ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part1

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ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part1ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part1 iCarly: One Night Part 1It was a late night in the iCarly studio as Carly, Sam, and Freddie cleaned up the mess from one of their skits. The gag revolved around Gibby diving into a k*ddie pool full of chicken salad while dressed a chicken suit, but as humorous as it had seemed in the planning stages, the stench, hours later, was certainly not funny.”Whose dumb idea was this in the first place!?” Sam yelled as she cleaned up the car prop on the far end of the set.”Yours,” Freddie retorted dryly. “It was sloppy, it made a mess, and it was food based. Of course it was your idea, Sam.””Shut up, geek!””Both of you shut up!” Carly yelled, cutting her best friends off from their argument. Ever since the two of them broke up, the sexual tension, despite there never being sex, was getting ridiculous and the two could barely spend any time together for any length of time without a fight breaking out. “Let’s all just clean this up and get to bed. We’ve got school in the morning.””Fine,” Freddie said in a huff. A few moments later, he threw down his cleaning rag, and stood up. “You two came up with the idea, and I’m always the one who gets stuck cleaning up messes. I’m out of here. I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow.””Good!” Sam called out, “We didn’t need you anyway.”The door slammed behind Freddie as Sam muttered several varieties of profanity, while Carly sighed, depressed that her two friends just couldn’t be around each other anymore.Freddie got downstairs to find Spencer watching a documentary about ice fishing on the television. As much as he didn’t want to be cleaning or dealing with his ex, he definitely did not want to go home to his overbearing mother. Last time he had checked his phone tonight, she had sent a grand total of 26 text messages desperate for him to come home. Freddie plopped down with Spencer to watch the show.”Heard the yelling from upstairs, dude” Spencer never took his eyes off the screen.”Yeah… it’s just…” Freddie stopped, focused on the huge fish being pulled out of the ice hole, “Its Sam. It’s like… we were kinda friends… then we were actual friends with hidden… no… Not hidden… unspoken feelings. And then… we acted on them and just went for it.”Spencer slowly turned to his s*ster’s friend, “Wait… tell me you didn’t “act” in our apartment…””NO… I mean… not like that. We just made out a few times. Every time I even thought about going for second base, it’s like my mom would just show up or call. Or Carly would come around. Anyway, Sam and I just fell apart. We fought all the time, and now we can do the friend thing for short bursts, and then after that we just go at it like cats and dogs.””So… now you’re doing it?” Spencer interjected again.”Ye- wait… no! Not like that. Stop being a pervert. We never have… ‘done it'” Freddie even raised his hands for air quotes.”Then you probably shouldn’t say things that would make me think that… Jeez…”The two guys remained silent for a while, and then finally Spencer spoke up, breaking the silence.”You know what I think? I think you and Sam still are crazy about each other but neither of you wants to admit it. You don’t want to get hurt and you know Sam… The last thing she wants to do is admit that she has feelings.””Yeah, I guess… I should probably go back up there and help them clean. Sam and I may be fighting but I at least owe some help to Carly.”Freddie quickly popped up from the couch and headed back upstairs.Now that Freddie was out of the room, Sam finally got the nerve to talk to Carly about everything.”Carls… I’m pretty sure I hate Freddie.” “Shut up… No you don’t. You just…””Calm down… I just meant that you and Freddie have some serious unresolved issues that never really got worked out.””Yeah, its unresolved that he’s an asswipe.””Sam! That’s not cool…” Carly trailed off, “…even if he was kinda being a buttwipe when stormed out.””That’s my point. He’s being a baby about the whole break-up thing. He got dumped and he needs to deal with the fact that momma wants to move on.”Carly stopped and looked at her.”You know I hate it when you do that… no one likes the whole “momma” thing.””Yeah, I don’t care… I like it and that’s what matters.”After about 5 minutes of silence the two girls finally finished washing down the walls, and were ready to call it a night. As per usual, Sam’s mom was busy and Sam had no interest in heading home to an empty