ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #6

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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #6Victorious: Falling Pieces #6Given how insane the last three days had been, the next week went by pretty quickly and managed not to be that eventful for the friends. They all reported to school and with the exception of those with good reason not to talk to each other, like Beck & Tori, Tori & Jade, and Robbie & Trina, they had normal conversations as if nothing in the last week or the last couple months had actually happened.The only big change was that Nate usually sat near them in Sikowitz’s class and at lunch, and was slowly inching his way into the group. This had less to do with his interest in Tori and his burgeoning friendship with Andre and Robbie, and more to do with who his father was. Once the news that he was Jeremiah Shepherd’s son got around, he was no longer thought of as the new k*d and treated more like the guy that everybody wanted to talk to. To the casual observer, it would seem like he had tons of friends, but they just wanted to meet his dad. Only Andre and Robbie acted like real friends, and try as he might, he just wasn’t having any luck with Tori; she hadn’t even mentioned the voicemail.Tori tried desperately to put on a happy face and not give away her feelings or any of the events from the weekend. She felt sad and really ashamed when she looked at Jade, not so much about the guilt from their ‘affair,’ but more that she had let Jade, who had really become a new best friend, down. On the other end, Tori was doing her best to ignore Beck, but couldn’t help shooting a glance his way every so often, trying to resist the feelings she had for him until she figured out whether or not he was really the guy for her. Lately, the decision to give her virginity to him over the summer was weighing on her mind heavier and heavier. He would every so often touch her shoulder, as if to apologize, but she would shrug it off and get away from him as quick as possible.Despite his promise to try and get clean, Beck had just cut back on taking the pills. He had tried to patch things up with Robbie and Andre, but they seemed more preoccupied with hanging with the new guy. Just looking at Nate made his fists clench, knowing that creep was really just trying to get into Tori’s pants, where only he was supposed to be. But now she wasn’t even giving him the time of day, and he was getting really tired of the way Jade stared daggers at him, no longer angry or bitter but with pure hatred. The only person who was treating him the same was Cat, and even she seemed a bit off from her normal perky self, leading him to worry if Jade was now using her again.Jade, much like her former beau, had spent quite a bit of time in a chemical induced stupor, drinking alone at night when she was bored and adding a bit of Irish to her coffee every morning. She could feel herself slipping a bit but she didn’t really have anyone to grab onto this time. Tori was out of the question, and that hurt Jade more than she ever imagined it could. She certainly couldn’t go to Beck and talk, and trying to have a serious moment with Andre or Robbie just seemed awkward. She considered going to Cat, but given their history and what Cat’s real feelings for her were, she decided against it. And this new guy rubbed Jade wrong from the moment he appeared, and they certainly weren’t friends, but she was ashamed to be one of the people that asked him to pass word of her talent to his dad. The worst part was that she knew that they knew that she was drinking and none of them seemed to really care enough to say anything. This emotional brick wall was pushing Jade into a deeper and deeper spiral.One person who certainly felt a lot better than he did before the weekend was Robbie. After the truth came out at the school over what had really happened with Trina, he was lauded with a lot of people being supportive. And, he was ashamed to say, felt good whenever people would berate Trina over what she did. At other times, though, he felt really bad for her, knowing that even Hester Prynne wasn’t treated as badly as Trina was. He still felt awkward around Cat; their kiss and the consequences of it still weighed on his mind a lot and he searched for the words to apologize and try and mend their friendship, if not evolve it into something more. It took him a whole week, but he finally worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date the next night. It was handily tied to an apology and an outpour of feelings, both about himself as well as his feelings for her. He felt a little let down at first when she sighed, but she agreed shortly after, accepting his apology with a hug and they made plans for a nice dinner.Friday was also the day that, just before school ended for the day, Tori finally mentioned Nate’s odd voicemail to him.”So… what was up with your call last weekend? I’ve been listening to it a couple times and I figured you’d tell me in person, but so far you really haven’t.”Nate winced a bit, fearful he was going to come off looking ridiculous, “Sorry about that. Andre gave me your number and-“”Let me guess… You had a whole scripted thing to say to me, and when I didn’t pick up, you freaked and said whatever came to mind?””That’s mighty insightful, Tori. That’s it pretty much.”Tori smiled, pulling her hair over her ear, “I thought so… but now I’m curious. So, had I actually answered, what would you have said?”Nate’s mind raced back, trying to gather his words so he could say exactly what he needed to.”I was just checkin’ to see if you had plans for this weekend, tomorrow night, because I have some tickets to see Fun and I thought you might want to come with me. Maybe we could have some supper beforehand-“”Did you really just say supper?”Nate rolled his eyes, “I knew this was a mistake. Never-“”I’d love to go.””