Pleasure on the River

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You couldn’t have asked for a better day: hot summer weather, beautiful women all around, and a cold beer in my hand. This was the scene on a nice stretch of beach on the Colorado River in the middle of summer. Of the beautiful women that were at the beach, the one that really caught my attention was a slender, dark-skinned Asian girl that was wearing a tiny black top with a red floral print thong. Her breasts weren’t large, but perky little things that perfectly matched her body. Her true moneymaker was her ass. It was large for her frame, well-toned, and smooth as the day she was born. However, from where I was sitting I could only see the top of her butt cheeks. I had chosen this spot deliberately. I had walked the whole 200 yard stretch of beach, seeing tons of people, and this was the only girl in a thong I had seen. Seeing a thong out in public is my biggest turn on. I admire a woman that has the confidence to go to the beach in that attire, knowing they will be the center of attention, and will probably cause quite a few men to stroke themselves when they get back to their homes. I’m a fan of nude beaches, but I feel like wearing a thong to a public beach is even more risque than going nude in front of other nudists. Any girl willing to wear one would have to be a very sexual individual.

The spot I chose to sit was no more than twenty feet behind the Asian beauty, and a little off to the right. I had a great view of her thong, but at the same time it was quite the tease because I couldn’t quite see the top of her crack. Luckily I had a book and sunglasses with me, so I could look as inconspicuous as possible while I was scoping this amazing piece of ass. I spent fifteen minutes switching between genuinely reading and gazing, and I still didn’t get to see anything more. This tease was starting to get excruciating.

After those fifteen minutes had passed, a kayaker came out of the water to talk to the sexy Asian, and her less attractive, more conservative friend that was sitting beside her. Based on their initial interactions, I assumed the kayaker knew these girls from before, rather than being some confident dude that was making his move on this thonged beauty. I don’t know how the kayaker managed to keep his composure, knowing that the sexpot right next to him essentially had a piece of dental floss to cover her perfect ass. He was sitting slightly in front of her, so maybe he didn’t even realize she was exposing her well-sculpted derriere to the word. If this was the case, it must’ve been very arousing for the girl to know she was keeping a sexy secret from the kayaker. If the kayaker did know she was wearing a thong, it must’ve been torture for him to not get to take a good look at it from the back. Meanwhile I counted my blessings that I wasn’t next to her because I had a raging boner that was so large I had to hide it under my towel.

The kayaker must’ve stayed there for a half hour, during which time the sexy little number didn’t change her position once. However, my fortunes changed right after he left, and the wind began to kick in. It was getting later in the evening and the desert temperature was already beginning to drop. I was getting chilly, and so too were the two ladies in front of me. The unattractive one was the first one to put on her shirt, and the Oriental beauty followed shortly after. When she reached forward to grab her shirt, she finally lifted her glorious ass off the sand, giving me my first real glimpse. I instantly became erect, and I even fondled my throbbing cock under my towel. She put the shirt on, and much to my delight, she hiked eryaman escort resimleri it up so it didn’t cover her thong.

It only took two minutes before the action really got good. Her friend and her stood up, and for the first time I saw this natural wonder in all her true beauty. She was rather short, didn’t have an ounce of fat on her body, but was thick in all the right places. I dreamed of having her dark, smooth thighs wrapped around my head as I continued stroking off. The shirt she was wearing was a sexy, see-thru white top that barely covered the bottom of her ass. Any sudden increase in wind or tiny movement she made allowed me to catch a glimpse of what I wanted to see. She knew exactly what she was doing and she had all the guys at the beach in the palm of her hand. She would intermittently put her hands on her hips, lifting up her shirt and giving us a ten second or so sneak peak. I damn near came when she deliberately bent over and began putting things away in her tote bag. I couldn’t get over how the narrowest piece of fabric was the only thing standing between my line of sight and this girl’s tight slot. I bet it gave her immense pleasure to know that every guy on the beach behind her was free to check out sexy behind without her having the chance to catch them looking.

