Off At College Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – A Real Date

The first week of classes went by rather uneventfully. It was readily apparent that our performance at the Gamma Delta Iota house on Saturday had been the subject of campus gossip. In classes and on campus, the guys gave me more than the usual quick once over and the girls were rather cool towards me. However, this did not really bother me because I knew that I was trying to become more libertine.

More out of necessity than concern for appearances, my campus dress during the week was much more conservative. I basically wore skirts that stopped just above my knees and proper blouses. This was the wardrobe that my minister mother had sent me off to college with. Although I had managed to secure a couple of sexy outfits, I decided to save them for times when they could do some real good for me.

I was determined to show the world that a small town girl could succeed. In order to stay ahead of the class work, I spent a lot of time early in the week at my study carrel in the library. However, on Wednesday evening and again on Thursday evening, my roommate, Julie, disappeared for the entire evening. With Julie out of the room, I elected to study in the room both nights.

By Friday, though, I was ready for the week-end to come. It did not hurt that Bruce who I had met at registration and was in two of my classes had asked me to go with him to the campus movie on Friday evening. After class on Friday, I decided to do my laundry and some studying. Julie, one of our suite mates, Megan, her best friend, Sandy and I grabbed an early dinner.

I then went back to the room, took a quick shower and got ready for my date. I decided that I was not going to encourage Bruce to end up in bed as I had the three Gamma Delt brothers last week, although I had no intentions of becoming the campus Ice Maiden either. I selected a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top that showed a bit of my 34C cleavage but tucked into my jeans. Underneath, I decided to go sexy with a pair of my bikini panties and the push-up bra that I had purchased that week. I figured that if I let Bruce get me down to my bra and panties at that point I might as well look like I was interested in pursuing the matter to its obvious conclusion. Besides, it made me feel sexy which I enjoyed. I finished putting on my make-up and brushing my hair just as the intercom rang announcing that Bruce was in the lobby waiting for me. I grabbed my college i.d. and stuffed it in my jean pocket along with two quarters. Saying good bye to Julie I told her that I did not expect to need the room tonight. She replied that if I changed my mind, she would just find somewhere to hang out.

I met Bruce in the lounge. He had on khakis and a polo shirt. We briefly exchanged greetings before heading out to the Events Center where the weekly campus movie was shown. As we ambled over to the Center, Bruce acted like the perfect gentleman on a first date and I acted like a perfect lady on a first date, if you understand the drift. When we got to the building we both showed the ticket taker our college identification cards and we got into the show at no charge. We walked into the theater and found two seats in the middle of the auditorium. During the movie we occasionally held hands but that was the limit of our physical contact.

After the movie we strolled over to the student union holding hands. Bruce bought us soft drinks and an order of nachos. We sat in the union listening to a student trio and talking about our pre-college lives and a little bit about our post college dreams. I told Bruce about my early years in Chicago where my father was a cop and how my mother got religion and became a minister. I also told him about our move to small town Iowa when my mother got her church and my father joined the police force shortly before he was made chief of police. As a result, my teenage years were rather sheltered and confining.

Even though the details were different, we both marveled at how similar Bruce’s youth was to mine. Bruce grew up in a small town in eastern upstate New York not much bigger than my hometown. Bruce’s father was an attorney who dabbled in local politics. Both Bruce’s parents had attended our college and Bruce was expected to go to law school and then return home to join his father’s law practice. Because of his father’s position Bruce always felt confined in his hometown.

When the trio was finished playing, Bruce asked me if I would like to leave and go to his room to listen to some music. Against my better judgment I agreed. As we wandered over to the freshmen guys’ dorm, we continued our conversation. After we got into the room, Bruce said, “Would you like another Coke? I’m sorry that I can’t offer you anything else, but the liquor is Bob’s and we agreed not to touch each other’s stuff.”

“That’s alright. A Coke is fine, after last week-end I’m trying to stay off the booze.” Bruce pulled two Cokes out of the refrigerator and handed one of them to me. I looked around the room and noticed that the two beds both had a length wise rail making kadıköy escort them into couches. “What time is Bob supposed to be back?”

“Oh, he went home for the long week-end. I don’t expect him back until Monday night.” Walking over to the CD player, Bruce asked, “What would you like to listen to?”

