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Hair Pulling

PLANS CHANGEI once heard, “If you want to make God laugh. Just tell him your plans.” And found out how true that was.You see my name is Chris, and this is my tale of how that happened to me. It all began back when I was naive and young. Right out of high school at the ripe age of 18, I married my high school sweetheart Jessica. We were on top of the world and Jessica was the love of my life. She was the women who melted my heart, and I had the rest of my life to enjoy how happy she made me. Jess and I worked out a way to finish our education. I worked full-time for a construction company that supported us while she attended the local college. After she got her degree and a good job I would go back and get mine.We were married two years when we had our first big change. Jess told me she was pregnant and nine month later gave birth to a wonderful baby girl that we named Jennie after Jessica’s Grandmother. Jennie resembled her mother with just a touch of me. I was extremely happy about that. Since I never consider myself to be handsome, even though Jess expressed I was.So with the birth of our daughter came new life challenges. Jess took some time off school and raised our daughter until she could be left with my Mother (Lauren) or the daycare, which was expensive but necessary, and I had to take on another part-time job in the evening just to make ends meet Things started to look up for us. Jess was just four months away from finishing her classes, and this heavy burden would soon be merely a memory. Alternatively, so I thought.I’ll never forget that horrible day. I got a call at work from the police telling me Jess was in a car accident, and that she was rushed to the hospital. I raced to be by her side but was greeted by a doctor who gave me the news. My wife was gone…I fell to my knees in horror as the thought of her not being by my side left me numb. Words could not express the emptiness and pain I felt.My parents and Jess’s tired to ease my grief, but it was clear I was lost in self-sorrow. I struggled through the funeral and dealt with all the impossible details that came with it.Jess’s parents had an insurance policy on her, and they helped with the funeral expenses. They even offered to give me what money was left to help with raising Jen. However, at the time I was so lost and confused I didn’t want to talk about it.Six months later and I still struggled with not wanting to continue, and I fell into a dark place that I didn’t want to leave. If I didn’t have Jennie, I’m sure I would have ended my misery.Mom did her best to help me out, but she was going through her own hell at the time. My father had been diagnosed with cancer, which after treatment, it went into submission. You would think that would have made him appreciate his family more. But in reality, it did the opposite. He spent more time away from home. And on numerous occasions, Mom caught him cheating with younger women. I’m not sure why she stayed with him after that, but she did.Mom wound up spending more time over at my small apartment watching my daughter than she did at her house. I offered on a number of occasions to drop Jen off at her place, but she liked the idea of getting out of her empty home.Mom tried her best to shake me out of my slump and would pester me into going out on dates. The problem was I didn’t feel up to it. The thought of finding a woman to replace my Jess didn’t interest me. In my mind, there wasn’t a woman in the world that could fill her shoes.However, to please Mom, I did make an effort, and of course, they all ended horribly. Finally, after months of Mom pushing me to enjoy life again, I stood my ground and challenged her.”Mom you’re so worried about my happiness, what about yours. Why don’t you go out and enjoy life yourself?” I said.I think I shocked her with that comment because she fired back with how she was too old to enjoy life.Mind you my mother is only 20 years my senior, which I wouldn’t consider old by any means. I knew I wanted to help her out for all she’s done for me and decided to get her involved whether she wanted to or not.”Mom if you want me to go out and enjoy myself, then so do you. If you’d like we can go see a movie or hit a club for a short time this Friday. I’ll find a sitter for the night.”Mom thought about it and finally caved. We settled on seeing a movie, and that was the start of my life taking another turn.I picked Mom up at her house, and as she stepped out I had to wonder when the last time was she went anywhere. She looked great but was definitely over dressed for just a movie. Mom wore a long dark-blue dress that swayed nicely as she walked. Her hair and face were done up, and I had to comment on her appearance.”Mom