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Pleasure With New Friend In TrainThis story is about my sex experience with a girl whom I met first time in my life when I was going back to delhi last month. We were traveling from duronto express which goes from Bangalore directly to delhi. Well the girl about I’m about to share my experience is kavita she is 22 years old super sexy with great figure of 34 25 36 and very fair in color almost pinkish white colour of body skin. Well in other words you all can imagine a perfect dream girl after seeing whom anyone’s dick would erect and make him to do anything to get even near to her so the same type of anxirty has happened with me.Now, let’s come to the real start of the story but before that this story could take your some extra time as it is my true story not some fantasy so I’m trying give all of you a real effect like you guy’s are there. So, as I’m going to delhi duronto express leaves aat night at 11:40pm from Bangalore so I reached station at 11:15pm and train was already there on the station so I went directly to my seat no. adjusted my luggage and sitting there and waiting for train to move I called at my home in delhi and told my parents that I found my seat and got adjusted and hung up.As I hunged up that call a couple came they have ticket of the same coupe as in mine and adjusted there luggage recently married for sure and really the girl is too sexy as compared to the husband that big boobs and round buttocks and so clear complexion that can make anyones heart pound…sorry for distraction back to my girl now it’s 11:40pm and engines siren was heard as the signal of moving the train as that siren was blown there was another siren blown in my head as I saw kavita for first time and at the same moment my heart rate also started to pound really hard and speed up really first she was traveling alone, as we were in 2nd ac coach so there were only me , kavita, and that couple in this coupe and no one else.After seeing her I really got stand up and started to help in adjusting her luggage like a gentleman at that time I just want to get introduced to her nothing else at that time not even a single bad intention was there in my mind. Now the attendant of our coach came gave us our blankets and sheets and leaved. I had a lower birth and kavita had upper birth so after “tt” came and checked our tickets kavita asked me if she could sleep at the lower birth and I would move to upper birth so as a gentlemen in single moment I said sure and we exchanged our seats.But I asked her if I could spend some time down as I could not sleep right now and she agreed so we were just sitting there next to each other with complete silence and then I tried to break that silence and with full courage I started a conversation and asked her that is she live in delhi then she told me that she was living in delhi but recently shifted to Bangalore as she got a new job placement here and I thought in my mind that she’s almost like me as I’m living in Bangalore for work same as she then we talked for some time and went to sleep as it is already late night and everyone in the coach were already asleep.In trains I could not sleep for long time so I wake up at 5am in the morning and started passing time on my laptop then around 6am attendant came with the tea and also waking up everybody for tea by the time kavita already woke up and went to brush at same time I also went for brushing and there again we started to talk like this our whole day passed out by now both of us are really getting friendly and little bit frank in talking too.then in evening we were chatting and she suddenly asked me whether I have a girlfriend I said “no” and I asked “do you have a boyfriend” she also said “no” and she was started to asking “why I don’t have a girlfriend, and all” and I told her in some naughty voice “didn’t found anyone like you yet” I don’t know how those words came out of my mouth in such manner, then I thought that may she will think of me as if I’m hitting on her and she güvenilir bahis şirketleri smiled and said ”shut up”.These two words gave me some confidence at that time and now I’m starting to having feeling of doing something with her. Then we talked and ate dinner . our destination is getting near as train reaches to delhi next morning so I thought whatever I have to do it’s the only time so after dinner I asked her to come out of the ac coach so that we could talk and no one else could get disturbed she didn’t said anything at that time not even nodded.Then I went outside and waited of her then after few minutes she also came out side and we started to talk about different-2 things like about family, places, her job e.t.c . we were talking by standing near the gate where there is attendants bed was placed which is closed right now and suddenly we felt hard brakes applied and she suddenly felt upon me and by mistake her lips were on my check and her breasts were pressing my chest as you now whenever there is hard breaks applied in trains it goes for few seconds.So, we both are trying to balance ourselves because of that and she is completely getting close to me now even our legs are getting tangled and when it stopped we balanced our selves and she said “sorry “ foe which I said ”no problem” then I don’t what came in my mind I came near her and kissed her on her lips I didn’t know what would be her reaction so just after few seconds I stopped I looked