-Mind,” he stopped short, making sure she really had just agreed to an actual date with him. “Well, that is pretty kickass. I will pick you up around 6 tomorrow then.””Sounds good,” Tori said, shutting her locker door and walking to her last class of the day. “One more thing?” she asked, turning to look at him, catching him in some victory dance move that she couldn’t help but laugh as his face flushed a bit of red.”Yeah?””Is this a date?”* * *It took a day and a half to get to his date, but for Robbie Shapiro, it felt like a year. All his pursuing of Cat for the last few years was finally culminating in an actual date and he couldn’t be more excited. He had even dressed up a little, with a fancy shirt, tie, and a sport coat, and a look in the mirror assured him that he looked pretty good, no matter what Rex was saying.But once he saw Cat, he felt like the ugliest guy on earth. She was wearing this tight white dress that contrasted her red hair in an amazing way, her skirt ending at mid-thigh, showing off almost all of her legs. Her thin figure was hugged very tightly and while she may not be as curvy as his previous love interest, Robbie couldn’t complain at the smooth curves up top and the perfect curve of her ass. The dress was crimped and was covered in thin black vertical stripes, and the darkness of the lines matched her eyes almost perfectly. Robbie’s jaw might as well have been nailed to the floor.Once his composure was regained, Robbie offered his arm to Cat which she took and they got into his dad’s car since Robbie primarily rode his bike places. They were strangely silent in the car, mostly due to Robbie’s fear that if he spoke, he might not be able to stop and he’d gush too much and make her uncomfortable, but that certainly didn’t stop him from looking at her when the chance arose.Finally reaching the restaurant, they were quickly seated on the patio, the cool fall breeze feeling nice to the dry heat of the day.”So… you look really beautiful,” he managed to say without taking it in a creepy way.”Thanks, Robbie. You look really handsome as well. Have you ever been here before?””Just once,” he said, looking over the menu. “My parents came here with me on their anniversary when they couldn’t find a sitter.””Oh wow,” Cat said, looking around. “This place doesn’t look older than maybe two or three years.””It’s not.”The two shared an awkward glance that led both of them to laugh at the awkwardness. The waiter came over and took their drink orders, giving them some time to look over the menu.”You’re not going to try and order for me are you?” she asked, out of the blue.”Of course not… that would be kinda weird.””Oh…” she said, her eyes dropping, “I love it when guys do that.”Robbie scrambled to catch his words. “I mean, unless you want me to, I can do that. What would you like?””It’s fine. We probably wouldn’t like the same foods anyway…”Robbie wanted to tear his hair out at how difficult this was turning out to be. Luckily, the waiter reappeared with his water and her raspberry tea, and took their orders, with Robbie having the Chicken Florentine and Cat getting a salmon dish that she said too quickly for Robbie to understand.”Told you we wouldn’t like the same foods,” Cat said, matter-of-factly, after the waiter walked away.”You didn’t know that, Cat… I could have been craving the… salmon… fish… dish thing that you got.”Cat giggled and sipped her tea. “I’m really glad you asked me out, Robbie.””Yeah, me too… you look absolutely amazing.””You said that already… but thanks,” she said, looking around them to see if anyone she knew was nearby. “Robbie, I need to ask you something.””Sure,” he said, leaning forward, sipping his water, making sure she had his full attention.”Well, I-“A loud screech from the road nearby pulled them both from their focus, as a car narrowly missed hitting a pole and a couple of pedestrians. Robbie thought the car looked familiar but it was night time, so he couldn’t be sure.”I hope those people are alright. LA is full of some maniac drivers…” Robbie said, leaning back in his chair.”Anyway,” Cat said, regaining Robbie’s attention, “I want to talk to you about something.””Oh yeah…” he said, embarrassed that he’d already forgotten that they were having a moment.”Robbie, you should know that I really like you. A lot. But what I say needs to stay between us for a while, ok?””Oh, come on!” Robbie said, tossing his napkin on the table. “First Trina, and now you?””Robbie.””No… Why do people want to date me, but to keep it a secret? Am I that big of a social pariah that-“”Robbie!” Cat said, through gritted teeth, afraid that he was making too much of a