ran Canaria Swinging Experience.

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ran Canaria Swinging Experience.“Gran Canaria Swinging Experience”.John Kavanagh c [email protected] sand dunes at Maspalomas and the clumps of bushes must be one of the main outdoor venues for outdoor sex worldwide and on our visit to Gran Canaria in the November of 2012 the scene was as lively as ever with quite a wide range of sexual tastes being indulged, though all with the main theme of total nudity. Being a naturist that is a pre-requisite for me and it is a sheer delight to be able to lie or walk in the sun and then watch or indulge sexually as the whim or opportunity presents. This year, due to the dreadful summer in the UK and Europe we effectively had no summer (we like to visit nude sites and beaches in our caravan and all our usual haunts were flooded) so we extended our usual week of winter sun to a fortnight. Apart from really establishing my all over tan (Bernice my wife, being black has no such incentive to enhance her appearance) it gave us more time to explore the swinging club scene at Playa Ingles. After a full day on the dunes and lots of good sex I am almost all in and a good meal, some wine and a couple of gin and tonics rather seals my capacity for nocturnal frolics, as we are told that the clubs do not open until 10.00pm and really not get going until the early hours. However a two week visit and the invitation from Michael and Doreen, some friends who were co-incidentally visiting from Ireland for their annual indulgence in sexual licence (Ireland may be more liberated these days but swinging is still very much a covert lifestyle, especially if in a sensitive occupation) we determined to join them.Under their guidance we chose the Venus Club in the basement of the Cita Shopping Centre basement seemed a good start with a visit to the “Comeback Bar”, reputedly a good rendezvous for fellow minded couples to meet, as a warm-up. As for the latter it was a little disappointing, being a slightly Spartan and very ordinary shopping centre bar. A few couples sitting silently or talking in lowered tones and worse, in relation to the “warm up” aspect, a failure with a draught whirling in under a makeshift polythene sheet d****d over the boundary with the main centre walkway. Not an auspicious start!Despite it being a little early we set off to find the Venus Club and generally explore any other “delights” that was on offer. Following our friends directions we found ourselves in a rather dilapidated basement with boarded up, graffiti scrawled empty shops.“I don’t like this place” my wife, Bernice whispered, “It looks like the sort of place we could get mugged”. She shivered and we hurried our pace. Inclining to agree with her I made a reassuring comment and quickened my pace reassured a little on turning a corner to see a club advertising a gay floor show and drag artists. At least there was some sign of life! Then a few shop fronts along was our goal, a slightly shabby sign advertising the “Venus” bar. My watch indicated just ten o’clock and though earlier than we had been advised we really didn’t fancy meandering around anymore so rang the bell. In no time we were being ushered in and what a contrast: a sophisticated, well set up bar area and three delightful female staff, all well and sexily, if discreetly dressed. Invited to a tour on their enquiring if this was our first visit the first impressions were reinforced with well laid out if small play areas, both public and private and an immense Jacuzzi, along with a sauna available on a fifteen minute request allowing it to heat up.We returned to the bar and were pleasantly surprised to find that not only was there no entry charge but the bar prices, clearly advertised were those of any other bar in town. In the spirit of the evening ahead (as we hoped) we left our clothes in a locker and in our large fluffy towels headed back to the bar.So far so good but also so far we were the only couple present and that in a swingers venue was slightly out of kilter with the point of being there. Matters did not improve when after an elegant older couple arrived and clearly were not interested: enquiring glances and a request to join them being met with the polite rebuffal of “we do not exchange partners and just like to sit here” left us wondering if canlı bahis this was really that much too early or the wrong night? These concerns soon faded as the doorbell started to ring steadily and a steady stream of couples arrived and the atmosphere became sparking with potential.“Let’s try that amazing Jacuzzi” suggested Bernice, a slight surprise as the last time she had used one at a nude caravan site near us the heavy dose of chlorine had dulled her normally glossy black skin to a scaly white up to a ring around her neck! It proved a real delight and the sheer size was a luxury that enabled us to relax without inadvertently inserting a toe into an unwelcoming orifice….Several couples were there already and more joined the throng and soon a few were openly having sex but we noticed with only each other and not swapping in the way we had envisaged. Maybe this was the theme here given the comments of the couple that we had initially half approached but still nice to watch and I happily stroked Bernice’s body and stimulated her clitoris and breasts alternately as she enjoyed the spectacle of the copulating couples.