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PIssy PublicistI pause to catch my breath from jogging down the street and text…Ric: You there?Five minutes pass, just walking fast now… hear a ‘bing’ in my earbuds and look down at my tablet…Eve: Hi! Yes. :^)Still walking, I text back…Ric: Good! Fun in NYC?Eve: Yes… no… In taxi.Ric: Where to?Eve: Dinner.Ric: Place I recommended?I’m walking and trying to text, trip over a curb fall flat on my face. I get up, keep walking and look for her reply on my tablet. Eve: OFC. Ric: ^__^Eve: Only in the U.S. two more days. Come to me!I stop this time to type out a longer reply.Ric: Awww… Sweetie, I want to, only a 3 hr flight, but can’t… We’ve talked about this, right? Publicist went ape-shit when she found out we camsex. Meet? NW! Banned by her to even show face before book release, remember?Eve: Yes… pissy publicist! Still want you. :DRic: Same here… You with hubby?Eve: Yes. :^( YOU should be here!Ric: LOL, I love your determination!Eve: Pfft… want to make love to YOU!Ric: As always, you’re making me hard at the thought. Hey, that restaurant is a great place. You’ll enjoy it.Eve: Gotta go, we’re there. Skype sex later. Kisses.I rearrange myself in my trousers. Traffic is horrible so I keep jogging despite the heat. Twenty minutes pass… I finally arrive at my destination. A bit out of breath I get a seat at the bar and type out another message on my tablet.Ric: You there? Like the restaurant? ^__^Two minutes pass…Eve: Yes to both. Teleport here, fuck me. LOL!Ric: Ha, ha, haaa… want to! Hubby doesn’t mind you texting at dinner?Eve: He thinks I’m chatting with mom. LOL, doesn’t dare say no.Ric: You wearing that short-skirted, black dress you showed me?Eve: Mmmm… yes… For YOU, not him.Ric: LOL, making me hard again. Damn!Eve: Mmmm… I want to see it… hard… now!Ric: Really? While at dinner? I can… want me to?Eve: Yes!!!Ric: Hmmm… well… first tell me… are you enjoying that crab dish?Eve: Yes, how know?Ric: I love the pearl necklace and gold bracelet.Eve: Yes!! WTF!?Ric: Is there a man wearing a black t-shirt and blue blazer staring at you from the bar?Eve: OMG!! You!!!!I smile and run a finger along my nose and then type…Ric: Fuck my pissy publicist…. Flew in today. Fuck you, NOW! LOL!Eve stops eating and is staring at me. I can see from thirty feet away her nipples standing out against the silk of her low cut dress. Her hand goes to her throat, slides down her blouse to touch one of them and she runs her tongue across her lips. My erection is getting crushed in my pants. She picks up her phone and pecks out another message. I realize I’m leering at her and turn away to see what she typed.Eve: WANT YOU!! Wet for you!!!Ric: Yes…?!I see her talking to her husband. Then she slips off the bench seat, the skirt of her dress rises and I can see her black lace panties. God damn, I’m so fucking horny. Five months of online joking, intimate talks, and camsex and now she’s almost in reach!She walks, no struts, in her four inch heels toward the back of the restaurant. What a magnificent ass! She turns, casts a glance over her shoulder, and smiles. My god, the heat and lust in her expression, I imagine all the nations in the world going to war for a moment with this woman… and… she’s mine! I toss my tablet and jacket on the bar and scramble off my stool to bornova escort follow.As I round the corner, I see a door flap shut and hurry to it. ‘Ladies Room’ is painted in big gold letters. I look and no one is around. But is Eve alone in there? God damn! I’m so fucking hard I don’t care and go inside.She’s waiting, leaning against the counter of the double sink ten feet away. Her panties are dangling from one hand. When she sees me, she hops up on the marble top, grins, and opens her arms, “I want you now, my love!”I charge, grab her shoulders and kiss her hard. Her long legs spread wide, wrap around and clamp my waist. The heat from her pussy flares against my crotch. I strip off my t-shirt while she frantically zips down my pants and pulls my belt free. My dick springs free of my shorts and strikes my stomach with an audible smack. Eve gasps and blurts, “It’s even bigger in person!!”I’m bursting with lust, grabbing her breasts, twisting her nipples so hard she moans and then yelps. She grabs my cock two-handed like a baseball bat and whispers, “I’ve wanted to grip that monster for months.”