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It was easy. Too easy. I’d slipped between the closing iron gates just after the Mercedes had left and skittered across the open lawns without incident. Leaving would be over the wall, but why struggle when the owners let you in?

The black skintight suit was warm enough in the night air and I waited in the shadows for the lights to go out. Patience was important in my line of work. As was stealth, and knowing what was valuable. My father had taught me well before his untimely death from cancer.

Now I was out here in the world alone following in his footsteps. Hopefully I would have made him proud.

I wasn’t a bad girl as such. I only targeted people who could afford it. People who would be insured. And I always avoided anything that looked very old. Those were the things likely to have sentimental value, family heirlooms. I had no wish to hurt people more than necessary.

Getting in was just a matter of picking a lock. Alarms were always off when the house was occupied or at the very least zoned. I actively avoided empty ones. There was always something that would trip you up. I’d made that mistake a couple of years ago and only just avoided being caught.

Inside I looked around the large open living spaces seeing nothing that caught my attention. Then I headed up a wide curving staircase. You got used to moving around in the dark. Being petite helped. It meant room to move. I only needed the occasional flash of my penlight in a space and I could commit its layout to memory.

Big posh houses like this were all the same. Find the bedrooms, check the dressing tables. And lift the paintings.

Safes were my specialty. Always behind expensive pictures or hidden away in desk cabinets. Never any originality. No different here. I found it easily in what appeared to be an upstairs office space. Amazingly the first room I checked. It was tucked behind a large rendition of what looked like spilt paint. Someone somewhere would shout its value and bestow upon the foolish it’s deep meaning. But to me it was a splotch, a mess that looked like a well used artist palette just hung on the wall.

Carefully setting the canvas on the floor to one side I set to work on the lock. Combination and key. It wasn’t sophisticated. The digital amplifier and the set of professional locksmith picks from my small rucksack made quick work of it.

It made a small click as it opened and I aimed the flash inside.


An assortment of paperwork, a bundle of cash and a fine luxury jewellery box.

The cash I pushed to one side. Probably traceable. The jewellery was different. It could be sold on easily. Diamonds reset, gold melted down. I knew people who would give me a good price. This was what I’d come for. I flipped the box open and lifted its contents one by one into my rucksack. It’s owner wouldn’t care. Insurance would cover the loss. I would be out of here in a few minutes and some poor guy or woman would find their safe mysteriously missing some of its contents the next time they looked. It might be tomorrow or in a months time.

I froze as the room flooded with light. A jolt of shock flooded through me.

“Shit.” I muttered.

“What are you doing?” The male voice was authoritative.

Turning slowly I came face to face with the owner of this house. The wealthy Doctor I’d been intent on relieving of just a little wealth. He was big, powerful.

“Sorry. I was looking for the bathroom.”

He stood blocking my only exit. One door in or out. An older, smaller man I might have struggled with and got past. But this one was forty at most. And fit. My tiny frame was no match for him.



Looks to me more like you found what you were looking for. And it isn’t the bathroom.”

I glanced back at the open safe thinking how I could play for time. He had no idea who I was. I’d been careful, no fingerprints. I wasn’t on a database anywhere.


I thought…

It might be a… small bathroom.

Very small.”

He almost smiled. Maybe I could charm him.

“I think the police can discuss your toilet habits better than me.”

Oh shit. He had a cellphone in his hand.

“Wait.” I snapped.

He stopped dialling and looked at me expectantly.


I hesitated as my smart mouth deserted me.

“No. I got nothing.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. If he made that call I was screwed. I didn’t want to imagine what’d happen to a slip of a thing like me in a Penitentiary.

“Thought not.”

He turned his attention to the cellphone again and I went with the only thing I had. I reached up and pulled the hood from my head. Long blonde hair fell cascading down the sides of my face and I gave him my warmest smile.

I knew I was a looker. A pretty face with warm blue eyes that sparkled. There weren’t many men that didn’t stop at the sight of my face.

This one was no different. He hesitated and I saw his eyes scan me up and down. The tight fitting cat suit accentuated every curve of my small body. For kızılay escort bayan me it was about flexibility and ease of movement. But in this moment the way it clung to me was buying time. Now I looked more disarming maybe he’d let me talk my way out.

“How old are you?” He asked incredulously.