When she was done putting her things away, she walked to the water’s edge, occasionally lifting her shirt for no apparent reason. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had almost jerked myself to completion, but I wanted the real thing. When the sex kitten got back to her towel, I approached her with a simple introduction. We exchanged pleasantries, and I learned her name was Mia. Getting past that first step was the hardest part, put once I’d done it, my confidence sky-rocketed. I decided to cut to the chase immediately, saying, “So I just got to say, as you probably know, I’ve been checking you out all day, and it would kill me if I went home without at least talking to you.”

The annoying friend kind of giggled while giving me a dirty look, but Mia gave me almost no reaction at all. “Well if nothing else, I’ll give you points for bravery.”

As she spoke, I noticed she was a little older than I had thought. She looked to be in her early-thirties, maybe five years older than me. “Do you want me to say what I’m truly thinking?” I responded.

She laughed. “I’m not so sure, but I’m not going to stop you.”

“Because of you I’ve been hard all day long. I could use some relief, but even more than that I want to eat you out.”

At this Mia shooed her annoying friend away. “Yeah, I’m not so sure I wanted to hear that, but it’s kind of a compliment. Do you know how to please a woman with your mouth?”

“I’d like to think so.”

“Alright. I’ll let you show me, but where do you want to go?”

To get to a spot that was out of sight from all the beach goers would mean floating down the river a short ways to a private cove. Mia was down to do it, so I got to watch her get in the water, and see her smooth skin shining in the late afternoon sun. Once we reached the cove, we wasted no time. Mia put her hands up against a cottonwood tree, arched her back out, and started shaking her ass.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asked.

I answered with a resounding yes, and dropped to my knees. I got behind her, and pulled her skimpy thong to the side. She spread her legs nice and wide so I’d have better access to her sweetness. I started at the bottom of her labia, licking my way up her slit until I reached her hyper-sensitive clit. I pressed my tongue firmly on her sweet etimesgut escort bayan pea and grabbed her butt cheeks violently. Just when she was really starting to shake, I pulled my tongue away, and gave it a little nibble. I stopped massaging her backside, and reached around the front, gently tracing circles over her pubic mound and inner thighs. I now began to penetrate her with my tongue. Her wetness was soaking her entire tanned ass. At one point she even grabbed my hair, forcefully pulling my head towards her entrance. She moaned, “Oh…oh my god…I want you…Stick a finger in my ass.”

Instantly I stuck my index finger in her rectum. I didn’t need to be asked a second time. While fingering her tight ass, I continued running my tongue in intricate circles over her clit. I was using my left hand to spank her. I call this multi-tasking.

This didn’t go on for long before Mia whispered, “I want you inside of me.”

I stood up and whispered in her ear, “I’m ready. I’ve been ready all day.”

She could feel my iron hard dick pressed up against her bare ass through my thin trunks. She knelt down so her mouth was right next to my thick pole. “Lets get you undressed,” she said as she untied my trunks and slowly peeled them down.

The moment my trunks came over the final part of my mushroom tip, my cock sprung into the air. In a fit of passion Mia threw my trunks, inadvertently sending them down the Colorado River, but at that point I didn’t care. She told me she wanted to get me wet before I entered her, and she felicitated me for about ten seconds, taking my girth as deep into her mouth as she could. When she was done, she took off her bra and stood up, grazing her breasts across my tender penis. With her ass in my crotch she bent over, once more grabbing the cottonwood tree. “I want that giant cock inside of me,” she moaned. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I began to pull down her thong, but she told me to leave it on, so I pushed it to the side, and then spread her legs apart. I quickly rubbed her sweet, wet pussy before entering the head of my penis. The tip of my penis is rather large, and this girl was so tight that I had to enter her with much ease. Luckily she was well lubricated, and was able to stretch. To get her used to my girth, I slipped just the tip in and out repeatedly. She began moaning quite loudly, even whispering my name. Once I finished teasing her with the tip, I slowly slid the rest of my cock inside. At first I was thrusting slowly, but then Mia really started working her ass, rhythmically bouncing it on my cock. I grabbed both sides of her thong and pulled her as far back as I could, trying to stuff my pole as deep into her as possible. I continued in this fashion, and the smacking noise was so loud, that I’m sure people could hear it from miles away.

