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punishment not pleasureblackstrokerPunishment Not PleasureMy older sister Sadie, a most appropriate name judging from her nature, is a fat, foul mouthed, mean spirited, tom boyish bitch. Since we were k**s she was always beating up on somebody, I included. At nineteen she is three years older and a whole lot bigger than me, taking after my big strapping mom, while I am a version of my slim wiry and muscular dad. Since we’ve become grown up she no longer hits me, because she realizes that although I am smaller, I am very tough, with quite a reputation as a fighter and would certainly whip her fat ass. But that doesn’t stop her from being mean and aggressive toward me every now and then, though it never gets further than a bit of tugging and wrestling, with her eventually backing off when she senses I am close to getting mad.I sometimes wonder if she is a dyke, judging from the way she dresses and acts, and the fact that she never seems to have a steady boyfriend. There has been a guy here and a guy there for brief periods over the years, but for the last two or three years she seems to be in a prolonged drought romantically.Although she is fat, she is not exactly unattractive, having a pretty face with pouty lips, big firm tits, a big heavy ass that I love to stare at and huge smooth rounded thighs. She is the fat but firm type, no slack flab. Her complexion is light brown, and her brown kinky hair is short cropped and shiny, and always neat. But her mean spirited ways, her constant scowl, aggressive walk and posture and foul mouth is a turn off. It seems like she just enjoys being mean. We were never particularly fond of each other, with me being closer with our older brother and sister, and she only with a sister a year younger than me. But my mom and dad almost always sides with her against the rest of us.The two of us were alone at home. I was sitting in front of the TV and her moving about housekeeping. She was wearing a short tight stretchy material pink skirt that barely covered her fat ass, and one of those tank tops or whatever they called it, that was like a tight fitting T-shirt with the T cut off. It started somewhere on the top of her massive breasts, and ended a couple of inches above her navel. So her fleshy tummy and the top quarter of her boobs were exposed. I must admit that it was a stirring sight, and I felt my cock getting all puffed up as I looked at her moving around vacuuming the carpet, especially when she was backing me, slightly bent over. Through the material I could see dimples on her butt cheeks. There was no sign of panty lines, which suggested she was wearing a thong. I tried to imagine her without the skirt, with the thong sunk between the crack of that huge ass, rubbing against her puckered hole, and partly sunk into her fat pussy. Once when she stopped her vacuuming and went to do something else, as she was passing by me I gave her a little slap on the ass. Expecting her to fly into a rage and attack me either physically or verbally, I was surprised when she simply gave me a glare and with just a slight rise in voice, said:“You little perv, you want to play with something, play with your dick.“You’d love to watch me do that, eh, having not seen a dick yourself for such a long time?” She just sucked her teeth and waltzed away.Damn, I thought, she must be in one hell of a good mood today. When she returned she bent right over to change the nozzle of the vacuum. I found myself staring at a fat barely covered lump of pussy flesh. I sat up straight, and without doing so consciously, grabbed my crotch, feeling the rapidly expanding cock. After she resumed her work I got up and went to my bedroom where I picked up a little, bent-wire and rubber band sling shot which I’d made a couple of days ago. The ammo for the sling shot was tight folded paper bent into a U shape. I loaded the sling shot and let the missile go at her broad ass. She let out a loud ouch and spun around, glaring at me with fire in her eyes. She stomped over and stood in front of me breathing hard with her hands on her hips and her huge bosom heaving.“You little shit, you do that again and I’ll grab your fucking balls and squeeze them so hard, they’ll hear your yell in the next street.” I just looked at her and laughed.She stomped away from me and went back to the vacuum. She bent over again and once more I was looking at that fat lump barely covered in a wine color with tiny black dots thong. I was dumb founded as I stared at the amazing crotch. Her cream colored inner thighs was stained a darker brown from the rubbing of her thick thighs together. But unlike other fat girls, hers did not have that dark, dirty looking or pimpled roughness, just the slight discoloration. I’d love to grab that pussy while she was bent over like that, or better yet stick my tongue and nose there. If bahis firmaları only she knew how close to the truth she was when she called me a perv. I was after all, looking at my big sister’s fat ass and thinking that I’d like to get up and fuck her to death right now.About five minutes later I loaded another paper missile, and let it go at her ass. This time around I’d pulled it back very far, so it was released with more force than the first time.