I smiled.

“Next you’ll be asking my name. And you’ll get that I don’t want to give you that.”

He laughed.

“No. I suppose not. But you look incredibly young to be skulking about like Raffles and dressed as Cat-woman.”

Who’s Raffles? I wondered. But he looked more relaxed. He was over the shock of finding a black clad figure with fingers in his safe. However he still stood in my only exit.

“So what have you got in the bag? Money?”

“This old thing?”.

I held the small backpack up and showed him the contents. Wasn’t like I could deny it.

“That’s my wife’s jewellery.”

“Oh. I wondered who’s it was. Didn’t think it suited you.”

I smiled again, dropping the bag at his feet.

“Guess it’s still your wife’s jewellery.”

I felt disappointment that tonight wouldn’t be pay day after all. But right now my priority was not going to jail.

“How about you just let me go and we’ll say nothing more of this? Promise I’ll never mention it to anyone.”

He really did laugh now. But at least the cellphone was at his side again.

“Yeah. That’s gonna happen isn’t it.

You break into my house, raid my safe and you think I’m just gonna let you walk out of here?”

“Er… Yeah.”

“No way.”

I went with pleading.

“Aw come on. You’re rich and successful. I’m a kid that’s just trying to survive. Now you want to mess my life up by having me locked away?

You seen the prison types? What do you think they’re gonna do to a pretty thing like me. You want that on your conscience?

Come on.”

My tone became more serious.”

“Just let me walk out of here and I promise I’ll never bother you again.”

I gave him my best smile and swayed my hips. I wasn’t sure if I was going for disarming or seductive. Either worked for me if he stepped away from that door. I was quick. I could out run him.

“What else you got tucked away?”

I pulled a face of incredulity and looked down my body. The suit left nothing to the imagination. It was skin tight.


Where’d you think I’d hide anything in this outfit?”

“Take it off.”

I felt that stab of anxiety in my stomach and my brain fogged with confusion. What was he expecting? That I’d somehow managed to slide a necklace down my cleavage.

“Do what?”

“Take the catsuit off. I want to see what else you’ve got.”

I stared at him. He’d changed. He didn’t look shocked or fearful anymore and I suddenly grasped he wasn’t asking to check for stolen jewellery.

I looked away for a moment, letting out a gasp of surprise as I considered my options.


Then I get to go?”


I looked him up and down. He was quite good looking. Sophisticated even in his dressing gown.

“You realise I’m naked under this?”

Show him my tits. Is that what it would take? If it got me out of here I could do that. I wasn’t that much of a shy girl.

“Not my problem.”

I laughed again. His eyes burned into me and I could see he was serious. The cellphone still sat ominously in his hand.


I pulled my gloves off and reached up to the zipper, sliding it slowly down, all the way to just above my crotch. I pulled it open a little, teasing him, even if not intentionally, with what lay beneath.

His eyes were on my flesh. Hunger burned there as I hesitated. Fear and embarrassment clawed at nerves making my body tingle. My cheeks flushed red and hot but I continued to the next stage.

The suit clung tightly and I peeled it away over my shoulders and arms like a second skin until it hung around my waist. He was staring straight at my little tits. Puffy nipples sprang to attention under his gaze but I resisted the urge to cover myself. If this is what it took to get him away from the doorway I could do it. The alternatives were much worse.

“All the way.”

I shivered at his words. I’d be naked. What the hell would I do when I got out of here if I had to leave my clothes behind? My apartment was across town and my car keys were in that bag.

But I would be free.

The breath I was holding escaped as I relented. I pushed off the soft black canvas shoes and took a hold of the garment. As it slid over my hips my snatch sensed the first hint of cooler air. I shuddered with a confused excitement knowing his eyes were locked on that intimate part of my body.

I had to bend to pull the suit away from my legs and over my feet. The feeling I got from the gentle swing of my tits sent more shivers through me and the first dampness hit my pussy. I hoped it didn’t show.

I pushed the garment to one side and stood up. I was on display. Naked, slightly aroused and oh so red. The blush covered my face and reached etlik evi olan escortlar down over the tops of my arms. Even my tits had flushed.

“Happy?” I asked clinging on to the last vestiges of defiance.

He took a step forward and my eyes flitted to the doorway. Not enough. Move closer damn it.