house.”Hey, Carls, you mind if I stay the night… I still have a spare bag around here somewhere right?””Yeah, I think so. You gonna take a shower before bed?””Nah… I wasn’t in the direct line of splash like you were… I just need to change my clothes.””Oh ok… well, I’m going to run down to Spencer’s shower since mine is busted.” Carly was going to go downstairs but she was so lazy, she just took the elevator instead.Freddie noticed the iCarly studio was empty and after hearing the elevator go down, probably with Sam in it, he was going to head downstairs when he passed by Carly’s room and out of the corner of his eye saw a shirt being pulled over someone’s head. Though his crush on Carly was old news and he had accepted that they would just be friends, as a teenage guy, he couldn’t resist a look at her undressing. It’s not like she could see him as she pulled her shirt over her head.Her skin was flawless. Her legs were perfectly shaped with muscles in all the best spots and curves in all the right places. She was facing him so he couldn’t see her ass which disappointed him, but he didn’t feel bad as he continued to look up her figure. A tight stomach topped with an amazing rack, and although she was still wearing a bra, it was clearly too small for her and her D’s were nearly pouring out. As the shirt came off, her blonde hair glistened…”Wait…” he said aloud. He realized after a moment that this wasn’t Carly, and the fact that he was getting so turned on by Sam threw him. In typical Freddie fashion, he tripped trying to get away from the door and fell, alerting Sam to his location.”You ok Carly?!” She shouted in a rushed voice. “I thought you were getting…” Just getting an oversized shirt on, she opened the door. “WHAT THE HELL FREDDIE?!””I, um, was coming to help, uhh…. With the clean up again, and I guess I fell on the top step.” Freddy was desperately trying to find a way away from this and hide his erection from his ex-girlfriend.”You’re such a friggin’ klutz…” She wanted to push him down the stairs, but she felt bad and offered him a hand up. As she picked him up he got too close to her and she felt his crotch against her leg.The two locked eyes, as if it was an old west gunfight, and both of them were trying hard to not break eye contact, but Freddie wanted another peek at Sam so bad, and she was entranced by Freddie’s erection. Neither of them got to do much with their make-out times, and Freddie always hid his boners so well when they were together she never really got to see what he had.Eventually, the eye contact broke, and Sam attempted to speak, but Freddie stopped her and went in for a kiss. Sam pushed away for a moment, but just kissing him again woke up every single euphorious feeling she had ever felt.He pulled away and told her the truth.”I saw you changing in here, and honestly, I watched you for a few moments. You were just so hot… like in a way I never saw before.” He finished that last line by pushing her hair strands over her ears.She just kind of looked at him… She wanted to punch him for being a perv, but the truth was, she liked it, and she loved the fact that just looking at her had got him so aroused. And the hair thing he did just made her so hot she couldn’t take it.Finally, she pulled him in close to her to kiss him, stopping just short of his lips.”So you like to watch, huh… Momma likes to watch too. Strip.”Freddie backed away for a second, wondering if this might be some trap that he’d fallen into.”Come on, Freddie… Carly’s in the shower…” She moved to shut the door and block his exit. “You saw me, and this is only fair.” She placed her hand on his bulging crotch and whispered in his ear, “Please…”Stepping off the elevator, Carly tried to sneak past her br*ther, but he stopped her just short of the shower.”Did you wash the dishes after dinner like you said you would?”Carly mumbled a less than emphatic “No””Well, I know you’ve been busy with the clean-up on the set tonight, but you have responsibilities in this house.” Spencer hated taking the “adult” tone with his s*ster, but they had a system that worked and they each had responsibilities.”Can’t I just do them in the morning? I really just want to get a shower and then go to bed.””No… Carly, you cannot. It’s only like four plates and a pan from the spaghetti sauce. At least spaghetti tacos are not that messy.””Oh yeah Spence… small miracles.”Carly heard a thump from upstairs but shrugged it off as nothing. It was just Sam. How much trouble could she get in?Freddie was under her spell, for sure. His shirt was ripped off so fast that a couple of the buttons popped off. Sam