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ohhhhhhhhh momComing, mother!Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burninginto her already golden flesh.She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini topuntied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikiniwere so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass washalf exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually,opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs.Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even thoughshe was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the beholder.She had rich, dark-brown hair reaching to her shoulders. She wastall, an inch or so above the average woman. Her face was exquisite,her flesh the creamy smoothness that made other women envious.Shellie’s tits were rounded and firm, the valley between them narrow.They were full tits, yet tilted at the tips, her nipples archingtoward the sky when she stood. Her tits had always been firm, tight,and round. Her waist was quite small, easily spanned by the hands ofa big man. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of roundness belowher dimpled belly button. Her hips were curvy, flowing intoexceptionally long thighs and curvy legs. Perfectly shaped, her legswere outstanding in her bikini or shorts. Her ass, although small,was tight and rounded, the cheeks flawless, the crack deep andtantalizing to the watcher.Below her belly button was a thick mass of curly, soft hair thatexcited anyone lucky enough to view it. The lips of her cunt, puffyand tight, were almost hidden by the hair, especially with her legsclosed. The only problem with Shellie’s cunt, if such could becalled a problem, was her unusually long clit. It was good inch inlength, and she knew there weren’t many women with such a clit.Although the size of her clit had never caused her a problem, it hadcaused her ex-husband to complain that it was like a very tiny cock,and he refused to suck or lick it for that reason. But Shellie’sclit was the most sensitive part of her pussy. Not that her cuntitself wasn’t sensitive; it was. She could easily come with a cockinside her cunt, the friction of a hard cock sliding in and out ofher wet cunt lips crating a wonderful spasm of orgasm in her. But ifher clit was sucked or licked, Shellie would often go out of her mindwith ecstasy, and come many times before the spasms would fade away.Shellie enjoyed her clit.When she was aroused, her clit swelled and bulged out almost an inchlong. She loved to hold it between her finger and thumb, and work itup and down. She had allowed her husband to watch this once, and hehad made fun of her, saying it was the same as a boy jacking off.Needless to say, his attitude cut into their relationship, and soonthey were sleeping in different beds, and no longer fucking. Sinceher divorce, Shellie had been stroking her clit and making herselfcome as her sole means of gratification.And hating it.She writhed beneath the hot sun, almost asleep. The backgroundnoises were soothing. The soft lapping of the waves against the hullof the houseboat was peaceful, and the soft clatter of her son insidethe boat was a comfortable, familiar sound. The river was wide, andclean, not muddy and dirty like so many rivers. The banks were linedwith shrubbery and trees, and she had steered into this very smallcove and docked for the rest of the afternoon.The divorce settlement had come at the end of the school year, andnow she and her son, Jay, had three wonderful months to enjoy theriver before he would return to school. Maybe they would find a niceplace to live on the houseboat where he could attend school, too.The houseboat wasn’t large, but quite luxurious. It contained onlyone bedroom, but there was fold-out bunk over the queen-sized bottombed.”Mom, where’s the damned tea?” Jay called.”Honey,” Shellie called back in a lazy voice. “You know I don’t likeyou to use such language. And the tea is on the top shelf above therefrigerator.””You want a glass, Mom?” he called, paying not the slightestattention to her very mild complaint.”That would be nice,” she replied.She thought of Jay, realizing he was growing up. When her husbandhaddrawn away from her, she had turned her affection toward her son, andJay accepted her hugs and caresses willingly.As they drifted down the river that morning, they had passed asmaller houseboat, with three girls, all in very skimpy bikinis. Jayhad stared at them with glowing eyes. Shellie had glanced at thefront of his swimming trunks. She smiled to see his cock strainingin hardness.She heard her son come out of the cabin, and looked up at him withoutraising her head. She took the tall glass of iced tea and, as shelifted her arm, the curve of one tit showed all the way to hernipple. She heard her son gasp, but she said nothing. While Jay satin a deck chair, Shellie put the glass next to her head. She lookedat her son with slitted eyes.He was looking at her, too. She didn’t mind him looking at her; shewas used to being looked at, and her son was a man. Well, a boy,really, but he was showing a very intense interest in girls, lately.The sound of a motor came near, and she lifted her head to see acruiser slowly going past. It was filled with young girls, all ofthem wearing practically nothing. One of the girls waved, and Jaywaved back. Shellie saw her son watching them.The girl who had waved stood up and turned her back toward them,sliding her bikini bottoms down and flashing her pretty ass. Thegirls hooted and hollered, thrusting their middle fingers in the airwith the obscene gesture of fuck you.”They’re not very nice, are they?” Shellie said, sipping her icedtea.Jay had seen the girl flash her cute ass, but now he was looking athis mother again, his eyes widening slightly as he saw one of hertits. He saw the light-brown nipple, and made a noisy, gulpingsound.Shellie glanced down at herself, then laughed softly. It was okay ifher son saw her tit, she felt. Even though she was his mother, hertits were no different from those of any other woman, although firmerand much prettier. She wiggled her hips into a more comfortableposition. Her long clit had begun to throb and swell, and it pushedat the pad beneath her.Jay watched his mother’s ass wiggling, and again he made a swallowingsound. He had caught a glimpse of his mother’s crotch.Shellie knew what he was seeing, but she didn’t close her thighs.With her unusually long clit swelling into hardness, she foundherself becoming excited, her cunt turning wet. With very gentle,almost subtle, movements, she squirmed her crotch at the mat, knowingher son was watching.Jay was, indeed, watching. He saw the cheeks of his mother’sswelling ass clench in tightness, saw the way she pressed her crotchat the mat. His cock began to throb, and he made no effort toconceal it. Shellie, with her eyes slitted again, peeked at him,watching his cock press at his wide-legged swim trunks. She foundherself growing warmer with desire, and her hips seemed to move oftheir own accord.Suddenly Jay turned away and entered the cabin.Shellie was disappointed in him. She knew she had been teasing herson sexually, making his cock hard, doing things to draw his eye.She considered her actions, and discovered she wasn’t in the leastashamed of it. Her son was interested in girls, and she was girl,although his mother. She closed her eyes and found herself wonderingabout Jay’s cock, his balls, his young ass. That he was a virgin,she knew. He was far too young to have become close enough to a girlto fuck her, she was sure. She began to see her son in her mind,without his trunks on, his cock and balls exposed to her. Shestarted writhing her ass, pressing her swollen clit at the mat, hercunt bubbling with sweet, wet heat.From inside the cabin, Jay was watching his mother through a windowscreen, his cock in his hand. He squeezed and pumped his prick, eyesstaring at the exciting movements of her ass and thighs. He knewwhat his mother was doing, and it sent shivers of pleasure throughhim. When he first began to jack off a few weeks before, squirtinghis young cum juice with force, he had started looking at girls withintense desire, wishing he had one to shove his cock into.Shellie, not knowing her son was watching her, smashed her throbbingclit into the mat, giving a soft cry of delight as she came. Whenher ass became still, Jay pounded on his cock in a frenzy, notknowing that his mother, now that her excitement was cooling, couldhear his gasping breathing. Shellie knew then that her son had beenwatching her, and that he was inside the cabin, jerking off wildly.She wiggled her ass for his pleasure, opening her thighs so he couldsee the bulge of her cunt inside the tight band of her bikinibottoms. At the same time she lifted up, looking out over the river.One of her tits showed now, and she listened to her son’s quickintake of excited breathing.She shivered in pleasure as she listened to Jay’s soft grunt as hecame, and then lowered herself back onto the mat, crushing her titbeneath her, but leaving her long legs open.Later, almost asleep, she heard the door of the cabin open, andpeeked.Jay came out and walked to the side of the deck. She watched himlift the side of his swim trunks and pull his cock out. Arching hiships forward, he sent a long stream of piss into the river. Shellieknew her son thought she was asleep, and the knowledge that he wouldpull his cock out with her there and take a piss sent a shudder ofpleasure through her. Although she could not see much of his cock,seeing him piss created a heat inside her cunt that almost caused herto come again.Still later, after dark, she prepared a light dinner. Since shestill wore her bikini, she felt her son watching her as she movedabout the small kitchen. She couldn’t resist, and, humming softly,did a few dance steps that made her tight ass moving suggestively.Since being on the houseboat, she had allowed her son to climb intothe top bunk before she entered, and had undressed and pulled hernightgown on in the kitchen or living area. This was accomplished inthe same way tonight, but Shellie wanted to be with her son badlynow.When her son called out that he was in bed, Shellie pulled her bikinioff and slipped a gown over her naked body. She switched the lightsoff, then climbed into the queen-sized bed beneath her son’s bunk.Almost immediately, she heard his sheets rustling. As she listened,she found a rhythm to the sounds.Knowing her son was jacking off again, Shellie felt her cunt throband become wet, her clit bulging out. She slipped her gown to herwaist and, feeling wanton, pushed her sheets to her feet. If her sonlooked over the edge of his bunk, he would see her in the dim light.Shellie stroked her long clit with two fingers, listening to her sonjerking at his cock. She squeezed her inflamed clit between herthumb and forefinger, and then started working on it with shortjerks.”Oh, fuck it!” Shellie suddenly gasped.The rustling above her stopped.”What did you say, Mom?”For a moment, Shellie couldn’t believe she had said that.Then she giggled, a throaty, lewd sound.”I said, fuck it!””Mom!””Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it,” she hissed, smashing her clit hard. “Iknow what you’re doing up there, Jay. I can hear what you’re doing,you did it near the window, and you’re doing it again!”Silence greeted her words.”Jay, you’re jacking off!” she said. “I know you’re playing withyour cock, and I know you played with it earlier, looking at me.””Mom, what are you talking about?” Jay asked, his voice quiveringwith part fear, part excitement. “I’m not doing anything like that!””Bullshit!” Shellie snorted, jumping to her knees and then to herfeet.She looked over the edge of her son’s bunk, but Jay had pulled thesheets to his neck when he heard his mother. At the side of his bunkwas a small window, and the full moon seemed to cast a silvery lightright across his crotch. His cock stood up, tenting the sheet.With a quick dart of her hand, Shellie pulled the sheet from herson’s body and saw his cock sticking through the fly of his shorts.She gasped as she stared at it.Jay grabbed for the sheet with a surprised gasp, but his mother toreit from his hands”Look at you,” she said, her voice husky. “Lying up here above me,jacking that cock off! And me… and me…”Her hand shot out and closed about her son’s cock. Jay gasped as hismother squeezed his cock hard. He lay stiff and unmoving, notcertain what he was supposed to do. What his mother said was true,but he didn’t know how she knew. He wasn’t afraid; he was juststartled by the sudden grab his mother had made on his cock.Shellie felt the heat of her son’s cock searing her fist, felt thethrobbing of it. She held his cock as tight as she could, makingmoaning sounds, staring at his bulging cockhead in the shaft ofmoonlight.”Oh, God!” she whimpered with excitement.Her fist moved, slowly upward. Then downward, still slowly. Up…down.”Mom, do you know what you’re doing?” Jay gasped.”Yes, damn you,” she groaned. “I know perfectly well what I’m doing.I’m jacking your goddamn cock, that’s what I’m doing!”Jay gritted his teeth. His mother’s fist wasn’t moving very fast onhis cock, but it was going up and down. The sensations wereoverwhelming him, and he struggled to remain as still as he could,not knowing if he should move or not.Shellie pumped her son’s cock as she stood on her bed, her pointingtits smashing at the edge of the overhead bunk. Her eyes were bigand round, glassy with increasing desire. The head of her son’s cockbulged out hotly, her fingers squeezing his prick very hard. Thenshe moved her hand downward, and cupped his balls through his shorts.She pressed at them, squeezing them, and Jay groaned softly withdelight. With a low cry she released his balls and grasped his cockagain.”Ohhhh, Jay!” she whimpered, racing her fist up and down this time,holding his cock tightly.”Mom!””Come here,” she said, pulling at his cock. “Jay, climb down to mybed.”As her son swung his legs over the bunk, Shellie kept a tight grip onhis cock as if afraid it would disappear. With her holding his cock,Jay couldn’t drop down to her bed. Shellie brushed her cheek overthis thighs as she stared at the hard-on. Then, before her son knewwhat she was going to do, Shellie darted her face to his prick andkissed the head. It was a quick kiss, right on his piss hole, but itwas long enough for Shellie to feel his moistness, long enough tomake her lips tingle, and her clit to lurch.”Now, climb down, baby,” she said in a very low, throaty, voice,turning his cock loose.Chapter Two:Jay lay on his mother’s bed, flat on his back.There was no moonlight here, and Shellie clicked on the small readinglight on the bulkhead.”I want to see,” she whispered.Jay gazed at his mother. He didn’t feel shy, or embarrassed. Hefelt an intense excitement, his cock standing out of the fly of hisshorts, very hard. He was proud of his hard-on, pleased that hismother found it fascinating.He looked at her. Her silk gown clung to her slender body, outliningit. The top strained over her pointing tits, the lace exposing thecreamy swells. He saw the shape of his mother’s thighs, the way hernipples pressed at the tip. His cock jerked back and forth as helooked at her.Shellie sat near his thighs, staring at her son’s cock withsmoldering eyes. She was pleased with the size, the long shaft androunded head. She ran a hand up her son’s thigh, toying with hisballs.”Beautiful,” she murmured huskily. “It’s very beautiful, Jay.”Her hands moved up and down his thighs, caressing his flesh. Shehooked her fingers into the waist band of his shorts, and slowlydragged them down. Jay lifted his ass slightly as his mother pulledhis shorts to his knees.Shellie again gazed upon his cock, watching his young balls. Theylooked very full, loaded and hot. She moved her hand up his leg oncemore, and stroked the tips of her fingers over his balls. Jay gaspedand looked down. He was breathing harshly with excitement, andShellie was pleased with his responses to her fondling hand.She drew one knee up, resting her chin on it as she gazed hotly athis exposed cock and balls, gently touching them. She wanted toexpose herself to him, show him her juicy cunt, but was afraid thatonce he saw her unusually long clit he might react as his father haddone. But since her pussy was bubbling with liquid fire, she pressedher other hand to her crotch, exerting pressure upon that throbbingclit-knob. When she moved her hand on her pussy, the silky gownslipped along her thigh, revealing the smooth, creamy leg to hercrotch.”Oh, Jay,” she mewled, closing her fist about his cock again. “It’sso hard, baby! So very hard!”Jay watched his mother, his eyes darting from her thigh to the handthat was now rubbing up and down her crotch. He wanted to see hismother’s cunt. It was exciting to watch her rubbing between her legsas she pumped his cock. For his first experience with a girl, it wasplenty for Jay. No one other than himself had touched his cock, andhe enjoyed his mother’s hot fist around it.”Ohhh, baby, I’d love to make you come,” Shellie whispered hotly,squeezing his cock very hard. “I’d love to make you come this way!”She sat on his right side, her right hand moving up and down hiscock. She parted her long legs wide, but kept the other knee up andher chin on it. She rubbed at her cunt through the gown, breathingforcefully, her tits lifting and falling. Jay squirmed his hips,unable to remain still beneath the stroking fist of his mother.”Oh, yes,” she mewled. “Move, honey! Move all you want. I know youcan’t be still when it feels so good.”Jay was moaning softly now, his hips twisting as his mother’s fistmoved up and down his cock. Shellie sat with her legs opened, herpalm moving, feeling the wet heat of her cunt coming through the thingown. Her fist moved faster, and her palm rubbed with increasingspeed. She writhed her ass on the bed, whimpering as she jacked herson’s cock. There was something especially erotic about him lyingthere on his back with those shorts stretched at his knees.She licked her lips, tasting the wetness from kissing his cock as hesat on his bunk. She felt the urge to lower her face, kiss it again,lick at the head, swirl her tongue around it and lap his piss hole.She resisted the urge, not wanting to startle her son with such athing. She rubbed her pussy, excited because he was watching her doit, and she pumped at his throbbing cock with her other hand. One ofher thighs was completely exposed to her hip, and Jay gazed