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Recognise and fuckedEver since I started to post nude pictures and videos on porn websites I have often been asked why I let my face be seen.”Aren’t you afraid you will be recognised?” People say. My reply is that none of my friends and family are likely to visit such sites and, if they did , it might make some friendships  a little more interesting! So, after a little hesitation in the first few months,when I posted only cock shots, I usually like to show my whole body and , more lately , give  a little chat when I shoot a video. The remote chance of being recognised adds to the sexual thrill and increases the orgasm enjoyment.A few months ago I was in town to meet my wife. She was shopping for clothes. The traffic wasn’t as bad as I’d feared so I got there early. I decided to get a coffee at Starbucks. While I drank it I looked around casually at the others in the shop. The three assistants were a girl and two boys. They were all young and quite good looking but all out of my league. There were a few couples and a single man and woman – both in their 30s I would have said. I checked my phone to see if there was message from the wife and as I glanced up I thought the man looked away quickly.A couple of minutes later I was sure he was looking at me. A few minutes later he got up and moved towards the door . As he passed me he stopped for a moment and then sat down opposite me.” Excuse me” he said ” I’m sure I know you”. ” Ah” I said ” I used to teach. Were you a student of mine? I’m sorry I don’t recognise you but I did teach few hundred in my time.” “No” he replied “That’s not it” “Ok ” I said “perhaps you’ve seen me on stage. I have done a fair bit of amateur singing in my time.” . He hesitated again and , to my surprise , he seemed to be blushing.” I’ll not beat around the bush. I think I’ve seen you on line.I think you are George Roberts”.I was stunned.”Shit” I thought, “what now – should i deny it and bluff it out?” He must have seen I was a little shocked because he quickly said ” Don’t worry I’m not after anything.In fact I think I’d better be going. Sorry to disturb you” . He made to get up. ” Don’t go” I said .”You’ve taken me by surprise”.  He said “I only came across because I’m a big fan. Believe me  I don’t usually talk to strange men. I did once pm you when you were giving a live show and we had abit of a chat. I’m just a fan”. He gave me his web name but i must be honest i didn’t particularly remember him. He told me he had seen all my posts and masturbated to most of them!.Funnily enough he was a lecturer in a local college and was on his afternoon break when he heard me order coffee.”I thought it was you when you walked in” he said ” but I’d recognise your voice anywhere. Especially as i was watching your latest outdoor video last night. I love it when you talk to the camera it makes it seem even more intimate.”” I’m flattered” I said.”I’m not too sure what to say. I’ve never had this conversation face to face before!” We continued to chat.I was flattered and quite excited to chat with a real live fan. He told me quite a bit about himself. Rather too much I thought. I would never be so frank with a complete stranger,even oneI’d masturbated over! He was a social science lecturer in a local further education college. He was married and had two c***dren. One was travelling abroad and the other had just started university. He said he had become interested in men through visiting porn sites and, like me had been surprised at being aroused by naked men especially the ordinary sort not just the young model types.He also said that,just like me, he had been educated in an all boys school but ,unlike me , he had been taught to masturbate fairly early on by his mates and had a few jerk circle sessions before he went to University and started to date girls. He also admitted he  still enjoyed wanking off to pictures and videos of pretty girls but got most pleasure from gay sex materials. He enjoyed watching me play with myself especially with some anal play for good measure. He had thought of buying a dildo ot two for himself but was afraid his wife might open his mail.Finally, I realised I must leave to pick up my wife. I told him it had been good to chat and was flattered to know he enjoyed me. He said he was glad he’d introduced himself and. it had been nice to meet me in person. I almost felt like giving him my autograph! Then,after another slight hesitation, he reached into his pocket and,to my astonishment, gave me his card! It had his name and faculty number with his home telephone number on the back.”I’m sure I can trust you he  said. You always say that you would need absolute discretion if you were to meet someone. Now you know just about all there is to know about me but you keep your anonymity because I’m pretty sure your real name won’t be George! Anyhow, if you want another chat you know where to find me”. He smiled and left. I was too surprised to reply but it had certainty been