liked what she saw and sat down on Carly’s bed to relax and watch the canlı bahis siteleri show. Freddie went a bit slower with his pants, slowly lowering them until he was wearing nothing but his Star Trek boxers.Sam laughed at his nerdy underwear, and Freddie quickly started to redress. Sam told him to stop, and that it was cute. She started to say that they were even now, but just looked at his decent abs confused.”Come here, Freddie… what is that?” She said, pointing at something on his abdomen. He came closer to her, looking for whatever it is that she saw. No sooner had he got close, he realized her ruse. She grinned and pulled down his boxers.”Whoa, Sam! What are you doing?!””So, we’re not even now… deal with it. I… um… that is your dick. I thought this would be funny, but I am… just kinda thrown by this…”Sam had seen her share of penises. Her mom’s porn collection was not only vast, but it also wasn’t really hidden. But this was, one Gibby wardrobe malfunction aside, the first one she had seen in real life. She was drawn to it. She reached out to touch it and hold it… just staring.”Sam… Oooh… I, uh… don’t get me wrong. I like this… a lot… but this is Carly’s room… and this is farther than we ever went while dating. I mean…. Ahh.” Sam had gone from touching and exploring to full on hand job. “You are incredible, but Carly could be back at any minute.”Sam stopped what she was doing and stood up and locked eyes with him, and never broke eye contact. Her over shirt went over her head. Her bra was quickly unclasped. And her panties were pulled completely off revealing a completely shaven pussy.She stood back up and turned from him, backing up into Freddie, his massive erection pressing into her ass, which was just as amazing as he hoped it would be. She stood there still and silent. Finally, with a sincere and fearful tone she spoke.”It’s your call, Freddie.”He closed his eyes for only a moment. He apparently took too long to respond as Sam pulled away to grab her clothes when he grabbed her and spun her to face him.One deep kiss later, she just melted in his arms, and they just stood there kissing and exploring for a minute or two. His cock was in between her legs, teasing her wetness with each passing second, as his hands went to work on her breasts, her ass, her back, and her hair all at once it seemed, while he kissed up and down her neck and face, taking a few moments to nibble on her earlobes. She was putty and she wanted him so bad, but she felt so powerless.The feeling of powerlessness bothered her and she cut the make out short, pushing Freddie to the bed. He sat on the edge and she began to lower herself onto him, but there was something she really wanted to try first. Sliding the edge of her snatch over his cock made him ache with want, but as she dropped to her knees in front of him, he didn’t have to ache for long.They locked eyes as she nervously took his member into her mouth, tasting a bit of her own wetness at the tip. The taste was nothing like she ever experienced. She loved eating meat, from ham to bacon to chicken to 20oz. steaks, but this was somehow the best thing she had ever tasted. It was hot and warm and she could not stop licking it like a lollipop. After a few licks she pulled away and grinned at her lover, then dove right in and took his dick as far as she could into her throat.”Holy fuck, Sam!” Freddie nearly shouted as this girl, who he wanted to punch half an hour ago, deep throated his cock to the point of nearly choking. She pulled it out and breathed deep, and then went back down. Freddie leaned his head back breaking the eye contact, when Sam reached up and grabbed his chest hairs.”Ahh… damn…” he looked back down as she gave a look that said to “watch me”Sam began to go deeper than last time as Freddie moaned; now holding one of her hands to make sure she wouldn’t hurt him again. She pulled off and jacked it for a few seconds, catching her breath. Before she could go down again, he stopped her and pulled her to her feet.”We may never get a chance like this again, Sam… I think we should make it count before Carly gets back.” He stood up and swapped places with Sam.The blonde giggled and lay down on her back, eagerly awaiting what was coming next.Carly was standing in the shower and she could swear she just heard Freddie shout, but shrugged it off since he went home a while ago. Still, the thought of Freddie, although he was just a friend, was still kinda hot to her. Ever since he saved her life, she felt like he was this great saviour of hers and she had to admit that she was a little jealous of Sam and his