you do know it’s just a movie… right?”Mom smiled and replied. “I can’t go looking like an old hag.”Her response got my temper going. And I couldn’t stand hearing her put herself down.”Mom… Stop calling yourself that. I don’t know who put that notion in your head. But believe me, you’re far from being a hag., In fact; you’re downright gorgeous.”Mom blushed as I helped her inside the car, and we drove to the theater.I can honestly say I enjoyed myself that night. Mom’s presence next to me seemed to soothe my soul, and I felt almost like my old self again as we watched the flick. The pain I had felt was put aside, and I actually found myself wanting to do other things. As the night ended and I dropped Mom off at home. I admitted how much I enjoyed her company, and she kissed my cheek and told me the same before she walked back to her front door.The following weekend rolled around, and we decided to do it again. I was happy to see Mom dressed more casual this time, but she still couldn’t help asking if what she had on was okay.”Mom… You look great.” I comment. Which I know most men would say to rush their woman out of the house, but the fact was she did. Mom wore a pair of blue jeans and a nice light blue sweater top. Her hair and face of course were again done to the max. And I couldn’t help but notice how the makeup had accented her blue eyes. I’m sure they were always that blue, but tonight they stood out more.Again, we had a wonderful time at the movies. The show was a comedy love story with a fantastic ending, and I found myself wishing it wasn’t over. I was enjoying our time out so much, I suggested we could stop by a club and have one glass of wine before calling it a night.I think Mom felt the same as she happily agreed with my idea, and we drove to a club that wasn’t far from her house.The club had a dark atmosphere and was set up nice with a bunch of booths that surround the dance floor. The other great thing was they didn’t blast the sound system so you could actually have a conversation while still enjoying the music.Mom and I had our glass of wine and talked about everything and nothing. Time seemed to fly as our conversation went on. As an upbeat song played I noticed Mom’s foot begin to tap to the beat, and I asked if she’d like to dance. At first, she shied away from my request but our one glass of wine turned into two, and then three. By the fourth glass, she finally bahis siteleri accepted my offer, and we hit the dance floor.I never knew my mother was such a great dancer, and we tore up the floor for the rest of the night. We stayed until closing, and I called a cab since I was sure it wouldn’t be safe driving in our condition.As the cab pulled up to Mom’s house, she gave me a kiss goodnight. I was surprised at first when instead of my cheek Mom placed it on my lips, and a sudden rush of pleasure raced through my body. I swear it touched my soul. A part of me that I had forgotten had been awakened like a sleeping dragon.Mom’s kiss was only a fraction of a second but felt as if her lips were still touching mine as she walked away.I thought about that kiss while the taxi driver drove me home, and once more after I paid the sitter for watching Jen for the night. There was something magical in that kiss that made me feel like a person once again. No, not a person, it made me feel like a man.My mind was spinning as I plopped my tired body on my bed. I just lay there and reminisced over the entire night. However, the more I thought over our wonderful night the longer I pictured Mom and how she danced flawlessly. I’m not sure if it was the booze or not, but my psyche began to produce more intimate images of Mom as her body motioned to the music. My attention drew to the way her breasts bounced to the beat, and how her hips swayed to the tempo. My eyes strolled up her from her chest until I was staring at her wonderful smile as her shiny long blonde hair flowed across her face and shoulders. I couldn’t believe it, but I felt my penis twitch and begin to increase in size.I couldn’t understand how I was getting hard picturing my mother, and I knew I should have been shocked by this unthinkable body response. Nevertheless, for some strange reason it didn’t feel perverted at all. As a matter of fact, it felt wonderful.I feel asleep with those sultry images and awoke late the next morning feeling like a new man. My depression had all but disappeared and for the first time I didn’t awake thinking back over what I had with Jess, but instead wondered what Mom was doing. I found myself wanting to see her again. I couldn’t help but hop out of bed and give her a call.Mom had just woken up herself, and even though she said she had a great time, her voice told me another story. She couldn’t fool me and finally admitted that