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“Hello?” Marie answered her phone “Good Afternoon.”

“Yeah, I’m coming over now,” said a male voice on the other line

“You can’t I’m here alone,” she pleaded

“Your dad said it was okay for me to come,” he lied.

“Okay if he said so.” She ended as she hung up the phone. Marie had just turned 19 and on her birthday her mom had bought her a laptop. She didn’t know much about computers so her dad had called one of his friends- Michael to set it up for her. Michael was in his Mid 20’s around 26 and had been a friend of the family since Marie herself was a young girl. Before she got her laptop she would talk to him on the phone once a week, mostly on weekend and talk to him on messenger every day. He didn’t live far, a 15 minute drive to be exact.

Going upstairs she went for her laptop, so he wouldn’t have to walk on the carpet. He was one who didn’t like to take off his shoes. 20 minutes had passed and Marie saw no sign of Michael so going into the kitchen she made herself a bologna sandwich and had another slice of cake that her aunt had bought her for her birthday.

She was in the middle of having her cake when the door bell rang. Rushing to the door, she peeped out to see who it was.

“It’s hot out here you know,” Michael said as he pushed his way past her into the passage way “and you stood there looking who it was.”

“I have to be cautious,” she said licking the icing off her fingers. He watched her intently.

“You could have changed your clothes,” he gulped as she wore a loose tank top revealing her breasts without support (a bra), and a black mini skirt with slits in the sides as if it wasn’t short enough.

“Why it’s not like it’s my night gown,” she blushed as his intense eyes roamed her body once more “plus you said it yourself its hot out.” She used the napkin in her hand to pat the sweat running down her neck.

“Okay where’s the pc?” he asked. Tugging on the end of his shirt she led the way to the dining room where she had placed the laptop on the table. Picking up the bag he took the laptop out and turned it on.

“This may take a while,” he breathed “where’s the charger?” looking around blankly Marie said

“I probably left it upstairs, what does it look like?” sighing deeply Michael told her he’d come with. He followed behind her as she led the way. Going up the stair he couldn’t help but notice that not only was her skirt shorter than it looked but she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Not noticing he asked her non-chalantly

“Do you wear underwear to bed?” without hesitation she answered

“Why should I?”

“I see,” he said pulling on a halkalı escort few strands of his beard which just started growing back.

“It’s just a waste of underwear, if you ask me,” She ended. Searching through her closet she found a cord coiled up.

“Is it this?” she asked examining it as if it were some kind of specimen

“Yes, yes it is,” he said taking the cord from her. Without waiting on her, he headed back down the stairs. She followed behind me. He sat there for a while downloading essential things on her computer. She sat directly across from him with her legs folded exposing herself as she knew she didn’t have any underwear on.

“Are you thirsty,” she asked after a long while of staring at him. Clearing his throat he said

“Sure,” anything to get her away from him, anything to keep himself from staring at her delicious looking cunt. He so wanted to pump his cum into that delicious little thing she called her vagina. He wanted to hammer her with his cock until she screamed out for him to stop. Clearing his throat once more he hoped he had cleared his mind.

“Here you go,” she said handing him a tall glass of lemon ice she had made earlier.

“Thanks Hun,” he said but as she bent to put the glass on a coaster on the table beside him, he just couldn’t help stare at her breasts dangling bare and free in her blouse. Unable to remove his eyes from her he saw here nipples were erect as they rubbed against the flimsy fabric. Oh how we wanted to grab them and squeeze them, massage them with his hands and tease them with his fingers and tongue.

“So, how’s your boyfriend?” he asked trying to make conversation

“We broke up,” she said with no humor in her voice “he said he wanted to see other people.”

“Wow,” Michael was surprised that anyone would deny Marie. Sure she was a little ditsy sometimes but she was hot, sexy, can cook and she did her work well. He didn’t know if she was good at sex but he sure knew she wasn’t a virgin. She had told him all about it- her boyfriend at the time was 5 years older than her and that hadn’t even been going out for 2 weeks before he started coming onto to her strongly. She used her brain and tried denying him, but once he began to touch and fondle she just couldn’t resist. Something he wished she hadn’t told him.

Trying to concentrate on the work at hand, he massaged his forehead to keep himself from thinking about Marie.

“Mickey, I’m going to use the other pc for a while,” she began “you’re boring me.” She yawned as she waltzed off to the computer şişli escort room, which just happened to be down the hall. He kept still for a moment as he heard her footsteps fade, and then he heard the door of the room creak as she obviously pushed it up.