at her she was amazed but there is this erotic glance I could see in her eyes so I kissed her again and this time we smooched and what a smooch it was her whole tongue was rolling in my mouth and I’m rolling my tongue in her mouth like both of us are trying to find some kind of treasure in each others mouth with our tongue.As it was my first kiss I could not explain it exactly how pleasurable it was it’s like I’m living in a dream and want to go deep and deep in that dream to get more and more ways in every single manner possible. Then we break our smooch and she said that “ someone could come” so I said “I have an idea”. Then next coach to our coach us a first class coach I asked the attendant who was on other side of the coach that is there any empty coupe in 1st class as in 1st class there were locking doors luckily there was one coupe empty so we went in it and locked the door.As I locked the door we again started to smooch then after around 5-6 minutes we break it and she asked ”what are your intentions” I said “I don’t know either” and both of us again started to smooch and both of us are going with the motion now she was also playing with my here and I had started to kiss her neck then her ears, her eyes and trying to make her comfortable and relax as she was really enjoying all that. Then while kissing her one of my hand was on her neck and 2nd hand was searching her whole body like a metal detector who’s looking for some metal which could be usefull so in that process my 2nd hand was reaching from her stomach to her navel region and in the mean time I was still kissing her and she’s also enjoying it as she’s making sounds like hmmmmmmmmmmm, yhehhhhhhhmoooooooo by hearing such voices I don’t know why but I’m also getting more exited and I tried to take my hand on her boob As I touched her boob she breaked the kiss and said ”I think we need to stop right there” and I said ”ok if you want to, then cool” but I could see the lust in her eyes and I could say that by a little more hard work I could make her agree so I again started to kiss her and trying to make her aroused now I again I put my hand on her left boob.She tried to stop me but I didn’t stop and regularly kissed her after which she also stopped neglecting and accepted my offer now I’m kissing her passionately with pressing and moving my hand on her boobs and now she was moaning a little harder yyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssssss ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww by listening this I’m getting tipobet güvenilir mi more erotic and my dick is also all the time tried to play with her so.I assembled more courage and take my hand from her boobs to the top of her pajama as she was wearing a night suit and placed my hand on her vagina and I started to rub it from top of her dress she tried to stop me with her hands by that time I was also kissing her boobs by some opening from the top side of her suit from where some of her boobs are visible as now few buttons are now unbuttoned.Now as she was trying to stop I felt that her panty was wet and only if I could push her more further I could visit heaven this one night and could return back from there so I continued rubbing her pussy and after some time she stopped resisting now both of us are full of lust and ready to break any boundaries that come in our ways. So slowly we started to remove each others cloths while playing with each other first I slowly removed her top of her suit and saw her only in bra she wore a black colour bra and it was really a sight to eyes it’s like seeing a white snow in full sum which is covered with some black shadow and I really want to make that shadow disappear right now which is herBra and at the same time she removed my t-shirt then we cuddled each other and again started kissing each other not only on lips but everywhere both of us were trying to explore each and every mm of others body then while kissing I dropped her pajama and make her only in bra and panty and she also dropped my short and suddenly she put her hand inside my underwear and took my dick in her hand oh man as she grabbed it I felt like 400 volts of current has been passed through my whole body and suddenly a sound came out of my mouth as oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss.Now she had grabbed my dick and was playing with it and in the mean time I had removed her bra and now kissing her boobs and trying to take them full in my mouth ohhh those are really the best thing in my mouth I mean I could feel her heart pound as I move my mouth from one boob to other and they are getting really stiff as if some one is pouring some cold water on a very hot material they are getting hard and hard and I was really liking it and now she was moaning even louder and longer and with some dirty words too like oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss……. auuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr chussooooo ……. Aur jorrrrrrrrrr ssssssssseeeeeeeeee mmmaaja aa raha haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii……….Now she was pushing my head on her breasts and trying to take as much pleasure she could from it and I was also enjoying it very much. Then after sometime I get below and started to smell her pussy from there some different kind of fragrance was coming and I was looking at her panty I thinking that kind of cake will be there ready for me and with that moment I put down that