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One of mine…Chapter 1The Mansion Tower was an imposing building. Tall, obtrusive, and with its glass front, was the epitome of stylish design, shining like a beacon amongst the grey and staid buildings that surrounded it. People milled around outside, quickly finishing the remainder of their cappuccinos, casually tossing the empty cups into the myriad of tastefully designed waste bins situated around the courtyard. A Taxi cab pulls up with a flushed faced gentleman inside, patting his coat pockets, realising he had left his wallet behind on the kitchen table as he left. This was life at the heart of the financial world. This was what George had been waiting for.George had always had a head for figures. A lean, muscular man with broad shoulders and collar length mousey brown hair, he originally trained as a maths teacher, but knew his vocation lay elsewhere the moment he qualified. Teaching c***dren was something he wanted to do, but not just yet. That could wait a while. He was only young, and he knew that opportunities like this were few and far between. It was a decision that made itself.Standing outside the tower, George took a deep breath, purposefully walking through the revolving doors and up to the reception, putting his case on the desk.“Good morning,” said George, “I have an appointment with Thomas Pink…. George Taylor”.“Hello Mr Taylor,” replied the receptionist, “Please take a seat.”George smiled, sinking himself into one of the large, plump leather sofas that were s**ttered randomly around the expansive foyer. On the coffee table, a copy of New Statesman caught Georges’ eye. Reaching to pick up the magazine, a loud voice came from behind him. It was Thomas Pink. He was a short man, quite some way shorter than George, but was immaculately presented, and was Georges’ new boss.“Morning George, good to see you, early as well, I’m impressed,” said Thomas, extending his hand towards George.“Morning Mr Pink……..yes, the train was early today..,” replied George, faking a smile, knowing that last comment was perhaps a little unnecessary.“Thomas……please, no need to be so formal here….” joked Thomas, “This way,” he said, abruptly turning on his heels and briskly walking towards a security guard, “And you’ll need one of these,” pausing momentarily to throw a security pass to George, “Or the buggers will never let you in or out!”The lifts in the building were all glass, in keeping with the modern way the interior had been designed. Where once there would have been plants and coffee machines, there were now works of art, made by artists that command six figure sums for an afternoons’ work, the kind of money that George had joined the firm himself to earn. The lift stopped and the automated voice announced their arrival on the 6th floor.“I think you’ll fit in just fine George”, said Thomas, smiling at George as they both strode towards the main office. Following Thomas’ lead, George weaved his way through a cacophony of noise, furious gesticulations, and junior traders running aimlessly, stamping sales notes and trades, finally reaching the glass cubicles of the management and training offices. “Come in George, make yourself comfortable,” said Thomas, hanging his suit jacket on the wall, and proffering George a seat.“As you know George, we can’t let you trade at the moment. But that’s not an issue. Next door is our training room. Everything you need to know will be demonstrated in there. BUT, what is shown in there, gets replicated out here, so even when your training, I expect the utmost professionalism”.Nodding, George replied “of course.”“And there’s someone you need to meet,” said Thomas, gesturing through the glass door for someone to come in, “This is Gill.”Chapter 2Gill was a very attractive woman. Short and petite, with straight brown hair held up at the back of her head by a grip, she looked every inch the professional city woman. At 30, she had been at the firm for several years, and had a forged reputation for living fast and playing hard.“Hi, Gill Monroe, very nice to meet you,” she said shaking Georges hand firmly.“George Taylor, nice to meet you too.” he replied, standing up and smiling.“Gill, I want you to show George around, he’s here on a 3 month probation, and needs to learn the system properly. I thought you would be the best person for the job,” said Thomas, grinning broadly at her. Glancing over at George, Gill made eye contact with him.“Sure,” said Gill, pausing for a moment, “Not a problem.”“Excellent!” said Thomas, “That’s settled then. Gill, show George the ablutions and get him acquainted with Hilda next door please. And come and see me at close of business George, I need to know how you get on. Thank you!”With that, both George and Gill left the office, walking the few yards to the next cubicle where Georges’ training would be taking place. Opening the door, the office was virtually bare. Only a chair, the desk and 3 computer screens lined up side by side were in there. Although the view was quite spectacular, George felt like a goldfish in a bowl. His worry about a glass cubicle with a full length glass window behind him was evident on his face.“Don’t worry, we’re fully air conditioned, and we’ve got blinds on every piece of cubicle glass and outside window. If you wanted to, you could stay in here for weeks, and no-one would even know you’re here,” said Gill, reassuringly. George smiled as he sat down in the leather chair and pulled himself under the desk, while Gill lowered and closed all of the blinds in the cubicle.“So who is this Hilda then?” asked George.“Hilda…..” said Gill grinning, “Is this heap of crap you’re going to be learning on,” she said, patting the top of the computer screen in front of George. “She’s ancient, but she’s what I learned on,” said Gill, leaning over his shoulder to log in. Gill loved a man who smelt nice and could smell Georges aftershave, which happened to be a particular favourite of hers. Briefly for a moment, she lost concentration and mistyped the password,“Shit,” she exclaimed, hastily deleting the wrong password before retyping it correctly.The computer whirred into action, with all 3 screens suddenly coming to life, showing prices of shares and indexes.“Bingo,” said Gill, “See what you can do on that today. You’re not really trading, because you’re not connected, but find your way around and let me know later on. Oh, and by the way, the toilets are just down the hall on the left.”“Thank you,” said George, watching Gill walk out of the office, his eyes drawn to the swing of her hips and bottom. He raised his eyebrows, puffed out his cheeks and set about trying to make some money. Chapter 3Several weeks had passed since George had begun his training. The journey into the office in the morning had become somewhat of a nuisance, but he had been receiving favourable feedback from his new employers, which seemed to make things worthwhile. The system wasn’t as difficult as it was made out to be, and all that was lacking was an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets he would be trading in, something which could easily be rectified.Most of the traders who worked at the office were arrogant, boorish types, concerned only with bonuses and which page 3 girl they were going to take to the Ivy for dinner that evening. George, however, seemed to manage to get on with everyone, which bode well for that evenings Christmas party. He had been nervous about going. He hadn’t socialised much with the people in the office, with the exception of a quick after work drink, but he knew that all four partners of the business would be there, so had to be on present. It was getting towards the end of the business day, when there was a tap on Georges’ cubicle door.