scene.”Seriously… what is wrong with me that we can’t date out in the open?””I’m gay,” bahis firmaları she said softly.”Ohhhh…” He said, calming down, returning his napkin to his lap, and was flushed with embarrassment. “I’m really sorry.””You’re sorry that I’m gay? Robbie that is-“”No…” he said, scrambling again, “I meant that I was sorry for the outburst. I am actually still computing what you told me.””Does this change anything between us?” she asked, sounding scared, afraid of that her secret was going to ruin her friendship.”Well, Cat…” Robbie said, taking a deep breath. “I was kinda hoping that you and I could be more than friends by the end of the night, so it certainly changes that. But… I guess it doesn’t change anything about us being friends. I’m still very much attracted to you, but that’s kinda been the case for a while, so no… Nothing’s changed I guess.”Cat breathed a deep sigh of relief, “That makes me really happy.””I do have one question though…” he said, taking a really long sip of water. “Why me?””I don’t know. You asked me out, and I figured that you should know. You know, before you got your hopes up.”Robbie stared at her for a solid minute, with a look that cried out ‘REALLY?!’ without saying a word. “Well, if you didn’t want to get my hopes up, why would you look like that? And halfway through dinner isn’t exactly ‘right up front’.””I’m sorry… I just wanted us to be kinda secluded before saying anything. I’m kinda worried about what the others would say.””They aren’t going to think anything different of you, Cat. You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and no one in our friends is going to treat you differently because of that.”Cat smiled, and calmed down, relaxing in her seat again, and tried to come up with something else to say, but what she ended up doing was getting out of her seat and kissed Robbie on the cheek, leaving a slight red smudge on his face as she returned to her seat.”What… and I’m not complaining, but what was that for?””Just…” she took a deep breath…”just for being a really good friend.””Well, then…” he said, getting up from his chair.”No…” she said, semi-smiling, that would be weird Robbie… Sit down.”Robbie looked completely devastated as he took his seat, but luckily the food arrived a few moments later, earning him a slight reprieve from his shame.They ate in pretty much silence, Robbie taking a moment to look at how gorgeous Cat was, and then shaking his head, knowing that any chance he thought he had was well out the window. The more he thought about this entire setup, the worse he felt, feeling completely led on, and disappointment in knowing that Cat’s sexuality was the reason why she spurned him so much.”Are you mad at me?” she asked sweetly.”No… I’m not mad at you, Cat…” he dropped his fork to his plate and put his hands together in front of his face, his two thumbs holding his head up. “I’m just really let down. I’m really crazy about you and have been forever. And you’ve kinda always been ‘that’ girl for me and in the back of your mind, you always think that eventually that person’s going to come around and you’ll get that happy ending, but that’s not going to happen with us, so it’s kinda like my dream bubble’s been popped.”Cat took all of this in, with a great amount of thought. She knew exactly the kind of feeling that he was talking about, because that’s how she felt about Jade, and realizing that she would never love her as much as she loved Jade was the driving f*rce for her decision to come out.”I’m sorry… I can pay for my half of dinner. I know this isn’t the date you were wanting, so-“”No… I got dinner. I just wanted to tell you how I felt since we are being so honest with each other. I’ve been in love with you for years, and when I saw that you have never looked more stunning than tonight, I mean it. I wish things were different and that you and I could have been a thing.”Cat shed a tear out of both sadness and happiness that someone cared about her this way, but it killed her to see him suffer this much, “Robbie… what if…”He looked up at her, through bl*odshot eyes, clearly fighting back some tears of his own, “Yeah?””What if… I… or you and I… what if we-“”Whatever you’re suggesting Cat… I don’t think I’m up for. I’m really tired and I think we are friends and that’s all we can be, and that’s what we’ll always be. And, you know, I can live with that.”Robbie motioned for the check, and quickly paid it, not giving Cat another look or word, until finally he just asked if she was ready.She nodded, her eyes welling up with tears as he led the way to the car, and opened the door for her before getting in and driving her back home in silence.* * *Dinner had gone notably better on the other side of town where Nate and Tori sat in a dimly lit steakhouse talking about unimportant and shallow things, neither wanting to put too fine a point on what this was, despite both recognizing that this was a date. The evening started out a bit awkward as Nate picked Tori up, earning a stern glance from her father, the cop, as he waited for her to come down. But once they got alone, things went really well, and even shared a couple songs on the radio as they drove to dinner.In Nate’s mind, he considered calling this a date and manning up to telling her that they should date, but he feared that the mention of Beck would create a cloud over her and the date, and she looked too beautiful to let that happen. He had eyed her figure a few times tonight, but still took every chance for a glance when she would move. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy by any means, just a plaid over-shirt which was opened to reveal a purple tank top and some very tight jeans, but for him, he couldn’t ask for anything better.Tori was, surprisingly to herself, having a really good time hanging out with Nate. She had worried that this was going to be a super awkward date, but it was actually a lot of fun, and they hadn’t even got to the Fun yet (an inner joke that made Tori giggle a little bit on the outside, earning an awkward smile from Nate). She was a bit worried when he said that he was taking her to a steakhouse, thinking it might be some half karaoke, half liquor store, with a donkey pen in the back, but it was surprisingly classy. She knew this was a date even though he never said that it was, so she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, as if she was cheating on Beck by being here, but they weren’t really together, were they?The two exchanged stories of growing up and going to public school, sharing the idea that they might be the only normal people at Hollywood Arts. He also came clean that he isn’t really artistically talented, and his dad is the only reason he got into the school. Tori recounted the story of how she got into the school and then explained all the weird and fun adventures she’d shared with her friends since she got in, from the Bird Scene, to getting locked in Beck’s RV, to getting trapped in Wanko’s, and even the Yerbian prison. He was astounded when she finished, and tried to tell her all about his adventures back on the ranch, where he was a junior rodeo champion and really good at shooting things.”Like with a gun?”Nate chuckled, “Sometimes. We did a lot of archery and skeet shooting, so I’d be great if I ever stumbled onto a criminal. You know… who didn’t move, and was made of paper or some easily breakable substance. And I had my guns or bow.” “Ha-ha…” she said, taking a sip of her soda. “So, bull riding, ranch work, and a crack shot… Guess that makes you a pretty tough cowboy… in the right circumstances, of course.”Nate was a bit dazzled by her smile, and she smiled quite a bit, laughing through much of the dinner. His words had left his mouth before he had even thought them through.”Are you in the market for a tough cowboy, Miss Vega?”Her eyes dropped suddenly and she held her lips tightly together. “Nate… I don’t think I’m looking for anything like that… at least, not right now. But,” she said, looking back at him with her gorgeous brown eyes, “I wouldn’t say I would never be…””Groovy,” Nate said, his mind reeling. He was afraid of the rejection he had risked, but he could certainly take a maybe. “Guess we can just see where all this takes us.”She smiled politely, half bothered that he was coming on a bit strong a bit too fast, but it felt nice to be appreciated, and he was really handsome. “What time’s the concert?””In about an hour. I guess we should probably head out pretty soon though.” He motioned toward the waitress, and signalled for the check.”Look, Nate, I know what this was supposed to be, but I feel like I should pay for dinner since this wasn’t really a date for us.”Nate shook his head. “Not a chance. Regardless of if you fell head over heels for me or if this was a disaster, I was pickin’ up this here check. My momma raised her a gentleman.””And where do you think tonight fell on that scale?” She asked, brushing her hair over her ear.”I’ll let you know when the night’s over, and you have the choice of kissing me goodnight or hugging me. That’s usually my system.””Hmmm…” Tori said, sliding out of the booth, as Nate led the way to the exit, holding the door for her as they walked to his truck. He helped her up into the cab, taking the moment to really check out her ass again, and went around to jump in his side as they headed to the concert. Tori knew he was checking her out, and for the moment he held her hand, she actually imagined that there might really be something there with this guy. * * *A red car flew full speed into the driveway at the Vega house, the driver slamming her door shut, as she stormed inside, furious and sad all at the same time.”Trina?” called a voice from the street.The eldest Vega turned to see Beck walking down the driveway.”You alright? You nearly hit me on the way in!””Sorry… It’s been a pretty bad night. What are you doing here?”Beck walked over to Trina, where it became obvious that she’d been crying quite a bit. “I came to see Tori… what happened?” “Just come inside… we can talk. This fall air is bad for my complexion.” Trina turned just as Beck rolled his eyes at how ridiculous Trina was sometimes. She led them into the empty house, knowing her parents were gone on their own date night.”So where’s Tori?””Oh she’s… urn,” Trina knew where her s*ster was, and she envied her completely, but she didn’t know if Beck should know, “… out. I think she is hanging out with Cat.” The name burned a bit as she said it, knowing that the redhead was out with her former kaçak iddaa boyfriend.”Oh, I