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Older NeighborI wrote this a number of years ago, just thought I would share on here with my fellow hamsters, enjoy.This story happened when I was 19 years old during my summer vacation from university. I had just returned to my hometown, staying with my parents, it felt really good to be back home, seeing my family and friends again.After a few weeks back, I had decided it was about time that I should look for a job, after all, I needed the money for when I returned back to uni, even more so now that tuition fees have increased.With that thought in mind, I headed out the door and started the short walk into town. Within 5 minutes I noticed Mrs. Rogers getting out of her car in her driveway.Mrs. Rogers is the mother of my closest friend Steve. Steve and me grew up together and we were always at each other’s house, we were almost like brothers. I hadn’t seen Steve for a couple of years, now he is studying in Australia, and hadn’t seen Mrs. Rogers for almost as long.I called to her as I walked towards her driveway, “Mrs. Rogers”. She turned around, a look of surprise on her face, which turned into a welcoming smile. “Nick its really nice to see again after so long,” she said as she embraced me. I told her it was nice seeing her as well.We chatted for a while, catching up on old times, just shooting the breeze. She had always been really easy to talk to and over the years I confided a lot of my personal problems with her. She seemed to always make things sound better than they really were.She asked me where I was going before I saw her and wanted to know if she could give me a lift anywhere. I told her that I was just going into town to look for a part time job. “I have some decorating work that needs to be done in my lounge, and I would like it if you could do it for me, it saves me getting some dodgy painters that I don’t know to do it”. I thought about it for a second and said “sure, when do u want me to start?”. She smiled and asked me if tomorrow too soon. “That’s fine, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then”. We said our good byes and off I went back home, quite pleased with the way the day had turned out.It was nice seeing Mrs. Rogers again after such a long time, I had grown very fond of her after so many years being around her and had missed her a lot since I had moved away.Before I go on further, I should tell you what Mrs. Rogers looks like. She was a fairly attractive lady of about 49 years of age, not large but a rounded figure with curves in all the right places, well proportioned on her 5’6 frame. Her hair came down to her shoulders and was a light brown colour with slight traces of grey coming through. One of my favourite features of Mrs. Rogers is hers sparkling baby blue ayes which are truly mesmerising. The kind of eyes that draw you into them and make you lose yourself into them.If truth be known, I had always had a crush on Mrs. Rogers while I was growing up and she was usually at the centre of most of my sexual fantasies during puberty. This all changed when I started dating and never thought of her in a sexual way again. That is until today, when I saw her again after so long. Something stirred deep inside of me and when she embraced me, I found it very difficult to control my urges. I knew that these impure thoughts were wrong and I tried to forget about them, telling myself that this woman was my best friends mom and she was like an aunt to me. I knew that I would never dare try anything on with Mrs. Rogers, so I decided to just esenyurt escort accept that my fantasy of taking our relationship further was never going to become reality and just to get on with my life.The following day, I got up unusually early by my standards in order to get to Mrs. Rogers on time, I didn’t want to be late on my first day. The morning was already feeling warmer than usual and the sunshine was gleaming into my eyes as I stepped outside.I could see Mrs. Rogers as I neared her driveway, sitting on her porch, cup of coffee in hand just enjoying the early morning sun. I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing, or lack of that is. She had on one of those cotton dresses with the little frills on the bottom that shows off just enough leg and a whole lot of cleavage to make any man stop and take notice.Those impure thought were starting to race around my head again as I approached her. She greeted me with her familiar warm smile that could always light up a dark place. “Good morning Nick, looks like it’s going to be a scorcher today”. Eyeing her up and down, noticing she isn’t wearing a bra, I nodded my head, “yea the day is turning out to be real hot, and I can see you’re dressed to make the most of the sun”.She let out a little giggle, “do u think the dress is a little to revealing?”. I looked down at her body again, then looked straight into those eyes and said, “Yes, but if you’ve got the body, then flaunt it”.She smiled at me again, “Thanks for being so sweet Nick, I bet you’re a real ladies man when your at University”. “Please, your making me blush”. We both laughed together for a while, until Mrs. Rogers told me it was time to get started, because she was about to go out to do some shopping.She got up from her seat and led me into the house where I spent most of my c***dhood years. I watched her from behind, her hips swaying from side to side as she strolled into the lounge. She gave me my instructions of what needed to be done and told me to help myself to anything in the kitchen, basically just make myself at home.”I’ll be back in about 3 hours Nick, and I can make us something for lunch if you would like”. “That would be great Mrs. Rogers, I’ve really missed your cooking”. I was left alone in the house and thought I should begin with the work ahead of me.A couple of hours into it, I had finished almost half the room and decided to take a break and have a wonder around the house to see if anything had changed, any excuse to be nosey. I found my way upstairs to Steve’s room and it instantly brought back many c***dhood memories, most of them happy ones.Enough of the break I thought to myself, toilet, then back to the decorating. In the bathroom I notice some of Mrs. Rogers underwear lying on the floor by the bathtub. I knew I should have just left them there, but I had to have a closer look. I picked up the 2 items, 1 was a black lace bra, a very large 1 at that, and the other item was matching panties. I knew Mrs. Rogers wasn’t wearing a bra, but maybe she was panty less as well. These thoughts were really turning me on and I could stop myself from getting aroused by the situation.I wanted to relieve myself there and then, when I heard Mrs. Rogers car pull into the driveway. I quickly straightened myself out, left her underwear where I found it and went back downstairs.”Hi nick, how are you getting on?”