“Hi George,” said Gill, putting her head around the door, “We’ll be going in about 10 minutes. Do you want to start get anything you’re doing wound down?”“Yeah, sure, not got much left to trade with, just waiting on a few positions,” said George.“Are you getting changed?” asked Gill.“No,” replied George, “Going as I am.”“Ok, I’m going in Thomas’s office to get changed. Won’t be long,” said Gill smiling, picking up her carry bag, “Don’t go without me ok?”George smiled and began to close down his computer, hearing the door of Thomas’ office open and then close. Standing up and puffing out his cheeks, he reflected on a week of hard work, thrusting his hands into his pockets and wishing that the night was already over. Suddenly, a movement from the next cubicle caught his eye. It was the quickest of movements, but enough to make him question whether he had seen something. Walking to the other side of his desk, he saw there was a gap between the blinds in his cubicle, and that of the cubicle next door. It was only the smallest of gaps, but enough for George to see clearly into the room. As he looked through, he could see nothing apart from the guests sofas and the water cooler in the corner, but as he was about to walk away, Gill walked into view. Dressed only in a black thong and bra, she was small and petite with pert breasts, and was pulling on her black evening dress. Straightening her herself, she removed the grip holding her hair, running her hands through it and letting it cascade over her bare shoulders. George was stunned at how attractive she was. Unable to take his eyes off of her, he started to become aroused, developing a noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers.“Shit!” he said, as Gill picked up her handbag and started walking towards the door. George rushed back to his side of the desk, in the desperate hope that his semi-erect cock wouldn’t be noticed, sitting down as Gill walked into his office.“Ready?” she asked, making sure she had everything in her handbag.“Errr, yeah, just waiting for the computer to close down and I’ll be right with you.” said George, relaxing and feeling his swelling subsiding.“There. Done,” he said, relieved that Gill was more concerned about the contents of her handbag than him. He took his jacket off the back of his chair, straightened his tie, put on some of aftershave, and switched off the cubicle lights.“One thing before we go,” said Gill, turning to face George. His heart skipped a beat. For a second, thoughts raced through his mind, fearful that she had been aware of him looking, or that she had she noticed his cock.“Could you put this necklace on for me please? It’s got a very small clasp and I can’t do it myself.”A huge wave of relief spread over George as he took hold of the necklace. “Sure,” croaked George.Turning around, Gill pulled her hair to one side, as George lifted the necklace over her head, brushing his hands against her exposed neck. She closed her eyes, as she felt George fumble to attach the clasp, feeling his fingertips touching her. “It is rather small,” said George, struggling to attach the clasp.“Hmmmm,” said Gill, dreamily, enjoying her neck being inadvertently caressed.“Done!” exclaimed George, causing Gill to open her eyes quickly. “Right, you ready? Let’s go!” said Gill, picking up her handbag, and following George out of the door towards the lifts bound for the ground floor, and to the waiting taxis outside. As they got into the Black Cab, George couldn’t help but think about what he had just seen. He could never have imagined the beautiful figure that Gill had kept hidden beneath her trouser suits for the last few weeks, or the effect seeing her like that would have on him. George turned to look at her as she watched cars passing by her window. All he knew was that he wanted her, but what he didn’t know, was that she wanted him too.Chapter 4The choice of venue for the Christmas party had been a contentious one for Gill. The thought of having a meal and spending the evening watching her male colleagues ogle and drool over half naked dancing girls, was not the most attractive of propositions. But, the decision had been made by the partners, and it was a stark choice of either being the butt of puerile jokes for the next three months, or to grin and bear it. Gill chose the latter.The meal itself was faultless. Stunning plates of food were served, each one reminiscent of the works of art found at Mansion Towers and worthy of a Michelin star. Although the decor was a little dated and the music too loud, the atmosphere was convivial and the Champagne flowed freely.Sitting at the same table as Gill, it became obvious to George that throughout the evening, she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the surroundings. She laughed and joked with the others, but he could see how quickly the smile disappeared from her face when her colleagues eyes wandered aimlessly to the scantily clad dancers parading around the club. She glanced up at George, hoping to catch his eye, not realising that he had been watching her all evening.“Are you ok?” mouthed George.Gill, smiled and nodded, pointing to the empty chair next to George. Conscious that she had perhaps drunk too much, she cautiously and purposefully edged past the others that were pre-occupied with the floor show, dropping into the chair next to George.“Are you ok?” asked George, putting his arm around her. “You’re such a nice man George,” said Gill, resting her head on his chest, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”George smiled.“Interesting conversation starter! Just guess I’ve never met the right one,” he said, with an air of resignation.“Oh come on, don’t give me that,” said Gill, lifting her head off his chest to look at him, “There must be plenty of girls out there for you!”“There are, I’m sure, but like I said, maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet,” he said, taking another sip of champagne, and feeling decidedly awkward. “I need some fresh air George, come outside with me,” said Gill.George nodded, put down his glass down, and taking hold of her hand began guiding Gill back through the melee of drunken men and naked ladies that blocked the way. Walking through the entrance door, a sobering blast of cold air hit them. “God that’s cold,” remarked Gill, rubbing her hands together.“Well, it is December,” replied George, smiling.“Ooh, look George…..Mistletoe,” said Gill excitedly, pointing at the large bunch hanging outside above the nightclub entrance. Grabbing his coat and pulling him underneath, her heart began to race.“Kiss me George,” she said, pushing against him and gazing into his dark, brown eyes. “You’ve got gorgeous eyes,” she whispered, reaching up to gently stroke his face.