an unexpected and very interesting meeting.After I picked up my wife we had our usual meal in a cafe and went home. I couldn’t wait to get online and check if he was for real. I logged onto my favourite site ( this one) and  found him in my friend’s  section. When I checked his profile I could see he hadn’t many friends because he hadn’t posted anything of his own but his favourites were full of my pictures and videos. I also saw he had posted favourable comments on most of my postings. That’s why I had accepted his friendship. So far so good but it was a little disappointing not to see his body. Then I checked the college website. Sure enough there was his picture. The guy was for real!! Finally, I looked him up in the phone book. There he was ,complete, with home address. The icing on the cake was that I even looked at his house on Google streetview. It was in an upmarket part of town. Probably a Victorian semi with the large garden that went with that type of property. The realization that Don ( that’s what I’ll call him) was real and interested in me produced an instant erection and I had tojerk off there and then! I had always thought that a meeting with a stranger would probably get me robbed,****d or blackmailed but this might be the real,genuine guy. I still wasn’t sure what the next step would be but i pmd him on theporn site to tell him I’d enjoyed our meeting and would be happy to chat further. He got back to me the next day and we chatted ,periodically, over the next few days. He would compliment me  about specific photos and video postings  of mine or point out a new posting that he found arousing and might appeal to me. Once he ,almost apologetically, asked if I would mind giving him private show as I masturbated. As many of you will know, I was very happy to oblige and shot a very impressive load for him. It would have been even better if he had be in the room with me giving me a helping hand! However, I had still not seen anything of his body in response. He said he was not able to Skype as he was frightened his wife might  catch him and ,having had a few close shaves myself, I told him I understood but it was frustrating.A few weeks later,in early June, we were having our first real spell of warm weather. I was blogging about looking for a new spot for a naked wank video. I got a pm from Don. “My wife is visiting her sister in Devon and will be away for the next few days. Why not come here? I’d love to be your photographer. My garden is reasonably secluded and the other edremit escort neighbour is always out playing bridge on Wednesday afternoons. I’d get a real thrill watching you in the flesh.” Not half as much a thrill as I’d get” I thought!! It was almost too perfect. Wednesday was my golf day so the wife would not be surprised that I was out and I knew ,from Google earth that he did have  a large tree lined garden. I even thought I’d seen a small orchard at its far end. I had another raging erection just at the prospect. At last – the chance to masturbate in front of living ,breathing,interested male! I didn’t have to think long.  “Count me in and thanks for the invitation” I pmd him. “I’ll be there about one.” Two days later i waved goodbye to the wife. I didn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t planning to leave her and run off with the was just going to be simple pleasurable sex. It would have been different with a woman emotions might have got in the way! I wanted to be sure that I put on a good show so I took a viagratablet  before I drove off.I didn’t think I would need it ,however, my groin felt on fire and my cock was trying to burst out of my underpants as I left! It was only a 20 minute drive to his home but as I got closer I got more nervous and my erection had collapsed a little when I finally arrived. I picked up my cameras. I had my trusty video camera that had recorded just about all my public wanks and a rather new still camera that I had used for the first time on a recent took clearpictures which allowed a lot of zoom for those special close ups.The house looked just the same as when I’d seen it on Streetview. I went up the drive and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately. He had obviously been waiting for me. “Good to see you again” he said. “I hope I don’t let you down”. “Don’t worry” I replied.” I’ve been looking forward to a chance like this for years!” He took me though into the lounge. It had French windows which were open and led out onto a patio with steps leading up to the raised lawn which sloped slightly upwards towards a small group of apple trees at the far end. There was a tree lined hedge between his garden and the next door neighbour. The other boundary was a lower Privet hedge. He saw me look at this and said ” Don’t worry the neighbours are away.You wont be seen- except by me and a few thousand porn viewers of course” and we both laughed a little self-consciously. I showed him the stills camera and we discussed the settings. He’d used a similar one before and