Dad never came home last night, and she fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to arrive.I could feel the anger growing inside me. Again, Dad took advantage of Mom’s wonderful, and forgiving personality. I really didn’t care at the point if the old fucker ever came home. In my mind, the best thing would be for him to just leave and never come back.I tried to cheer Mom up, but it seemed hopeless. Until I thought of something she couldn’t turn down.”Mom it’s a beautiful day outside. Why don’t you spend it with me and Jen at the park? I know she’d love to spend the day with you.”I could hear Mom’s breath over the phone, and then she asked me a very strange question.”And what about you, do you want me to come?”I felt compelled to tell her my new-found feelings, but instead I held back.”Mom there isn’t another woman I would want to spend my time with. Well, except my daughter.” I chuckled.I could tell that lightened her mood, and she agreed to do it.I was happier than a pig in shit. But as I rushed to get my daughter and I ready, I vaguely remembered I left my car at the club and once again had to call a taxi to retrieve my automobile before picking Mom up. I found myself anxiously waiting to see what clothes Mom chosen to wear to the park. I wasn’t disappointed in her choice. Mom walked out wearing a pair of white shorts that hugged tight to her slim waste with a pair of open sandals covered her feet. Her top was a light pink buttoned short-sleeve shirt, and again, I caught myself watching Mom’s hips sway while she walked. I opened the door for her, and she slid inside. But, as Mom sat my eyes caught a quick glance down her shirt and revealed the white lacey bra that covered her soft bosom. I quickly commented how nice she looked as I closed the door and went over to the driver side.We went to the park located just outside of town since it’s close and had some k**dy rides that Jennie could enjoy. However, when it came time to ride on them, I insisted Mom should go with Jennie instead of me. I thoroughly liked seeing them both together and having fun.Just like the night before, the day flew by, and as we made our way back to the vehicle. I put my arm around Mom as she pushed Jen’s stroller and over heard a couple as they passed by say how happy we looked together. I wasn’t sure if Mom overheard them, and quickly I blurted out.”So Mom did you have a good time.” “Yes… Yes I did. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun as I’ve experienced over the last week with you.”Mom’s words touched my heart, and I pulled her closer with the arm that dangled over her shoulder. I felt compelled to stop and embrace her body. I wanted to feel that magical kiss once again, but I didn’t.We engaged in more small talk as I drove Mom home and found myself interested in all she said. Mom began to tell me stuff she never mentioned before. She was opening herself up and telling me her hopes and dreams. The stuff a mother and son wouldn’t discuss so openly, and I found myself remembering back to when Jess, and I had these conversations.Mom suddenly stopped her talking as I pulled up the driveway and saw why. Dad was washing a bright-red vet. I read Mom’s face as her show of happiness quickly faded.”Christ what did he do now.” I heard Mom say as she stepped out of the car without even saying good-bye.Jennie was sleeping in the back, and I felt I should leave before Mom confronted Dad over his new toy. I was sure it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.What a selfish ass. I thought as I looked in the review mirror and saw my father yelling with his hands while Mom stood with her hands on her hips.I made it home and gently carried my daughter inside. She was sleeping soundly as I laid her tiny body inside her crib. I stood over her and watched her as a tear tracked down my face.I found myself thinking over how she would never get to know how wonderful her mother was.I then thought of how much Mom had been filling those shoes and wished she was standing next to me.The phone rang and snapped me out of my trance as I quickly answered it before it woke Jennie.It was Mom calling to say how sorry she was for rushing out without saying good-bye and told me everything that happened as I drove away.Mom explained how Dad went over the deep end. Not only did he buy a new car, but planned on renting an apartment in the city. “Can you believe he thinks I should be okay with the idea?” Mom said as her voice cracked.”Mom… Please calm down. I… I don’t know what to say except, He’s treating you like a piece of crap. I hate to say this, but you deserve someone who would appreciate all you have to offer.””Thank you honey but it’s too late for me. This is the hand I was canlı bahis dealt, and I have to play it.””That’s such