thought she was out on a date with Robbie tonight?””Oh… yeah, I guess she is. I don’t know where she is then. Maybe with Andre?””Huh…” Beck said, wondering if Trina was hiding something. “So what’s going on with you?” Beck sat on the couch a couple feet away from Trina.”Oh, it’s nothing,” she said, wiping her eyes again.”Come on…”Trina took a deep breath before she finally gave up and explained. “So, you know about that thing last week where I got Robbie in trouble?””Yeah… how could I forget? Everyone at the school hates you now.” Beck realized his words a moment too late, “Sorry, that was a little insensitive.””No… I get it,” Trina, for all her shallowness and materialism, in this moment looked very human and vulnerable. “I can’t blame people for hating me and I did do a really bad thing. But the thing is, I kinda think that I really do like Robbie, and I don’t care anymore what people think.””So, let me guess- now you want him to take you back?””Well, yeah… but tonight, I was driving through town, and I saw him having dinner with Cat, and they were laughing, and she looked ridiculously slutty, and he was just fawning over here and-“”Trina, relax. They were just having dinner, not fucking… well, fucking.”Trina smiled a bit at his words, but she knew the tears were welling up in her again. “It’s only a matter of time though, right? I can’t compete with Cat on looks… she’s insanely hot, and I’m just the Vega s*ster that nobody wants.””Oh, come on, Trina… you’re not ugly or anything. You are very attractive,” he said, sliding over next to Trina and putting his hand on her shoulder.”Yeah,” she said through sniffles, “this coming from the guy who routinely has pretty girls falling all over him, my much prettier s*ster included.””That’s why I’m a good judge, Trina. You need to relax. I don’t think anything is going to happen with Cat and Robbie, and if you apologize, you might get him to take you back.”She started to respond, but he shushed her. “Look, I know what I’m talking about. I screwed up pretty bad with Tori, and it made her screw up, and then I screwed up again… I get the idea of doing something dumb and trying to make up for it.” “Tori never tells me anything… what happened with you guys?” Beck sighed heavily, sinking into the couch, “I just did some regrettable shit, and it led her right to Jade, and they got together, and then when I found out, I flipped out and didn’t even consider that it might be my fault that caused it all.” “So, just tell her you’re sorry. You know that Tori is super forgiving.””Yeah… but I do kinda wonder if she’s better off. Like, maybe I need to clean up my act and get my shit together before I try and have anything with your s*ster again.””I’m sorry.””No reason for you to be sorry. Just me and her. But I think things are genuinely over for us.”Trina stood up from the couch and went to the fridge. “You want anything?””I’m fine…” “Fine by me… I’m grabbing my parent’s wine. Not like they don’t have a shit ton of this stuff.” Trina, swifter than Beck even knew she could move, pulled the cork out with her teeth and turned the bottle toward her lips, drinking quite a bit before setting the bottle on the counter. “You really think I’m prettier than Cat?””I, uh, never said that,” he chuckled. “But…””JUST FUCKING SAY IT.”Beck was stunned by her transformation, “You’re prettier than Cat.””Good,” she said before sipping the wine some more. “I really miss Robbie, y’know. I feel ridiculously horny right now, and I could just call him, and he’d rush over and take care of it, and then we’d have these really great conversations, and then I’d send him away. But that’s all over…”Trina plopped down next to Beck again, as he pulled away a bit.”Maybe I should go…””No… please… stay,” she said, offering the bottle to him, and with a shrug, he gave in to his weakness and downed a big sip of the wine. “Good, right?””Yeah… it’s definitely got a sour kick to it, for sure.””S’how you know it’s good,” she said, her body sliding closer and closer to Beck as they passed the bottle back and forth.”Trina…” he muttered before she moved into his lap.”Shhh… we’re both single and in need of some action. This isn’t anything… I know I’m not what you want in a girlfriend, but I’m really good at… you know… sex.”Beck nervously gulped some air, and whether it was the wine or her flawless logic, he decided to go for it, leaning in to kiss Trina, before she pulled away.”No kissing… no talking…” Trina said, barely slurring as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her impressive chest. “Just tell me I’m pretty.”