Rachel’s shopping trip

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Rachel’s shopping tripThis story introduces us to Rachel and a sumptuous stranger. Thanks for comments and the inspiration. Kisses and Hugs.“How does this dress look”, it is the sweet voice of a female who is standing nearby. Rachel turns away from the dressing room mirror and looks at the speaker and the dress she is wearing. Rachel politely says, “That looks nice on you.” Jokingly she adds, “The bare feet add a special touch to the sun dress.” The stranger pulls up the dress and shows off her luscious legs and flawless feet. To Rachel, the stranger looks to be in her 40s but she is definitely well put together. She is cheerful and attractive. Her make-up is glowing, her manicure and pedicure are impeccable, and her flowing blonde hair is beautiful. The dress does look good on her and accents her body type well. Rachel has been trying on similar dresses, but she is disappointed at how they look on her. She turns to the stranger and laments about her predicament. Rachel, who is 24, is athletic, but very plain Jane compared to the stranger. The stranger responds that dress does nothing to flatter her features. Self deprecating, Rachel responds, “I have no features to flatter.” The stranger quickly retorts, “Honey, you have a beauty that needs to come out. You need to love yourself. I could see you in a sexy striped strapless romper. Trust me you will look sassy in it.” The stranger still barefoot disappears back to the store, leaving Rachel to think. Sassy was one word Rachel had never used to describe herself.The stranger returns with several rompers and Rachel tries the one she likes the best. She re-emerges from the dressing room to find the stranger waiting for her. The stranger starts with, “that looks better. That shows off your feminity better and I think you should buy that and wear it home. You need to get comfortable with her skin. You have great legs and I would love to have your twenty something body of yours.”Rachel and the stranger eventually make their ways to the checkout counter as they stand in line waiting, they begin talking again- mostly small talk. Rachel learns that her helper is Kris who is married casino oyna and 51 years old. Rachel compliments her on her attractiveness. As they talk Kris & Rachel learn they live only a few blocks from each other and Kris offers Rachel to stop by and continue their conversation. Rachel is reluctant at first, but Kris insists until Rachel accepts.Rachel, who is wearing her new strapless romper, is greeted at the house by Kris who has changed into a super sexy mini with a mid riff cut top and heels. She is stunning. Rachel jokingly remarks at her causal attire. Rachel enters Kris’ home and is impressed with her taste in furniture and décor. Kris offers her a glass of wine and shows her around a bit. There is some erotic black & whites on display including several classy boudoir shots of Kris. Kris sees Rachel eyeing them and tells her that her husband took those. Rachel comments how amazing Kris looks and how self confident she must be to do those shots.Kris, who is standing directly behind Rachel as she looks at the pictures, says, “Honey, you should be as self-confident as me. You are young and pretty. You just need to gain that confidence and explore the possibilities. You should see how my confidence as fuels my sexuality.” Kris moves right up against Rachel and leans forward as she speaks. She lowers her voice to just a whisper, as she finishes speaking with her lips only inches from Rachel’s left ear.“Rachel, you have a beautiful face and your brown eyes are bright and cheerful, those lips…” Kris doesn’t finish the sentence but rather applies a soft sensual kiss to her earlobe. Rachel tightens and squirms a bit, but Kris reassures her. Kris runs her hands through Rachel’s dark hair and rubs her shoulder muscles to loosen the tension. Rachel’s heart races and she senses that her mouth is drying out. Although Rachel has had lesbian experiences before, this is different. She has never had someone come onto her like this.Kris continues, “Your breasts are wonderful.”Rachel using negativity as shield replies, “No, they are small. Not nearly as voluptuous as yours.”Kris retorts “but yours are firmer and rounder” while canlı casino siteleri wrapping her arms around Rachel and playful squeezing each breast. Kris turns Rachel around to face her and lifts one of Rachel’s hands under her top onto her bare breast. Rachel awkwardly touches and fondles it gently. A new sensation sweeps through Rachel and her guard subsides as Kris seemingly offers her left breast to Rachel’s lips.She starts by kissing and running tongue around the hardening nipple, holding, rubbing and squeezing each full sized breast in her hands. Kris pulls off her top completely and encourages her young partner with shallow moans of pleasure. Rachel continues to love upon Kris’ breasts in a playful fashion. Kris runs her hands through Rachel hair and gently nudges her to an area that needs attention.After a few minutes, Kris sleekly undoes her mini and pushes them off her mid section. Rachel, first, moves up Kris’ body and kisses her neck and lips in a soft sensual fashion. She has become engrossed by Kris. Next she slowly slides her face down Kris’ body; kissing and rubbing and she moves. After she kisses on Kris’ flat stomach, she slides around to the back pulling down her laced panties enough to apply a soft kiss on her shapely ass. While Rachel makes over her, Kris takes off the rest of her clothes and expectantly lifts her right leg up on the edge of the coffee table. Rachel quickly trains her focus on Kris’ neatly trimmed vaginal area. Kris strokes her forefinger across her dark pink vagina and offers it lovingly to Rachel’s lips which promptly engage in a pseudo fallatio on the finger. Rachel calls out, “mmmm, this tastes good”. Kris pulls her finger out and runs it around the outside of Rachel’s lips. She tells Rachel, “You shouldn’t doubt your sexiness. You can see how much you have turned me on.” Rachel just smiles impishly.Rachel buries her face into Kris’ pussy and her first lick is a long stroke. Rachel discovers just how moist Kris is. Kris entices Rachel with compliments that Rachel is the cause. After a few moments and long sensual tonguing, Kris repositions herself on the full length casino şirketleri couch. Rachel cannot help put appreciate the how attractive her lover is, even fully naked she is amazing at 51. Her distinct tan lines accent her beauty.Kris draws Rachel to her and the two begin to kiss. They are nuzzling on each others necks and ears, and it is interspersed with passionate French kisses and the two bodies grind together. Kris can hear and feel Rachel’s heart beating heavily. She stops momentarily to tell, Rachel to relax and enjoy it all. “You needn’t be so anxious. You’re with a friend. Let me guide you.”Rachel finds herself positioned again in Kris’ mid section. She kisses Kris’s stomach, her pelvis, her thighs, and her clit. But when she sucks on the clit, deep, unbridled moans are heard throughout the house. Rachel slides tongue along her pussy lips. Kris, who is lying on her back with her legs raised and spread, takes her hands and pulls Rachel’s head into her. She just can not get enough. The room fills with moans and sounds of licking and sucking. Even Rachel moans as she orally stimulates her older partner.Kris desires more manual stimulation and Rachel complies by using her right hand to stimulate her ultra sensitive clitoris, while sliding her middle finger into the dripping pussy. Rachel and Kris lock eyes as Kris lets out another deep moan and close her eyes to concentrate on the sensations. Kris bucks her hips more and more quickly and gasps out, “Keep it up. Keep it right there!” A once elegant looking woman is now in carnal overload with her hair and make-up a mess, but it doesn’t matter. This is no time for vanity. Rachel engrossed as well doesn’t stop, keeps a rhythm and continues faster strokes and sensual penetration. Kris loses all control and lets the orgasm rush through her body, her veins, and her pores. The fast paced action slows to gentle touches.Kris smiles broadly and regains composure quickly as she reaches for Rachel. “See what you are capable of. Oh, my god that was good. That was so much fun.” Rachel lies beside Kris and it is now Kris’s heart that is racing. The two wrap arms around each other and cuddle together in the feelings of the moment.In time Kris grabs their glasses of wine and toasts their new found friendship and exploration. She adds, “See what self-confidence brings and did you ever expect your shopping trip to go this way?”

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