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oh fuck meI’d started the day as a virgin with absolutely no close encounters of any type with any females. I finished the day with a very deflated cock – my balls drained firstly by Ann and then by her daughter Megan. Ann is a strikingly beautiful blonde lady in her early forties, and Megan is her equally beautiful 24 yr old redhead daughter.Ann relieved me of my virginity after she had greeted me at the door – greeting me totally naked. She led me to her bedroom and fucked herself (and me) sensationally. When Ann passed out, Megan took over unbeknownst to Ann, and rode my cock through multiple orgasms until Ann woke up. Ann left Megan and I to fuck ourselves to exhaustion, but not before she whispered to me “You’re mine tonight”.Fast-forward to 8 PM…I was again naked on Ann’s bed. I’d left her house late in the afternoon after spending a few hours with Megan. I checked in with my survey group and had some dinner with them. Begging off any further involvement with them that night, I claimed tiredness and then disappeared – right back to Ann’s place.I was hooked and so was Ann. Her hubby was away for the rest of the week so we would not be disturbed. She was kneeling between my thighs as she licked my proudly erect and very fat 11 inch cock. She had promised to educate me that night – Oral 101 was her term for the first lesson.Her licks went from tip to root of my cock – up and down and all around my cock. All the time, she watched my face to see my reactions to her licking. I loved the sensation of her wet tongue on my cockshaft. My cock got a thorough tongue bath – she licked every little bit of my cock before putting its head just inside her mouth – then she sucked gently whilst swirling her tongue around its circumcised head. Her eyes watched me intently as she sucked the head of my cock. I’d never imagined the sensations that she was bringing to me.Her hand grasped my cock to change its angle as she slid more cock into her mouth. She paused a moment before sliding a little more into her mouth. No fucking way could she take much more was my thought – I’m 11 inches long and quite thick – it would be a physical impossibility to fit much more than 3 or 4 inches in – and she was at that limit now. She paused then eased back to just the head in her mouth before sliding my cock back in again. She repeated the in and out again and again.My cum (what little I had left after Megan this afternoon) was heating up in my balls – ready to explode.”Oh Ann!!! … I’m going to cum if you keep that up!!!” I gasped. She just winked at me and kept sucking and sliding my cock. Her hand went from the shaft to massage my balls – that was the trigger to sending me over the edge.”Ahhhhhh cummmmmmmmmming” I shouted as my cock squirted its load just as she pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth … and throat. My cock was exploding – squirting over and over as it slid deeper and deeper inside her. I could feel the tightness of her throat as well over half my cock disappeared from view. Finally Ann stopped and then reversed – my cockhead was now back in her mouth and she was licking my cum remnants from its head.Eventually my cock popped free of her mouth. “Yummmmmy” she croaked as she licked her lips. “That was tasty cum. I really enjoyed that” she said as she crawled up and laid beside me – pushing her ample tits into my side. She slid her hand to my face and drew me down to kiss. The taste of her lips was different – my cum smell and taste were on her lips and in her mouth. I still kissed her tho – she was an excellent kisser and I enjoyed jousting tongues with her a lot.After a few minutes of cuddling and kissing, Ann said “Its time for lesson number 2 … Pussy Eating 101”.She continued “Start up here at my lips and explore your way down to my pussy … there’s no rush to get there … take your time”.I started on my journey at her lips and traced a line of kisses across her lips and along her jaw line – making my way down her neck. I paused at the large hickey that I’d imparted earlier in the day. I licked and kissed my mark before nipping at it again with my teeth.”Oh you fucking bad bad boy! … how am I going to explain that mark to my hubby at the end of the week?” she groaned just before I latched onto her neck again and sucked hard.”Oh fuck … oh fuck … oh fuck…” she chanted as I sucked hard, shifted a little then sucked again. The mark would be doubled in size by the time I finished. After about a minute or so, I stopped sucking and moved back slightly to admire the results – a nice big bruise approximately 2 inches long and about an inch wide.My kissing recommenced as I trailed them across her upper chest – making a bee-line for her nipples. I thought to tease her, but instead I attacked them directly – licking, sucking and nibbling them. I switched back and forth between her nipples – mouth on one and fingers on the other – keeping up a constant dual assault on her wonderful orbs.I broke off my attack and resumed by trail of kisses across her flat tummy – heading towards the start of the landing strip of fur that marked the way to her pussy.”Oh fuck you are so fucking bad!!! … where did you learn that?” she asked hoarsely. I looked up and said only one word “Megan” before sliding my tongue down the crease in her thigh. I avoided her pussy to start with – planting licks and kisses all across her mound but never actually kissing or touching her pussy.”You fucking tease … what else did Megan teach you this afternoon?” she groaned.I moved between her thighs and pushed her legs back and up. “Hold your ankles” I asked her. Ann complied after giving me a questioning look. Her pussy and ass were totally exposed to my view. I grasped her hips to steady her before laying a trail of kisses across the strip between her pussy and her ass.”Ohhhh god!” she gasped.I licked the thin strip between her ass and her pussy for a few seconds before running my tongue up between her engorged pussy lips collecting a thin film of her tangy juices in the process. Up and then down I licked, not stopping until my tongue touched her asshole. I paused a moment and speared my tongue at her asshole. It resisted a moment – she was initially shocked at my action as she tensed up before relaxing a few seconds later. As she relaxed, I pushed my tongue at her rosebud and breeched it pucker.”Ohhhh … you are so fucking nasty … did Megan teach you that?” she croaked. I looked up at her staring down at me – my tongue was breeching her asshole still … and I winked at her, as I continued my tongue assault on her asshole. I held her hips firm – she couldn’t escape my tongue as I reamed her asshole.Her moans increased in loudness and frequency – frequently