bullshit!” I said. “You’re too much of a wonderful woman to have to settle for this. Toss dad out and move on. The only person that thinks it’s too late is you.””Thanks honey. At least, I have you to cry to.””I’ll always be there for you Mom. Now pick yourself up and move on.””I’ll have another talk with your father when he gets back.””Back!!!” He’s gone again? Jesus Mom!” I said but to loudly, and I heard Jennie begin to cry. So did Mom and I was forced to hurry off the line. However, before I hung up the phone I told her how she had to start thinking about her own happiness.”It took me an hour of rocking Jen back to sleep. I almost dozed off myself when I heard a tap on my door.I was shocked to see it was Mom and waved her in while I whispered, “What are you doing here?”Mom entered my little apartment, and we made our way into the other room before she explained how she didn’t want to be alone. What I told her had finally sunk in, and she didn’t want to think about it anymore. She needed to be around people that made her happy.”Mom you can stay as long as you like.” I said as I went to Jen’s room to check on her once again.Mom followed and we both stood over looking at my daughter as she slept.Mom whispered how content she looked and wished she could feel that secure.I needed to snap Mom out of this mood. I know the dark place she was heading towards, far too well. And I couldn’t let her go there. Not after she pulled me out of my own depths of despair. It was my turn to save her.I waved Mom out of the room and closed the door before I motioned Mom over to my tiny sofa couch.”Mom we had such a fantastic time last night and today. I can’t let dad steal that away from us. I think instead of just sitting around hear moping, we should go do it again.””Do what again? You mean the club? No… I couldn’t, not dressed like this.”Mom hadn’t changed since the park, and I knew she was correct. Her light top and shorts wouldn’t be that warm once the sun had finally set.However, I remember something. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of Jess’s clothes and had them nicely folded in boxes I placed in my closet.”Mom you can wear something of Jess’s.” I hesitantly said.Mom looked surprised by my offer and made another comment that put her down.”Thank you Chris but I’m sure I would never fit into Jessica’s clothes. I’m nowhere near her size.”This again wasn’t true and I survived over her skinning firm body before I told her to at least try something on before making an assumption like that.Mom and I both lightly bickered over her trying on Jess’s apparel before she finally caved and went into my closet.I sat on the couch for about a half-hour before my bedroom door opened, and Mom came out.My jaw dropped as Mom gracefully swooshed back into the living. I couldn’t believe how hot she looked as she posed before me wearing Jess’s little black sequenced dress. The dress went high on her upper thigh and had a deep plunge in the front that dipped between her bosoms. Mom spun around and asked what I thought, as I admired how the open back of the dress went to her lower back and exposed more of her soft flesh to me. It was quite obvious Mom had to be topless under the tiny material that taunted me, and my eyes focused on her plump breast when she finished her spin.”Earth to Chris,” I heard, as Mom’s face blushed, and I noticed where she was looking.I was so entranced by her sexy appearance, I didn’t realize my trousers bulged and became quite visible.It was my turn to be red-faced as I quickly apologized.”It’s okay Chris. It’s natural for a guy to umm… Have that happen. So what do you think; too much?” Mom asked as she pulled her arms out to her sides and slowly twirled again.I was barely able to say. “Are you k**ding me?!” I said, as my eyes drank in her beauty once again.Mom’s finishing touch was a pair of black high heels that had long black straps that crisscrossed up her leg and stop short just below the knee.”Mom you look fantastic.” I said as I did my best to conceal my unelected growth.I excused myself and headed into my bedroom to change into something that would complement Mom’s attire. I felt giddy as I got ready and couldn’t wait to show off the gorgeous woman that would be by my side.I called the baby sitter again and expressed it might be another late-night and was happy she didn’t have a problem with that. But then Mom made the suggestion, we should also take a taxi, just in case we get carried away again. We went to the same club as the night before and even sat at the same table. The place wasn’t that crowded since it was still early, and I began to notice how the other guys there kept glancing over at us. I was sure it wasn’t me but Mom that drew their attention, and I felt like a million dollars knowing they