* * *”You know she was talking about fucking you, right?””No, she wasn’t Rex… she’s not into guys.”It was a standard Saturday night now in the Shapiro house. Robbie and Rex were getting into it instead of going and hanging out with other people.”Man… she was asking if you wanted to have sex with her, you know, to make up for letting your date down.””Cat’s not like that!” he shouted at the puppet.”Then what was she saying, Mr. Reads-Women’s-Minds?””I don’t know… Not that. I think she was just talking about us dating.””You’re an idiot, Robbie. Even if that was the truth you should have at least held out for a hand-job.””Rex!””Just sayin’…”Robbie was still fully dressed, and lay face up on his bed, staring up at his ceiling at the little plastic stars that had been there since he was a k**. He was too upset to sl*ep, but felt too weak to do much of anything else, resisting Rex’s bullying included.”You know what you should be doing?””What, Rex?””Pounding that girl’s tight little redhead pussy.””You’re awful,” he said, grabbing a pillow to put over his ears, though he knew that wouldn’t work.”I’m serious, man. Chick is a dyke, so you might be the first to go spelunking in her lady cave, and even if she ain’t a virgin, you know that shit has to be so tight, even your tiny pecker would have trouble in there-“Robbie flew from the bed, grabbing Rex by the neck, and in one swift motion, smashed the puppet’s face into his dresser corner, over and over and over and over until its head was completely concave. Robbie threw the doll against the wall onto a coat hanger, piercing between his eyes, and exiting the back of his plastic head.Robbie stopped and stared into the mirror, his face flushed with anger, before he tossed Rex into the trashcan, the room finally silent. He breathed a sigh of relief, calming himself, and undressed and prepared for bed, his mind at peace for what felt like the first time in forever.”I can’t believe Rex’s bullying is over,” he said taking his glasses off and closing his eyes, and drifting off to sl*ep.”Not even close,” said Rex, muffled by trash, as Robbie sat up in a cold sweat.* * *These seats are incredible, Tori kept thinking, as she stared up at the handsome alternative band that played just several feet away from her. She was loving the music, which worked because it was so loud, she couldn’t even have a conversation with Nate, but that didn’t stop each of them looking over at the other. Her eyes telling him that she was having a really great time, and his eyes told her how love-struck he was and how much he wanted her to enjoy herself. They touched hands a few times, including a long standing handholding with the whole crowd during a particularly rousing version of Some Nights. Tori also held the hand of a middle aged woman and Nate held the hand of a teenage girl, which was awkward enough that he looked around for cops, worried he would be seen as a sexual predator. Overall, they were having an incredible time, and as they smiled back and forth at one another, Tori wondered if there was any way this night could be ruined.* * *On the other side of town, Beck was struggling with Trina’s pants, the zipper stuck just short of where it needed to be. Trina was still wearing her bra, and Beck was shirtless, giving her a great view of his gorgeous abs. The two had managed to get up to Trina’s bedroom before losing anymore clothes, but once Trina was on her bed, Beck ripped the zipper apart, breaking it no doubt, but freeing her from the pants.”If I had known this was going to happen I would have shaved,” she said, semi-nervously.”And if I knew I was going to do this, I wouldn’t have,” he joked, quoting some movie he couldn’t remember. He slid her pants down, and saw that while her legs weren’t smooth, they certainly weren’t prickly or hairy. With her pink panties now exposed, Beck slipped his pants off in an instant revealing his boxers with a semi-hard on already in place as he dove on top of her, wasting no time unhooking her bra, allowing her large breasts to spill out. He was becoming more anim*listic by the second, gripping her sides and nibbling as he sucked on her pert nipples, while his hand fondled the other one. His hand and mouth swapped positions as Trina’s head rolled back in ecstasy.It had been forever since Beck had a chance to experience large breasts, and he realized he missed them. A lot. His oral assault on her chest continued for several minutes before Trina gripped his hair, pulling him up to face her. Trina had been clear that she didn’t want any kissing, but she rethought that policy as his mouth gravitated to her neck, sucking on her collarbone, leaving a small hickey as his hands continued exploring her torso. Her hands gravitated towards his abdomen as well, her hands brushing his erection.Eventually, the curiosity proved too much for Trina and she flipped them, sliding her body down his, her breasts pressed tightly against his skin, until she reached between his legs. Kneeling at the foot of her bed and pulling his body so he was on the edge, she pulled the boxers off, freeing his member. Trina stroked it a couple times, and realized it was pretty close to the size of Robbie’s which was fantastic for her.Taking a deep breath, she began licking the head like a piece of candy, running her tongue up and down his shaft before finally, after looking up at him with a look in her eye, dove her face down on his rod. She took him as far into her mouth as she could, his head being massaged by the squeeze of her throat, and she held him there for a few seconds before pulling off completely with a loud pop sound.She stroked him more, using her excess spit as a lubricant, before going back down on him, no longer trying to deep throat him, but settling on just sucking and bobbing her head up and down as much she could. kaçak bahis His hands drifted into her hair, pressing her face towards his core, loving this blowjob. He couldn’t help but think that she was even better than Tori at