“Hi John, hi Bernice” the familiar voice of one of Michael turned several heads away from their lovemaking and with a splash the two familiar naked bodies entered the pool and were soon saying hello in the traditional swingers fashion: mutual hugs, stroking hands, exploring fingers and the point of our visit was soon being fulfilled. Michael was soon engrossed in exploring Bernice and Doreen his partner for the holiday was energetically manipulating my cock which was soon hard in the warm water. Her pussy was beckoning and I was soon tucked behind her delightfully full buttocks exploring her vagina while alternately reaching round and feeling her superbly ample breasts, such a contrast to my wife’s neat pair – after all what was swinging about but this sort of variety?Doreen’s thrusting back to my cock soon achieved the desired result and I slid easily inside her very wet and needy cunt and commenced a steady thrusting into her fine body. Looking across I could see Bernice sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, her body arched back and face demonstrating her delight and Michael, his face buried between her legs pleasuring her most effectively. Surrounded as we were by copulating couples and with the sensation of the hot bubbling water my thrusts into Doreen became more urgent and I struggled to contain myself wanting to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. Just then Bernice started to gabble and grunt clearly enjoying a momentous orgasm and Doreen followed suit urging me to fill her with my cum and that proved just too much and I felt the warm urgent, unstoppable tip into orgasm and I jetted my sperm as deep as I could into her cunt.Back in the bar after exploring the private rooms our friends confirmed that while a delightful place few couples actually exchanged partners there and most seemed to visit to enjoy the undoubted sensuality of the atmosphere something we fully appreciated as we watched a sinuous and physically toned, naked young woman put on a stunningly athletic and artistic pole dance display, in which she clearly struck poses that delightfully showed off her smoothly shaven pussy, leaving her vaginal opening clearly open. All in all we agreed it to be a lovely place but as a swinging couple wanting adventures with others we wanted something more overtly sexual so agreed to meet at the 2X2 bar the following night, though with the warning by our friends that some of the man could be a little pushy; a warning slightly mediated by their admission that they had spent several evenings there earlier in the week!So here we were again exploring yet another shopping centre basement but a little later this time. Again a sophisticate and well-appointed bar, a brisk welcoming tour by the male owner and a chance to peruse the action, which potentially looked promising with far more people, mostly couples filling the bar area. A couple of drinks later and we decided to stay and headed to the changing area and were soon stripped off and decorously wearing one of the large towels provided free by the management. Back at the bar we now felt more daring and I was soon nudged by Bernice who whispering pointed out a young bahis siteleri guy, probably in his mid-twenties, also d****d in a towel, sat alone at a table in the centre of the bar. Dark haired and well-tanned he was clearly interested in Bernice.“I think that he fancies me, he keeps showing me his cock” which sure enough was of a respectable size and erect. “Do you want him” was the next logical question and on receiving an affirmative nod, swiftly followed by “well that’s why we are here!” I caught his eye and nodded to him. Just at that moment Michael and Doreen joined us but after a brief greeting smiled indulgently as I briefly explained the situation. Looking across at him they both smiled their approval and Doreen whispered something in Bernice’s ear and both giggled lewdly.On him nodding back again we rose and headed for one of the private rooms, he following in our wake, his erection producing a satisfying tent in his towel. His English wasn’t bad and he explained that he was visiting from Dubai where clubs such as this were unknown and sexual mores limited experiences severely so this trip was a very exciting one for him, a comment that he made while ogling Bernice and with his cock now rigid with excitement. We bundled through the door and closed it in the face of an optimistic observer and towels were instantly discarded his cock now satisfyingly on show, just as good as Bernice had hoped for – I know her tastes – and my wife was pushed back on the couch as our new friend got busy on her cunt, lapping her anticipatory juices. Clearly they were both ready for more than that and with Bernice still splayed out on the couch he (we still didn’t know his name!) stuck his cock straight up her and commenced a busy thrusting, his buttocks energetically clenching as he delved deep into her body, an action that was clearly having the right effect upon my wife, if one judged by the noise she was making. Our new friend was obviously one of those guys not really into swinging, in that rather than having a threesome he was more used to just concentrating upon the woman and I might as well not have been there. That didn’t matter in this instance as he was doing a good job fucking Bernice but he wouldn’t have been the sort of guy that we would have met normally. I however was more than happy to see her enjoying herself and lay to one side wanking my rigid cock. Soon they both came – in fact Bernice having done so several times, he thrusting even deeper into her and groaning loudly. With give-away grins we repaired outside, back to our still cold drinks and our friends company.“You two look happy” smiled Doreen, to which the only rejoinder could be to the effect that Bernice had every reason to look so but that it would be my turn soon. “Let’s finish our drinks and go and have some fun” Michael was as ever pragmatic and so we did soon finding ourselves, under their guidance in a room with a very large firm mattress of some stain resistant material but open to the full view of whoever wanted to watch. Doreen pushed me back and swinging her thighs either side of my head planted her magnificent cunt over my mouth and was soon sucking my cock, still hard from watching the exertions of Bernice and her young friend. Her wet vagina slurped over my face and I could feel her hard, prominent clitoris responding to my tongue.