wished they were me.We started the night off with a glass of wine, and again, we engaged in conversation, and I became engrossed with Mom’s fantasy as she told me how she wanted to sail around the world and visit far exotic places.he wine flowed around the table and we both became very relaxed. Finally, we again took to the dance floor and let ourselves go. The way Mom danced and moved in that little devil dress was affecting me deeply, and my new-found passion for her was building into a sexual want. I once again found it hard to control my penis from showing my unacceptable desire.I thought I had a reprieve when the music changed from a fast passed beat to a slow soft love sound, and I turn to make my way to our table. But Mom grabbed my hand before I could make my escape and pulled me towards her.”Don’t leave, I love this song.” Mom said as she pulled me close to her. I moved my hands to Mom’s waste as we slowly swayed to the music.Mom’s hands were lightly around my neck as she placed her cheek against my chest. My heart pounded in my chest as her closeness filled my senses. I could smell Mom’s perfume and her soft bosom pressing against my chest as she hummed the song.Mom’s body moved closer, and I felt my stiff dick I tried so hard to keep concealed pressed against her body. Mom paused for a second, and I knew my secret was out, but instead of pulling away Mom pushed closer as our bodies rocked back and forth to music. My breath grew deeper, and my hands gripped Mom’s hips. I was lost in the Moment when Mom lifted her head and lightly spoke.”I wish we can stay like this.” And I felt her pull on my neck drawing our faces closer with each other until our lips pressed passionately together. I felt that magical spark once again rush through my body as our kiss lingered without ending. Mom’s hand pulled my head even tighter to hers as our tongues danced together. My hands clutched her waist tight and drew her to my body until my hard pole snuggled against her precious mound and drew a light moan from Mom.”Hey you two,” A voice said and broke our Momentary escape from reality. “Song’s over, get a room.”Mom and I looked at ourselves, and Mom chuckled. “Maybe we should sit for a while.”We ventured back to our table güvenilir bahis holding hands, and I held Mom’s chair as she sat. We sat and held hands while we gazed at each other and didn’t speak a word until I finally got the never to break our silence.”What are we doing Mom?” I asked.”I… I don’t know Chris. But it feels so right.” Mom said as she squeezed my hand in hers.I didn’t want this to end and selfishly wanted more. I needed to feel her soft body touching mine and boldly asked if she wanted to go back to my apartment.Mom didn’t say a word as we gazed deep into each other’s eyes. Until I felt her pull her hand away from mine and said.”I think we had enough for tonight. Maybe I should go home.” I felt my heart sink, but agreed to take her back to her house.I was going to call a taxi but Mom wanted to walk the short distance instead. So walk we did and as we made our slow travel to her house, I put my arm over her shoulder while she wrapped her around my waste. We walked in silence the entire way as our hips connected every other step.Once inside Mom’s home I began to call for a ride, and Mom suggested I waite. At first, I wasn’t sure as to the reason and but Mom suggested she would change and give me back Jess’s clothes.”Mom… That’s okay. There’s nobody I would rather see wearing that then you.”Mom move close to me and moaned “Oh… Chris” And once again, we stood and embraced passionately and kissed.Our breaths raced as our mouths pressed tight together. I could feel my deep sexual desire building beyond my own self-control until Mom put me over the edge.Mom’s hand reached down and grasped my hard as steel rod and I couldn’t help but gasp as waves of pleasure shot out of me. My entire body quaked as I grasped Mom’s waist.”Oh… God…” I expressed as Mom’s hand rubbed up and down on my hardness. I quickly pressed my lips back against hers, and we kissed wildly as I felt my manhood come to life like never before.I couldn’t stop my body from pushing against Mom’s hand as she brought me to the point of no return. My hands reached around her waist and slid down until I was kneading her firm ass in my palms.Mom’s breath raced as her right hand toyed with my trousers, and I felt my zipper being tugged down. Her fingers worked inside my pants until my throbbing cock was pulled out and stroked feverishly.”Oh… God Mom, Is this real? Is this really happening?” I said as my body tingled with excitement.Mom leaned into my ear and whispered, “I hope so,” and then slid down my body until I felt her moist lips touch the tip of my manhood.I couldn’t control myself any longer, and as