I noticed that it was just before eleven o’clock and I replied, “Fox has my favorite show on at eleven. Mind if we watch TV instead?”

“Of course not.” Bruce turned the television on with the remote and flicked the channel button until he found the local Fox channel. “I don’t watch much TV and I don’t know the local channels yet.” He sat down on his bed/couch and I sat down next to him.

“Thanks for letting me watch the show. I hope that it doesn’t bore you.”

“I think that you are a fascinating person Jenny. If something interests you, I would like to know it.”

The episode was a repeat and after a few minutes, I turned to Bruce and said, “Back home I had a boyfriend both my junior and senior years in high school. We broke up because he was going to the university and I was coming here. I wanted to be free to date different guys without feeling guilty and I think that he wanted the same thing.”

“Is he gay?” Bruce chuckled.

Turning a little red, I replied, “Oops, I meant that I think he wanted to be able to date females without worrying about having a girlfriend 800 miles away. I can tell you he is not gay, not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but let’s just say I know he is not gay.”

Bruce put his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled my head against his shoulder. “I assume that you two did it.”

“We did it three times. The first time was on the night of our senior prom. We did it twice more over the summer. The biggest problem was that in our town everyone knew us and my parents and I just couldn’t get comfortable in the usual teenage situations. The last time we were able to have unaccounted for time was just before he left for college the night we officially broke up. How about you?”

“Well, I did have a girlfriend in high school, but we never got it on. The most we ever did was some heavy necking. The biggest problem for us was that everyone knew our families and we were afraid of getting caught.” His hand drifted down off my shoulder and cupped my far breast. I sighed at the contact and although there were two layers of clothing between Bruce’s hand and my breast, I could feel a twinge of anticipation. He continued by saying, “Then this summer I took a job in Maine working at a lodge. One of the waitresses and I became very close. I can’t tell you how often we did it, but it was one hell of a summer. She had her own apartment and I spent most nights there as well as most of my off duty hours during the day. I really hated to leave to come to college, but I am not ready for a full-time commitment.”

I turned and planted a kiss on Bruce’s cheek. “We are so alike it is almost scary,” I cooed in his ear. Bruce returned the kiss, but on the lips. “After what happened last week-end, you were about the only guy that I wanted to go out with this week-end. Since you had already asked me, I figured that you were about the only guy on campus that was not just trying to get in my pants.”

“Well to be honest about it, I had decided to try you again before I heard about your fraternity frolic. That just made me want to go out with you even more.” He gave my breast another gentle squeeze. “You know Jenny, you are one hot looking chick. Given what I heard about your show, I figured that I would be lucky to get a date with you since every guy on campus is going to want to date you.”

I blushed. “Well – I decided that I wasn’t going to be quite so easy this week-end.” I could see a look of disappointment flash across Bruce’s face. “But, but, I’m still willing to let things happen that happen. There has to be a happy medium between being a real slut and an ice maiden. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes. I never thought of you as a real slut. I just figured that you were following your roommate’s lead. Bob told me that Julie couldn’t get enough of his dick. He said that he fucked her 10 times last week-end.”

“I heard eight, but let’s not talk about them.” I finished the statement with a wet full mouthed kiss. Bruce returned the kiss probing my mouth with his tongue. I slipped my hands behind his head and pulled his face tight to my lips. Bruce’s one hand continued to squeeze and play with my breast through my top and bra. His other hand started to roam over my neck and back.

We broke our lip lock and I released my grip on his head. I started running my hands down his neck to his chest. At the same time, Bruce planted a series of small, light kisses on my cheek and on my ear before starting to kiss down my neck. I could feel my nipples hardening inside my push up bra and my pussy started to lubricate. As his kisses reached the exposed tops of my tits my hands reached for his stiff cock. All of a sudden, I sat up and said “Bruce, please stop. I don’t üsküdar escort feel that we should be doing this.”

Like a good twenty-first century male, Bruce stopped his kisses, removed his hands from my body, and said one word, “Why?”

“I just don’t feel like it right now.”

“Was it something that I did?” Bruce inquired.

“No Bruce. It was nothing you did. I’m sorry that I’m such a damn tease tonight.” I looked him straight in the eyes, “If you want me to leave, I wouldn’t blame you. But I don’t want to go. I’ve enjoyed the evening so far and I would enjoy just talking to you some more.”