“Jesus God,” escapes my lips as she pulls the head of my cock toward her hot wet pussy.I’ve seen every bit of her taut body from her toes, to her flat stomach and soft, natural breasts but never higher than her upper lip. For the first time, her startling green eyes are now inches from mine. As I push the head of my cock inside, her eyes go wide, and she gasps.My flesh feels on fire and I try to press further but she puts both hands on my chest, stopping me. “Darling!” Then she laughs, a sound like silver bells. “Slowly, sweetie. We’ve waited sooo long.”Seeing I was in control again, she searches my face. I can only hope the smile on her face means she is pleased, sees a masculine jaw and that the blue eyes staring back are as bright as I claimed. She slowly trails her fingernails down my chest, and then below, outlining each lobe of the six-pack abs I work so hard to perfect for our cam sessions. I’m shivering from this light contact, now almost completely distracted from the throbbing between my legs.For months I wanted to meet this woman, talk to her in person, make love to her. I want this to be a time we remember forever. I relax my pressure between her legs, lean over to kiss her, then stutter, “Yes, y…y…yes, slowly.” My chest is heaving. I want this to be her fantasy as much as mine. I trace my fingers around her hard nipples and she moans. “Like that, yes, just like we talked. Mmmmm.” The lust in her voice makes the pulse in my cock throb even harder and I stumble forward.She grasps my cock again in one hand to stop me, looks down realizing she can’t fully encircle it, giggles, “You told me but I still can’t believe it!” Then she grabs my balls with the other hand and pulls me three inches inside her.It’s the softest cushion in the world but encased in liquid fire. “Ah, god…”I feel my balls tighten as she massages them. I watch her face, angelic, framed in soft brown hair. Her legs tense, her breath is coming in short pants as I trace her body from her clit up to her nipples and around her neck and ears. “Oh darling,” purrs out of her soft lips, and she pulls my thick rod another three inches toward bornova escort bayan her.Juice is pouring out of her pussy over my cock. I grasp a buttock in each hand, part them slightly and lift her off the counter. I can wait no longer. In one final thrust I bury the last three inches of my cock and feel my balls slap her ass.“Jesus, fuck, Ric!”I laugh, “Yes, call to me, say my name Eve.”She give a full throated laugh and calls, “Ric… Ric… Ric!”Excited beyond all bounds, yet I still go slowly, partially sliding my cock in and out a dozen times, afraid to hurt her, wanting her arousal to build. Then four simple words gush breathlessly from her lips, “Ric… fuck me hard…”I lose it. I pull out half my full length and shove it inside her. One… two… three… and then as fast as you can count, bashing, jamming with no thought other than the lust of the moment.She lets out a sharp cry that I imagine is heard in the main restaurant.That’s it; I’m a wild man now. I’m pounding the shit out of her. My full nine inches, thick as her wrist, stretching her cunt with each full in-and-out stroke. She’s clawing at my back, gotta be bloody furrows it stings so much and she screams, “God damn, Ric, god damn!”I don’t care about the searing pain of the gouges and increase my pace. I’m at a loss for the right words and then say in between gasping breaths, “Eve… you are… heaven on earth.”Through the mask of ecstasy on her face, she graces me with a sweet smile, reaches up with one hand and touches my face, “Of course I am, my love.”Which makes me even crazier… After ten minutes of steady fucking, the only sounds in the room are our heavy breathing, an occasional “oh my god” and the thudding of her head against the plate glass mirror above the sinks. Then, the door to the Ladies Room swings open. We both freeze.It’s a young woman, quite beautiful. I can see her expression reflected in the mirror behind Eve. At first she’s startled and then she grins. She calmly walks over to the sink next to us and begins to wash her hands. When she finishes she stares at Eve’s bare breasts, my half-embedded cock in her pussy, and laughs. “I only wish I was impaled on that!”With that she gets behind me, “Don’t let me spoil your rhythm,” and begins to pull and push on my hips, her pelvis hard against my ass. I can the girls breath on my neck and the heat from her mound through her thin dress as I move with her motion. Eve also begins to loosen