at theinner flesh.Jay moaned. “Oh, Mom, you’re doing it too fast!”With a lewd giggle, Shellie pounded faster on his cock, her fistflying up and down, smacking at the base with a soft sound. Then shetwisted her palm around the wet head, closed her fingers about theshaft, and jerked vigorously again.”It’s not so fast, honey,” she whispered. “Your cock will squirt forMother, won’t it? I can make your cock squirt, can’t I?””If you keep going that fast, you will!”He lifted his hips as his mother came down, and lowered them when shepulled upward, making fucking thrusts at her fist. He couldn’tprevent the movement. Her fist felt so good on his cock.So excited to be jacking her son’s cock off, Shellie had shoved herhand beneath her lifted gown. Now she was working a finger into hercunt, then up over her swollen clit into her cunt again.Jay stared at her exposure, seeing her finger moving into her pussy,the thick, silky hair, and part of her clit. He watched her fingerstab into the pink wetness of her cunt, eyes bulging with excitement.Shellie’s finger made wet sounds as she finger-fucked herself, whileher other hand was beating frantically on her son’s cock. Shetwisted and writhed her ass at the mattress, gasping and whimperingwith boiling hunger. Her fist banged furiously at his hard cock,making his balls jiggle. Her finger rammed in and out of her cunt,and then she drew it up to her long clit. She rubbed her slipperywet finger about the inflamed tip with as much frenzy as she jerkedJay’s prick.”Oh, show me, Jay! Let Mother see you squirt! Oh, darling, come!Let it go, baby! Shoot it in the air!”A soft scream bubbled from her throat and she rammed her finger hardand deep up her cunt, holding it there. Her eyes glazed and sheshivered, squeezing his cock desperately.”Ohhh, I came!” she gasped. “My God, I came, Jay!”Jay’s eyes were big as he stared at his mother’s finger up her cunt.He wanted to see more of her pussy, but her hand covered it exceptfor hair along the side.”Now, you!” she hissed, and began to jerk his cock hard and fast withshort, jerking pumps of her fist. “You’re going to come, too! I’mgoing to make you come, Jay!”Jay grunted and arched his hips upward as his mother’s hand flew upand down his cock.Shellie watched his prick with hot eyes, her finger still buried inher pussy, but not moving. Her cunt was squeezing at her finger, andher long clit burned at her palm. She moved her fist up and down herson’s cock almost desperately.”Come, Jay!” she urged in a husky voice. “It’s your turn, baby! LetMother see you come! Squirt it, Jay, squirt it!”Jay was struggling, his uplifted hips twisting. His balls becamevery tight, and drew up at the base of his cock.”Mom, I’m about to…to come!” he shouted.”Yes!” Shellie cried out. “Come for me! Come for Mother!”Shellie’s eyes stared at her son’s piss hole, watching it flare openand drip, the head bulging smoothly. She felt her son’s cock throbwith more power, and she waited anxiously to see his cum juice gushfrom it.Jay’s cock erupted.”Ahhh, baby!” Shellie gurgled, seeing the thick cum juice spurt highinto the air, splashing back down on her wrist. She pumped as hecame, and the cum juice squirted time and again, going high,spattering her lower arm, his thighs, his stomach. “God, Jay! Oooh,come hard! Sweet, sweet cum!”Time and again his cock gushed, coming more than Shellie suspected.By the time he finished, her lower arm and fist were glistening withthe slippery cum juice, and his thighs and stomach looked coated.With a grunt of pleasure, Jay let his ass fall to the bed, butShellie kept her tight grip on his cock, feeling it relax. Her eyeswere bright, and her face was radiant with excitement. She lickedher lips, and when his cock was soft in her hand, she turned itloose. She leaned forward on her hands and knees and kissed her sonon his mouth, writhing her full lips against his with a soft, purringsound.”Don’t go away,” she whispered as she swung her legs over the edge ofthe bed.The small bathroom was a feet away, and she slipped into it, leavingthe door open. The small reading light on the bulkhead gave justenough illumination for Jay to watch his mother. She ran water overa cloth, and then came back to him. She washed the cum juice fromhis thighs and stomach, then gently washed his cock and balls,squeezing them tenderly and with a great deal of affection, smilingat her son.”Did you like that, honey?” she asked softly.Jay nodded, grinning up at her.”It’s better than doing it for yourself, isn’t it?””It sure is, Mom,” he agreed, watching her as she used the cloth toclean her arm and hand.She leaned down and kissed his mouth once more, then returned to thesmall bathroom. Again she left the door open, but stood facing herson. She lifted her gown to her hips, and sat on the toilet. Jaystared at her, his eyes seeing the thrust of her pointed tits, thecreamy flesh of her thighs. Then he heard her pissing, and hegiggled.”It isn’t funny,” she said. “I’ve heard you pissing in here a lot,you know. And…I saw you piss over the deck earlier.”Jay flushed lightly.”Oh, don’t act embarrassed,” she said. “You knew I was there, that Imight not be dozing. You’re so damned innocent, you know, baby.”Shellie tore a few squares of paper, then changed her mind and tossedthe paper into the small waste basket. She stood, and for a momentheld the nylon about her hips, allowing her son to stare at the silkyhair of her cunt.”Do you like it?” she asked huskily, lifting the gown to her waist soher son could see the lush, fan-shaped hair.”Oh, nice, Mom!”Shellie twisted her hips lewdly.”Why don’t you take your shorts off for me?” she whispered, steppingout of the small bath and standing at the side of the bed.Jay stripped his shorts off swiftly, his cock starting to lift again.Shellie stared down at it, holding her gown up with one hand andrunning her fingers through the soft hair of her pussy. She didn’tcare if her son saw her clit now. She was so excited she couldhardly stand it. She took hold of her son’s hand, placing his palmagainst her thigh and drawing it upward to her hip. Then she graspedhis cock and pumped it, feeling it swell into hardness.”Ooooh, it’s nice and hard again, darling,” she cooed hotly, climbingonto the bed. “So very hard and…and hot!”She straddled his legs, holding his balls in one hand, his cock inthe other. She pressed her thighs against his and began to rub herjuicy cunt on one of his knees. Jay felt it, and was holding hisbreath. He had never felt a cunt in his young life, but he loved thewet heat he was feeling on his knee. He pushed his knee at hismother’s cunt, anxiously. Shellie grinned down at him as she feltthe pressure. Rubbing her cunt along her son’s knee, Shellie graspedhis cock and jerked up and down, hissing and gurgling with delight.”Baby, baby, baby,” Shellie whispered hotly, sliding her wet, hairycunt just past her son’s knee. Her eyes smoldered with increasingdesire as she pumped at his cock, rolling and twisting his ballstenderly. “You’re so very big, Jay! So big and hard! Ooooh, honey,your balls feel so full! Is that for Mother, darling? Are your fullballs for me?””Mom, please,” Jay groaned, lifting his hips, pushing his cock intohis mother’s fist. “You’re gonna make me come again if you keep thatup!””But I want you to come again, darling,” she purred, sliding her cuntalong his thigh now, her knees pressing at his hips. “Mother wantsyou to come again, but this time…”She lifted her ass and shoved the swollen head of his cock againsther inflamed clit. She gasped with the contact, wiggling her hipswantonly. She looked down, watching the head of his cock peek fromthe thick curls of her cunt, feeling the shaft rubbing against herlong clit.”Would you like to feel your cock in me, honey?” she whispered.”Oh, Mom! Can I? Would you let me stick it in you?” Jay askedexcitedly.Grinning down at her excited son, Shellie lifted her hips until hersons’ cock was beneath her, the swollen head pointing at her pussy.She held it at the base, moving her hips, rubbing her wet pussy lipsalong the head. Jay was holding his breath as he gazed down,watching. His mother’s exceptionally long clit excited him almost asmuch as the heat of her wet pussy did.”Be very still, Jay,” she moaned. “Let Mother do it! Be still andlet me show you how good it will feel.”She lowered herself just enough to take the smooth head of her son’scock into her cunt. Her eyes half closed as an ecstatic moan camefrom her. Her cunt squeezed the head of Jay’s cock, the contractionsgripping with flexing heat. Shellie purred softly, then a long hissof air came from her as she slowly lowered her cunt onto her son’sprick.Jay gurgled as he felt the wet heat closing around his cock, his owneyes glazed with rapture.Shellie pushed her cunt down onto his cock until it was buriedcompletely, her pussy lips smashed at the base. Her cunt kept up thesqueezing sensation as she sat there and breathed deeply, her titslifting and falling. She felt his balls against the creamy sweetnessof her tight ass. With a squeal of delight, she squeezed her sonwith her knees and thighs, running her hands up and down his chestand stomach, caressing him, her pussy gripping with fiery wetness.”Do you like it, honey?” she asked in a husky voice.”Oh, Mom, it’s great!”With a gurgle of pleasure, Shellie leaned over and kissed her son.The movement caused her ass to lift slightly, and as she sat up, itwent down on his cock again. The sliding of his prick along thewalls of her cunt sent tremors of delight through Shellie.She lifted her ass, dragging her cunt up his prick to the head of hiscock, then down again. She repeated this a few times, slowly,watching her son’s face, delighted in his eager acceptance of fuckingher. Jay groaned and twisted beneath his mother, not knowing what todo with his hands. But Shellie knew; she drew her son’s hands to herknees, bringing his palms up her thighs, then down again, urgingJay to feel and stroke and caress her flesh.Shellie fucked her son’s cock with her steamy cunt slowly, feelinghis hands on her thighs, moving from her knees up the skin, almost tothe hairs of her cunt.With a giggle, she asked, “Want to get fucked, darling?””Oh, yes, Mom!””Mmmm, then let me do it!” Shellie mewled. “You lay still and letMother do it, this time. Let me fuck you, Jay! Ooooh, baby, let mefuck your big, hard cock!”With gasping hunger, Shellie began to plunged her cunt up and down onher son’s cock, taking it deeply, making the hot lips of her pussysmack softly and wetly at the base. She jiggled her as, twisting itin tight circles as she rose and fell. Jay gasped with the ecstasy,clutching his mother’s thighs tightly, lifting his hips into the air.His balls throbbed with fullness and his cock pulsated with hardness.Feeling each ridge and throb of his cock, Shellie began to squeal andbounce up and down vigorously, fucking her son. Her tits strained atthe thin nightgown, the creamy swells heaving. She lifted her headand closed her eyes, lips parted. She gasped and whimpered as hercunt stretched around her son’s cock, the friction becoming intense.Her long clit rubbed along the shaft, sending shivers of boilingdesire through her body.”Oh, baby! Oh, God, darling!” she yelped softly, grinding on herson’s cock in a frenzy. “You feel so good inside me! Ahhh, Jay, Ilove to feel your hard cock in my cunt! Oooh, baby, Mother isfucking you! Mother’s hot cunt is fucking your hard cock! Ahhh,baby, baby, my pussy is so fucking wet and hot…your cock is sofucking hard! Ohhh, Jay, Jay!”Shellie pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back,her tits straining out. She cupped them, her fingers digging intothe firm flesh, her nipples burning through the gown and against herpalms. Jay was making strangling sounds, gripping his mother’sthighs hard, his eyes staring at her cunt riding on his prick.The wet heat seemed to sear his cock, but it was so good he didn’twant it to ever stop. There was a froth of juices forming on thebase of his prick, smearing his hairless balls. Shellie’s cuntdripped and seeped sugary juices around his cock as she slammed itup and down. She pulled at her rigid nipples through the gown, herhead lifted up, eyes closed. She squealed and whimpered with thedelicious sensations of fucking her son.She leaned over her son, bracing herself with her hands on each sideof his head. Her ass twisted and pounded in a frenzy. Her hairswirled around her twisting face. Jay watched his mother’s titsjiggling above his eyes, seeing her nipples straining through thegown. He clutched her rippling thighs hard, grunting with thedownward thrusts of his mother’s consuming cunt.”Ahhh, beautiful!” Shellie cried out.”Do it faster, Mom!” Jay urged, choking.”Are you about to come, baby?” she asked in a husky voice, her assslapping up and down. “Is your lovely hard cock going to squirt inmy cunt? Are you going to come in Mother’s hot pussy, darling?”Jay was straining hard, his young face contorted with agonizedecstasy. All he could do was nod his head, his throat veryconstricted.”Do it!” Shellie hissed.Her ass began to plunge up and down faster, making grinding motions.She stabbed her cunt time and again onto her son’s hard cock,squealing as it went deep into her. She shook and sobbed, poundinghis cock almost with a desperation.She pushed her tits into his face and slid her long thighs along his,sprawling on top of her son. She began fucking him, her ass liftingand lowering swiftly in short, quick thrusts. She gasped andsquealed as an orgasm began swelling inside her pussy. Jay, nolonger holding his mother’s thighs, threw his arms about her waistand held her tightly, his face buried between her creamy tits.Shellie clawed at the sheets above her son’s head, her ass whippingup and down frantically, her cunt riding his cock swiftly.”Ooooh, baby,” she whined. “Mother’s cunt is on fire, darling! Mycunt is going to eat you up, baby! Mother’s cunt is going to suckyour cock off! Ooooh, Jay, can you feel Mother’s pussy jacking youoff! And now I’m coming! Ohhh, shit, am I coming! Jay, my cuntis…ahhh, God, it’s so fucking good!”Jay couldn’t stand the tightening sensation of his mother’s cunt asshe exploded into orgasm. Each wet clutch of his cock brought himthat much closer to discharge.”Now!” Shellie shouted. “Come in me now!”With a wild yelp, Jay felt his cock gush, sending boiling squirtafter squirt of thick, creamy cum juice up into his mother. Time andagain his cock spewed, splashing and filling the soft, yet tight,pussy.The spurting of her son’s cum juice into her sent Shellie into aseries of orgasms, orgasms that shattered her, making her scream outwith the intensity of her ecstasy. She smashed her convulsing cunthard onto his spurting cock, grinding as she shrieked.Chapter Four:Shellie dressed in her skimpiest bikini, one that hugged her roundass very tightly. The lower halves of her creamy ass were exposed,and her cunt made an exciting bulge in the front. The top justcupped her firm tits, her nipples threatening to climb over the top.Jay wore a pair of old jeans he had hacked the legs from.After a very late breakfast, they untied the houseboat and navigateddown the river. They cruised slowly, in no hurry, with nodestination in mind. They passed many people, some on houseboatslike theirs, some in small row boats, and many fisherman.Every male they passed had to look at Shellie, and she reveled intheir hungry stares. Jay did most of the steering as his motherstood or sat on the front deck. He watched her, knowing she wasenjoying the attention of those they passed. He was seeing hismother in a different light now. Maybe it was because they werefucking, but he saw his mother as a desirable woman more than as anextraordinarily beautiful young mother. He noticed she would findsome excuse to bend over when they passed a fishing boat, her assshowing. Since he was inside the small cabin where the wheel was, hewas not seen. Jay knew she was enjoying herself and the commentsmade about her body.Until they passed two men in an outboard boat.”Hot shit!” one of them called. “Hey, sugar, show me where it comesfrom and I’ll drink a gallon of your piss!””Don’t pay any attention to him, beautiful!” his companion laughed.”You can shit in my face any day!”Jay noticed his mother flushed with such comments. They didn’texcite her at all, he realized.At mid-afternoon, they tied up at the bank, securing the lines tosome overhanging trees. Shellie prepared a light lunch, and they saton top of the cabin and ate. The sun deck was fenced, about a footand a half high. If they were lying down on the sun deck, they wouldbe out of sight of any one passing.”I hope you don’t become as crude as those assholes were,” Shelliesaid to her son. “Girls don’t like those things.””I know, Mom,” Jay replied. “But you sure enjoyed the attention.””The attention, yes,” she confessed. “I’m a woman, and women love tobe admired. I just can’t stand men like those two. How they thinksuch rude comments will help them pick up a woman, I’ll never know.Shit in his face, indeed!”Jay laughed. “You almost pissed in my face.””There’s a big difference, honey. I enjoy a little perverse play,but there is a line, after all,” she said.”I don’t think I’d enjoy getting a face full of shit,” Jay replied.”What about a face full of piss?” she teased.Jay looked directly at his mother. “Hot piss?””That’s the only kind,” she answered, her voice throaty.”Well…I’d have to think about that,” Jay said.She looked at her son closely. “That man didn’t mean he wouldactually drink my piss, you know.””He didn’t?””He was talking about licking my cunt.”Jay’s eyes widened as he looked at his mother. “Licking your cunt?””Eating me,” she grinned at him. “You know, sticking his tongue upmy cunt and sucking and licking it, making me come with his tongue.””That’s crazy, Mom,” Jay said, but his young body shivered.”Oh, is it?” she asked, arching her eyebrows. “Why is it crazy?””Who would use their tongue when they have a hard-on?” Jay countered.”What good would it do him to suck your cunt when his cock was hard?””Oh, you’d be surprised, baby,” she cooed, untying her top andletting her flawless tits out to the sun. “Especially if he had aneager woman who would…take his cock in her mouth, too.”Jay’s eyes widened as he watched his mother untie the strings of herbikini and slip out of them. She sat on the chair naked, caressingher tits and twisting lightly on her nipples.”Do you do that, Mom?” he asked, his voice husky.”It depends,” she whispered, sliding a hand between her thighs andcaressing her