Petrov Ch. 03

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Alex ran her fingers along the smooth wooden railing as she tiptoed down the stairs leading to Petrov’s foyer. It was so early, too early in fact. She had awoken to the sound of a snowplow noisily driving by on the street below. The fire had died down to coals and cast a warm glow over the bed she shared with Petrov. Her hand rested lightly on his chest, gentle fingers bent as Petrov’s heart beat solidly and peacefully while he slept.

She watched him for almost an hour, her eyes tracing the softened lines of his face. He made no noise in his sleep; just the low sound of his breath could be heard in the shadowy room. At one point Alex saw his eyes flutter beneath his lids, and she wondered of what he was dreaming. Was it of her? Was his mind replaying earlier events of their passion in a foggy vision of his unconscious mind? But Alex had no more opportunity for answers now than when he was awake staring at her through carefully guarded eyes.

Gently moving his arm so she could slip away, she reluctantly pulled herself from his tender grasp. Petrov frowned and Alex hesitated, but the moment passed quickly and his face resumed the same passive quality as it had been a few seconds before. She looked at the clock. Five a.m. Though she desperately wanted to stay, the fear of how he would behave when he woke was enough to convince her to leave. Having sex with someone was one thing; waking in their arms was another. Alex was afraid that he’d regret keeping her in his bed. It would be best if she were to go.

So Alex stood quietly by the door, watching through the window for the cab that would return her to her cold apartment. When it pulled up along the curb in front, Alex smoothly slid outside, closing the door softly behind her. She wasn’t sure, but she had thought that she heard one of the stairs creak behind her as she left. She dared not to look back.


Alex spent the rest of the weekend doing mundane chores and running silly errands. She tried to keep busy; she tried not to think of Petrov. She hadn’t heard from him, of course, nor did she expect to. This seemed to be their habit, she supposed. They would fuck and part; she would avoid him and he would refuse to seek her out. Eventually one would reach for the other and the process would repeat. This appeared to be the way it was going to be.

Spring break was coming, and Alex looked forward for the week’s break from school. She sat restless in her classes, struggling to pay attention to each subject, to participate dutifully, and to fulfill the requirements of each course. Yet her mind wandered constantly, thinking of Petrov. Did he think about her as well? She sadly considered that she was most likely a diversion, someone who had obviously provided him with what he needed at no cost.

The Friday before the upcoming vacation, Alex sat in her history class idly doodling spirals on her notebook. Class wouldn’t start for another fifteen minutes. She listened to the endless chatter of the other students, not really paying much attention until she overheard Petrov’s name. A group of girls gathered around the front desk. They were young, nineteen perhaps, and typical of the area. Their hair was long and straight, brushed back and shiny, their perfect petite shapes obvious in too-tight sweaters and low-cut jeans. They looked like a goddamned GAP commercial.

The tallest one had mentioned Petrov’s name and Alex paused in her drawing to listen.

“So who is he?” a girl named Erica asked.

“You remember him,” the tall girl told her. “He was the guy who gave the lecture a few weeks ago on Russia or something.”

“Oh ‘him’!” Erica nodded. “Yeah, he was kind of good-looking, in a mean I’m-too-good-for-you sort of way. He had really light eyes, almost silvery. I kept looking at them.”

“So what about him?” another girl interjected.

“He’s teaching here this coming fall. I guess he’s doing some sort of poli sci class.”

“He isn’t a history teacher?”

“No, well, I don’t think so. I guess he’s doing something on Soviet politics. Who knows?” The tall girl shrugged.

“What’s his story?” The fourth petite princess finally spoke up.

“Don’t know. He’s not married, and I guess he’s here alone, no girlfriend. I haven’t heard much about him.”

That’s unusual for this campus, Alex thought a bit bitterly. Most everyone knew—or assumed that they knew—everyone else’s business. It was the downside of attending a smaller university.

“I wonder if he’s worth taking. I bet he’s hard.”

“He might be fun to look at though,” silly Erica giggled.

“Yeah right.”

The conversation ended then, and Alex was left once again in her quiet but troubled thoughts. The girls really hadn’t said much, but it unnerved her that they were talking about Petrov so casually. She shook her head at herself for being bothered about something so trivial.

Dr. Allen arrived in time to put everyone in their seats. Before he started class, however, he called to Alex.