“Thank you,” replied George in a soft voice, pausing to move her hair away from her eyes, “So have you.”He slowly lowered his face towards hers, both waiting for the moment that their lips would meet. Gills heart began to race faster and faster, causing her to almost shake with excitement. After what seemed like an eternity, güvenilir bahis siteleri their lips finally touched. His warm, soft lips gently pressing against hers was like an electric shock to her. The excitement rippled through her body, tingling uncontrollably and feeling the closest she had been to an orgasm from just a kiss. It was a feeling that she had never felt, or ever wanted to end, wrapping her arms around him and holding him tightly.Suddenly, both doors of the club burst open, startling them both. It was Thomas Pink and Nigel De Grice. George had never met Nigel, but knew who he was. A repugnant, overweight, pig faced man, who had once reputedly boasted that making money was better than sex. George looked at him and wondered how exactly Nigel would have ever had the opportunity to find out.“Ah! There you are dear boy…I’ve been looking for you, I want you to meet one of my partners,” said Thomas, very drunk and slurring his speech badly,“This is…. good god, what’s your name again Nigel?” asked Thomas, supporting Nigel with one hand and himself on the doorway with the other, before laughing hysterically.“Go back inside, I’ll be back in a minute,” said George, coaxing both back inside the club with the help of the doorman, “I’ll come and find you.”“Ok George. Goodnight…..Gill!” slurred Thomas, as he shuffled back inside, giving a wave and putting his arm around Nigels shoulder.George looked at the doorman, smiled and shook his head, turning around to see Gill getting into a black cab. He walked over as Gill opened the taxi window so that she could talk to him.“Are you going….now? It’s early.” asked George, looking at his watch.“Sorry George……I’ve got to go. I’ll see you in the morning ok? Get home safely,” she said, pulling the window up quickly, before telling the cab driver where to take her. George was bemused, but all he could do was to watch as the cab drive off into the night.“Ok… journey,” he whispered dejectedly, holding out his hand for a half-hearted wave. He couldn’t help but wonder why she had gone so quickly. Was it the kiss? George looked back at the club, but all he could hear was the raucous laughter of the office and loud music. He just wanted to be anywhere but there.“Are you coming back in Sir?” asked the doorman.“No…..I don’t think so. Thanks anyway,” sighed George with a disappointed smile, “Think it’s time for me to go home.”“Ok Sir, have a good evening.”Putting his hands in his pockets, George trudged slowly towards the cab rank, to start to make his way home.Chapter 5The day after the Christmas party, very few people arrived in the office. All four of the partners were conspicuous in their absence, with only three of the normal trading floor brokers turning up. As the trainee and still technically on probation, George thought that it would be bad protocol for him to be absent the day after a staff party, so despite having a minor headache and a late train to contend with, he managed to get to the office only half an hour later than usual.As he got out of the lift on the 6th floor, he noticed how quiet everything was. Normally he would have to shout his good mornings to people, narrowly avoid being knocked over or even get shouted at. Instead, he walked quietly through to his cubicle, stopping only to pass pleasantries with the three traders already there.Walking into his cubicle, he put his case on his desk, removed his jacket throwing it casually over the sofa in the corner, and sat down to rub his eyes and forehead. Opening his drawer, he took out a packet of paracetamol, taking a couple from the packet. Seeing that his water cooler was empty, George walked out into the main office, hoping that the water delivery company had at least made one delivery. As he walked towards their cooler, Gill emerged from one of the side offices, clutching a handful of files.“Morning Gill,” said George with a broad smile.“Hello,” replied Gill quietly, desperately trying to avoid eye contact before hurrying back into the office and closing the door.“Ok,” said George, frowning, as he carried on. After taking the pills, George sauntered back to his cubicle, looking in the direction of the office where Gill had been. He saw her furtively glance up at him, then look away quickly to shuffle some papers almost as if to ignore him. George was confused. Perhaps she was hung over from the night before, or maybe she was just having one of those days that everyone has. Trying not to dwell on the events of the night before, he made his way back to the cubicle, booted up his computer and set to work.Hours seemed to pass before George heard another voice, and was relieved to know that he wasn’t the only person still in the office. Standing up and walking to his cubicle door in the hope of some human interaction, he almost bumped into Gill who was just about to walk into his office.“Sorry…” said Gill, still avoiding eye contact, “Everyone else has gone, security knows it’s only you and me here now, so when you’re ready, you can go.”George was taken aback. Gill had never spoken to him like that before, and he knew that something was bothering her.“Is everything ok Gill? Have I done something to upset you?” asked George.“No, everything’s fine,” replied Gill in the same curt manner.“Well, it’s quite obviously not, is it? Tell me, what’s wrong?” said George, putting a hand on her shoulder. Gill began to look awkward, turning her head away.“It’s nothing,” she replied, quietly.“Last night…….why did you leave so quickly?” asked George.“We’d both had a few drinks…..and….” said Gill, looking down sheepishly at her manicured nails.“Yes….and…” replied George, trying to elicit the answer from her.“God, I don’t know how to say this without sounding stupid but…..I didn’t want you to think that I’d kissed you just because I was drunk, ok!”George breathed a loud sigh of relief.“There, I’ve said it,” said Gill, looking over at George now sitting on the corner of his desk. Her embarrassment was evident. George stood up and walked over to her.“I’m glad you told me….because that’s exactly what I wanted to say to you.” he said, putting his hands up to her face and with his foot, pushing the cubicle door closed.Chapter 6From the minute she had met George, Gill knew that she wanted to make love to him. This time, she wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass her by. Her emotions had got the better of her the night before, but now, certain that George wanted her as much as she wanted him, she felt nothing but relief.George looked into her eyes, putting his arm around her waist, pulling her close against him, kissing her softly. She was amazed that a man of his size could be so gentle, as his other hand reached up and began caressing her lithe neck. Leaning her head back, George began to kiss her neck, teasing her with the tip of his tongue and playfully biting her. Gill groaned with pleasure as he began to nip at her ear lobe, toying with it with his tongue, as she sank her nails into his firm buttocks. This was better than she could have imagined she thought, desperately trying hard to restrain herself from shaking.George took a step back, taking hold of the bottom of Gills top and lifting it over her head, casually discarding it onto his desk. Gill reached behind her back, undoing her black, lacy bra, to reveal her small, pert breasts. George moved closer, running his fingers down her neck to her breasts, gently cupping each one. With a soft, circular motion, his thumbs began to tease her nipples, touching them with his nails causing them to tighten and stiffen, and Gill to sigh with pleasure. Leaning forward, he kissed each nipple before flicking the tip of his tongue over each one, gently sucking them and teasing them with his teeth. Gill began to murmur groans of pleasure, running her hands through his hair and over his shoulders, longing for the moment he would make love to her.Gently, he lay her down on the leather sofa, running his hands down her sides until reaching the top of her skirt. Taking hold of the waist, George began to inch the skirt down, taking her black knickers with it, kissing at her stomach as he went, finally revealing her beautiful pussy. Holding onto his hair, Gill slowly opened her legs, pulling his face towards her crotch, feeling his warm breath against her. Closing her eyes, she felt the tip of his tongue briefly touch her. She flinched, taking a sharp intake of breath, her pussy aching. For a moment, George paused.