cunt.”On what?””You’re interested, bahis siteleri aren’t you, baby?” she grinned at her son, herexpression lewd.”You might piss,” he said, watching her part her thighs and scoot herass to the edge of the chair.”I might,” she teased. “Are you thinking about sucking Mother’scunt?”Jay nodded. “But I don’t wanna get a face full of piss,” he said.”Are you sure about that?” Shellie murmured, rubbing two fingersalong her long, distended clit.Jay’s cock swelled inside his cut-offs, the head of his cockslipping into view. Shellie gazed at it, licking her lips, sliding afinger into her cunt. She worked it in and out, while Jay watched.Shellie stared at the head of her son’s cock. His comment aboutpushing his face into her cunt thrilled her. It had been a long timesince she felt a tongue up her pussy, and she loved to be licked.Perhaps that was because of her extra-long clit too. She didn’t know,but she loved to have her cunt sucked. Her orgasms were powerfulwhen she had a tongue inside her pussy, or lapping at her clit, orlips sucking on it.Jay didn’t know what to say to his mother’s question. He foundhimself wanting to feel her soft, wet cunt against his mouth, but hewasn’t sure at all if he wanted her to piss in his face. She teasedhim a lot, and maybe she was teasing him now, but then again, maybeshe wasn’t.”Mom, you said it depends on something whether you take a cock inyour mouth,” he said. “What does it depend on?””Mmmm, you are interested!” she gurgled, twisting her clit gently.”It depends on what my man does for me,” she said. “I’m not bashful,Jay. If a man does certain things to me, so that I enjoy it, Ireturn everything he does.” She slipped her finger into her cunt,seeing her son’s excitement. “If my man licked my pussy, you can besure I’d suck his cock.”Jay’s prick slipped from his cut-offs, the head swollen, his pisshole flaring. Shellie watched it drip, and she swallowed witheagerness to taste it. What she had told her son was true; she wouldsuck cock if a man licked her cunt. But she knew, for her son, she’dsuck him off whether he licked her pussy or not.Slipping to her knees, she knelt before him, sliding her hands up hislegs to his crotch. She pulled the crotch of his cut-offs to oneside, revealing hairless balls and the length of his hard-on. Shetickled his balls tenderly, closing her fingers about his cock withher other hand. She squeezed hard, making the smooth head bulge anddrip more. Her eyes stared at his piss hole, watching the clearjuices bead up and sparkle in the late afternoon sun.The sounds of boats passing them made no difference to Jay andShellie. Although Jay could see the people in the boats, hismother’s head was beneath the short railing. If another houseboatpassed, and people were on the top sun deck, they could see.She gazed at her son’s hard cock with hungry eyes, stroking itslowly, twisting her fist about it, cupping his balls and feeling thehot fullness of them. She lowered her face close to the head of herson’s cock.”Are you gonna put it in your mouth, Mom?” Jay asked in a shakingsound.”You’d love it, wouldn’t you, honey?” she purred, placing her lips tothe wet piss hole and brushing them from side to side. “You’d loveto have me take this cock in my mouth, wouldn’t you?”Jay nodded eagerly.Lifting her face, she ran her tongue across her moist lips, tastingthe juices from his cock.”What would you do for Mother?” she asked throatily. “Would you doit for me, too?”Jay squirmed in his chair, placing his hands on his mother’s nakedshoulders. Shellie arched her tits to her son’s crotch and rubbedthem along the hard shaft, feeling his cock throb between them. Sheclosed her tits tightly about his cock and rubbed them up and down.The heat of his cock between her tits made her naked body tremblewith eagerness. She pushed the dripping piss hole of his cockagainst her nipples, mewling softly as they began to glisten.Jay watched, his fingers digging into her creamy shoulders. His cockwas very hard, and his balls ached with swollen fullness. Shellierubbed her tits against his balls, her eyes turned toward his face,glazed with passion. Jay was very excited, and he squirmed his assagainst the chair.”Would you lick Mother’s cunt if I sucked your cock, darling?” sheasked in a husky voice.Jay nodded, no longer thinking she might piss in his face. At themoment, his cock was making up his mind.”Wonderful, baby,” Shellie cooed, pulling him from his chair.When he was on his feet before her, she opened his cut-offs andslipped them down. As Jay stepped out of his shorts, a boat passed,a young girl in it. She waved at him, and Jay lifted his own hand inreturn. Shellie knelt before her son, holding his hips and staringat his throbbing cock.”God, Jay! You have such a beautiful cock!”Shellie opened her mouth and pulled half her son’s cock into hermouth. She closed her eyes as she felt the burning throb of itbetween her lips. She pressed it with her tongue, then licked it,purring with delight.”Ohhhh, Mom!” Jay gasped, feeling the wet heat of his mother’s mouthon his cock. “Oooooh, this feels so good!”Shellie gurgled, sliding her lips down onto his prick, her eyesgleaming up at him. Her lips smashed at the base, feeling the sparsecrinkle of hair there. The swollen head of her son’s cock waspressing at the back of her throat. The taste of her son’s cockexcited her tremendously. Shellie had sucked cock before, but shefelt more excited to have her son’s cock inside her mouth than anyother time, with any other man. Jay’s cock was perfect inside hermouth. it didn’t choke her by going too deep, and her mouth couldhold it tightly and still use her tongue.She flicked her tongue about his piss hole, tasting the seepingjuices, her naked body trembling as her cunt pulsated. Her long clitwas extended and hard, throbbing ever so sweetly, the cheeks of hernaked ass clenching. She purred and mewled about her son’s cock asshe sucked back and forth on it, holding his hips.Jay stood, his legs shaking, looking down at her, ignoring passingboats, not caring if anyone could see them or not. His mother wassucking on his cock and it felt so good, he didn’t want her to stop,ever.Shellie pushed her mouth to the base, and rubbed his hairless ballson her chin, her throat working at the head as her tongue swirled.Pulling her mouth off his cock with a soft, sucking sound, she huggedhim into her face, her eyes smoldering with passion.”Ohhh, Jay, you taste so good! God, it’s been years since I’vesucked a hard cock!”Jay’s legs trembled weakly, and he slumped to the sun deck. Shellie,understanding his excitement, gently pushed her son onto his back,his cock lifting straight into the air, very hard. With her eyesfixed upon her son’s cock, she twisted around, facing his feet.Bracing herself with her hands on each side of his hips, Shellie gavea soft cry and swallowed her son’s cock quickly. Jay gasped as hewatched his mother’s lips stretch around his cock, bobbing up anddown, sliding and sucking with swift thrusts.”Ohhhhh, Mom, Mom!” he yelped, arching his hips up, trying to shovehis prick into her throat in ecstasy.Shellie sucked hard on her son’s cock, and lifted one knee, moving itover her son’s head. Jay stared up at his mother’s hot cunt, seeingthe wetness of it, the soft hair framing it. His mother’s cunt wasthe most exciting thing in the world to him. His cock was beingsucked powerfully, and his mind was reeling. He moved his hands upher thighs, over here spreading, naked ass.Shellie moaned with delight as her son began to pull her crotch tohis face. She sucked greedily on his throbbing cock, her mouthmoving up and down with tight, wet lips. She drew her knees alonghis shoulders, squirming her crotch down. Jay buried his young faceinto his mother’s cunt, his lips open. Instinctively, he thrust histongue into his mother’s pussy and began licking, his hands cuppingher beautiful naked ass, pulling her down tight into his face.Shellie sobbed with rapture as her son’s tongue stabbed into herjuicy cunt, twisting wildly. She raced her mouth up and down hiscock, shoving her hands underneath his writhing ass. She squeezedher son’s naked ass tightly, lifting his hips, trying to pull hishard cock into her throat. She pressed her nose against his balls asher tongue licked. She clutched his ass tightly, and began to grindher cunt into his face.Jay groaned with ecstasy as his mother sucked hard on his throbbingcock. He dipped his tongue in and out of her hot cunt, tasting thesugary juices, finding them sweet and exciting. The hot softness ofhis mother’s hairy cunt in his face sent ripples of desire throughhis young body. Shellie smashed her pussy into his face as shesucked very strongly on his cock.Jay slurped at the puffy lips of his mother’s cunt, and Shelliewiggled and squirmed, sliding her cunt on her son’s mouth.She squealed about his cock and began to churn her pussy on hissucking lips. Jay felt his mother’s long clit slip into his mouth,and he began to suck on it hungrily, his tongue working.Shellie sobbed with rapture, smashing her cunt hard into his face,bobbing up and down, faster and faster. She wiggled and squirmed onhis mouth, her fingers digging into his ass tightly. She pulled onhis cock as hard a she could, diving down before the smooth head cameout of her mouth. The heat in her cunt was overwhelming.”Ooooooh, darling!” she cried out, pulling her mouth off his cock.”Suck it, honey! Ohhhh, God, suck Mother’s cunt! That’s sweet, Jay!Ooooh, tongue-fuck me! Suck my clit…suck my cunt!”She gulped his cock into her mouth again.Jay sucked on his mother’s boiling cunt, juices coating his tongue.He sucked hard on her inflamed clit, his tongue flicking at it.Shellie twisted and positioned her crotch where she wanted his tongueand lips. Sometimes Jay stabbed at the wetness of her pussy , andsometimes he sucked at her knotted clit. His face was smeared withthe slippery juices, and he clung to her thrashing ass tightly. Heswallowed often because his mother’s cunt dripped so much, and hefound the taste of her cunt and its juices to his liking.He pushed his face past her pussy, his chin pressing on it.”Ooooh, Mom, suck me!” he groaned. “Suck my cock, Mom! Ahhh, I likethe taste of your cunt! It’s so hot and wet!”Jay, tremendously excited, shoved his tongue at his mother’s ass,licking the pucker, not thinking about it. Shellie gave a muffledcry of ecstasy and smashed her ass into his face. Jay sucked on hismother’s asshole, his tongue flicking against the fiery ring. Whenhis mother shifted again, pushing her hairy cunt at his mouth, heshoved his tongue in and out swiftly. Then she placed her clitagainst his lips.Jay drew hard on his mother’s clit, making her cry out with thesensation.Shellie lifted her face, her features contorted with ecstasy.”Suck it, suck it!” she sobbed. “Ohhhh, Jay, suck Mother’s cunt!Ooooh, fuck it with your tongue, baby! Eat me…eat my hot pussy!”She pressed her cunt into her son’s mouth as hard as she could,shaking her naked ass. She clutched his cock with a tight fist,jacking on it in a frenzy. The dripping juices from his piss holesprayed across his thighs. With a sob, Shellie licked the juicesfrom his flesh, and then sucked at his cock again.Jay cling to his mother’s grinding ass, his lips sucking hard at herswollen clit. His nose was pressing at her tightly clenched asshole,and he arched his hips up when his mother came down onto his cock.Shellie gurgled as her lips crushed onto the base of his cock, and asher son started fucking into her mouth, she sobbed with mindlesspassion. Her lips dipped with each of his thrusts, pulling up as hebacked off. Her hands clutched his tightening ass, his ballsbrushing her nose. She slammed her cunt up and down into her son’sface, feeling the hair-rimmed lips swelling, her clit burning. Shewas getting very close to orgasm, and the closer she got, the moreshe sucked at his cock with increased hunger. Slamming her cunt intoher son’s face, Shellie became desperate to have her son come intoher mouth. She wanted his cum juice, wanted to taste the squirtsover her tongue. She sucked in a frenzy, twisting her lips, hertongue licking the throbbing shaft.Jay, his balls swollen and aching, sucked on his mother’s cunt with agreed that belied his young age. His tongue slipped in and out ofthe juicy lips, swirled about her elongated clit, pulling it into hismouth. His fingers dug into the cheeks of her as, spreading themwide in his eagerness to suck and lick her cunt.Shellie began to sob with muffled sounds, smashing her cunt into herson’s face, fucking his mouth. Jay shoved his open mouth as tight ashe could around his mother’s cunt, the juices dripping past his lips.He arched his cock high into the air, and Shellie clutched it tightlywith her hot, wet lips. She knew her son was about to come, and shesmashed her cunt hard against his mouth.With a squeal, she came. Her cunt contracted against her son’ssucking lips, and she pressed hard into his face, straining as thepowerful convulsions rippled through her greedy cunt. As she came,Shellie sucked wildly at his throbbing cock, her face dancing up anddown, her lips tight. She was hungry to have him gush into hermouth. She squeezed the cheeks of his ass tightly, her fingersdigging into the crack. She felt his cock swell a little more, andshe sucked swiftly, racing her lips from the head to the base, hertongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth, making it tight forhim.Jay was groaning into his mother’s spasming cunt, feeling his ballsbecome very hard, his cock ready to go off.With a grunt, muffled because he shoved his mouth tighter yet intohis mother’s cunt, Jay felt his cock squirt.Shellie felt the hot cum juice splash at the back of her throat.With a cry of delight, she sucked his cock as hard as she could,drinking down the boiling cream juice of his balls. Her mouth filledand the taste of his cum juice created a series of orgasms inside hercunt that was driving her out of her mind. She smashed herconvulsing cunt up and down on his face, her throat burning sweetlyas his cock spurted time and time into her mouth.Clinging to his cock, Shellie swallowed the thick cum juice, and hercunt slowly calmed down. She began to relax, her crotch still in herson’s face. She ran her hands along his thighs, stroking him as shegently mouthed his softening cock. She licked it and lifted her lipsto lap at his sweet, hairless balls. She kissed his balls softly,and moved the flat surface of her tongue around them.His cock was fully relaxed now, and she pulled at it and his ballsinto her mouth. She didn’t suck on them, but held them. Jay kissedhis mother’s cunt, licking her inner thighs and over the curve of herspreading ass. He fondled her creamy naked ass and thighs as theyrested. He liked the way his mother held his cock and balls insideher mouth.Seeing her asshole a few inches above his face, he gave into theimpulse and kissed it, placing his lips directly upon her asshole.”Oooooh, baby!” Shellie mewled, his cock and balls dropping out ofher mouth. “Ahhh, you’re so sweet to me, Jay. I’ve never beenkissed on my asshole before.””You have now, Mom,” he laughed.Shellie drew her crotch out of his face, sitting on the sun deck andpulling her knees up, resting her chin on them, looking at her son.”Your face is wet,” she whispered.”I know,” Jay answered, licking his lips.”You see, darling,” she giggled. “You didn’t get a face full ofshit, did you?””Nor piss, Mom,” he laughed.”Well…I was very excited, you know,” she said, teasingly.Jay’s eyes opened. “You wouldn’t, Mom!””Are you sure?” she teased.”No, I’m not,” Jay replied. “I don’t put it past you.”She started to reply, but a houseboat was coming alongside them.Shellie saw people on the sun deck over the cabin, and pulled her sonclose to the rail, hiding themselves, stifling giggles.Chapter Six:Shellie stretched on the bed next to her son, coming awake with aglorious feeling. She had not felt so good in a long time. Swingingher slim legs over the bed, she stood and looked down at her sleepingson.Then, humming happily, she showered in the small bathroom. Tuckingthe towel about her luscious body, she prepared her son a goodbreakfast. By nine o’clock, she had to wake him up. She watched himshower in the small bathroom, her eyes gazing over his youth, staringwith delight at his young cock and balls, his tight ass.Jay pulled on another pair of cut-offs as she watched him, and shegrinned when she saw the head of his cock would show if he didn’twatch himself. When he was dressed, she dropped her towel and waspleased to hear the appreciative gasp he made. Selecting a pair ofshort shorts and stepping into them, she posed for her son.”Will these do?” she asked.Jay asked at her swelling, shapely ass. The shorts were cut high onher thighs, with the cheeks of her ass exposed tantalizingly. Thecrotch was tight, the slit of her pussy outlined. He grinned andnodded his head. Shellie then pulled on a T-shirt, and her tits werebeautiful in it, her nipples pressing like two succulent pointsagainst the thin fabric.”Mom, you could get fucked wearing that,” Jay said.”By you…my pleasure,” she replied.They untied the houseboat and cruised lazily, the houseboat rockinggently. Shellie steered while Jay sat on the front deck, his feetdragging in the water.”Be careful your cock isn’t showing,” she called out to him as theyapproached another houseboat coming up river toward them. “It’s fineto fish, darling, but I want approval on what you catch.”Jay grinned over his shoulder at her, then turned sideways to flipthe head of his cock at her. Shellie giggled and licked her lips,and steered carefully past the approaching houseboat. There was abeautiful young girl on the sun deck, and Jay stared at her until theboat was around the bend.”I know,” Shellie called to him. “You like that, don’t you?”Jay stood and grinned at his mother. “It was kinda nice, Mom.””You getting tired of my ass already?” she asked. “Do you think youneed some new pussy?””Aw, Mom,” Jay said.”I’m teasing, baby,” she replied. “You wouldn’t be much of a man ifyou didn’t look at pretty girls. But just remember, that cockbelongs to Mother.”Jay pulled aside his ragged cut-offs, releasing his cock. Shelliefelt her pulse race as he began to piss over the side of the deck.She stared at his cock hotly, watching the golden piss spurt. Thecheeks of her ass clenched tightly, and there was a burning sensationin her cunt.”Oh, Jay!” she moaned. “Why did you do that? I wanted it!”Jay shook his cock and stuffed it into his shorts.”I forgot, Mom,” he