“Ms. Caine? Dr. Petrov asked me eryaman escort resimleri to give you this.” Dr. Allen walked to Alex’s desk and handed her an envelope. Alex took it with quivering fingers and set it on her desktop. She felt the eyes of the four girls upon her but kept her eyes on her notes. She smiled slightly as class began.


The note said to come to Petrov’s office at five that day. There was nothing more than a few short words and Petrov’s scrawled signature. Alex could gather no clue as to what Petrov wanted. Perhaps he was upset that she left so early last weekend without waking him to say goodbye. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure that she wasn’t discussing their past encounters the way the girls had so casually spoke of his personal business. Her stomach ran in circles as Alex fought not to be nervous. The rest of the day passed so painfully that she was tempted to ignore the note and just head home after her last class.

But she didn’t.

The dim hallway to Petrov’s office was empty as Alex walked to the last door at the end. The door was slightly open and she could hear low music coming from inside his office. She paused for a brief moment, then tapped lightly on the door.

“Come in,” she heard his voice call. Alex pushed the door open and stepped inside. Petrov sat behind his desk, his back to her as her typed away on his computer. He glanced over his shoulder. “Close the door and have a seat. I need to finish this.”

Alex did as she was told, silently closing the door behind her before she sat on a chair placed in front of his desk. She watched as he typed what appeared to be an e-mail, his fingers flying over the keys. She smiled faintly, appreciating the quiet in which they sat. Bending, she rustled through her books to find something to occupy her time as she waited. When she no longer heard him typing, she looked up.

“How are you, Ms. Caine?” he asked. He had turned to face her.

“I’m well.”

“I wanted to see you before your break. You left so quickly last weekend. Is there a reason why you couldn’t have woke me?” Petrov’s steely eyes glowed at her. He didn’t exactly appear to be angry, but Alex felt the tension. Her response was to open and close her mouth several times in effort to think of an answer that she could give him.

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” she finally answered.

“I see.” Petrov sat back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head. “That is the reason?”

“Yes?” Alex once again answered. Dammit. She felt as though she were in class offering a poor response to a difficult question.

“Alex,” Petrov breathed her name out as if he was annoyed. “Is there some sort of issue that you have that we need to discuss?”

Immediately Alex was on the defensive, her chin lifting as she sat rigid in her chair. “I don’t have an issue with you.” She spoke the words rapidly, barking them out without raising her voice.

“I see,” he said again.

“What exactly is it that you think you see?” she asked waving her left hand to the side. They were back to the verbal parry and thrust that bothered her so.

“You’re afraid of me.”

“I’m what?” Her voice rose. “I’m not afraid of you.” She was very aware of her words sounding like those of a petulant child.

Petrov smiled thinly. “Then why did you leave the other night without telling me?”

Alex sighed and sat back in her chair. What could she possibly tell him that would make sense and not make her sound foolish? “I was uncomfortable,” she finally offered her response. “I didn’t know if I was supposed to stay.” It was a feeble explanation, but it was all that she could think to give him that wouldn’t seem so utterly ridiculous.

Taking a long exaggerated breath through his nose, Petrov shook his head. “I’ve spoken with several of your professors. They speak highly of you. You’re a bright young woman. This is the best reason you could come up with?”

“Exactly what would you like for me to say?” she asked, a quick flicker flashing in her eyes as she pressed her temper into check.

“The truth, perhaps?”

“The truth? I’m not lying to you,” she retorted. “No wait, wait. The truth. The truth is that we fuck and go. That’s the truth. I don’t have a problem with it; you don’t seem to have a problem with it. If I leave your bed after we ‘fuck’, without waking you, I don’t see where I’m suddenly being offensive. I’m not the one who seems to have the problem here.” Alex found herself on her feet. Petrov glared at her from behind his desk.

“Do you ‘fuck’ all your professors, Alex? Is this the usual relationship that you have with them? If ‘it’ is no big deal to you, after all.” The words were precise and stung.

Alex reeled then struck back. “First, you may call me Ms. Caine, Dr. Petrov. Secondly, my relationship with any other professor is my business, not yours. And I will not even dignify your words with a response.” She reached for her book bag, preparing to leave. She felt the anger churning inside of etimesgut escort bayan her. How dare he? How dare he call her what he just insinuated? How dare he think that she was the type of student who randomly slept with her professors?