up again and her pelvis pivot on the counter beat. Satisfied, the woman moves to my side, casts a glance at Eve and gives me a slap on the ass. “Fuck her good!” And then walks out of the bathroom. Like I need encouragement! On a fast metronome beat, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out; I continue the rhythmic full length stroke. Only a few minutes pass. Her eyes roll up, her breath comes in short gasps, and her face flushes. The approach of her orgasm is driving me to the edge but I want her to cum first.I set her down on the counter top and reach between her legs with one hand and part the hood above her clit. Now a giant knob of flesh, I begin to thumb it at the same pace as my stroking. Her legs grip me tighter, her lips part and the tip of her tongue flickers into view.“Oh god, Ric. Oh my god.”She escort bornova grasps the edge of the counter top, I can see her whole body straining, every muscle in her athletic torso tightening. Jesus her pussy is so hot and tight. And my cock, it’s slick and glistening from her, so wet that that thatch of hair on my belly is dripping. I feel her tense and then her whole body starts to jerk. “Ahhhhh…..” Her stomach muscles clench, and she slumps to the marble top. I grab her thighs so she doesn’t slide off the table top and feel her buttocks spasm repeatedly in the palms of my hands. God what a turn on as she rasps out, “Ric! Fucking hell!”The spasms lessen and she gently tries to push me away but I thrust my full length on the same beat without pause. Hands now frantically pressing against my chest, she blurts, “Enough. Fuck Ric, enough!”I ignore her feeble pushes and keep bashing against her, my ball sack slapping her pussy lips and say, “Not… till…. you… orgasm….again.”She grabs hold of the counter again, a look of amazement on her face but begins to heave her hips in time with my thrusts. A few minutes later, her breath is once again coming in irregular gasps. I feel her legs scrabbling behind me. One four inch heel is locks under my ass, the other jams in my butt crack. She stiffens, lets out a low moan and melts onto the counter top, every muscle trembling.“Eve, I can’t hold it!”What a woman she is. She lifts up, kisses me, and whispers in my ears, “Cum. Cum now!”I can wait no longer but remember a chat we had months ago and pull out. I quickly toss my t-shirt across her dress for which I receive a smile of gratitude. Then she lunges, two handing my bobbing erection and starts jacking me. On the third tug, I explode. My first spurt clears the t-shirt and strikes her in the lips. She laughs, licks and doesn’t miss a beat with my meat-rod. Two more jerks and I cum again, this time hitting the mirror behind her. Her eyes light up and I cum the last time in a slow steady stream all over her hands and my shirt. She legs go with one hand and puts one cum covered finger in her mouth to suck on it.Then my legs give way but she sits up and pulls me onto her. I feel her cum covered hands slick on my back. I can smell her sweat, the lilac of her perfume. She whispers in my ear, “So glad you pissed on your publicist,” and we slide to the floor laughing in each other’s arms.Minutes pass, sanity returns to us both as we hug each other on the floor. I look down, see we didn’t ruin her dress. She checks as well and exclaims, “Ric, your shirt! What’re you going to do?”“Don’t worry. I’ll rinse it, wear it backwards, something. Still have my jacket back at the bar.” I pause, remember where we are and exclaim, “You need to get back to hubby before he comes after you.”She just shrugs her shoulders and runs her fingers down my chest. “Sure. Lips first.” We share a long passionate kiss, her tongue gently exploring inside my mouth, tasting the saltiness of my own cum in her mouth. Her hands reach down and begin caressing my half erect cock.“God’s Eve, you want me hard again?”She smiles, giggles. “Yes, of course,” but relinquishes her hold and stands up.I get up, wrap my arms around her and chuckle. “So, should I piss on my publicist again? Say tomorrow night… about 2:00 am… your hotel room door?”“Mmm… yes, hubby’ll be asleep. I’ll be ready.” With a quick stab here and there to her hair in the mirror, she walks out of the Ladies Room leaving me standing naked, pants around my ankles. with a cum covered t-shirt in my hand. What a woman!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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