“No…don’t stop,” whispered Gill, breathing heavily.George began to flick his tongue over her, moving it slowly up and down along her lips, easing it towards her sensitive clit. Using his thick fingers, he delicately parted her, gently pushing a finger inside. She was warm and wet, but gripped his finger as he began to move it in and out of her, continually pressing against her clit in a circular motion with his tongue. Gill began to squirm as George eased inside another finger. She was in ecstasy, pulling his face into her crotch and grinding herself against his mouth. Rhythmically, George began to push his fingers into her, deeper each time, pressing down on her mound with his other hand. She knew that she couldn’t last long, as his pushing became faster and faster, beginning to feel the first ripple of an orgasm building inside her.“Keep going….” she groaned, writhing and pushing, “I’m going to cum!”George didn’t stop, pushing his tongue hard against her clit. He felt Gill tighten around his fingers, lifting herself from the sofa, before the wave of her orgasm hit her.“Jesus Christ…….fuuuck!” cried Gill, grabbing hold of the arms of the sofa to steady herself as the ripples of pleasure shuddered through her body. She had never experienced an orgasm as powerful as this before, either from a lover or from her own hands, longing for this one to last forever. Gradually, as her spasms of delight began to subside, she looked down at George, still gingerly flicking at her tender pussy with his tongue.Reaching down, she grabbed his face, pulling him to hers, and kissed him passionately. It was his turn now.Chapter 7Smiling a broad smile, George got to his feet. It was obvious to Gill that he was very aroused as a large, prominent bulge in the front of his trousers protruded from the bottom of his un-tucked shirt. George watched Gills eyes as he began to unbutton his shirt, and saw that she didn’t move them from his cock, her own hand drifting towards her crotch.Removing his shirt to reveal a muscular, hairy chest and torso, he kicked off his shoes, pulling his socks off one by one. Without his shirt, Gill had a clearer view of his cock straining against his trousers, and began to gently stroke herself at the thought that she soon would be playing with it.Turning to face the wall, George dropped his trousers to reveal a pair of tight, white jockey shorts, perfectly outlining his firm buttocks. Finally removing the shorts, he turned around to stand in front of her, giving Gill the first sight of his cock. Already aroused, it was long and thick, with an end that she would delight in sucking on. Reaching out her hand, she gently took hold of him, her fingers barely able to reach around his girth, and very slowly began to move his foreskin backwards and forward. His cock twitched, becoming harder, causing him to clench his buttocks. Gill moved her head forward, taking his large helmet inside her mouth, gently moving her head backwards and forwards. She could feel George tense each time she moved, rolling her tongue over and around his rim, tickling the underside.“That’s beautiful,” said George, closing his eyes and tilting his head back, putting one hand behind Gills head. He loved the feel of her warm mouth and lips on his shaft, as she expertly swallowed him, reaching around to his buttocks and pushing him forwards each time she moved. Taking him from her mouth, she grasped hold the base of his cock, causing him to harden even further. Smiling seductively, Gill began to stroke him, very gently but quickly, rubbing her saliva into his shiny, engorged helmet, licking the length of his shaft. “I want you…I want you in me,” whispered Gill, looking up into Georges eyes before taking a final suck on his swollen cock. Turning herself over, with her face and upper body resting on the sofa and her knees on the floor, she pushed her bottom in the air towards George. “Fuck me,” said Gill wantonly.Kneeling behind her, George drew himself into position. She knew that his cock was large, tensing as she braced herself, feeling his helmet being gently pushed against her pussy. Placing one hand in the small of her back and with a very gentle pushing motion, George gradually eased his helmet inside her.“Oh God,” groaned Gill, “YES!”Slowly, he began to push forward. She had never experienced a feeling like this before, his cock so thick and long, filling her completely, feeling his balls brush up against her. George reached forward kissing and nibbling her back, putting his hands on Gills neck and shoulders, gently pulling her back onto him as he pushed forward again. His rhythm was perfect for Gill. Not too fast, not too slow, nor did he go too deep. Running his fingertips down her back, George ran his hands over her round buttocks. To him, they were perfect. The kind, George thought, that you just wanted to bite.“Wait,” said Gill, putting a hand behind her up to Georges chest. George stopped mid thrust, concerned. Gill stood up and put her hands on his shoulders.“Lay back,” she said, gently pushing him backwards onto the floor, “I want to ride you.”Lifting one leg over George, Gill sat on his stomach, rubbing her hands through his chest hair.“Mmmmm,” she said, “That’s nice…,” before leaning forward and flicking her tongue into his mouth. Edging herself backwards, she reached between her legs to take hold of his throbbing cock, positioning him at the entrance to her pussy. Inch by inch, she lowered herself onto his stiff cock, until her clit reached his torso, pushing her hands into his, she entwined their fingers, pinning him to the floor before kissing him. Laying against his chest and feeling his hair against her face, she began to grind herself against him, feeling her nipples tighten as they moved up against him. Her pussy ached as she felt her clit rubbing against his body. Again, she knew that an orgasm would soon be rippling through her, and began to breath heavily again. George bent his knees, putting his feet flat on the floor, pushing back on every downward movement of her body, going deeper with each thrust.“I want you to cum George,” she said, looking up into Georges eyes.Grinding faster, and burying her face into Georges chest as he increased his thrust perabet from below, she began to climax.