“Turn round.


I did as he said. Turning on the spot. All the while I could feel his eyes on me. Down my legs, over my back, across my butt. He saw everything. Every crevice and secret place that only lovers saw of me.

My snatch wetted even further as a rush of adrenaline made my knees go weak.

I completed the turn and faced him again praying the juices moistening below didn’t leak out where he would see it.

“What’s next? An interna…”

Oh shit. What had my big mouth just invited. I cringed.

He smiled.

“You’re very pretty.

For a thief.”

“What do thieves normally look like?”

“Not like you.”

I glanced quickly at his groin trying not to make it to obvious. The gown hung loosely over him but I knew it was there. A hard cock that was making all his decisions now. I was fucked. Probably literally.

I took a shuddered breath and finding a tiny bit more defiance I slapped my hands on my bare hips questioningly.

“So now what?”

I think at this point I already knew. Even if I hadn’t admitted it to myself I’d made the decision. I would do whatever it would take to walk out of here. I swallowed to steady my nerves. I knew it was coming. I either screamed and faced a trip to jail where big butch women would do much worse, or I went with the flow. I looked at him again and questioned if I would say no to him if he came on to me in a club. He was a bit old, but…

“No crime can go unanswered. There has to be a punishment.”

He was studying me. Testing my responses. Christ he already had me naked, surely it was obvious I’d accept the price.


I’m a thief.

Punish me.”

He stepped forward and took me by the wrist. A tight grip that wasn’t even worth the attempt of twisting against. I stumbled as he dragged me out across the landing.

“Where are we going?”

Stupid question.

In through a nearby door and he pushed me towards a giant four poster bed. The room oozed opulence. Lush carpet, white panelled walls, gold light fittings. I absorbed it all in an instant. The sort of room a girl like me could only dream of being fucked in.

Then he pushed me back onto the bed and I fell with my legs open. This man whose name I didn’t even know stood over me and pulled away his dressing gown.

His big hard cock bounced free and my eyes went wide. It was fucking massive. I was five foot two and tiny. This thing scared me.

He moved closer, standing between my legs so I couldn’t close them and the thing bobbed in front of me. I could smell it. Musky but pleasant.

“You steal from me. You have to make penance.”

He spoke softly, almost like it was a game.

I gasped in desperation, realising I would have to satisfy this beast if I was ever to get out of here without blue lights flashing in my eyes.

I sat up and tentatively closed a hand around it, moving my face closer. Taking the thing in my mouth would at least delay the inevitable. Get this over with quickly I decided.

I opened wide and let my lips slide over his crown praying he wouldn’t just fuck my face.

I moved further along it, feeling the roll of his drawn back foreskin, then onto his shaft. I kept my hand firmly in place to stop him from just pushing it into the back of my throat without warning if that was what he chose to do. Surprisingly he didn’t.

My eyes focused on his stomach. Toned with a covering of dark hair. Masculine.

I started to work him. Slowly at first, stroking and twisting with my fist while drawing my lips to and fro. My tongue licked at his head tasting warm skin. I could feel it twitch as he relaxed into it.

He surprised me with his gentleness. Only putting it into my small mouth as far as I was willing to take it. His hands caressed my shoulders at first, before sliding down to gently squeeze my tits. My body responded, tingling all over as his touch made more of my juices run into my pussy. It was sodden. A heat rose from there exciting my belly and the insides of my thighs.

All the while I continued to wank him with my lips. He was big and he filled my mouth easily but now it seemed less of a worry. He was letting me dictate the pace and I found his size less of a problem than I’d expected. In fact it was quite pleasant and I found myself enjoying the experience.

I reached out with my other hand, gliding it up the inside of his thigh, tickling him, until I reached his ball bag. I cupped it, giving a gentle squeeze before letting my fingers play with his balls in the squishy sack.

Some girls didn’t like a scrotum, thinking it sweaty and gross. I found a good sack attractive. I loved the soft wrinkled flesh and how the two grisly demetevler escort bayan ovoids rolled between my fingers, always escaping just as I squeezed them together. This stranger had a good coin purse by any measure.

His hips moved ever so slightly, a shallow pump into my mouth as my playing increased his desire.

