Paying My Daughters Debt

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Paying My Daughters DebtI had been at a spa weekend with the girls, a present from my adoring and loving husband. There were massages, mud baths, wine, and of course oggling the pool boys. Not that any of us would ever stray. We were your typical suburbanite housewives, married to our high school or college sweethearts, living in what people like to call McMansions outside of Detriot. My husband was a consultant, and had been very busy with work lately. I decided for his present I would treat him to a nice surprise. I had my auburn hair done at the salon, I had gone out and purchased a very tight, black, short dress, revealing much of my ampel 36d breasts he had purchased me for our 10th anniversary, a black lace strapless bra, a pair of black lace panties, with a red bow over the ass, and of course brand new red 8″ heels.I worked hard to keep my body tight, going to the gym three times a week, and often felt the eyes of other fathers at my c***drens school gazing over my body. I’m 5’4″, with auburn hair, fair skin, green eyes, and 115 lbs. Unfortunately on the drive home my husband called me and told me he had to catch a last minute flight to Chicago for a last second business matter. I was disappointed, but my outfit could wait for him.I arrived home, and put on a long coat, as it was fall, and also to keep the neighbours from seeing how sexy I looked. As I walked in, I could hear my daughter crying. She was 17, tall like her father at almost six feet, thin, with long legs, and blond. She would be grduating soon, and was a co captian of her school volleyball team, and was being scouted by several large schools for their volleyball programs. We were immensly proud of her, and I wondered what was wrong.I saw her in the living room, and sat beside her. She was sobbing, staring at her phone, and I asked her what was wrong. She was almost inconsolable. “Lisa”, I said, “what’s wrong, you can tell me.”She turned to me, and I had never seen such a look of dissapointment or shame in her eyes before. She showed me her phone, and there was a photo of my beautiful 17 year old daughter with a black cock in her mouth. I gasped, and pulled back, instantly ashamed at my reaction. “Hunny, what happened?” I asked as I pulled her in close.”I’m sorry mom. I was at a party last weekend and I met these guys, and they got us to try cocaine. I’m so sorry. They told me after I owed them money, and I didn’t have any to pay, so they told me they would hurt you and dad if I didn’t suck their cocks. Now they have these pics and they’re threatening to send them all over if I don’t pay them $10,000.”I was shocked. My girl using cocaine? And sucking cocks? And owing $10,000? I was speechless. I had no idea what to say. I looked at my beautiful baby girl who had been taken advantage of, used, and now humiliated, and all I wanted to do was make it better. didim escort I pulled her close and told her, “It’s ok. We have the money. I’m going to protect you. Now tell me where does this scum live?””Mom, you can’t go over there, he lives in the ghetto!””It’s ok sweetheart, they just want money, and we have money. I will go and finish this for good ok?”She looked at me with such hopefull eyes, I would have paid a million dollars to protect my baby girl. She gave me the address, and the name of the scum, J-Dawg. I went to our safe and took out $10,000 in cash that we have for emergencies, though this was never an emergency I anticipated.I got into my vehicle and drove to J-Dawg’s. I don’t know what you know of Detroit, but the city itself is far worse than the suburbs. The further and further I drove, the less clean it became, with garbage, burnt out cars, and abandoned homes. I arrived and pulled up in front of a delapdated home, with some of the windows boarded up, and abaonded car on the lawn, and trash spewn across. I could not believe somone who lived here had touched my little angel.I got out, and began walking along the cracked sidewalk and path to the front door. For the first time since walking into my house I realized I was still wearing my new heels, dress, and under garments. I pulled my coat tighter, embarrased. I knocked on the front door and noticed a couch on the porch that had several used condoms and needles on it. I shuddered.From inside I heard a males voice shout, “Who the fuck is it?” I steadied myself, and answered, “Lisa’s mother, I..I…I’m here with your money.” I was nervous, and embarassed that I studdered. I heard punding, angry footsteps and the door was flung open by a large black man, with dread locks, large muscles, wearing a stained white muscle shirt and boxers. “You got my money? Get the fuck in here then.” He seemed to old to be J-Dog, more in his 40’s. I was frightened, but I had to do this. I walked in, to a filthy home, and followed him into the living room. It had an old red velour couch, a beige stained sofa, and an old leather recliner, with a small coffee table and a very large new screen tv.”Are you J-Dawg?” He sat down on his couch, and looked at me. “No, I’m his dad, and boss. His money is my money. So you’re the mother of the little white skank who sucked his cock huh?””You shut your mouth when you speak about my…” He stood up and came at me, grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back. “About your what? Slut? You’re in my home, in my hood, and last time I checked I have your daughters future in my hands, you understand?”I was trembling, his large hands holding my hair, unable to move. He let go, and returned back to his couch. “So, you got my money?” Tremlbing, I reached into my Gucci purse and pulled out the money. “Good, you’re a good mother you know that? My escort didim boys mother ran off when he was 5, she was hooked on junk, he’s