The feeling of Mia’s inner walls riding my swollen member was one of pure ecstasy. I couldn’t imagine a better feeling than being swallowed by her warmness. It must’ve have felt pretty good for her as well because she began having an intense orgasm. Her body began to twitch uncontrollably, which caused her to reach behind and grab my ass to steady herself. With her pulling my buttocks I was able to go even deeper inside Mia, massaging her g-spot with the large tip of my penis. Eventually the pleasure became a little too intense for her, and she had to hop off my dick to relax for a second. Once my penis had exited her warm box, she rubbed her lovely ass up against my erect, wet cock. Then she turned around, dropped to her knees, and asked, sincan escort “Do you want me to suck that big, horny cock of yours?”

“Yeah babe. Put me in your mouth. Lick your pussy juice off it.”

She started by putting my balls in her mouth while stroking my shaft. From there she planted kisses all the way up my log until she reached the tip. She licked the head passionately, treating it like a lollipop. “You taste so good,” she said before slurping down the entire length of my cock.

While she was deep-throating me with gusto, a group of rafters happened to float down the river. The women on the boat all look mortified, but the college-aged boys began cheering me on. Mia didn’t get embarrassed at all, but rather the cheering caused her to start pleasuring me with even greater force. She started swallowing my cock as though she hadn’t eaten in days, and right after the rafters floated away, she gave me a little something extra. Without any warning, she took her finger and stuck it up my backside. I had never had this done to me before, and at first it was quite shocking. However, after a minute of being fingered while getting my throbbing cock erotically pleased in Mia’s dirty mouth it began to feel sensational. I was building up to a very powerful climax when Mia took her mouth off of me to speak, saying, “I want you to enter me from the back.”

This was also something I had never done before, but that didn’t stop me. Mia got down in doggystyle position, and I got behind her, finally removing her sexy thong that had gotten me into this hot mess. My cock was well lubricated from her slobbering on it, but I still had my doubts about getting it in there. Besides, I felt almost guilty about ravaging such a sweet ass. Nonetheless, my guilt didn’t stop me, and I slowly stuck my well-endowed member inside her darkness. I could only get about half of it inside her, but it didn’t matter. With every single thrust I could feel the tight passage literally pulling on my cock, begging it to cum. It didn’t take long. After no more than thirty seconds I had a very powerful eruption, right inside of her five star behind. I continued to pump load after load into her as she moaned with pleasure. With my very last load I removed my penis, and slid it up and down her crack, depositing my cream all over her sun-kissed butt cheeks. As I massaged it into her sweat-glistened skin, she said, “I like having you inside me. I’ve never taken such a big dick.”

For a few minutes afterward we spooned, before deciding to leave. My trunks were long gone down the river, and the only way back to the other beach and our cars was to walk a short distance up the road. She slipped her revealing bikini back on, and I was left to make the trek back naked. Although it was kind of embarrassing when cars drove by, it was also kind of a turn on to be seen nude standing next to such a hot piece of ass.

In five minutes we got back to the parking lot where both our cars were located. I gave Mia a goodbye hug, and planted a sensual kiss on her lips. She returned the favor, kissing my lips and then moving down to my neck, nipples, and eventually on down to my abdomen. With her licking and kissing just below my belly button, my cock began to rise again. Once it was hard, she gave it a kiss and sucked on it vigorously for thirty seconds or so. The few other people in the park lot either made no bones about watching us, or pretended like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Before I’d been sucked to completion, Mia took her soft lips off of me. My cock was pulsing with pleasure, and it could not stop twitching, and one point even hitting Mia fairly hard across the face. She gave my cock one last kiss goodbye, and said, “Thanks for getting me off,” before walking back down the beach towards her friend. I got in my car naked, with my giant erection, wishing I had remembered to ask for her number.

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