this, and that became abundantly true when his groans started getting louder, and he became much more f*rceful. As she was f*rced to push him deep into her mouth again, she felt him pulsate and with an unrivalled grown, he shot a full load in her mouth, and she tried to swallow it as best she could, but some dribbled from her lips as his engorged member left her lips.”A little warning would have been nice.””Sorry… you’re… really good at that.” Beck said, catching his breath, knowing just complimenting Trina would be enough to distract her from being mad.She slid from her knees and lay next to him. “Your turn,” she said matter-of-factly, and she got comfortable.Beck followed orders and slid down her body and slid her pink panties off, revealing her core. He started by taking a couple fingers and tracing her area, playing her lips a bit before he reached her clit and rubbed it tightly, sending waves of pleasure to Trina causing her to moan loudly.Now that he knew her general layout, he dove his tongue inside her core, his spongy instrument trying to reach all the nooks and crannies that he could, searching for her g-spot. Her taste wasn’t unpleasant, but Tori’s pussy was a thousand times sweeter and more enjoyable. As her hands drifted back into his hair, he knew he was doing a good job, the sounds she was making were causing his loins to stir once again.Beck began eating the oldest Vega out hungrily, causing higher and higher pitched screams to arise from Trina’s shaking mouth. She knew her orgasm was quickly on its way and by the way her body was shaking, it was going to be a powerful one.Beck’s mouth took a break and his fingers took over, sliding his middle and ring fingers inside her over and over, while using his thumb to continue the massage of her clit. Using his index finger he pulled the hood back enough and let his tongue dance on her exposed zone. This was all it took for Trina as she came with an incredible f*rce, gripping Beck’s hair tighter than ever as she rode out the feeling, her juices spilling all over the sheets. Trina gasped for air, trying desperately to regain her composure. Beck moved beside her, panting as well, until she put her hands on his shoulders and climbed on top of him, sliding her ass backwards until he was lined up with her core. One swift thrust downward by her and upward by Beck, and he was completely inside her, sending her eyes to roll back in pure enjoyment. Just like Robbie, Beck seemed to be a really good fit for inside her. Once she was accustomed to him enough, she began to ride him, sliding her body up and down on his pole.Beck looked up as her breasts shook with the f*rce of their fucking, so he held them in place, running his thumbs over her nipples as he tried to hold them in place as she bounced up and down. He was really in the zone and focused on meeting her moves with his thrusts when she took her hands and pulled her own hair as she rode, and Beck slowed down.For just a second, as Trina was doing a move like her s*ster, Beck couldn’t help but imagine she was Tori. God, he thought, I miss her. It was the last thought to go through his mind for a while.* * *”That. Was. Awesome!” Tori, ears still recovering from the concert, was shouting out the lowered windows in Nate’s truck, having no idea how loud she was. Nate was suffering from the same issues, but he was overwhelmed with the ‘spirit’ quite like Tori was.”So, I take it you had a good time?!””What?!””Did. You. Have. A. Good. Time?!””Yes! It was really awesome.””Good.”Her hearing may have been stunted a bit, but it felt like all her other senses were on fire. She saw things so clearly, and the wind on her face and hair felt amazing. Even the smells had become stronger, which, this being LA, was a bit of a drawback. She found herself leaning over to smell Nate whenever she needed to breathe before returning her head to the window.Nate was doing a congratulatory dance in his head, believing that it was all but guaranteed that Tori would go out with him, and at the very least he’d get a kiss. Ten minutes later, they had reached the Vega residence, and Nate quickly hopped out and took to the other side to let her out, helping her out of the tall truck.”Next time we do this, I think I’ll drive,” she said, as he walked her to the front door.”So, you’re saying there will be a next time?”Tori turned, giving him a weird look, as if to ask if she really just said that, but then grinned with a long “Mayyyybe.”And then the moment arrived. They were at her front door, the dim light hanging overhead, and his anticipation kicked in.”So… here we are,” she said, still sorting out how to end this date.”Yup.””What did you say the scale was here, kissing you goodnight or a hug, right?””Well, I-” Tori took a step towards him, wrapping her arms around him, which he responded with a hug of his own, release a small sigh as he knew what this meant. He was going to say something but she pulled back slightly and kissed his cheek before quickly disengaging.”Looks you got both. What does that translate to?”Nate touched his cheek softly. “Like most things with you, girl, I don’t have the damnedest clue.””Well I had a great time tonight, and I don’t know if I could have had had more fun with anyone else. We should do this again,” she