Oyster Creek Ch. 07

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Daniel breathed in the cool morning air with a contented sigh as he climbed out of the taxi that had brought him to the shop. For some reason he felt good, excited about the day ahead. It was the first day of work in the General Store, the day he would meet his new staff and really get things started, and that energised him.

Three days in this town and you’re getting excited about a fucking shop! What’s happening to you, Dan?

With a wry grin, he shook the thought from his mind, turning to pay the taxi driver. He refused the offer of change, nodding his head in acceptance at the driver’s gratitude, then turned back to the store. That was something he had had to get used to since his arrival from the UK. Everybody got tipped, and for seemingly every single thing they did.

I wonder if I could start asking for tips from Jenny?

Daniel laughed at the idea, and pushed open the door.

All eyes turned to him as he stepped through, and he summoned his most charming smile to put them at ease. He noticed Jenny first, standing in the middle of the group where she had clearly been leading the conversation. Not that that surprised him much. She was the most outgoing and charismatic person he had ever had the good fortune of meeting.

She smiled at him, her hazel eyes catching the morning light wonderfully, and Daniel took the brief moment to take her in. She was dressed casually, but not inappropriately, with a pair of black shoes, stylish blue jeans and a reasonably tight black t-shirt that hugged the curve of her large breasts. Understated, yet still gorgeous.

“Morning, Dan,” she said, and he realised from the glint in her eye that she had spent those few seconds surveying him in the same way.

“Morning everyone,” he replied. He had to admit – he was nervous. Strange as that may sound, he had met only one of these people before, and he was going to be relying on their help if he was to turn the fortunes of this store around and win his old life back.

Jenny began to introduce him. “Daniel, meet Rodrigo.” She gestured towards a young man stood to her left. He seemed quite attractive, with black hair that most would have considered long framing his fresh-faced Hispanic features; given his youthful handsomeness, Daniel was certain that he would not have struggled with the opposite sex. He was a few years younger than Daniel and Jenny – probably about nineteen or twenty – and he smiled politely. He wore a black hoodie emblazoned with the name of a band that Daniel had not heard of, black jeans and white sneakers.

“Nice to meet you,” Daniel said.

“And you,” he said, somewhat shyly, though his brown eyes did not struggle to meet Daniel’s. He’s got some inner character then. Good.

Jenny carried on, motioning towards the third member of the group. “And this is Claire.”

Daniel turned to her, and his breath caught. He was not entirely sure what he had been expecting, he had to admit, but it was certainly not this. Claire was as stunning as Jenny, with long, red hair that fell straight beyond her shoulders. A delicate face held wonderful blue eyes, and she smiled sweetly at him.

Was there a person in this town who wasn’t bloody gorgeous?!

That thought further took root as his eyes flickered down the rest of Claire’s body. She was fairly tall, her long slender legs hugged tightly by opaque black leggings and a purple-striped blue skirt that stopped two-thirds of the way down her thighs She wore a pink off-the-shoulder sweater with the white straps of a cotton top worn underneath showing over her shoulders. The baggy sweater did not hide the generous swell of her apparently large breasts, however, and Daniel’s mind sparked with salacious thoughts even in the milliseconds it took to meet her gaze.

He was sure a mischievous smile flickered across her face, before the expression broke into a broad grin.

“Hello, Daniel,” she said. “Welcome to Oyster Creek.”

He stared blankly a moment, before recovering his composure enough to respond. “Thank you. And hello.”

“Well, boss, what are we doing today?” Jenny said, amusement in her voice. “We couldn’t get started until you tell us what to do.”

He turned to her, sarcasm heavy in his voice. “Really.”

“Really!” Jenny responded with a chuckle. “I’m sure you want to change things so it was no good pointlessly carrying on as before.”

Daniel shrugged then, glancing round the shop. He really wasn’t too sure where to start. The revelation about the will had taken up all of his time and he hadn’t been thinking about what he’d do to get the General Store back on track.

But his three employees were all looking at him and he knew he would have to think of something. Gazing at the shelves, he was once again reminded of the tat that made up this store’s inventory, and he sneered slightly at the crap on display. Well, it was a starting point.

“To begin with, we’re going to clear out the stock. You’ve done brilliantly to keep this sarıyer escort place open on limited funds but most of that is junk and it needs to go in the bin.”