said, flushing slightly.”You know what we walked about last night, baby,” she accused.”I didn’t know if you meant it, Mom.””I meant it,” she said. “Oh, yes, I meant it!”Her long clit bulged against her tight shorts, the crotch of them wetwith seeping juices. She stared at him, her eyes fiery.”Now,” she said, standing up and unzipping her tight shorts. Shepeeled them down her thighs, turning them inside out. When they wereat her knees, she leaned over and slipped her son’s cock from hisshorts. “You know where I want this lovely cock, darling?””In the cunt, Mom,” he grinned.”Well, of course,” she smiled wantonly, pulling at his swellingprick. “But I was thinking about my…asshole.””Then you really meant it, huh?” he asked, his voice showing hisexcitement.”You bet I meant it, darling.”His cock stood firm outside his shorts, and Shellie squeezed it.Turning him loose, she leaned over the table, her sweet, naked ass ondisplay. Jay stared at her ass. With her shorts peeled to herknees, his mother looked extremely lewd to him.Shellie cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open. Jaygasped as he saw her puckered asshole, the curls of soft hairbeneath, and the puffy sweetness of her cunt. Shellie slipped afinger to her asshole, rubbing it slowly.”I want it up my ass, baby,” she said softly, but with a quiver inher voice. “I want to know how it feels, how you hard cock feelsinside my asshole.””It’s so pretty, Mom,” he grunted, his cock jerking up and down.”You have a pretty ass. You look awfully tight, though.””Tight for you, darling,” she cooed, wiggling her ass, rubbing thetip of her finger about the crinkle. “Mother’s ass is very tight andvery hot, all for you and your beautiful hard cock.”Jay gulped wetly, and leaned down to her ass. He kissed a creamyasscheek, and Shellie gurgled with delight.”Oooh, lick it a little, Jay,” she urged, wiggling her ass. “LickMother’s ass just a little.”Jay, becoming eager, slipped his tongue out of his mouth and lappedthe satiny cheeks of his mother’s ass, swirling his tongue along thebacks of her thighs, tasting her flesh. Shellie cried out withpleasure, her ass shaking. She used her fingers to hold the lovelycheeks wide open for her son, her asshole puckering in and out.With an intake of air, Jay shoved his face into his mother’s ass,feeling his satiny inner cheeks. He kissed the pucker of hismother’s asshole, bringing a sob of delight from her. Shellie shovedher ass into her son’s face, and began to make soft cries of ecstasywhen he licked his tongue against the crinkled ring. Placing hishands on his mother’s trembling thighs, Jay probed her asshole withthe tip of his tongue. Shellie hissed and mewled and squirmed intohis face.”Shove it up my ass, baby!” she grunted. “Ohhh, darling, shove yourtongue up Mother’s asshole! Tongue-fuck my ass a little, darling!”Shaking her ass into his face, she held her breath as she felt Jay’stongue stiffen, pushing at her tight asshole. As his tongue slippedpast the ring, she cried out softly.”Ohhh, yes, Jay! God, that feels wonderful! Lick Mother’s ass,baby! Suck my hot asshole! Ooooh, fuck me in the asshole with yourwet, hot tongue! Oh, honey, you could make me come this way! Stabmy asshole with your tongue! Stab it hard and deep! Oooooh, yes,you’ll make me come so fucking hard!”Jay clutched his mother’s shaking thighs, pressing his open lipsaround his mother’s asshole, his chin pushing into the juicy slit ofher cunt. He ran his tongue in and out of her asshole, stabbing asdeep as he could. Shellie gurgled and sobbed, wiggling her naked assinto his face. With her son fucking her up the asshole with histongue, her cunt was becoming wetter and wetter. In face, theslippery juices dripped past Jay’s chin and ran over his neck.”Ahhh, darling, darling!” she cried out, smashing her ass backagainst his face. “Tongue-fuck my ass! Ooooh, Jay, fuck Mother upthe asshole with your tongue! You’re going to make my cunt come…oh, deeper, baby! Fuck my ass with your tongue, make me come! Makeme come with your tongue and then shove your hard cock in that hotasshole and fuck it and make come again! Jay…Jay! Ooooh, yes,yes, yes!”Jay’s tongue was deep inside his mother’s asshole when Shelliesuddenly shrieked.”Oh, God! I’m coming, darling!”Her cunt convulsed, the rippling contractions causing her asshole tosuck his tongue. Jay pushed his tongue as hard and deep as he couldinto his mother’s fiery asshole, and felt it grip tightly time andagain as her orgasm boiled through her almost naked body.When she had finished coming, Jay slowly slipped tongue out of herasshole. For a long while Shellie remained over the table, her bodyshaking with a wonderful sensation. She was no longer pulling thecheeks of her ass open, letting her arms hang loosely. Jay, though,fondled her ass, squeezing the creamy cheeks, opening them to see theflexing of her asshole. Glistening cunt juices coated her innerthighs.”I know your cock is very hard,” Shellie finally whispered. “Eatingmy asshole must have made your sweet cock very, very stiff, baby.””It’s hard as hell, Mom,” he replied.”Put it in me, darling,” she whispered. “Put it in my asshole!”Jay pushed the swollen head of his cock to his mother’s flesh. Herubbed the dripping piss hole up and down her thighs, over the cheeksof her ass. Shellie shook and trembled with the feeling, shoving herass back eagerly. He placed the head of his cock upon her asshole,and gasped with the steaming heat of it.”Ooooh, that feels so good,” she murmured as she felt the pressureagainst her asshole. “Push that hard cock up my ass, Jay! Ohhh,yes, baby! Shove that hard cock up Mother’s asshole! Fuck me in theass, Jay!”Jay increased the pressure of his cock, staring down, seeing the ringof his mother’s asshole giving way. The more he pushed, the moreShellie’s asshole stretched. She was holding her breath, feelingthat wonderful pressure and sensation. It was strange, a verystrange feeling, to have cock pushing at her asshole, but one shefound exciting and delicious. She moved her naked ass back, urgingher son to push his cock in.Jay pressed harder, and the swollen head of his cock penetrated thetight ring of his mother’s asshole.”Ahhhh, baby!” Shellie cried out. “You’re in me! Yah, your cock isup Mother’s ass! Oooh, I can feel it in my asshole!”Jay stared down, seeing the ring of his mother’s asshole stretchedaround the head of his cock. It was very tight, very hot. He gaspedwith pleasure as his mother’s asshole squeezed his prick, gripping itdeliciously.Shellie sobbed with rapture, finding her son’s cock in her ass tofeel very good. The sensations rippled her flesh as she pulled hercreamy ass cheeks wider yet. She made a soft swallowing sound as herasshole clamped on the head of his cock.”Ohhh, more, Jay!” she pleaded softly. “Shove more into me! Ahhh,baby, that feels so good, so fucking good! Give Mother more cock!Ooooh, give Mother’s hot asshole more hard cock!”Jay slipped his prick deeper, watching it with wide eyes. The heatin his mother’s asshole was very hot, searing the shaft of his cock.It was as hot as her juicy cunt, and so much tighter. He pushed histhrobbing cock slowly inward, watching it disappear into her ass. Hewas breathless with excitement, with the rumbling sensations he wasfeeling.Shellie purred as her son moved his cock deeper into her asshole.She could feel the throbbing of it, the hardness of the shaft. Herasshole kept stretching and burning around his prick. The deeper itwent, the better it felt. When he finally had his cock completelyinside her asshole, she felt stuffed, very stuffed. His sweet ballswere pushed against the slippery wetness of her hairy cunt, she couldfeel the powerful pulsations of his cock with the ring of herasshole.She found her clit with her hand to be straining out with hardness,and brushed it with her fingers. Her naked, creamy ass wiggled asshe slipped her hand past her cunt and pulled his hairless balls,smashing them upon the sensitive lips of her fiery cunt.”God, Jay!” she moaned. “I can feel you cock almost in my throat!Oooh, baby, it feels so damned good in my asshole! You feel so huge,so long and hard! Fuck it, darling! Fuck that tight, hot asshole!Oh, yes, give Mother’s hot asshole some sweet, hard cock!”Jay pulled back slowly, watching his cock slide inside the tightpucker. Shellie cried out as he pulled, feeling the friction. Oneof her hands kept pulling at a shapely cheek of her ass, the otherletting his balls slid in her fingers. When he had paused with thehead of his cock inside her asshole, she gasped loudly and plungedher fingers into her bubbling, steaming cunt, fucking herself wildlya few moments, her naked ass shaking with excitement. As her sonpushed his cock back into her ass, she cried softly as his sweet, hotballs rubbed into her now-wet palm again. She grasped them, squeezingas his cock filled her ass once more.”Ooooh, baby, baby!” she sobbed. “You don’t have to be so carefulwith me, with my asshole! Mother’s asshole won’t break, darling!Fuck it! Oh, my baby, fuck that asshole hard! Fuck it the way youfuck my cunt! Come on, Jay, I want it fast and hard up my fuckingasshole! Ram it to me, darling! Oh, God…ram that big fucking cockup my hot asshole hard an deep!”Jay plunged inward, a soft slapping sound coming when his lower bodysmacked the hot cheeks of her curvy ass. Shellie yelped withpleasure, enjoying the power of his hardness up her ass. Placing hishands on her hips, Jay pulled his cock back slowly, and rammed it inquickly and fast. Shellie groaned with delight as his balls smackedagainst her juicy cunt.”That’s it, Jay! That’s the way to fuck that ass! Ram it, baby, ramit! Stretch Mother’s asshole…fuck Mother’s asshole! Oooooh, slamit to me, darling!”She jiggled her ass, dancing from foot to foot, her tits smashed uponthe table. She drew her other hand from between her thighs, rubbingher very long clit a few times, and clutched her ass cheeks once more.She spread her ass as wide as she could, opening it to her son’squickening thrusts. The wider she opened her ass, the deeper herson’s cock went.Her pussy pulsated hotly, and juice seeped from the hairy lips,running along her inner thighs. Her clit strained out, very long andhard, throbbing deliciously. She wiggled her ass lewdly, crying outfor her son to fuck her faster and harder. The friction of histhrobbing cock along the ring of her thoroughly stretched assholeseemed ready to burst into flames, flames of perverse, wanton ecstasy.”Yes, baby, yes!” she squealed. “That’s it, darling! Ram it deep!Ohhh, this is so good, Jay! Your cock is so hard…so fucking hard!God, you fill Mother’s ass with that hard prick! Fuck it, fuck it!Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck me up my hot asshole! Mother’s pussy isthrobbing and…oooooh, this is fucking wonderful!”She humped her ass back as her son came lunging forward, grinding hersweet asscheeks against him. She sobbed with increasing rapture, heralmost naked body vibrant with passion. The feel of his cock up herasshole was better than she could have imagined. The depth surprisedher, pleased her. The puckering of her asshole excited both her andJay. Her asshole squeezed and flexed by its own accord, withoutdirection from her already spinning mind.The wetness of her cunt seemed more pronounced than ever, the juicesmaking the inside of her thighs slippery. Her bushy cunt wasthrobbing and her unusually long clit felt as if it were about toburst from her cunt. She shook her ass wildly, crying out for herson to ram her hard and deep, to fuck her fast. She loved his cockup her ass, wanted to fuck him with asshole all day.”Jay, it feels so good in my asshole!” she sobbed. “God, I want youto fuck me up my asshole often, very often! I love it, baby! God, Ilove the feel of your hard cock up my fucking asshole! Ooooh, you’regoing to make Mother come! Fuck harder…my cunt is…my cunt is onfire!”With his balls aching, loaded and full, Jay rammed his cock in andout of his mother’s fiery asshole. Shellie sobbed and squealed indelight, arching back to meet his prick. His balls slapped time andagain upon her juicy, hair-rimmed cunt, sending ripples of heatedrapture through her body. Jay dug his fingers into his mother’sgrinding hips hard. Shellie clawed the cheeks of her ass, herfingers near his cock, holding herself lewdly open for him.”I’m about to come!” she shrieked. “Oh, Jay, you’re about to makeMother come! Ahhh, fuck it, fuck that hot asshole! Mother’s cunt isabout to come! Ooooh, I feel it so deep in me! Ram it…ram thatfucking cock hard up my fucking asshole!”Jay beat his cock in and out of her asshole, feeling it start toclutch and release him. His eyes became glazed with passion, hisyoung body shaking as hard as his mother’s. His legs were gettingweak as the ecstasy ran through him.”Mom, I’m about to come, too! I can’t hold it back, Mom!””Oh, shoot it up my ass, Jay!” she screeched. “Squirt that hot juiceup mother’s asshole! Fill my asshole with sweet, hot cum juice!Ohhh, now, baby — now!”Shellie’s cunt exploded, the orgasm bursting throughout the wholeexpanse of her crotch. Her clit pulsated hard, the lips of her cuntgripping at his banging balls. Her asshole began to squeeze and suckhis prick.With a yelp, Jay rammed his cock as deep as he could into hismother’s asshole, and sent rapid squirts of thick cum juice sprayingbetween the soft walls of her greedy asshole. Shellie cried withecstasy as she felt his cum juice flooding her ass, her cunt flexingwith tight, searing pulsations. A series of orgasms rumbled throughher, one after the other, until she became so weak she slumped acrossthe table, her hands falling from her ass, her body relaxing, gaspinghotly. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling happily.Chapter Seven:Dressed as scantily as possible, Shellie entered the small town onthe bank of the river. Her shorts were tight and high on her verylong, slender thighs, with part of her ass showing. The crotchmolded and outlined the sugary slit of her cunt, and her T-shirtclung to her firm tits deliciously, the color of her nipples showingthrough.Jay wore his cut-offs, and Shellie had warned him to make sure thehead of his cock wouldn’t stick out.”I don’t mind your cock showing,” she had told him. “but I don’ttrust some of these modern young girls. One of them may see yourcock, and before I know what’s going on, she’d be on her kneessucking on it.”Jay had giggled. “I wouldn’t mind, Mom.””Of course not,” she had grinned at him. “You’re a lucky boy, that’sfor sure.”They held hands as they shopped for what supplies they needed, takingtheir time. As his mother selected fresh vegetables, Jay stood a fewfeet behind her, watching her body. Each time she leaned over, thecheeks of her ass showed, and he was becoming excited.”Mom, you just gotta stop leaning over,” he whispered to her.”What’s the matter, honey?””You’re giving me a hard-on,” he said.Her eyes drifted down the front of his young body, searching forevidence of a hard-on. She saw his cock pressing at the frayedshorts, and flashed a smile at him.”Am I really doing that,” she teased. “Or have you been looking atsome young piece of ass?””Mom!” Jay complained. “You know you’re doing this to me. Everytime you lean over, I see your ass.””You mean,” she said softly, turning and leaning to examine a redtomato. “Like this?””Ahhh, shit, Mom!””Mmmm, something wrong with me?””You wanna make me come on the fucking floor!””Would you, baby?” she asked, looking around to make sure they werealone. “Would you really come on the floor just by looking at myass?””I might, damn it!””Mmmmm, that would be very nice,” she purred and let the back of herhand rub across his crotch. “I’d lick it up if you do.”Shellie deliberately went out of her way to show her ass to her son,glancing at him often. He was being tormented, she knew, but it wasfun to tease him, watch his young face look around guiltily to see ifanyone was watching them. She leaned over a bin of lettuce, andwiggled her ass slightly, knowing her son was watching. She heardhim grunt, and then felt his hand cupping her ass for a squeeze.”You fucking hot bitch!” Jay snorted. “You just wait until we getback on the houseboat, Mom. You’re gonna get it hard!””Oooh, I hope it’s hard,” she giggled. “Here, give Mother a quickfeel, then try to think of something else until we’re finishedshopping.”She grabbed his hand and, looking around the small grocery store,pulled his palm into her cunt briefly.”Oh, shit!” Jay groaned as he pressed his hand upon his mother’scunt.He wasn’t the only one excited. He felt the moisture seeping intothe crotch of his mother’s shorts. “See, damn it! You can come andno one will know about it, Mom. But if I come, everyone’s gonnasee!””Then don’t come, not yet,” she replied.The grocery store was small, operated by an elderly man. When theyhad entered, he had been behind the counter, sitting on a tall stool.But now Shellie noticed he was stacking cans on a shelf near thecheck-out counter, his back to them. Her hand darted for her son’scock, feeling the head round and hot, wetness dripping from his pisshole.”Can you come fast?” she hissed near his ear as she squeezed hisprick.”I’m about to come right now,” he groaned.With one more glance at the man stacking cans, Shellie took a head oflettuce and quickly squatted below the bin, out of sight if thegrocer should glance at them. She pulled her son’s cock from theside of his shorts, and gulped it into her hot, wet mouth.”Mom!” Jay gurgled.”Shhh,” she whispered, pulling her lips from his cock a moment.”Just hurry up and come, baby. I’ll suck you as fast as I can…butyou have to come fast.”She swallowed her son’s cock, her hands holding his thighs. Her eyesglowed up at him as her lips clutched his prick. She darted her faceback and forth, sucking fast, her tongue flicking. Jay stood withhis legs shaking, trying to look around, trying hard to pretend hismother was not squatting there sucking his cock frantically. Shelliewas amused at his attempt to act innocent, and she sucked hotly.Throwing caution away, she pulled the crotch of his cut-offs to oneside, exposing his hairless balls. She fondled them, twisting andpulling as her wet lips darted and sucked at his prick. Her tonguelicked and probed his piss hole. The juices seeping out of his cockcoated her tongue, the taste exciting her tremendously. Being insuch an exposed position crated a strange sort of excitement for her,and Shellie sucked very hard, her eyes glassy with exhibitionisticrapture.She canlı bahis twisted her lips