Private Behaviour

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Verity’s friend Jayne rang her at a pretty inconvenient moment. She was waiting for a call off Phoenix who was, as always, late. The fact he was feckless and unpredictable of course only added to the attraction that Verity felt for him. A self confessed commitment phobic Verity was used to being a male magnet. Her aloof attitude attracted the opposite sex in droves but of course there always had to be the exception to the rule and that was Phoenix. However, Verity was not the kind of girl to choose dicks over chicks so she pressed the green handset symbol on her mobile.

“Hi Jayne.”

If the line was engaged when Phoenix rang then that was his loss despite the fact that Verity had felt horny as hell all day and could have done with having her needs satisfied but she had an inner moral code and having the piss took out of her by a man was never going to be on her agenda, ever.

“Hi Sweetie.” Jayne’s half British and half American accent filled Verity’s ear piece. She knew that if anyone was guaranteed to cheer her up it would be Jayne with her happy, go lucky attitude to like and her effervescent sense of humour. “What you up to? I have just cracked open a bottle of wine and I am ready to relax after a hard day at work.”

Verity decided to lie; she was hardly going to tell Jayne that she was waiting around for a call off a guy, that was a definite no no. Verity opened her fridge and took out a beer; she may as well relax with Jayne and forget Phoenix. Popping the bottle cap Verity grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and made her way to the living room. “I’m just going to chill tonight like you to be honest.” Verity lied, she knew she would feel anything but chilled out if her desire to fuck Phoenix didn’t disappear promptly.

Jayne did an exaggerated sigh “I was meant to be seeing Max but he has been called away on business and now I am horny with no cock to go.”

Verity sighed as she lay down on the settee. “I know that feeling.”

Jayne laughed. “It’s absolutely shit. So are you feeling horny too?”

“A little.” Verity conceded as she played with a stray piece of hair that had fallen from her pony tail.

“So let’s have some fun then.” Jayne giggled. “You work the sex chat lines; you must be able to come up with something that will help us both.”

Verity didn’t feel especially proud that her main income came from chatting to men and sometimes women in a manner that would definitely get them off but it had definitely become a needs must situation when she had been made redundant from her job and realised that she couldn’t pay the rent.

However, as time had passed Verity had resolved herself to the fact that she was providing a service and if people wanted to hear her create scenarios for them whilst they paid by the minute, she was quite happy with that. Plus, some of the calls turned her on if she was honest with herself. There was something really rewarding about hearing someone relieve themselves on the other end of the telephone.

However, Verity wasn’t sure about the fact that her friend had blatantly suggested that they embark on some phone sex together although Verity had to admit that the very idea had sent a zing though her body like a tongue being put on a battery. As she leant across to the coffee table and took a sip of her beer Verity thought “fuck it, why not.”

Lying back again, Verity pushed a cushion beneath her head and closed her eyes. “Ok, do you want fact or fiction?” Verity asked. “Also, am I being the story teller or you?” she teased.

Jayne laughed. “Oh, I am sure you will be so much better than me. Plus, you are naughtier and more experienced than I am.”

Verity rolled eryaman escort resimleri her eyes. “Do I have to?”

“Yes you do, you have a friend in need and it is one of your duties to make sure those needs are met; now go on, don’t be a spoilsport.”

“Let me think.” Verity quickly scrolled her memory for a suitable story to share. “Ok well, I once went to a friends barbecue and it had just been one of those evenings that had seemed to drag on forever. However, as the dark evening descended and most of the guests went inside I found myself alone in the hot tub and I noticed this guy looking at me. He was absolutely gorgeous, just my type broad shoulders, short cropped dark hair and absolutely gorgeous legs; you know how I have always had a thing for guys legs. Anyway, he was having a cigarette and after I had flashed him ‘that smile’ the one that tells a guy I am definitely interested he stubbed out his cigarette and decided to join me in the tub.”

“What were you wearing?” Jayne asked.

“A bikini, why what else do you think I would be wearing?”

Jayne laughed, “probably nothing if it was down to you. Anyway, what colour was it? Just so I can picture you.”