“What the fuck!” she shouted and spun around grabbing at her ass and rubbing it vigorously. In no time she was standing in front of me like a mad bull snorting fire. With unexpected speed she bent over and grabbed my crotch. Her strong hand curled roughly around my erect dick.“You can’t say I didn’t give you warning,” she said as she squeezed and tugged. I could only be pleased that it was my cock and not my balls she had in her hand. That would have been disastrous. “And what is this?” she said as she squeezed and tugged at my cock, “you sick son of a bitch, you’ve been sitting there all this time having a hard on for your own sister.”“What do you expect if you keep bending over and exposing your fat pussy,” I shouted back, “and you’d better let go of my cock, or I swear I’ll grab that stinking pussy of yours.”“You wouldn’t dare, you do that and I sure as hell will tell mom and dad on you.” She stood her ground looking me full in the face, now massaging more than squeezing my stiff cock. I swear she was enjoying it, while pretending to be angry and only interested in hurting me. I could tell by the suddenly erect nipples pushing against her top that this was more than anger playing out here. I raised my left hand and held her firmly at the back of the head so she couldn’t wriggle free, as I reached my right hand under the short skirt and cupped her ample mound. She tried to twist away but I held her fast behind the neck while my spread fingers sunk into the flesh between her thighs. We stood there, eyes locked in combat. I felt her, squirming, and she applied more pressure, now really squeezing into my cock. I increased my pressure on her hot fleshy crotch.“You’re hurting me,” she blurted out, her voice almost breaking. And I could tell that she was really angry now.“And I’ll keep on hurting you; when you loose then I will loose.”“You sicko, using the opportunity to cop a feel off your own sister’s pussy.” She let go of my dick, but I kept my hand under her skirt, gently massaging the now moist mound.“See, I knew it. I’ve let go of you but your hand is still under my skirt.” I started to slip a finger into her snatch, but she wrenched free, turned around and stomped away.“I’ll tell mom and dad.”“You won’t tell shit, because you enjoyed holding my dick, you fat whore.”“Enjoyed my ass, and who are you calling a whore?” I thought she was going to burst into tears.She grabbed a broom and charged at me, swinging. I evaded her swing and ran away. I bounded up the stairs and headed for my room. I threw myself onto the bed. Damn, I thought, that pussy felt good. I brought my fingers to my nose and savored the rich smell. Seconds later I saw the huge figure of my enraged sister fly through the air and land on top of me, knocking the wind out of me. Before I could regain my senses, she was straddling me, blowing hard.“I’ll teach you to be fresh with me, you little sick fucker.”She pressed down hard on me as she leaned forward and pinned my arms to the bed. Despite her weight and size, I knew that I could have toppled her, but I didn’t want to, my cock was raging hard and I liked the way it felt with her big hot booty pressing down on it. The short skirt had ridden up her thighs, and the fat pussy in the wine colored thong was right before me giving me the upskirt of my life. Holy fuck! My sister has some pussy!“What is this I feel pressing against my ass, another hard on? Oh boy, you’re really messed up inside your head, getting hardons for your big sister, I’ll teach you to have some manners and respect and decency.”She raised her fat ass up in the air and dropped it back down on my groin.“Take this and this and this,” she snarled as she lifted her ass and slammed it back down on my groin area three times.I lifted my hips up under her, pretending to be trying to unseat her, but actually pressing my cock against her pussy.“Oh, so you’re trying to throw me off, trying to escape.”I gave a mighty heave, almost toppling her, but she held on, like I thought she would.