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Out for a run 16After my adventure in the park and all the guys seeing me in the wet tee-shirt and dripping in cum I was so excited and could not wait to tell my husband about it. I did not change, so I was still wet and had cum in my hair and running down my legs when he walked through the door. He could see almost right through my wet tee-shirt, and boy did this make him excited. After he saw me I striped out of my cloths and let him get a good look at me – cum streaked through my dark black hair, cum smeared all over my face, my dark black pussy hair was matted down with cum and I had cum dried to the inside of both legs. I jumped into his arms and we somehow made it into the bedroom for some hard core fucking. I told him about my running in just my tee-shirt (no bra) and my short-shorts, and how they became transparent when I really started to sweat. Than about my having to jog past the different groups of young guys, and than after my weekly group fuck with my guys, about having to jog again past the large group of teenage boys. This drove my husband crazy, and we had super sex. After we were both worn out, he started asking more questions about my letting strangers see me with limited clothing on and how it made me feel. He was concerned about my safety first, and if I felt at all degraded when this happened. Safety was a concern now that he mentioned it, and no I felt wonderful having all those guys staring at me and than thinking about what they saw as they jacked themselves off. What a wonderful feeling to make these young men feel good and give them something to dream about – especially coming from a women in her early 50s. My husband loved this, canlı bahis and said I was doing a community service, but I needed to be very careful and that he should be close by if anything like this happens again. We just laid around the house the rest of the night, playing with each other on and off, talking about different adventures we could try now that he knew I enjoyed flashing. The next morning, I was pretty sore, after screwing my 6 guys, and than my husband both my pussy and ass needed some rest. I was scheduled to work at 7pm, so I pretty much had the day to rest up and let my body heal. I spent part of the morning cleaning up around the house, I do most things at home nude, because I just don’t like wearing cloths at home. I thought about calling Kim and telling her what happened yesterday, but she was at work and these types of stories have to be told in person. At around noon, I decided to take a Jacuzzi and swim our backyard pool. I love my yard, it is secluded, with a wooden fence all the way around it, the neighbors don’t have any windows facing the pool or yard, so I am free to swim and sunbath naked. I got into the Jacuzzi and it felt wonderful on my tired old body, the bubbles worked magic on my pussy and asshole, and I just laid there totally relaxed. I heard some rustling behind the fence – about 4 feet from were I was sitting – in my neighbors yard. Didn’t think anything of it, both adults work, and they have a son who is pretty much a nerd. The type that sits at a computer all day and has not been outside in the fresh air in days. I hardly new what he looked like, except his parents have asked me to keep an eye on him when they bahis siteleri both were away from home in the past. I thought he should be in school, until I thought to myself that it is summer and maybe he is home. I didn’t hear anything else, so maybe it was a squirrel or something. After about 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi, I needed to cool down and maybe get a little exercise, so into the pool I went, I started to swim some laps, but I was getting that feeling – like I was being watched. I swam for the next 20-30 minutes, and came to a stop at the end of my pool closest to the Jacuzzi and rested against the edge with my breasts sitting on the cool cement edge. I had my head down and was catching my breath when I saw him, he must have been lying on his stomach looking through a split in the board fence. I was much more concerned with him watching me than the other boys, because he was a neighbor and I didn’t want any problems with his parents. But than I thought, I was not doing anything wrong, and it was him spying on me. He was not going to run and tell his parents because it was him doing the spying. He was getting quite and eye full, my dark black hair was pushed back, I was still trying to get my breath, and this caused my 36 D breasts to heave up and down while they rested on the cement side of the pool only a few feet from his hiding spot. Not wanting any problems with this young man, I decided to let him keep his hiding spot secret and would be more careful in the future in what I did in the back yard. It did start to get me excited thinking about my little peeping tom and what he had seen, and how many times in the past had he been watching me. güvenilir bahis It was getting late, and I had to get a nap in before going to work, so I needed to get out of the pool. All of a sudden I became shy, and couldn’t think of a way out without showing him my whole naked body. What a fool I was, I thought to myself, all those guys saw me yesterday, and this little pervert watched me in the Jacuzzi and in the pool, and who knows all the other times he has watched me. So I said to myself, what the fuck, and hopped out of the pool and walked over to my towel to dry off. It was very exciting having someone spying on me, and it was getting me hot. I figured, he has already seen me naked, how about giving him a little something to dream about. I got my towel and looked around the patio area and found just the place to lay down for some sun. I position my towel facing the fence and laid with my legs toward the fence. I closed my eyes and dreamed about my adventure the day before and how I was now being spied on. I decided to give my spy just a little more to think about by spreading my legs very slowly so that he got a good view of my dark hairy pussy. I stayed there sunning myself for about 15 minutes, I think the excitement produced a little dribble of pussy juice that ran out of me. I than turned over and gave him a nice long look at my flat ass. When I was done, and could not take it any more, I was getting myself too horny. I got up and headed into the house. I was done flashing for the day, and needed some relief. I went into my bedroom, got out my biggest dildo, and pumped it in and out of my sore pussy until I was moaning and whining like a mad women. When I came, I almost passed out, and I laid back in bed and took a nice relaxing nap with the dildo still inside of me. I had a very restful nap, and was ready to work the night shift. Please leave comments…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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