interspersed with lots of swearing at me for being such a nasty boy. I eased off from her ass after a minute or so, then I bit her ass cheek hard and held on – sucking and biting her ass cheek just near her asshole – giving her another very red, bglack and blue hickey – right on her ass in close proximity to her asshole.”Ohhhh … you fucking sadist … my fucking daughter told you to do that I bet … I’m going to cane her little ass real hard” she screamed as I continued with my hickey bit.”Ahhhhhhhhh…” she screamed as she orgasmed – totally unexpected by me as I’d hardly touched her pussy so far. Her pussy leaked heaps of juices across my face as I continued to bite her ass cheek.”Oh fuck … oh fuck … oh fuck…” she chanted as her cum rolled on and on until I finally let go of her asscheek. I survey my handiwork – a nice big angry looking mark – nicely matching the extra large one on her neck.Before Ann had time to recover I slid my tongue between her very wet pussy lips and licked … and licked … and licked – tasting and liking very much the tangy juices streaming from her pussy. Her outer lips were very engorged, I licked them and nipped at them – I pulled them apart with my lips and teeth until her lips stayed parted. I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy and parted her inner lips – exposing her pussy hole to my inquisitive tongue. I teased her pussy hole for a few moments before spearing my tongue as deep as I could reach. My tongue could feel the heat escape from her pussy hole – my tongue drawn to it like a heat-seeking missile.Although I was tongue fucking her pussy, Ann was able to compose herself enough to speak to me. “I feel like I’ve been had … no recent virgin could have done what you’ve done to me … unless my daughter had something to do with it?” I chose that moment to run my tongue up and over her clit – teasing it from beneath its hood and licking it, and taking it between my lips.”Ahhhh fuck … you are a fucking bastard” she shouted before another massive cum racked her body with an accompanying “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! … cummmmmmiiinngg”I speared my tongue back into her exploding pussy. It was awash with her hot and tangy juices – I lapped them up quickly, really enjoying her taste, and I was trying to prolong her cum – successfully for a while until she calmed somewhat. I moved between her legs and shuffled forward until my cock brushed across her pussy mound. I took my long fat 11 inch cock in hand and tapped her pussy mound with it – gently slapping her closely cropped bush.”I want you to shave all this off for me. I want you bald just like Megan” I told her. “But first I’m going to fuck you and pump you full of my hot cream”.With my cock in hand, I slapped her pussy with my cock – firstly across her clit region, then across her engorged pussy lips. Her lips reacted and blossomed open. I could hear her juices gathering and sloshing as I slapped my cock across her opening pussy. The juices started to splash outwards – wetting just my cock to start with and then shooting higher and higher until my chest was being painted with her juices.Ann started to push her hips at mine – wanting to catch my cock in her pussy. I teased her and resisted for a moment until she got really frustrated and swore at me “Fuck you … will you please fuck me with that huge fucking cock!!!”.I stopped spanking her pussy and slid my cock into her pussy – grasping her hips to control the penetration rate. I wanted to slide in slowly and feel everything that her pussy offered. Finally I came to rest with my cockhead butting against her cervix – I still had 3 inches of cock exposed. Earlier I’d breeched her cervix and been fully embedded in her pussy – I expected that would happen again soon.”Fuck me you bastard … don’t tease me … fuck me hard!” she shouted at me as I held firm and stationary in the depths of her pussy.I smiled at her then I started to thrust slowly in and out of her tight clasping pussy.”You can do fucking better than that” she taunted me.I pulled out completely and said “Bitch … on your knees and get ready to be fucked senseless … any more lip from you and I’ll put it in your ass!”. Megan had told me to be forceful with her, and threaten to fuck her ass.She flipped over quickly onto her knees and wiggled her ass at me. I took up the challenge and moved forward again and thrust my cock deep inside her ass – hitting bottom almost immediately. I grabbed her hips and started pulling her ass back to meet my thrusting cock. On each in-stroke my cock hit her cervix before bouncing back.”Oh … oh … oh…” she chanted as her body came alive again – twitching and squirming as I pounded her pussy.I could feel my cock starting to breech her cervix once again – each in-stroke seemed to be deeper until it popped through her cervix and my cock slid all the way into her pussy with my balls hitting her ass. I didn’t stop – I just shortened my thrusts to stay through her cervix as I fucked her harder and harder.Her moans turned to screams as her cums rolled on and on – new ones starting before the last one had stopped. Her juices were soaking our joined bodies – we were wet everywhere. I slid a hand off her hips and wetting my thumb in her juices I slid it across her rosebud. She was so far gone into her own little world that she didn’t notice (or react) to the probing of her asshole.I pushed my wet thumb at her rosebud – it hesitated a moment before relaxing and admiting my thumb to her tight ass canal. I worked my thumb into her ass in unison with my cock thrusts.Ann started to scream louder – overcome by the sensations of a rolling series of massive cums.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh … oh my fucking god … cuuummmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnggg” she screamed into the bedding as I plunged my cock deep inside her womb before unleashing a massive squirt of my hot man cream. A few big strong squirts before a number of smaller ones filled her womb with my hot potent man cream.I pulled my finger from her ass to grasp her hips again – keeping myself embedded in her pussy as her body convulsed from her latest massive cum. I held on for a few minutes until her body relaxed and came down from her highs – then I pivoted to the side taking her with me until we were on our sides on the bed. My cock was still embedded in her pussy however it had slid clear of her cervix.I spooned up close behind her and whispered in her ear “You were wrong earlier … tonight YOU ARE MINE!”. Then I proceeded to bite and suck on her neck again – imparting a new hickey to the opposite side of her neck.”Oh fuck…” she groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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