. “Yea, I’ve done about half the room, shouldn’t take me much longer till I’ve finished”. avrupa yakası escort I could hear her in the kitchen putting away her shopping and starting to cook us some food. This gave me a little time to sort my visible bulge in my pants, which was still throbbing from examining Mrs. Rogers’s bra and panties in the bathroom.About 45 minutes later I heard Mrs. Roger’s calling me to come into the kitchen to join her for lunch. “Sit down sweetie and enjoy your meal, you certainly have deserved it, the amount of work you have done for me”.As we ate, we chatted as usual about everyday things, every so often I would glance down at her chest, fantasising about playing with her nipples, using my tongue to pleasure her. I must have been staring a second to long because she said, “You get a good look?”. Shit, she caught me; I had to think of something to say, fast. “I’m sorry Mrs. Rogers, its just that there so big and beautiful, couldn’t help myself”.”You really think that they are beautiful”. Before I could answer, I felt her foot brush against my thigh, moving higher, finally resting on my crotch, where the bulge was very apparent. She had a wicked look on her face as she said, “mmm, did I cause that throbbing in your pants?”. I just nodded as she continued rubbing against my hardening cock.She suddenly stopped and got out of her seat, walking round the kitchen table and standing right in front of me. “Nick, do you want to make love to me?”. I couldn’t believe what she was saying, those where the words I had fantasised about, and now I was actually hearing them. “I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long it hurts”.And with that, she took me by the hand as I rose to face her, not breaking eye contact with her as our lips neared each other, feeling her breath against my face, our lips finally meeting causing an electric sensation. At first it was gentle, very slow, deliberate exploration of our mouths, then an urgency took over as her tongue began fighting with mine.As I reached to down to grab one of her breasts she had beaten me and already had her hand inside my pants, frantically searching, finding my semi hard cock easily as she wrapped her fingers around its base. I let out a sigh as she held on a little tighter, still searching her warm mouth with mine.She broke our passionate kiss, yet still holding my increasingly hard cock in her hand she slowly, seductively slid down to her knees undoing my belt buckle on the way. I looked down at this sexy older lady as my pants fell around my ankles, seeing my cock sticking out inches away from her mouth, still not letting go of her grip. She tilted her head upwards and gave me the most seductive look that I will remember forever. She returned to my cock and brought her tongue out and gentle licked the tip of my cock which made me shudder a little, she saw this reaction and did this several times again before finally engulfing my cock with her mouth. Watching my entire cock disappear into her mouth and feeling it against the back of her throat almost made me cum. I was on the edge of ecstasy, but didn’t want this sensation to end.I could feel my cock expanding in her mouth as she held on to my ass for support, herself beginning to moan as I felt my orgasm building to its climax. The first shot of my cum hit the back of her throat with some force, which made her jerk her head back a little, struggling to keep all of my cum anadolu yakası escort in her mouth, swallowing as much as she could without actually choking. “Yes, yes, you were great Mrs. Rogers, that was the best blow job I have ever received. You’re a natural cock sucker”.As Mrs. Rogers was about to say something, some of my cum mixed with her saliva dribbled down her chin. “Don’t speak with your mouth full”. I was starting to feel a little bolder. “Ohh Nick, I really needed that, I haven’t sucked a cock like that since I was at college myself””Now its your turn,” I told her as I lifted her back to her feet. “Lets go up to your room Mrs. Rogers”. I grabbed her hand and led her towards the staircase. At the bottom we stopped and we began to passionately kiss once more, this time I could taste my own fluids in her mouth and this actually turned me on greatly. I had to have this woman’s pussy right now. I brought her down against the steps with me on top of her without breaking our kiss. This time my hands found their way to her swollen breasts, her nipples as hard as stone, tearing through the material of her dress. I had her dress torn off in a second and her sexy body lay naked in front of me, already knowing she wasn’t wearing any panties.My mouth broke away from hers, but immediately returned to her breasts, finding and holding her hard nipples with my teeth, gently nibbling on them, hearing the pleasure this is causing my lover. “Bite them harder lover”. I need no further encouragement as I increase the grip on her reddened nipples, going from one to the other. My hand meanwhile placed gently over her stomach, making circular motions with my fingertips causing her to arch her back in pleasure.Easing my fingers down, brushing against her nicely trimmed hairs, I move my whole body down her until the aroma hits me, my senses taken aback by the strength of her. I begin to tickle her lips slowly and articulately, watching her watching me explore her. I bring my finger to my mouth to moisten it and return it to her pussy, inserting deep inside her followed by a second and third finger, fucking her with a steady rhythm. She begins to move with my rhythm and soon starts shuddering hard. My hand is getting soaked from her sweet juices, but has become more lubricated, allowing me to enter another finger. This drives her over the top and she goes wild, grabbing my head and pushing my mouth over her pussy. “Lick me please, fuck my pussy with your tongue, I can’t take it anymore”.I obliged by exploring every inch of her pussy with my tongue until I found her budding clit. I touched it to see her reactions, but didn’t get what I was looking for, so I gentle sucked on it, which caused her to instantly climax. She pushed me harder into her, begging me to pleasure her as her juices erupted over my face, trying to lap them all up, which was a difficult task. She was Cumming over and over again, and this started to drive me crazy, knowing that I was having this kind of an effect on her made my cock yearn for her pussy. I couldn’t hold back any more, I climbed up over her, she knew what was coming and took hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of her wet pussy. She rubbed the head against her lips a few times then I rammed into her with a huge force causing the both of us to cry out. Once I was in I just pounded away at her pussy fast and hard, her screaming and panting driving me on to last as long as possible. I didn’t want this to ever end, but I could feel the pressure building to breaking point. After 3 more thrusts I began what I thought was the best climax I would ever have. This wasn’t the case, but it was still pretty amazing none the less.We both lay there for what seemed like an eternity, with me still inside her, never wanting to leave the position, never wanting to leave this women…

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