relationship. Carly always believed that she was prettier than Sam, so why would Freddie just drop his feelings for her and go after Sam? She looked down at herself and wondered if it was Sam’s boobs. Sam never wore clothes that were revealing really, but her boobs were pretty big. At least, compared to Carly’s. She ran her hands over her B breasts and wished she had a nicer rack. She was plenty happy with her ass though. All the guys she had dated loved checking out her ass and Sam could not compete with it. She shifted in Spencer’s tiny shower and a water jet hit her in just the right place. Thoughts and feelings got triggered and she found herself touching herself, fully imagining Freddie’s moans and groans to be in tune with hers. Inserting a finger, she felt wave after wave from her Freddie fantasy that felt so real she could almost feel the vibrations of his moans. Within moments she was blissful… and she still needed to wash her hair.Both teens were nervous as Freddie prepared to penetrate his friend. They locked eyes and he began pushing into her, inch by inch until he reached some resistance. This was the moment, and Freddy looked into Sam’s eyes, as if to say, I don’t think we should do this. Sam countered by grabbing his sides and impaling herself onto his member, smashing her hymen.”Fuuuuuuucccckkk” She winced in pain, but it soon melted away as Freddie pushed almost his entire length into her no longer virgin pussy. She nearly howled but Freddie put his fingers into her mouth to silence her. She sucked on his fingers to keep herself calm as she bucked with each of his thrusts.”Fuck… uh… Freddie. Remind… me… uh… why weeeoooohhh that’s the spot…. Never did this before?””Because we never really had… ughhh… a chance.” Freddie said with gritted teeth, trying hard to not lose it.He shifted the position, pulling her legs off the side and wrapping them around his waist, just pounding inside her pussy. He pulled her head close to his once or twice to kiss here during but mostly he just focused on the sweat coming from her tits as they jiggled with each thrust.”OH MY GOOOODDD FREDDIE… That is the fucking spot… if we had… uh… started doing this, I never would have… dummmm… yeah… dumped you.”Freddie stopped suddenly. “Hold on, it was mutual. We agreed it was better if we broke up.””Yeah, but it was my idea, so I dumped you, nerd. Momma can’t be tied down, you know.”Freddie saw red… he was no longer interested in making loved… he wanted to just fuck the girl that lay before him.”You already finished… Fredward?”Freddie pulled out and glared at her… “Not even close…”Carly, feeling both overwhelmed with happiness and exhaustion, put on her bathrobe and kissed her brother’s head goodnight and headed up towards her bedroom. She heard crazy noises and opened her room’s door and found something that nearly gave her a heart attack.Freddie thought that if Sam wanted to be a bitch, she could be treated like one. He grabbed her arms and flipped her over on her stomach.”Wait, Freddie… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be mean.” She was sounding nervous. Freddie liked that.He moved his grip on her arms so that he was holding them like reins on the feisty girl. Once he was happy with her, he placed his hardened cock at the entrance to her ass… and she began weeping and while he wanted to take her ass one day, he knew today wasn’t that day. He shifted down at the last second and shoved his entire length in with one push.”Aaaahhhhhhooohh… Freddie. I’m soooo sorry I was mean.”He could tell she was scared but she was now completely into it.”I’ve been so bad and so mean…””I know” Freddie said, still maintaining control in this. An unexpected surprise that made her wet just listening to him. “What can we do about that?””I think Momma needs-“SMACK”I think that’s enough of the Momma thing Sam” Freddie said his hand at the ready to spank her ass again if she misbehaved while his other hand held her arms.”Fine… let me spell it out. I want you… No… I NEED you to fuck me as hard as you can, and I don’t want you to stop until I can’t feel my legs…. “It was all he needed to hear as he fucked the blonde as hard as he could, watching her little ass jiggle as he pounded into it with each thrust. As he held her arms, he had a perfect view of her tits, looking better than ever, shaking with the force.”AAAAAAaaaahhhhh… fuck… Yeah… uhh uhhh uhuhh. UUUUUUUUHHHH”Freddie could feel her pussy tightening so hard on his pounding dick that he nearly cried out, but stopped himself to keep quiet.”Fuck, tipobet I’m coming…I’m coming coming coming coming… ahhhh!Freddie felt like