we weren’t planing anything too clever.” How do you want to start” he asked. “The usual strip I suppose”  I replied. “My pleasure” he said  “Lets go outside” . We went out onto the had been cut recently and there was that lovely grass smell in the air. The weather was perfect ,warm and sunny. I was wearing my usual golfing gear, short sleeved shirt and trousers. Don was dressed pretty much the same. “Lets start as you are now. He said. We moved into the middle of the lawn with the trees as a background.He faced me with the camera ,adjusted the focus.” Three,two,one” and the shutter clicked.”Ok.Shirt off”. I obeyed and took off the shirt. I’ve been told people like my white body but I had just a bit of tan from my holiday which, I think, looks good.Click went the shutter. “Now the trousers”. I struggled. a little to get out of one leg and cockled  about a bit. Don laughed and took three quick shots. This lightened the tension a little for me because we were getting closerto the final strip. “Lets lose the shoes and socks” He said “You know your rules .You must be completely naked!”Off they came. Click went the shutter. There i stood on the middle of a relative stranger’s garden wearing only my y-fronts and a big smile because I felt wonderful.” Right – now for the grand finale” John said “Off with the pants” He was quite getting into the swing of things and clearly enjoying the experience. I was sure I could see a bulge in his trousers . As the old joke goes “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?!” I may not have been sure about his groinbut mine was back on fire. My cock was straining at the seams and there was a little damp patch on the y fronts.”Ok”Isaid”ready or not – here I come!” “Wait” said Don “not too quick. Turn  your back to me. Now bend over a little and slowly pull them down” Click,click,click went the camera. I stood facing away from him with my pants round my ankles. Click,click went the camera.Now kick them away and turn to face me”. Don’s voice had got a little husky by now and I was feeling a different tension in the air. I slowly turned round. There was no click ,click this time. Don’s gaze was firmly fixed on my erect cock.I hadn’t felt so hard in years. It jutted up at an angle I hadn’t managed since I was a young man.The veins stood out like steel wires and my fore-skin was nearly fully retracted showing a glistening almost purple tip.” Jesus” he said ” Fanbloodytastick!!” “You are fucking right” I said I haven’t felt like this in years, thanks!!”No,thank you! Now lets get some xxx rated shots.He started to act like he was on a real photo shoot. He took front shots,side shots,rear shots of my backside and ,of course, close up cock shots. He had me bend,kneel,lie on my front,lie on my back. He even lay down and got me to stand over him to get a shot from below to ,as he said, get balls,cock and face all in the same shot.It was great – Naked in the warm summer air with a  good looking guy photographing me. Then when  he stood above me , to get a different perspective of my still rampant cock,I got a close-up view of his crotch. There was no doubt now, he had an enormous bulge. He was definitely enjoying the view. So was I. I wanted him naked.”Look” I said ” You’ve never posted on site. You obviously have a great body. Let me photograph you.I’ll crop your face out of the shots and you can get your own admirers.” I think he’d been hoping for me to suggest this because he put the camera down and began to strip off his shirt and pants.” Remember – no socks” I joked and with a laugh he took his trainers and socks off. He was now down to his jockey shorts. There was a huge bulge at his crotch as he stood facing me.”Wait while I get the camera” I said.I picked it up. My hands were trembling a little as  I wasn’t too sure where this was leading – but i had a fair idea! “Ok” I said “here we go” Click.I took a nice shot of him from the neck down. I was pleased to see he had a good chest  – not too hairy and his stomach was nice and trim – someone had been working out! “Get rid of the shorts” I said huskily because ,for some strange reason my mouth had gone dry. Without hesitation he stepped out of them and stood ,arms by his side.It was my turn to stare.Jutting up from his body was a wonderful cock.he was uncut like me but hadn’t shaved his pubes,which slightly disappointed me – but only for an instant. It was a fantastic sight.My cock got even stiffer and I hadn’t thought that was possible without bursting.His was little thicker than mine but stuck up at an even bigger angle. Its tip was just peeping out of his fore-skin and was even more purple than mine.I could see it throbbing in time with his pulse – which must have been over 140. I bet mine was even faster. “Wow” I said “that is a sight to behold!” “Glad you like it sir” I’ve been wanting to show it to you for the last year!” he joked. I laughed and ,with still trembling escort edremit hands, I began to get him to pose for me. Click,click,click.I shot off at least thirty shots front and back and with close-ups.Finally, I said “I think that’s enough. I’m going to burst if i don’t cum soon. Lets try one shot together with the camera on timer.” I set the camera for a ten second delay and placed it on the top of the privet hedge. Don stood a few feet away. I pressed the shutter and,mentally counting down from ten,ran to join him.I put my arm around his waist and turned at an angle towards him. He put his arm round my shoulders.  