Poker Night Part 2

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Poker Night Part 2Over the next two weeks, I heard the static crackling each night. Never had any dreams however, and the static was always louder on Friday nights. I swear I could hear something coming from the walls, just couldn’t make it out. “O….hey….uk…ok. CC. r hip ok. O…hey ter…O…hey” Over and over again is what it sounded like. But I could not make it out clearly. I drifted off to sleep each night. I resolved shortly after to see what was going on. I searched every corner of my room and found nothing. So I gave up. I thought I must just be hearing things, which was known to happen with me. So I thought nothing more of it. It was now nearly July. The 4th fell on a Friday, so Craig and the boys decided to skip poker and go out and celebrate. I asked if I could come, but was denied. “You should stay home and get to bed early. It’ll be for the best” Craig said. “Bu..but..I…I..” I stopped myself for some reason, obeying Craigs advice. “I’ll see you tomorrow, get yourself some beauty sleep sunshine” Craig said. “Sunshine?” I thought. Little weird, but whatever. I took Craig’s advice and as rockets bursted in the night sky, I promptly went to bed around 10pm. No static this night. I thought it was weird because the last time I didn’t hear static Craig was also out of the home. But I thought maybe I just missed it with the fireworks going off. What I did find weird was that for the first time in weeks, I dreamt again. I was getting out of bed and stretching. Waking myself up for the day ahead. “Come here now” I heard Craig calling pleasantly from his bedroom. I waddled over to his room and opened the door. Craig was in his robe, his cock barely visible and hanging from his groin. He noticed. “On your knees now” he said. I did so obediently. “You’ve been wanting this haven’t you?” he asked. I nodded. “Tell me how badly” he said. “I can’t stop thinking about it, I want to taste it so bad” I replied. “Good” he said. With that, he took off his robe, his cock now out in full force, hardening quickly and getting bigger. He moved closer, his cock right in front of my face. “Well? Get to it” he said and I took his order and started sucking his cock hard. I felt it harden in my canlı bahis mouth, felt all of it in my mouth. Its warmness, its musk, its power all of it. As I sucked and sucked I felt it getting bigger and knew what was coming. But just as he was about to pop, I woke up. I felt a dampness between my legs. “Oh shit” i thought, “I came!” I had a nocturnal emission from that dream. What was happening to me? I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t help it. For some reason, it just felt so right. I walked over to the closet to change and noticed I still hadn’t thrown out the women’s clothes that was left behind. I looked at one of the shirts and oddly enough it seemed to fit. I tried it on just for laughs, and it fit like a dream. It was pink and had ‘Princess’ written on the front in silver glitter. I laughed at that. I took off the shirt and put it back in the closet, I’d get rid of it another time. I changed and walked to the kitchen. Craig hadn’t been home all night. He returned later that afternoon. “Heyy how was your night?” he asked. “It was umm okay. I had a strange dream, but nothing else happened” I said. “Oh yeah? What about?” He said gingerly rubbing his bulge. “Oh nothing, you wouldn’t be interested in it. Just some stupid dream” I said. “Ah I see, well what do you have going on today?” he asked. “Nothing, probably just kick back and relax” I said. “I HEAR YA! I haven’t had a good chance to relax since last weekend” he said. I smiled and headed for the couch and Craig followed. We both had a lovely afternoon together just relaxing and talking. Somehow we got on the subject of cock. I was bright red and embarrassed to talk about it. Craig noticed this and quickly changed the subject. He fixed dinner for the two of us, which I was more than happy for because I was starting to feel sick again. We both went to bed and I heard the static cackle again, only this time a little louder, but it still sounded the same. It was now nearing September. Football season right around the corner and I was excited, Craig asked if I wanted to join his fantasy football league! I’d been playing for years now and was pretty competitive. I was also happy to finally start breaking into this little group of bahis siteleri Craigs. We held the draft on the day before the football season started. Not everyone could meet so we did it online. I was 5th in the group of 8. My team looked pretty competitive, but in an 8 team league, everyone’s team is competitive. Craig said he thinks I did a good job and will be tough to beat. I smiled and turned red again. Lately, Craig’s words of praise always brought a smile to my face. We went to bed that night thinking of our teams and having high hopes to win the league. Over the past couple weeks, the static had been getting louder and louder. But still incoherent to me. While the static got louder, the words not so much. I woke up the next morning and headed for the shower. I had to get to work soon as there was a meeting going on and I had to be there. I showered and made myself nice for the meeting. But as I stepped out of the shower, a heavy scent hit me. It was a very rosy smell, very flowery. I passed out, falling to the floor. I woke up in bed. Craig must’ve helped bring me to my room. Only it wasn’t my room anymore. The walls were painted pink and white flowers outlined the room. The curtains were pink, my dressers were replaced, and there was even a vanity mirror and desk in the corner. My tv was missing. “Aww how cute” was my first thought, but I snapped out of it, “what’s going on here? This isn’t my room. Where am I?” I started to get up off my bed, but fell just as quickly. Craig came running. “Are you okay?” he said. “Yeah I’m fine. Craig what’s going on? What happened?” I said. “Aww you passed out in the shower a couple days ago.” he replied. “DAYS???” I thought. “I was out for days?” “Yes my sweet, you were out for days I’m afraid.” he said. “But why is my room like this?” I asked. “Oh right. Well I called a doctor friend of mine to come check you out. I didn’t want to move you because you might’ve had a concussion. He took you to his office, and while you were gone some painters came over saying you asked to get your room done. By the time they were all done I realized their mistake. Apparently the people in the apartment above us called them to paint their daughters room. güvenilir bahis It’s my fault, I knew you wanted to paint your room, so I didn’t know if you really did call them or not.” he explained. “Well, it’s okay I guess. It’s actually kind of pretty. But I’ll have to change it” I said. He nodded and approved, but said it would have to wait a while because the scent was still heavy in our apartment. “Oh and I’m sorry to tell you this, but your boss called the other day. He said you’ve been terminated because you’ve missed all those days. I’d call him back and explain what happened.” he said. “OH SHIT!” I ran to the phone and called my boss. I explained everything that had happened and my boss said that if I had the proof and doctor’s approval of what had happened, then I could come back, but if I didn’t then it was out of his hands and it was company policy. I asked Craig about his doctor friend and getting the approval. But Craig said that his friend had gone out of town and even still he hadn’t written a medical report, he only examined me. Heartbroken, I dropped to the floor and sobbed. “I guess I’ll be moving out then” I weeped. “Don’t be ridiculous!” Craig said, “Look, I just got a promotion at work, I wanted it to be a surprise so we could celebrate, but it’s best to tell you now. With the promotion, I can afford the entire rent, but until you find a new job, you’ll have to do all the cleaning around here. The only thing you won’t have to do is make dinner. Leave that to me!” I smiled and agreed to the terms. Thinking I would just have to find a new job immediately. Finding a job proved to be more difficult than expected. Apparently being fired from a highly respectable company all but kills your career. I stayed home and cleaned all day. Relaxing when I could. Craig would come home each night and prepare dinner. My chest was now bigger than ever and my hips wider and butt bigger. I hadn’t gotten a haircut since I moved in and my hair was longer than ever, passing down my shoulders. Craig never said anything about it though, just figured I was doing it myself. That next Friday night was poker night at our place. The guys were talking about the Thursday night football game and their teams. I so wanted to join in on the discussion. My team was 3-0 in the league. But I was denied. I fell asleep around 10pm after hearing the static click on again. But this time, even with the static, I dreamt.

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