“Oh shit!” she moaned loudly, digging her nails into Georges shoulders as he grasped hold of her buttocks, feeling her spasms of delight. George could contain himself no longer. With a deep thrust and a load moan, Gill felt his cock pulse repeatedly and a warm feeling inside her as he climaxed, his thrusts becoming slower, more deliberate and purposeful. Wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tightly against him, George kissed her on top of her head. Looking up and moving the hair away from her face, she smiled, resting her face on his chest, listening to his heart beat.“Gill…” panted George, “I think I love you.”Gill didn’t even move. She could feel how quickly his heart was beating and was too comfortable wrapped in his arms.“I love you too,” she whispered contentedly.Gill knew that this was going to be a good Christmas.Chapter 8The idea of a romantic Christmas in Scotland appealed to Gill. Thoughts of crackling log fires, fresh, clean air and picturesque walks in the forest all ran through her mind as the car pulled up the stony driveway towards the quaint, stone cottage. As the car came to a standstill, both Gill and George caught first sight of the Loch that the cottage stood next too. The early morning mist was beginning to lift, revealing the beauty of the valley that they were in. Along the hillsides as far as the eye could see, Scots Pines stood proud. The only thing breaking the silence was the occasional cry from an osprey, high in the branches of one of the trees.“Beautiful isn’t it?” remarked George, thoughtfully.“Gorgeous,” replied Gill, leaning over to kiss him.As Gill got out of the car, she strolled forward to get a better view of the Loch, taking a deep breath of the cool mountain air. She was stunned by the tranquillity of the surroundings, for a moment losing herself in its beauty, before walking back to help George unload the suitcases. Taking the key from Georges teeth, she opened the door and walked in, unsure as to what to expect. Exposed oak beams lined the ceilings and with a traditional open fireplace, it looked every inch Gills dream.“George, this is amazing,” she said excitedly, putting her head around the door, “It’s beautiful!”George grinned, locked the car, and ducked his head as he followed Gill through the cottage door.“LOOK George! A log fire!” squealed Gill, running up to him and throwing her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. “Happy Christmas gorgeous,” said George, dropping the cases and hugging her. He knew that this was Gills romantic ideal. Her idea of heaven was to sit in front of a raging log fire, sipping some wine and have a sensual massage, something that George was more than happy to oblige with. “Good old Thomas,” said George, as he opened the fridge to reveal bottles of Champagne, smoked Salmon and Belgian chocolates.“Told you he’s not all bad,” said Gill, “After all, he is letting us stay here for nothing.”“I don’t know about you though, but I‘m knackered. Been a long drive,” said George, yawning.“We can go out for a walk later though can’t we?” asked Gill, “Make some sandwiches and just wander off.”“Of Course we can,” replied George, kissing her on the forehead and taking her by the hand as both made their ways upstairs for some well needed sleep.It seemed as though they had been walking for hours. The sandwiches had gone a long time ago, and by now, they were beginning to feel the cold and hunger. The idea of a walk in the forest had soon become a nightmare after deciding that they were going to wander from the footpath. The mist had fallen quickly and with the cottage nowhere in sight, both George and Gill began to worry.“I’m so scared George,” said Gill, tears welling in her eyes as she clung onto his arm.“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” he replied, reassuringly, putting his arm around her shoulder and squeezing her, wondering what to do next.Suddenly, there was a loud cracking noise that echoed across the Loch.“Jesus! What the hell was that?” whispered Gill, turning her head and holding onto Georges arm even tighter.“No idea, just don’t move” said George, motionless.Gill began to whimper as a loud, rustling noise behind them startled them. They could see nothing in the misty darkness. George reached down, taking hold of a broken branch, hoping that it would offer some protection. As quickly as it had started, the rustling stopped. George could hear his own heartbeat in the silence, as he and Gill crouched beside a tree stump.“What the hell are you two doing out here?” boomed a broad, Scottish voice, as a bright light was shone into their faces. A sense of relief and fear overwhelmed the pair.“We’re lost! We’re staying at the Loch cottage.” said George, shielding his eyes from the beam of the torch.“Och man!” said the voice as the torch went out. From behind a tree, a figure emerged and walked towards them, silhouetted in the mist. “’I’m Tam, the Gamekeeper for the loch and the estate. Thought you were poachers!” he said, smiling. Tam was a young, rugged looking Scotsman. Smaller than George but just as well built, he had short brown hair, and stubble, giving him a swarthy look. Breathing huge sighs of relief, both Gill and George stood up and hugged each other.“Sorry, we got lost. Thank god you came along, we’ve been here ages,” said George, shaking his hand vigorously.“Aye, well, we’d better be getting you back to the cottage. Bet you’re a bit cold being up here all this time,” said Tam, pointing the way with his stick. Tam led the way through the thick gorse bushes, as George took hold of Gills hand, escorting her down the hillside to the narrow footpath that lead to the cottage. The sight of the cottage brought huge relief to both George and Gill as they ambled towards the front door.“A word of advice to you, always leave your cottage lights on if you go out. Make sure you can see it from wherever you are,” said Tam.“Did you want to come in for a drink?” asked George.“No tonight pal, thanks anyway. I’ll pass by tomorrow evening to make sure you’re both ok. Alright?” said Tam, shaking Georges hand and tipping his hat to Gill as he strode off into the mist.Chapter 9Another day came and went as darkness once again descended on the Loch. Both George and Gill had decided that the previous days experience had tempered their enthusiasm for countryside walks, and so, were going to spend the day indoors enjoying each other’s company. Thomas had ensured that there was a plentiful supply of food and drink in the cottage, so there really was no need to set foot outside in the cold December frost. Throwing another log on the fire and picking up his Champagne glass, George sat down alongside Gill on the hearth rug and put his arm around her.“Happy Christmas,” said George, nuzzling Gills ear.“Happy Christmas too,” replied Gill, stroking the side of his face and watching the flames flicker up the chimney, content in the knowledge that he loved her and she loved him.“Will you give massage please George?” asked Gill, rubbing her neck, “I must’ve got a draught yesterday and it’s making me a bit stiff.”