Claire giggled, and he raised an eyebrow at her. She stood up straight and attempted to suppress her amusement.

“Yes?” he said.

She grinned broadly. “Nothing, Daniel. Sorry. It’s just… you said ‘bin’ not ‘trash’. That’s… quite adorable.”

“I’m not sure I want to be adorable. I’m your boss,” he replied with a wry smile, enjoying her amusement but unsure of whether that was a good thing or not.

“You can be our boss and still be adorable,” Jenny interjected with a laugh of her own. “Who knows, it might encourage us to do what you say.”

“Although with a sexy accent like that, we’ll likely ask you to repeat everything,” Claire added. The two women dissolved once again into giggles.

Daniel rolled his eyes and looked exasperatingly at Rodrigo. The lad grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“Are they always like this?” Daniel asked.

Rodrigo nodded, with an air of amused resignation. “Pretty much, boss.”

After giving Jenny and Claire a few moments to stop laughing, Daniel carried on. “Well, anyway, I’d like most of the stock thrown in the bin.” He glared at Claire as a snort issued from her lips. “And after that, if you could dismantle the display cases and chuck them out, too. The whole lot needs replacing so we have to make room first.”

“You do realise we’re a small shop, Dan, yeh?” Jenny said then, putting her hand on her waist. “It’s not like we have giant trashcans out the back to fit all that in.”

He paused a second. He hadn’t considered that.

“So, do you think we should hire a disposal lorry?”

A grin spread across Jenny’s face. “Do you mean a disposal truck?”

He sighed. “Yes. I mean a disposal truck, Jenny.”

“Then I think that’s probably a good idea.”

“Then go and do it, Jenny. That’s an order,” he chuckled.

“Getting your own back, are you?” she said with a wink, before moving off towards the counter. She picked up the telephone directory and began to leaf through it.

“Well, I suppose we should get started,” Daniel said, motioning to Claire and Rodrigo. “I’ll be in the back if you need me.”

He walked from the room, his nerves slightly abated. His employees might be cheeky, but they seemed nice. And with Jenny around he was quite sure things would proceed smoothly.

Reaching his office, he pulled open the door, then sighed as he looked around. The place was still a complete mess, although less so since his tidying spree two days before. Yet what it really needed was a good clean, and Daniel grimaced as he went to find the mop and bucket.

Minutes later, he was wiping the floor down with hot water and soap, chuckling to himself at the juxtaposition of this with his previous high-flying job. This was menial work, something he would have considered far beneath him back in London, but it was also strangely satisfying. Seeing the old office taking on a new gleam as he scrubbed the dirt away gave him a tingle of pride he was not sure was normal.

Either way, after an hour or so he decided his job was done. The floor was clean, the crap was thrown away and the desk looked almost new he had treated it so thoroughly. It really was a nice desk. He was not going to throw that away, although with a languid look round the rest of the office he noted that most of the furniture needed replacing if he was to call it his. He might have just secretly enjoyed a spot of cleaning but he wasn’t going to lower his high standards that much.

He turned then, replacing the mop and other cleaning materials in their corner of the store room, then headed into the main part of the store. He puffed out his cheeks, impressed at what he saw. The rubbish truck had clearly arrived, and most of the store’s inventory had been chucked into it. Clearly Jenny had not been sentimental in her handling of the old stock – it had all gone in, save the more useful bits that she had set aside, presumably for charity. The cabinets, too, were all but dismantled, and he called out to attract the attention of his staff.

“Bloody hell, you’ve done a lot,” he said, still shocked. “I’ve got a good team of workers, clearly.”

Jenny shrugged with a small smile. “Well, we get the job done.”

“I can see. You deserve a break, guys. Go and get a coffee or something, and be back in an hour. You’ll be paid, don’t worry. You’ve earnt that.”

With one final look round the shop floor, and a shake of his head in awe at the speed of the work done, Daniel stepped back into the store room. He heard the bell that hung above the front door clink as his staff made their way onto the main street to grab refreshments, and wandered back into his office.

He sat on the chair, slowly spinning in place, and wondered if he should have joined them. It esenyurt escort would have made for good bonding, after all, and he was going to spending a lot of time with those three people.

Pursing his lips in annoyance that he did not think of it earlier, he sighed, reaching for the drawer that contained his great-grandfather’s will. He’d reread it dozens of times by this point, but there was no harm in checking it again.