As she turned to leave, Petrov left his chair and with three steps of his long legs, stood between Alex and the door.

“Move,” she said firmly.


“No?” The man was unbelievable!

“No,” he said again, this time softly. Alex waited and her mind raced. She could struggle to get around him, but it seemed so ridiculous, so… so… fake. Real people didn’t block each other from leaving a room, especially in circumstances like these. Real people said nasty things to one another and abruptly left. In her experience, that was the end of it. This was unusual, and Alex did not know what to do. Ironically, her first thought was that she didn’t want to make a scene.

Petrov made the first move. He stepped closer and put his hands on Alex’s shoulders before sliding them down her arms. His hands held her firmly, almost painfully squeezing. Alex pulled back, and when Petrov did not let go, she twisted.

As she spun around, Petrov loosened his grip enough to let her slide until he was able to get a hold of her once more. Alex dropped her book bag in the process and Petrov yanked her back towards him and against his large frame, wrapping his arms around her.

Alex shut her eyes tightly, wincing in frustration. The smell of Petrov warped her senses and she drunk him in deep. She felt her head shaking ‘no’, but she stopped pulling away. Petrov rubbed his face in her hair, inhaling as his fingers flexed on her arms. “Alex…” he whispered.

Yet again, Alex’s better sense gave way to her raging libido. She let Petrov push her face first against the wall, his hands roaming her body frantically from her shoulders to her hips. She moaned as knowing fingers reached under her arms and around to her breasts where he pinched and twisted her already tightening nipples. She felt the wetness leak out of her body and saturate the crotch of her underwear. The man seemed to touch her at just the right moment. Her palms pressed the wall in front of her as Petrov buried his face in Alex’s neck, biting at her flesh, punishing her.

“Do you fuck all your other professors, Alex?” he demanded crudely into her ear.

“No,” she panted as Petrov continued to torturously play with her nipples, rolling them through her shirt.

“Just one?” he bit her shoulder through the material.

“Yes!” Alex flinched under his teeth. Petrov’s hands left her breasts and he roughly undid Alex’s jeans before yanking them down to her ankles, pulling her underwear down at the same time. Alex jerked under the assault, but with her pants around her ankles, she could do little but keep her balance. Petrov wrapped his fingers in Alex’s hair and turned her to face him. His mouth smothered hers as his tongue thrust brutally into her mouth while his body pressed firmly against her as she struggled. Insistent lips crushed pliant ones and he fucked his tongue deep, in and out, holding her still with a fistful of auburn curls. When he finally released her, it was only to bend and strip her pants over one foot, dragging a shoe off in the process. Before Alex could react, Petrov stabbed two fingers inside of her yearning pussy, burying them.

“Oh… god!” Alex cried out weakly as he used her with his hand. She could hear the sounds coming from between her legs, the slick wetness betraying her. She hated her body for its reaction, but she was unwilling to deny her need.

With his free hand, Petrov undid the front of his pants and pulled his solid cock from its confines. He stroked it just as furiously, pumping it, jerking at it until it reached its full length. Alex leaned against the wall, drunk on the lewd encounter. Petrov finger-fucked her angrily before spreading her plump lower lips with two fingers while he rubbed relentlessly at her tender clit with his middle finger. His touch sent a burning bolt from the tiny button down through her thighs as she struggled to remain standing upon shaking legs.

“Not here,” she whimpered.

“No? Where then? The library? The hallway?” Petrov’s hands suddenly seized the back of her thighs as he bent at his knees. He lifted her, flattening Alex’s back against the wall. Petrov wedged himself between her spread thighs. Instinctively Alex clung to his shoulders, her fingers curled into Petrov’s shirt as he leaned into her. Again his mouth covered hers and he kissed her hard, stealing her breath as he sucked on her tongue. She felt his cock pressing into her, seeking her warmth, a fleshy diving rod that knew where to find its mark. She turned her head and looked at the unlocked door. What if someone came in?

However, her silent worries went unanswered. Petrov thrust against her, the swollen head of his stiff prick aiming for the moist opening hidden between Alex’s parting nether lips. He sincan escort rolled his hips and slid the tip along her slit before forcing himself slowly inside. His breathing was loud in her ear as he nuzzled the delicate skin of her neck.

