off to the Glory Hole with Judy/ 1965

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off to the Glory Hole with Judy/ 1965I had so many emotions going off at high speed in a hundred different directions. Judy was my lover and my friend, as well. She saw that I was an emotional wreck, Two minutes after I had become so angry with her, I was kissing her and begging her to have some kind of sex with me, I didn’t care what it was. She said: ” It’s too bad you had to poop right then. I wanted to keep going.” What do you mean, keep going?” “Miguel was so stiff when he pulled out of you. Long and fat and so stiff, and just covered with your ass-juice and his cum. I thought if we went down on him together, we could get him to come again. I got so horny watching you get fucked like that, Syl, I was going to suck his load right out of your ass, but you put it all in the toilet.” We spent a few more hours with Miguel. Judy got to do the fucking and sucking she was telling me about, and, best of all, I got to do it right with her. Miguel took about fifteen minutes of hard fucking to fill Judy’s ass, and then I got my face in there and licked and sucked it all out. Just jizz, no p*o. Poop is not and will never be my thing. I wanted him to get down there with me so that we could both suck his load out of her. That would have been hot, but he wasn’t quite ready to be that kinky. He let me kiss him, though, with my mouth all full of his spent semen, and he swallowed all of it, so I thought there might be some hope for him. After that afternoon, we got with Miguel a few more times, and every time we had a crazy three-way, ass fucking sex-a-thon. We finally got Miguel to eat his loads out of our pussies and asses, but it was more fun and nastier when we did it together. I liked seeing Judy, or my face in a mirror with cum dripping off us in long hanging beads, but when I saw Miguel, his face, eyebrows, and mouth covered, it gave me a hot buzz right between my legs. I put a thousand kisses on his face as I tried to lick it off. I sucked his dick right after he had had it in Judy’s ass AND pussy, and my own. I didn’t think I could do it, but I surprised myself with my level of sluttiness! I got so I could handle all the details, and I always made sure I had about three big dumps before anything got started!We had a few more afternoons with Miguel that summer. Judy seemed to have an pendik escort appetite for having Miguel drive his big boy up her behind, but I thought the memory of one afternoon would be enough to hold me for a while. I was so wrong. The thing I liked about ass fucking was that it left so much pussy and clittie to play with. I liked to eat her out, eyeballing his stiff cock sliding up her ass and out again, sometimes doing her, sometimes him! It turned me on. Judy worked the same magic on me! I thought Miguel was sexy, I’ll admit. I gave my ass to him again, several more times, even when I knew it would hurt. Miguel was the first boy I was with who really knew how fucking is supposed to be done. Before that summer was over, I made sure that he fucked every opening in my body. I didn’t want to be out done by Judy. I was always trying to think up ways to make my cock sucking and pussy fucking better for him. We had so much sex the summer I was sixteen, that Judy and I got interested in other diversions. We left Miguel out of this one. Sex toys weren’t so available then, but she had some. My favorite was the long rubbery two-headed dick that we called “Shirley”. As in surely I’m gonna come if you put that in me and move it around. She always had pornography around. I never had much luck just looking at it, and then starting to jack off, right away, like boys do. I may have been a horny little bi-sexual sub, but I was still wired up female. Most boys told me that looked at porn when they were alone, and that’s when they jacked off, all by themselves. I guess they never found out that some girls like porn, too. Too bad for them, porn is always better when you look at it with somebody else. Especially if their hand is in your coochie at the time. When porn started coming to movie theaters, a few years later, I liked to go to those movies with somebody I was already having sex with. In 1965 it was all pictures in magazines and dirty paperback books. There were a few 8 mm porn movies I’d seen, but they were kind of old flickery black and whites from like 1923, and they were more silly than hot. Judy would get me naked, on my hands and knees, with my boobs hanging down, looking at the pictures, and she would be behind me, or underneath, sucking çekmeköy escort my boobs or tonguing the fuck out of me while I turned the pages. The porn pictures were a total turn-on then. She would fuck me with “Shirley”, and I would just turn the pages, try to be so cool and aloof until the “fuck me ” sounds began to come out of me on their own. Then she would call me her little bitch, and fuck me and finger me till I was going crazy. She introduced me to bi-sexual women who liked toys and porn together. We would look at the pictures, get a little bit hot, and that always got our sex escapades off to a fun start. We could both fuck, or fuck a third person, with Shirley, and she was a particular delight to me. Judy and I did a lot that summer, but what stays in my mind is a picture of her with her face buried in my red pussy curls, looking at me with her huge brown eyes, being quiet, so quiet, but she knew that I was looking in her eyes then, and that’s all it took to get me excited. A few minutes later, my juice was making her face all shiny. She barely touched me, and I was flowing so much I was soaking her face and the bed.Judy wasn’t a whore exactly, but she had connections and knew people that I would have never met if I stayed in my world of high school and music lessonsToward the end of July, after Judy and I and a woman that she knew had a really dirty three-way, she began to talk about “glory holes.”Not very many people, even gay men in Los Angeles, had heard the term “Glory Hole,” but Judy knew the term, where a place so “out there” might be located, and how we might put such knowledge to use.There was a man who owned several dirty book stores in west Los Angeles. They were more or less i*****l, but he paid off the cops to stay in business. It was one of the few places in Los Angeles where you could purchase European porn and sex magazines and books. He even had 8mm movies for sale. This was in the time before porn became such a huge business, and legal, with porn theaters in every U.S. city. He sold these magazines with all these wild pictures, not like Playboy, which at that time, just featured women showing off their chests. These magazines, from Holland and Denmark, had pictures of men blowing their loads, and color maltepe escort close-ups of women (and men) sucking cock, fucking, and getting cummed on. Judy kept bugging me to go down there with her. This was another time when the middle class into which I was raised got in my way. I thought it sounded so tacky, but Judy was undeterred. She made going there a part of one of the dom-sub games we played. I wore my yellow mini-skirt and the black leather slave collar, but no leash this time. I would have been happy to put on the leash, but she didn’t want to. I was disappointed. I liked having her tell me what to do. We took a bus to find this place. It was in a neighborhood in west L.A. which looked as if it had been drawn to be sleazy on the original designer’s plans. ”Ranger Books” was an old storefront in a block of old storefronts, many of them boarded up. Maybe it had been a little grocery once, or a shoe store, but those days were long past. There was a pawn shop on that block, a clothing store, a few bars, one that looked as if it were the hang-out for a local biker gang, and a market and soul food barbeque place and a Black Muslim bakery on the corner. There were two churches and a branch library that was only open when people were at work and k**s were in school. Before all these towns were “urban renewed”, there were neighborhoods like this in every city in the country. Not exactly posh, but life definitely went on there. There was a sign painted on the window at Ranger Books that said: “Adult Books and Novelties ” along with a painted, faded leering wolf in a top hat about two feet high. The sign on the door said “You must be over eighteen”, but I don’t think anybody had been checking the numbers for many years. We opened the door and walked in, The place was big, with high ceilings, a dirty skylight, and no windows. It smelled as if the place had not been aired out for a long, long time. The walls might have been painted a nice shade of green in 1925, but this was 1965. There was an aura of loneliness that hit like a ten-foot wave at Ventura county line beach. There were ten or fifteen men, thumbing through the magazines, each of them alone with whatever fantasy they had brought in with them. I looked at them. I tried to imagine some woman pushing her hips into one of them and to hear her or him begging him to fuck harder but I couldn’t do it. I could not feel any erotic pulse at all. To think that I might be blowing one of them, or even fucking them if Judy was to be believed, did not seem possible to me. The longer I stayed there with Judy, the more my thoughts changed!

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