Returning the gaze, Bruce replied, “Jenny, I don’t want the evening to end either. If you really want to go back to your room, I’ll walk you back. But I really would like you to stay. I’ve enjoyed talking with you – the only problem is that you are so god damn sexy, you really turn me on. Of course, you already knew that didn’t you?” Standing up, he added, “Would you like another Coke?”

“I would love it.” With that he stepped over to the refrigerator and grabbed two more Cokes. Popping one open and handing it to me he said, “Here you go.” I took the can and took a swig.

“Thanks, Bruce.” Bruce sat down next to me. “The thanks was both for the Coke and being so gentlemanly about me quitting. The problem is that every time I’m alone with a guy on this campus I end up fucking him. I just want our relationship to be different. I’ll admit that I’m a little horny since I haven’t had a good fucking in almost a week, or even a bad fuck. But I just want us to be different.”

“I understand, at least I think I do. It’s just that you really turn me on, your boobs feel so damn soft and your ass looks so tight and you kiss real hot. And remember that I haven’t gotten laid since the night before I left Maine four weeks ago. I can tell you that even if I had scored with you tonight I would still have asked you out again. I’m not a guy that fucks a girl and moves on.”

With that we just sat on the bed watching the late night show. I finished my Coke and stood up. “Do you want to leave?” Bruce asked.

“No. I just have to pee. Where is the pot?”

“Door’s on the right. Just make sure that our suitemates are not in the room.” With that I walked into the bathroom and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. While I was sitting peeing I felt the crotch of my panties. It was damp, but not soaked. As I sat there I thought about the look on Bruce’s face when I told him to stop. I also thought about the way his hands and lips felt on my tits and how turned on I was when his tongue was probing my mouth. While I wiped my pussy I also contemplated my own horniness. Without any more thought, I pulled my jeans down around my ankles and stepped out of them. I then pulled up my panties and pulled my top off. Tossing my jeans and top in the corner of the bathroom, I flushed the toilet and sashayed back into Bruce’s room.

Bruce never looked up from the television as I came back into the room. Without a word, I knelt down in front of him and reached to undo his belt. At that point, he saw my tits encased just in my bra. “Oh, fuck. Jenny, you look so damn sexy. What is going on?”

“Just relax and go with the flow sweetie. I decided I was more horny than prudish, so just relax.” With that I undid his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants, and stroked his cock through his briefs. Bruce sat there with a look of disbelief on his face but his hands were already roaming over my chest. As I slid my hands under the waistband to his briefs, I murmured, “Lift your ass big boy while I get these out of the way”.

Bruce complied with my request and I pulled his pants and briefs down around his ankles. By this time his cock had come to life and his single eye was staring me right in the face. Before I did anything else though, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra allowing my tits to spring free to his stare. I could tell that his eyes liked what they saw. “Jesus, Jenny you’re built. You’ve got really great looking boobs. They certainly don’t need a bra.” As I thrust my chest forward, a look of panic crossed Bruce’s face as he realized what he had just said. “I, I didn’t mean that your boobs are small or anything. Just that they stand up by themselves nicely.”

“That’s O.K. sweetie, I understand. I’m real comfortable with my tits. Gawd, your cock looks so tasty, I want to lick it.” I cooed as I swirled my tongue across my lips. I grabbed his cock with one hand and began stroking it while my other hand reached for his nut sack. At the same time, Bruce reached out and began massaging my tits causing my nipples to stiffen to hard points.

A solitary drop of pre-cum leaked from his slit and I pushed his legs apart in order to easily reach his cock. Even though I really wanted Bruce’s cock stuffed in my pussy, I decided to follow Julie’s second reason to give a guy a blow job; to take the edge off so that he lasts longer in your pussy when you do fuck. I tongued the drop of pre-cum into my mouth as I started tuzla escort to bathe his glans with my tongue. Having washed Bruce’s head with my tongue I started sliding his swollen cock deeper into my mouth. I carefully licked around the entire shaft as I inserted more and more of Bruce’s manhood into my mouth all the while I continued to massage his nut sack. At the same time as the head of Bruce’s cock hit the back of my throat, my nose ground against his pubic bone. I reversed gears and began working my way back to the head. Twirling my tongue across the tip, I again reversed my action and went back down on him. After a few minutes of this, Bruce started moaning, “Oh, fuck Jenny, your mouth feels so, soo good. You really know how to suck dick.”