Alex gave one last protest, knowing already that it was far too late to stop. “We shouldn’t—” she grunted as Petrov buried his cock completely, his full length wrapped inside her velvet clutch. He ignored her as he ground his pelvis against her crotch, rotating his hips in a sensual dance. His teeth grazed her skin, biting softly as first. Alex wrapped her arms around Petrov’s neck. She hugged her body to his as he plunged his cock repeatedly in and out of her yielding body, each time her back slamming into the wall from the force of their fucking. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held on as he took the opportunity to push up the front of her sweater and yank down the cups of her bra. The undergarment served to lift her breasts up, the mounds quivering as he thrust into her. Her brown nipples offered themselves to his mouth, and he bathed them with his tongue before biting her again, this time roughly chewing on the flesh.

Alex could feel her pussy contracting around Petrov. Her muscles flexed over the hard maleness of him, rippling along his shaft as he fucked her vigorously. The feeling was exquisite. The hot pressure building inside of Alex made her mind swirl, and she pictured how they must look, Petrov’s strong tall frame pinning her petite one to the wall, using her for his own pleasure while she thrashed blissfully under him. We must look hungry, she thought fuzzily, half-dressed and desperate to feed our lust. She bit her lip as Petrov released a nipple from his mouth and slammed into her as hard as he could. He held himself deep, his forehead resting against hers, his blue eyes staring possessively. She wanted to close her eyes, to escape him, but she stared back, captivated.

Petrov didn’t move, but Alex could feel his cock throbbing inside her. It seemed as though he was waiting, but for what Alex could not guess. Her lower lip trembled as tiny pants escaped her mouth. Before she could react, the phone on Petrov’s desk interrupted their coupling.

It rang several times before Petrov moved, holding Alex to him as he spun around and sat down into the chair she had earlier occupied. He kept his cock buried inside her body as he reached for the phone. She sat straddling him, her legs bent while he kept one hand locked on her hip.

“Yes?” he said calmly as he put the receiver to his ear. A small smile played over his lips. “Not at all,” he answered someone, “I was just settling in.”

Alex attempted to lift herself up. Petrov frowned and wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her tightly. She could make out a man’s voice on the other end of the call, yet she could not hear what was being said. Petrov smiled again, this time a bit wickedly. When he spoke again, it was in Russian.

It was unsettling, to say the least. Petrov continued to speak in a language that he knew Alex didn’t understand, his eyes casually roaming her exposed breasts. He lifted his hips slightly, moving his cock inside her. Uncomfortable and somewhat intimidated, Alex tried again to climb from Petrov’s lap. Petrov responded by shaking his head ‘no’ and balancing the phone between his ear and shoulder, he reached up and caught her by the hair. He held her still. His other hand moved to her right nipple. Impaled on Petrov’s cock, Alex squirmed as he rolled the tender bud between his thumb and finger. Several times he chuckled into the phone and she had an uneasy feeling that he was telling the stranger on the other side exactly what he was up to. He met her gaze occasionally, watching her reaction. She could bear no more and closed her eyes.

“Do svidaniya,” he finally said and replaced the receiver back on the phone.

Alex and Petrov stared at one another. She could feel his cock flexing faintly inside her. “Fuck me,” he whispered.

Alex placed her hands on Petrov’s shoulders as she lifted her body slightly, rocking towards him and pressing her hips forward as she slid up. Petrov’s cock began to slip from her depths, but before his member slithered free, Alex leaned back and lowered her body onto Petrov’s thighs, once again burying him inside her. She repeated the motion, each time tightening her pussy around his length as she rose upwards, the walls of her sex grasping eagerly at the firm cock positioned so perfectly between her thighs. Alex rode Petrov, her fingers squeezing the broad shoulders of the man who infuriated her as much as he aroused her. Tossing her head back, her face lifted, Alex fucked Petrov for all she was worth.

Hands wrapped around Alex’s hips steadying her body as the rhythm of their lovemaking increased in wild tempo. Petrov watched his young lover: the brilliant blue eyes shimmering through half-closed lids, the parted red lips that were tasted every so often by an excited pink tongue, the flushed cheeks, the angry red curls that bounced in time to Alex’s primal dance… All the shades seemed alive against her soft pale skin. He doubted that she knew just how beautiful she was at this moment, her body free of her mind’s restrictions. Petrov closed his own eyes and tilted his head back. He would cum soon.

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