“If you must know it was white and it had been my biggest social faux pas to date because basically as soon as I hit that hot tub, the top became translucent so I was kind of stranded in the tub after that. I had only just come back from my holidays in Egypt so I was deeply tanned which meant my nipples were as well and they stood out through that bikini like enlarged choc chips.”

“Mmm.” Jayne murmured, “You have great tits.”

“Well this guy seemed to think so too.” Verity conceded because he couldn’t take his eyes off them, his eyes were out on stalks and I remember briefly wondering if I had caused a stir in his trunks. I moved across the tub and started to chat to him. He told me his name was Rob and as the conversation progressed he relaxed and put his arms out across the tub behind me. I engaged him in flirtatious chat because there was something about him that made me feel really horny.”

“Not that you need any help in that department Verity.” Jayne exclaimed.

“No you’re right and I think the damn boredom I had felt all evening only caused to exacerbate it. I was also determined at some point to feel his cock through his trunks to see what effect I was having on him. Just as I was ready to put my plan into action, it was momentarily vetoed as someone else jumped into the tub causing a massive splash. Rob wasn’t impressed.”

“Sebastian you fucking prick.” Sebastian apart from being a prick in Rob’s eyes at that particular moment in time, it transpired he was actually Rob’s best friend.'”

“Oh my God, did you do them both?” Jayne asked her voice thick and horny.

“Jayne, one step at a time.” Verity admonished. “Sebastian was just as hot as Rob. I couldn’t believe my luck although at that point I couldn’t be sure that Sebastian fancied me but he soon confirmed this by wading across the tub, making his way over to my side. So now I had one on either side of me. I could almost feel this small huddle of testosterone that filled the air and I felt a hand touch my bum. The exciting thing was I didn’t know whose hand it was, it could have been Rob’s or Sebastian’s and that small act made me feel all daring. If they felt that they could touch me then what was stopping me touching them? Then another hand joined in the mix and slipped inside my bikini bottoms, a finger starting to stroke my pussy lips, lingering and teasing me before disappearing again.

Sebastian started to kiss me so I had to turn slightly to face him in order to accept etimesgut escort bayan the kiss and then I felt Robs hard cock press against me, pushing against my bikini bottoms.”

“Didn’t you touch their cocks? Come on you must have done something.” Jayne urged.

A vision of Jayne lying on her bed naked stroking her pussy entered Verity’s made and the thought made her feel a stir inside her. Not only was she reminiscing about a horny night, she was practically bringing her friend off with her story and that was a tad mind blowing.

“I continued to kiss Sebastian as my hand strayed behind me and I found Robs cock and started to caress it. I stroked his length through his trunks before taking the liberty of pulling out his cock before I started to wank it. My other hand pulled out Sebastian’s cock and did the same to him. I could feel Rob’s lips on my neck gently sucking before biting me as Sebastian’s tongue moved deep into my mouth. So now I am wanking two cocks whilst getting kissed and bit and sucked it was driving me crazy.”

“Fuck. That is so hot.” Jayne interrupted. “You’re making me really wet.”

Suddenly Verity heard a soft buzz in her ear before Jayne’s voice returned. “I am going to fuck myself with my vibe as you talk if that’s okay?”

Verity opened her bathrobe and started to stroke her pussy before dipping a finger inside to see how wet this whole scenario had made her before licking her juices off her finger, before continuing with her story.

“The light from the conservatory that had cast a warm glow over the garden suddenly went off plunging us into darkness. The hosts had evidently decided to call it a night and had either completely forgotten about us or had assumed that we had left for the evening along with their other guests, which meant that now we were totally free to carry on doing whatever we wanted to do. I pulled myself away from Sebastian and Rob and adjusted my bikini top, straightened my bottoms and climbed out of the tub. I could feel their eyes on me and their disappointment was almost palpable which gave me all the indication I needed. These guys were prepared to do whatever I wanted and I imagined their cocks streaming with pre cum and that thought just drove me crazy.

As I made my way across the garden, the security light came on which meant I could see the sun lounger. I pulled it so that it was strategically placed on the lawn so that the security light stayed on. I undid the laces on my bikini bottoms and let them drop to the floor before taking off my bikini top. I climbed onto the sun lounger on all fours and stayed in that position and waited. I knew that I wanted one of them in my mouth as the other fucked me and the most exciting thing for me was that I didn’t know which one of them was going to take the bait first.”