The noise of his office door opening caused him to jump then. He looked up quizzically to see Jenny strolling in, a wicked grin growing on her face as she caught his eyes.

“Hello,” she said simply, stepping further into the office and shutting the door behind her.

“Hello,” Daniel replied. He stood, surreptitiously sliding shut the desk drawer as he did so and moving towards the stunning brunette. Daniel’s member stirred in his pants at the salacious glint he recognised in the brunette’s eyes, and she stepped towards him.

After another moment, he spoke. “You didn’t go for coffee?”

“I didn’t fancy a coffee. After all that manual labour, I’ve worked up quite an appetite for… something else. I thought you might be able to help me, Dan.”

She lazily turned away then, nonchalantly unhooking the window blinds. They dropped down with a clatter, totally obscuring any view through the glass walls into his office.

“Did you now?” he grinned. “And what would that be?”

Jenny placed her hand on his chest and half-pushed, half-guided him into the chair that rested behind the desk. He thumped down onto it. “I thought I’d climb on top of you and ride your cock.”

His grin spread wider. A week or so ago he would have been utterly taken aback by such a forward statement, but getting to know Jenny and the other women of this town had completely changed that.

“Do you think you could let me do that?” she continued, as in the same languid movement she climbed onto the chair after him, stoking her hand down his chest. She knelt on his lap, her calves either side of his thighs, her ass resting on his knees.

He glanced at the clock. “How long do we have?”

“Long enough.”

She groaned as she grabbed his t-shirt, yanking it upwards with a glint in her eyes. Daniel laughed, hunching forwards to let her do so, and soon his bare chest was exposed. She pushed him back fully onto the chair, the cool leather against his back, then pressed her mouth against his.

He returned the kiss with passion; the sex inflaming his desire no less for its unexpectedness. Indeed, he wrapped his arms around Jenny, holding her close to him as their lips mashed together, his carnal hunger raging as powerfully as if he had been on edge for hours.

The brunette moaned as her fingertips pressed into his firm stomach, and Daniel’s own hooked under her t-shirt. She broke the kiss to allow him to pull it over her head, and he smiled as her lacy dark blue bra was revealed. His hands quickly stroked upwards along the exposed flesh of her sides, before gently kneading her breasts through the soft material.

“Typical,” she giggled, putting her hands on his cheeks and lifting his head. “Show a man a pair of tits and he can focus on nothing else.”

Daniel smiled mischievously, giving the mounds another squeeze. “Not just any pair of tits, Jenny. They have to be particularly lovely.”

She leaned forwards again, reinitiating their kiss, and once again Daniel returned it with passion. His hands ran over the smooth skin of her back as hers dropped to his jeans, fiddling hurriedly with his belt. Her insistence reminded Daniel that they had a limited amount of time – it was only a coffee break, after all.

He grabbed her, standing up so that they were both on their feet, and – not breaking the kiss – pushed his jeans downward. He kicked them off with his sneakers, watching them skid along the still-dusty floor, and Jenny did the same. Clearly, she had not forgotten their urgency in her lust, and she finally broke the kiss to stare into his eyes. Her hot breath washed over his face, and he glanced downwards at her wonderful body, half-naked in only her blue lace lingerie.

“Do you have time to take that off?” Daniel whispered, drinking in the sight of her.

“I’ll make the time.”

With that, she pushed him back down onto the chair, before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. She pulled it from her shoulders, placing it on the desk whilst Daniel sighed approvingly at her now-liberated tits. Jenny grinned back as she slid her knickers down her long, slender legs, placing them next to her bra.

“Just in case I need to get dressed in a hurry,” she winked, stepping closer.

Daniel reached down, grasping the waistband of his boxers and beginning to tug them down. Jenny took hold of his wrists.

“Allow me.”

She gently tugged the boxers, unhooking the black cotton from the tent made by his raging erection, and Daniel heard her quiet sigh avrupa yakası escort as his cock sprang into view. She sank to her knees, pulling the underwear with her, until she had freed it from both ankles and dropped it next to her lingerie on the table.

Daniel groaned as she wrapped her left hand around his shaft, gently pumping on his length as she looked up at him. Her stylish brown hair glowed in the bright morning light cast through the window, and her hazel eyes stared hungrily into his.