Our very erect cocks were almost touching each other as the shutter went Click. It was then I think we both fully  realized that we were each holding another stark naked man. I put out my free hand and took his rigid penis in my hand. It was the first I had ever touched ,apart from mine! It was rock hard,warm and throbbing. He let go of my shoulders,reached down and gently took mine. I nearly came there and then! We stood facing each other and without another word began stroking the others penis. The sensation was incredible. Outdoors in the warm sun masturbating each other . We were both breathing more quickly and I felt his hand begin to move up and down my shaft with increasing urgency. Although I was concentrating on pleasuring him I could see my purple tip appearing at shorter and shorter intervals It was streaming with pre-cum but so was his. I was about to say ” I can last much longer”. When Don grunted and a jet of cum shot out onto my thigh. That was the  final straw. I groaned and the biggest load of cum I have ever produced shot onto Don’s leg.I could almost feel my balls shrinking. In the next few seconds we both shot two or three streams of cum onto each other. I could feel his slowly trickling down my thigh.I was pleased to see had managed a good load onto him. I wouldn’t want to let the side down! “That was a unexpected but thanks” I said as we stood smiling at one another.” You must be joking.That was one of the most enjoyable moments of my life” He replied. “Thanks for sharing” . We both laughed as we got our breath back.We picked up the camera and sat  at a little table on the patio. Don went into the house and brought out a box of tissues so we could clean ourselves up. It took several each! He then brought out some drinks, a coke for me and a small can of lager for him. After he disposed of the tissues we sat in the warm sunshine just chatting. Neither of us suggested getting dressed. Our clothes lay s**ttered about on his lawn. After about 20 minutes I suggested we look at the pictures. It didn’t look like we would be doing any videos today! The first few he had taken were all little blurred  ( camera shake – I wonder why?!) but the rest of me were crystal clear. He’d managed several interesting angles I couldn’t have managed with just the timer on the camera and we even discussed which shots were  best for posting later. The shots of Don were pretty good too. I said it was a pity he wouldn’t show his whole body but ,as he said, he was still working and there was too much of a risk of student recognizing him. I could see his point and said we’d transfer all the photos onto his computer and he could cut and crop them as he wished but i still strongly suggested he put some edited shots on the web site . He said he’d think about that but I could tell the thought excited him. He asked if I would mind if he kept copies of the shots he’d taken of me. I said I was grateful for the day and it would be a pleasure. One of the rather strange things I’ve noticed over the last years is that looking at  pictures of my own naked body is a turn-on. Sure enough i could feel that pleasurable sensation building up in my groin. I was slightly embarrassed to see that my erection was well on the way to return and when i looked down at Don’s penis it was looking back up at me! Instantly, I was hard as a rock again. We were both looking at each other’s groin and there was a silence between us. I looked into Don’s face and he looked back at me. Then he said,in a quiet voice.”Do you want to have sex with me?” That’s one of the things i like about him. Neither of us is into dirty talk. All this”motherfucker” and ” mancunt” talk does absolutely nothing for me. We all use the odd cock and fuck but only occasionally.He could have said “Do you want to fuck me?” but it wouldn’t have been his style. Again,my cock (for you readers!) got even harder. Of course I wanted to have sex with him.I’d spent the last few years wanting to have sex with a reliable guy and I’d found one.” I would be delighted to have sex with you!!” I mean the whole way” he said.” I enjoy watching a guy being sucked off but it doesn’t appeal so if i can’t do it for you we’re talking anal sex”. Once again I realised how similar we were because I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable about the thought of  another guy’s cock in my mouth but i wouldn’t object if someone offered to do me! Anal is what I’ve always really wanted – with a condom of course. “Shit!” I thought (I do swear at times!) – “no condoms”. “Have you a