around her son’s throbbing cock, sliding her lipsback and forth on the hard shaft. Her cunt was swollen with desire,her long clit bulging against the tightness of her shorts. Droppinga hand from her son’s shaking thigh, she rubbed her cunt. Soft curlsof pussy hair had escaped the crotch of her shorts. Her cunt waspulsating as hard as her son’s cock was, and she felt the tingle ofan orgasm growing.”Mom, oh, Mom!” Jay groaned, humping his hips back and forth, fuckinghis mother in her hungry mouth, and still managing to keep any eye onthe man still stacking cans.Shellie drew her hand from her cunt and shoved her fingers underneathhis ragged shorts, holding one cheek of his ass. She pulled himforward, taking his cock deeply, urging him to fuck into her mouth.Her lips were stretched, her mouth full of hard cock, and her cuntwas getting close to orgasm.Jay, very excited to have his cock inside his mother’s wet, hot mouthin such a public place, began to thrust back and forth, fucking intoher mouth with quick, short strokes. His balls were swollen, andShellie clutched them, squeezing to help him come off fast.She felt his cock swell even thicker between her lips, and she suckedin a frenzy, letting her son fuck her mouth as fast and hard as hecould. His piss hole was dripping more and more, and she swallowedoften, her tongue racing about his piss hole as he pulled back, thensliding along the deliciously hard shaft when he pushed inward. Sheloved the way the swollen head brushed at her throat.Jay couldn’t swallow back the moans of ecstasy. He grabbed the backof his mother’s head with both hands, and jerked her mouth onto hiscock as he shoved forward. Shellie gave a muffled whimper ofecstasy, and her cunt contracted into a hot orgasm, her ass shaking,her knees opening and closing.With a grunt, Jay came.The hot cum juice spewed out of his piss hole and struck Shellie inthe throat. A muffled squeal came from her as her orgasmintensified, her eyes rolling dreamily as she sucked the cum juiceout of his cock, her throat working to swallow it all. The cum juicewas thick and hot, creamy and still sweet as it burned into her mouthand down her throat. She clung to her son’s cock with tight lips,her tongue lapping, until she felt it starting to relax. Then, witha soft cry of excitement, she released his cock and stuffed it backinto his cut-offs.When she stood, her legs trembled. She looked around, and the manwas just finishing with his cans. Shellie grunted at her son, stuckher tongue out at him, then began to gather up the things theyneeded, shaking her ass at him teasingly.Just before they approached the check-out counter, she whispered, “Doyou feel better now, honey?”Jay nodded, his eyes bright.While Shellie stood at the counter, Jay was close. She felt hisfingers sliding up and down the back of her shorts, rubbing along thesplit of her ass. With a subtle movement, she pressed back at him,and Jay pushed his thumb as deep as he could into her ass, as deep asthe tight shorts would allow. Then he turned and walked outside towait for her.”That isn’t nice,” Shellie said as she came out carrying her sack ofvegetables.”What isn’t nice, Mom?” he asked, innocently.Poking me in the ass like that, not when you can’t do anything aboutit until later. You know what that does to me, don’t you?”Jay shook his head, watching two very pretty girls wearing skimpybikinis on the other side of the street.”It makes me want to fuck you,” she said. “And stop looking at thoselittle cunts as if you’d like to eat them up. Are you trying to makeme jealous?””I don’t wanna eat them up, Mom,” he said, taking the sack from heras they started back to the houseboat. “Just their cunts and asses,that’s all I wanna eat.”She noticed that he looked at every pretty woman or girl they passed,and she was in a bikini or skimpy shorts, he would turn to watch awiggling ass with appreciation.”You like those things, don’t you?” she teased.”What things?” he asked, turning to gaze at a very shapely ass on awoman about his mother’s age.”Those wiggling asses, what else?” she giggled. “Your eyes are aboutto come out of your head.”Shellie walked a bit ahead of her son, and as they approached theirhouseboat, she began to walk with an exaggerated wiggle. Jay laughedand watched her as she climbed aboard. She turned to him and stuckher tongue out as he climbed onto the deck.”I can wiggle my ass with the best of them,” she said.”Better, Mom,” he grinned. “But best of all, I can fuck yourwiggling ass.””Mmmm, you sure can, baby,” she purred as he entered the cabin,placing the sack on the counter near the refrigerator. “Like rightnow.”She peeled her T-shirt over her head, tossing it onto the couch, thenshoved her shorts down. Kicking them from her feet, she sat on thecouch and shoved her rounded ass to the edge, opening her long legs,her cunt glistening.”Fuck me now, Jay!” she gasped hotly. “Sucking you off in the storegot me so fucking hot! Come on, fuck Mother now!”Jay shoved his cut-offs down swiftly, staring at his mother’s partedlegs. Shellie rubbed at her cunt with her palm, creating a frictionon her long clit. Her eyes gleamed with passion as she watched hisyoung cock lift into hardness. She drew her hand from her cunt,shoving the other one to it instead. When she licked at herpussy-wet palm, Jay’s cock lurched into full hardness, almostsmacking his stomach as it jerked upright.”Ooooh, you’re so hard for Mother’s cunt!” Shellie sobbed, takingturns at licking her cunt-wet hands. “I want that, honey! Oooh,Mother wants that hard cock…right up the fucking cunt!”She lifted her knees, her ass hanging over the edge of the couch.She pulled her knees to her swelling tits, wrapping her arms behindthem and arching her cunt to her son. Her eyes blazed with hunger ashe came close.”Don’t just push it in, baby!” she gasped. “Ram it in! Ohhh, God,ram it into my cunt fast and hard!”Jay placed the rounded head of his cock upon the hairy, fiery lips ofhis mother’s cunt, and rammed quickly.”Ohhhhh, God, yes!” Shellie cried out, her eyes closing as her son’scock filled her pussy.The quick thrust caused her tits to jiggle. His balls slammed intothe crack of her ass, causing it to pucker.”Fuck me! Oh, Jay, fuck Mother hard and fast! I want to come fast,honey! Oohhh, my cunt…my cunt needs your hard cock right now!”She shot her ass upward as her son began to stab his cock in and outof her cunt. The wet sounds excited her as she shook and wiggled herass to his pounding rhythm. She gasped and cried out with ecstasy,loving the beating of his cock against her puffy cunt lips andthrobbing clit. Her pussy was grabbing at his cock with squeezed ofwet heat.She twisted her head from side to side, sobbing with desire. Humpingher ass up and down with him, she clung to her legs, her tits smashedby them. Jay moved his hands down his mother’s satiny thighs andcupped her ass, lifting it to him. He stabbed as hard and fast as hecould, grunting, his balls beating against her fiery asshole.Shoving her ass upward, Shellie cried, “Jay, it’s going to happen!Ohhh, baby, you’re going to make Mother come! Ahhhh, it feels sogood! My pussy is swelling, darling! Mother’s cunt is so wetand…”She rammed her crotch upward hard, and the gripping lips of her hairycunt closed about the base of her son’s cock, sucking with ripplinggreed. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as she came, herbeautiful face contorted as if she were being tortured.Jay’s cock was unable to resist the tight grip, and with a shout, hecame, sending wild gushes of cum juice into his mother’s cunt.Shellie rammed her ass upward, taking the rapid spurts of his cumjuice into her cunt with hunger. Each pulsating spurt of cum juiceinto her pussy sent her into a tighter, more steaming orgasm. Herpussy pulled hard at his prick, his balls smashed at her asshole.”Oooh, feel my pussy, Jay!” she sobbed. “Can you feel Mother’s cuntsucking your cock? Ohhh, darling, Mother’s cunt is sucking your cockoff! Fill me up, baby! Fill my cunt up with that sweet cum juice!”The sensations were tremendous, and Shellie thought she was going topass out with ecstasy. However, it finally ended, and holding herson’s hips, keeping his cock inside her cunt, she lowered her legsuntil her feet were on the floor, spread about him.Her eyes were misty with excitement as she whispered to him.”Piss in me,” she whispered. “Piss in Mother’s cunt.””You mean it, Mom?” Jay asked. “You really want me to piss in yourcunt?””Oh, yes!”With a giggle, Jay sent a few spurts of hot piss into his mother’spussy.Shellie gasped as she felt it, and cried out, “More! Jay, fill mycunt up with hot piss! Ooooh, that’s nice, darling!”Jay let it go hard. The piss splashed into her pussy, gushing fromthe hairy lips and over her ass, dripping to the floor. Shelliewiggled her hips wantonly, hissing with pleasure. She could feel thestream of his piss stinging deeply into her cunt.”Ohhh, baby, piss in me! Piss in Mother’s cunt! Ahhhh, that feels sogood! I can feel your piss splashing deep in my cunt! Keep it up,darling! Piss real hard in my hot cunt!”Jay giggled as he pissed into her pussy. Only the head of his cockwas in her cunt now, her hairy lips holding it just behind the ridge.Her thick pussy hair was wet with juices and piss. He touched herlong clit, causing Shellie’s hips to jerk with sensitivity.”I’m about to stop, Mom,” he said.”Oh, I know,” she purred.Jay’s cock squirted a final time, and he started to slip his prickfrom her cunt.”No, wait!” she called out. “Now it’s my turn.”Jay’s eyes opened as he felt hot piss streaming from his mother’scunt, and looking down, he saw the golden piss spattering his bodyjust above his cock. He giggled, and tried to work his relaxed cockinto her pussy.”Mmmmm, do you feel it, honey?” Shellie asked, her eyes glisteningwith perverse heat. “Can you feel me pissing on you? Do you likeit, darling? Do you like to feel my hot piss splashing on you thisway?”Jay nodded, staring at her hairy cunt as the golden piss slowed andbegan to dribble. Then, with a final squirt, Shellie let him pullhis cock from her cunt.”Ohhhhh, I love you so much, Jay!” she squealed softly, her eyesshining up at him. “I love you so very much and I love the things wedo with each other.”Chapter Three:Still in her gown, Shellie stepped onto the deck, lifted her armshigh and stretched, feeling very good.She pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it onto the matshe had lain on the day before. Again she stretched in the sun, hernaked tits, flawless, nipples jutting. Then she dived into theriver, cutting the water cleanly.Shellie had swum in the river naked before, but only when she hadbeen alone on the houseboat. She loved to swim naked, feeling thewater flowing between her thighs as if it enjoyed caressing herhairy, hot pussy. She swam back and forth near the houseboat, thenclimbed from the water and flopped onto the mat, naked. She let thesun dry her skin and remembered last night.Her son had taken to her swiftly. He had sown neither shyness norhesitation. What pleased her most was that her son had seen her longclit but had said nothing about it. Not many women had an inch-longclit that she knew of. But then he had nothing to compare it to.Adjusting her tits beneath her, she relaxed as the sun burned ontoher already tanned skin.Jay stood just inside the door of the cabin, looking at his mother.He had come from the small bedroom just as she stretched out, and nowstood staring at her naked beauty. His eyes ran up her long, slimthighs, seeing the swell of her sweet, shapely ass, the tantalizingsplit between the cheeks. He couldn’t see anything else because hismother’s tits were beneath her. His cock lifted into hardness as hestared at her ass, and he gently closed his fist about it, moving hisfingers back and forth. The urge to gaze at her loveliness and jackoff was strong.Then Jay realized that he didn’t have to sneak a peek at his mother.After last night, he was sure his mother was lying there naked forhim to see.Shellie wiggled her ass and parted her legs. The sun was hot on herflesh, and her thoughts were creating some deliciously erotic imagesof her son in her mind. Jay shifted his position and looked betweenhis mother’s thighs, seeing the hairy lips of her cunt. His cockthrobbed and began to drip from his piss hole.He moved, quietly, from the cabin and onto the deck. He stood at hismother’s feet, staring at the bulge of her cunt between her partedthighs. He could see, too, beads of pussy juice glistening on thesoft hair.With a soft cry, he jumped onto his mother’s naked back.”What the hell!” Shellie gasped, startled.Jay laughed and shoved his hands underneath his mother’s body,clutching her naked tits tightly, humping his hard cock along thecrack of her ass.”Gotcha, Mom!” he yelped.”Oh, you almost made me pee on myself,” Shellie replied, feeling herson’s cock rubbing at the crack of her ass, his balls brushing herjuicy cunt. She lifted her ass to him, wiggling it. “You don’t wantme to pee all over myself, do you, baby?””I don’t care,” Jay giggled, clutching his mother’s tits and pressinghis cock against her ass. She enjoyed the way he was holding hertits, his fingers tight. She lifted her ass, twisting it.”Can’t you find someplace to put that hard thing, honey?” she gasped.”Do you need Mother’s help?””Not now,” he said, and scooted his cock down until the head wasbetween her thighs, prodding the hairy wetness of her cunt. “I canfind someplace to stick it by myself.””Ooooh, I guess you can!” she murmured with pleasure. “I can feelyou pushing against me.”She lifted her ass to his cock.Jay shoved the head of his cock into his mother’s cunt, and Shelliegave a delighted gasp.”See, I found a place for my cock, Mom,” he said between her shoulderblades.”I’d say you did,” she purred. “But is that all I get, just thehead?”For an answer, Jay rammed his cock into her cunt deeply. Shelliegurgled and lifted her ass even more. She clutched the edge of themat with her fingers, burbling happily as her son began to fuck her.His cock moved in and out, slowly, as last night, but when therapture increased, he began to plunge powerfully, making his mothergrunt.”Oooooh, that’s very good, Jay!” she gasped, holding her ass up, herback bowed and knees parted. “You learn fast, don’t you?””You’re a good teacher, Mom!” Jay groaned, lunging his cock in andout of his mother’s cunt.”Ahhhhh, Jay, it’s wonderful!” she whined, twisting her ass into him.”Ooooh, I love it in the morning, darling! Push it deep! Oooooh,yes, that’s it, baby! Go real deep! I can feel you throbbing insidemy cunt! Oh, fuck me, Jay! Fuck me!”Clinging to his mother’s tits, Jay plunged his cock in and out of herpussy, his balls swinging, banging against her long clit. Shelliecried out with ecstasy, grinding her naked ass back at him wantonly.She pulled her hands beneath her body, cupping them over his,smashing his palms into her naked tits. The friction of his cockmade the lips of her hairy cunt tingle and burn. She arched her assinto him, feeling his stomach twisting upon the creamy cheeks. Jayrested his head on his mother’s back, gasping with his effort,fucking her with powerful thrusts.”Mom, you’re so wet and hot!” he gasped against her back.”You like me that way?” she asked, her voice thick. “Do you likeMother to be hot and wet, Jay?””Yeah!” Jay grunted.”Real wet?””Wet as you can be, Mom!””Mmmmm, fuck that wet cunt, darling!” she urged, writhing her ass.”I just love to feel a hard cock up my wet cunt! Fuck me, baby!Ooooh, yes, give Mother that hard cock!”Jay lunged his cock in and out, clutching his mother’s shapely titstightly, his breath hot on her back. Shellie twisted and buckedbeneath her son, eyes closed, lips parted, starting to squeal withpleasure. Her clit felt as if it was longer than ever, bulging outand throbbing as his balls beat against it.”I’m gonna make you come, Mom!” Jay cried out. “I’m gonna make youcome so hard and good!””Oh, yes, baby!” she gasped, his cock going very deep. “Do that forme! Make Mother come! Ahhhh, fuck that wet cunt and make it come,making my cunt squeeze your hard cock! Oooooh, ram it to me, Jay!Ram your cock hard into Mother’s hot cunt!”Jay stabbed wildly into her pussy, and Shellie lifted her ass to meethim. She shoved her right hand off his and down her stomach. Shecaught her son’s balls as they swung forward, and pressed them uponher clit with a loud gasp of ecstasy. She held her hand so he couldrub his hairless balls along her palm as his cock ran in and out ofher gripping cunt.”Oooooh, you’re sure going to make me come!” she squealed. “Ohhh,yes! Harder and deeper, baby! Ahhhh, I’m getting very close tocoming now! Fuck me faster… faster…Oooooh, almost there!Almost…”With a scream that echoed across the river, Shellie came. Her cuntclutched and sucked at her son’s cock, the hairy lips grabbingtightly. Her uplifted ass twisted and twirled as her son kept up arelentless pounding of her contracting cunt. The ecstasy was fieryinside her body, her cunt exploding with a series of agonizingsensations that sent her mind spinning. She came and came and came,and Jay’s cock continued to thrust into her expanding cunt.When Shellie didn’t think she could stand any more of those explosiveorgasms, she felt her son’s cock swell, then gush into her cunt withrapid spurts. The creamy cum juice spewed from his cock hotly,flooding the soft walls of her cunt, drenching it, filling her.Weakly, she lowered her hips to the mat, with her son’s cock stillinside her cunt. She shivered beneath him, sighing happily. Jayrested on his mother’s back, still holding her tits. Shellie’s handwas still beneath her pussy, and she gently held his empty balls.”Was that wet enough for you?” she asked in a whispery voice.”It was sure wet, Mom,” he replied, kissing the creamy flesh of herback.”It gets much wetter,” she said, a soft giggle bubbling from herlips.Jay licked his tongue along her shoulders, toward her neck, thendipped it into his mother’s ear. Shellie purred as his wet tonguelapped at her ear, and she wiggled her ass beneath him.”I don’t know how it cold be any wetter,” he said softly into herear. “It was about as wet as possible, I think.””Oh, it can be much, much wetter,” she said.”I doubt it,” Jay said, sucking at his mother’s ear lobe.”Oh, but it can,” she teased. “Mother’s cunt can become very, verywet.”The lips of her pussy closed about his cock. Only the head of hisprick was inside her now as it shriveled.”Did you feel that?” she asked. “Did you feel what my cunt did toyou?””I sure did,” he