“I’d love to suck your cock, but I fear we don’t have the time,” she sighed after a moment, and Daniel grinned as she pushed herself to her feet.

“We’ll just have to think of something else to do…”

“Yes we will,” Jenny said with a wink, turning around so that her back was to Daniel, then moving to straddle him in reverse. She reached behind her and placed her right hand on his chest, her left reaching between her legs and taking hold of Daniel’s cock. He gasped as she did so, but Jenny seemed to take no notice. Positioning herself above his lap, she lowered herself onto his hard member.

“Fuck,” he breathed as her pussy enveloped his cock. Soon she had been completely impaled on his length, and Daniel reached forwards to rest his hands on her hips as she rested on his lap. Her legs were slightly spread either side of Daniel’s own, and her hands rested on the armrests of the office chair in which they sat.

Slowly, Jenny started to move. She lifted her hips gradually, then lowered them at the same pace, low moans drawn from her lips as she did so. Daniel was not silent either, groaning as his fingertips sank into her sides.

Abruptly, Jenny seemed to remember that they didn’t have much time, and she turned her face to him as much as she could. A wicked smile adorned her beautiful features, her short brown hair framing that perfect face as best as it could. Her hazel eyes shimmered with lust when she opened her mouth to speak.

“I suppose we need to hurry up.” She giggled at her words, though the sound was soon washed away by her own moans as her hips sped up their pace dramatically. All of a sudden she was bouncing on his shaft, her large breasts shaking at the rapid rise and fall of her body.

Daniel groaned loudly, taken aback by the sudden upsurge in energy. Not that he could not understand why; it was merely that it had caught him by surprise. He grasped Jenny’s ass, delighting in squeezing it as she rode him, and felt his cock twitch.

“I want you to fuck me,” Jenny said breathlessly after a moment, slowing the movement of her hips. “Fuck me, Dan.”

He did not need to be asked again. Lowering his palms, Daniel scooped up Jenny’s thighs. She lay backwards as he did so, her weight now resting on him entirely, and lifted her legs. Her arms moved to the armrests of the chair.

Settled in their new position, Daniel at once started to thrust. The angle made it much easier, and his cock was able to plunge into the brunette much more easily, something that Jenny clearly enjoyed. His lover cried out, her hands tightening noticeably on the black plastic armrests of the office chair, and he felt her depths trembling at the sudden onslaught of his cock.

Daniel’s hands slipped round to Jenny’s ass as he thrust wildly, responding to the stunning brunette’s insistent demands. Her moans became shrill, her legs – which she now held up – grew shaky, and her pussy seemed to tighten as his cock crashed into it.

“Oh fuck… deeper… deeper…” she seemed to sob, her entire body beginning to tremble. “I’m going to come, Dan… make me come…”

Daniel grunted, slamming his hips upwards as hard and fast as he could. Jenny began to arch forwards, her arms gripping the chair tightly, her tits shaking on her chest with the force of his thrusts. He could not see her face, but he knew both from experience and the almost-desperate noises she was making that it would be screwed up in anticipation. She was moments away from release.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh FUUUCCK!”

She dropped her legs, pushing herself back against Daniel as wild shaking suddenly wracked her body. Her pussy spasmed around his cock, and she shrieked out her orgasmic delight. He wrapped his arms around her waist, still fucking her trembling pussy, his balls tightening. He could not bring himself to stop now, even if she was already coming. Would not.

“I’m going to come, Jenny…” he breathed, but she was not listening. The gorgeous brunette still shook in his grasp, her climax tearing at her mind. She writhed, sobbing out her pleasure, and Daniel’s hips drove unrelentingly into her snatch. He could feel the cum bubbling at the base of his shaft.

“Jenny, I’m… I’m coming!”

He cried out, pushing upwards into his lover’s quivering depths, pleasure flooding through his mind as his own release arrived. He held Jenny close to him as his member exploded into her pussy, his jizz coating her hot walls. She twitched almost fitfully, still in the throes of an intense climax, and Daniel joined her, his thoughts clouded with joy as his cream shot into the stunning brunette.

It took a while for his own orgasm to finally pass, and slowly – gradually – he became aware of himself once more. He was holding Jenny tightly, though in her post-orgasmic state she didn’t seem to care.

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