“Uh uh, that won’t work, you little perv, I’m gonna keep you pinned down here ‘til you learn some manners” she laughed, “You can’t even control your b**stly desires around your own sister. I’m gonna grind this thing into your belly and right through your back, unless you show some respect and make it go down.” She pressed down hard and started a quick grinding circular kaçak iddaa movement on me. She was breathing hard, her lips parted and her eyes half closed as she ground her pussy on me while looking intently at my face as if gauging it for some sign.Suddenly she stopped and said: “Wait a minute, this is too easy on you, I’m not getting to really punish this thing enough, let me fix it into a position where I can really grind it into your gut and teach you a lesson. And when I move my hand don’t you dare try to get away, you little squirt or I’ll beat the shit out of you.”She removed one hand from my upper arm that she had been gripping, raised her ass up slightly and started tugging at the waist of my trunks. Without her requesting it I raised my hips up making it easy for her to drag my trunks down to below my knees. There was a wildness in her eyes that I had never seen before, and she was blowing hard as she grabbed my cock and positioned it stretched along my belly, where it refused to remain lying, and instead, sprung up, making bobbing little movements.“There, now I can punish that disrespectful, little thing properly.”I closed my eyes in sweet anticipation as she positioned herself above my hard stretched out shaft. Although I did not see it then because of my closed eyes, I realized later that she had hiked her skirt right up above her waist, almost all the way to her breasts, and pulled aside one leg of her panties to uncover her fat hairy crotch before bringing it down on my bouncing dick.She started a sudden frantic grinding and heavy breathing as if someone had merely pressed a pause button to freeze her movements, and had now restarted her. “How could it go down if you keep grinding your fat pussy on it?”“What, you little bastard,”She slapped me hard on my left cheek, followed immediately by a similar hard slap on the right cheek wit the back of her hand. The blows stung and I started to say something, but my words were cut off by two more similar slaps, causing me to shut up. Her grinding hips and ass had hardly missed a beat while she was slapping me.“So you’re not going to make it go down, you stubborn prick, I guess I’ll have to be more rough, I’ll rub it till it’s sore, see how you like that.”I wanted to laugh, my sister was coming over as a raving sexual lunatic, but I kept a straight face because I was enjoying her big hot body on mine as she acted out her fantasy. She leaned lower, gripping my sides between her huge inner thighs, and started making long, back and forth movements of her wet hairy cunt along my throbbing shaft.“How does that feel?” she asked“Wonderful!” I said, immediately pissing her off.“What!” she exploded, punching me hard to the side of my head. “Who told you to say that?”“But you asked…” I said, my words being cut off as she rose up and punched me hard, first in the right, then left side. I must admit that I suddenly felt a little bit frightened; wondering how far this lunatic was going to take this charade.I groaned as I felt the hairs on her pussy bruising the tender inner side of my cock head. But in spite of the stinging, burning sensation, the pleasure I was experiencing was immense. The intimacy of the act of my sister’s wet fat pussy lips sliding along my rod caused a kind of wicked glow to envelope me. This was unlike any sexual feeling I had ever had.My head felt light, and the overwhelming inner satisfaction and feeling of unprecedented connection with my panting sister, emboldened me in a perverse way.“Put it in,” I said while at the same time reaching up and grasping a fat bouncing breast in each hand.“What, how dare you make such a disgusting suggestion, this is punishment, not pleasure.”She knocked away my groping hands and slapped me hard in the face. I felt something snap in my head. I raised a hand and slapped her hard across her face.‘Put it in you crazy fat bitch, I know that is what you really want, so stop fucking around and take the dick.”Her mouth fell open as she stared at my angry face.“Put the fucking cock into your cunt, you fat stinking fucking whore.”She straightened up, her mouth open and eyes blinking rapidly. She jerked her head back, and then shook it puzzlingly, as if she had just come out of a trance.“Pu…pu…put it in?” she asked.“Yes, you fat fuck, put my cock in your cunt and stop wasting my time.”