”Amour?” Into the glass.”Amour, mademoiselle.” Into her eyes.Chapter 10.She reached and held tight to the door handle. She did not turn it. No. “One last thing, Cully-Boy.” My entire body twitched. I watched her slowly turn back to me thru the glass. She was so nude.”Should I keep it warm for you?” A matter-of-fact tone escaped her lips. Like conversing about the weather.”What?” Hell, I knew perfectly well what.”You know perfectly well what.””You wouldn’t tell Henri, would you?” My voice sounded like Katie’s.”That’s your decision, mon amour.””No, whatever you do, don’t tell Henri.” My voice sounded like Katie’s.”It will be our secret then. Je promets, Monsieur.””Qui.” My voice sounded like Katie’s.”Qui.””You’ll be back with it soon, mon cherie?” My voice regulated, my eyes closed on our reflection. I was hiding.”Qui, Cully-Boy, qui. Warm, and ready to servir. Qui, qui, qui, petit Cully-garcon.” She giggled with gusto.She was suddenly quiet. I bravely opened my eyes. The reflection was of the one.Katie-Girl had gone.Chapter 11.I’d like to tell you what I heard Girl & Henri doing during the span of time when we were separated. Alas, I cannot. I tried, I swear to you I tried to approach that closed door, that wall of wood. God is my witness I tried so hard. But, in the end I could do nothing but withdraw. Hell, retreat-retreat to the ante-room where the shower stall, toilet and bidet were stationed. And I put the door to that room between us as well. Yes, I did try. I tell you I did. It’s important that you believe me, because I did not believe myself. I then fled to the furthest corner of the still damp shower stall and shut that final wall as well. One of frosted glass.And I’ll confess further. I’ll confess it all. I considered many acts sitting on that cold, wet tile: masturbation, flagellation, petty theft, vandalism, graffiti, urination, opening my bowels, yes bahis siteleri that, and finally I considered homicide, double homicide and lastly suicide. In the end I removed my Timex, twisted myself into the fetal position in standing water and set that watch close to my line of sight.And I waited. And I watched.I never closed my eyes.Chapter 12.”Cully?” It was Girl. She was rapping on the door of the room I was in.I focused on the crystal of my watch. 33 minutes had passed.”Cully. I’m coming in sweetheart.” She knocked again and I heard the door open.”Where are you, Cully?……Oh, my God!” The door to the shower stall opened and she was there, cloaked in Henri’s silk robe.”You’re alive. Thank God. What, what happened, darling? Oh, my God. I’m going to get Henri.” She started to rise.”No, Girl, no. I’m fine now. I’ll be fine now. Please don’t.” I clutched her arm to keep her from fleeing for help, for Henri, to him. “Stay with me. Please don’t leave me. Don’t ever leave me, Katie.””Cully………my God you scared me half to death, angel.” She sat down next to me then, thankfully the tile had mostly dried. She put my head in her lap. “Cully, Cully, Cully, my little Cully-Boy.” She softly stroked my hair and my face as she looked into my eyes.I could tell you I confessed to her what I confessed to you. But she did not seek confession from me. So you see, there is no need to lie.”Please, Girl.””Yes.””Katie, please.””Yes. First let’s get your clothes off, mon amour. Qui?””Qui, mademoiselle.” With my wife’s assistance I was butt naked within 90 seconds according to my Timex which now rested in the built-in soap compartment.My cock was engorged and it was dripping pre come like a running faucet.”Lay down flat, Cully-baby. C’mon, angel.” Baby talk. “Oh–my–God.””Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, quiet, baby-boy. Watch mama now.” “Sweet Jesus, Katie, no, not that. Not here. Not now. Please?” I reached for my cock.She pursed her lips not once but, twice and nodded. “Uh, huhhhhhh, mama wants to watch her boy, her baby boy. Go slow, baby, real slowwwwwwwww. Watch mama now.” She removed Henri’s robe.”Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” Just sound. Like a hungry infant crying.”It’s all matted, baby. Look at mama’s nest.” She released me from her trance-my gaze fell to her center.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Just sound. Mewling, like a mortally wounded a****l.”Henri was there. And he’ll be there all night long. Qui, Cully, baby, qui?””Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Just sound. Like a rabid wolf.”Is Cully hungry, is Cully baby hungry for food, for nourishment? Qui?”The dam started to give way then. A blinding light behind the frosted door shattered the glass and came straight for me.She shifted then-knelt then and released Henri’s essence. And I fed.”Qui, baby, qui, qui, qui. Mama loves her baby boy. Her Cully-baby-boy.”And the light christened me.Chapter 13.”Cully, bahis şirketleri you scared me, darn you.” Katie had once more donned Henri’s robe and was kneeling next to me in the shower stall. I was still recovering from the intense orgasm and my ordeal.”I’m sorry, Katie. I never even listened a single second. I was too scared. I don’t know what came over me.””Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. Cully, look at me, darling.” I met her gaze. “What do you want to do? I’ll do whatever you want, sweetheart. I’m enjoying this time with Henri, but, I don’t want to do this at the expense of your happiness. I want you to enjoy this too. He’s such a sweet man and I’d hate to hurt him by cutting the night short, but, I will do that if that is what you so desire, Cully. And no recriminations. I promise. You’re the most important man in my life. You have been since we were just little c***dren. Remember, baby?””I’ll never forget, Girl. Ever.””Me neither. We have so much to be thankful for. Let’s enjoy the rest of our trip whether it is here with Henri, or, just by ourselves on the road. Qui, monsieur?””Qui, mademoiselle.”Katie immediately came back over the top. “Say we’ll stay, Monsieur.” Katie clasped her hands together in prayer fashion. Her eyes all lit up. I couldn’t help but laugh. She was so adorable in her new adventure.”Most definitely, Girl. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.””Oh, sweetheart, thank you so much.” Katie squealed in delight. “He’s so kind and honest, Cully. Such a fine man.””He is all of that, Katie. Now, I’m going to rinse off real quick. Will you wait for me, mademoiselle?””Qui. Is it okay if I just stick my head out the door to let Henri know we’re safe and sound in here. He’s probably worried.””Yes, please do. And I’ll hurry.””I’ll be right back. I promise, honey.”Upon her return Katie utilized the bidet. “Round two is coming up and you have a front row seat. Qui?””Qui.” I quickly dried off, we each brushed our teeth and were ready to go except I had nothing to wear. My underwear were a gooey mess and my dress pants were still a little damp. Luckily my white dress shirt was long tailed and extended adequately past my privates which were still in a state of shock and exhaustion. I had a feeling that state would not last much longer.”Ready Freddy?” She turned to lead us out.”Katie?” I lightly touched her shoulder. When she turned back around her eyes had misted over.”Thank you, Katie. For everything. I love you, angel.””You’re my life, Cully. I’ll love you until there are no more tomorrows.”Henri had gotten to her as well.He was once again standing at the window admiring the view dressed in another silk robe. This one a luxurious black. “Uh, my c***dren have returned. Come, come by Henri and let’s enjoy the Falls as a family. Qui, little ones?” Katie slipped away from me and quickly scampered into Henri’s grasp. He held her tightly from behind like I so enjoyed doing, then caught the scent of her hair with his nose. I stepped to their side and touched his shoulder.”Ah, my son.” He touched my face. “Henri, he is so blessed.””No, Papa, we’re each blessed.””Qui, my only son. Qui.”

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