he was going to break the girl as he felt the wetness just pour from her, but he kept his focus on fucking her and that was it. It suddenly dawned on him that he couldn’t hear Carly’s shower anymore. He let go of her arms which was a relief that Sam could finally support her balance. He used one hand to pull her long blonde hair and the other to put his fingers back in her mouth to quiet her moans as they bucked against each other.”Uhhh yeah… pull my hair.They kept this up until he couldn’t hold it anymore.”Sam… I’m gonna cum.””Fucking finally… I was wondering if guys were really that much harder than girls to get off. My mom won’t let me get birth control, so there’s no way you can go inside me.”She pulled herself of his cock and dropped down to her knees.”Mmmm mom…. I mean, I need more of this thing.” She wasted no time going down on Freddie, but instead of the deep throating she had pulled off last time, she just sucked on his cock. She just bobbed up and down, an experience that blew Freddie’s mind. She loved the taste of his dick before, but his dick covered in her juices just made her want it even more. He looked down at what he now believed to be the love of his life, and locked eyes with her as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick, sucking like a possessed vacuum. He felt a rush unlike any masturbation he’d ever committed. He came so hard inside her mouth that he thought he was going to pass out.Sam had never had cum and immediately loved the taste, swallowing it almost as fast as her lover was supplying it, and some dribbled down her chin.She looked up, cum dribbling down her chin and she smiled, “How do you think Carly’s going to react to this?” Freddie asked wiping the cum onto his finger and feeding it to her.”I don’t know Freddie, how will I react?””Oh fuck…”Halfway across town, Gibby was brushing his teeth with one hand and eating a sub sandwich with the other. For Gibby, this was entirely normal. He still felt bad for running out right after iCarly since he made such a mess, and he considered heading over there to help clean or at least to apologize for not doing the clean-up. But then again, he had DVDs to watch. Eh, he thought, I’ll do it tomorrow.Carly Shay stood at the door to her bedroom with her arms crossed, staring at her two best friends, naked and sweaty. Her lips were pursed, and as hard as she tried not to look at them, she couldn’t help but see everything, no matter how hard they tried to cover themselves.”You… couldn’t do this on someone else’s bed?” She mumbled.”Carls-“”No, Sam!” Carly snapped. “This is just some ‘Carls’ thing where you say something witty or ridiculous and I just forgive you!” Her eyes darted over to Freddie, slowly getting dressed. “Either of you.”Silence fell on the room, as the two teens who were going wild 10 minutes ago, did the best they could not to look at each other, and certainly not Carly. So, pretty much it was just the floor.”I can’t even sl*ep in my own bed now…” Carly said, looking at the rumpled bedspread that covered her bed.”Actually,” Freddie said, “nothing happened IN the bed, and it was pretty much just this side and corner here. I think-“SLAP!A flash of red in the shape of Carly’s right hand now appeared on Freddie’s cheek in an instant.”Shut up!” Carly screamed again. Clearly, this was a highly volatile situation. “This is just like the time I saw you guys kiss, and I had to keep it a secret… or the whole relationship where I played referee. It’s like you two just have all these issues that I have to clean up after and I’m tired. Freddie… I’m really disappointed in you… I thought you were smarter than this. Please just go home.”Freddy started to speak but Carly shushed him. He grabbed his clothes and headed out the door, shutting it behind him.He took a moment to put his clothes on outside her door, and listened in to the conversation on the other side of the door.”Carly, I’m sorry. It just sorta happened.””It just ‘sorta happened’, huh? Were you just fighting, without clothes on, in my bedroom and his…” she stopped and whispered the next word, “dick… fell right into your… area?””Yeah… I mean, no. We just… we just had a moment that just went way too far.””You’re damn right it went too far…” She finally moved to the bed and started messing with the comforter, to which she finally just threw it off the bed. “Did you ever think about the fact that I… wanted to be with Freddie?”Freddie was psyched to hear what he just heard. Carly wanted him. All the shame he felt from what happened with Sam just melted into arousal. Now, all he could think about was Carly in her