replied, working his tongue between her shoulderblades.”Ahhh, nice,” Shellie purred, making her cunt squeeze his cock.Then, with a giggle, she began to piss.At first Jay didn’t know what was happening. He felt the hot wetnessflow over his balls, but when the stream became strong, stinging hisballs, he knew what his mother was doing.”Mom, you’re pissing!””I told you,” she giggled. “You scared the piss out of me!”She pissed without shyness, holding the head of his cock inside hercunt. She felt it on her hand as she held his balls.”See what you do to me?” she whispered. “You make me so excited, Ipiss all over myself.””That’s me you’re pissing on, Mom,” he replied.”Mmmmm, so what?””I don’t care!” Jay giggled, shoving his cock into her cunt as besthe could. “Piss on my balls, Mom. Oh, I can feel you pissing on myballs!””This will teach you to sneak up on me and grab a fast fuck,” shelaughed lewdly.”That was a sneaky fuck,” he laughed, feeling the hot piss soak hisballs.”Oooooh, sneak all the fucks you want, baby!” she gurgled, the streamof her piss slowing.Jay lifted from her body, sitting back on his heels, his cockdangling down. He saw his mother’s cunt, the puddle of piss beneathit. Shellie writhed her hips, smashing her bushy cunt into the hotpiss. She looked over her shoulder at him, eyes slitted.”See something you like?” she whispered.”Mom, I see a lot I like,” he replied with a grin.Then, as if suddenly shy, Jay took a sideways dive into the river.Shellie watched him swim back and forth, lifting herself up on herelbows. She felt love for her son as she watched him swim back andforth. When he came to the deck, holding it with his hands andlooking at her, Shellie lifted herself higher, exposing her tits toher son’s bright eyes.She inched herself to the edge of the deck and offered one of hertits to him. Jay licked his lips, and Shellie pushed a firm nippleto them. With a soft groan, Jay pulled his mother’s nipple into hismouth and sucked hard on it. Shellie purred.”Oooh, suck it nicely, baby,” she purred. “Suck Mother’s titnicely.”The sound of a powerful motor came from up river. Startled, Shelliepulled her tit from her son’s mouth and looked in that direction.”Oh, shit!” she gasped, and slipped into the water next to her son.A powerful motor boat came around the bend of the river. There weretwo boys and a girl in it, and as the boat roared past, they waved atShellie and Jay.”Almost got caught, didn’t we?” Shellie laughed.”Not me,” Jay said. “You were the one up there naked.”Shellie grabbed at her son’s cock beneath the water, pulling it.With a laugh, she darted away, climbing onto the deck. Jay watchedhis mother, seeing the flash of her long legs, her rounded ass, andher cunt. Standing on the deck, Shellie jutted her lovely ass towardher son, waggling it saucily, looking over her shoulder and stickingher tongue out at him.”Wanna get that thing bit, Mom?” he said.”Is that a promise or a threat, baby?” she asked huskily.Jay didn’t reply. He stared at his mother’s jutting ass, her legsopen. He saw her pussy, the pink lips, and that long clit. As shestuck her pretty ass out more, the cheeks opened and he gazed at thesweetness of his mother’s asshole. His cock stood hard beneath thewater, his balls becoming tight. Shellie writhed her ass, teasinghim. She slid her palm to her cunt and rubbed it slowly, her fingersbrushing the pucker of her asshole.”Goddamn,” Jay whispered, excited.”Did you say something, darling?” she asked, bending her kneesslightly and opening them a little more, still rubbing her cunt.Jay, clinging to the deck, was looking straight up at his mother’scrotch.”No,” he said, his voice barely audible.”You said goddamn, didn’t you?”He nodded once, quickly, licking his lips, his eyes fixed upon hismother’s crotch, watching her fingers rub.”You’re excited, aren’t you, darling?” Shellie whispered. “I betyour cock is very hard, isn’t it?”Jay nodded, unable to speak. Seeing his mother this way fascinatedhim.Shellie turned to face her son, looking down at him. He had hiselbows on the deck, his body from the waist down beneath the water.She stood with legs open, looking down at him. Jay’s eyes gazedhotly up at her crotch.”Well, is your cock hard, baby?” she insisted.Again he nodded.Shellie, feeling wanton, caressed her cunt with both hands, partingthe soft hair to reveal the pink, wet lips, and her long clit bulgingoutward. She pulled up on the lips of her cunt, and her clitknotted. Arching her hips forward, she twisted them in a teasingcircle. Her feet were spread at his elbows and she slowly squatted,her own knees held wide. Her hairy cunt was very close to her son’sface, and Jay swallowed. He could actually feel the wet heat of hismother’s cunt now.Looking down at him, Shellie opened her cunt, using her fingers, herown eyes blazing with erotic fire.With a soft moan, she pissed.The golden stream spewed from her cunt, coming out strong. It struckher son on the top of his head, then arched over his head to theriver. Jay gave a yelp of surprise and ducked down, his eyes turnedup, watching his mother piss. Shellie laughed.”Almost got you,” she gurgled, holding her cunt wide open as shepissed into the river.Jay stared with fascination at his mother’s cunt, watching the goldenpiss gush. He was below her crotch, and the stream spurted past hishead. His cock throbbed up tightly, almost touching his stomach.Shellie’s eyes glowed dreamily with perverse delight, pissing hard asshe held her cunt wide open.Jay stared, seeing not only his mother’s cunt, but her tight-lookingasshole as well. Clinging to the deck with one hand, Jay dropped hisright under the water, gripping his raging hard-on, pumping it,staring up at his mother’s squatting body. Her cunt and asshole wereabout a foot above him, and every luscious detail was clearlyrevealed to him.”Mmmmm, watching me pissing is enough to make you grab your hardcock, huh?” Shellie teased, knowing what her son was doing.Jay nodded. “I see everything, Mom. I see all of you.””Ooooh, what do you see, darling?” she encouraged, the stream slowingnow. “Tell me what you see.””Your cunt,” Jay answered. “I see your cunt and asshole and…Mom,you’re beautiful!”Shellie shivered with pleasure. “Does it get you hard, seeing mepiss this way?””Very hard, Mom!” Jay gasped.Chapter Five:They decided to stay where they were for the night.Wearing his cut-offs again, Jay fished from the rear deck. Shelliehad put her bikini back on, but feeling mischievous, she had madesure the seat was drawn into the crack of her ass. She didn’t mindif her ass showed to those passing in boats. It was no differentfrom wearing a string bikini, and if she one, she would have beenwearing it. She adjusted the tight crotch to allow dark curls ofcunt hair to show, knowing only Jay would see it, unless a boat cameclose to theirs.She prepared a good dinner, and they sat on the rear deck as the sundropped off in the west. Jay wasn’t having any luck with hisfishing, but he didn’t really care. When the sun was down, a fullmoon came up and they stayed on the rear deck, watching boats pass.Most boats were finding places to tie up for the night, and therewere a few houseboats.”I love being on the river, don’t you, darling?” Shellie said softly,sitting on the deck, her cheek resting on her son’s thigh. “It’s sopeaceful and quiet, especially at night.””I want to live on the river, Mom,” he said. He had put his fishinggear away, and sat slumped in the chair. “I like staying on thehouseboat with you.”She turned and kissed his thigh. “That’s because you’re gettingfucked all the time,” she whispered. “You can be fucked anyplace,you know.””I still like the river,” he said.”So do I,” Shellie answered, then dragged the tip of her tongue alonghis thigh. “Mmmm, you taste good.””I’m sweaty,” he said.”I know. I love the taste of you.””I need a shower.””You’re fine as your are,” Shellie murmured. “I enjoy the smell ofsweat on a man’s balls. I guess that makes me a little crazy, but Idon’t care. I love to smell sweat on balls, and that’s the way itis.””I’m sure sweaty right now,” he said.Shellie moved the crotch of his shorts to one said. “Let me smell.”She pushed her nose into his balls, inhaling.”Ohhh, that’s nice,” she purred.Her tongue flicked along the side of his balls.”Tastes nice, too.”Jay spread his thighs wide as his mother slipped between his knees,turning to face him. She sat on the deck, her long legs shovedunderneath his chair. His cock and balls stood out in the moonlight,and she kissed them, working her tongue around his balls.She moved her hands along his thighs, slipped one inside the raggedleg of his cut-offs, and cupped a cheek of his ass. Her other handclosed around his cock, pumping it slowly.”Want another blow job?” she said in a low voice.”Oh, yes, Mom!”Shellie giggled. “I thought you would.”She licked her tongue along the hardened shaft of his cock, swirlingit around, tasting the heat of him, smelling the clean sweat on hisballs. She dragged her tongue up to the rounded head, licking it,then swiping at his piss hole, tasting the juices that startedbubbling up from it. She closed her lips around the head of herson’s cock for a long moment, sucking it, her tongue twisting about.She mewled softly and ran her moist lips down the shaft, then lickedat his balls. The taste of sweat on her son’s balls made her cuntthrob, and her long clit bulged inside her bikini bottoms. Drawinghis balls into her mouth, she removed her bikini bottoms as she satthere. The sound of a boat came to her ears, and Jay tried to pushher mouth from his balls, but Shellie refused to drop them. A boatwith running lights passed them, the wake causing their houseboat torock.”They might have seen you, Mom,” Jay said.”Mmmmm, I don’t care,” Shellie replied, lapping his sweaty ballshungrily, nuzzling them. “I’m going to suck your cock off and Idon’t care how many boats come by.”She lowered her face, taking her son’s cock into he mouth. Sheslipped her hands to his ass, shoving her fingers inside his shorts.Cupping his tight, young ass, Shellie began to suck. She sat on thedeck, her naked ass writhing, her long legs under his chair, andsucked at his cock slowly and with pleasure. She purred softly,sliding her lips up and down, thrilled to have the hot hardness inher mouth for the second time. Her cunt bubbled hotly, dripping, herclit swollen into a long, hard knot.”Oooooh, Mom!” Jay gurgled, seeing her lovely face in the moonlight.”You’re sucking me real good! Your mouth sure is hot and wet, Mom!””Mmmmm, that’s because I love to suck your hard cock, baby,” shewhispered throatily, brushing her lips on the smooth head. “I loveto feel your cock in my mouth. Are your balls loaded, darling? Doyou have a real big, very hot, load of cum juice for me?””Yes!” Jay groaned.Shellie knew her son would do just about anything right now. Hiscock was very stiff, and his balls were hot and full. He would doanything she wanted, just to get his cock sucked off. She licked hisprick, down into his balls, squeezing the cheeks of his ass.”Did you enjoy kissing my asshole, darling?” she whispered, her lipson his cock. “Did you like the taste of my hairy cunt, of myasshole?””Oh, yes, Mom!””I bet you’d suck my asshole, wouldn’t you?””Yes, yes!” Jay said, trying to shove his cock into her mouth.Shellie laughed with delight. Like all boys, and men, too, her sonwould do anything a girl wanted when his cock was so stiff. Shewasn’t disappointed; she was pleased he was like other boys. Shelicked up and down the shaft of his cock a few times, then sucked hissweaty balls. What she had told him was true — she loved sweatyballs.”You’d even fuck my asshole, wouldn’t you, darling?””Oh, yes, Mom! Come on, suck my cock!””Want me to piss on you?” she said, softly.”Mom, you can piss all over me!” Jay groaned. “Suck me, Mom!Please, suck my fucking cock! I’m about to come off already! Youwant me to come in your cock-sucking face?””That’s fine with me,” she gurgled. “Come in Mother’s face if youwant. You can even piss in my face, if you want.””I will!” Jay yelped. “I’ll suck your asshole, fuck your ass, comein your fucking face, piss in your cock-sucking face…but, Mom, youjust gotta suck me off now!””Remember, you promised,” she said, and closed her lips around hiscock, taking it deep inside her mouth.With night insects chirping along the bank of the river, with thesoft waves lapping gently at the houseboat, Shellie sucked her son’scock. She clutched his ass with her hands inside his cut-offs,making soft crying sounds of rapture. The feel of a hard, hot cockinside her mouth was something she had always enjoyed. Being fuckedin her asshole, having piss splashing into her face, was, so far,only a fantasy of hers. But it was fantasy she desperately wanted tocome true.She bobbed her mouth up and down her son’s cock. The night was warm,and still. The gentle rocking of the houseboat added an eroticelement to her sucking, her desire.She twisted her lips slowly around his cock, and when the sound ofanother boat came to her, she kept sucking him. It was dark, but themoon was full, and even if she were seen with her mouth full of verystiff cock, no one would know who they were.”Mom, a boat is coming,” Jay warned.”Shhhh,” she hissed, then sucked his cock deeply.She shoved and lifted her mouth on his throbbing cock, listening tothe boat pass them. The wake made their houseboat rock a bit harder.”I think someone saw us, Mom,” he said.”Mmmmmmm,” Shellie mewled, sucking a little faster. She held his asstightly, her chin beating softly against his full balls as shegobbled his cock deep.Jay squirmed, one hand resting on top of his mother’s head, watchingher in the moonlight. His mother’s mouth was very hot and wet,sliding up and down his cock easily. He enjoyed the slow way shesucked him. He twisted his hips as the pleasure swelled, starting tobecome intense.”Mom, I’m getting ready to come,” Jay groaned.”Mmmmm!” Shellie mewled, and began to suck faster, her lips tight.She knew what her son was feeling, and if he was getting ready tocome, she wanted it to be a good one for him. She glided her mouthup and down, dragging one hand from his shorts and shoving it betweenhis thighs. She felt his cock tighten, felt the power of the throbs.His piss hole dripped more, and she swished her tongue around it,tasting the juices with delight. When he had come into her mouthearlier, she had allowed him to ram his cock as deep as he could intoher mouth. This time, when he came, she wanted his cock spurtingwith only the head inside her mouth. That way she could catch thatsweet, thick cum juice on her tongue, and get the full, sweet tasteof it.”Mom! Oh, Mom!”Shellie pulled her tight lips upward, holding them just behind theridge of his cock. She sucked and swirled her tongue around thesmooth head, and his flaring piss hole.”Mom!” he yelped.Shellie caught the gush of hot cum juice with her tongue. Her eyes,which had been open, closed dreamily as she sucked the cum juice outof her son’s cock. Squirt after squirt splashed across her tongue,and she let her mouth fill. She didn’t want to swallow it yet. Hertongue raced about his piss hole, tasting the sweet, thick cum juicespray across it. She held his throbbing balls against her neck, herother hand squeezing the cheek of his ass. She gurgled as her mouthfilled.She clung to his cock with tight lips, letting him spew the creamyjuices of his tender, young balls into her mouth. When he stoppedcoming, she held the head of his cock with her lips for a whilelonger, groaning with pleasure, her tongue slowly licking the head.Finally she let his cock go, and lifted her face to the sky,swallowing the hot load in her mouth.”Ohhh, darling, that was delicious,” she mewled. “God, you came somuch, too! I love a full, hot load like that!”Jay gazed down at her face.”Oh, don’t look at me that way,” she laughed softly. “I know I’m alittle different from most women, but I know what I enjoy and I’m notashamed of it.””I didn’t say that, Mom,” he said.”Maybe you didn’t,” she replied, kissing his thigh. “But yourexpression told me a great deal. If you don’t like me this way, I’llstop doing all these delicious things with you.””No, don’t do that, Mom!” he said, quickly.”Well…” She dragged her tongue along his inner thigh, then lappedhis young, empty balls. “If you’re…cooperative.””What do you mean?” he asked.”Your promises, remember?””Aw, Mom, I was hot!””I know you were,” she giggled, nuzzling at his balls. “But apromise is a promise.””You really want me to do all that, Mom? I mean, in your assand…and pissing in your face?””Mmmmm, I do! I most definitely do!”Jay’s body shivered with excitement. “I’m sure glad it’s just youand me now, Mom.”Shellie stroked his thigh affectionately, touched by what he hadsaid. “You don’t miss your father?””No, not at all.”Shellie felt happy, very happy. She rested on her face in her son’scrotch, feeling the heat of his cock and balls on her flesh. Shepurred softly, rubbing her face into his crotch, inhaling hisslightly sweaty, very delicious, scent. She lifted his legs andd****d them over her shoulders, pressing his inner thighs about herface. She pushed her mouth to his cock and balls, kissing andlicking tenderly, slipping her tongue below his balls. The tip ofher tongue probed at the crack of his ass.”Oh, Mom!” Jay groaned as he felt the strange sensations of her wettongue reaching for his asshole.Shellie made a soft sobbing sound as her tongue flicked against hisasshole. Swirling her wet tongue around, she tasted her son’sasshole. She circled the tight pucker with the tip of her tongue,then lapped up and down on it.Jay squirmed forward, gasping with this new delight. Shellie’stongue slowly slipped into his asshole, and she breathed deeply asthe tight heat grabbed it. For a few moments, she stabbed her tonguein and out of her son’s asshole, enjoying his squirming, the way heheld her head between his young thighs.She drew her feet beneath her body, squatting before her son,swishing her tongue around and into his hot asshole.”Mmmmm,” she moaned against his ass, and began to piss.Jay heard the exciting hiss of his mother’s piss, the splash of itagainst the deck of the houseboat.Shellie giggled into her son’s ass, then pulled back with her lipsnear his balls.”Ooooh, I just had to take a piss, darling,” she whispered, andswirled her tongue around his balls and asshole until she güvenilir bahis finishedpissing.Chapter Eight:Shellie put on flesh-colored panties and bra and strolled out of thecabin.”You’re shameless, Mom,” Jay said from inside