Michael let out a deep sigh of relief. Looking down at his pants he could see himself rising.

“Damn it,” he hissed as he rubbed his cock through his pants. That of course didn’t help one bit, it just made him hornier as his dick braced against his jeans, making him more uncomfortable by the second.

Minutes passed and he was just about done with the work he had set out to do on the laptop. He hadn’t heard from Marie from the time she left and he didn’t want to as his cock had just gone down. Closing her laptop, he began to pace down the hallway, humming to let her know he was coming. As he approached the door, he knocked, waited for a reply but there was no answer. Pushing the door open a little

“Shit,” there he saw Marie with both her legs hoisted up beside the computer monitor, he top pulled down, her right hand fingers in her pussy and her left massaging her breasts. Looking on the monitor he saw she was watching a porn video on He had no idea she was into those things. Without realizing he took his already hard again dick out of his pants and began stroking. Marie hadn’t noticed him because she had her earphones plugged into the computer and could her nothing but the moaning of the girl on the pc who was getting her cunt eaten out. He could feel himself drooling. He couldn’t tell what was better; the porn she was watching or her masturbating to it.

She soon started moaning as she was climaxing, careful of how loud she had been she turned around to see if anyone was watching or heard her; only to see Michael jerking off to her. Smiling up at him, she got up. Her skirt was on the floor and her breasts hung over her top, jiggling as she made her way toward him.

“Mickey you poor thing,” she said as she finally approached him. He looked down at her glorious body as her cunt seemed to be oozing wetness.

“Let me help you,” she said as she fell to her knees in front of him. He felt like a king. “Don’t hesitate to talk dirty to me,” she ended as she took his cock filled with pre cum and licked the head.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned staring up at him as she did so. As she licked his long shaft from the base at his balls up to the head he couldn’t help but entwine his fingers in her hair and ram his cock into her mouth. She gagged. Taking what she did more seriously she held him with sarıyer escort her hands at the buttocks helping him ram into her mouth. Stopping every now and again, she broke to douse his cock with saliva for easier penetration before sucking on him again. Her head began to bob up and down like a bobble head doll in a speeding car and soon Michael began shouting

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” this didn’t stop Marie for a minute as she began to suck on him as hard as she could. As she broke from his deliciously tasting cock, a smacking sound was made just before Michael spilled his seed all over her face and onto her breasts. Wiping the cum from her chest she rubbed a little on her nipples as she licked the rest off her face.

Not finished with Michael yet, Marie got down on all four, propping herself on her elbows and knees, she buried her face in her hands as she said

“Do your worst,”

A broad smile came across Michael’s face as he bent to Marie’s level. Getting on his knees he bent his head to lick her pussy which was now dripping wet from her horniness. He sucked up her sweet tasting come juice from her lips, tugging them with his teeth as he did so.

“Ahhhh,” Marie moaned “I can’t wait.”

Like music to his ears he raised himself a little to adjust to Marie’s position. Rubbing his cock against her entrance he gently pushed himself in. he didn’t hear her moan or groan at his entrance like most girls did. Disappointed, he thrust into her harder and more forcefully the second time

“That’s it,” she chanted as he pumped her little pussy. She was so tight; he could bet it had been a while since she got laid. His dick felt so enormous in her tight little cunt. To make it even more delicious, she began contracting the walls of her vagina around his cock which made the sensations they both feel so much better. Getting all excited Marie tried to tempt Michael more

“Do your worst,” she practically screamed. Frustrated, Michael began to slap her ass every time he thrust into her, making her cheeks red. Unsatisfied with her reactions to that he also grab her by the hair and pulled her head back, fondling her breasts as he continued to fuck her from behind.

“Mmmmm,” Marie moaned “that’s it.” she licked her lips as he fucked like she was some cheap slut. Like being driven crazy with lust he pulverized her pussy with his cock, as he thrust were deep and hard, going in and out, in and out with ease.

Releasing himself from her, her hair still tangled in his fingers he sprayed his sperm all over her face. She smiled and even opened her mouth to taste the creamy thickness his cock produced.

“Ahhh,” he groaned as the last of it dropped onto the floor. Holding him steady, Marie licked the remains from the tip of his cock. Catching his breath he said

“I finished updating your laptop.”

“That’s fine,” she replied “I need you to ‘fix’ something else from now on anyway.” As she grabbed him to suck his cock dry.

The End

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