I was easing into my task now. Almost taking pleasure from the act of blowing this man. His scent was intoxicating and the taste of pre-cum coated my tongue. For just a moment the desire to escape deserted me.

I pulled off his pole and gasped for breath, my eyes looking up into his. Warm, kind eyes looking back down at me.

“You’re good.” He said.

“Better at blow jobs than you are at robbing houses.”

I smirked. The evidence was on his side at the moment.

“Gotta be good at something tonight.”

I put my mouth round his cock again, no longer in a hurry. My groin was throbbing with excitement and anticipation and just for a moment I thought the night not be a complete waste.

To and fro, I worked his tool like a professional. Hand and mouth in unison. On and on for as long as I dare or could.

My mouth ached when I finally stopped. Saliva and the first of his juices linking my lips with thin strings of gluten dribble.

The heat and throb of his cock along with the subtle grunts had told me he was close. And as much as I wanted his cum swirling around my mouth I needed his cock hard.

I pushed myself further onto the bed and lay my head back onto a pillow. I smelt perfume. The scent of a wife who lay in this bed every night.

I wondered how she looked. How she fucked. Did she scream? Or was she the silent type? It excited me to think that I would fuck her husband on the very bed she did. I determined to be better.

I bucked at the first touch of his fingers. A gentle touch that carefully parted my labia like peeling back the petals of a flower. Then the warmth of a rough tongue sliding up my slit.

“That’s so good.

Punish me some more.”

He bit my nub at that and I jerked, bouncing the bed. He held on with his teeth and flicked at the tiny swollen marble.

“Oh fuck.” I cried out.

My juices flowed like a river, soaking my pussy and leaking out onto the linen. Seconds later strong arms dragged me by the legs down the bed towards him. My ankles were lifted high into the air lifting my butt upwards.

He slapped my bum cheek and I jumped again.

Then his cock pressed at my entrance and I willed it on. Desperate for it to fill me. The inner lips of my pussy parted and rolled easily over his firm nob then it pressed with a firmness against my tunnel.

“Oh Christ.” I flinched.

Despite my wetness it was tight going in. It hurt but in a nice way as I felt it stretching tender flesh and, I have to admit, despite my looks, underused internal muscles. Guys just didn’t hit on very pretty girls.

He took it slowly. To be fair to a man who had little reason to care about hurting me, he was gentle, considerate even.

I gasped again, reaching out to grip his knees where they spread either side of my butt. My finger nails dug at his flesh while his tool relentlessly invaded my pleasure palace.

“Fuck. That hurts.” I said.


“Keep going. I don’t care.

Punish me.


Then it was in, rubbing at my cervix, filling my belly. It felt fucking wonderful.

“Oh God.”

He was drawing back. Then pushing in again. I could feel it. So hard, so tight.

“Tell me if it’s too much.” He offered showing real concern.

“Fuck me.” I whispered back.

I wanted it. I wanted his cock tearing at my pussy. Hammering into me.

This stranger obliged me. My arse and legs rocked in the air as he sped up. To and fro into my tiny hole. My tunnel contracted as juices flowed only to be squeezed out in a squelch as he pushed back in.

I stared up at the lace covering of the bed seeing the hefty frame wobble slightly as he started to pummel me.

With his hands occupied holding my ankles I reached up and squeezed my own tits. Pushing the tiny mounds towards one another, then teasing swollen nipples until they hurt.

“Oh my God.”

My head lolled from side to side as my heart pounded. I breathed as fast as I could trying to feed my body with energy rich oxygen.

My legs were parted, pulled straight and wide and I swear he went even deeper.


I saw a photo on the bedside cabinet. It took a moment to focus with the relentless bouncing of my body. It was of his wife. A dark haired woman. Obviously late thirties but still very pretty. My pussy gushed again as I pictured her here. Being fucked just as I was. Hearing her screams of pleasure. Or were they mine? It all blurred into one as my desire built towards a crescendo.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out, letting my legs fall back. I blinked and looked up. Praying this wasn’t my punishment. To be brought so close and then abandoned.

But no. His hands gripped my tiny waist and spun me around onto my stomach like I was a child’s toy. Then he pulled my butt up into the air.

His cock slid in easily this time and he grabbed my arms, pulling them back and up until I balanced on just my knees literally hanging from the end of his cock, bouncing around like a puppet.

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