the cabin at the wheel.”No, honey, must wanton,” she replied. She lounged back on a deckchair, one knee bent, the other over the side, her pantied crotch ondisplay to those they passed. “Besides, my panties look like abikini.””Hardly, Mom,” he said. “I can see the shape and color of your pussyhair. I couldn’t see that if you wore a bikini.”She flicked him the finger, grinning lewdly as they passed two men inan outboard. One of the men waved, and Shellie swung her knee wide.She greeted the laughter of the men with a wave.”Mom, you keep that up and someone is going to board us and thenyou’re gonna get fucked for sure,” Jay warned.”I wouldn’t mind,” she said. “I think that would be fun, gettingfucked by some man I don’t know. Wouldn’t you love to watch me takea big hard cock in my cunt, baby? Wouldn’t it turn you on to seemother getting fucked by some man we don’t know? I might even givehim a nice blow job, I don’t know.””You would,” Jay said. “You’d suck his cock in a fucking minute, andyou know it.””Probably,” Shellie answered. “But you don’t have to worry, darling.I won’t put out for anyone…unless you agree to i.” She stroked upand down her cunt slowly, enjoying the hot sun on her almost nakedbody. “You’re my man, remember? You have enough cock for me, and Ipromise I won’t fuck anyone unless you agree.”She dropped in front of him, shoving her legs between his feet. Sheopened his shorts and pulled them down his legs. Jay stepped out ofhis shorts and Shellie fondled his cock and balls, leaning her faceinto them to kiss and lick a bit. She sat on the deck between herson’s feet, her face level with his cock and balls. She swirled hertongue about them, taking the head of his prick into her mouth tosuck a moment or so. Then she drew back, holding his cock at thebase.”Piss on me,” she whispered throatily.”Like this, Mom?””Oh, yes, honey, like this! You can piss on my tits this way, and inmy face.””Okay,” Jay agreed. “I will.””Ooooh, baby!” she moaned, aiming his cock at her tits. She reachedone hand behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall fromher shapely tits. Her nipples jutted up stiffly, waiting for him.”I’ll hold your cock and aim it where I want your piss, okay?””Whatever you want, Mom,” he said.As he steered the houseboat down the river, he began to piss.Shellie gurgled with desire as she aimed the strong stream of his hotpiss over her naked tits. It stung her sensitive nipplesdeliciously, and she washed her body with the hot piss as it gushedover her. Her tits shone with golden piss, her stomach drenched init. Her panties became wet as her son’s hot piss rained down on her.She held her breath with excitement as she gazed at his piss hole,watching the golden piss gush. She lifted his cock a little, felt iton her neck, then higher yet. Jay gasped with excitement as helooked down to see his piss spurting across his mother’s closed lips,running down her chin and tits.”Oooh,” Shellie whimpered, making him piss across her chin. “So hot,darling! Your piss is so hot on me!”She parted her lips, running her tongue across them, tasting herson’s piss. Then, with a moan, she opened her mouth wide and liftedhis cock. She took the hot stream directly into her mouth, tastingit. Her eyes clouded with perverse hunger as her mouth filled, thepiss running from the corners. She pushed her open mouth toward herson’s cock, holding it a few inches away from the his piss hole.Shellie’s eyes rolled back, her son pissing into her mouth. Shebegan to drink, swallowing the hot piss. As she took his piss intoher mouth, she writhed her pantied ass on the deck, her cunt puffingup and tingling. With her lips tight around the head of his cock,her throat swallowing, her cunt contracted into a throbbing orgasm.With a gurgle of ecstasy, she aimed his cock so he was pissing on hertits. Her face became soaked in his piss, her tits shining with it.She mewled as her orgasm began to fade, and her eyes cleared.She licked her lips, tasting his piss, and giggled.”You made me come, darling,” she said.”I didn’t touch you, Mom,” he replied.”Maybe you didn’t,” she said, getting to her feet, piss running downher body, dripping from her chin. “But feeling you piss in my facesure made me come. Mmmm, you have sweet piss, darling. You’ll haveto piss in Mother’s mouth more often.”While she used the small shower, Jay found a secluded cove and nudgethe houseboat into it. He secured the lines to a tree, and thenreturned to the cabin. His mother was drying her slender body, andshe looked at him.”Did you go out and tie us naked,” Shellie asked.”Oh, shit!” Jay gasped. “I forgot I was naked.”Shellie giggled. “I can understand that, since we’re more oftennaked than anything else. I doubt if you were seen, so don’t worry.”Shellie watched his young body, her eyes fixed upon his young, tightass. She smiled with pleasure as he dived into the river, his cockand balls flashing for her. She watched him swim back and forth inthe clear water. She had never felt so good in her life as she didnow.This long, slow river cruise was giving her more and more insightinto herself, as well as her son. She discovered that her fantasieswere even better in reality, and she was doing things she had dreamedof for many years. In only a few short days, she had taken her son’scock not only in her cunt, but up her ass, in her mouth, and beenpissed on by him. Just in these few short days, she was experiencingmore erotic enjoyment than she had in her entire life.Jay came back to the houseboat, supporting himself on the deck withhis elbows, looking at her. Shellie sat facing him, and slumpedforward to the deck chair, opening her legs for his delight.Jay gazed at the creamy smoothness of his mother’s thighs. Her cuntglistened like it always did. Her long clit was exposed, and herpink pussy lips, framed with the soft curls of hair, excited him.”You’re making my cock hard, Mom,” he said.”Mmm, that’s wonderful,” Shellie replied.Shellie arched her hips, twisting them wantonly, hearing her son moansoftly with desire.”Bring it here and I’ll kiss it, Mom,” he said.”Ooooh, you want to kiss Mother’s hairy cunt?” she repeated, holdingher legs very wide apart, stroking the throbbing clit lightly. “Youmean you want to kiss this cunt? This wet, hot, hairy cunt?”Jay wiggled his tongue at his mother.”Oh, don’t do that to me,” she giggled. “You’ll make me come justwiggling your tongue at me, darling.””I’d rather make you come with my tongue up your hot cunt.”Very slowly, Shellie bent her knees, lowering her ass. She kept herfeet wide apart, giving her son a wonderful, intoxicating view of hercrotch, her cunt and her tight, rounded ass. When she was squatting,Jay’s face was about six inches from her cunt. He stared at thecreamy wetness of her pussy, seeing her clit bulging outward, thesplit of her ass, even the crinkled ring of his mother’s asshole.He lifted himself higher, and pushed his face into his mother’s cunt.with his lips open, he pressed his mouth about it, sucking the hairylips and inflamed clit, his tongue flicking the sensitive bulge.Shellie made a hissing sound of pleasure, and twisted about swiftly,squatting with her ass over the edge of the deck. Jay pushed hisface into his mother’s cunt and ass, licking wetly. Shellie moanedwith growing excitement as he son stabbed his tongue up her cunt,plunging it deeply a few times, then lapped hotly at her asshole.”Ooooh, nice, darling,” she purred, shoving her ass far out over theedge of the deck, perched precariously. “Eat it, Jay! Suck it!Lick it all…lick at everything! Oohhh, baby, lick my cunt and lickmy asshole and…ahhh, your tongue is so hot and wet!”Shellie wiggled her ass into her son’s face, ripples of pleasureshooting through her body. She shivered as she leaned over, tryingto peer underneath her crotch, wanting to watch her son suck and lickher pussy and ass. She pushed her hands on the deck, then shoved herfeet over the edge. Jay buried his face into her cunt eagerly,licking deeply into the satiny wetness of his mother’s dripping cunt.His nose pressed hard against her asshole, and Shellie wiggled herhips, cooing softly.”Ohhh, suck it, suck it!” she whimpered. “Eat mother’s cunt, baby!Eat Mother’s asshole! Ahhh, eat it all, suck it all, tongue it all!”She wiggled her ass into his face, grinding her cunt into his mouth.Each time Jay ran his tongue up her pussy, Shellie cried out withecstasy. When he pushed his tongue into her asshole, she moaned withexcitement. With her ass in the air, he could stuff his eager tongueanyplace he wanted, and Shellie wasn’t particular. She haddiscovered by now that she could come no matter where her son put histongue or his cock. She could come if all he did was suck her tits.She could come, almost, simply by letting him stare at her cunt.”Up my cunt,” she called out, lifting her ass slightly. “Tongue-fuckMother in her hot cunt!”Jay thrust his tongue into the steaming wetness, stabbing it in andout, his lips smashing against the hairy, swollen lips. When hismother adjusted herself slightly, he sucked at her pulsating clit.Shellie sobbed with joy, and pulled her ass downward. Jay’s tongueslid from her clit, over her pussy, and swirled in hot circles on hercrinkled asshole.”Up my ass, darling!” she cried out. “Ohhh, yes, baby! Tongue-fuckMother up the asshole! Lick my asshole, Jay! Ooooh, yes, suck onMother’s asshole a little!”Placing his lips around her puckered asshole, Jay sucked hard, histongue pressing. Shellie squealed with ecstasy, pushing her ass intohis mouth.”Ohhh, tongue-fuck Mother in the ass!” she urged. “Ahhh, yes, fuckMother up the asshole with your wonderful, cunt-sucking tongue!”Jay pounded his tongue in and out of her asshole, and when she pulledaway, lifting her hips slightly, he stabbed it into her pussy just aseagerly and hungrily. Shellie whipped her naked, uplifted ass aroundwith wanton pleasure, her knees almost sliding over the edge of thedeck. Jay had to hold himself up with his elbows, stretching his faceinto her hairy cunt. Shellie hunched her ass, churning it into hisface, and sometimes his tongue was in her cunt, and sometimes it wasin her asshole.Shellie received pleasure either place, and Jay was more than willingto suck and lick whatever she put in his face. His cock wasthrobbing with intense hardness underneath the water, and his ballswere loaded again, very tight.”Ahhhhh, you’ll make me come very soon, darling!” Shellie sobbed,straining her ass back. “I hope you make me come before I falloverboard!”Jay giggled into his mother’s crotch.”Oh, shut up!” she hissed. “Don’t laugh at me…eat me!”Jay licked with a more frenzied desire as his mother shoved hercrotch into his face. He sucked at the dripping juices of her cunt,sucked at the puckering ripples of her asshole. She arched her ass,then shoved it down, twisting lewdly at his licking, sucking mouth.”Wait a minute!” she wailed, almost sliding from the deck. Shepulled herself from her son and turned around, sitting on the deckand spreading her legs around his head. She lay back, and wiggleduntil her ass was hanging over the deck.”Now, eat me good!” she urged.Chapter Nine:”Eat my cunt, baby!” Shellie groaned. “Oh, suck me hard! Make mecome now, Jay!”Jay buried his face into the hairy wetness of his mother’s cunt,sucking and licking. Shellie grabbed the back of his head, humpingher pussy up and down, beating it into his mouth with wild twists andchurns of her rounded hips.Jamming his tongue into his mother’s cunt, Jay closed his lips aroundthe softly haired pussy and sucked very hard, clinging to her thighsto hold his body out of the water. Shellie bucked and thrashedbeneath his face.Jay plunged his tongue in and out of his mother’s cunt. Shelliebucked up and down, and moved her ass toward his face. Again Jay wasnot hesitant about poking his tongue up her tight, hot asshole. Thecreamy cheeks of her ass in his face sent shivers of pleasure throughhis body.Shellie’s flat stomach rippled as she began to screech with intenserapture. She shoved her hands underneath her overhanging ass andcupped the cheeks, arching her pussy into her son’s greedy mouth.Jay stuffed his tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting theincreasing flow of her sugary juices. Every part of his lower facewas slippery with the pussy juice by now. He tongued her clit,sucked at the puffy lips, driving his tongue in and out of her cuntwildly. Shellie was getting closer and closer to coming, and herpussy pulsated with a fiery heat.”Ahhh, suck it, suck it!” she wailed. “Ohhh, baby, I bet your cock isso hard now! Ooooh, tongue-fuck my cunt! Lap my hot, wet pussy,baby! Ooooh, I bet your balls are full…real full for Mother! Eatme, suck me! Ohhhh, darling, make me come! I want to come so much!Make Mother’s cunt come, Jay, and you can do anything you want withme!”Jay made wet sounds as he lapped at his mother’s pussy, sliding histongue in and out of the quivering, satiny lips. With his armswrapped about her thighs, he pulled at the soft hair, opening hercunt wide for his mouth and tongue. He lapped at the sensitive innersurfaces, dragging his tongue over her distended clit. Shellie’sbody jerked, her hips slamming up and down, grinding her cunt almostviolently into his face. She released her ass and swiftly grabbedher naked tits, squeezing them brutally, her nipples bulging upbetween her fingers. she closed her eyes and sobbed, the soundsturning loud as the threat of her orgasm increased.Jay closed his lips about his mother’s clit, sucking as hard as hecould. Shellie shrieked and rammed her pussy into his face, grindingher crotch at him wantonly.”Now!” she screamed, the sound echoing about the river. “I’m goingto come now! Suck harder, darling! Ooooh, suck that thing off!Chew my cunt off me, darling! Chew it…bite it! Oooohhhh, I’mdoing it, Jay! I’m coming! Mother’s cunt…Mother’s cunt…Mother’scunt is coming! Eat me hard! Make me come forever!”Jay sucked as hard as he could on his mother’s pulsating clit as shecame, her cunt convulsing against his hot mouth. The juices flowedsweetly into his mouth and he swallowed them with delight, his tongueflicking at her contracting clit to drag the orgasm out as long as hecould.Shellie’s thighs grabbed him tightly, her hips churning as shehunched her cunt into his face, grinding wickedly. She screeched andscreamed, her fingers pulling and twisting her long nipples. Jay,desperately, shoved his hands to his mother’s ass, holding thecheeks. The only thing holding him from the water was her grippingthighs.Slowly, very slowly, the contracting began to fade. With soft criesof pleasure, Shellie relaxed. As her thighs loosened their grip onhis head, Jay grabbed for the deck quickly before he sank. He wasstill between his mother’s legs, with his face a foot from her cunt.While she rested, he gazed at her pussy, thinking how beautiful shewas.Without warning, Shellie began pissing.The golden stream spurted from her cunt before Jay knew what washappening. The hot piss splashed on his forehead, and he ducked.And then his mother was pissing on the top of his head.”You almost got me in the face, Mom,” he giggled.”Ooooh, I don’t mind,” she replied, making her cunt spurt piss withquick gushes. “I’ll piss on your face anytime.”Jay looked up, seeing the golden stream of his mother’s piss flyingpast his head. He lifted his face, and took the full force of herpiss into his face, feeling it run down his chin, over his chest andinto the river.But Shellie suddenly stopped pissing.She held it in, looking down at her son. She giggled. “Why,darling, your face is so wet with piss! You’re not very fast ingetting out of the way, are you?”Jay shook his head, grinning at her. He pushed his face into her cuntonce again, and kissed it.”Wait,” she said, scrambling around until she was squatting on thedeck once more, her toes over the edge. “Now, I’ll piss good foryou. You can watch me piss up close, baby.”Spreading her knees as wide as she could while squatting, Shellieused her fingers to part the hairy lips then started pissing again.Jay gasped as he saw the golden piss flowing from his mother’s pink,hairy cunt. It flew across his head but he lifted himself upward.Shellie watched as her son shoved his face into the stream, takingthe full force of it into his face.”Ooooh, honey, I like to piss in your face!” she mewled. “I justlove to piss in your little cunt-sucking face!”Jay twisted his face around so he could feel his mother’s hot pissstinging his closed lips. Slowly he parted them, tasting hismother’s piss. Shellie watched him, her eyes hot and glazed withperverse pleasure. She saw her piss gush past her son’s lips, intohis mouth, running from it and over his chin.”Ohhh, darling, drink it!” she purred. “Drink Mother’s hot piss,baby! Let me piss in your sweet mouth…drink mother’s hot piss!Drink it right out of my hairy cunt!”Jay opened his lips wide, tasting the spurting piss with his tongue.Shellie shoved her pussy as far over the deck as she could and stillkeep her balance. Jay slowly moved his face toward her pussy, takingthe hot stream of piss over his tongue. He had been letting hismouth fill, but now he began to swallow it.”Ohhh, yes, baby, drink my piss!” Shellie urged with delight. “DrinkMother’s hot piss, darling! Suck it up, Jay! Ooooh, suck it out ofmy cunt! Suck Mother’s piss out of that hairy cunt!”Jay pressed his lips around his mother’s pussy, taking her hot pissinto his throat, gulping wetly. Shellie pushed her pussy into hisface, the stream slowing until there was only a dribble. Jay suckedit up, then swiped his tongue up and down the slit of her pussy,swirling the tip through the soft hairs, tasting piss on them.”Oh, Jay!” she cried out with pleasure. “That was wonderful, honey!I wasn’t sure you’d let me piss in your face, and I wanted to so verymuch!”Jay climbed onto the deck, grinning.She saw his cock.”Ooooh, your cock is so very hard!” she said, grabbing it with atight fist. “I love your cock when it’s this hard, Jay!”Jay sprawled back, and his mother immediately leaned over and suckedhis prick into her mouth. She bobbed her face up and down, suckingwith pleasure, cupping his balls, pulling and squeezing them. Shesucked with tight, wet lips, banging down hard to feel the swollenhead of his cock brush her throat.”Ahhh, Mom!” Jay moaned with delight, watching her mouth going up anddown his cock. “Oh, you suck my cock so well, Mom!”Shellie eagerly devoured her son’s cock, making soft, whimperingsounds of intense pleasure. The feel of his cock between her lips,the exciting heat of it, made