panty and I saw first time in my life a real pussy how could I describe how beautiful it was a light pink color lips surrounding area covered with very small hair like she shaved it 3-4 days before with some water dropping from it I was looking like a water droplet dripping from a palette of rose and it was really amazing to have a glance on such a beautiful thing.As I was taking a glance at her pussy she dropped my underwear and took my dick in her hand started to play with it she was rubbing it and holding it really tight in her hand and I started to taste her pussy it tasted like a little salty and buttery I don’t know it’s something I never tasted and also never expected to taste something like that as soon as I put my tongue on the lips or opening of her pussy she trembled with that action like a reaction like now 400 volts of current has passed from her body, so I thought that fir getting more pleasure. I told her to come in 69 position she didn’t understand so I told her to get on top of me by facing at my dick and take it in her mouth tipobet giriş or play as you like while I’ll play with your pussy, so she did the same and now I was pushing my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could and she was also having my dick in her mouth and licking it like a k** got her favorite icecream stick which she would want to eat only in a single time but which could not be possible and she regularly try to have it which is really giving me a great pleasure as we both are pretty busy in sucking each others genitals both of also making some noises as aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss likr thissssssssssssss gggggrreatttttttttttttttttt.Then I asked her to get on berth on her back she did the same and now she was really horny and doing same as I was telling her to do, and then I took her legs on my shoulder and started rubbing my dick on her pussy by this she is also getting eager to take it in her and she was lifting her ass up to take it in then I applied some saliva on top of my dick and placed it right at the entrance and gave a little push but that push Is not enough and nothing happened my dick was still waiting just outside that door of heaven.So I again came in position I gave a little hard push and the top of my dick just went in and kavita shouted and said pull it back it’s paining a lot but now I can’t stop so I started kissing her and with that I again pushed and now half of my dick was inside her and now she was crying and saying pull it out it’s paining a lot and I saw that few blood drops also came out of her pussy so I said to her that now you are not a virgin anymore so just relax a little and when pain get less then we’ll do that so just by in that position.I was kissing her andmaking her relax then after a minute when she gets stable I again pushed my complete dick inside her and now before she start to shout I blocked her mouth with a smooch and kept in that formation and slowly started to move my dick in and out with this motion after few seconds she was also starting to enjoy it and moving with me by lifting her buttocks up and down to take my dick as deep as possible and now I was also moving in fast speed and she was moaningYyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssss….yyyyeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss…..mmmmmmmmoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….yes fucccccckkkkkkkkkk me fuck meeeeeeeeeee hardddddddddddd………..doooooooooooontttttttttttt stooooooooooopppppppppppp like thhhhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssss ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…So now she was really enjoying then after few minutes I felt pressure on my dick like something is grabing from inside like walls of her pussy are getting close to each other and only after few jerks she ejaculated and lot’s of water came out of her pussy by seeing that she was also surprised nut I didn’t come yet so I asked her to get in a doggy style and she did then I get in her back andPushed my dick inside her now it went easily in a single push and I stated fucking her again then after couple of minute I was also ready to ejaculated so I took my dick out and asked her where should I ejaculate and she said that”you could come in my pussy I want to feel it in” I told her that “it could be dangerous , you could get pregnant”and she said “ don’t worry I am not ovulating now so not a problem” and I again put my dick in her pussy and after some jerks I ejaculated in her pussy.Both of us were really happy and the mean time we look outside it was sun rising so we slowly put on our clothes and get out of that coupe as both of us are scared that what if someone had heard us and say something to us but thank god nothing happened so first we both went to the bathroom cleaned ourselves wear our undergarments as we didn’t able to wear it before and went to our seats and sat there by looking at her sitting and walking style I could say that she was still in some pain so I asked her that if could do any thing about that but she denied it.Then after couple of hours our station came and we get out of the train we also exchanged our phone no. now we are really good friends and living in Bangalore and whenever we get a chance we repeat that whole session and try to have fun everytime in some new ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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