“Steady on” I was soon gasping for air and in delight, Doreen had both a great technique and as I pushed he up from me the sight of her superb breasts swinging above me was not doing much for my resolve to make this last.My efforts in self-control were further not helped by the sight as Doreen’s bum was obligingly raised by the immediate intrusion of a hard cock into her well prepared vagina and sight of rapid thrusting to follow. Remembering from my doing the same the previous night just how nice it was I was a trifle envious but equally fascinated at the sight, happily lying back and allowing Doreen to continue her oral ministrations upon me. Clearly the cock in her was enjoying her cunt as much as I had and wasn’t able to hold back and in a series of thrust was obviously emptying his balls in her, a fact confirmed as he withdrew and a torrent of semen drained down onto my face. He was instantly replaced by another güvenilir bahis and then I felt a cunt being lowered onto my prick, briefly vacated by Doreen. The unseen woman continued to fuck me with great agility while Doreen enjoyed the new cock and my limited efforts, hampered by the thrusts of the owner to lick and play with her clitoris. This was getting interesting!This continued for some little while more whereupon Doreen was eased across my body, onto her back, her well fucked vagina gaping and glistening, when the man fucking her planted himself again between her legs and recommenced his fucking. Glancing round I sighted Bernice as the centre of attention by several men, one lodged between her legs. Before I could get a closer and better view my cock was grabbed by an exploring hand and I was towed between the owners thighs, the owner being a somewhat elderly woman and I found myself fucking probably the oldest woman both in the club and certainly several decades older that I had ever fucked before. Oh well, all to add to my experience! She was certainly enthusiastic and made a terrific noise as I jabbed my cock into her ancient cunt. She proved to be a great and enthusiastic fuck and judging by the warm semen that was already filling her cunt has been offering her favours around to several other partners.Glancing across to Bernice I smiled as I saw our young Arab friend had revived and was again enjoying my wife, as over the next while did several other guys. The combination of the sight of that series of cocks in her was proving a serious problem to my ability to hold back from dumping my load and I wanted to last a bit longer so giving my elderly partner an appreciative kiss I withdrew my glistening cock only to immediately have it sat upon by a slim, young blonde woman – talk about a contrast! Her similarly enthusiastic bouncing upon me was the final straw and I was unable to hold back any longer sending a stream of semen into her tight cunt.Oh dear, I would so have liked to last a bit longer!Bernice, seeing my obvious spent state deftly extracted herself from the melee around her, joined me and we were preparing to go, gathering up our towels and making our way through the naked, fucking throng, when a very tall, thin English man, utterly pale in contrast to the well-tanned bodies surrounding us. His erect penis similarly was in similar proportions and was of a shape and size that I had never seen before: It must have been around a foot long with a very small bright purple end and strangely thin. “That was such a sensual sight watching you both enjoying yourselves” he complimented “but I wonder could you indulge just one more” he cajoled. I had noticed him earlier hovering and being rejected by several women due I presumed to his almost skeletal form and elongated cock.Bernice caught my gaze and opened her eyes in a silent look of similar reluctance but I had a sudden desire to see that strange cock in action and most especially in action inside my wife’s already well fucked cunt.The thin Englishman perceiving her obvious reluctance was desperate and looked pleadingly at me, “I promise not to take long” and in a combination of sympathy and fascination nodded my assent. Bernice gave me a look of thunder but acquiesced as I ushered her and our new acquaintance into one of the small cubicles and reluctantly she lay back upon the couch her legs firmly closed. My new friend and I eased her thighs apart and seizing his chance he positioned his strange implement, one could hardly describe it as a penis at the still sodden entrance to her already well fucked vagina. He swiftly inserted his dong and slid home forcing some sperm from her and pushed home clearly reaching the full extent of her capacity but also still with a good three inches of his member outside her labia. Then came the remarkable moment of the evening as he continued to carefully delve, almost surgically positioning himself and then finding the spot he pushed steadily further inside drawing a gasp from Bernice. I suddenly realised the import of what was happening: his thin cock had actually entered my wife’s cervix and had continued deep into her actual womb. Bernice too realised the novelty of the experience and despite herself started to orgasm a reaction that prompted a similar response from her partner and with a grunting whinny emptied his balls deep inside, deeper than she had ever been penetrated.The end of a hot evening and several more to come!

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