“O…ok,” she said, looking at me testing, as if expecting me to change my mind, but hoping I “Put it in!” I screamed, losing patience, “put it in or let me get up, I’m tired of your fucking game. I want to fuck if you don’t want to, get your fat ass off me.”She gripped my cock with trembling fingers. Her entire body was trembling as she positioned the hard rod of hot flesh at the entrance of her dripping pussy and let the head part her brown hairy lips. “Push up,” she whispered, looking down at me kaçak bahis with what looked like admiring eyes.I pushed up hard, sending my cock deep into her. She grunted, and lowered her body, letting her pussy slide all the way down my shaft to the base. She bit her bottom lip as I pumped upward, causing her fat belly to shake, over me. I reached up and grabbed the tank top, pulling it down and watched in amazement as her beautiful big firm shining boobs fell free, looked at the very large expanse of areola and the stiff stout nipples. I slapped them both and she grimaced. I began furiously slamming upward into her slick cunt, eliciting a grunt from her with each thrust. I could see her thighs and fleshy hips and the sides of her ample ass quivering and bouncing as I pounded her. She was squinting down at me with her pouty lips half open. She reached forward and removed my hands that I had clasped behind my head, and deposited them on her big soft buttocks. I gripped them tightly sinking my fingers into the bouncing rubber balls, as I continued pumping upward.“Stop, let me do it,” she said. I lowered my hips to the mattress. I felt her sweat dropping unto my chest and face.“Take off your top.” She obeyed, pulling it quickly over her head. Her clean shaven armpits looked beautiful. I rose up and licked under one of them. She suddenly leaned forward and smashed her big breasts onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her broad back, and held her tight.“I love the feel of your cock inside me, little brother,” she whispered.She started making small up and down and clenching movements on my cock. I relaxed, enjoying the controlled movements of her big wet body over my meager frame. I slid my hand along her wet back and over her huge spongy balls. I put four fingers of each hand into the crack of her giant ass, resting them against the inner walls as I spread the cheeks apart. She quickened her movements, and her mouth found mine. She licked my lips slobbering, and then poked her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battled, as her hips moved at a brutal pace, her steaming pussy lashing against my groin. On an impulse I rested my right forefinger at the entrance of her puckered hole. I pressed against it hesitantly. She reached around and covered my hand with hers. I felt her lips move against mine as she tried to speak without breaking the kiss. I heard a muffled ‘push it in, push it in’. I needed no further urging. I let my finger aided by her own pussy juice, slide into the tight hole. The walls of her anus claimed my finger, clamping around it possessively. After I had sunk it all the way in I let it rest there and found that her quick up and down rhythm and little jerking thrusts controlled the finger’s in and out probing of her anus. After a while I heard her tell me to put in another finger. As the two fingers sliced into her, she let out a loud aaahhhh, followed by a forceful grinding. Seconds later she removed her mouth from mine and began hissing loudly through her clenched teeth, her body convulsing, her hips rocking wildly as she cried out.“I’m coming, I’m coming, oh why did you make me come.”She rose up on one hand and began slapping me in the face while muttering.“Why you make me come, why you make me come.” Then she started sobbing. I reached up and grabbed her swinging breasts, squeezing them hard, intent on returning the pain of her slaps. Then I felt the swelling in my own loins, the sensation creeping up between my eyes, and then my own body’s convulsions beneath hers which was still quivering. She gave out a loud yeaah, like an excited sport fan.“Yes baby brother, yes, come inside your fat slutty sister’s pussy. Drain you sweet cock inside my pussy.” She leaned forward, stretched out her legs and remained lying on me as both our bodies weakly jerked out their last spasms.After we were both drained, she rolled off me, turned around and straddling me with her back to me and her fat ass in my face started licking my cock and sucking at my tight balls. My cock began to come to life. I rose up and planted my face in the wet musky crack and licked at the little tight hole. The musky smell worked wonders on my eager cock, causing it to stretch out full and hard. I pushed her forward and got up behind her. I lathered my cock with saliva, and then did the same to the entrance of her anus, I put my cock against it and she pushed back encouragingly. I pressed forward, and felt the closed flesh gave way to an inch or so of my cock. I continued to push until I was a good way in. I felt her shiver, and heard her grinding teeth. I began the back and forth pummeling, pushed to heights of passion by her little whimpering sounds. I rode her for a long while before her knees gave way and she fell face down, flat on her belly. I continued to pump into her, as she lay motionless, just taking whatever I was giving in silent acceptance. When I came she used her muscles to clamp around me and pump me gently as I drained into her.That was the beginning of a regular pounding of my fat sister’s ass and pussy for many years.

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