her body tremble. The head was roundedand very smooth, and she couldn’t get enough of twisting her tonguearound it. She loved to drag her tongue back and forth across hispiss hole as he dripped. Her shapely ass lifted into the air as sheleaned over, and Jay ran his hand up and down her inner thighs, fromher knee to her bushy cunt.”Let me lick you, too, Mom!” Jay gasped. “I wanna suck your wetcunt, Mom!”With a soft sob of pleasure, Shellie swung one leg over her son’shead, smashing her juicy cunt into his face. But Jay didn’t thrusthis tongue into his mother’s cunt. He clasped the cheeks of her assand pulled them wide, and with a hungry moan, buried his mouthagainst her asshole. Shellie wailed and rammed her ass into hisface, sucking almost frantically on his stiff cock. Wiggling her asslewdly into her son’s face, she sucked with her lips as tight as shecould get them, her tongue pushing his prick to the roof of hermouth.Jay, swishing his tongue around his mother’s burning asshole, liftedhis hips. Feverishly, Shellie pulled from his cock and, sobbing withalmost mindless pleasure, began to suck his balls, taking them bothinto her mouth. His cock throbbed along her cheek and neck, drippingand smearing her flesh. She shoved her pointed tits against hisstomach, whipping her ass about while Jay sucked and licked hersensitive asshole. Crushing her asshole into his mouth, she criedout as she felt his tongue sliding easily into it.”Ohhh, baby, baby!” she yelped, dropping his balls and sliding herlips and tongue up the shaft of his cock, then taking it deeply intoher mouth again.She hunched her ass down at her son’s face hard, and Jay’s tongueseemed to penetrate deeper. She lifted her mouth from his cock andlet out an excited, ecstatic cry of joy, then stuffed his prick intoher mouth again, swiftly.Suddenly, she pulled her head up again, swinging her leg from hisface. With a soft purring sound, she leaned over and smashed herlips to his, plunging her tongue into her son’s mouth. She twistedand swirled her tongue against his as Jay grabbed for her tight tits,squeezing them hard. His cock stood up and throbbed, his ballsturning tight as Shellie’s fist closed about it. Stabbing her tonguedeeply into her son’s mouth, she jerked at his cock almost in afrenzy, then cradled his swollen balls to squeeze and twist.”Ohhh, you know what I want right now, baby?” she moaned, lifting herhead. “You know what Mother needs? You know where I want this hardcock of yours right this minute?”He was so hard, his balls so tight, he ways afraid he would comebefore she put it anywhere.”My ass!” Shellie hissed. “I want it up my ass!”She pulled her hand off his prick and sat back, staring at it. Sheparted her knees wide, rubbing at her very long clit with quickfingers. Her tits jiggled slightly from the movement of her arm.Jay stared at his mother, watching her pinch her swollen clit.”Ohhh, come on, darling!” she whimpered with a quivering voice.”Don’t make me wait, please! Ohhh, Mother is so hot for it! Ramthat cock into me, darling! Stab Mother in the ass with yourbeautiful, hard cock!”Jay got to his knees, moving between her spread legs, looking at thehairy cunt.”How, Mom?” he asked. “Shouldn’t you turn over on your stomach?””This way!” she groaned, then lifted her ass, her hands dartingunderneath and pulled the cheeks wide. “This way! You can fuckMother in the ass and play with that hairy cunt at the same time!”As he moved toward her, Shellie lifted her hips as high as she could,keeping the cheeks of her ass open. She was almost breathless as shewaited for the penetration of his throbbing cock into her asshole.Jay, still on his knees, shoved the swollen head of his cock down tothe tight pucker of her asshole. As it touched, Shellie wailed andtried to slam her asshole onto his prick. She missed, and his cockslid up along the wet lips of her cunt.”You do it, Jay!” she groaned. “You stick it in me!”Jay once more placed the head of his cock against the searing heat ofhis mother’s asshole. This time he pushed, and watched the head ofhis cock go into his mother’s ass. Shellie let out a sob of delightas her asshole stretched widely. Jay grasped his mother’s clitbetween a finger and thumb. He twisted it, making his mother groan,and causing her asshole to grip his cock very tightly.”Now, Jay, now!” she cried. “Fuck Mother! Ohhhh, baby, ram the shitout of Mother’s tight asshole! Fuck that ass, baby! Oooooh, yes,fuck that hot ass!”Shellie twisted her hips around when Jay began to plunge his cock inand out of her clinging asshole. Her cunt was juicy and hot, and herubbed her clit as his cock penetrated her ass deeply. When heshoved a finger into her pussy at the same time, Shellie came veryclose to orgasm. She whipped her hips around wildly, her own handsdigging into her firm tits. She made gasping sounds as her sonpounded into her asshole. She drew her knees up and back, squirmingher ass onto his cock.”Do you love it, darling?” she asked in a thick voice. “Do you loveto poke Mother up the ass? Do you like to fuck that hot asshole,Jay?””Yeah, Mom!” he grunted, ramming back and forth. “I love to fuck thistight, hot asshole! I love to fuck your asshole, Mom!””Give it to me hard, Jay!” she pleaded. “Ohhhh, yes, ram it hard anddeep! I love it, too! Oooooh, your cock feels so fucking big in myasshole!”Jay stared at her hot cunt as his cock stretched her ass, watchingthe hairy lips pulsate.”I’m going to come fast!” Shellie squealed. “Ohhhh, make me comefast, baby! My pussy…my hot cunt is on fire, and you’re stretchingand filling my asshole so sweetly! Fuck that ass, make my cuntcome!”Jay pumped faster and faster, his cock ramming in and out of thegripping heat of her asshole. His balls were so tight they didn’tswing or bounce now. He began to smash her inflamed clit with histhumb, causing his mother to gasp and jerk with lewd movements.”Now, Jay!” she squealed, grinding her ass hard onto his cock. ‘I’mgoing to come now! Ooooh, feel it, darling! Feel Mother’s assholegrabbing your hard cock? I’m about to come! Oooohhh, come with me!I want to feel your cock squirting that sweet cum juice into myasshole!”She swung her hips in a tight circle, and then screeched as herorgasms exploded. Jay, although his eyes were glazed with passion,saw his mother’s hairy cunt twitching, her clit pulsating. He thenfelt the contractions of her asshole grabbing his cock as she came.”I’m gonna squirt, Mom!” he groaned.”Yes, baby, yes!”With a groan, Jay came.The thick juice of his young balls flew from his piss hole andsplashed hotly along the walls of his mother’s asshole. Shelliescreamed with ecstasy and pulled brutally at her stiff nipples, herass shaking as her head swung from side to side, her hair fanning herlovely face. The orgasm faded, and just as quickly started overagain. She came and came, lying on her back on the deck of thehouseboat, her mind spinning with rapture, her son filling herasshole with fiery, creamy cum juice.Jay’s young body jerked spastically as he came, her eyes wild as helifted his head to the darkening sky, his cock caught deep inside hismother’s asshole. Shellie kept thrashing her hips, shrieking intothe darkness as orgasm after orgasm rumbled through her naked body.Chapter Ten:When Shellie walked out onto the deck the next morning, she foundanother houseboat tied up about five feet from theirs.As she watched the boat, a young girl came out onto the deck. Thepretty little blonde stretched, arching her shapely body. Shelliestudied the sweetness of the girl, seeing the tight little ass swellout, encased in a very tight bikini bottom, the small, pointing titswell defined.After a moment a man came to join the girl. He wore swimming trunks,and was tall, muscular, and quite handsome. Shellie saw anattractive lump where his cock and balls were.Suddenly her eyes widened.The girl turned to the man and wrapped her arms around his neck,standing on tip-toe to reach his mouth. The man cupped the girl’stight little ass, pulling her hard into his crotch. The girlsquirmed against the man as they kissed passionately. Feeling alight touch on her shoulder, Shellie glanced up to see Jay standingnear her.”Who are they, Mom?” he asked.”I don’t know,” she replied, wrapping her arm about her son’s waist.”They tied up sometime during the night. They seem quite friendly,don’t they?”Without glancing at Shellie or Jay, the man and girl entered thecabin of their houseboat.”You’ve got hard-on, baby,” Shellie said to her son, rubbing it.”Did that little girl turn you on?””She’s pretty,” Jay said.”I have a strange hunch…” Shellie said, but let it drift off.She was watching his cock strain inside his cut-offs.Shellie wore a gown, a short one, that exposed her thighs to herhips. It was a gown to tease.The man and girl returned to the deck of their boat, not paying anyattention to Shellie or Jay. The girl resembled the man quite a bit.Shellie felt a tingle of strange excitement bubbling inside her body,and was not surprised to find her pussy becoming moist.The man pulled the girl close to him, and d****d his arm about thebare shoulders. His hand cupped a firm little tit, and the softpurring sound of the girl came to Shellie and Jay. Shellie saw thegirl’s small hand slide down the man’s bare chest to his crotch, herfingers curling about his balls and cock. She stared as the girlfondled the man’s cock and balls inside his trunks. Jay, too, waswatching. Shellie could hear her son’s breathing, and a glance athis cut-offs showed the head of his cock pushing from the raggededges of his shorts.By then, the girl had the man’s cock out of his trunks and was slowlystroking it, sliding her fist up and down. Shellie could see theswollen head of the man’s cock, and her own breathing increased. Shelowered her hand to the exposed head of her excited son’s cock andrubbed it as they watched, unabashed and openly.The girl dipped her face and swirled her tongue on the man’s chest,slowly moving her face downward. Shellie and Jay stared as the girlkissed the head of the man’s cock, then wrapped her wet lips aboutit, sucking up and down. The man, his eyes closed, leaned back inhis deck chair, one of his hands resting on top of the blonde head,the other sliding across the girl’s smooth, creamy back to the curveof her little ass. The girl’s head bobbed up and down, swallowinghalf the man’s big cock, her ass twisting as the man fondled it.Shellie cupped the head of her son’s cock, feeling it dripping. sheran her fist up and down his cock and wile watching the little girlsuck that big cock, she drew her son’s hand to her thighs, slidinghis fingers underneath the gown to her hairy cunt. She swung herlegs open, wide, and began to jack on her son’s cock as he fingeredher et cunt, both of them staring at the wanton display of the littlegirl sucking the man’s cock.The little girl lifted her mouth from the man’s cock and, with a softsqueal, almost tore her bikini bottoms from her sweet little ass.She then swung her slim legs across the man’s, and Shellie and Jaywatched with fascination as the girl stuffed that big cock into hercunt. They stared at the naked little ass bouncing up and down,fucking the man.Shellie found her passions intensify, and lowered her head to herson’s lap, but keeping her eyes on that little ass. Taking her son’scock into her mouth and sucking it, she listened to the excitedsqueals of the girl, watching the pretty ass move up and down. Shecould see the man’s hairy balls now, almost see his cock clearlypenetrating that sugary young cunt.”Fuck it, baby!” they heard the man urge, his hand now cupping thesmall ass. “Fuck that hard cock, Julie! Your little cunt is sofucking hot and wt! Fuck it good, honey!””I will, Daddy!””I’ll be damned,” Shellie whispered softly, grasping her son’s cockhard and squeezing it.Jay giggled, thrusting two fingers up his mother’s hairy cunt.They watched the girl with hot delight, watching the small, sweet assbouncing and wiggling. They listened to the gasp and sobs of desireShellie wanted to climb onto her son’s lap, stuff his cock up hercunt, and fuck him wildly as they watched the man with his daughter.She saw the man look directly at her past his daughter’s shoulder.Shellie stared at the man, then wend down on her son’s cock onceagain. She sucked Jay’s prick quickly, gliding her hot, wet lips upand down from the swollen head to the base, spreading her long legsvery wide, knowing the man could see her hairy cunt.”Ohhh, Julie, suck my cock a while, baby!” the man gasped.With a squeal of ecstasy, the little girl pulled her cunt from herfather’s cock and dropped to her knees hurriedly. Shellie and Jaywatched the girl struggle to take the thick, long prick into hermouth.With that, Shellie lifted her face and, getting to her feet, shestared at the man and his daughter, stripping her gown from her bodyand standing naked for a moment. Then she went to her hands andknees, and wiggled her ass at her son.”Fuck me, Jay!” she groaned. “Fuck my cunt, baby!”Jay didn’t hesitate. Seeing the pretty blonde with her mouth filledby that hard cock, he went to his knees immediately, and as hismother shoved her hands to her ass, pulling the hairy lips of hercunt open for him, he made a quick lunge. Shellie squealed withrapture as her son’s cock penetrated her cunt swiftly, his ballsbanging against her long clit.Jay grabbed his mother’s swinging hips and began to fuck her withquick, short strokes, his eyes never straying from the little girlsucking that big cock. Shellie turned her face toward the otherhouseboat, watching, shivering with erotic enjoyment because the manwas watching Jay fuck her.Shellie wiggled and shook her naked ass with wildness, findingherself intensely aroused to be seen fucking her son. Her mouthwatered with desire the suck the man’s cock, too, to suck it whileher son fucked her cunt, or her asshole. Her pussy burned around herson’s cock, clamping it with gripping waves of wet heat. She criedout with ecstasy, and listened to the little girl purr withcock-sucking hunger. Her son beat against her ass with strongthrusts, making slapping sounds against the hot cheeks.”Ohhh, Jay, I’m getting close!” she squealed. “Ohhhh, baby, ram itto me hard! You’re about to make me come, darling! Ohhhh, shoveit…ram it…pound my hot pussy with that hard, hot cock!”The man’s eyes burned on her naked body, one of his hands resting ontop of his daughter’s blonde head. Shellie saw the naked little asstwisting with desire as the girl sucked frantically on her father’scock now. She could see the man’s big, hairy balls.”Suck it faster, Julie! Ohhh, sweet, baby, sweet! Suck hard, honey!Ahhh, Julie, I’m about to give you a mouthful of hot cum juice! Takeit, honey!”Shellie saw the little girl sucking faster, then heard the man gruntloudly. Julie made a gurgling sound, and Shellie saw the creamy cumjuice running out of those stretched young lips. Still the girlsucked hard, swallowing what she could, now holding her father’shairy balls in a small hand. Seeing the girl take her father’sgushing cum juice into her mouth so eagerly, Shellie strained hernaked ass back against her son, feeling his cock throbbing deepinside her rippling pussy.”Now, Jay!” she screamed. “Ohhhh, I’m going to come now, baby!Ahhhhh, push it hard! Ohhh, I’m going to come now!”Jay made groaning sounds, straining into his mother’s pussy.”Come with me!” Shellie cried. “come in me! Ohhh, Jay, come insideMother’s cunt–now!”Jay yelped as his cock spurted, flooding his mother’s greedy cuntwith the boiling juices of his young balls.Across the expanse of water, the little girl was now running her pinktongue about the head of her father’s cock, licking the shaft andhis hairy balls, her lips glistening, her eyes sparkling.Shellie remained with her ass in the air as her son slipped his cockout of her pussy, sitting back on the deck and gasping but stillwatching the man and girl. The girl removed her halter and droppedit. Her small titties were tight and firm, with luscious pinknipples that jutted with stiffness. She smiled at Shellie and Jay,somewhat shyly.Shellie slowly stood up, unconcerned about being naked. She facedthe man and girl, looking at them without saying anything for amoment.”Good morning,” the man called across to her. “It seems we’re goingto have another hot day, I’d say.””Yes, I think so,” Shellie said.She glanced at her son, and saw he was staring at the pretty littlegirl, who stood naked, too, facing them. There was a small patch ofgolden fuzz near her cunt, glinting in the sunlight. She now had herfingertip between her lips, and was looking at Jay with shy interest.”Would you like to have coffee with us?” Shellie asked.”It would be a pleasure,” the man called out.He stood up and shoved a thick, wide plank across the two decks, andcame over onto Shellie’s houseboat, followed by his naked daughter.”My name is John,” the man introduced himself. “And this is Julie,my daughter.””I’m Shellie, and this is my son, Jay.”The little girl stood near Jay, still looking shy, but her eyesgleamed with boldness. Shellie noticed Julie was looking down atJay’s still exposed cock.”We noticed you yesterday,” the man said. “I hope you don’t mind ustying up so close.””Well,” Shellie smiled at him, “not really, especially after…”She was watching the girl. The man stood next to her. Julie’s smallhand slipped toward Jay’s cock and her fingers closed about it.”My daughter isn’t as shy as she looks,” the man explained.Julie began to stroke Jay’s cock, pulling on it, her eyes turned downto watch. Jay glanced at his mother, and Shellie smiled at him. Ashe returned his mother’s smile, he lifted a hand and closed it aboutthe girl’s small tit.”I think they’re going to get along just fine,” John said.”Will we get along, too?” Shellie turned to look at the handsome man.”We can try,” he said, and slid his arm about her waist. “That is,if you don’t mind company.”The little girl had gone to her knees in front of Jay, and wasstuffing his cock small mouth.Shellie reached for the man’s cock, turning toward him.”We can do more than try,” she whispered.The man cupped her naked ass, squeezing the ass cheeks as she turnedher mouth to his. Just before he kissed her, Shellie whispered, “Wecan be good friends, if you remember my son comes first with me.””No problem,” the man said, kissing her as his cock stiffened in herhand.Shellie wiggled her ass, mewling into the man’s mouth, seeing pasther shoulder, watching her son getting sucked by the eager littleblonde…THE END

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