“Sure,” he said, taking hold of Gills glass and placing it down on the fireplace.Gill slipped out of her luxurious bath robe, rolling it into a pillow, and lay face down on the rug with her arms at her side, looking at the fire. George undid his robe, allowing it to fall to the ground, reaching for the bottle of perfumed oil as he stood astride her. Lowering himself to his knees and sitting himself on Gills buttocks, he ran his hand over her back and up to her neck, moving her hair to one side. She could feel his large, hairy cock lying against her bottom, closing her eyes in anticipation, as a few drops of oil dripped onto her bare back. George leaned forward, putting both of his large hands in the small of Gills back. Gently, he pushed them up her back and to her shoulders, ensuring that all the oil had been rubbed in. “Relax,” said George quietly, stroking her gently. Placing the palms of his hands around her slim waist, George pushed gently with his thumbs in an outwards, circular motion, gradually working his way up to the shoulder blades, each time pushing his hands back down to the top of her buttocks. Gill groaned, as the sensation relaxed her completely. Moving his hands over her body, George couldn’t help but become aroused, his cock no longer resting on Gills bottom. Gill had noticed too, but was enjoying herself too much to care, as his strong fingers eased their way onto her shoulders, gripping her and kneading her muscles with his thumbs.“That’s heaven,” murmured Gill, as George moved his hands across her neck, gently pressing with his fingertips and caressing her. For an hour, Gill felt herself slowly drifting away, struggling to keep her eyes open, such was the hypnotic, rocking movement of George’s soft hands. Running his hands down her back one final time, George edged himself backwards to rest on the back of Gills legs, giving him a better view of her soft bottom. To George, there was none comparable. Delicately gliding a hand over each cheek, George bit gently on them, lovingly squeezing them with each bite, before running his fingertips up the inside of her thigh.Turning herself over to face George, she saw how turned on he was, his massive cock standing fully erect. She couldn’t deny that his massage had excited her too, as she put her foot onto his chest and pushed him gently backwards.“You’re a horny sod aren’t you?” said Gill provocatively.All George could do was smile, watching as Gill got to her feet.“So are you…” replied George, sliding his hands up the back of her legs then drawing his nails back down them.Gill smirked as she stood astride him, turning around to face his thick cock before slowly lowering herself towards his face. Bracing herself, she could feel his warm breath on her naked bottom before the tip of his warm, wet tongue touched her pussy.“I love your tongue,” whispered Gill, “Use it for me…”This was Georges’ greatest pleasure. Reaching up between Gills legs, and placing his hands on her waist and lower back, George pulled her closer to his face. He loved pleasing her this way, eagerly flicking out his tongue, gently running the length of her lips before toying delicately with her swollen clit. Holding her firmly, he plunged his tongue deep inside her moist, warm hole. “I like that…” she said contentedly, resting her hands on Georges’ hairy chest to support herself, as his tongue left her pussy and began to gently work its way towards her small, pink arsehole. Gripping hold of Georges’ chest hair and closing her eyes, she steadied herself for the first touch of his tongue. Tenderly, he began to lap the tip of his tongue quickly against her arsehole, as she took a tighter hold of his chest and released a sigh of contentment. Moving a hand from her back, George gently ran a finger along the length of her bottom crack, teasing at her hole with his fingertip before pushing the tip against her.“Mmmm,” moaned Gill, as George gradually inched his finger inside her, slowly beginning to move it in and out of her.Gill began to rock herself backwards and forwards in time with Georges finger, inadvertently brushing her clit against Georges’ unshaven chin, causing her to tense and gasp. Letting go of Georges’ chest and leaning forward, she knelt astride him and pushed herself back, hard against his stubbly face, feeling his prickliness against her inner thighs and pussy.“Jesus Christ,” exclaimed Gill, arching her back and bucking her hips. Suddenly, there was a loud knocking on the front door. Both George and Gill froze.“Who the hell is that?” said George in a hushed voice.“What? Am I psychic? How the fuck should I know?” replied Gill, quickly grabbing her robe and hastily putting it on. Walking over to the door, George struggled to conceal his semi-erect cock beneath his gown.“Who is it?” asked George, putting his head to the door.A loud Scottish voice replied, “Its Tam.”Chapter 10Opening the door ajar and peering through the gap, George saw Tam standing under the outdoor light, dressed in a kilt, long socks and a thick coat.“Hello,” said Tam, “not disturbing you, am I?” George opened the door further feeling the cold winter wind blowing over his feet and legs.“No, no, not at all,” said George politely, not wanting to sound rude.“I just wanted to make sure you’re both ok after yesterday,” said Tam smiling.George paused for a moment.“Sorry, very rude of me, come in you must be freezing,” replied George, beckoning for Tam to go in. Walking into the cottage, and seeing both George and Gill dressed in bathrobes, it was obvious to Tam that he had interrupted their evening.“Och, I’m sorry, have I interrupted you?” he said, removing his hat as he looked at Gill.“No, no, don’t be silly,” replied Gill, “come and sit down, have a drink.”Hesitantly, Tam walked over to the chair, an embarrassed smile on his face and his awkwardness all too evident, as he sat down looking decidedly uncomfortable. George looked over at Gill and raised his eyebrows, before pouring Tam a drink.“Here you go,” said George, handing Tam a large glass of Whiskey.“Thank you very much,” said Tam, smelling the contents of the glass before tasting it.“That’s a very fine Whiskey, George,”“Single malt apparently, doesn’t mean that much to me but bet it cost a lot,” smiled George, holding up the bottle to read the label.“Aye, it’s good stuff,” said Tam, raising his glass.As George came back and sat on the sofa, Gill couldn’t help but notice Tams muscular legs. His kilt just about covered his knees as he sat down, but his calf muscles bulged in his thick, knee-high white socks. Strong, sturdy men were Gills weakness and although she loved George, his tongue had irreversibly turned her on.“Something smells nice,” said Tam, sniffing the air.Both George and Gill looked at each other and smiled.“That’s our massage oil,” said Gill.Tam reddened with embarrassment and started to fiddle with the hat in his hand as he grinned sheepishly, looking at the fire realising what he had interrupted. Gill felt particularly aroused at the thought of his embarrassment, standing up to get the massage oil bottle and bending over in front of Tam. Although the robe was thick and came to her shins, the outline of her bottom was quite clear. Tam cleared his throat as he took the bottle from Gill and sniffed the top.“Aye, that’s lovely,” he said, screwing the lid on and putting it down on the fire grate. George knew what Gill was doing. He knew that the idea of having two men at the same time was something that she wanted to try, but had never been comfortable enough with a partner before to ask. perabet giriş That was about to change. Although they had not been a couple for long, they both felt that they had met their perfect partner, the one who they wanted to marry and settle down with. George wasn’t going to deny her the chance to experiment.