bathrobe, and what she looked like outside of it.”I told you after you two broke up that I was still into Freddie, but you still went and did this?””You never told me that!””Yes, I did… get dressed.” Carly paused and just looked around her room. “I told you right after the breakup that I was happy you guys split up because Freddie was available.””I thought you were k*dding, Carls… why would you want him?”Freddie winced on the other side of the door, accidentally hitting his elbow on the door.”Spencer?!” Carly called out.Freddie tried to move to the steps but Carly opened the door and saw him.”Freddie, you should have gone home… what did you hear?” Carly said, semi-inviting him back into the room”Umm… nothing.” He got a glare from both girls, which made him wish he had just bolted. “Fine… I heard that you said you liked me.” Carly turned her head away to avoid his eye contact. “I also heard what you said, Sam. Not cool.”Sam was less shameful in her reaction. “Whatever… you got to fuck me, what do you care?”Carly glared at her friend, and Freddie was taken aback. “I’m sorry Sam, but that happened because we care for each other. It wasn’t some hate/angry sex thing… it was two people who love each other doing something special-“”OK… super great… my friends are in love and I will die alone… Both of you should just get out.””Wait, Carly.” Freddie said, putting his hands on hers. “I don’t just love Sam… I’ve been in love with you forever. Us all being friends just made the possibility of dating uber-complicated, as Sam and I found out when were together.” He stopped short to see if either of them caught his word slip. “I mean, as in the dating thing… I just think that it keeps things unbalanced, and our friendships and relationships need to have that balance. Everybody doing what they want to in this thing.”Carly stood there, unsure of what her friend was really implying, but some part of his message just resonated with her. And it made her feel… good. Maybe it was being so tired, or the unfinished feelings she was going through in the shower, or maybe it really was her feelings for Freddie boiling over.Carly stepped over to shut the door and once it was shut, she pulled the side of her towel, dropping it to the floor, revealing her naked body. She could see within moments that Freddie was into her from the bulge in his pants. But how could he not? Tight body like hers and not huge but perfect tits for her size, and her long dark hair, now dry, covered just below her nipples. She was shaved downstairs, with a little trim triangle shape leftover. She slinked toward Freddie without a word, taking a moment to turn slightly so that he could get a perfect look at her ass.Freddie was speechless. He never imagined for a moment that things could turn into this, and while he didn’t hate it, he was really cautious of this whole situation. Sam, on the other hand, was pissed. She had Freddie wrapped around her finger only a bit ago, and now he was practically drooling over her best friend. She wanted… no, she needed his attention back and she knew there was only one way that that could happen.”Well…” Carly said, “Do I look… like you imagined?””Yeah, I mean, you…””Am I hotter than Sam?”Freddie just stared, mouth agape, unsure of what to say.”It’s not a hard question…” Sam said stepping into Freddie’s line of sight, completely naked. Her blonde hair certainly couldn’t covered her tits like Carly’s, but Freddy didn’t mind at all. Sam’s breasts still glistened a bit from the sweat from their last session. But for all her hot body had to offer, it was the hunger in her eyes that drove him insane. “Is Carly hotter than me?”Freddie might as well have been brain dead from the hot overload.”Sam, I think you broke him…””Me? You’re the one who just drops everything and started this whole thing. With your cute ass wiggling and shit.”Carly just stopped for a moment, taking inventory of the situation, and inventory of her naked friend, who she had never seen quite this way.”You really think my ass is cute?” she asked, fishing for compliments, reaching out to grab Sam’s hand.”Yeah… I, um, do… I like a lot of things about you.” Sam leaned closer to play with Carly’s hair, knowing full well that she was having just as much effect on Carly as she was on Freddie. Sam’s hands started to drift downward toward Carly’s ass.”Oooh… Sam! Um… I’m not sure about this.” tipobet giriş She may have been saying no, but her body was screaming yes. Her breasts were getting goose bumps and her nipples could not have been harder. And if the moisture she felt at the edge of Carly’s ass was any indication, her