never had a good role model. You though, you’re a good mom, would do anything for your k** huh?” I nodded, trembling, afraid to speak. “It’s ok hunny, my name is Darryl. J-Dog, he’s out for a bit. “I placed the money on the table. “ are we ok then? You’re going to leave my daugter alone from now on?””I will sweetie, I hope you know this is just business.” I turned to walk out, releived this was all done, when he spoke up, “But, there is one problem.” I turned to look at him, anger, shock, worry welling up inside me. “You see, the $10,000 only covers the cost of the photo. Your’e daughter still owes us for the cost of the coke. Now, I was gonna let that slide, but they way you spoke to me earlier, I’m just not sure I can let that slide.” My lip began to tremble. “Now, this can all be cleared up, right here, right now. Understand? Or you can go, and we’ll be in touch with your hubby real soon with some other pics of his little girl.” He snarled and I hated this man. I hated him so, but my daughters reputation and future were on the line.”What do you want”, I asked?”Take off your coat.” My eyes went wide, I panicked, as I again realized what I was wearing. I began to tremble. ” I don’t have all day sweetie.” I undid the buttons, and placed my coat over the back of the old recliner. “Wow, really? You put that on to come visit little old me? And you were shocked when I called you’re daughter a slut. Like mother, like daughter I suppose.” I was embarassed, and ashamed. Only my husband was supposed to see me like this.”Now, I want you to get on your knees and crawl over to me bitch.” I went to remove my shoes, when he stopped me. “Leave those heels on slut, like how they look”, I got down on all fours, ashamed, tears welling in my eyes, and crawled towards this horrible man, who held my daughters future in his hands. When I arrived at his feet, he began to laugh. Suddenly I heard a door open.I turned to see a younger version of this man, and he smiled when he saw me. “Who’s this D?” “This is your sluts mom. She paid up the cash, but now she has to pay a bit of tax.” I turned back, knowing my ass could be seen by J-Dawg, with my panties, to find that Darryll had pulled his large, 10″ and very thick cock from his shorts. It was a mere two inches from my face, and I could smell he hadn’t showered in days. He grabbed my hair with a meaty hand and shoved his cock into my open mouth before I could protest. I immediately began to choke, and tried to push away, but this man was twice my size and held me there. When he finally let go I had spit running down my chin, tears down my face, and makup running. I was panting. “See J, this is a good mom, she would do anything for her k**”.He then didim escort bayan foced my mouth onto his cock again, again I struggled to breathe and escape, but he just laughed and held me there. I bucked, and flailed, but could not escape. When he let me off his cock I began to scream, and he slapped me. “Slut, ain’t no one gonna come help you here.”I began to cry and wail, and he looked down at me with evil eyes. “Good, I like it when a bitch fights.” He grabbed me by my hair again and lifted me up, and bent me over the side of the couch. He lifted my dress over my ass, and began to laugh. “Look J, the white bitch even wrapped up her little ass in a bow for me”. He held me there while J-Dawg moved onto the couch in front of me and pulled out his own 10″ cock, and held it to my face. “Lets see if shes as good as her slut daughter”.J-Dawg shoved his cock into my mouth and when I tried to push away his father held my hands and pinned them to my back, eventually taking off his shirt to use it to tie them together. “Son, bet this ass aint never had no big black dick inside of it before”, I heard Darryll say between his sons thrusts into the back of my throat. No one had ever been inside my ass, I was a virgin, but I couldn’t say anyting with this monster cock inside my mouth. I tried to protest, but they just lauged. I felt the tip of his huge cock at the entrance to my tight virgin asshole, and began to scream and shudder and shake as he forced it in, the only lube having been from my mouth. “This bitch is tight”.”Keep going D, I love the way her yelling feels on my cock”. I couldn’t move or fight, as he forced his cock deep inside of me. I could feel him in my stomach. He was tearing me apart, and the pain was excruciating. The tears were flowing from my eyes as these two violated me, using my daughter as bait. I began to black out from the pain, but just before losing consioucness J-Dawg thurst in front of my face a photo of my daughter with his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t take anymore and blacked out.I awoke what felt like several hours later, lying on the floor. I saw a cockroach scutter by and shuddered. I looked around and saw I was missing a heel, my dress was torn from my body, and my panties were nailed to the wall. My whole body was in pain, and I immediately rememberd the violent attack on my body. I went to stand, and realized my missing heel had been forced into my ass. I gently removed it, and stood slowly, trying not to make a sound as I thought I was alone.As I reached from my coat, I heard Darryll. “Oh our little fuck toy is awake? You went out there, but don’t worry, we had our fun. You were a great fuck by the way, need bigger tits though, and a bigger booty.” I looked down, ashamed, ashamed I had been violated, and ashamed that I was embarrsed this man still didn’t find me attreactive.”Grab your coat and get the fuck out of here. But don’t go too far sweetie, I have you’re number, and a few other things you’re hubby wouldn’t want to see, so we’ll be in touch”.Did you like this? It was my first story. If so I will write some more

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