“Just popping to the toilet,” said George, making his excuses and walking up the stairs.“He seems like a nice bloke,” said Tam, tipping his head in George’s direction.“He’s lovely,” said Gill, as she crossed her legs, allowing her gown to slide slightly, revealing her thigh.It was obvious that Tam had seen it as he looked away quickly, warming his hands with the fire and finishing his drink.“Did you want another drink?” asked Gill.“Aye, that’d be lovely, thanks,” replied Tam, half smiling and handing her his glass.As she stood up and tried to edge past Tam and the sofa, the lower half of her gown opened, giving Tam the briefest glimpse of her neat, trimmed pussy.“Oops!” said Gill, quickly pulling her gown together but being fully aware of what Tam had seen. She poured him another drink and handed it to him, as she edged back past him to sit down again, making sure that she held her gown together. It was obvious to Gill that she had to make the first move.“Is it true what they say?” asked Gill.“About what?” replied Tam. “That a Scotsman doesn’t wear anything under his kilt?” said Gill, running her finger around the top of her glass and looking at him.“Aye… it’s true,” said Tam, nervously chuckling.Smiling a broad smile, and before Tam could react, Gill leaned forward and very quickly lifted the hem of Tams kilt. Tam reacted too quickly for Gill to see anything, quickly pulling the kilt back down over his knees.“Your fella’s upstairs!” whispered Tam..“I know,” said Gill, raising her eyebrows seductively.As he straightened his kilt, it became obvious to Gill that he had started to become aroused as a small bump had appeared between his legs, pushing up against the fabric of his kilt.“Nice,” she said, licking her lips.So engrossed was he, that the sound of the toilet flushing made Tam jump and look around quickly. Desperately trying to look nonchalant and having to cross his legs, he got hold of his glass of whiskey with both hands and held it in his lap, as George came wandering down the stairs. Picking up his glass, he sat back down next to Gill.“Ok, what have I missed?” asked George.“Nothing….yet”, replied Gill.Her fun was about to begin.Chapter 11Putting her glass on the floor, Gill put her hands up to Georges face and kissed him passionately, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth and taking him by surprise.“Whoa,” said George, prising himself away and raising his eyebrows, fully aware that Tam was only a few feet away and watching.“I think it’s time I was on my way,” said Tam, finishing his drink and putting his glass down beside him.“No! Don’t go!” pleaded Gill, turning to face George, “I want you……both of you.”George smiled and glanced over to Tam, who sat in stunned silence.“Well…. I’m not sure,” said Tam nervously, looking a little flustered, conscious of the fact that George was present.“It’s fine,” said George, nodding reassuringly, “Don’t worry at all.”Gill looked at George began to kiss him again, this time in a more slow and sensual manner, running her hand inside his robe to stroke his chest and run her nail around his nipple. Her fantasy of having two men make love to her was about to come true, and she wanted to savour every moment of it, her pussy starting to ache at the thought. George had started the job earlier, now both of them were going to finish it.Lifting her leg over George to sit astride him on the sofa, Gills robe fell to one side exposing the full length of her leg and the side of her waist. Tam was almost too stunned to move. Clearing his throat, he reluctantly edged closer to the edge of his seat as George and Gill continued to kiss and run their hands through each other’s hair. Slipping her arms out of her robe, Gill threw it over the sofa onto the floor behind them, giving Tam the first look at her completely naked body, serving only to make his already stiffening cock bigger. Cautiously reaching out, Tam put his hand on Gills soft thigh, stroking it gently up and down before squeezing one of her buttocks. His hands were rougher than Georges, but Gill loved the coarse feeling against her soft skin, turning her head momentarily to smile at Tam and to flick her tongue out at him seductively. Gill pressed her breasts into Georges face as he cupped them, gently pulling at her nipples with his thumb and forefingers before tenderly taking each one in his warm mouth and sucking them. Letting out a small moan, and with her excitement getting the better of her, she stood up and pulled open Georges gown to reveal his now fully erect cock. Tam caught sight of it, puffing out his cheeks. George was much bigger than he was, but was Tam was lost in the moment and didn’t care, continuing to caress Gills bottom.Sitting back down on the sofa and taking hold of Georges thick, warm cock, Gill looked over at Tam, wantonly licking her lips. Tam watched as she slowly opened her legs, putting one leg over the arm of the chair and the other over Georges legs, to reveal her pussy.“I want you to lick me…..” breathed Gill, running her hand up to one of her breasts, roughly tweaking her nipple and gently pulling at Georges cock.Tam looked over at George hesitantly. George smiled, nodded his approval and after the couple of large Whiskeys, Tams initial awkwardness had all but disappeared. Throwing caution to the wind and getting onto his knees in front of her, his hard cock lifted the front of his kilt like a tent. Gill could only grin, as Tam threw his jacket over the sofa and watched her slide her hand down her body towards her pussy. Putting his rough hands on her thighs, Gill closed her eyes and put her head back in expectation, feeling Tam stroking her legs, kissing and playfully biting her inner thighs. George felt her tighten her grip around his cock as Tams tongue brushed against her pussy, and taking a sharp intake of breath, her tummy shivered with excitement. Lowering his head, George gently sucked on the nearest of Gills nipples, making it stiffen and tighten, reaching over to rub her other nipple with his finger, as Tam continued to tease her moist pussy with his mouth. Tams tongue was rougher than Georges, as was his bristly stubble, and as he pressed his tongue against her clit, she clamped her legs around his head and face in ecstasy. For Gill, the sensation of having two men pleasuring her was indescribable, and the first sensation of an orgasm began welling in her hot pussy. The prickliness of Tams stubble on her drove her wild, as she let go of Georges cock and grabbed hold of Tams short hair, determined not to let him go. Pushing his head backwards and forwards into her crotch, Gill arched her back in the air, thrusting her pelvis forward and shuddering to a noisy climax.