said, unlocking her door.”As… friends?””You tell me,” she taunted, smiling one more dazzling smile and shut the door behind her. Through the wooden door she heard a “Yes!” before his truck started up and he was gone. That guy was way too cute for his own good, she thought.Tori made her way to the fridge, to grab a water, when she saw clothes on the couch, with an almost empty bottle of wine. It was her s*ster’s shirt, Trina was definitely home, she thought, I can hear her. She grabbed the shirt and headed up the stairs to yell at her s*ster for being a slob and leaving her laundry laying around. As Tori turned the corner to her s*ster’s bedroom, she saw her door was wide open, so she walked right in and regretted it the moment she did it”Trina!” she said before she even realized the words. The sight of her s*ster’s naked back and ass riding some guy would forever be burned in her brain.”Ohmigod, Tori!” Trina screamed, scrambling to cover herself up, while whoever she was having sex with tried to hide with clothes as well. The problem was, the shirt that Trina covered herself with wasn’t her shirt.It was Beck’s.The reality of the situation hit Tori like a freight train, and she felt so sick, she thought she was going to vomit her dinner. She saw how completely scared and shocked her s*ster was, and the shame was practically making Beck glow.”Trina… Beck… What… I mean…””It’s not what-“”I swear to God, Beck, if you say ‘it’s not what it looks like’, I’m going to break your nose.”It was obvious that Tori was on the warpath, and truth be told, she had every right to be. She hadn’t completely broken up with Beck, and this was beyond just cheating… Trina was her s*ster.”Trina… what’s going on?””Don’t be mad, Tori… please. It was an accident. We were hanging out, and we were sad because we were feeling rejected, and one thing just kinda led to another.””Seriously?! Did you need to wipe some tears away with his dick or something?””Whoa, Tori…” Beck said, dressing himself, “is this really any worse than what you did? At least I don’t have feelings for Trina.””It’s true,” her s*ster chimed in.”Shut up, Trina… I can’t believe you told him.” Trina gave her s*ster a look and began shaking her head. “Beck, if I go out with a friend of mine, then that is my own business. Nate is a really nice guy and at least he-“”Nate?! You were out with Nate? That inbred hick shitbag? I can’t believe it…””I was trying to tell you that I didn’t tell him…” Trina said, slowly incher her way out of the room.”Nothing happened. We had dinner and saw a concert. It was just as friends.””Yeah, I bet…” he muttered, grabbing the rest of his clothes. “So you’re taking the moral high ground with me despite you going on a ‘platonic’ date with the biggest fucking jackass I’ve ever met, and having crazy lesbian sex with my ex-girlfriend? That seems really fair?””Yeah, Beck. You were on dr*gs, you hurt me, you were an asshole, and then you screwed my s*ster.””She started it.””Then you should have finished it there. And now, we’re done.””Tori-” he said, sounding just as sad as angry.”Don’t… just go. We are officially done. We’ll get Andre to get each other’s stuff.””Tori, I can just get it now. While-“”No!” she shouted. “You’re going to get out now before I strangle you. I don’t want you to ever set foot in my house again. I don’t want to speak to you again.”Beck started to speak, but he remained silent and walked down the stairs and out the door, which Tori slammed behind him.”I’m so sorry, Tori. I didn’t-“A swift slap to her s*ster’s face didn’t do anything to alleviate the anger she was feeling. “I can’t even deal with you right now, Trina… I can’t kick you out, but don’t expect us to be ‘s*sters’ for a while. I need to go.”Tori grabbed Trina’s keys and a jacket as well as a plastic bag and headed out the door, not looking back even once.* * *Jade stared at her computer, waiting to see if Freddie was going to be online tonight. Part of her was really proud of herself for the way she stood up to the Seattle teen and defended her right to be happy. But there was a nagging feeling that she’d made a mistake. That he was now going to easily pick Sam over her. She took a couple sips of tonight’s drink of choice, some sort of mojito, and scrolled her Slapbook for things to comment on.Realizing that there really was nothing that was going to interest her on this Saturday night, and she was about to put her laptop away for the night when there was a loud ping sound. She quickly checked and sure enough, Freddie was online. Her mind raced with what to say to him. Should she recant her rant from before? Should she stand by it and f*rce a decision. Her anxiety, coupled with the alcohol caused the room to start to spin a bit, and just as she decided on her course of action, the doorbell rang.Jade quickly threw on some presentable clothes and rushed to the door, revealing Tori Vega, in all her sadness glory. This was so much like the other night, it felt eerie. Without a word, Jade pulled her inside and led her to the Goth teen’s bedroom. She sat Tori on the bed, and then, shut the bedroom door behind them.From that point the only words that could be heard through the door was a very muffled Tori Vega saying, “I need this.”

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