pussy was getting pretty wet.Sam responded quickly with a deep kiss while her hands explored Carly’s warm virgin body. She knew Carly hadn’t gotten past first with any of her boyfriends so everything here was all new to her.The kiss broke Freddie out of his trance, and he debated within himself whether he should have a seat and watch the show, or join in, pretty soon, his decision was made for him. Noticing that their mutual interest had snapped out of his confusion, the girls grabbed an arm each and pulled him into their make out session. Their lips all hit in unison and their tongues explored the shared space that was each of their mouths. This could have continued for hours, if it wasn’t for Freddie’s cell phone going off.Not surprisingly, it was his mom. Again. Calling to find out where he was and probably to remind him of something weird, immature, or gross. Not wanting to risk ruining the mood, he grabbed the phone and tried to snap it in half. Of course he failed, but Sam had a better use for it. She knew Freddie’s mom wouldn’t stop calling so she set the thing to vibrate and put part of it in her wet pussy. Within moments, her moans were so strong, Freddie almost came just from listening to her.Carly, seeing that her friend was now a whole new kind of busy, tackled Freddie to the bed. Within moments, the slim teen had stripped her friend’s clothes off and could not get over how muscular Freddie’s chest was and couldn’t stop touching it. Pretty soon, Freddie was just left in his boxers and Carly wanted to take her time with this next part. She had only seen two penises in her life- her br*ther’s once in a bathroom accident, and one she saw in a movie she spied Spencer watching late one night.Sliding his waistband down, she experienced all five senses very quickly. Carly was first overpowered by the scent of his and Sam’s session, and as much as it upset her, she was unbelievably turned on by the scent. She wanted all this for herself. The second sense to get assaulted by what was waiting for her in his underpants was her sight as she glimpsed Freddie’s raging hard-on. It was somehow bigger than she thought it was when she saw him with Sam. It was at least the size of the one from the porno movie. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch it, which was met by her getting to hear his moans and groans. She may have never touched a dick before, but she knew the drill and she had heard enough people talk about hand jobs. And given the looks and sounds he was making, she wasn’t too bad at it. Finally, she went for the sense that she was most afraid of having: taste. She was so caught up and horny, she didn’t think twice when she had the urge to put his cock in her mouth.If Freddy thought Sam had a natural talent for cock sucking, then Carly was like the prodigy of the activity. Her soft luscious lips and the suction her mouth was giving pushed Freddie over the edge in absolute euphoria. Neither of them noticed that Sam was finished playing with the phone but when she joined them on the bed, she made herself more than noticeable.She crawled and situated herself over Freddie’s face, allowing him to lap up all the juices his mother’s call had brought forth in Sam’s aching hole.”Yeah, Freddie… you… face.” Try as she might, she couldn’t come up with something witty, insulting, or even funny when he had his tongue assaulting every angle of her slit. Sam shook so hard from the waves of pleasure, she could barely form a complete thought.Knowing that Freddie was distracted again by Sam, Carly picked up the pace, bobbing her head on Freddie’s cock, trying to take more into her mouth with each movement. Freddie may have been eating out Sam, but he wasn’t against helping Carly get his dick deeper in her throat. Aiming some thrusts when she went as far down as she could, he pushed his dick deeper into her waiting mouth. This process continued harder and faster until he was practically face-fucking his best friend, a situation she didn’t hate.Sam, ever the competitive one, leaned down, giving Freddie more access to her pussy, but her main goal was to get some of what Carly was having. She pulled the brunette off the dick by her hair and began kissing her, getting not only Carly’s saliva, but also the lingering taste of the sex she had with Freddie. She moved her face down and started bobbing her head up and down on Freddie’s dick, trying to match what Carly was doing for him, and she was doing a fine job. Her moans from his pussy eating sent strong vibrations from her mouth into his rock hard cock.Carly began sucking on Freddie’s balls but quickly