“Oh God YES! YES! YES!” cried Gill, as Tam held her thighs with his strong arms in a vice like grip from underneath. Reaching out for George, Gill kissed him passionately, their tongues entwining as her body juddered and flinched uncontrollably. Spasm after spasm surged through her tiny body, as she bucked and thrashed wildly, still grasping Tams face between her legs. Loosening his grip, Tam ran his fingertips over her tummy, feeling her twitch and tense, his frenetic tongue slowing to a gentle flick as her spasms of delight started to slow. Tam gently kissed Gills pussy lips and stomach, as her own kissing became more sensual than passionate, gently biting at Georges lip and teasing him. Looking up into his eyes and holding his face, Gill whispered,“I want you….now.”Chapter 12Standing up, Gill pulled Tam to his feet by his shirt, looking into his eyes before forcefully pushing him back into the seat behind him. By now, his cock was hard, making the tent in his kilt even more noticeable. Gill smiled again, licking her lips before kneeling on the hearth rug in front of him, revealing her bottom and pussy to an excited George. Looking back over her shoulder at him, she could see that George had taken hold of his stiff cock and begun to rub himself gently, pulling his foreskin back to show his engorged, shiny helmet. “George, I want it….” said Gill, resting a hand on her right buttock and gently parting her cheeks. Moving from the sofa, George knelt behind her, gripping her round buttocks as Gill looked up at Tam, motionless on the chair in front of her.“I want you to fuck me,” she said, staring into Tams eyes seductively.Tams cock twitched, moving his kilt, much to the delight of Gill as she felt Georges cock pushing at the entrance to her pussy. Moving his cock up and down her lips, George could see how excited Gill had become, his helmet glistening from her moistness. Grasping the rug with her hands, Gill braced herself for his cock, as he pushed himself forward, sliding into her with ease.“Oh god that’s good,” moaned Gill, continually staring into Tams eyes, seeing how turned on he was becoming by the sight of her naked body.Slowly George began to push forward, firmly taking hold of Gills buttocks and pulling her back onto him each time, working the length of his cock inside her, until she felt his heavy balls brush against her. “Fuck me George, faster!” pleaded Gill, her face flushed with excitement.Speeding up his tempo, George pushed forward, using short and fast thrusts, feeling his balls slapping against Gill.“Oh that’s good,” moaned Gill, closing her eyes as George slowed, almost withdrawing his entire cock, before thrusting his full length forward again and again. George paused for a moment.“Why are you stopping?” asked Gill, as she felt George scoop her hair into a ponytail.Winding it around his hand, George gently pulled back on her hair as he began to slowly fuck her once more.“You’re so naughty,” groaned Gill, closing her eyes as George pulled harder as his thrusting increased.He looked down at her bare bottom, quivering each time he banged against her, and with his hand, slapped her across the buttock. Gill let out a whimper of delight. Taking a tighter hold of her hair, George slapped her other buttock.“FUCK! YES!” shouted Gill, clenching her pussy around Georges throbbing cock.Slapping her buttocks once more, George ran his hand over her reddening bottom, squeezing each cheek forcefully before placing his hand at the bottom of her back. Gill felt his thumb being run across the top of her buttocks, before slowly being eased down to rest against her pink arsehole. Again, the feeling only heightened her arousal, as George gently began to push against her with his thumb.“Don’t stop…” whispered Gill, as she felt the tip of his thumb penetrate her hole and begin to move in and out of her, in time with Georges cock.“That’s fantastic…..” groaned Gill, lustfully.George looked up at Tam and smiled. Relaxing his grip on her hair, and allowing her to fix her stare on Tams cock, George knew what she wanted.“I want your cock…” moaned Gill, looking up at Tam with wanton eyes.Tam pulled his chair closer to Gill as she put her hands on his knees, sliding them underneath his kilt and over his thick, hairy, muscular legs. Squeezing his muscles, Gill sighed with excitement. Pushing Tams kilt back towards his waist, Gill finally saw his stiff cock standing upright, and desperately wanted to suck him. He was smaller than George and less thick, but Gill didn’t care. Grasping hold of the base of his cock, she pulled him closer towards her as he undid his kilt, sliding it off from under him. Slowing his pace, George became gentler with his movement, allowing Gill the time to savour Tams cock.“Mmmmm….nice,” said Gill, before opening her mouth and sliding down his hard length. “Jesus Christ,” said Tam, closing his eyes and laying his head back against the chair, opening his legs to allow Gill to cup his balls in her hand. Moving her head up and down on his cock, Gill teased his helmet with her tongue as she gripped him hard, vigorously rubbing his shaft with her hand. Tam knew he wouldn’t last long like that, particularly after becoming so aroused at watching George and Gill together, so took hold of Gills hand, and slowed her down. Looking him in the eyes, Gill chuckled at Tam becoming slightly embarrassed, knowing that he wasn’t far away and didn’t want to ruin her fun. Looking over her shoulder at George, she gently pushed him away with her hand, his cock sliding from her.“Lay on your back, big boy,” said Gill, standing up and taking a final drink from her Champagne glass as she watched George make himself comfortable on the rug. Straddling George as he held his cock upright, Gill lowered herself down onto him, sliding down his cock until her clit brushed up against him, gently rocking herself as she rested her buttocks on his legs. Watching Tam stroking his cock, and pulling at her own nipples, she beckoned him over to her with her finger.“I want you in me as well,” breathed Gill.Standing up with his hard cock throbbing, he stepped towards her. As he walked past, Gill couldn’t resist one more stroke and very quick suck as Tam offered his cock to her. Smiling and gently letting go, she lay forward onto Georges chest, putting her hands on her buttocks to gently pull her cheeks apart. Closing her eyes, she felt Tams hand on one of her cheeks as he steadied himself, kneeling behind her and gently pressing his helmet against her pink arsehole. Relaxing herself, she felt Tams helmet edge inside her, holding on to Georges shoulders as he gradually eased more of his cock into her.“OH MY GOD,” moaned Gill loudly, as she started to rock back onto the pair of hard cocks now completely filling her. Both men responded in unison, pushing back harder against her rocking motion and pawing at her buttocks and legs. Burying her face into Georges chest, her pussy began to spasm, as another orgasm shot through her aching pussy.“FUCKING HELL……” shouted Gill, muffled against Georges chest, as she held onto him, desperately trying to breathe. Gills cries became too much for Tam and he knew that he was ready.“Oh shit,” said Tam as he took hold of his cock and sent several jets of warm cum over Gills bottom and back, rubbing himself over her cheeks.“I want you to cum baby,” moaned Gill, riding Georges cock faster as he held onto her thighs, feeling that he wasn’t far way. As he tensed against her, she knew that he was going to cum.“Cum for me,” said Gill, squeezing his cock with her pussy as she felt his cock twitch and his warm climax inside her. “OH GOD YES!” cried George, thrusting upwards slowly and with purpose..Wrapping his arms around her, George kissed her tenderly as he ran his fingers over her shoulders. “Thank you,” murmured Gill, nuzzling into his chest.George smiled, putting his hand against her head and holding her against him.“Well,” said Tam chuckling, “anyone for a game of scrabble?”

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