I grunted in crazed desire, my hands grasped Mom’s head while I felt her take me down her silky throat.”Oh… Ohhh… Ohhhh,” came huffing out from me as I exploded inside Mom’s mouth.Mom sucked and slurped as my seed pumped and pumped. I could feel my legs buckle as waves of pleasure hit me repeatedly. In my weakened state, I braced myself on Mom’s shoulders as she stood back on her feet. Once again, we kissed and I could taste my own self as our tongue played. My hands strolled over Mom’s body until they found her wonderful breasts, and I squeezed them in my palms.Mom moaned as I toyed with her bubbly bosom, and I rubbed my hands up to her shoulder where the small patch of material held the dress in place and eased it off her shoulders. The tiny dress slipped off her body and puddle at her feet. I drank in the sight of Mom’s half nakedness and how her perky nipples caused my dick to once again stiffenThe only material left on Mom was a pair of black satin panties that barely covered her most sacred spot. I lowered my head until my lips kissed her nipple. Mom again moaned, and reached for my tool that was already half stiff. I worked my tongue and lips on her right nipple while my hand played and pinched her left. Mom’s body twitched as I worked on her magnificent mammaries, and I felt her grab hold of my hair and pulled me away from them. In shock, I looked into Mom’s eyes and heard her say. “Take me. Take me to bed. I want you to make love to me Chris.” I quickly picked Mom up in my arms and carried her upstairs to her room. It wasn’t planned but my mind quickly went to what I was doing. I was going to take my mother in my parent’s bed. It somehow brought out a dark desire in knowing I was taking dad’s place, and Mom wanted me to.I gentle placed Mom on the bed and slipped beside her as we once again fondled and kissed.I could feel Mom’s hand once again stroking on me, and I slowly eased my hand down her body until I was only inches from her muff. I could feel Mom’s body respond to my touch, and her hips were pushing up moving my hand closer to her sex until my finger was lightly sliding across her wet folds. Light whimpers escaped from Mom as my fingers pushed and parted her moist lips. I rubbed my fingers across her wet opening and found her little hard nub.Mom moaned and bucked wildly as I tickled her clit. Her hand stroked tightly on my shaft as I felt her pull me to her. I rose from her side and slipped my body over hers. Mom’s hand still held my cock as I felt her bush it against pussy.I looked deep into Mom’s eyes and asked. “Are you sure Mom?” And I felt her hips lift up as my swollen head slipped inside her womb.”Ohhh!!! Fuck! I expressed as I pushed back and felt my dick sink deep inside my own mother.Mom pushed up and wrapped her legs around my waste while her hands grasped my ass and pulled me towards her.”Fuck me Chris. Oh God… Fuck me!” I heard Mom say as the most intense feeling, I ever had, consumed my soul.I pushed and pushed as our wicked desire intensified. We fucked madly, screaming and grunting as the sweat poured from our bodies. I felt my balls boil and knew I was going to blow. “Oh… Mom… I’m going to cum…” I said and tried to pull out. However, Mom pulled me tighter and rocked her body hard.”I want to feel you inside me.” She said as I felt her pussy squeeze tight against my throbbing cock.I couldn’t stop, as my hot seed jetted out and sank deep inside her wonderful cunt. Mom was screaming and thrashing as I felt her own orgasm mix with mine.I crashed my tired body onto hers as our hearts and breath raced together. I didn’t want this feeling to ever end, but knew I had to leave my new lover. My daughter was home and needed me. So slowly I slipped away from our brace. However, as I sat up so did Mom.”I’m coming with you.” She said.”But Mom, are you sure.””Yes… I want to be with you.” Mom replied.We went back to my apartment and made love 2 more times that night. My phone rang the next morning, and it was dad looking for Mom. I told him she spent the night over here with me, and he went silent.I’m not sure if he ever figured out what took place that magical night with Mom but I honestly never cared if he did.Mom was going to divorce him but his cancer came back, and he didn’t last long after that.The sympathy he sought wasn’t there, and he died without Mom by his side.That was a year ago and Mom, and I are happily living together at Mom’s house. Dad’s insurance was enough for me to go back and finish school while Mom takes care of Jennie.She even called me at school when Jen spoke her first words. She said “ma ma” while Mom had her at the park.I’m not sure where life will take us. Nevertheless, I enjoy every day with the ones I love right now.

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