moved back up to his shaft and began making out with Sam through the dick. Their tongues wrestled each one giving wet lashing to the cockhead between them. Sam pulled away quickly as she felt her pussy nerves contracting like mad as she came harder than she ever had before, leaking all her juices onto Freddie’s face before rolling over to recover.The teen tried to wipe as much of the pussy juice as he could into his mouth while his mouth recovered, but Carly wanted, once again, what Sam had and she lunged to get her pussy licked up just like her best friend’s. Freddy may have been tired, but Carly’s pussy was so delicious, he couldn’t help himself. Her virginal juices were so much more succulent than he could have even imagined.Carly was experiencing feelings she had never felt before. Her body was convulsing in ways she didn’t know it could and her brain was pretty much mush. She just had one thought on her mind and that was to finish Freddie off. She wanted Freddie’s cum and she needed it now. A supreme blowjob plus a lot of moaning would assure that would happen very soon. She was practically screaming into Freddie’s cock as the teen burrowed his face into her pussy, grabbing hold of her perfect ass to get as deep as humanly possible.The 69ing continued for a few minutes until Freddie got a little adventurous. Being so close to her asshole, he began to lick around it and finally explored the edge of it with his tongue. It was such a different feeling for Carly, that she jumped a bit, forcing Freddie’s cock to go so deep into her throat that Carly’s bottom lip met his balls. It was a chain reaction of events that led to Freddy getting shocked by how far his cock was into her throat that his tongue went into her asshole.Pulling off to take a breath, Carly wheezed, “Did you do that with Sam?””No… I never went near her ass.” Freddie said, as if he was a bit disappointed.Carly shifted her body up and over Freddie’s cock, questioning whether to give up her virginity to Freddie, and as ready as she was at that moment, she wanted to do something that Sam hadn’t. Pushing her abdomen forward, his spit covered dick went slowly into Carly’s ass. Half an inch in, Carly looked and felt like she had made a huge mistake with this, but the look on Freddie’s face was worth it.Freddie had never felt anything as tight in his life as he pushed bit by bit until all seven inches were deep inside her bowels. Things started off slow at first, but once they got going it was an incredible experience. While she rode him hard, his hands explored her torso and of course massaged her breasts. Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, Freddie was in heaven. Carly, now that she was building up a good pace with the cock in her ass started rubbing her pussy furiously, pushing her fingers in. Moving one of Freddie’s hands to put his fingers in her mouth, Carly felt like every single hole was being filled at once. Within moments, Carly, began to convulse and come, and Freddy was not far behind.”AAaaah Carly, I need to come. Should I-“”No… I want to swallow your semen like Sam did.””Nice… wait… did you just say semen? You know it’s-“”Shut up… I knew that… I… just said… Grabbing Freddie’s cock with her hand and getting into position, “Listen! I want to suck your cock so hard that you fucking cum, alright!”The sudden burst of hot profanity did it for Freddie as he shot streams of cum all over her face, getting a bit in her mouth. Freddie may have felt bad, but there was something surreal and amazingly hot about his dream girl’s face covered in his jizz.”Ummm… sorry, Carly.”Carly winced, and couldn’t do much more than smile, her lover’s cum splattered all over her face. She took her hands and wiped it all off into her fingers and licked each one clean. She didn’t even care that her shower was for nothing, now that she was sweaty and her hair definitely had some cum in it.Freddie just laid back, completely drained and was quickly spooned by the half asl*ep Sam. Carly got on her hands and knees and crawled to the top of the bed.”Don’t be sorry about coming all over my face. Be sorry that we’re all exhausted and you never even got to make me a woman.” She leaned in close to the near comatose Freddie and whispered, “If you thought my ass was amazing, can you just imagine how tight, hot, and aching my pussy is waiting for a nice hard cock?”Carly then smiled and nuzzled into his body shape, allowing Freddie to spoon her as Sam was spooning him. Freddy stayed awake for nearly an hour thinking about Carly’s words. To Be continued…

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