condom?” I asked. His face fell. “I rather hoped you would have brought some. My wife’s on the pill and on the rare occasions we have sex we don’t use one”.I’ve always said i would never have unprotected sex but “What the hell” I said.” I know I haven’t got AIDS and I’m pretty damn sure you haven’t. If you are willing to bareback  I am”. He didn’t  hesitate. “Follow me”.He stood up quickly but grunted as the tip of his fully erect cock caught the edge of the table. We laughed but i stood up more carefully! We walked into the house and he headed for the stairs.He went up them and , as they were quite steep I got a wonderful view of his backside.He had nice round cheeks and his cleft had a light covering of down around his anus. I had shaved around mine for the photo shot so I thought he would enjoy that view as well. He took us into the guest bedroom at the back of the house. It was not overlooked so there was no need to draw the curtains and we could let the sun continue to shine in on us. He left me there and came back from the bathroom with a couple of bath towels and some of his wife’s skin lotion. “Hope this will do” he grinned. He spread the towels over the bed and stood back. “How do you want me?” He asked ” On my back or on my front?” “As a matter of fact.” I said “I think you should have me first.I’ve had a few objects up me – as you know” He laughed .”I think it would be easier for you. Anyway, I’ve waited a long time for this and want to savour the moment” I climbed on the bed and knelt arms rested on the pillow and I tried to lift my bottom up towards him.I spread my knees a little to expose my anus as much as possible my cock and balls were hanging down below me . I could almost feel his eyes burning into thatsmall,brown puckered ring. “Jesus” he gasped.”What an inviting sight!””Come on then. Use plenty of lotion on your cock and my anus . It will make it easier for you.” I wasn’t worried about being able to take him. He had a good sized cock but I’d pushed thicker objects up me before now I heard him squeeze some lotion from the bottle and felt him spreading over my anus. He even worked a little inside with his finger. It was like an electric shock. He reached around under me and tried to grab my cock. “Don’t” I gasped ” or I’ll cum all over your wife’s towel””Sorry” edremit escort bayan He mumbled.”Are you ready?” “I’ve been ready for years” I said “Fuck me!” (Yes I broke a rule and did swear!)  He climbed up onto the bed behind me and straddled me with his legs.I felt the tip of his cock slide down my bum cheeks till it arrived over my anus. He hesitated for a second and then began to penetrate me. He was so hard and I was so ready that he pushed in with his first attempt.It was a bit of  a surprise to both of us! I heard him gasp with pleasure as the whole of his shaft slid into me.I felt a wonderful sensation of fullness. I could feel the tickle of his pubic hair against me. My cock strained even more. I was afraid I would cum immediately.If i was wanting to wait Don wasn’t .He began ramming me like he was trying to break down a door.Bang,bang,bang.He pushed deep up me ,nearly withdrew completely and then rammed his shaft back into me. The bed was bouncing up and down(good job there was no-one else downstairs) . He was grunting.My cock was swinging down below us in perfect rhythm. Icould feel his balls slapping into me . I was panting with passion . He was panting.We must have sounded like two asthmatics gasping for breath It was only after about 10 or so hard thrusts that Don nearly pulled out,waited and then rammed me so hard my head nearly hit the headboard. I thought his cock would come out of my mouth after all! is whole body went rigid and then I felt his cock jerking onclusively inside me “Fuck,fuck,fuck” He  panted (yes he broke the no swearing rule but ,under the circumstances – who cares!) I thought could feel his warm cum inside me but that was probably in my imagination. “Jesus Christ” he gasped as he collapsed on top of me.”I had no idea how wonderful that would be. The best orgasm ever!” He then slowly withdrew from me and rolled off me and got off the bed. I turned onto my stomach and smiled up at him.”Glad you enjoyed me! Now it’s my turn!” He passed me a tissue. I wiped myself down as he cleaned the last remnants of cum from his cock. It was still red and swollen but not as much as mine was.”I’m not sure I can take that up me ” Don said as he looked down on me.” I’m not sure if he was joking or not.”Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you” I joked.”Now get on the bed”.” How do you want me?” He said.” Face down ,bottom up will do” He obeyed and adopted the position.” Up a bit more. Spread your legs a little more” I straddled him,kneeling with him between my thighs which still had some of his cum dripping down them. I reached for the lotionand gently spread it over my now crimson and rigid cock.I had to becareful as I thought the slightest extra stimulation would make it explode! Then I poured a good portion onto his bum cleft.He started as he felt it trickle down towards his anus.” I’m justgoing to lube you up a little more” I said and gently rubbed thelotion over his cheeks and ,first with one finger and then with two,smoothed it into his brown ring.I could feel his sphincter muscles resisting my fingers but i continued to  stroke the inside of his anus gently and I felt it relax. “I think you are ready for me.ok?” He grunted something in response but i couldn’t quite make it out as his face was buried in the pillow but he seemed relaxed. I leaned back a bit so my cock was just touching his brown ring. He shivered a little as he felt it.I had thought I would need to hold the tip ,which was now fully exposed and dripping with pre-cum, to get into him before we started  but I was so rigid I didn’t think this was necessary. I gripped Don’s shoulders, waited a moment and thrust as hard as I could into him. He nearly leapt off the bed as I buried myself insidehim.”Steady” I said ” the pain will pass in a moment .I promise I wont move.”Ok” he said quietly.I remained stationary with my cock deep inside him and my,nicely shaved, balls resting on his backside although they had tucked themselves tightly into my groin. I could feel his sphincter clamped like a vice around the base of my cock.Itwas like wearing  a human cock ring! “Im going to pull back a little”I warned him. He tensed a little as I tried to pull my cock back. I felt the sphincter resist but I maintained the pressure and I felt its resistance diminish so I could withdraw an inch or two.Don grunted as I did so. “Don’t worry it will get easier” . I reached over for the lotion and poured some more over the exposed shaft. I gently pushedagainst him and felt it slide in much easier.” Better?” “Much” he replied . His voice was muffled because he still  had his face pushed into the pillow.”Good” I said “because now I’m going to work you.” I began slow deep thrusts into him. He began to grunt again but ,this time, with pleasure.I wanted to spin out the moments as long as icould. The pleasure was indescribable but I felt compelled to push quicker and deeper into him. The rhythm got faster and faster.Bang,bang,bang.The bed was rocking again and ,once again,we were both gasping for breath.” Not yet. Not yet” I thought but I couldn’t control my desire. Faster and faster I worked him. A tremendous pressure built up in my groin and the blood pounded in my head. Finally, I reached bursting point . I banged him right upagainst the head board. My body went rigid.Even my toes curled up as a huge convulsion went through me. Over and over again my cock spasmed and,what felt like gallons of hot cum spurted into Don’s accepting backside. I thought I was going to pass out for a moment then the convulsions stopped and I collapsed onto Don’s back. We were drippingwith sweat. I savoured the moments and remained with my cock in hiswarm body for another minute or two.He could tell my feelings and said nothing to me. Then, reluctantly, I slowly pulled out of him. A flood of cum spilled out but was soaked up by the towels. I rolled over and lay beside him.If either of us smoked this would have been the timefor a cigarette!!”That was fantastic” I managed to say through dry lips. “Yes. Ithought you were enjoying yourself” he grinned as he rolled onto his side and looked over at me.” Hope it didn’t hurt too much”. I said.”No pleasure without pain – as the saying goes”. He replied “but,actually,after the first few moments when you entered me, It felt fantastic! Next time will be much easier”.My heart leapt.” I reallywould enjoy another session with you. Today has been one of the best of my life”.”My feelings exactly” he said.”but,seriously, I hope itwill be more than one session.Just one more thing. Who are you?” I understood what he meant. I knew all about him but I was “GeorgeRoberts – porn star” to him. I told him my real name,my address and mobile number without hesitation.  I told him I was a retired lecturer,married with two grown up k**s. I had found a kindred spirit and wasn’t going to let him go easily.” Thank you ” he said quietly. Then he leaned across and gently kissed me.Another first, being kissed onthe mouth by a guy!  I kissed him back but with a little more passion.My cock began to stir.”This is getting ridiculous” I said “We can’t fuck all day!”.” Well ,not today perhaps – but who knows in the future!” He replied and I knew he was right.We showered and got dressed then had a nice cup of tea.”Do you play golf?” I asked.He gave me a startled look.”Strange question” he said.”If you did we could play golf together.I often go away with the boys at the club for a match.Sometimes its just a long day out but sometimes overnight” and I winked at him.It took a few moments butthen he laughed and said “I’ll buy a second hand set next week”When I got home my wife said ” You look pleased. Had a good game?””Never better I said. Had a hole in one!” Well done!” she said.

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