All during this time, Bruce continued to stroke my tits. He also pinched my nipples and pulled and twisted them. The attention to my tits got my pussy lubricating. It was making me hot, and I wanted to tell Bruce just what I wanted him to do to me, but my mouth was full of his cock. I tried to tell him that I wanted his cock in my pussy but no sound came of my full mouth.

About that time, I felt stirrings in Bruce’s nuts and I realized that he was getting ready to cum. He moved one hand from my tits to my hair and started trying to control my bobbing on his cock. Suddenly, he released his grip on my hair and moaned, “Jenny, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?” I did not respond verbally rather I just continued to suck on his swollen cock. It was not long before Bruce started to spurt in my mouth. I just clamped my lips around his cock and concentrated on sucking all his man cum into my mouth. Since it had been four weeks since his last time with a female he had quite a load and I was unable to swallow it all. A little cum dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. As I licked my tongue around the outside of my lips, Bruce groaned, “You took it all. No one has ever sucked me off and swallowed. You took it all. Jenny that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. You are a one hell of a cocksucker.”

“I aim to please.” was my only response. Then I started up again working on his shrunken manhood following Julie’s fourth reason to suck a guy off – to get him hard enough to fuck you.

After a couple of minutes, Bruce said, “Jenny, I want to suck on your boobs. Why don’t you come up and sit on my lap.” I stopped my cock sucking and stood up. Before I could sit down on his lap, Bruce reached out to my hips and pulled my panties down below my knees exposing my brown bush to his inspection. As I sat down on his lap, I straddled his legs giving him full access to my tits and my pussy. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and licked my right tit and the stiff nipple that sat at the end of the breast. As his tongue made contact with my nipple I let out a little sigh and wiggled my ass against Bruce’s naked thighs. He worked my right breast for a few minutes before switching to my other breast leaving my right breast saliva covered and my nipple erect.

As he began sucking on my left breast, Bruce reached one hand down between us and started rubbing the slit between my lower lips. I again wiggled my ass causing his finger to slip into my wet pussy. Before plunging a finger deeper in to my sex channel, he let his thumb brush against my clit. That brought a moan from my lips, “Oh, my gawd, that feels so good sweetie. Don’t stop. I need you to fuck me Bruce.” After a couple of strokes inside me, Bruce eased a second finger into my pussy and rapidly increased the speed of his strokes. This had me gasping for air and moaning, “Yes, yess, yesss. Don’t stop. I need to get fucked good. “

By this time, Bruce’s manhood had revived and he was ready for action. “Stand up, Jenny.”

“Why? I need you inside me.”

“Jenny, if you want my cock, stand up so we can get situated.” With that he pulled his fingers out of my pussy with a flourish and offered his fingers to my mouth. “Here lick your cunt juices, baby.” I snaked my tongue out of my mouth and licked his two fingers tasting my own pussy lubrication.

He then stood me up, got up himself and then pushed me down on the couch/bed. I spread my legs apart going so far as to throw my right leg over the railing and planting the other foot on the floor. Bruce maneuvered his groin between my splayed legs and placed the head of his cock between my pussy lips. Suddenly, he pulled his cock back from my ready and willing pussy, and he said, “Jenny, you got any condoms with you?”

“You don’t need one, sweetie. I’m on the pill. Just stick your cock in my pussy.” With that I pushed my ass in the air. “I want to feel your cock inside my pussy. I took care of you, sweetie. I’m so horny. It’s been a whole week since I’ve had a cock inside me.”

“You sure? I don’t want to be a daddy in nine months.”

“Hey, sweetie, I don’t want to be a responsible adult in a month.” I pushed my tits together and stroked them and wiggled my elevated ass. “I’m on the fucking pill, now let’s fuck!” I almost shouted at Bruce. I then reached my hand out and grabbed his stiff male member pulling it into my well lubricated female slot. “Go ahead and shove it in sweetie. I am so ready for you.” That finally convinced him and his pubic bone was against my pelvis in one smooth stroke. His pubic bone rubbed against my clit and I moaned, “That feels so good.”

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