“Jesus, you’re going to make me cum.” Jayne gasped followed by a quiet moan which indicated that she had reached her climax and came. Verity paused briefly before she resumed her story.

“I heard the water splash as one of them left the hot tub, or maybe it was both of them. I didn’t turn round to look because not knowing who was going to do what was part of the thrill. Within seconds I felt a pair of hands on my waist and a cock pushing against the slit of my pussy as it tried to gain entry. As my juices started to flow with the whole horniness of the situation, the cock slid inside me. It started to fuck me slowly at first so that I could appreciate its full length and girth. As I was just getting into it I felt a drop of water drip on my head as one of them stood in front of me. I felt a hand reach under my chin sincan escort before tilting my face upwards. Looking up, I saw Sebastian his cock was hard and inches away from my face as he knelt down slightly so his cock could reach my mouth. I opened my mouth expectantly so he could put it in my mouth. He was a bit tentative at first but as I started suck him as energetically as Rob was fucking me, he soon lost his inhibitions and started to push his cock into my mouth in the same rhythm as Rob was fucking me.”

Jayne had grown silent momentarily making Verity wonder of she was still there or had they lost connection.

“Hello? Are you still there?” Verity asked, mildly amused that maybe her story had Jayne on so much she had decided to check out and make herself cum privately.

“I am still here.” Jayne whispered. “Did they have big cocks?”

Verity remembered that Rob had been average but Sebastian had more than made up for it but Verity wasn’t going to tell Jayne that. She knew that Jayne had a penchant for big cocks so Verity decided not to break her horny moments by admitting Rob had fallen slightly short although his energetic hard thrusts had more than made up for his one failing.

“Massive.” Verity replied. “It was a massive turn on having both my mouth and pussy filled at the same time. At one point I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take it.” Verity added, which actually wasn’t a lie. She had actually part way through it all had secretly congratulated herself for a) being able to co coerce two friends into fucking her and b) her ability to take it with an ease that even she could never have imagined.

“Oh my God, that sounds amazing.” Jayne sighed.

“It was. So anyway all this fucking and sucking was turning me on. I moved one of Rob’s hands from my waist and placed it underneath me so he was cupping my pussy before encouraging him to rub me.

The more I took Sebastian in my mouth the more it encouraged him as he pushed his cock hard and deep into my throat. I felt his cock constrict at the same time I heard Rob start to groan, his fucking moving into that crescendo that tells a girl that a guy is ready to cum. It was obvious that they were both building up and I didn’t want that. I wanted them both to fulfill another fantasy of mine. I took Sebastian out of my mouth and moved so that Rob was forced to pull himself out of me. I turned and lay on my back and told them both to kneel one on either side of me. I placed Sebastian’s hand on his cock first before doing the same to Rob. I told them both to wank as I started to play with myself. I started to feel m y legs shake as an orgasm caught up and rose inside me at the same time that Sebastian shot his load all over my face. Watching it all must have been too much for Rob as he soon followed suit. Their hot spunk intermingled as I wiped it off my cheeks and pushed it into my mouth tasting them both. It was so horny, so yeah, I was pretty naughty that evening.”

Verity heard Jayne coming again at the other end of the line and brought herself off at the same time.

After a couple of minutes as the two friends waited for their bodies to abate after their climaxes Jayne was the one to speak first as Verity adjusted her bathrobe and sat up, taking a long needed sip of her beer.

“I want to do that.” Jayne said breaking the silence.

Verity sat back on the settee. “It is an amazing experience.”

“I want a threesome; can you sort it out for me?” Jayne asked.

Verity frowned. “You might not like the guys I have fucked and arranging it might be a bit risky. If you don’t enjoy it I don’t want to be responsible for that to be honest.”

“I didn’t say I wanted two guys. I want a threesome with you and someone. Come on Verity, you must know a guy who would be up for that?”

Phoenix entered Verity’s mind and she smiled. “Do you know what Jayne? I think that can be arranged, no problem.”


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